The Rookie (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

Bad Blood

1 - Professor Ryan.
- Oh, Officer Nolan.
Little late for class, don't you think? My apologies for missing the exam.
I got, uh, stuck at work, last-minute call.
- Armed robbery.
- Is everyone alright? Yes, thank you, but about the exam, is there any way I could make that up? I made my policy clear on the first day - a missed test is a failed test.
- Yes.
You also said in your first lecture that, uh, "Strict law is often great injustice.
" Cicero.
Oh, okay.
Well, if you want an exception, you'll need to earn it.
Tell me what I have to do.
You have to answer one legal question.
Okay, that's easy.
Um A woman witnesses a stabbing in a nightclub.
She's pretty sure the assailant is Black, and that he has a scar, on his right arm.
She's sure that he has a scar on his right arm but not sure that he's African-American? Did I say African-American? - Right.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, there are over 400 club-goers, so it's going to take a while to interview them all.
And the longer you wait The more their memories will have a chance to degrade, and it would give the assailant a chance to destroy any evidence.
And if you do not find the culprit tonight, you probably never will.
So who do you round up to question? "A," all the Black men, "B," all the men, regardless of color, or, "C," everyone? Are there any more facts? This isn't really easy to answer based on what you've given me.
Well, this is not an easy class.
Get me the right answer by end of day tomorrow, and I will let you make up the exam.
Thank you.
I will.
"Hey, sorry to do this by text," "but it's just not working with us.
" Yeah.
What's going on? Well, I set up a-a lunch for you with the head of the Mayor's security detail.
There's a driver position opening.
Higher profile, better pay, and it'll get you to I.
Look, thank you, but, um I'm just not sure that's where I want to end up, you know? Well, I thought after the Doug Stanton situation, you'd be motivated to clean up the Department.
You want to be where you can do the most good, right? - Yeah, yeah, of course, but - Well, then it's settled.
- I can't believe him.
- I know.
Maneuvering me to I.
like I have no say in it.
No, not your dad.
Emmett breaking up with me by text? What is he, 14? He doesn't have the guts to do it in person? Most guys don't.
Look, just be happy he didn't ghost you.
Can we get to work now? Did Emmett talk to you about this? No.
Why would he? Because you're friends.
We don't talk feelings.
We drink and watch sports together.
That's guy for "friends.
" Well, straight guy for "friends.
" Look, you want my advice? Walk it off.
He's clearly not the right guy for you.
That is the same advice he would give me if I got hit by a pitch.
What is wrong with men? So much.
Look, I am really sorry to hear that.
But, I will pick up some Tequila and icecream on the way home and we can listen to my breakup playlist on repeat, and maybe throw a few little shady prank calls at Emmett.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Here you go, change of clothes, prenatal vitamins, antacid, anti-gas, ginger chews, and magnesium supplements.
I have never loved you more.
Have, uh, you heard anything from the kidnappers? Not since the last ransom demand.
But I'm waiting on DNA results from the crime scene.
Hopefully they come in before I get back to the Abassi house.
How's Judge Abassi holding up? As well as can be, I suppose, considering his son was abducted.
You've argued in front of him.
You know anyone who'd want revenge? Every criminal who ever stepped foot in his court.
Half the lawyers.
I'm gonna need more clothes.
DNA results? No, it's your mom, texting me again.
Yeah, sorry.
She wants to talk about the baby's trust fund.
Whatever the question is, my answer is yes.
This is, that has been well established, but Believe me, there are complications to having money.
Like always being able to pay the rent or buy food? Like having your child kidnapped for ransom.
Finally, my DNA results.
Um I gotta get changed.
You can, um, handle your mom, right? "Uh, yeah, Mom? You're breaking up.
I'm gonna have to call you back.
" Perfect.
Love you.
I love you, too.
I need a couple of unis on my kidnapping case.
Could you spare Harper and Nolan? Sure thing.
What do you need them for? I'm running down a lead.
I have a conflict of interest.
Something I should know about? - Not yet.
- Okay.
I'll call Harper and Nolan back in.
Actually, have them meet me at the Abassi house.
- Will do.
- Appreciate it.
Looking good, Officer West.
Don't I always, Detective Lopez? So, Officer West, I've decided who it is you'll be riding with today.
Who's the lucky officer? - Me.
