The Rookie (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Hawke

Look out! That work out the way you planned it, Boot? Check it out.
Check it out.
I got a bullet in one hand, cigar in the other, and I said to the chief I said, "You pin that medal" "right in the middle.
" Right? Hey, hey, look at that! Officer John Nolan.
Oh! Grittiest recruit I've ever trained right here, man.
Good to see you.
You too, man.
Only long-timers allowed in here, Hawke.
You know the rules.
I never met a rule I didn't break, Otto, so go get your old ass over to the bar and get a drink.
Come on.
It's on the Hawke.
Whoo, sit down, man.
Fun place you got here.
It's a dump, but my credit is so good.
They're like, "Oh, I don't know if I got this in me.
" Long time ago, man.
I tell you, my talents are being wasted at the Academy.
Seven years is too long to keep The Hawke cooped up.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
No, I need to get back out there on the street, man.
Take a real door, you know, just throw some bullets.
I thought you were trying to get assigned to Mid-Wilshire.
Oh, I was, but your captain, he blocked me.
So, enough about me.
Let's talk about you.
So, tell me right now.
How's the real thing - compare to the Academy? - You were right about the job.
It is nothing like the Academy.
That's right.
That's why I never teach by the manual.
Well, I wouldn't have been ready if it wasn't for you.
You were the only one who showed me any support at the Academy.
It was There's a whole generation of cops with the Hawke brand on them.
You should be proud.
Ah, don't be blowing smoke.
I don't need you to tell me how pretty I am.
- Good, because I'm a terrible liar.
- Yes, you are.
You are terrible.
Okay, mm.
I got to wrap it up.
I got to get out of here.
- Mnh-mnh! - It's a school night, and I am not good enough at this job to do it hung over.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
You can't tap out on me tonight, no way.
The night is too young, and I am in no hurry to get back to that motel none.
A motel? Yeah.
Well, my wife, she, uh Uh, she kicked me out - months ago.
- No.
It's no big deal.
It's no big deal.
Marriages are tough, right? - You've been there.
- Yes.
I just I don't know.
I just need to give her, uh give her a little space.
That's all.
You know, look, I got a great couch.
Why don't you crash at my place tonight? No, no.
I'm all paid for the week at Travel Inn, and I have got clean sheets.
I got cold pizza, premium cable.
Right? Hey, if that's not living the dream, my friend - Yeah.
- then I don't know what is, right? God.
Give me this, pansy.
I've never seen him like that.
He's usually so confident, so self-assured, - so - Arrogant.
You know he's living in a motel now? That's what happens when you try to be big policeman at home.
You end up on the couch.
Tim rode with Hawke back in the day.
Damn straight.
Craziest six months of my life.
Nolan hung out with him last night.
- Hawke and Nolan? - Oh, yeah.
They were tight at the Academy.
They bonded over their shared love of old stuff.
- The Beastie Boys isn't old.
- They formed before I was born.
All right, everyone take a seat.
Got some catching up to do.
Let's go.
First, let's congratulate Officer Chen for allowing her T.
to finish his coffee before rolling their vehicle.
I see "training" is working out for you.
All right, more pressingly, midnight shift was flooded with calls last night, and they left us with their mess.
Let's get started.
Our detectives are working a homicide in Larchmont Village, but there are witnesses that still need to be interviewed.
Bishop and Nolan, you'll take that.
And Burglary has got a search warrant that patrol didn't get around to.
Bradford and Chen, you'll take that.
Come on, why can't Burglary serve their own damn warrants? Because they don't have the vim and vigor you have, Officer Bradford.
This is yours.
All the faces.
Don't worry.
I have pending calls for everybody! All right, let's go knock 'em out and show the late shift how real police work is done.
All right, we're serving a search warrant.
You see door hinges? Uh, the door opens outwards towards us.
And what's a "fatal funnel"? The first three feet in any doorway.
Not bad.
Here's the real test.
Of all the things Burglary told us about our suspect LeShawn Halvorsen, what's most important? Uh, history of fighting with police.
This guy's been served seven search warrants, spent half his life on parole.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm not sure I follow.
He's been searched a lot.
