The Rookie (2018) s03e10 Episode Script

Man of Honor

1 - Alright, you guys! - Whoo! You just finished your first day of Police Academy.
How do you feel? Uh, like it might've been a bad idea.
Look, I personally don't mind doing it again tomorrow.
How about you? Still feel like puking? Uh, no.
I did that when you were taking your extra lap, so now, I just feel a sense of achievement and an even greater sense that sticking, uh, close to you two is what's gonna get me across the finish line.
Well, how about this, we will all get through together.
All for one, one for all.
Oh! Pinkies! Hey, well, I personally want to celebrate by doing another lap.
- That guy serious? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, ready? - Yep.
- Go for it.
- What? D-Did you say go? - Three, two, one, go.
- Wait - Oh, wait.
- Oh, my God.
No one's saying I got my lights punched out, but - Whoo! - I'm just saying Maybe think twice before you take on Recruit Chen.
Do it! Go! Go! Make it! I'm on your side! I'm on your side! - Boom.
- Oh! - Ohh! - No! Your flashlight's not on! Your flashlight is not on! The winner.
The loser.
- His flashlight wasn't on.
- We can do it again.
- A-ha.
- What? Calm down.
Okay, first of all, just hold the mitts up.
- Geez.
- Alright.
Ready? Three, two, one, go! Once I catch my breath, I'm gonna come back in, and it's gonna be round two.
I'm I'm gonna take a shot at the title.
And I'm arranging it nice, too.
- Oh.
- Oh! - Another winner! - Fudge! How does it feel to be so defeated? I Man, I gotta practice.
- Stop it.
- Yeah.
Someone gotta practice.
- Ooh! - Cut.
Alright, you guys.
- We ready? - What? - First time in uniform.
- Hi! Everything except the badge.
So, tell me, uh, why do you want to be a police officer, Recruit Chen? Oh, good question, - Recruit Nolan.
- That's me.
Um I guess, I want to do something that matters.
That was a cute answer, but everyone will say that.
So, can you do me a favor and dig deeper, please? Okay.
Um, I guess I guess I've been adrift since college, trying on different hats and different personalities, and nothing's felt right, until Until this.
But I don't think the time spent trying to find myself, was wasted, you know.
Everything I've done so far, the profound and the foolish, has prepared me to become a police officer so that I can protect those who need it the most and from those who would do them harm.
Uh, that's Unexpected and actually amazing.
That was really well said, thank you.
That was - I hope they don't ask me.
- Now, make no mistake You will be tested.
You will see things no one should have to see, do things a person should never be asked to do.
But what will get you through it all, is character.
When faced with the worst of humanity, you will need to be your best.
Aww, I love that.
Especially the Captain's speech.
I miss her.
Yeah, me too.
She would be so proud of you two.
Of all of us.
Look, just 30 more days and you'll be a P2, too.
Also? As well? Okay, until then, don't speak to us, - when we're on duty.
- Whoa.
Seriously, we can't be caught dead, socializing with a lowly P1.
Somehow, I always knew this about you two.
Ben! Guys, it's Ben! - Hey! - Hi! Oh! Ben! Oh, congratulations, buddy.
Oh, come, come.
Come in, come in, come in.
God, where have you been? Where haven't I been? I mean, other than here.
I spent six months traveling the world, meeting fascinating people.
And by fascinating people, you mean attractive women? - Who you dated? - No, not this time, Officer Chen and Officer West.
And congrats to you two, by the way.
No, I started my own global charitable foundation.
- Wow.
- But even saving the world couldn't keep me from coming home and celebrating my best friend becoming a glorious P2, whatever that is.
Anyway, way to go, buddy.
Uh, stop.
Actually, I haven't, um, moved on, uh.
Since you've been gone, there's been a little Shifting.
So you three are still rookies? Oh, not those two.
They're good.
Just me.
Um, I, uh, have a 30-day extension for breaking the rules.
Well, in my business, breaking the rules is how you make your first million.
Uh, if only.
But I-I-I'm flattered.
I'm so glad you're here.
It's so great to see you.