- Sir? Considering your upcoming graduation from the FTO program, I thought it'd be a good idea if we talked about your future in the department.
Just had a similar conversation with my dad.
Did he enlist you to help steer me to I.
? No.
is not the right path for you.
But you know what is.
Yes, I do.
Now go set up our shop.
If you were to single out all the Black men for questioning, it wouldn't be, technically, profiling because the added element that they were all in the building, when the crime was committed makes it legally okay, right? I-It's a dark, crowded bar.
Are we sure the witness even saw a Black guy? No, the witness wasn't definitive.
So what's the answer? Well, you're going about this all wrong.
It's not about finding the right answer.
It's about finding the answer that she wants.
Or the one that she doesn't want.
Can't imagine she'd think me worthy of retesting if all I said was "Question all the Black men.
" Why? 'Cause she's Black? Well, yeah.
Right? What? She could just be testing you to see if you'd censor yourself with her to curry favor.
Let me bring you up to speed.
This is Austin Abassi, age 20, son of Judge William Abassi.
Three days ago, Austin was kidnapped from his apartment in Hollywood.
The kidnappers sent an untraceable e-mail demanding 100 grand in ransom.
On Thursday night, a backpack full of cash was left at the designated drop-off spot, but Austin wasn't returned.
Let me guess, they came up with the 100K so fast, - the kidnappers wanted more? - A million.
That's when the Judge finally called the police.
We processed the crime scene.
A female DNA sample was found on an empty beer bottle.
Did you get a match? She's not in our system, but a familial DNA test determined the sample comes from the offspring of someone we currently have behind bars.
Someone I can't interview because of a conflict of interest.
- Oscar? - You have got to be kidding me.
I'm guessing your conflict of interest is that he stabbed your fiancé.
Technically, my conflict is the desire to kill him for that.
- But you wouldn't really.
- I'm pregnant.
- Don't try me.
- O-Okay.
So, wait.
Oscar has a daughter? Not according to any official records.
In fact, I can't find any records of a relationship.
That doesn't surprise me.
Oscar's too much of a narcissist to keep a girlfriend.
What's going on? Did something happen? Judge Abassi, Mrs.
Abassi, this is Detective Harper and Officer Nolan.
They're going to be running down a lead regarding this man Oscar Hutchinson.
He's currently serving 40 years at Cal Correctional for multiple violent felonies.
Harper and Nolan will be going to the prison to question him.
Whatever resources you need, you'll have them.
Yes, and if there's a deal to be made, please, make it.
We need Austin back safely.
Well, the good news is, uh, with Oscar, there's always a deal to be made.
Sir, feel free to call us if his stereo gets that loud again.
Have you ever been dumped out of the blue before? Let me think.
One time, my wife left the house in the middle of the night, and I didn't see her again for two years.
Okay, I get it.
In the grand scheme of things, this isn't that bad.
I just wanna know why.
Can you please ask? Somebody tagged our shop? It can't be.
It's been almost a decade.
Since what? No, it's definitely him.
The color palette, the angle of the letters.
What is happening right now? Control to 7-Adam-19, I've got an on view felony five-ninety-four.
I'm setting the Command Post at Pico and La Brea.
Start me enough units for a six-block perimeter, a canvass team, a forensic team, air support, notify the Press Information Officer.
Oscar has to be behind this kidnapping somehow, right? No record of any female visitors, and none of his mail has ever referenced a daughter.
So either Oscar's been keeping her a secret from us - And why do that? - or he's unaware that she even exists.
Which presents a clear argument for nature over nurture as a predicate for criminal behavior.
If she's involved in the kidnapping at all and not just some kid who had a beer at Austin's apartment and went home before he got grabbed.
There are so many unknowns, and I, for one, am confident that Oscar's gonna answer all of them.
I'm kidding.
He's gonna be a giant pain in the ass.
It's my two favorite police officers.
As you can see, we've mostly cleaned up the place after the riot.
It's really hard to get brains out of cinder block.
I guess you'd know.
You don't get a lot of visitors, do you? I'm not sure what the point would be.
I'm not going out of here on my feet unless you come bearing a pardon.
- No such luck.
- Mm.
Then what are you doing here asking questions about visitors? DNA turned up at a crime scene that links directly to you.
But you have been in here, so What are the matches in the polymorphic markers? You learn a lot about DNA in my line of work.
6 out of 13.
