The Rookie (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

La Fiera

1 Previously on "The Rookie" So Officer Stanton will be taking over the training of Officer West.
Someone broke into your home? So, who are you claiming these days, D? He did something that really bothered me.
The way he treated this one family.
Black family.
It's my job to teach you the right way to think on the street.
I hear he's a solid cop.
Learn what's useful and ignore the rest.
Officer Nolan, you will be held over the FTO program, for an additional month.
- Why didn't you tell me? - Why do you think? Congratulations, Detective.
If I show up pregnant on day one, that's all they'll ever see me as.
Hey! Mom! Actually, I'm so sorry.
I'm just running out the door.
Oh, you're always busy.
You haven't been home in over a year.
Uh, yes.
Well, rookies still don't get vacation time, Mom.
You know this.
How about I come for a visit? Huh? Uh, well, that would be Lovely, Mother.
I really don't think I have the time.
Danny had an affair with his ex, so I dumped him.
- I need emotional support.
- Emotional support.
Mom, I am so sorry.
He just proposed to you, though.
I sent flowers.
They're getting delivered today.
Oh, that's so thoughtful of you.
But I should have known this was not gonna last.
I told him I wanted three carats, and apparently I'm only worth one and a quarter.
- Uh - A quarter! Mother.
You're supposed to give the ring back when you break up.
Nonsense! It's damages.
Compensation for pain and suffering.
Now, weren't you in trouble recently? 'Cause Cousin Carol sent me an article from Facebook or som I did not read it.
Your concern is touching.
Um, it's Everything's okay.
I am back on track.
At least I think I am.
But to that end, I really I can't be late, so I'm Okay.
Go, go, go.
- I'll settle myself in.
- Okay.
U-Uh, actually, that's my bedroom.
And I'm sure you want your mama to have it.
Wanna crash on our couch? No.
I ju She's such an emotional vampire, and I've got that 30-day extension hanging over my head.
I cannot afford to lose focus right now.
On your six! Oh! If I'd have been a banger, you'd be dead.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm not fond of him.
Join the club.
I hate training with the public.
I feel like we're sharing trade secrets.
Is it possible Tim Bradford is having performance anxiety? There are pills for that, you know.
Look, I've come in second behind Lopez the last four years.
Now that Annie Oakley's with the detectives, I got the patrol crown in the bag.
Oh, there's only one problem with that.
Firearm requalification day.
And yes, I said "day," because even though the department allows a month for you to requalify, I expect every officer here to leave with a passing score.
As police officers, we can never lose sight of the power we carry on our hip.
There are only three circumstances where an officer should discharge his or her weapon.
What are they? Rookies? To defend their own life.
To defend another person's life.
To prevent the escape of an individual who's committed a felony involving the use or threat of deadly force and poses an imminent danger to the public if he or she were allowed to escape.
Very good.
I'm Officer Dixon, your range master.
Each target has two sides the civilian and the suspect.
When you see the suspect, you have three seconds to get shots off.
If you fire on the civilian side, it is an automatic fail.
You have 36 shots, two magazine changes.
30 hits is a pass, 29 a fail.
Almost made somebody an orphan.
Rookies, you're up.
Care to make it interesting? 20 bucks if your boot makes it out on top? - I'll take that bet.
- Me too.
Officers ready? Begin.
Officer Nolan! So, finishing first with the most hits, fastest time, and tightest grouping Officer Chen.
You are the new Mid-Wilshire champ.
Thank you! Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Uh, Bradford, Harper, you both tied for second.
I don't know what I hate more tying for second with you or losing to a rookie.
And in last place, my only fail in three years - Uh, sir, when - Officer Nolan, if I hear one more word about a guy in scuba gear If you don't pass requalification within 30 days, you will be put on desk duty and be given remedial firearm training.
Is that really the way you want to end your rookie experience? No, sir.
Then I suggest you put in some range time before your next test.
See you all back at the station.
Hey, I need you to sign this.
- Tamara.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Can you sign the title to the car? Cops keep eyeballing it, and they're not gonna believe you gave it to me.
You know, you still haven't confirmed our Tuesday-morning appointment with the social worker.
We need to find you a real place to live.
I'll be there.
I promise.
Oh, hey.
- I was a psychology major.
- Cool, but it's just a class that I have to take.
Well, you might want to pay a little extra attention to it.