He knows what doesn't work, so to find his stash, you'll have to think like a crook.
- Can you do that? - Of course.
You don't think I can? I think you were raised to analyze bad guys, not be one, and to be a great cop, you got to have a little outlaw in you.
Hinges? On the inside.
Open up, LeShawn.
What's an acceptable amount of time to wait before we bust in? That had to hurt.
Why don't you like Hawke? He's a throwback.
He thinks the good old days were when the LAPD was 90% white men.
Really? Didn't strike me as that guy.
I'm sure he didn't.
Police Department! - Hello? - You called last night.
You said you had some information about a homicide, a stabbing that happened around the corner.
Oh, yeah, uh.
I was waiting so long, I fell asleep on the couch.
Can you tell us what you witnessed? I'll do better than that.
I'll show you.
Come on! Yo, lady cop, you can search my place all day.
Get up.
Face the wall before I snatch the other eye out of your head.
You need to learn some respect.
Okay, come on, Officer Chen.
Think like a crook.
When's the last time you hid anything under a couch, 8th grade? You know how many times I couldn't find my phone and it was under the couch the whole time? This isn't that.
You ever heard of the DEAR method? - D-E-A-R? - No.
There are four principles of concealment.
First is deception "D.
" Deception shows you one thing when it's really something else.
Hey, some heads talking about me like, "That dude ain't true.
" "E" is for "elusive.
" What appears to be nothing is actually something.
What, what does that make me? What am I really, though? "A" for "access.
" Things hard to get to high places, low places.
Which brings us to "R.
" "R" is for "repulsive.
" Toilets, garbage, porn collection, anything that makes you want to puke makes a crook want to hide things there.
You've got to be kidding me.
Might want to glove up.
Saw a box of sex toys in the master bedroom, and don't forget the toilet.
- Search before you flush.
- Wait.
Uh, why do I have to be "R"? I don't I don't want to be "R.
" I could be "elusive" or "deceptive" or something.
I was cleaning the garage, and, uh, this guy ran in, a guy I'd never met.
He was covered in blood.
He had a knife.
I told him, "You're not gonna get far dressed like that," so he wanted my shirt.
- Did you give it to him? - Of course not.
So then what happened? All those karate lessons paid off.
The knife's on the work bench.
Do I get a medal? Uh, give us a second.
So, do we arrest him, too? I mean, he kind of kidnapped a guy.
He used reasonable force for a citizen's arrest, and we can log a collar on 187.
Day's off to a good start.
What the hell? What? I've been back there for 20 minutes digging through Caligula's toy chest, and you've had this the whole time? Well, not the whole time.
It took me three or four minutes.
- Mm.
- You find anything? Uh, yeah.
Horrid, filthy things.
What's this call again? Woman called 911 last night to report a domestic disturbance, and midnight shift never got to it.
Good morning, Mrs.
Sorry about the delay responding to your call.
Is something wrong? No, honey.
They're friends of your father.
Jump in the car.
We'll head to school in a sec.
I'm sorry.
I made a mistake calling you.
No, you didn't.
Clearly something happened last night that made you call 911.
What was it? Logan was at his grandmother's across the street, so I had a date over.
Things started heating up, and that's when he stormed in drunk.
He being your husband? Soon-to-be ex.
I just filed for divorce.
Usually I can keep him calm, but when he saw Mike, he pulled out a gun.
He hit him in the face.
He made him leave in his underwear.
Said it was called "walking the plank.
" - Did your husband hurt you? - No, never.
It's just he's been acting so crazy since I served papers.
You told your son that we were friends of his father's.
I'm guessing that means your husband's a cop? Last name Mitchell? My maiden name is Mitchell, actually.
My married name is Hawke.
Your husband's Jeremy Hawke? Yes, and that's why I shouldn't have called.
He could lose his job over this, his pension.
I understand, but what you described are crimes.
Assault and battery, brandishing a firearm.
Does this mean you're gonna arrest him? It means we're gonna call the watch commander and ask him how he wants us to proceed.
Okay, down to two pending calls.
Must've been nice to have a champion at the Academy.
I sure didn't.
Hawke saw something in me, probably because we were closer in age than most of the rookies.