That's a first-degree relative.
Since both my folks are dead, and I'm an only child I got a kid.
- What'd he do? - She is connected to a kidnapping.
Oh, way to go! You really had no idea you were a father? No.
- Wow.
- It's a lot to process.
Well, all this time, I had an organ donor on the outside.
I'm gonna really hit that prison hooch harder now.
I'm gonna need you to make a list, of every woman that could be the mother.
That's not gonna be that easy.
I don't like to brag, but I was quite popular back in the day.
On to the next lead.
Uh, uh, now, hold up, now.
Um, a drive around my old haunts might really jog the memory.
- Forget it.
- You gotta give to get, Detective.
You want help? I want a day pass.
You're gonna do it, because we both know, you wouldn't have driven all the way out here, if you had any other leads.
Road trip.
Judge Abassi must have friends in high places to get this approved so fast.
You know Oscar's gonna try to rabbit the first chance he gets, right? We're not gonna give him that chance.
They say fashion is cyclical.
Think this is coming back in? Yeah.
That's gonna take a few more cycles.
Hey, I'm happy to see they updated your look, with some modern jewelry Alright.
So, here's how this is gonna work.
You stop cooperating, it's back to prison.
You mislead us, it's back to prison.
You say a joke that I don't really think is funny, it's back to prison.
I'm sensing a pattern.
- You try to escape - "It's back to prison.
" Maybe by way of the emergency room.
That's not how we roll.
But Judge Abassi might not be as dispassionate.
And I bet he can get you transferred to a Super Max, just as easily as he got you out on furlough.
There's no reason to be like that.
We're a team.
So where's my stuff? All the names and numbers of my conquests are right on here.
You got a charger? When was the last time someone went through this? Can probably get a few bucks for this on eBay.
Keep looking.
- For Lila.
- Ah! This is the charger.
We can juice this baby up in the car while we're getting an early lunch.
It's cruel and unusual punishment to deprive a prisoner of nourishment.
Start moving.
Look, 3Eyez was active from 2006 to 2010.
Victims all over the city.
Just when I thought I got close to catching him, he stopped.
I thought maybe he died or got arrested on other charges.
I still check VICAP every three months to see if he pops up in another city.
Must've been a seriously hard-core guy, for you to obsess like that.
What was his main crime? This He's a tagger.
Cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In property damage.
It doesn't explain why you were so obsessed with Wait.
Hold on.
3Eyez tagged your shop? Back when you were a rookie? My T.
was chasing a suspect.
I was guarding a vehicle full of evidence.
A vehicle that was 10 feet away from your shop? It was right under your nose.
I was ordered to keep my eyes on the car.
I had just left the Army, where you follow orders to a "T.
" Oh, man, I could just imagine the relentless teasing.
Did they give you a nickname? Please say yes.
That's why you're so intent on catching this guy.
It's personal.
He's a criminal, and it's our job to stop him.
I mean, the statute of limitations on these crimes ran out years ago.
Even if we were to track him down for tagging our shop, it's a misdemeanor.
Is that really the best use of our time? I will get us a fresh shop.
Colleen, this is Oscar.
Hey, listen.
Is there any chance I knocked you up in the late '90s? Hello? Sasha.
- Baby, it's Oscar.
- You ever call me again, I'll come down there and rip your throat out! Okay.
I'm gonna take that one as a no.
- Hello? - Betty.
- I was just thinking about you - You know, I was just thinking of you, too.
Put it on speaker.
so much fun, we always tore it up, didn't we? We sure as hell did.
Um Is there any chance you and I had a kid together? No, but I'm down to try.
I still have a few eggs left in me.
Well, listen, they give me conjugal visits Okay! You know what? That's it.
Are you there? This is not a dating service.
If you are not helping, you are going back.
Baby, I'll call you back.
Look, if it's not Betty, it's probably Margaret.
She works at a diner, like I don't know 10 blocks or so from here.
Worth a shot, right? Fine.
I think you should teach at the Academy.
I mean, yeah, sure, when I'm Nolan's age.
They need you now.
The good you can do as a teacher is exponential.
I know it's not what you were picturing, but keep an open mind.
Once you hit P2, I can steer you to assignments that will help prepare you to teach.
Look, I'm obviously grateful - for your faith in me - Great.
I'll set up a lunch with a few instructors on Tuesday.