I just feel terrible, that you came all the way to L.
for me.
Oh, relax.
You know, the foundation is centered here.
I got plenty of work to do, including getting Henry squared away.
For what? His, his new gig.
I-I-I thought he told you.
No, and he's already got a gig called being a college student.
So Well, you know what? You should probably, uh, talk to him about that.
Now, until then, I don't think there's any point in letting this go to waste.
Whoa! Congratulations, pal.
There's got to be a ceremony or something to mark the rite of passage into P2, right? When my dad moved up, he said the Watch Commander called him to the front of roll call and gave him a bottle of 30-year-old scotch.
I'm not really a whiskey girl.
Oh, God, I hope Sgt.
Grey hasn't heard the stories about me and tequila.
Honestly, I hope they give us something besides alcohol.
They're gonna give us separate things, right? - 'Cause I - Okay, just slow down, okay? Don't ruin it by overthinking everything, okay? Just relax.
Go with the flow.
Go with the flow.
- Mm-hmm.
- Because we are P2s now.
And we get to sit with the cool kids.
Oh, hell no.
Keep moving.
Man, that hurt in high school, - and it still hurts now.
- Yeah.
Well, we can't sit in the front row, 'cause the front row's for rookies.
- Unh-unh.
- So Boom.
Second row, baby.
That's right.
I missed your call.
Oh, no problem.
Um - Why are we whispering? - Uh I'm in Roll Call right now, but don't worry.
I think I have a second.
So Uh, tell me what's going on.
Ben said he gave you a job, but he wouldn't give me any details.
Uh, I've been meaning to talk to you about that.
Is it like a summer internship or something? No, it's a full-time job.
I, uh, start next week.
How are you gonna manage that with college? I'm not.
I'm dropping out.
- You're dropping out? - Officer Nolan, you better be taking a 911 overflow call from Dispatch.
Y-Y Uh, yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Uh, Henry, we'll talk about this later.
Do you want to add another week to your 30-day extension? You're already the oldest rookie.
Wanna become the longest-serving one? No, sir.
It won't happen again.
Good, now! To the business of the day.
Officer Chen, Officer West, you'll Where the hell are y'all going? Oh.
Uh, sir, we thought that maybe Sir, it's our first day as P2s.
So, what? You want me to throw you a party, huh? Give you a gift? Give you flowers? What? What is the reward for moving up, Office Chen? Getting to do the job another day, sir? Are you asking me or are you telling me? - Doing the job, sir.
- That's right.
And today, you'll be riding together.
I don't usually pair new P2s, but I thought you two could handle it.
Don't make me regret it.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Sit down.
Moving on.
All PAS devices need software updates.
- Be sure to swap out your old ones - I'm guessing your dad - lied.
- Yeah, no kidding.
before your shift.
Me again.
Uh, call me, buddy.
We need to talk.
Talk to you soon.
I can't believe he's doing this.
I ju He loves school.
He tells me that all the time.
And he knows how I feel, about having to drop out at his age.
Go easy on him.
I-It could be a great job.
How would you feel if Lila dropped out of second grade? Oh, my baby girl would never disappoint me like that.
- Hey, do you have any camping gear? - Yeah.
Enough to take a two-week excursion down the Amazon.
Why? I'm chaperoning an overnight camping trip for Lila's Girl Scout troop.
You don't like camping? No one does.
But I have bigger problems.
Alonzo is gonna be there.
The music-class guy.
What's the problem? I thought the two of you hit it off.
We did.
And he asked me out.
But I had to cancel, and then we re-scheduled, but then he canceled at the last minute.
And you think it was a revenge cancel? Feels like it.
But the bottom line is I need to look good the next time I see him, and that is not gonna happen if I am covered in bug spray trying to set up a tent.
So, do you want to borrow the camping equipment or not? Yes.
Another congratulations text? Uh, from my cousin.
Cop family.
They're all taking me to dinner at Pacific Dining Car for baseball steaks tonight.
- Hmm.
- Family tradition.
Wanna come? - My treat.
- Oh.
Um, actually, my parents are coming over for dinner tonight.
