The Rookie (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


I'm all right today - You're gonna find a way to cross - [TAP ON GLASS.]
- And you're gonna get there - Bank's open, John.
And I'm on fire today So Happy Divorce Day.
- That's not a thing.
- It should be.
When mine went through, I took the boys to Disneyland.
I'm not really feeling the Matterhorn.
Try and look at this as an opportunity.
Right now, I'm just trying to remember to wear pants.
You know, I thought I'd be relieved.
Sarah and I agreed to stay together until Henry went to college.
I knew this was coming for two years.
what have you always wanted to do? Uh, Chippendales.
Or the NFL I'm not picky.
I'm trying to help you, John.
I bought a self-help book, but I had the cashier put it in a brown paper bag.
Can't bring myself to open it.
Who am I? I think the healthier question is "Who do you want to be?" When I figure it out, I'll let you know.
- Everybody on the floor now! - [SCREAMING.]
Get down! Get down! Who's the bank manager? - Come on.
You got to move it, lady.
- Okay.
Come on.
Fill it.
Now, hurry.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hey! Get back down now! - [GUN COCKS.]
- Stacy, you okay? - You want to die?! No.
Just keep your mouth shut.
- Move it.
But, honestly - have I e-even really lived? - [CLICK.]
I mean, life is always something that's happened to me.
You know, I-I met a girl, I fell in love, stick turned blue, so I dropped out of college and I got a job, but [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
I never really thought about what could have been, never pushed myself to be anything.
This bank robbery is This is the most exciting thing that's happened to me in a lot of years.
Is Is that sad, 'cause it s-sounds sad.
Ow! If you get up again, I will kill you.
You got that? Hey, listen, not that you're at any position to judge.
I mean I mean, your life hasn't really turned out the way you wanted, has it? Unless you wanted to be bank robbers, in which case - you're living the dream.
I I'm just saying what's my dream? - [GUNSHOT.]
- Police! Drop the gun! Drop that weapon! On the floor! [GASPING.]
- Drop the gun! - On the floor! - Hands behind your back.
You're okay.
- Get down.
Get down.
You were really just Stupid? [SCOFFS.]
Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh I'm gonna win for you like I know you want me to do - Hey - [HORN HONKING.]
BLAZE: Hey, Mama.
- That's a nice ride.
- Yeah.
- Hey - I think I'm gonna have to take it off your hands.
Y-You're gonna steal my car the one that broke down two blocks ago? - Yeah.
- Hey Maybe take you for a spin, too.
Officer Chen reporting for duty.
Hey TIM: I love Rookie Day.
It's Christmas and "The Purge" in one.
And there's my first present.
Morning, Boot.
- Good morning, sir - Did I say you could talk? You better pray I'm not your training officer, Boot, 'cause I'll make your life a living hell.
Sir, I'd be thrilled to have you as a T.
My father raised me to push myself to the edge of my abilities, - and he'd be deeply disappointed if I failed to do so now that I've joined him in service.
Your father is Commander West of Internal Affairs, yes, sir.
Roll call in 10.
LOPEZ: You really gonna do me like that? Hey, the detective position's not yours yet.
And youngest T.
to youngest detective will move me up the ladder nicely.
But if you can't stand a little competition Please, I grew up with four brothers in a two-bedroom.
I'll be standing at the finish line before you even realize the competition's started.
- Where you going, Boot? Uh, locker room, then roll call? Oh, no.
You need to present yourself to the Captain first.
It's tradition.
Down the hall, up the stairs.
Uh, yeah.
Thank you.
Can I help you? Office John Nolan reporting for duty? Did you get punked, Officer Nolan? - No, ma'am.
I just - Mm-hmm.
Your file confuses me, Officer Nolan.
Penn State.
But then 20 years in construction.
Well, you got solid marks at the Academy.
You certainly have a work ethic.
Cholesterol level I've never seen in a rookie.
I'm something of a pioneer.
Do you think this is a joke? No, ma'am.
I'm here to work, and I won't let you down.
We'll see.
Roll call is in five minutes, and the watch commander is a stickler.
Officer Nolan.
I'd run.
GREY: All right, all right.
Settle down.
Settle down.
So, okay, we got some new blood this morning.
And some pushing the expiration date.
Get up.
After six months together in the Academy, you've earned the right to be here.
But you'll have to prove yourself to stay.
The way we do things matters.