I found that it really helped me understand what motivates people.
So does living on the street.
Fair enough.
The car is officially yours.
- Drive safe.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
- How's the puppy? - She's doing really great.
Oh, she told me to tell you, uh, better luck next time at the range.
- Get changed.
- Yes, sir.
7-Adam-07, attach to event 1426 to assist Homicide on their 187.
Did you take a look at that gang book I gave you? Yes, sir.
It's very informative.
But I don't want to get to a place where all I see is gangs.
Who's telling you to do that? - What's the deal? - Homicide.
And, guys, I gotta run to court.
Detective's en route.
Yeah, no problem.
We'll take over.
Give me some quality teaching time with the boot.
Ooh-ee! A cholo piñata.
Definitely a gangbanger.
Looks like he got dressed using the thug life handbook.
What do the tats tell us? Spider web shows us that he was caught up in the life.
And the three dots by his eye? Stands for "mi vida loca.
" That and the clock tattoo shows us that he's done time, and based on the yellow belt and the bandanna, he probably banged with Malos Dorados.
Officer West, I taught you well.
Sorry for making you wait.
Nah, that's a first.
Didn't know detectives knew the word "sorry.
" Well, it wasn't too long ago I was the one babysitting the crime scene.
So, what do we got? Hispanic male, tortured, shot execution-style.
Probably killed by another gangbanger whose body we'll find in an alley next week.
Classic case of No Victims Involved, if you ask me.
Well, I didn't.
Go start a canvass.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Mm-hmm.
Don't let that guy turn you into a hater.
It's easy to judge, but this was someone's kid.
I just really miss riding with you.
Everything okay? Yeah.
- You? - Yeah.
Mid-Wilshire shooting champ! I like the sound of that.
Do I get a trophy? - I love trophies.
- Relax.
You had a few good shots.
Come on! I rocked it! Don't be salty just because you got second place.
Plus, you won 40 bucks.
I should get a cut of that.
Not happening.
But as your T.
, your successes are my successes.
So you should be thanking me for training you so well.
Isn't that your car? Yeah, it is.
And he's trying to steal it.
Sir, step away from the vehicle.
It's mine.
I just bought it.
But I can't get this stupid door to open.
What do you mean you just bought it? This girl she sold it to me for 4 grand.
$4,000?! It's worth at least $10,000! Okay, $8,000.
- Am I in trouble? - No, sir.
Sorry to bother you.
You You have to push all the way down before pulling up.
Hey! Thanks.
I should get a do-over.
I mean, a guy running around in a scuba suit and an air tank at a gun range? That's weird, right? Have you never been to a public range in L.
before? It's weird when someone is not cosplaying.
But you shouldn't have let it distract you.
- You had a gun in your hand.
- N I know.
It was just No, no, no, no! No excuses.
The streets are full of distractions.
You lose focus, someone gets killed.
I was really hoping I could impress Sergeant Grey today.
Well, you didn't.
"Momster"? I-I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I Sure.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mom.
What's up? I need directions downtown.
Well, didn't Henry download that driving app on your phone? Yes, but it has a very weird robot voice.
And I've got impatient son voice.
Use the driving app, Mom.
- I'm sorry.
That's - That's all right.
Look, when I first joined, my mom used to call all the time during shifts.
But Eventually, I just realized that that was her way of making sure I was okay.
That's very nice.
This is not that.
Help! Police! Help! Police! Police, help! There is a woman destroying my house! I ShareBnB the place, and when I came by to get my mail, I caught her like this.
- You can't make me leave.
- Okay.
W-We're just checking to make sure that everything is okay.
Clearly it's not.
Do something! Could you get her out of here, please? She's ruining Monica's birth experience.
Um, ma'am, technically, the young lady isn't doing anything illegal.
She's well within her temporary tenant rights to be here.
And giving birth really isn't a crime.
It is when it's on my white European goose downs! You need to get her out of here, please.
- Yep.
Ma'am, come with me.
- No.
This way.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
I'm okay.
- Okay.
I'm okay.
I don't like how high her blood pressure is.
Um, uh, Monica, my name is Nyla.
We need to get you to a hospital.
I don't want to have my baby at the hospital.
Not after what happened last time.
I don't want to have my baby at the hospital.
It's okay.
I will be with you the whole way.
Monica? I'm Dr.