I think they're coming around to me being a cop.
Uh, that's great.
I'm hot.
I'm sorry.
- Are you not hot? - Yeah.
But we can't turn on the A/C until after lunch, so Why not? Oh, my gosh, you're right.
That's a Tim rule, and he's not here.
It's just us And we call the shots.
- Ha.
Ooh! - Ooh! The sweet, sweet chill of independence.
You know something Lopez never let me do? Hmm? Yes! Bumping that bass of freedom, baby.
Ooh, ooh.
Get up, Boot! "Quit" is a four-letter word.
Do you hear me? Failure is not an option! Oh, come on, man.
We're almost home.
Who wants a steak? Huh? Come.
Can I help you? Is Angela Lopez here? In the changing suite.
She's gone through half of our tissue supply.
You okay? What happened? - This.
- You're going into labor? No, the baby's fine, I just Oh, I never imagined, I'd have to pick a wedding dress based on its ability to hide my belly.
Who said you have to hide your belly? My bridesmaids.
They said this is the one that camouflages it best.
So I kicked them all out and texted you.
You text me "911" on my day off to ask me if a dress makes you look fat? - Does it? - Yes! Because you're pregnant.
- Are you ashamed of your baby? - Of course not.
Okay, then who cares what your stupid friends think? Show off that baby belly.
Wear what you feel confident in.
Hell, wear a white half-tee, and let your gut hang out like my Uncle Elliot at my niece's christening.
- He didn't.
- Oh, yeah.
He even managed to get his gut in the holy water somehow.
Anyway, what does your dream wedding dress look like? A V-neck dress with bell sleeves.
So we'll start there.
I'll go talk to the lady and have her pull a few choices.
It's our first call as P2s.
There you are.
We got a triple homicide on the second floor.
Sir, what do you need us to do? Canvass the area? Track down potential witnesses? No, I got a special job for you two.
Guarding evidence.
Follow me.
This is the evidence? Our suspect may have helped himself to some snacks before taking off.
We think this chocolate bar might be one of them.
TID's stuck in traffic.
Just keep it safe 'til they get here, Boots.
Uh, with all due respect, sir, we're no longer Boots.
- We're P2s.
- Don't let it melt.
7-Adam-15, silent alarm, manually activated, 2-11 type at Copley Bank & Trust, 28700 Wilshire.
Control, we're on site at that possible 2-11.
Hold for confirmation.
Control, we have a confirmed 2-11 in progress.
Send additional units and airship.
Have them shut down about a block before they get here.
Send a supervisor.
Harper, I think I can get in close.
Do it.
I'll post up here.
Stay behind cover.
Let me know what you see.
Don't make a move until I tell you.
Come on, come on, come on, move it! Put the money in the bag! Fill it up! Faster! Come on! Control, suspect is male, six-foot, black leather jacket, beige shirt, blue jeans, wearing a mask, armed with a handgun.
I'm counting seven hostages, including two tellers and a guard.
Come on! Move! Move! Keeps your hands up high! Do not fire.
Two coming out.
We got two hostages coming out.
Police! Drop that gun! Leave or I'll shoot her! No.
No, you won't! You're not gonna do that.
We're gonna work - this out right now.
- No, we can't! But you gotta let me leave with this bag or she dies! - You okay? - I'm okay.
Okay, look, clearly everything's gotten out of control, so, uh, I find it's best in these situations to just slow everything down, so let's start with an introduction.
I'm John Nolan.
What's your name? Yeah.
You're on camera right now.
They are comparing your face to DMV records as we speak.
- It's Cooper.
- Cooper.
Okay, good.
Cooper First thing we need to deal with, is the young woman you're terrorizing with that gun.
Look, I let her go, and you kill me! No.
No, not true.
Right now, you have cover and concealment.
So long as you stay behind that pillar, you're gonna be fine.
Cooper, funny story this is not my first bank robbery.
First one was before I was a cop, and that day, I had a whole bunch of problems on my mind, but as soon as the guns came out, I only cared about one thing, and that was making sure everybody got out of there alive, and I think, deep down, you want the same thing, Cooper.
