The Rookie (2018) s04e08 Episode Script

Hit and Run

1 I think your new posters are gonna cut it.
What? You're gonna need to up your campaign game.
Well, perhaps my campaign manager has some ideas.
You mean besides all the emails I sent you? I should probably read those.
Nolan, Lopez needs a unit to accompany her this morning, and that's you.
Yes, sir.
My pleasure.
Uh, sir Can I count on your vote? I'm still doing my due diligence with the candidates.
It's Smitty! You got my vote.
- Thank you.
- Not mine.
I'm not in the union yet.
Looks like we're gonna be riding together.
- Everything good? - Uh, yeah.
We have to interview one of these Sovereign Citizen idiots.
He allegedly assaulted an IRS agent who had a few questions about why Marvin Reynolds wasn't paying any of his taxes.
Angela, I thought we were gonna talk more this morning.
I woke up, you were gone.
Yeah, I have a job, remember? Uh I'll wait for you by the shop.
I'm right behind you.
I don't have time for this conversation right now.
How many times can I apologize? I told you, I didn't have a choice.
Look, making a deal with Elijah was the only way that I could get you home safe.
I understand why you did what you did.
I can even understand why you kept it from me You don't want to stress out the new mom.
But to tell me I need to stay out of it after asking for my help Look, I didn't mean for you I got myself into this.
No, you got us into this, and I'm going to get us out.
Well, how do you plan to do that? By telling Elijah Stone you don't work for him anymore.
And if he's got a problem with that, me and a couple hundred of my closest friends No, you can't.
He has leverage on me.
He could take it to the state bar.
I could lose my license.
Last night, you swore you didn't break any laws.
I haven't.
There could be some ethical questions.
I can't do this right now.
We'll talk tonight.
He can't really believe he can buy votes with water bottles.
I mean, not when I have a real message, a message of change.
Actually, he's beating you.
I did some polling, and you are definitely behind.
I'm losing to Smitty? Oh, that's embarrassing.
You know what would really help? An endorsement from someone respected within the department.
No, don't drag me into this.
No, I have never endorsed a candidate, and I never will.
Voting is a private matter.
Here, maybe this will help wash away the taste of defeat.
This bottle's been opened.
Oh, those bottles are recyclable.
It's just my way of giving back to the environment.
Where's the water from? My bathroom sink.
Water's water.
I'm gonna win for you Everything okay with you and Wesley? No.
I get it.
Sarah wanted to divorce me at least three times during Henry's first year.
It felt like I couldn't get anything right.
It's rough, those early days.
You know, it's a lack of sleep, it's fear of the unknown, a baby that won't stop crying It's not about that.
What is it about? Right now, it's about you not minding your own business.
Put the shop in drive and let's go.
I will have to put it in reverse before I can actually put it I know that look.
No more jokes.
Sergeant Bradford.
You look skinny.
Have you been eating? - Every day.
- Uh-huh.
This is a restricted area.
How'd you get in here? Oh, the guy who's handing out waters let me in.
Don't drink that.
Um So, what are you doing here? I just wanted to see my big brother.
Oh, hi.
I'm Lucy Chen.
I know that we just met, but if you have any embarrassing stories from his childhood, that So you just wanted to see me? I didn't even know you were in town.
So you're not just not returning my calls, you're also ignoring the messages telling you I'm coming to town.
Because I know why you're here, and I've made my position very clear.
We have to talk about it.
Look, I gotta get to work.
Maybe we can have dinner tonight.
So you can blow me off at the last minute? No.
Why don't I do one of those ride-along thingies? That way, we could have the whole day to catch up.
See, you gotta get permission to do a ride-along.
It's It's a long process, a ton of paperwork.
Hey, you're a sergeant now.
You can just approve it yourself.
Let's hit the streets.
Did Tim have any, um, nicknames when he was a kid? So, it's been six weeks.
Any thoughts on my progress? I write an evaluation every day.
Those are my thoughts on your progress.
Right, I mean, that's the technical stuff, but I was just wondering, like, what you thought of me as a person.
What matters is what I think about you as a cop.
You want people to like you, go make some friends.
What? Oh, no, no.
This is the first I'm hearing about this.
He can't do that, though, right? Maybe? W-What do you mean maybe? You You are the lawyer.
Shouldn't you know that for sure? Okay, well, I-I'ma need you to get some damn clarity and call me back.
- Is everything okay? - No.
My ex-husband is getting married, and he wants to move to San Francisco and take my daughter with him.
