The Rook (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter 6

1 Previously on The Rook The Lugat have never come after a serving Checquy officer, and then out of nowhere, they come for you.
We didn't step into Rook Thomas's world, I assure you she stepped into ours.
You sabotaged the panic lines.
You're suspended until further notice.
So what's the big secret, Myfanwy? I have the boy.
His name is Nazim.
And he said he knew Marcus.
I followed Myfanwy.
She's found the target.
Now she's with the American waiting for someone.
I know all about you.
Marcus told me everything.
You're fucking lying.
Myfanwy is my sister, and I'm gonna get her back.
Run! Bring them all in.
Myfanwy and the boy, too.
Please, wait! Myfanwy Thomas, you've been subject to search and seizure and detained for insubordination and collusion with enemies of the state.
Physical evidence supports these claims.
As a member of a British Secret Service, the right to silence is denied.
You understand you haven't been formally charged with a crime.
Oh, how kind of you.
Doesn't quite seem real, does it? Finding ourselves here.
The first moment I saw you at that hospital, I turned to Linda and I said, "Imagine such incredible power in such a fragile package.
" At the time, I was referring to your youth.
Not your psyche.
But now now I see that you are driven by something darker.
What is it? Anger, resentment? It's the only explanation for why you would betray us.
Myfanwy, what were you thinking? Sheltering a known EVA target? Colluding with the Lugat? I was not sheltering or colluding.
A frightened kid showed up and asked for my help, - and I helped him.
- If you wanted to help him, you would have brought him in.
But instead you arranged a meeting with whom? I don't know, because Gestalt showed up before I could fucking find out.
But it was with the Lugat? I don't know.
Maybe not.
Look, I know that this all looks bad.
What it looks like is conspiracy against your own agency.
Gestalt saw you with its own eyes.
Myfanwy, start from the beginning.
At the beginning of what? A polite reminder you are a member of the service.
You do not have the right to silence.
I'm more than happy to tell you everything I know.
But I'm afraid the story doesn't go back very far.
The night of the bridge incident, my memory was wiped clean.
Ordinarily, that would sound like a convenient excuse.
Well, it hasn't been convenient for me at all.
Ask Farrier.
She'll tell you.
I would prefer to consult a more, uh, reliable source your subconscious.
This won't take long, but I'll need you to relax.
And remain calm.
Monica, where the fuck are you? Do you know this man? Yeah.
How do you know him? He's a friend.
Geologists now say that global are likely to be 1.
5 If the vote splits the way we all know it will, it's gonna be a bloodbath.
Be thankful you're not the PM.
Yeah, I am thankful.
But when the air clears touch wood I think I'm in the right place for consideration.
Good for you.
shift in the polar vortex the consequences are wide ranging and devastating.
If you're just joining us this morning, the bomb squad have responded to reports of an explosion in the vicinity of Greenwich.
However, no explosion has been identified.
What did you hear? The sound was physical.
I could feel it in every bone in my body.
Like a sonic boom.
Linda Farrier is here to see you, ma'am.
And they have not yet released any formal statement, but are in the process of questioning bystanders, several at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where it is still unclear what injuries What's your name? Myfanwy Thomas.
And where are you from, Myfanwy? My file tells me Horsham.
Am I right? Yes.
Yes, you're right.
And how long have you been with the Checquy? I honestly don't know.
Tell me about the boy.
You said he came to your door.
I don't know how he knew to find me, but he did.
And what did he say? He said he knew who I was.
And that he was hired by an American, Marcus Kevler, to wipe my memory.
I knew Monica would be interested, so I asked for her help.
And then? And then it all went wrong.
I just wanted to know what happened that night at the bridge.
How did I know to leave myself options.
What options? Well, I gave myself two options.
Box one, stay at the Checquy.
Box two, run.
I chose to stay.
I found this in your safe deposit box.
Myfanwy, would you look into this screen for me? As you can see, it's you.
And me.
Um I'm not gonna lie and say it doesn't hurt that you've chosen a fresh start.
Large part of me wanted you to stay and fight for the answers that that we deserve.
But, um, I don't blame you.
If your memory is completely lost, I can understand you're eager to make new, better memories.
But for reasons that no longer matter, I'm afraid you're unable to travel freely.
If you go to the airport, you'll be arrested before you get to duty free, so, um, I'll have arranged to have you smuggled out of the country.