Bonded over our kids.
Yeah, his was a little younger than Henry, but since I'd already been through all the terrible teenage years, I gave him some hard-earned pointers.
Never took it easy on me, though.
If anything, he pushed me harder.
7-Adam-15, we have priority dispatch for you.
Call Sergeant Grey, details to your box.
Not for broadcast.
- What does that mean? - Nothing good.
It's Bishop.
What's up? I need Nolan.
Put me on speaker.
I heard you were with Jeremy Hawke last night.
Uh, yeah, at a bar.
Everything okay? He could be in some trouble.
No criminal charges yet, but he had an incident with his wife.
- You know where he is? - I know where he's staying.
Bring him to the captain's office immediately.
Yes, sir.
We're en route.
I knew something was wrong.
There he is.
Do you mind if I do the talking? He was a little upset last night.
I'd like to be the one to break it to him.
Okay, but he's got a very short leash.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got a call from the watch commander, something about an incident last night.
What's going on? The administration has it out for me.
- That's what's going on.
- All right.
Well, he said it had something to do with Megan.
Anyway, Sarge sent us to come get you.
Yeah, yeah.
No, I got his messages.
I'll get there when I get there.
Yeah, but, Hawke, he told us to come get you.
What, I'm not under arrest, right? No, it's it's just administrative at this point.
You have a direct order.
See the captain immediately.
That means now.
Wha Are we Are we doing this, Bishop? Ask me, tell me, make me? You're gonna go there.
No, no one's going anywhere, all right? We're just following orders here, Jeremy.
And you always taught me confront my problems head-on, so let's just go get this taken care of.
You're right.
I'm just like Thank you.
All right, I'm sorr I'm You're right.
That's all right.
Here, I'll j Actually, hold on a second.
I just got to grab my wallet.
Hawke, what are you doing? Hawke! Hawke, what are you doing?! Don't do it! Hawke! Hawke! He knew just how to disable us.
Yes, sir.
I understand.
IA's been notified.
I will let you know as soon as he comes in.
Yes, I understand.
Chief is concerned.
He wants us to take care of this quickly and quietly.
You still think it was a bad idea for me to block Hawke from getting assigned here? He's a veteran cop who gets the job done.
Hell, he's earned 46 Letters of Commendation.
And 21 civilian complaints.
When you do proactive police work, - you're gonna get complaints.
- 21 of them? Wade, look, I-I know we haven't worked together that long, but I know for a fact you would never let one of your cops become this reckless.
Am I right? No, I wouldn't.
Look, Hawke is not coming in.
He ran from Bishop and Nolan.
They lost him.
Try to show the guy a little dignity for the good work he's done, this is how he thanks us.
- Yes.
- Hey, we just left the hospital.
The man Hawke hit, Mike Gabriel, has a busted nose, lost a tooth.
Judge signed the arrest warrant.
It's in the system now, no bail.
You put out a BOLO on Hawke and his truck.
Notify the CHP, ping his cell, monitor his bank cards.
You let patrol know that they need to be careful.
He has clearly gone over the edge.
We'll need to interview the wife.
Yeah, and Hawk's buddy, Nolan.
Do it.
Dispatch pinged his phone.
Shows his location as 10 yards in front of us.
7-Adam-19, show us Code 6 at Riverside and Woodman.
No sign of suspect Hawke's vehicle.
Check Utah plate 6-Mary-Ocean-1-7-Adam.
I can't believe we're hunting Jeremy Hawke.
Man bleeds LAPD.
I was first on scene when the guy was taking .
223 rounds using the curb for cover.
Hawke? It's Tim.
We're gonna get to the bottom of this.
Come out.
Let's talk.
No Hawke here.
We met back at the motel, though.
Did he do something wrong? Was he ever inside your vehicle? Nope.
He really is running.
He knew we'd track his cell, so he planted it on someone going anywhere he's not.
He's thinking like a criminal.
Worse like a criminal cop.
He knows how we do things and what we expect, so he's always a step ahead.
I can't believe Hawke is a fugitive.
You ever arrest a cop before? Yeah, first year as a P2.
Officer Numsky.
Lifted a brick of coke from a crime scene.