Can he do that? I don't know.
This is Detective Angela Lopez, badge number 1777.
I need complete histories, statewide and CJIC, for the personal file numbers NWC-057, JPA-733, BXR-389.
And if any of those queries generate other file numbers, can I get completes on those, too? Thanks.
What was that about? Uh, another case I'm working on.
Anything I can help with? No, I got it handled.
Oh, yeah, he tried to highlight his hair right before prom.
He ended up looking like Slim Shady.
- Hm! - Oh, you know what? I think I have a picture of it.
- Oh, my God, yes! - Genny.
What, you'd you'd rather I keep this photo private? That's fine.
Let's talk about dad.
I have nothing to say.
What's your cellphone number? I'll text it to you.
Genny, come on.
We don't need your distractions.
Police work is serious stuff.
Ooh, boy.
Hey, ma'am, I'm gonna need you to pull over.
You'll never catch me! Have you been drinking? It's not illegal to drink and bike.
Actually, it is.
The way you were swerving in and out of traffic Oh.
Uh You could have caused an accident.
Alright? I just wanna get some tacos! Don't be such a butt.
Okay, ma'am, we can cite you for public intoxication, or if you don't cooperate, we'll charge you with a DUI.
Screw you, you Ken-doll-ass-looking mimbo Hey, honey.
Honey, I know you're having a bad day, but that doesn't give you the right to be rude.
They're just doing their jobs.
Why don't you take a few deep breaths and sit down for a minute? I'm sorry.
That was impressive.
I teach fourth graders.
Oh, great.
Okay, look, you cannot move our daughter to San Francisco.
What What What are we gonna do? Put her on a plane every weekend? Enroll her in two schools? No, obviously not.
What you are asking for is near total custody and I see her on weekends and holidays, which Which is a violation of our custody agreement, by the way, so I I'm gonna need If you're satisfied with your message, press one.
If you'd like to re-record, pre Look, I know he's your daughter's father, but that man is a coward for springing this on you.
Well, he might have left a message last week saying that he needed to talk to me about something, but Maybe it was two messages.
There might have been an e-mail.
But Okay.
Then, why didn't you call him back? I don't know.
I thought it was about something else.
Oh, so you were avoiding him? No, I was n I don't know.
I did I didn't want to have to talk about Halloween.
What happened on Halloween? - Ohhh.
- Mm.
Well, we're about to land at Marvin Reynolds' place.
What are we hoping for? Ideally, he admits to assaulting the IRS agent and we hook him up.
Otherwise, it's just a misdemeanor not committed in police presence.
His word against the IRS agent's.
Yeah, I always mix up these Sovereign Citizen guys with the Posse Comitatus group.
They're all just part of the same crazy, anti-government soup All just looking for their way not to pay their fair share.
I think there's a little more to it than that.
Good for you.
Look, there's always people in society who feel like they're on the outside.
And some are easily manipulated.
Some are so desperate to find a purpose that they allow themselves to be infected by the most absurd beliefs, so much so, they could rationalize beating up an IRS agent Or worse.
My theory's better.
These whack jobs just believe they're above the law, until they need it.
There it is.
This guy have a history of violence? Why do you think I'm putting on a vest? Let me guess.
Domestic abuse? Among other things, but he never did any time.
Hey, get the hell off of my property! Sir, I'm Detective Lopez, and this is Officer Nolan.
Are you Marvin Reynolds? You know what? That name is a straw-man, okay? I'm a free man, I'm living upon the land.
You're representatives of a corporate government.
You have no authority over me.
I am not a citizen of your corporation! Sir, a complaint's been filed against you claiming you assaulted a federal employee from the IRS.
Yeah, they're trying to take my house.
Okay? But, see, there's no legitimate money, because we went off the gold standard in 1933.
So you're admitting to the assault? No, I admit nothing, okay? And I don't I don't I don't have any obligation to submit to your unlawful inquiry.
Sir, we need to talk to you about what happened.
Can you please step out onto the porch? I'm a constitutional activist, okay? I know my rights.
A-A-And what you're practicing here, it's tyranny.
Sir, we just want your side of the story.
I promise you, this will be much more productive if you just step out onto the porch.
Yeah, that's That's not gonna happen.
Okay? So get off of my property.
Sir, take it easy.
Don't do anything stupid.
Sir? - Gun! - Move, move, move! 7-Adam-15.
Shots fired at our location.
Send backup, Code 3.
- You ready? - Yeah.
He's going outside.
He's running.