It'll be dangerous and unpleasant.
Call the only number in the phone.
And, um, and the person that answers has agreed to help.
Ticket's already paid.
As you no longer need me, this is good-bye.
And good luck.
I hope you find the peace you deserve.
While it is true that the Lugat are experts in smuggling EVAs, it was foolish of you to approach them.
I can't excuse your actions over the past 24 hours, but I promise you I will find who did this.
I know who did it.
Linda? How do you know? Nazim.
He knew who she was.
She's been covering for everything.
The bridge.
My memory.
All of it.
And you would testify to this? Why wouldn't I? It's the truth.
Turn the camera on.
You said you wanted it off.
Well, now I want it on.
You've heard about the park.
Yeah, I-I was surprised you felt the need to go that far to remind us of your power.
I know how much it takes out of you.
I'm fine.
Over the years I've found ways to prepare myself.
It was meant as more than a reminder.
It's also leverage.
- Leverage? - Mm-hmm.
The Checquy wants the target, and I want my job.
So I'm holding him safe in my custody.
He is one of the greatest assets I've ever seen.
He is capable of reaching deep into our memories and erasing them selectively.
I'm sorry to say that sounds even more dubious than usual.
Well, I've consulted with Dr.
Rao, and he's explained it to me.
Memories are so malleable, so closely entwined with our emotions, they're like molten glass, open to change each time we revisit them or under the right conditions, shattered completely.
Nazim is able to generate a magnetic force that disrupts the memory transmission in the brain.
And with the proper training, it can be honed to a scalpel's edge, dissecting neuron from neuron.
The possibilities for this agency are endless.
The possibilities for this agency are endless.
Reinstate me immediately.
O-or what? What? You'll sell him to the Russians or to the Chinese? Bill him as the memory assassin? I know you, Linda.
This is bullshit.
I'm calling your bluff.
I won't sell him.
But I will let him go.
Perhaps drop him off on the steps of the "Daily Mail".
" That won't happen.
Public exposure is a growing threat.
Look at history.
The death of our secrecy is inevitable.
I mean, it happened to MI5 in '89.
And MI6 and GCHQ in '94.
We're next.
Right now might not be the best timing for you.
I don't believe in inevitable.
I have confidence we'll steer this ship.
"We", meaning Conrad? Ah, you're right.
He's certainly capable of steering from behind.
After all those years of separation, I did wonder if it was just coincidence, the way he charmed himself back into your good graces just days after you'd got this job.
I wonder if, uh, you'd thought about that, too.
To the youngest, the most wait, wait.
The most deserving Deputy Director in agency history.
- Ah.
- To you.
Vodka candles? Kind of reminds me of Irkutsk.
Except we're not in a bunker, and it's not 20 below.
Admit it.
You're gonna miss the field.
I know I will.
And why would you miss it? There's an associate spot open in Acquisitions.
I'm applying.
Seriously? Just finished the application.
40 fucking pages.
But it's a desk job.
- Yeah.
- Zero field.
What's a hunter-tracker gonna do in a cubicle? Hunt for spelling mistakes? Track quarterly spending? I don't know.
I'm not kidding.
You should stay in the field.
You you love the field.
You your training, skill set field.
- Field, I know.
- Right.
This keeps me here in Washington.
Honestly, it's it's a huge mistake.
- Come on.
- I mean, seriously, you know, I can help you I can take your name off the list when it comes through my office, and I Listen to me.
Listen to me.
These past few months, hopping around the world with you, I've never been so happy.
And it is not the missions or the field work that I love.
It's You.
I'm What's happening right now? I'm telling you that I love you.
Okay, yeah, I got that, and, um Yeah, you should stop.
I love you.
It's okay, you don't you don't have to say it back.
Oh, no, it's not, um God, shit.
Uh When I say shit it's because, um What I mean to say is, uh You know, of course I love you, too.
You do? Yeah.
So, turns out I'm not a traitor.
Oh, come on.
Aren't you happy to be wrong about that? I'm sorry this happened to you.
I'm sure it was terrifying.
Yeah, I wanted to tell you.
You had opportunities.
Doesn't matter now.
Get out.
I kept asking you if you were all right and you just kept lying and lying to my face.
I was scared and Farrier told me not to talk.