Protocol and tradition are the metal from which every cop in this city is forged.
- Understand? - Yes, sir.
Sit down.
It's time to play the Training Officer match game.
Our contestants are Lucy Chen, a hotshot who made her first arrest before clocking in for work.
Legacy Jackson West, who broke all his dad's records at the Academy.
And John Nolan, who was born before disco died.
And the winners are Officer Bradford, you get our hotshot.
Officer Lopez, you get our legacy.
Leaving Officer Bishop to ride with the 40-year-old rookie.
Now, hear me.
Today is your first day.
Don't let it be your last.
Forget the Academy and listen to your T.
They'll teach you the way it should be done.
That's it.
All right.
Be safe out there.
Officer Bishop, I need a word with your rook.
Yes, sir.
Enjoying your little adventure so far? - Oh.
Yes, sir.
- I don't care.
I don't like you, Officer Nolan.
It's not personal.
I hate what you represent a walking mid-life crisis.
You see, the LAPD isn't a place for you to "find yourself.
" And I believe if you succeed, my house will be flooded with middle-aged losers looking for some kind of "Eat, Pray, Love" path to reinvention.
And that will get my people killed.
- Sergeant, with respect - You're dismissed.
TALIA: What did the watch commander want? To wish me luck.
Boot, this relationship is gonna get off to a bad start if you lie to me.
Sergeant Grey does not appear to be a fan of my presence in this department.
'Cause you're old as hell? Look, I don't give a damn about your age, Officer Nolan.
I want to know if you're gonna be a speed bump on my path to chief of police.
No, ma'am.
Six months ago, I packed everything I own into a U-Haul, moved here to become a cop.
I got to work twice as fast, three times as hard.
So I'm gonna make you look good.
Bit of an over-sharer, huh? I'm told partners are supposed to have a special bond.
We're not partners.
This is your shop.
Do not call it a car.
It is where you work.
First you check the exterior for damage.
Any nicks, scrapes, or dents log 'em in.
- Has the suspect left anything? - Money? - Drugs? - A dookie? TIM: Why aren't you taking notes, Officer Chen? You think I'm impressed because you picked some low-hanging fruit on your way to work? Onto the shotgun-safety check.
Verify it's empty.
Clear it.
Close the action.
We have police tape, road flares, spike strips.
You're making my job easy, Officer West.
- Body-cam test.
- Officer Lucy Chen.
- Officer Nolan.
- What are you doing? Just check Test, check.
- Now we're inside the car.
- Log in to the computer.
- Put in our serial number.
- Test lights and sirens.
- Finally, check yourself.
You're about to hit the street with a loaded handgun and no idea what happens next.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-15, family dispute, 1401 West Sycamore.
Address has history of domestic calls.
7-Adam-15, roger.
NOLAN: So, how do you want to do this? - Show me what you got.
Open up.
Sir we've got a call about a disturbance.
- You all right, ma'am? - She's fine.
So you should leave.
- Trying to make weight? - What? I used to wrestle a little bit in college.
I see the plastic sticking out from under your sweat suit.
Nothing my girlfriend hated more than when I was trying to make fighting weight.
Like my misery was contagious.
You know what I mean? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, I can give you a few tips if you'd like.
Probably better, though, if the wife doesn't hear, right? [SIREN CHIRPS.]
- Police! Ma'am, we got a call about a possible burglary in process.
I didn't call anyone.
- Watch her.
- Copy.
So, why do you want to be a cop? Is this a trick question? You want me to train you, I need to know why you're in this car.
Um My parents are both therapists, so I spent my childhood talking about my feelings - [TIRES SCREECH.]
- I've been shot! - Wh - Where are you, Boot?! - What? - I'm bleeding to death.
You have to call for help.
Where are you? - Uh - Where are you?! Um Now I'm dead.
It's your fault.
Get out.
What? Get out and walk.
You can get back in when you know where you are.
Look, I've had this conversation more times than I can count, and the result is always the same.
When he hits you, press charges.
If you don't, eventually, he'll kill you.
You got it wrong.
My husband just looks aggro.
Most of the time, he's a block of wood, emotionally speaking.
I push his buttons just to rile him up.
You can't take things out on her no matter how much - she pushes your buttons.
- She's the one that throws down.
Hell, that that girl's got a crazy temper.
Meaning what? That she hits you? No, no, she sh-she knows better than that.