Look, I don't want to hurt anyone.
But I don't have a choice, okay? - My family - I understand.
I know your family would want you to survive this, too.
So Let the girl go.
Look, if I do, you gotta let me walk out of here.
Cooper, there's another dozen officers outside and more on the way.
Look, none of this was supposed to happen.
I know.
Yet here we are.
Look, you just let her go Put the gun down, and it'll all be over.
Good, good, good, good.
We're almost home.
Now you just gotta put that gun down.
Nice and easy.
Right there.
Just put your gun down right there.
No! Don't! Drop it! Drop your gun! Drop it! He had a gun! - He was gonna shoot us! - He was giving up! One Code 4 in the bank.
Suspect is down.
Gunshot wound to the chest.
Unconscious, not breathing.
You okay? His gun was empty.
To the left.
No, no.
Too much, too much.
Back to the right.
Just a hair to your left.
Come on, it's turning into chocolate sauce.
Yeah, look, we can't have our first day as full-fledged cops end in failure because we could not preserve crucial evidence.
Well, unless you can get the sun to crank the temperature down, we're screwed.
What the hell are you doing? Oh, sir, uh, these are the cooling aids to help protect the evidence.
I like the dedication, but we just found our suspect walking down La Brea, covered in the victims' blood.
He immediately confessed.
So this is just Garbage.
Uh, do the city a favor, and clean it up before you go.
7-Adam-07, disturbance at 25616 Wilshire.
Are you free to respond? Control, that's an affirmative.
Show us responding.
Let's just, uh, shake this off, and Rock the rest of the day.
Can you grab the chocolate? Ew.
Oh, my Ugh.
You doing okay in there? You ever tried zipping up a dress with a bowling ball on your belly? It takes time, so quit rushing me.
I am not rushing you.
I'm prepared to stay here, until you've tried on every single dress.
- Whoa.
- Really? - Oh, yeah.
- I know.
It's perfect.
Thank you so much for doing this with me.
Of course.
Get your claws off my dress! "My dress?!" You put it back on the rack! It's okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
The police are on their way.
Let go now! Oh, we're not getting involved unless someone loses a limb.
Though I should probably film it for evidence.
Lopez? What are you doing here? I'll give you three guesses.
Are you helping her find a wedding dress? Well, right now, I'm watching you not do your job.
Look, ladies, you just need to settle down.
Ma'am, you gotta let go of the dress right now, okay? They grow up so fast, don't they? My dress! I'm not leaving without this dress! Aah! Stay there.
Ooh, looking good, Officer Chen.
Looking good.
It always feels a little callous to me Using a death notification to question a loved one.
It's actually when people tend to be the most forthcoming.
And for all we know, Cooper's wife was supposed to be the getaway driver.
Well, the car's here.
Man, a house like this.
Why rob a bank? Why not just take out a second mortgage? Maybe he did and he just needed the cash right away.
- For what? - Property taxes? I'm serious.
This whole case is weird.
Cooper said he didn't have a choice.
What's that supposed to mean? Looks can be deceiving.
I mean, people in this town, drive around in cars they can't afford, flaunting wealth that they don't have.
Maybe Cooper was just one of those people and he got desperate.
- What's the wife's name? - Alice Hicks.
You hear that? Yeah.
Open the door, please.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
No one is coming to the door.
We are making entry to welfare check Cooper's wife.
Police! Anyone home? House is clear.
Ice cream's been left out a while.
That phone alarm's been going off since 7:00 a.
Any sign of the wife or daughter? - Nothing.
- They might've gone voluntarily, and left the phone behind to avoid being tracked.
Or they got caught up in whatever Cooper was doing, and they're in danger.
Control, notify detectives.
Our bank robber's wife and daughter are missing.
This is a possible crime scene.
We'll take it from here.
- Any updates? - Uh, just that Alice, sent an e-mail to her daughter's school this morning, - excusing her from class.
- Well, we need to know when that e-mail was sent, because if it went before - the phone alarm went off - Nolan I need you to take a breath.
Okay, I know this case has gotten under your skin, but we've done our jobs.