You brought her in? Yes, sir.
She passed out earlier, but she came to in the ambulance.
Who's her OB? I'm not using one.
I have a doula.
Well, that's not very smart.
No, it's just that I had a really bad experience with my first.
The The cord got twisted, and the doctor he wouldn't even check to see Would you please calm down? Your blood pressure's sky high, and getting hysterical just makes things worse.
Hey, Doc! This is your patient.
Don't talk down to her.
Just listen.
Can you calm your partner down? She's not my partner.
She's my boss.
And she is firing you.
We would like a new doctor, please.
I'm the head of obstetrics, and this is not a police matter.
I want a new doctor.
Page me when she comes to her senses.
I can't do this fighting with doctors again.
T-They don't want to listen.
They just don't want to listen.
We will make them listen.
You got it? Okay? Me and you.
Who's the doctor she wants? Sorry I'm running late.
Just think Once you retire, no more schedules, no more Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just keep it down about those retirement talks.
I haven't told anyone yet.
You having second thoughts? No.
As soon as I send this rookie class on their way, - I am all yours.
- Oh.
Well, I like the sound of that.
You like that? Alright.
But I-I was hoping that we could look at these together at lunch.
"Taking Off the Badge: Retirement Strategies for Law Enforcement.
" Don't laugh.
We both know the statistics.
Most cops die within seven years of retirement.
That's not gonna happen.
I know it's not, because I'm not gonna let it.
Luna, how are you? I'm good, Detective Lopez.
How you liking the promotion? Love it.
Hey, Sarge, I'm working a weird homicide.
pulled out silicone-coated, armor-piercing slugs out of my vic.
Armor-piercing? Damn.
- Who'd he piss off? - I don't know.
But the guy had ties to Malos Dorados.
You have a C.
in still with them? Felix Minosa.
But I passed him over to Wysocki when I became watch commander.
- He'll hook you up.
- Thanks.
- Nice seeing you, Luna.
- You too.
You're gonna have to tell them soon, Wade.
They love you around here.
They're gonna want a chance to say goodbye.
I still can't believe how that doctor talked to her.
Oh, there's plenty more where he came from.
Sounds like you're talking from experience.
Well, after Lila was born, I-I-I knew something was wrong, but the doctor just said I was being dramatic.
But honestly, if it wasn't for that nurse I-I will never forget the look on Donovan's face when I was being wheeled into surgery.
He was holding Lila, and she was just so small and and fragile, and I just I thought I'd never see them again.
I'm sorry.
You deserved better than that.
I did.
- Uh, excuse me.
- Yes? - Are you Dr.
Peterson? - Yes.
We have a woman who is in labor, and she's showing signs of pre-eclampsia.
I'm sorry.
I already have a patient in labor.
Now you have two.
Kang is the doctor on call.
Would you let Dr.
Kang deliver your baby? He's my boss.
- What room is she in? - She's in 309.
I will introduce you to her.
Uh, sorry.
Mom, this isn't a good time.
John, help! Get away from me! Mom, what's going on? Who are you speaking to? I said get away! Mom? Something's wrong at my house.
My mom's in trouble.
Take the shop.
Radio for backup.
What's going on? Is my mom okay? She's a feisty one.
Knows more curse words than my old drill instructor.
Uh, who the hell are you? I'm Danny Hill.
I'm your mom's fiancé.
Ex-fiancé! You cheater! I'm not a cheater.
- Evelyn! - Liar! I had coffee with Pamela to tell her about our engagement.
We were married 30 years.
It was the decent thing to do.
I don't believe you.
I don't believe anything you say.
Will you please leave? Okay.
Can I just, um, get the ring back? I don't have it.
Mom, you showed it to me this morning.
I know, but it it it was so big it kept slipping off my finger.
Maybe it's around here somewhere.
Mom, just give him back the ring.
I don't have it.
Is that why you went downtown today, so you could sell it in the diamond district? - Of course not.
- Mom.
You barely had that 48 hours.
You never actually intended to marry me, did you? You scammed me for the ring! Oh, you gold-digging Yeah, d Still my mom.
I want to file a police report.
Good luck with that.
That is your right, sir.
W-What? Why are you taking his side? I'm not.
This is not a costume.
I am a police officer.
Filing a report is his right.
Betrayed By my own son.