You good out here? Yeah.
7-Adam-15, code 4, show us clear.
What do you think? That we'll be back.
JACKSON: Let me get this straight.
You sneak into houses to have sex, not to rob them? Yeah.
It's a fetish.
Shame we can only charge them with misdemeanor trespass.
There's evidence of a burglary.
- They didn't take anything.
- Took a shower.
We can charge a 459, just for stealing the water.
That's a novel approach.
Thank you, ma'am.
I'd say I'm the best-prepared rookie in the history of the LA [MOANING.]
Are they having sex in our shop? Damn it! Hey! Knock it off! Don't do that! TIM: You know where you are yet, Officer Chen? No? Then finish your story why you became a cop.
Here, I'll do it for you.
You wanted to piss off your parents for making you an emotional science experiment.
Gentlemen, I have an honest question for you.
Were you grown in a petri dish of stupid? - - Don't pull that crap with me.
Well, aren't you fancy? Tell him that it's immigrants like them that make Americans like you look bad.
If it was up to me, we'd send them all back by catapult.
Um Officer Chen, a word? [DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE.]
Do I strike you as a man who means what he says? - Yes, sir.
- Do I seem laid-back to you? - Wishy-washy in any way? - No, sir.
Everything is a test, Officer Chen, and you just got another "F".
I know what you're thinking was that casual racism a test, too, or just the Spanish? Unfortunately for you, there's no way to know.
Come on! You think you're so smart! You think I don't know what you're doing?! I went to Harvard, Yale, the Vatican! Sir, you need to put down the bat! You can't hide from me! I will go into the wardrobe through the looking glass! - So, what do we do? - De-escalate the situation.
Sir, how about you tell me what the problem is? The unicorn is laughing at me! Okay, great, we can help you with that.
We just need you to get down off the car.
- No.
No, you're trying to trick me.
- No.
You don't want me to find him.
Sir, I can handle unicorns, all right? This is what we train for.
I just need you to get off the car and give me a description so we can find him.
Yeah, just jump down.
Put the bat down right there.
- Excellent.
What's your name? What's your name? Go get him, Boot.
Aw, yeah Go, go, go, go Aw, yeah Go, go, go, break Aw, yeah [TIRES SCREECH.]
- Too slow.
- Go, go, go - Yeah - Hey! Yo, yo, break I'm picking up the party when I rock and it's Stupid when you're hearing this Raashan's a super lyricist Flexing up my muscles when I'm lifting up my boom box Rock you from your New Wave collar to your tube socks Break it to the bottom till you touching the floor Bring it all up now a little bit more Move it to the middle, do the I'm so fly Reach it to the top till you touch the sky Come on, break [GRUNTING.]
Please let go of me! You have to let me go! You don't know what you're doing! You don't know what you're doing! You don't know what you're doing! I have to find him! Help me! I have to find him! - The unicorn! The unicorn! - Welcome to the arrest.
I have to I have to find him! - [CELLPHONE RINGING.]
- He needs me! Who needs you? Lucas! I can't find him! [RINGING CONTINUES.]
- Please, let go of me! Hi, this is Officer Bishop Y-Yes, ma'am, I'm with your husband now.
Slow down.
- Lucas! - Who's Lucas? - Lucas needs me! - Sir, where is your boy? I only left him in the car for a minute.
The unicorn has him.
That car is gonna be an oven.
We got to find that unicorn.
DISPATCH: Be advised, the suspect vehicle is a gray Corolla.
There has got to be - a better way of doing this - License plate Two Paul Charles - than just driving around.
- We got an airship and six cars working a grid pattern.
There's no fancy tricks in patrol.
Are we sure the kid's still in the car? LOPEZ: I hope not.
It's almost 90.
- We have got to find this kid.
- Pray we don't.
Seeing a dead kid changes you.
Gray Corolla, right there! [TIRES SCREECH.]
It's the wrong car.
Oh, no.
Come on! Geez! Okay, buddy.
Hey, come on, buddy.
Come on.
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Come on.
Wake up.
- Come on.
- [GASPS.]
Hey! Hey.
Hey! - Mommy.
- Come on.
Let's go find your mommy.
Come on.
Mommy, daddy.
Yeah, we're gonna find them.
Okay? We're gonna find them for you.
Man, my heart is still pounding.