No! Control, 7-Adam-15.
Code 3 traffic.
We just got 246'd by a submachine gun.
Suspect vehicle Silver sedan, last seen headed west on Oakwood.
Suspect still armed.
Air Three is lifting now.
I'm ten-nine-seven.
Searching for suspect's vehicle.
Control, 7-Adam-100 on scene.
Stay in the car.
Anybody hurt? We're good, but we've got one shooter outstanding Marvin Reynolds.
Suspect vehicle Silver sedan.
Did not get very good I.
I didn't get any plates.
Alright, let's pull DMV records, see what Marvin's got registered.
Got to find everything we can about this guy.
- On it.
- I'll ask for a telephonic warrant to search the GPS of his vehicle on his phone.
If we can see where he's been, it might help us know where he's going.
Control, 7-Adam-100, advise crime scene they can begin processing and start a board-up crew.
And I need all available units for a city-wide manhunt.
Alright, listen up At approximately 1057 hours, suspect Marvin Reynolds opened fire on Officer Nolan and Detective Lopez with a submachine gun.
We're dealing with a Sovereign Citizen who's clearly snapped.
He assaulted an IRS agent who showed up two days ago to start foreclosure proceedings.
We're gonna hit up every known address, every relative's address, every associate, every friend of a friend of a friend until someone coughs this guy up.
Okay, he hasn't renewed any of his registrations in over four years, but I got a list of everything he's owned going back to 2005.
You got a silver Honda on there or a Toyota? There's a silver Civic, as well as three other vehicles.
Alright, send that list to everyone's boxes.
Make sure you keep checking.
This is a very fluid situation.
Now let's go get this guy before he does something worse.
What's going on? I'm taking you back to the station.
It's too dangerous.
- Forget it.
- Genny.
I'm not leaving until we talk about dad.
Oh, you are impossible.
I'm impossible? Lucy, who's more difficult, me or Tim? Of course she's gonna pick me! Because you are the most stubborn person alive, which is, by the way, why you're still single.
First of all, I'm not.
- And second - Wait.
What? - You're seeing someone? - This is insane.
There is an armed and dangerous suspect at large.
We gotta focus.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I've been shot at before.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Something else is going on here, and maybe a friendly ear will help.
Wesley made a deal with Elijah Stone to find out where La Fiera was keeping me in Guatemala, and now Elijah is threatening our family.
What do we do? Thank you, but I'm trying to figure that out.
Well, it doesn't seem that complicated.
He's a criminal, and you're a cop.
There's an element I can't talk about, but it muddies things.
Well, for what it's worth, I have never met a couple so different from each other and yet so perfect for one another.
I can't imagine what it is you're facing, but I do know this The only way you're gonna get through it is together.
Pull over.
You gonna throw up? Was that a little too saccharine? A little, but I need to make a call.
I've been known to keep a secret.
I need to make a call, and unless you want to be subpoenaed one day, you can't hear any of it, so pull over.
Roger that.
Hey, it's me.
Are we okay? I'm working on it.
I've been digging into everything I can find about Elijah, and I think I have a plan.
We're going to build a RICO case against him and make sure he rots in jail, which means I need you to document every interaction you've ever had with Elijah Every threat or implied threat, admission to his own crimes or the crimes of his criminal enterprise.
No, I can't.
That violates attorney-client privilege.
- Are you serious? - I know.
He threatened your wife and baby.
The privilege belongs to the client.
It's not my privilege to waive.
You made a vow.
What's more important, your vow to your client or to me? Oh, up on the right Silver one.
No, wrong make and model.
Any other plans while you're in L.
? I have to sell our dad's house.
He hasn't been able to live on his own for awhile.
I'm sorry.
It's a mess.
It's a lot of work for one person.
Well, I'm sure Tim will help.
What's the point? It's a teardown.
Just sell it and be done with it.
It's got good bones.
We could make some money if we put in a little effort.
You watch a couple hours of HGTV and now you're an expert? Wait, what is your favorite show? Mine is "House Hunters International.
" Oh, my God.
The best.
Nolan, can you 10-3 to another channel? Roger that.
Going to 6.
Yeah, look, my sister needs to sell my dad's house, but it hasn't been updated or repaired since it was built in 1958.
What are the inspections gonna reveal? Uh, 1958? It's probably got old cloth-insulated wiring that would need to be replaced.
Uh, the plumbing would need to be updated.
The cast-iron sewer could be cracked or rusted through in places, and the foundations would need to be checked.