It's the detectives' case now.
Okay, we are end of shift.
It just feels weird going home - not knowing what happened.
- I know, I get it.
But trust me, being able to clock out at the end of shift, it is a gift.
Caradine, he will he will work this case hard, and we get to go home.
Uh, more accurately, you get to go to my house - to pick up the camping gear.
- Mm.
So that you can spend the night in the great outdoors, with a bunch of second graders.
And a man who may or may not hate you 'cause you blew him off.
You know, I feel like you enjoyed saying that - just a little too much.
- Did I smile? - I was trying not to smile.
- I saw it.
Ooh! Someone looks handsome.
Thank you.
Figured I better be photo-ready, in case this makes the Christmas card.
- Yeah.
- What you, uh Cooking for your own celebration? Yeah, it's a special occasion.
I'm making lotus root soup.
It's my mom's favorite.
- Okay.
- Mmm.
Oh, my gosh.
It's perfect.
- Jackson! - Hi.
You still listening to that mindfulness podcast I sent you? Every day, Mrs.
Thanks for recommending it.
Oh, are you leaving? Uh, Jackson's family is taking him out to dinner to celebrate.
How lovely.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye-bye! Where's Where's Dad? Oh, he's got his book club tonight.
Well, that's fine.
We can just have a Girls' night celebrating.
Actually, I'm not here to celebrate.
We need to talk about this whole police-officer thing.
What? - Mom - Look, you gave it a year, proved you could do it.
It's time for you, to do something meaningful with your life.
- "Something meaningful"? - Yeah.
Go back to school.
Get your master's.
Have a profession.
Being a cop is my profession.
As a paid bully for the city? Is that how you see me? It's how a lot of people see you.
Especially now.
I want to be proud of you, instead of hoping people don't ask me what you do for a living.
Mom, can you just Support me? You know, you seem happy enough for Jackson.
- I-I don't get it.
- Jackson is not my child.
You are, your father and I have been very patient, supporting you as you quit grad school, followed your passions, but now it is time, to get serious about your future.
Being a police officer is my future.
I love this job.
I love it.
I get to help people.
You want to help people? - Become a doctor! - Wow.
Sorry to be so blunt, but it needed to be said.
- Right.
- Lucy.
What? Your father and I will always love you.
- Mm-hmm.
- But you are risking your life, for a thankless job, and we cannot be supportive of this - any longer.
- Okay.
Okay! Okay, I heard you the first time.
If you're done expressing your disappointment, I would I would like some space, please.
Can you just go?! Come on.
You need help with that? Alonzo.
No, I'm fine.
I got it.
Where are Lila and the other girls? Moonlight hike.
I fake-pulled a hamstring, so I could stay behind, man the fort.
Maybe I should join them.
You wanna wander around in the woods at night? - You're braver than me.
- Yeah.
Uh, you know what? Maybe I will I will just make camp.
Okay, you know what? I have no idea what I'm doing.
Neither did I.
This is all my gear.
Look I understand if you changed your mind about wanting to go out with me.
I just don't want it to be - weird between us.
- Wait.
I didn't change my mind.
You changed your mind.
You canceled on me.
Yeah, but then you revenge canceled on me.
That was a regular cancel.
And after that, you canceled on me again! Oh, right.
Yeah, I-I was stuck at a crime scene.
- I was sure you hated me.
- No No.
I don't hate you at all.
Good I don't hate you, either.
So you still owe me a date, though.
S'mores and a beer work? Wow.
For now.
But if this goes well, I require someplace with a wine list and indoor plumbing.
I can make that happen.
Drink fast.
Drink fast.
You know, if we're not there in 15, - they're gonna give away our table.
- Oh, I'm sure, once the maitre d' sees that it's you, he'll just move us to the front of the line.
Listen Look, I never would have offered Henry a job if I knew you'd be this upset.
Well, of course I'm upset, Ben.
He's throwing away his education.
A college degree isn't the silver bullet that it used to be.
I mean, this is a phenomenal job for a kid his age.
He's gonna get to travel the world, alright? Make connections, gain life experience.