You feeling good about yourself? - Shouldn't I be? - You stopped thinking, kept trying to open a car door even after you knew it was locked, used the wrong tool to try and break the window.
Those lost seconds didn't matter this time, but they may in the future.
So celebrate the victory, but recognize you got work to do.
You tired, Officer Nolan? - No, ma'am.
- Good, 'cause we got eight hours left on our shift.
First day you buy, Boot.
- Okay.
What do you want? - Surprise me.
And you will be judged on your choice.
So, how was everyone's morning? Having fun yet? Think someone could use a hug.
Don't you dare.
What's wrong? Uh, her T.
's utilizing time-tested practices - to intimidate her.
- Oh, well, that's their job, right? They've got to get inside our heads, push our buttons, see how we react.
It's not personal.
Just turn it around and figure out what makes your training officer tick.
You make it sound easy.
Piece of cake.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Then I guess you already know what your T.
wants for lunch.
How's your day going, Angela? 'Cause I saved a kid.
Probably gonna make the paper tomorrow.
- Mm.
You're so cute trying to get under my skin.
Trying? She's already under.
Just like you're under hers.
What the hell are you talking about? You've wanted to be a detective since you were a kid.
Talia just wants it 'cause it's a stepping stone to the top.
And that pisses you off.
Meanwhile, she knows your ability to be mercenary gives you a leg up 'cause she's got an overdeveloped sense of morality, which gets in her way.
- Shut up.
- Shut up.
Well, I don't know why the hell you two are so determined to get out of patrol.
This is where all the fun is.
You didn't forget the hot sauce, did you, Boot? [SIGHS.]
Is there meat in this? Uh no? DISPATCH: 7-Adam-15, return to 1401 West Sycamore.
Situation has escalated.
- Told you we'd be back.
- NOLAN: Come here! - [GROANING.]
TALIA: Nolan, look out! [GRUNTS.]
Not without gloves! - No! Carlo! - Easy.
- Stay with me, all right? Stay calm.
- 7-Adam-15.
- Just stay calm.
- Requesting an RA unit to 1401 West Sycamore for a male - suffering multiple stab wounds.
- Just stay calm, okay? Shh.
Just stay calm.
You're gonna be all right.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
TALIA: You all right? Officer Nolan.
You all right? [SIREN CHIRPS.]
Um The husband hinted that the wife was abusive, but I I didn't push it.
Worst thing you can do is think, not act.
You got to trust your instincts, even if I ultimately tell you that you're wrong.
You all right, Officer Nolan? I heard it got real in there.
- Yes, sir, I'm fine.
- Good.
Why don't you go start the paperwork while I talk to your T.
Yes, sir.
So, how'd he do? He dove right in even though there was a knife.
Good for him.
But maybe not so good for us.
You know why rookies are best trained young, Officer Bishop? Because kids don't know anything.
40-year-olds? They think they know everything.
Training them's like turning an oil tanker.
Odds are, it ain't gonna happen before tragedy strikes.
LUCY: To the first day.
- Mm.
- First day.
You want to talk about it? No.
I felt him die.
A guy I-I was just talking to.
And I thought I was ready, but I don't think anything can prepare you for that.
I saw my first body when I was 10.
My dad took me to the morgue, pulled a drawer, and there was this kid, maybe 18.
'd on oxy.
That's some questionable parenting right there.
I'm sorry.
Didn't your folks put you in therapy at the same age? They were trying to teach me coping skills.
- I - Yeah, so was my dad.
You know, this job is a magnifying glass.
It reveals everything, especially the parts you're trying to hide.
- Okay.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
Can I get you anything else? Not right now.
I've never seen a real badge bunny before.
Well, she's just being friendly.
You really are struggling.
'Cause she practically handed you her panties.
I'm fine.
Hey, listen to me.
What happened wasn't your fault.
That guy was never going to admit a woman was kicking his ass.
It wouldn't have mattered if you'd said anything to Bishop, and if i If she said any different, then she was just flat-out wrong.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
WOMAN: It's karaoke hour.
First up, Jackson and Lucy.
- Whoo, here we go.
- Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah BOTH: Cheers to the freaking weekend I'll drink to that Yeah, yeah Oh, let the Jameson sink in I'll drink to that - Yeah, yeah - Yeah, yeah Don't let the bastards get you down I turn around with another round There's a party at the bar - Hey, hey - Everybody put your glasses up, and I'll drink to that Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah - I'll drink to that Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah [BIRDS CHIRPING.]