I'm beginning to think I dodged a bullet.
You gotta be kidding me.
Bad puppy.
You sold my car to buy new clothes? And earrings.
It's my car.
You gave it to me.
To sleep in, not to sell.
Do you have any idea, what it's like to go to school every day with greasy hair and dirty clothes? So yeah, I sold your janky-ass ticket magnet and bought a few nice things.
I just want to feel normal for once.
So where's the rest of the money? It's in my college fund.
Look, why didn't you say something earlier? You came by this morning.
You clearly already had a buyer.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
You would have just said no.
Where are you staying? - With my cousin.
- Is it safe? Well hell! All units B.
211 armed just occurred.
Suspect is male, Black, 6-foot, black pants, blue hoodie.
Weapon a handgun.
Come on.
Let's get to work.
There's our guy.
I don't think so.
I mean, the hoodie's green, not blue.
The suspect is 6 feet.
That guy's too short.
'Cause some scared RP with a gun in their face is gonna tell the difference between green and blue? 6 feet and 5'6"? Come on.
Control, 7-Adam-07, 8th and Bronson, got a possible 211 suspect.
Code 6.
Here we go.
Show me your hands.
I said show me your hands now! - What the hell?! - Roll over! I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything! Roll over, dumbass! On your belly! Ow! I live right here! - Hands behind your back.
- Why are you cuffing me?! - Ow! - For your safety and ours.
My Your My safety?! Aah! You're hurting me! Look, sir Please.
It's gonna be okay.
We just have to check you out.
Check me out?! I live right here! - Okay.
- What are you doing?! - That's my son! - Ma'am.
- Mama, I didn't - It's gonna be okay.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Hey! Back up! - I didn't do nothing.
- Let my baby go! Get off of me! Lady, I will knock your ass out! - Get your hands off my wife! - Are you crazy?! Control, 7-Adam-07, I got a house emptying out on me.
- Son, it's okay.
- Send backup.
- Let him go! - It's all right, son.
- Everybody on the ground! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Control, 7-Adam-07, we need a supervisor out here.
Code 3.
Everybody, just stay where you are.
Just Just give us a minute to explain.
Everybody on the ground! Now! I know.
I know, baby.
It's okay.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Baby, you're okay.
Everyone down on the ground! - Let him go! - What do you need? Help Jackson hook these idiots up.
We're arresting the whole family? What the hell did I just say? Wait.
Even the grandmother? Are you serious? Alright.
West, Chen, you stay here.
Stanton, come here.
Let's go sort this out.
Hey, I'm recording this.
I see you.
It's always the same with you guys.
Get those cuffs off my boy! We can't, ma'am.
Not yet, anyways.
It's protocol.
I'm sorry.
Not as sorry as this fake-ass brother.
Uncle Tom sellout.
We spotted the 211 suspect, ordered him to stop.
H-Hold up.
Hold up.
They They just pinched that guy half a mile from here two minutes ago.
You didn't hear that on the radio? I'm arresting all of them.
Attempted assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, criminal threats.
What are you doing here? There are cameras all around.
You nabbed an innocent man.
The D.
won't file.
These people don't respect authority.
You grabbed the wrong guy.
You're senior officer.
It's your call.
Control, 7-Adam-19, Code 4.
Shut down Code 3 units and cancel the supervisor.
Jackson, come here.
Uncuff that gentleman with an apology.
Talk to the family.
Explain the situation.
See if you can dust them off, okay? - Okay.
- I'll join you in a minute.
And now you're gonna kiss their ass? It's called the least we can do.
It's not right.
That's not right.
- He should lock him up.
- Finally.
Uh, sir, I am I'm truly sorry for the, uh, confusion.
Confusion? You just cuffed my grandbaby and pointed guns at my entire family.
And we're very sorry, ma'am.
Look, ma'am, we were looking for a suspect that fit the description of your grandson.
- Oh! - Yeah.
Young and Black.
- We need to speak to your sergeant.
- Of course.
Ma'am, here's my business card in case you want to file a complaint.
You bet your ass we do.
- Hey.
- It's a girl.
Mother and daughter are doing just fine.
That's great.
What happened with your mom? Oh, it's just a hot mess, which is normal.
Fiancé flew in to win her back.
She'd already hocked the engagement ring, so he filed a police report, with me, which I'll hear about.