Sobbed like a baby when I put the cuffs on him.
Did you feel bad, you know, - hooking a fellow officer up? - No.
Having a badge means you're held to a higher standard, not a lower one.
You had Hawke at the Academy, right? Yeah, and between you and me, he was a lousy instructor.
All he did was talk about his glory days and give us questionable advice that pretty much boiled down to "be a badass.
" Let's end this situation.
- Here they come now.
- Mr.
Campbell? I'm Officer Lopez.
This is Officer West.
We understand that you were a victim of a shooting.
You want to tell us what happened? Yeah, the neighborhood's full of gangs, and you people, you ain't gonna do nothing about it.
That's what happened.
Sir, if we could just hear from your son.
Nurse said detectives handle stuff like this.
We come out first to assess.
It was a drive-by.
Car came right at me.
I got hit.
They took off.
- Just one shot? - I think so.
It I mean, it all happened so fast.
And where did the shooting take place? It took place in front of the house.
That's where it took place at.
That's what happens when you hang around the wrong people.
- I keep tell - Are you saying you know who did this? No, I'm saying he need to listen to his father.
- That's what I'm saying.
- Sir, I understand your anger, but we need to finish questioning your son.
I'd like to be able to do that with you in the room, but I can have Officer West take you into the hall.
Will that be necessary? - No.
- Good.
Can we see your injury, please? Just feel like I could've done more.
Like what, fix Hawke's marriage? No, just made him come with me, talk some sense into him.
It wouldn't have made a difference.
The guy's clearly been on edge for a while.
Last night, he fell off.
You know it would've saved everyone a lot of grief if you'd have hooked Hawke up back at the motel? That's not helpful, Sanford.
We just have a few questions to ask.
You'll be back on the street before you know it.
Who do you want to talk to first? Who do you think? I hate this guy.
Hey, get it to go.
Have a seat.
You need anything, some coffee? No, thanks.
Am I in trouble here? - No.
- Maybe.
Well, that clears it up.
How well do you know Jeremy Hawke? He was my TAC instructor at the Academy.
We became friends.
Went out for beers a few times.
I hadn't seen him in about a month.
- Till last night.
- Right.
He tell you he was gonna scare the wife and assault the boyfriend? Of course not.
No, he was He was drunk.
Um I tried to convince him to come crash on my couch.
He insisted on going back to his motel.
I thought he was just having a bad night.
A bad night? His career was going nowhere, his marriage was over, and he was drinking too much.
That doesn't sound like a bad night.
That sounds like a desperate man.
Yes, well, I see that now.
I wish I had last night.
Is that why you let him escape? - He was feeling guilty.
- I Look, um, Bishop and I went to pick him up.
He ran, end of story.
Do you have any idea where Hawke might go? No.
Would you tell us if you knew? Yes.
- You okay? - Yeah, but they better hope I don't get them for Secret Santa.
Don't sweat it.
You did everything right.
I'll tell them that.
Megan? Uh, John Nolan.
I met you at Hawke's birthday party.
Yes, of course.
Hawke, uh, talked about you a lot, actually.
He said you were an inspiration.
Oh, kind of "worst kid on the team" "finally gets a chance to play" kind of inspiration? No, because you did it.
You changed your life.
I mean, Jeremy talked about leaving the department, but deep down, he knew that he needed to be a legend.
I mean, my uncle offered him a job last year.
Great money selling security gear, but then Jeremy wouldn't be "The Hawke" anymore, and, you know, he didn't know who he was without that.
We're gonna bring him back safe and sound.
I doubt that.
If I learned anything about Hawke in 15 years of marriage, it's that he's too stubborn to ever say he's sorry and too proud to ever give up.
How am I supposed to tell my son about this? He idolizes his dad.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I've sent a unit to pick up your son.
If you need anything, just ask.
Just a moment.
Did you speak to Paige and Motta? Yeah, Bishop's in there with them right now.
When she's done, you get back out there.
Find this guy.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't let the detectives get under your skin.
Do they really think I let him escape? Not after I was done with them.
7-Adam-15, respond to an ATM hit for suspect Hawke near your location 9455 Lankershim.
He picked that ATM for a reason.