Um, I'm actually supposed to be meeting with the Mayor's team on Tuesday.
But I'm sure I could do both.
Control, 7-Adam-07, I have an on view five-ninety-four, tagging in progress, at South Rimpau and Olympic.
Aah! Sir, are you okay? Aah! I'm good! Go! Aah! Damn it! Officer down, South Rimpau and Olympic! Are you having a heart attack, sir? No! No, it's my back.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure! - Is he having a heart attack? - No! It's just my back.
- Where is the tagger? - He went left around the corner.
Stay here and call an ambulance.
- Okay.
- Aah! Look, don't move.
Sir, don't get up.
Son of a Questioning every man at the nightclub would be more palatable.
That's not racial profiling.
But it would take forever.
What I should do, is take a photo of everybody, holding their IDs as they leave the club.
That way, I can circle back.
Yeah, but that's not one of the options.
- I know.
- Whren vs.
US Supreme Court says you can profile as much as you want, as long as there's at least some pretense.
I don't think that's what they meant.
It is what they meant, I got my law degree online two years ago.
You know I'm licensed to practice in five states and the unincorporated territory of Guam? Okay.
What's your take on this? There's a stabbing at a nightclub.
The victim says she's pretty sure the suspect is Black, and he has a scar on his right arm.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
She's sure about the scar but only "pretty sure" that he's Black? - That's what I said.
- Something's off.
Obviously, she's creating a diversion while he's probably in the back, robbing the place.
That's what you get for asking a sociopath.
Mmm, I love the smell of a greasy spoon.
Sit wherever you want.
Oscar? I thought you were in prison for the next - 40 years.
- Early release.
- Good behavior.
- Seriously? No.
He's helping us with a case, and then he's going straight back.
You're no fun.
Can I have some pie? Did you and Oscar have a kid? God, no.
Oscar? I am sorry.
Do I know you? You lousy little Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am.
- What is all this about? You knock me up and disappear, and then I find out you're in jail for murder? Wait.
Ashley is Oscar's kid? You cheated on me with Cindy?! Hold on.
I think it's coming back to me.
- You son of a - Ladies, ladies! L-Ladies! Please, I appreciate how difficult this must be for you, but right now we need to speak with your daughter.
- Is she in trouble? - I hope not.
But the sooner we find her, the sooner this guy gets back behind bars.
Let me get a pen.
Sir, don't get up.
Officer Chen, remind me.
Which one of us gives the orders? - You do, sir.
- Yeah.
Dave? Oh, you work with Emmett, right? Yes and yes.
Did you lose consciousness at any point? - No.
- Any pain in your chest? No, I threw my back out.
It happens two times a year like clockwork.
Well, I still gotta take you in, make sure there's nothing else.
So, you're going out with Emmett, right? - Was.
- Oh.
Why the hell would he break up with you? You're gorgeous.
Uh, do I really need to be here for this? No, sir.
I, uh, finished canvassing.
No one got a good look at the tagger.
We're ready to transport him.
- You'll follow? - No, I have to wait for my T.
Officer West will take over from here.
Too bad.
Do you want to go out later? - Tonight? - God, yes.
Uh, Jackson will give you my number.
What are you doing? What? A girl can ask a guy out.
Yeah, a guy that works with your ex? - That is not why I did that.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh - No comment.
Boot, let's go.
Not a word about the shop.
- Give him my number.
- I see you.
So, you're my dad, huh? Mom told me you were a roadie for Matchbox 20.
Better than telling you I was serving 20.
It's more like 40.
How do you know Austin Abassi? Uh, we were dating a little.
When was the last time you saw him? I don't know.
A week ago, maybe two.
Is he okay? He's been kidnapped.
And you're lying to us.
- I-I'm not.
- Crime-scene techs found your DNA on a beer bottle in Austin's apartment.
That DNA wouldn't have survived a week.
You need to come clean.
Right now.
As Ashley's lawyer, I'm going to advise her, not to talk to you until we've conferred.
Okay, that's not gonna happen, because you're not a real lawyer, and even if you were, there are rules against family representing family.
Wrong I passed the bar.
And as far as that being rules, it's more like guidelines.
And even if they were rules, we're family by blood only.
You do not want him as your lawyer.
He's a nine-time loser.
If you tell them anything without first getting advice of counsel, you're guaranteed to do jail time.