Okay, how much is he gonna make? - Low six figures.
- That's More than I make.
I don't want Henry just thinking that things in life are just gonna be handed to him.
Oh, like they were to me? This is a real job, John, and I didn't just give it to him.
He had to come in, and sell me on why he was the best candidate.
And like it or not, that's the way the world works.
People are given opportunities all the time - because of who they know.
- I wasn't.
Well, you say the word, and I'll set you up as head of my security right now.
You'll be making triple what you do in LAPD.
Trip No.
Ben, it's it's it's not about the money.
It's about you.
I mean, you dropped out of school because Sarah got pregnant, and there's a part of you that resents it.
Right? This is just opening up old wounds.
You think I'm jealous of my kid because he's succeeding where I Failed? Let's take a rain check for dinner.
Um I don't I'm just I think I've lost my appetite.
This is stupid.
No matter what I pick, Patrice will overrule me.
So don't let her.
Look My dad got drunk at my wedding and made Isabel cry, and then my uncle lost his dentures in the chocolate fountain.
- Same uncle as the baby tee? - Yeah.
Although he wore a purple suit to the wedding.
Look, my point is, there are a million things you can't control, so pick what you want.
I want tres leches.
But Patrice will blow a gasket if I pick an "ethnic" cake.
You know what? Screw Patrice.
Alright, if she's got a problem with tres leches or anything else for that matter, she can answer to me.
- Really? - Hell yeah.
Tim Bradford What are you doing? - Sit back down.
- Will you be my Man of Honor? Your what? That's not a thing.
Yes, it is.
You're the only person who's made me feel like I can get through this wedding, without losing my mind.
Please? I need you.
Fine I will be your Man of Honor.
Thank God.
Your first official duty is to fire my old Maid of Honor.
- Gretchen.
- What?! - Good morning! - No.
- Don't what? - Don't say words to me.
Beds were invented for a reason.
How awkward was it with Alonzo? Smiles? Do tell.
We are going on a date Tonight.
So, until then, you and I are gonna find a nice, quiet spot to spend our shift, preferably behind a coffee shop with a clean bathroom.
No problem.
Consider it done.
First, though, we should probably stop at the Diamond District.
Why would we do that? Nolan What did you do? I came into work early, because I couldn't sleep.
I just kept thinking about our bank robber's family His wife and daughter just disappearing like that.
And I know, we're supposed to End the shift, and just move on.
But I couldn't, so - I spoke to Sergeant Caradine - I'm sorry.
- You did what? - And you were right.
Cooper and his wife were beyond broke Two mortgages, tens of thousands in credit-card debt.
Alice had recently took a job, - at a jewelry store.
- In the Diamond District.
Caradine said it would be okay if we just dropped by there, talk to her boss, see if she tried to contact him, maybe asked for a loan.
And good news Right down the street, they set up the best coffee truck in town.
It's a win-win.
Is that a yes? Hey.
You were up and out early.
And you were home late.
- How was the celebration? - Awesome.
Great food, good company, and - A few too many shots.
- Mm.
Oh, check out what my folks gave me.
Saint Michael, patron saint of cops.
Is it too late for your parents to adopt me? What? Trouble with the folks? No They're just not as fun as yours.
- You ready to go? - Yes, ma'am.
Day two on our own.
Let's roll.
Are you gonna say that every day? What? "Let's roll"? You don't like it? Eh, you can do better.
Hey, hey, I've been looking for you.
So, listen, about last night Don't you dare back out on me.
I never go back on my word.
Good, because Gretchen will be here any second.
And you don't think you should be the one to fire her? I would, but I'm working a case and I gotta get to the morgue.
I'm here to see Angela Lopez.
Gretchen? Tim Bradford.
We met before at Angela's niece's quinceañera.
- Right.
- Hey.
So, Angela asked me to meet with you.
Oh We were supposed to talk about the strippers for the bachelorette party.
Do you have a connection or something? Or, hear me out, you interested in making a little extra cash? What? No.
Look, I-I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you - this - Ugh.
You were saying? You're fired.