There's three freeways near here.
He could be on any one of them and in the wind in less than a minute, so which one do we pick? None of them.
He's trying to trick us.
Make a right here.
He won't take the freeway.
He knows police tactics.
He knows we'll set up on it so we can catch him.
He'll use surface streets.
There he is.
I'm gonna start calling you Yoda.
No, you're not.
Light him up.
7-Adam-15, in pursuit of suspect Hawke heading east on L.
Hang on.
- Is that a grenade? - Smoke grenade.
Where is he? Where did he go? Did we lose him? There, right there.
7-Adam-15, we've got him eastbound Morrison approaching Riverdale.
He's not yielding.
He's speeding.
Speed's climbing.
Northbound now.
He's burning lights.
Two near misses.
We have to end this.
Hawke is gonna get somebody killed.
He could roll if they PIT him at this speed.
Yeah, we have to risk it.
You tell them to find the right spot and do it.
PIT Hawke's car.
I'm giving you permission.
It's top-heavy.
It could flip.
Hit it hard and get out of the way.
Got it.
Oh, no.
7-Adam-15, negative on any PIT.
Hawke's son is on board.
How did this happen? How does he take my son? He went straight to the school after he fled the motel.
Listen to me.
I am telling you, I'm gonna get your son back.
I promise.
Hawke was terrified that I would get full custody.
As messed up as you think my husband is, he loves our son.
He will not give him up willingly.
- I think they're both lying.
- Tell me why.
Okay, he said the head wound was back to front, but the car drove at him, so the wound should be front to back.
What else? See the stippling around the wound? That suggests that the gunshot was at close range, not shot from car.
You minor in forensics in college? Nope, just looked at a bunch of crime-scene pics with my dad.
So, what are we gonna now? We're supposed to call detectives and stand by to stand by.
But we're not gonna do that? I don't like being lied to.
- I hear that.
- Let's jack 'em up.
7-Adam-19, we are on intercept course with Hawke's truck, three blocks out and closing.
Is this safe with Hawke's kid in the car? Hawke thinks we've fallen back into tracking mode.
He doesn't know we blocked the streets, turned the lights green to funnel him towards us.
He won't see the roadblock coming.
To him, it looks like we've fallen back.
Yeah, but won't all the green lights look suspicious? He won't notice.
"What appears to be nothing," remember? You're DEAR method incarnate.
You've got a tactic for any situation, don't you? Maybe.
What if you get robbed at gunpoint? Easy, deception.
I carry an empty wallet.
If I ever got robbed, I'd drop my fake, pull my piece, and good night, nurse.
So, where do you keep your cards and money? Money clip behind my belt.
Okay, you're officially weird.
Get ready.
It's going down.
7-Adam-19, about to intercept.
- Make sure you block him in.
- 7-Adam-15, copy.
He just did a hard left turn.
It's like he knows what we're gonna do.
The SOB must still have his radio.
Hawke, I know you can hear me.
You need to pull over right now.
Hawke? I'm not good at calling it quits, Nolan.
You know that.
A lot of boys at Pelican Bay can attest to that.
So, what, you gonna join them? That is never gonna happen.
What's your end game here, Hawke? You just gonna escape the pursuit and live happily ever after? Didn't you learn anything in class, Nolan? This is a tactical situation, not a strategic one.
Long term isn't about the conversation.
The initial obstacle is the pursuit.
Once I lose that, just focus on the next step.
What about Logan? Are you prepared for something to happen to him? - Leave my son out of this.
- Don't use me against my dad! He said you'd try that and that you'd lie about everything.
But it won't work.
We're in this together.
Whatever happens to him, happens to me.
I'm not lying, Logan.
Your father is.
He's lost control.
You're done.
Logan? - Hawke? - He's done talking.
What's the latest? Hawke avoided the spike strips.
He's committed to running.
And his kid's a willing participant.
What do you want us to do? Brass wants us to proceed with caution now that it's all over the news.
The more time we give Hawke, the more chance he'll have to figure out a way to escape.
Can't risk that, not with his kid in jeopardy.
First chance we get to end this, take it.
Campbell, do you have a minute? Shouldn't you be out there chasing that guy? I thought you wanted us here investigating who shot your son.