He's my lawyer.
Could I have a moment alone with my client.
Please? So, you're in on it.
- Maybe.
- Come on, kid.
Sniffing out cons is on the family crest.
Austin's parents cut him off, so we figured, if he was kidnapped, his parents would have to pay up.
That's not the most original idea, but still, if you execute it properly, I guess Where is he now? A friend's apartment in Culver City.
I'm gonna see you through this.
But you have to insist that I'm with you every step of the way.
They're going to try and separate us.
You know, I Really can't picture you and Mom together.
You kidding me? She was the love of my life.
Officers? Yeah, what we have here is a victimless crime.
Austin was having a disagreement with his parents about money So he faked his own kidnapping? Not the most original idea.
And not victimless, either.
Austin's parents have been going through hell with worry.
Uh, they're loaded.
Not a million dollars loaded.
They have been frantically trying to pull money together.
Who said anything about a million? Austin sent an e-mail asking for 100K.
That was delivered yesterday.
And he didn't tell you.
That snake's trying to cut me out.
- I'm gonna kill him.
- That's my girl.
And a-as your lawyer, I recommend that you refrain from making any kind of threats Even in jest.
Do you know where Austin is now? Yeah.
I-I don't want to be in handcuffs.
Oh, no one does.
You get used to it.
Austin? That bastard.
He must have taken the money and split.
Everybody freeze.
Control, 7-Adam-15, update my call to a suspicious circumstance.
I have blood at the location, and the occupant is missing.
Possible two-oh-seven.
And I need a unit to escort a prisoner back to Cal Correctional.
Uh, wait a minute.
Who else did you tell about your fake kidnapping plan? Don't answer that.
Your so-called lawyer does not have your best interest at heart.
He is only looking to extend his time out of prison.
If you actually care about Austin, you'll help us find him.
The only way you're gonna stay out of prison is by moving your way up the food chain.
Take us to your boss.
- You order takeout? - No.
W-Whoa! Don't hurt me.
I'm Police.
What's in the bag? I don't know.
It's a TaskFast gig.
Pick it up from "A," drop it off at "B.
" And where was Point "A"? Car wash on Melrose.
"I'll drain a pint of blood every two hours until I get my million bucks.
" Oh, my God.
Don't know what to congratulate you on first Detective or baby.
Long as your presence is letting me keep this case, - it doesn't matter.
- Ooh, sorry.
Judge Abassi already reached out to the SAC personally.
My guys are en route.
We'll take it from here.
You should, uh You should go home.
Get some rest, put your feet up.
Angela, you're gonna be a mom.
You know, I recently became a parent myself, if you want any tips.
Oscar Hutchinson.
And you must be the daughter, girlfriend, co-conspirator? And my client.
You can't speak to her alone without me present.
You're a felon and a family member.
Well, we can stand here arguing about my standing, or we can say goodbye to LAPD, go in, make a deal, catch the kidnapper, and have you home by dinner.
Let's go.
Both of you.
Sir, you can't trust him.
This is not my first day Officer.
Listen, it was really nice seeing you two again.
And, Nolan, because you're such a Good Samaritan, I'm gonna help you answer that law-class question.
The answer is, "A," detain all the Black guys.
Because, well, that's what cops do.
And-and, Angela, listen, if-if you need a birth coach, I just got my Doula certification, and, you know, we can negotiate a really good nice price.
Alright, let's go, smart guy.
- Good job not killing him.
- Thanks.
- I'm gonna go pack up my stuff.
- Mm.
Yes? Professor Ryan, it's, uh, John Nolan.
- Do you have an answer for me? - N-Not yet.
Um, am I limited to the answers - that you gave me? - Yes.
The thing is, that description isn't reliable, so as an officer, I'd have to hone in on the other witnesses She hung up on me.
- This isn't funny.
- I'm sorry.
- I need this make-up test.
- I know.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Where should we go tonight? Do you think he likes sushi? Everybody likes sushi, right? What? You disapprove? You think I'm just dating him to make Emmett jealous? And, yeah, maybe I am, but he deserves it, and it's Will you say something, please? Look, today's the first time you've talked about Emmett in weeks.
Well, you hate it when I talk about personal stuff.
And yet you still do.
But in all those conversations, you haven't said one word about your boyfriend.