I just wish I could say this was new behavior, but she's been pulling this love-'em-and-leave-'em stuff since my dad split.
Well, not like I'm trying to defend her or anything, but a single mom raising a kid alone in the '60s '80s.
Late '70s, early '80s.
Women couldn't even get their own credit cards back then.
I mean, society was designed to make them depend on men.
So maybe that made your mom a little Mercenary.
Your old C.
came through.
What did Felix tell you? That my murder victim was recruited to be local muscle for a Guatemalan cartel, specifically for La Fiera.
La Fiera? It's a woman? Her real name's Sandra de la Cruz.
She's a big-time drug runner from Guatemala.
Legend goes that when she was only 15, she was walking home from the hospital with her newborn son when she got caught in the crossfire between two rival gangs.
To protect her baby, she picks up a semiautomatic off a dead narco and kills everyone.
The cartel was so impressed, they recruited her and named her La Fiera.
And you believe that? There's songs written about it, and a kick-ass telenovela.
So whether her origin story is true or not, La Fiera is very real and very dangerous.
And you think she's connected to your homicide? I don't know.
What are these? You're putting in your papers? When? I don't know.
Were you gonna say something? Like you share all your personal decisions? Eventually.
I'll tell everyone when I'm ready.
Yes, sir.
I'm happy for you.
I just It won't be the same without you.
Well, I'm either going to the range, or home to my mother.
So you're going to the range? 100%.
Maybe even a late dinner? You know, you could always ask her to get a hotel.
You know, you'd think that'd be the case.
You broke the first rule of being a cop - have your fellow officer's back.
- I did.
You questioned every move I made, all before the suspects were even in cuffs.
But what really pissed me off calling for a supervisor.
The whole city hears that and thinks we're in over our heads.
- We were in over our heads! - No.
You were.
Don't let it happen again.
Was he actually giving you a hard time about today? Yeah, it's whatever.
I just have to hold it down, for a few more weeks then I'll be free of him.
What happened? He jacked up the wrong suspect, then threatened the family.
A Black family, and it's not the first time.
You should tell Grey.
Or at least talk to Tim about it.
I did already.
Tim said that he heard Doug was "a solid cop" and I should "learn what's useful from him" "and ignore the rest.
" - He said that? - Yeah.
And look, as horrible as today was, technically, Stanton didn't break any laws.
Plus, he's an 11-year vet and I'm just a rookie.
No one's gonna listen to me.
We're listening.
And we're here if you ever want to talk about it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Hate to bother you.
I saw you on the range earlier.
I'm with the LAPD.
I just heard.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
My truck, not so much.
Any idea who the shooter is? No, not yet.
I did get a look at him, though.
He was at the firing range during our qualifications, wearing a full scuba suit.
Who's the investigating detective? Uh, actually, it looks like it's you.
Crime scene techs identified the shooter's ammunition silicone-covered, armor-piercing.
Same as my homicide.
And then the suspect got away in a white sedan, but I only got a partial plate.
Luckily, that was all we needed.
So, we've got five possibles.
Only one was a white sedan.
It's a rental out of Pico-Union.
- You get a name? - Yes.
They e-mailed us a copy of his driver's license.
Guillermo Sandoval.
That's him.
This is the guy.
He's definitely connected to my murder.
Victim worked for a Guatemalan cartel.
Any idea where this guy is now? Actually, yeah.
We got a hit off of his credit card that he used for the rent-a-car.
It's, uh, one of those no-tell motels on Ventura.
I'll call for a warrant.
I got him! Got him! Show me your hands.
Out here.
Nice and slow.
Out here.
On your knees.
Give me that.
Hands on your head.
He just sent a text.
Plan B.
" He's a cop.
At first, it didn't make sense to me how a cop with a good reputation could do this.
Then I did a little research.
You survived the massacre of Antiguo Leon.
Your village stood up to the cartel, and they were slaughtered.
Men, women, children Your children.
But this man that you tortured and killed had nothing to do with that.
He worked for the one who ordered it done.
La Fiera.
And you want revenge, but she's a hard one to catch.
Smart and very cautious.
Rumor is she only travels by yacht to avoid ambush.
So that explains the scuba gear.
You needed to practice shooting with all that equipment on.
Clearly, that was plan A.
But you sent someone a text ordering plan B.
So, what is that? You'll find out Soon enough.