It's not you, it's Lopez.
- She's - Wait, are you Firing me from being my best friend's Maid of Honor? Yes.
She wants me to take over, be her Man of Honor.
Thank God.
This whole thing's been a nightmare! These Are "Patrice's Picks.
" Do not deviate, from the approved list of vendors, without Patrice's consent.
There's a little anti-anxiety medication in the front pocket You're gonna need it.
This is the Patrice phone.
She gave it to me so I can always be on call.
There's about a half a dozen messages, that I haven't had the strength to listen to yet.
Good luck.
If you need me, I'll be just down the block.
All I need is a quart of coffee and a glazed donut.
- Hey.
- Hey, are you seeing this? There's a van, just pulled up outside Alice's building.
It says "Nonna Primo's Pizza" on the side.
That same van was parked outside the bank yesterday.
Yeah, I remember.
That cannot be a coincidence.
What if Cooper was forced to rob that bank? Tell me if this tracks, home invasion right after dinner.
Cooper is getting his daughter some ice cream, bad guys break in looking for money.
Only despite the McMansion, Cooper's beyond broke, but the bad guys have his wife and kid.
So he tells them he'll rob a bank for them.
They hold the wife and kid as collateral, and then they drive Cooper to the bank - in the pizza van.
- To make sure he goes through with it.
Only Cooper gets killed.
That's Alice.
Cooper couldn't make good on the money.
They're gonna force her to steal from her job.
- You think the kid's in the van? - Possibly.
I'll call Grey, tell him what's going on and have additional units hold a perimeter.
- No.
- Good.
Come with me.
My name's John, we know you're in trouble.
- We're here to help you.
- They have my daughter.
- I know.
Is she in the van? - No.
They left her behind.
And if I don't walk out of here in five minutes with a quarter million in diamonds, they're going to kill her.
Hey, what's up? Hey, Lucy, I need you to help me find a little girl being held hostage.
The mother is here with me now.
The men that took them are forcing her to steal from her employer.
She was blindfolded on the drive here, but she said the ride to the Diamond District - took about 15 minutes.
- Closer to 10, I think.
Well, that's still a big search grid.
I-I-I know we took a freeway.
I could hear it.
Uh, what direction was the sun coming from? I felt the sun on my face, so, um, ahead of us.
10 eastbound.
We're en route.
How long were you driving, before you got on the freeway? Not long.
Maybe a minute.
So nine minutes on the freeway, driving the speed limit.
'Cause they couldn't risk being pulled over.
So, at 65 miles per hour, going backwards from Spring Street, 11:00 in the morning, during moderate traffic.
I'd say they got on at Crenshaw.
Can you remember any other details? Anything will help them find her.
Potholes There were two back to back right after the first turn.
Uh, they shook the car.
The driver cursed.
When you took your first turn, was it a right or a left? A right.
Uh No-no-no.
My body leaned right, so left.
- It's them.
- Lucy, I need you to find that little girl fast, alright? - We're on it.
- Alright.
I need you to answer that.
Everything is going to be okay.
- Just be calm.
- How? They're gonna kill my baby.
I-I can't be calm.
Then be angry.
What? What's taking so long? I had to go to the bathroom and throw up because you terrified me.
Get it together.
If you're not back here in three minutes, I tell Charles to break your daughter's neck.
They're not gonna find her in three minutes.
- What are we gonna do? - We're gonna get my partner to stall them for us.
Hey, Harper, you wanna have some fun? There's a cop out here.
Stay inside until she's gone.
Dispatch put out an alert to all units.
We've got two candidates on the twin potholes.
Closest one is right up here on Oakmont.
Right there.
Two big-ass potholes.
Mom said they took a left onto this road just before they drove over them.
Which means we take the next right.
Slow down.
This is a dead-end street.
We don't want to spook them by rolling in.
Let's pull over and park somewhere.
7-Adam-07, Code 6 at Oakmont and Arbor.
She could be in any one of these houses.
Or none of them.
Let's think positive.
How do we find the right house without spooking them? Use what we learned about criminal behavior.
Number one They're secretive.