Tell me again why we can't go out for breakfast? Because someone from the station might see us, and two months of quality sneaking around would go out the window.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Wish we didn't have to be so secretive.
It's sweet you want to go steady, but, uh, I'm only dating you for this view.
- Good to know our relationship is dependent on renting my college roommate's fancy guest house.
It's not entirely dependent.
I mean, you are kind of hot, and the "against the rules" part is a turn-on, so Uh, it actually won't be if Sergeant Grey finds out.
Well, I'm not gonna tell him.
Are you? - I'm being serious.
- That guy is gunning for me.
Look, this kind of obstacle's new to you, but it's status quo for me.
You're a novelty item right now, but in 13 months, you'll be a P2, and the cops will treat you like one of the guys, but I'll I'll have to prove myself to every cop I work with.
Fair enough.
We'll keep it under the radar.
I just don't want to screw it up.
Me neither.
GREY: So, all right, all right.
Settle down.
I just got a disturbing video.
Never seen anything so horrific.
So prepare yourselves.
It's Give me a sec.
Such grace and athleticism has never before been seen - in the LAPD.
Is that a gazelle wearing the blues? Or a dinosaur from a long forgotten age? Now you will see Officer Chen execute a perfect flying tackle.
- [BEEP.]
- All right, fun's over.
This is a BOLO for Mr.
Lance Selby, who violated his parole yesterday.
Scale from 1 to 10, this guy's a 12.
Did a nickel for attempted murder with a claw hammer.
So whoever gets him off the street will get a sincere handshake and Super Bowl Sunday off.
- That's it.
Be safe out there.
What are you doing? I'm just looking into the BOLO that Grey handed out.
Found a known associate in our patrol zone.
Darius Nguyen.
We're not detectives, Officer Nolan.
No, but I do believe detective is a necessary stop on the way to chief.
TIM: I've decided on your punishment.
Are you gonna tell me what it is? [ENGINE SHUTS OFF.]
More of a "show you" kind of guy.
Ghost Head.
No, no, hold up a minute.
GHOST HEAD: Yo, this is harassment.
What? No, it's just good customer service.
Kind of like a frequent flyer program for dirt-bag drug dealers.
Search him, Boot.
Turn around, grab the wall.
Make me Boot.
- Keep your hands up, Chen.
TIM: Don't let him get on top of you! [GROANS.]
- You're under arrest.
That was my punishment? Yep.
Plus I got to see if you could handle yourself, - so it's really a two-fer.
- Unh, unh Yeah, yeah, yeah All I ever knew was, I knew was Push, push, push, push, push, push All I had to do was, do was Push, push, push, push, push, push Is there a problem, Officer? - This your gym? - Yeah.
- You see this guy around? - Detectives came by yesterday.
Told them I haven't seen Selby since before he went away.
All I had to do was You know, I've built everything, from mansions to an honest-to-God outhouse.
But I've never seen a circuit breaker installed next to a water pipe.
Push, push, push, push, push, push Mm.
You sure you don't know where Selby's at? Push, push I can hear them speaking, all they talking about is us When you're telling this story in lock up, you might want to leave out the part where you got your ass kicked by a girl.
ISABEL: Hey! Hey! Hey, let him go! Come on.
You all right here? For real.
Isabel? Leave him alone.
Isab Isabel it it's it's me.
It's Tim.
It's okay.
I've been trying to find you just just to make sure you were okay.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
I'm fine! Get off me! I just want to help.
I just want to help.
- You want to help me? - Yeah.
Give me all your cash.
- What? - Give me your money.
God, I'll get you rehab.
I don't need rehab.
Come on.
What What do you want me to do with this guy? Just let him go.
Let him go.
Let's go.
What the hell just happened? That was my wife.
I haven't seen her in almost a year.
I won't tell anyone.
You're damn right you won't.
TALIA: 7-Adam-15.
Requesting additional unit to meet us at 1350 Bellview Street.
Possible location of our BOLO suspect.
We are en route.
Show us responding.
7-Adam-19, be advised, we are approximately five minutes away.
That's the address for Selby.
All right, we'll set up in the alley behind in case Selby rabbits and Bishop and Nolan come calling.
That's our guy, Selby.
Call it in.
Backup and airship.
- 7-Adam-19.
Show us code 6 on BOLO suspect.