You said that was the detectives' job.
They're a little busy, so they asked us to stay here and dig a little deeper.
That's not a problem, is it? - No.
- Good.
Earlier, you acted like you knew who shot your son said he was hanging out with the wrong people.
Who were you talking about? No one.
It was just in general, you know.
No, I don't know.
He's been acting differently for the last year or so talking back, not listening.
He's He's a teenager.
Are you saying he's to blame for getting shot? That's not what I said.
Don't put words in my mouth.
I don't have a clue who shot him, okay? End of story.
Is it just you and your dad? Yeah.
My mom took off when I was little.
That's tough.
Especially with a dad like yours.
What's that supposed to mean? Let's just say that I, uh I know a thing or two about parental expectations.
Yeah, my father was always pushing me to be better, to work harder, take everything he said as gospel.
It can be a lot, especially if you disappoint him.
It was a drive-by.
No it wasn't.
The gun was close when it went off.
Your ear on that side is probably still ringing.
Look, let me help you.
It was a drive-by.
Why's he going this way? What's his plan? We were just trying to figure that out.
How would you get away? Job number one would be to lose air support.
No way to escape the eye in the sky.
What about you? Go somewhere packed with people.
Overwhelm our resources.
Switch cars.
Does every cop have an escape plan? Most.
Hawke and I worked a car one summer.
We were a two-man wrecking crew.
Took down some heavy hitters.
We talked about how we'd run from the cops because it made us better hunters.
Covered parking, tons of people.
- He's going to the mall.
- We need to get him now.
Suspect headed for the Fair Street Mall.
Need additional units.
Code 3.
Hawke! Don't do it.
Out of the way, move! - Back! - Move! - Out of the way.
- Back! Get back! Don't do this! Hawke! I'll go get a key from the security guard.
Don't do this, Hawke.
This has escalated way out of your control.
- You know that.
- Yeah, well, that's what happens - when they push a man too far.
- "They"? - Yeah, they.
- They? Who's they? They didn't do anything.
You You got drunk and you went to your wife's house and assaulted her boyfriend, and then you ran away.
- There's nothing honorable in that.
- You go.
You go.
- Your dad's right behind you, buddy.
- No, no, no.
Let him stay.
Logan, you stay.
He has the right to know what you're running away from, what he's risking his life to protect.
God, your son idolizes you.
You are letting him down.
You told me you teach by example.
Tell me what you're teaching him right now.
- Teaching him? - Yes.
My wife wants sole custody of my son.
I went there.
I'm the one who tried to reason, and she's in there with a naked man in my slippers, in my bed? Huh? What the hell am I supposed to do with that? - Deal with it.
- Deal with it? - Like a grown-up.
- Dad, we got to go.
Listen, Hawke.
You will never forgive yourself if anything happens to him.
It's time to be a father and do the right thing.
I'm a You know what? It's right.
He's right.
He's right, son.
This is where the end of the road is, right here.
- We're done.
- No, Dad, I don't care what you did.
I'm going with you.
You said we were in this together.
You know what? But you You're just gonna slow me down.
- Dad! - I'm sorry.
I love you.
Dad, are you kidding me? Dad, stop! Dad! Dad! Dad! Form a perimeter! He must've blocked it with something.
- Where does this door lead? - Interior hallway.
From there you can go anywhere in the mall, places the public can't access.
You made him leave me behind.
He was safer with me.
Logan's safe.
We got him away from Hawke.
Thank God.
Officers are bringing him back now.
He's not hurt but he's angry.
Your husband lied about what was happening.
So Hawke blames me.
I think he blames everybody except himself.
You've done nothing wrong.
You have a right to be happy, to be in a healthy relationship, to not live in fear of saying something or doing something that could set him off.
Sounds like hard-won knowledge.
My ex wasn't exactly Hawke, but he wasn't healthy, either.
Where's my husband now? He's still on the loose.
But we're gonna get him.
Make sure it's secure.
Time element since we had a visual? - Four minutes.
- Perimeter? Thin, but we have units moving in at every exit.
We'll have full containment in a few minutes.