What are you saying? Look, maybe Emmett treated the relationship like it didn't matter because, you treated it like it didn't matter.
Alright, focus up.
You read the file.
You think 3Eyez is done for the day? Um No.
He tagged two police cars, but they're already being repainted, and he got interrupted when he tagged that building.
He'll want to throw up a full tag.
Somewhere that makes a statement.
And we'll be there to catch him.
"Eagle Eye.
" - What? - The nickname I got.
Uh, after the shop got tagged under my nose.
But it wasn't my T.
who came up with it.
It was Isabel.
Kind of became her pet name for me.
That's sweet.
Falling accident, 8950 South Ridgley Drive.
Injuries unknown.
7-Adam-19, responding.
Where's Jackson? The CAD report said officer down.
- He's not answering his cell - Percy.
Jackson's fine.
I got hurt.
He's just getting us a cup of coffee.
What happened? Tried to chase down the tagger.
I threw my back out.
You know you're too old for that.
Follow my lead, take a desk job.
Pay's better.
I hear you've been pushing Jackson toward I.
We need him.
There's a lot more Dougs to weed out.
That's true.
But Jackson's in a unique position to make a difference.
So I think he'd have more of an impact at the Academy than I.
Well, he's my son, you don't think I know - what's best for him? - I know he's your son.
I'm not trying You can, uh, have mine, Dad.
I'll come back once you guys are finished planning my career.
Don't move, alright? An ambulance is on its way.
I think it's broken.
- Uh, Tim? - Just one second.
Ma'am, can you tell me exactly what happened? Eagle Eyes, you should look up.
You're 3Eyez? W-W-What? N-No.
You tagged my shop.
Technically, three times.
Shutting up.
It's not as easy as it used to be.
I'm exhausted.
So I get to participate in the prison garden program.
It's three times a week.
Practically smell the fresh air.
And a case of ginger ale a week.
Name brand.
Not the discount crap.
Just tell me who's got Austin.
Where was the proof-of-life photo taken? You know, speaking of ginger ale, I'm super dry.
And I have an awful lot to tell you.
Fine, but you're giving it all up when I get back.
You know what we love about you, Oscar? It's that you're so damn predictable.
Well, you can't blame a lifer for trying.
- Shouldn't we have told the FBI? - I texted Lopez.
She said we'd fill them in once Oscar took us to the kidnappers and we made the arrest.
I told you before, I can't betray my client's trust.
Unless we get something in return.
You've got no leverage here.
The FBI is not gonna deal with you now.
And if we charge you with obstruction of justice, the warden's gonna take away all of your privileges.
But I want a cupcake.
- After.
- A cupcake? I heard they've gotten fancy since I went in.
Now what do you know? Well, according to my daughter, the only other person that knew about the scam was Austin's drug dealer, Malcolm Green.
He works out of a chop shop in Sylmar.
Alright, we're gonna do some recon, see if you're telling the truth.
No problem.
I'll just hang out here by myself.
- Maybe I'll take a nap.
- Oh, come on, Oscar.
you've been through far too much, for you to pretend, like you're not just trying to escape, the second we turn our back.
So we got you a babysitter.
That's the guy you want me to watch? Yep.
Give me your handcuff keys.
What? So he doesn't trick you into letting him go.
Like that could happen.
If you hear gunshots, call in the cavalry.
But do not leave him.
You should tell Oscar about your plans to become a DJ.
Happy to! Too harsh? For Oscar? No.
It's time to send the judge another package.
Go get a pint of blood from the kid.
That's the same as a liter, right? How should I know? I don't speak metric.
But a pint's definitely less than a quart Dude.
Same amount as last time! Come on! Alright.
I don't see Austin, but I think we're running out of time.
These two idiots are gonna kill him without meaning to.
Control, 7-Adam-15, we have the two-oh-seven suspects.
We have exigent circumstances.
We are making entry.
I need Code 3 backup.
And notify the supervisor.
I've only seen that in movies.
I'm gonna buy a Porsche.
And a stripper Two strippers.
What are you gonna do with your money? Dude! Quit it! He doesn't look so good.
Looks better than you.
He's fine.
He doesn't look fine.
Must have been a ghost or something.
My grandma told me this story about this, uh, ghost that was haunting toilets.
Grandma? Really creepy stuff, man, like out-there type stuff.
- Police! - Down! Get down on the ground.
Get on the ground.