Look, all the curtains are down on that gray house.
The first thing you'd do if you were holding a hostage.
Number two They're often messy.
Number three They don't spend their money wisely.
Control, run the plate 2-David-David-Tom-4-5-6 and run out the RO.
Vehicle is registered to Charles Lindsey Snealing.
He comes back clear and valid, with a restraining order, and a history of armed robbery.
Damn, we're good.
Careful he doesn't draw a card.
Where's the girl? It's okay.
You're safe now.
Harper, we got her.
You have a nice day.
- Show me your hands! - Hands! Show me those hands! - Right now! - Out of the van! - Open that door slow.
- Out of the van now! Stop right here by the front.
Close the door! Sweetheart.
Are you okay? They didn't hurt you? Chen.
Look, I know the transition from rookie to P2 isn't always As satisfying as officers think it's going to be.
No parties, no cupcakes, no 30-year-old bottles of scotch.
Dad told you, huh? I can't believe you fell for it.
Me either, sir.
Did you become a cop for the attaboys, Officer West? - No, sir.
- How about you, Chen? Why did you become a police officer? Because I wanted to do something meaningful with my life, sir.
And are you? Yeah.
That girl, wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the work you did today.
I'm putting you both up for the Distinguished Service Medal.
What are you doing? Being your Man of Honor.
- Are those - The Patrice files? Yep.
Look, the way I see it, I've got one job Give you the wedding that you want.
No more interlopers.
No more drama.
No more files and lists.
Care to do the honors? Anyone tell you you're kind of amazing? All the time.
- I forgot this.
- Oh.
You know the lithium battery in that thing is gonna explode, right? Where are you and Alonzo going for dinner? Uh, an Italian place on the Westside.
You don't sound very excited about it.
I am.
I just It's my first date since Donovan Oh! I remember my first date after the big divorce.
It was kind of a nightmare.
What? Did you talk about your ex the whole time? No.
I fell asleep at the table before she arrived.
It was the end of my first week at the Police Academy.
When did you wake up? Uh, after she'd eaten three courses and left me with the bill.
Good for her.
I don't know.
Should I just cancel? What?! No.
Come on.
Don't You're putting way too much pressure on it.
Look, it's just food with a fellow human.
If you don't like it, you never have to see him again.
If you do like it, I'm gonna want all the details tomorrow.
Hey, what's up? I could tell you were hiding something about last night, so I called your mom, and she told me what she said to you.
And I told her, that if she didn't apologize, she's never stepping foot in this apartment again.
Jackson And this, is from the West family, to remind you that there are people who are proud, of what you've accomplished.
Of who you are.
Saint Michael.
Hey, it's no Distinguished Service Medal, but No, it's It's better.
- Thank you so much.
- Of course.
Will you, um, help me? I've never been good at these things.
Let's see.
As soon as I am done with this, I need you to pop on your shoes, because I am taking you for baseball steaks.
What?! Wait, wait.
Can we have sushi? - Deal.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Nice digs.
Is this what Henry's office is gonna look like? Eh, it'll be a little smaller.
Gotta give him something to work towards.
Listen, I want to apologize for last night.
- Don't worry about it.
- Eh, hear me out.
Ben, you're my best friend, and you're the most generous person I know.
You helped me get on my feet when I moved out here, and now you're helping my son figure out what he's gonna do with his life.
And You've worked really hard to build your foundation.
I know that.
And I'm sorry I was dismissive.
Well, there's nothing to apologize for.
Henry's your son.
You want what's best for him.
I just don't know how to reconcile my desire for him to have a better life than I did, and wanting him to understand the sacrifices I made, to get him here.
- Does that make sense? - It does.
He's a grown-up now.
He's gonna make his own choices, even if I don't like what those choices are.
John I'm gonna watch out for him, okay? I know you will.
To college dropouts.
Actually, I went back to school to get my degree.
Mm? Good for you.
Is your professor hot? No comment.
Oh, that's a yes.
Oh, come sit down.
We need to talk.
- What are you studying? - Ethics.
- Mm.
Was she ethical? - Yes.

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