Since when do you do anything Farrier says? Since I woke up a blank, okay? And I didn't know if I could trust you.
I never gave you a reason not to.
How would I know that? Instinct.
It didn't take you long to figure out we have a history.
Well, you were pretty fucking forward about that.
And you played along.
You manipulated everyone.
Yeah, I did.
Because I didn't want to give myself away.
And I do feel something for you.
I just don't know what that something is.
The truth is, all I really know is what's happened the past five days.
That's how long our history is.
Our history is five days long.
Sorry, um Sorry.
But that is the truth.
Everything about you is strange and unfamiliar, and I'm not talking about the one mind, four bodies thing.
It's because I don't know you.
At all.
I don't know you, either.
Nazim, where are you? It's Myfanwy.
To the youngest, the most deserving Deputy Wait, one more thing.
Most deserving Deputy Director in agency history.
To you.
Vodka candles? Reminds me of Irkutsk.
Except we're not in a bunker, and it's not 20 below.
Come on, admit it.
You're gonna miss the field.
I know I will.
Why would you miss it? There's an associate spot open in Acquisitions.
I'm applying.
Seriously? It's a desk job.
It's zero field.
You'll hate it.
Well, that's my call to make, isn't it? Actually, it's not.
You're a triple one-A, field-ops only.
You're gonna throw classifications at me? I'm not throwing anything at you.
It's a fact.
You belong in the field.
You're a tracker.
And you're a director with the power to change that.
Bump me down to office duty.
It's been two days on my new job.
Do you not want me in your department? - Oh, my God, it's not that.
- Then what's the issue? It's not We didn't ask for the check.
- Oh, I'm sorry, my mistake.
- No, it's fine.
I'll take it anyway.
Monica, listen to me.
These past few months hopping around the world with you, I've never been so happy, and it's not because I've loved the missions or the field work.
It's you.
- What? - I love you.
Oh, my God, you can't just say that.
- Yes, I can.
I love you.
- No, you can't.
Because we're in the middle of an argument.
Oh, my fucking shit.
Seriously? Well, I love you, too.
I don't know why, but I do.
I've been waiting for this moment for so long.
Now I'm not really sure what to say.
How do I know you are who you say you are? I'm Bronwyn Thomas.
- Your sister.
- So you say.
But people seem to lie around here.
I'm not lying.
I can show you some ID.
Anyone can fake an ID.
My office does it all the time.
I'll explain everything.
Just please come inside.
No, I want you to explain it now.
The Checquy is a prison.
It's a fucking cult.
They kidnapped you.
They isolated you from your family, your friends, from anyone in the outside world until you believed all of their insane lies.
They turned you into one of their drones.
Oh, Myfanwy, please don't walk away.
I only want to help you.
I'm your family.
Your real family.
All that's left of it.
Just give me a chance to show you.
Where's Monica staying? A hotel in Soho, I believe.
Which hotel? No idea.
Why do you ask? That's not your concern.
No need to be rude.
Conrad wants us to debrief her.
Thank you.
That wasn't hard, was it? Can we talk to you for a moment? Alone.
Did you know about Myfanwy? Did she tell you? Did she fucking tell you? She didn't have to.
I knew.
Not exactly what happened, but that there was something.
- There were signs.
- What signs? However much she trusts me, Myf would never let me make major departmental decisions.
But lately all of that control? Right out the window.
You know what I mean? Look, don't blame yourself.
I'm talking about things you'd only see if you really knew her well.
No I didn't I did I didn't mean Mint tea.
With marshmallows.
It's your favorite.
I wouldn't know.
Mom and Dad left me the house when they died.
But I've never really come back here till recently.
How'd it happen? A car crash is the official story.
But ultimately the Checquy killed them.
How? Ran them off the road? No.
Dad was drunk driving.
And he hit a tree.
But it was the Checquy's fault.
After your EVA manifested, they took you away from us.
They literally abducted you from a hospital.
It ripped our family apart.
How'd they get away with that? They do it all the time.
Like you said, the Checquy can manipulate computer records, generate documents in a blink.
They don't always need proof.
They just steal children and get away with it.
Surely there would be public outcry.
Oh, there is.
But it all gets washed away.
There's no way that we can organize to get attention.
They have people to shut that down, too.
They suppress news, they blackmail people if they speak out.
They throw them into secret jails if they have to.
Farrier had me in solitary confinement all week.