Well, thanks for nothing.
My guy at the DEA didn't even know La Fiera was in town.
That's more than a little scary.
And it's so strange to think that if I hadn't been distracted by a guy in a scuba suit at a gun range, there would be a bloodbath on a yacht right now.
That was a good spot.
Not what you said yesterday.
But who's keeping score? - Clearly, you.
- Clearly.
I hope Grey is, too, though.
You think there's any way he would be so impressed by this, he might, you know, let me off the hook for that 30-day extension? Officer Nolan, why were you given an official letter of reprimand and extended in the FTO program? Because I ignored an LAPD regulation.
Among other things.
And do you feel that that was a fitting punishment, considering your violation? Yes.
And yet you want special treatment.
When we pinch someone breaking the law, they are punished.
If those rules apply to them, then they absolutely apply to us as well.
La Fiera's in town with her son for a college tour.
They're gonna kill her on campus.
So, now we have to protect a drug lord? Can't we just take an early lunch and let nature take its course? Any real questions? Anyone have a case on her? DEA? FBI? She's on everyone's radars, but there's no open warrants in the US.
So as far as we're concerned, she's clean.
Think she has private security? Definitely.
And they'll be packing.
Let's pray we get there before the trouble starts.
Mom, wait up.
Can you believe Stanton? "Can't we just let nature run its natural course?" Really? No comment? None at all? Look, he's not my favorite cop, either, especially after he handled that family.
You mean the way he terrorized them? Look, I've been around guys like Doug my entire career, military and police.
They're rough around the edges.
"Rough around the edges," "old school," "hard-charging.
" Come on, man.
Stanton is a racist.
You don't know that for sure.
Uh, yeah, actually, I do.
But you're right.
Let's just make excuses for him.
Phew! This place is something else.
A lot nicer than where I went.
Chico State.
Where'd you go? UCLA.
Too short for basketball.
So football? Come on.
You played, didn't you? Knew it.
What is that supposed to mean? I also had a 4.
4 GPA, and I was valedictorian of my class, if you were wondering how I got in.
I wasn't.
It's the perfect combo of hard work and fun.
All units.
Found them.
Lopez, Humanities building, east entrance.
This campus is mad lit.
What can I do for you, Detective? You may speak freely in front of my son.
I hide nothing from him.
There's a credible threat against your life.
I have officers ready to escort you to a safe location.
It's okay.
- Just as a precaution.
- La Fiera! Get down! Go! Run! Look out! Go! Go! Run! All units, I'm taking rifle rounds.
Humanities building, third floor.
Diamond formation when we get inside, got it? I'll provide cover fire.
Time to run like hell.
Ready? Three, two, one, go.
Who is it? Who's after me? I can't tell you that.
He's arrested, no? There'll be a record.
I'll find out anyway.
So why not just give me his name? 'Cause of what you might do to him.
I thought that you didn't hide anything from your son, La Fiera.
I like you.
A strong hermana.
But I am just a businesswoman.
Businesswomen don't have narcocorridos written about them.
People in my country, they like to tell stories, create legends.
That doesn't make them all true.
Lopez, 7-Adam-15.
Shots fired.
West stairwell.
Pursuing suspect towards roof.
Copy that.
It's killing you, eh? That you can't be out there in the action? - I'm protecting you.
- No.
You're protecting your criatura.
You're pregnant, no? I can tell.
Diego gave me awful heartburn, too.
- What? No.
- Hey, come on, hermana.
We're not sisters.
Do you know why they call me La Fiera? You were caught in a narco gunfight with baby Diego.
You grabbed a gun and laid everyone to waste.
Sounds more legend than truth.
That story is all truth.
We're survivors, Diego and me.
When it comes to your child, there is nothing you won't do, nothing you won't become to protect them.
You'll see.
Aah! Oh! Oh! Get down on the ground now! Ponte en el suelo! The State Department's satisfied with your statement.
- You can go.
- Ay, muchas gracias, Detective.
Diego, he likes this school.
So, who knows? Maybe we'll see you around.
Don't mistake the professionalism I showed you today for weakness.
Loving your son doesn't excuse you from the crimes you've committed.
You come back to L.
when there's a charge on your head, I'll put the cuffs on myself.
I would expect nothing less, hermana.
Officer West.
I'm on my way out.