If I were him, I'd head back to the parking garage and just steal a car, get lost in the stream heading out.
I'd change clothes, pull the fire alarm, blend in with the fleeing crowd.
Sewer system.
That's the way to go.
Dogs can't track him, good current, be in Chinatown in 15 minutes.
All units, be advised, man with a gun at Lowington Financial.
Code 3.
That's six blocks from here.
- Description of the gunman? - No, sir.
911 call cut off before we could get more information.
That's how I'd do it.
Call in a false report.
Pulls manpower away, divides our resources, it frees up an exit.
That call's not real.
That's Hawke.
And if it's not? If the call's real and we don't divert units over immediately, what happens then? What did you do? Man, get the hell out of here.
No, I have every right to be here.
- You can't stop me from seeing him.
- You're the reason he's like this.
- Hey! Hey! - Hey, man, get out of here.
Enough! Hey! Stop! Police! No, Everett, don't! Who the hell is he?! He's my boyfriend! Breathe.
7-Adam-14, 7-Adam-25, respond to active shooter at Lowington Financial.
It's over, Hawke.
You know the drill.
Slide the gun over here.
Get on the ground.
That's not gonna happen.
You already made a mistake.
There's no clear line of fire in here.
You want to shoot me? You could shoot him, but I'll tell you something.
That Ah, ah, ah.
That doesn't concern me.
Easy, Boot.
He's not gonna shoot you.
He's trying suicide by cop.
How many times did we run this scenario in the Academy? What do you always say about guys who go down like this? That they're cowards.
That's how cops are gonna talk about you.
You want me to go down without a fight? Huh? Nobody's saying that.
I was.
Oh! Oh, this this is this is gonna be good.
Huh? Oh, this is gonna be good, gentlemen.
Not really a fair fight, but it's gonna be good because I trained both of you, one in the field, one in the classroom, and I know your strengths, and I know your weaknesses.
Where's your bladed stance, huh? - Always come in with your head.
- Hey! Aah! You were supposed to arrest him, not get in a brawl.
We had him.
How's Everett? He's heading to jail.
You know, it's interesting you asked about him first, not your dad.
How is he? Out of surgery.
He'll pull through.
You know, we, um we had his hands tested for gunshot residue while he was under.
Found trace amounts.
We found a lot more on you.
See, at first, I, uh, thought you might've tried to attempt suicide.
Your dad was on you so much about being gay that you couldn't take it anymore.
He tried to stop you, and you ended up in here.
That's not what happened, is it? It was a drive-by.
I have a new theory.
See, I think that you snapped.
With all his bullying and derision, I think that you tried to kill him.
You struggled for the gun, and it went off, and you got hit.
You can't prove any of that.
That's not my job.
Detectives will be here shortly.
You know what? Maybe you'll walk away, maybe you won't.
Either way, you need to understand that his actions don't excuse yours.
You could've asked for help or left home.
You know, instead, you might've just destroyed three lives.
See, that's what happens when you choose a permanent solution for a temporary problem.
Look we can't choose our fathers but we can choose how we let them shape us.
Maybe buy two next time.
Oh, one second.
Hey, uh, are you headed home? Uh, yeah, were you coming to see me? No, I'm Well, yeah.
Um I-I-I just wanted to check and make sure you were okay after everything that happened.
You're thinking I may be feeling a little responsible for rejecting Hawke's application - to get back out on the street.
- Yeah.
I don't.
Look, what Hawke needed wasn't here.
It's easy to let this job define you.
It's a lot more difficult to make it only part of your life.
I'll remember that.
You have a good night.
Hawke admired you for reinventing yourself.
Thing he didn't understand is how much work you had to put into it.
The fact that you did it at the lowest point in your life it's something to be proud of.
Thank you.
Does that mean I'm off probation? Get out of here.
Good night.
It's for you.
Thanks, Charlie.
Yeah, Bradford.
Never tell a crook where you hide your money.
- Lucy? - You told me to think like a criminal, so after you got your ass kicked, I grabbed your money clip.
I wonder how you're gonna pay for your bill.
You are in so much trouble.
You know what? Maybe you could wash the dishes.
But you might want to glove up.
Good night.
How's my credit here?