Need backup and airship.
They got him.
No, no, no, you stay here till we clear them from that car.
LAPD, gentlemen.
Step away from the car and show me your hands.
There a problem, officer? There will be if you don't show me those hands.
- Officer down.
Shots fired.
In the alley of Bellview and Clinton.
I repeat, officer down! Please send help right away! [GRUNTS.]
Don't worry about me! Shoot back! [GUNFIRE.]
You good? Yeah.
Cover me, and I'll cuff him.
- You okay? - No! I got shot! [GROANS, COUGHS.]
You go get him, Boot! Just go! When this is over, we're gonna have a conversation about you running off.
Where's Selby? He went through the alley.
Suspect heading northbound towards residence on Clinton Street.
JACKSON: - 7-Adam-07 arriving on scene.
Officer West, get out your gun and cover me! [GUNFIRE.]
Damn it! Get your ass up and engage the suspect! Get up! [GUNFIRE.]
Hey! Hey! - [SCREAMS.]
- Help! [GUN CLICKS.]
- Selby! - I'll kill her! - Drop it! Drop the knife! - I'll kill her! - Shut up! - You don't have to do this.
You shot a cop, but it seems you only managed to piss him off.
You're not a murderer yet.
- Get back! - I can't do that! - Now! - I can't do that! Look, Selby, we are in this moment together, all right? What happens next could change both of our lives.
Look, I became a cop to help people, not kill them.
But if you hurt her, I will pull this trigger, and you will die.
I'll see your face every time I close my eyes, but you'll never see anything ever again.
- Here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna lower my gun, and you're gonna let her go, okay? Nice and easy.
Lower that knife.
Nice and easy.
You're gonna let her go.
I'm lowering my - [GUNSHOT.]
- Facedown! Facedown! Put your hands behind your back! [HANDCUFFS CLICK.]
Call it in, Officer Nolan.
Suspect in custody.
Code 4.
What's the word on Tim? He's out of surgery.
Officer Nolan.
I heard you left your partner.
Almost got her killed.
See, I knew your mid-life crisis would put my people in harm's way.
You're done, Officer Nolan.
- Sergeant Grey, I - I said go home! [DIPLO'S "LOOK BACK" PLAYS.]
You wanted to see me? Nolan was trying to save two fellow officers.
It doesn't matter.
He left his partner.
You tell a guy that he's not wanted on the first day, he's gonna throw caution to the wind to prove himself.
Are you saying this is my fault? I'm saying he deserves a chance.
Why? Because you had him assigned here? Yeah, I heard.
- The boot no one wanted except you.
- That's right.
I think there's value in having a rookie with his perspective.
Lives were saved today because of it.
You're dismissed.
And I haven't looked back Since I made up my mind To never look behind You were right.
I did come here looking for reinvention.
I didn't understand what it meant to be a cop.
It takes sacrifice.
I'm only looking for a name I know about you and Nolan.
And you were right to keep it secret, but you're wrong to keep it going.
It'll brand you.
No matter how good you are or how hard you work.
Break things off before it's too late.
Demands strength when you feel your weakest.
If you don't have what it takes on the streets, then you're not a cop.
Freeze up again, and you're done.
I'll call up your dad and tell him myself.
Is relatable to you I've seen light, such a difficult task I thought I had to become someone else to do this job, that who I was before wasn't good enough.
I was wrong.
I earned my place here.
And I'm not leaving.
You're still my bro You know why I do this job, Officer Nolan? Because you're a people person? [CHUCKLES.]
This job is my calling.
And I have a responsibility to protect it from those who are unworthy.
- I understand.
- Good.
Then understand I will haze, harass, and humiliate you every chance I get in the hope that you choose to abandon this misguided quest.
And if this job actually is my calling? Then nothing I do to you will matter.
I'm sorry.
You gonna leave me again? No.
Then we're good.
ANDERSEN: Okay, let's get to it.
Officer Bradford should be getting out of intensive care today.
If you have some time after your shift I'm sure he won't appreciate it.
Is relatable to you I've seen light, such a difficult task Today.
See, every day, we start fresh, because we can't affect the past.
But we damn sure can make a difference today.
All right.
There was a carjacking last night on Western and Wilshire.
Description matches the crew we've been hunting, so we need to hunt smarter.
Lopez and West, I want you to live in that RD today.
So Bishop and Nolan, coordinate with the robbery table