Drop it right now.
Right now! Drop it! - Get down on the ground! - Down on your knees.
Harper: lnterlace your fingers.
- You got them? - Got 'em.
7-Adam-15, we got a Code 4.
Scene's clear for EMTs.
25-year-old male, unconscious but breathing.
Heavy blood loss.
Okay, Austin, you're gonna be alright, buddy.
We got help on the way.
You said you were gonna make a deal, that I wouldn't see the inside of a jail cell.
Yeah I might've lied about that.
You're the worst father ever.
Is there a mug for that? Oh, hello! I love a man of his word.
It's gonna take a little while to process you.
You're gonna want to keep your blood sugar up.
Ah, a cupcake.
I didn't know you had that kind of cruelty in you.
Oh, it's not about that.
See, as parents, that's what we do.
We sacrifice for our children.
Sheriff's Department will be here shortly, take you back to prison.
I do feel something, you know.
About having a kid, knowing the old Hutchinson bloodline isn't gonna die with me.
And yet you still put yourself first every step of the way.
It's all I know.
I know I'm wasting my breath on this, but If you really want to improve yourself in prison, stop taking random degrees, and just take a hard look inside.
If you want to be more than just a cautionary tale to that girl, you got a lot of work to do.
So, I gotta know Why'd you start up again after all these years? My husband dumped me, for his massage therapist.
And I realized I wasted the last seven years of my life.
So what? You wanted to get back at him for leaving you? No.
I just Wanted to feel young again.
You're being charged with a misdemeanor.
You'll have to pay a fine.
Otherwise, you're free to go.
And for what it's worth You're still young.
And your husband's an idiot.
- Hey.
- Oh, hi.
We still on for tonight? Um I didn't have the purest motives.
when I asked you out earlier.
You're trying to get back at Emmett.
- I get it.
- W Why did you say yes? Dude keeps beating me at Pictionary.
I could use a win.
S-So, we're being equally petty.
Look, the guy broke up with you over text.
He has this coming.
But if you've changed your mind Yeah, I have.
I want to go out for the right reasons, not because I'm hurt and angry.
- I respect that.
- I knew you were crazy But mark your calendar.
I'm gonna ask you out again in two weeks.
- What? - What? Well, you called me down here.
No, I didn't.
I did.
Uh, look, I really appreciate you both for, um, having such an interest in my future.
And I know I wouldn't have these career options if you hadn't opened the door.
Look, I-I have to find my own path.
And it's way too soon to know what that is.
I just hope that you both are okay with me coming to you for advice as I Figure things out.
Of course.
But you better come to me first.
I am your father.
He's right.
But he is a little close to the situation, so you better check in with me after, for a more balanced opinion.
R-Right, yeah.
Yes, sirs.
Kidnapping yourself to get your parent's money? That is messed up.
Sadly, I knew more than a few Austin Abassis growing up.
You know, I always heard money could ruin a kid.
I just thought that was something rich people said to keep poor people in our place.
I'm gonna call Patrice tomorrow, discuss how we structure the trust so our kid doesn't grow up to be an entitled jerk.
That sounds like a plan.
So, are we gonna talk about Oscar? When I found out Oscar was connected, I fantasized about tearing him apart with bearcats and then peeing on what was left.
Then I realized that saving that kid's life was the only thing that mattered.
Oscar just wasn't worth the effort.
Amen to that.
You know, your fantasies are a little gruesome.
That's not what you said last night.
Professor Ryan.
Oh, you almost missed your deadline.
So, do you have an answer to my question? Yes.
Uh, no, actually.
Um I spent the day trying to figure out the answer you were looking for.
Clearly, the racial element to the question wasn't accidental, so Was it all just a test to see what I would do to avoid a failing grade? And then I realized something that gave me the clarity that I needed The consequences of doing my job wrong, are too extreme to just pick an answer, to curry favor with you.
I can't pick "A," question all the Black men, because that would just be wrong.
I can't pick "B" or "C" 'cause there's not enough information.
We both know what damage a false arrest can do to a person's reputation, to their psyche.
So If failing the answer to the question means I don't Make up my exam and get an "F" So be it.
You have 45 minutes.
Yes! Thank you.
Oh, do you mean right now, to be - Mm-hmm.
- That Yeah, okay, that's fair.
Didn't think that would work.
"John Nolan.
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