No rights.
No contact with the outside world.
It sounds paranoid, but you know I'm right.
You know what your agency is capable of.
Mom and Dad were unable to regain parental rights, and it wrecked them.
Mom was so depressed, she couldn't get out of bed.
And dad drank.
What about legal recourse? Sue an agency that doesn't exist? Right.
I was 16.
I could have run away.
They have ways of helping you along.
They isolate you.
They tell you lies.
It's all the standard breakdown-rebuild tactics that cults use.
They probably told you that Mom and Dad stopped wanting to see you.
And I'm sure that they confiscated all the letters I wrote.
You likely thought that we all stopped caring and you had no choice but to attach yourself to your new family the Checquy.
It isn't your fault.
You were just trying to survive.
You must have been pretty young when this happened.
I was too young to fully understand at the time, but I knew that it felt wrong.
There was nothing I could do back then.
I was completely helpless.
You idiot.
Stupid fucking moron.
How did you not see it? How did you not know? How would anyone know? Well, it all makes sense now.
So obvious.
Yeah, a memory wipe is entirely obvious.
She didn't tell you.
She lied.
- Can you blame her? - Yes, I can blame her.
You have every right to be angry.
Though what kind of asshole mistakes brain trauma for feelings? The person who had those feelings is gone.
Don't say dead.
She isn't dead.
She never trusted you.
- Bitch.
- We hate her.
You don't hate her.
You love her.
You don't hate her.
You should.
You'll never hate her.
You talking to yourself? What do you want? Monica's staying at the Bondsbury on Broadwick Street.
Wasn't trying very hard to keep it a secret.
Took me less than five minutes to figure it out.
You're welcome.
To the youngest, most deserving Deputy Director in agency history.
Do you not even want me in your department? - Oh my God, it's not that.
- Then what is the issue? It's just just it's not the right job for you.
Okay, let's be clear.
It's not a job.
- You can quit a job.
- This thing again? What we do is indentured servitude, conscription for an entire fucking lifetime.
You know, as long as we're hunted, sold, and enslaved, we don't really have the option of working at Denny's.
That's right.
So instead we're imprisoned by our government or someone else's.
Imprisoned, Marcus? Seriously, look around.
You're in a bar, not a cell.
Okay? The door's right over there.
I know where the exits are.
You think there's some kind of like EVA utopia? That's great.
Go look for it.
You'll be dead in a year.
Well, your freedom's better than a lifetime in captivity.
Are you fucking kidding me? We didn't ask for the check.
I'm sorry.
- No, no - My mistake.
Fine, we'll take it anyway.
Thank you.
You know what? We didn't ask for the check.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My mistake.
No, no, no.
It's fine.
What? You need to come in and debrief.
It's protocol.
Well, sorry.
Bad timing.
I'm taking a personal day.
A test aircraft re-entry at RAF Northolt caused a sonic boom that echoed in the center of London due to the rare acoustic phenomenon known as echolocasia.
Echoco-what? You made that up.
Well, yeah.
I make it all up.
Well, come on.
- It's good, isn't it? - Yes, it is.
It's already got its own Wikipedia page and multiple online entries in the "British Journal of Science.
" I-I-I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Not at all.
Wulff was just Just on my way to the shredder.
By way of Conrad's lap? Excuse me.
Can I help you with something? I'm, uh, reconsidering my position on Linda's leadership.
I don't understand.
Well, okay.
Uh I've decided I've been too harsh laying blame.
T-things happen.
This agency will continue to face - I have information that I think - I'm not finished.
Challenges in the future much like what happened today in the park.
You know, Linda clearly outwitted all of you with her bizarre ability to willfully flatten the competition.
One might say she attacked civilians.
Oh, grow up Conrad.
Eardrums heal.
T-this soft-hearted approach to leadership is precisely the reason you'll never be king.
I'm reinstating Linda.
If you have further questions, keep them to yourself.
I do believe I have something that you may want to see, Home Secretary.
Linda was behind all of this.
According to Nazim, Linda Farrier ordered my trade to an unknown agent only after she'd ordered my memory to be wiped.
And after the exchange failed? After it failed, she showed up on my doorstep unannounced and destroyed my clothing, the one I wore.
Tampering with evidence.
and led me back to Apex House where I was expressly ordered to hide my condition during the briefing and subsequent investigation.