Can this wait till the morning? Uh, no, sir.
This This can't.
Come on.
It's, um It's Officer Stanton.
He, um He's a bad cop, sir.
In what way? To be honest, every way.
Who he chooses to pull over, how he how he treats suspects of color, - the things he says.
- Give me specifics.
Saying that a crime has "no victims involved" just because the deceased was affiliated.
Look, a lot of cops feel that way.
It's an attitude I don't agree with, but it doesn't violate any rules.
I-It's not just that, sir.
Yesterday we felony-stopped a man who did not fit the suspect description.
He was outside of his own home.
I know about that.
I read the report.
Did you check the body cams? Beca Stanton wanted to arrest this guy's entire family, sir.
Last I checked, it's within cops' discretion to make arrests.
It was unwarranted, sir.
Look, Stanton escalated the entire situation to the point where it became dangerous for both us and that man's family.
Look, I Bradford, we're in the middle of something, so I-I think I know what it's about.
Look, whatever Officer West is telling you, I stand with him.
I'll put Stanton on the desk till we figure it out.
With all due respect, sir, that is not good enough.
Excuse me, son? You've been on the job for five minutes.
I've got 25 years.
You don't know what I had to put up with, what your father had to put up with to get this far.
You stand on our shoulders.
And yet the water is still above my head.
So tell me this, sir.
What were all your sacrifices for? Get the hell out of my office, West.
- Look, I know you're pissed.
- Why aren't you? I am.
It's just I've been making excuses for pricks like Stanton my entire life, figured there was no changing them, so I'd let it go, - and I gave them a pass.
- It wasn't a pass.
You gave them permission.
Silence is complicity, sir.
I get that now.
But Sarge is right.
Benching Stanton is the only recourse he has.
Well, it's not good enough.
Can you page Officer Chen? Tamara.
- Hey.
- Hey! Look.
I don't trust people who are nice to me.
Yeah, I get it.
Look, predators are everywhere, especially on the street.
Trust is something that needs to be earned, not bought, so How can I earn trust with you? Well, according to my psychology textbook, there are seven different ways to build trust in a relationship.
Mm-hmm, and if memory serves, I believe they boil down to doing what you say you're going to.
Um, I need a safe place to keep this at night.
It's the first computer I've ever owned.
I used to do all my schoolwork on the one at the library, but it's like a hundred years old.
And your cousin's is not a safe place? It's safe-adjacent.
I mean, I won't get attacked while I'm asleep, but this will get pawned in five seconds.
You can pick this up here every morning before school.
Uh, excuse me.
Could you leave this at the desk under Tamara Colins? Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Hey, have you ever been to the SCLA campus? I was there today, and it is beautiful.
- You should check it out.
- Yeah, right.
I can't afford that.
They have scholarships.
I could help you apply for one.
I don't know.
Well, why don't you grab your stuff, and we can talk about it over dinner? And then after that, I can drop you at your cousin's house and see if "safe-adjacent" is safe enough.
To come back home Hi.
Oh, she's beautiful.
Thanks for the gift.
On the table with the red bow.
Then who did? I'll call you back.
"Querida Angela.
" "In my country, we tie a red ribbon" "around a baby's wrist to ward off evil.
" "Thank you for protecting my child today.
" "Consider this a gift of protection for yours.
" "Con cariño, La Fiera.
" Don't worry.
I'm giving you exactly what you want.
I'm leaving.
If you were leaving You'd already be gone.
You're waiting.
Waiting for your audience to appear so you can put on another show.
You think that little of me? After everything I've done for you, - you hate me.
- Mom, I don't hate you.
I'm just so tired of playing the games.
Aren't you? Yes.
Well, then Maybe we could try not playing them and just be real with each other.
I don't know if you could handle the real me.
But I'll give it a shot.
How would you like me to make a little supper? - Unless you still want me to leave.
- Mom.
Supper would be great.
And the guest ro That's my Hey.
You were supposed to meet me outside 15 minutes ago.
I'm sorry.
My bad.
What happened? Wade.
Talk to me.
It's just Percy's son came to see me.
His T.
's a problem.
What kind of problem? You know what kind.
When I joined the department, I told myself, "Do whatever you need to do to survive," "get a promotion, then" "You can make some real change.
" And now you're about to retire.
And I haven't changed a damn thing.
Well What you gonna do about it?
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