Fucking hell.
I know you think I might be happy about this.
But in reality, far from it.
It pains me greatly to see this agency fractured.
Plus I feel personally betrayed.
Linda and I worked - shoulder to shoulder.
- That's nasty.
Side by side while she lied to me.
Look, it's beyond incompetence.
Oh, it-it's criminal Bordering on treasonous.
Look, I know it's a lot to take in.
And the decision is yours.
Will you stop mansplaining and let me watch the fucking tape? Now when you were at Apex House that day, who was there? Um, I met Claudia in the corridor.
Don't know who she was, but she told me something serious had happened and then I was introduced to Monica Reed.
I can't even come in here anymore.
It's too sad.
I used to live in terror that you'd one day want your own space and move to the attic.
Did we get along? I drove you crazy sometimes.
But it's just because I idolized you.
Her name's Rebecca.
You had her since your second birthday.
Mom tried to send her to you at Glengrove when they took you away.
You're not allowed anything that reminds you of home.
This All of this, it means nothing.
Don't say that.
It's true.
I don't know you.
I don't know this life.
That is what they want you to think.
That's how they trap you.
But you can get out.
There are EVAs living free in the world.
Got normal jobs, families, friends.
Not brainwashed into a life of government servitude and violence.
They have you taking beta-blockers, right? The drug, it's to dull your emotions.
To trick you into thinking that life in captivity is normal.
To stop you from feeling the fury that you deserve because you should feel furious, Myf.
Your life can be so much better than this.
Let me help you.
It's not that I don't believe you.
It's that I don't know what to believe.
But you'd think if I was in a place that I was supposed to be, I'd feel something.
A connection.
But I don't.
I'm sorry.
You're a stranger to me.
You know that's not fucking true.
We're sisters.
We can start over.
Not even if I wanted I've got some friends.
They can help us hide.
They can craft an exit strategy and new identities for us.
Stay there.
I'm just gonna get my phone.
We have a group chat.
I'll show you.
I'll be right back.
Save some face You know you've only got one Change your ways while you're young Boy, one day you'll be a man Oh girl, he'll help you understand Smile like you mean it Smile like you mean it Myf! Myf! Myfanwy! You okay? I have to go.
Come on, wait.
- Hey, what are you doing? - Thank you.
Thank you so much.
This has been so helpful.
Myfanwy, don't go! You're not safe alone! I can help you! Myfanny! Myfanny, please! You shouldn't chase me.
Maybe you shouldn't run.
I don't want it.
Sure you do.
You know you can't make me come with you.
If you want to leave, you'd be leaving.
Might as well have a drink.
It's what we're trained to do, right? Observe, anticipate, fill in the blanks? That woman in the park.
I've seen her before.
I couldn't think of where, and it was just fucking driving me crazy.
But now I realize.
It was in D.
with Marcus.
This one night I thought was all about my promotion and the two of us.
But she slipped him a note right in front of my fucking face.
Which means they were working together.
Which means he was never a vulture.
He's part of the resistance.
They played me.
And I was their target.
Now I question everything.
Not just him.
But about myself.
I get it.
Sometimes we only see what we want to see.
Do you all feel that? Do you all have the same physical experience? Close your eyes.
Why? Just do it.
Where do you feel that? My right hand.
Not your left? No.
How about now? My wrist.
Not your knee? No.
My shoulder.
Not the back of your neck? Oh, great.
You're still here.
Now's not a good time.
Okay, I I know that I've been a narcissistic shit and what I said earlier was rude and not exactly true.
I think the fact that you lie has been well established by now.
Okay, look, I I understand why you're angry.
But something happened today.
I got these flashes and memories all tied to an intense emotion.
- Not now, please.
- Please, please.
Let me finish.
The intensity of it, it reminded me of being with you.
And I thought if we start with that, then maybe I can remember.
Please take me somewhere we used to go.
A a restaurant, coffee shop, or maybe I can go to your house.
I I want to remember what we had.
I have to try.
What's going on? Pajamas a hairbrush new shoes and a case I said to my reflection Let's get out of this place Passed the church and the steeple The laundry on the hill The billboards and the buildings Memories of it still Keep calling and calling but forget it all I know I will Tempted by the fruit of another Tempted but the truth is discovered What's been going on now that you have gone There's no other It's time I told you everything.