So it's a teardown.
Oh, no, not necessarily.
If it has good bones, some simple repairs and updates would double the value of your house.
I'm happy to swing by, take a look at it, see what needs to be done.
Alright, you will all have to wait your turn.
Nolan is busy helping me install my new kitchen backsplash.
Right, but after that.
Kind of regretting telling everyone you used to be a contractor, aren't you? Hey, Nolan, do you do pergolas? 'Cause my outdoor space is really underused.
Landscaping's not really my area of expertise, but I have built a gazebo or two in my day.
Hold on.
We just got sent a location of one of Marvin Reynolds' vehicles.
Looks like he's got an RV that's been collecting parking tickets on the 1600 block of Crenshaw.
We're closest.
We'll We'll take it.
Heading there now.
Is that from your lawyer? Uh, yeah.
It's about three pages of legalese that basically comes down to, I am screwed.
Yeah, but you're the mom.
I mean, that has to matter.
Yeah, I'm the mom who all but abandoned her daughter when I went undercover and then nearly got her killed.
Donovan is the one who was there for her.
Okay, but that was the past.
Look, I've seen you, okay? You're a great mom.
Would a great mom put her kid through a second custody battle? I mean, last time was a nightmare.
She had trouble sleeping.
Her school work suffered.
I just I don't know if I can do that again.
- There's our RV.
- Alright.
Be ready to bail in case he opens fire on us.
Got that.
Yeah, VIN matches.
This is our guy's.
Looks abandoned, but it don't mean he ain't held up inside.
What's the play, Boot? Well, there's only one entry point, so we stay safe and, uh, try to see if we can get him to come out with verbal commands.
And if there's no response? Breach? Or Ball-Cam.
360-degree view.
It can even swim.
I am in no mood to play games with this guy.
We just have to get it inside.
This guy is ready for war.
- So, are we going in? - Hold on.
One sec.
I gotta check the door, make sure it's not rigged with explosives.
Yeah, he definitely seems like the type.
Alright, I don't see any wires.
We're all clear.
We're all clear.
Control, 7-Adam-07, we're code 4.
RV is unoccupied.
"Rebirth through the blood of innocents.
" Looks like we got ourselves a manifesto.
Control, Air Three is over to the north east bridge.
Copy, Air Three.
Listen to this "Satanic-Hebrew Anglo-Commerce devoured America.
" "The Cabal's slaves have vanquished us.
Your blood flows gutter-rivers today.
" "The time is at hand for renewal, and we will use the blood of the masters to wash away the incestuous sins of the corrupt adjudicators.
" Barely literate and yet truly terrifying.
The good news is, we found the RV with his stash of guns before he could get to them.
Even if all he has is a submachine gun, we're still looking at a potential mass-casualty event.
He post anything to social media? Nothing new.
A dozen older posts, tilting at windmills.
But he's only got like 10 followers.
Not sure how wide his message spread.
Maybe he's using a secret platform, like 9-Chan? Forensics is on that.
Got a name and work address of a former girlfriend Erica Lawrence.
Multiple domestic calls to her home when they were together.
Grey wants us to interview her.
I think that's her.
That should be her.
Lawrence? Yes? I'm Detective Lopez.
This is Officer Nolan.
Can you tell us the last time you saw Marvin Reynolds? What'd he do? Shot at us, for starters.
Have you seen him? Not since last month.
I started dating someone, and he found out.
I was so careful about posting anything, but somehow, he knew.
What happened? He came over drunk.
He insisted on playing Russian Roulette.
He said that if I deserved to live, that fate would save me.
H-He pulled the trigger three times before my brother came and scared him off.
I'm so sorry.
And you didn't file a restraining order? I was too scared.
I just want him to forget I exist.
But now, do y Do you think that he would come for me? We won't let him.
I'll have a unit come take you to the station and wait until we catch him.
Is there anything you can tell us that might help us do that? Um He used to boast that he had weapons stashed all over the city, but he never said where.
What was he gonna use them for? Killing people.
But I-I don't know who, exactly.
He wasn't always like this.
When I first met him, he was intense and a bit quiet, but he wasn't radicalized.
Well, what changed? He met this guy online Cooper.
He's the one who pulled him into the Sovereign Citizens.
Any idea where we can find Cooper? You know, you'd think after the seventh time this guy posted about overthrowing the government, someone might have called us.
Yeah, it's free speech, so there's not much we can do.
Donovan call you back? Nope.
Look, I know you don't want to put Lila through any more of this custody stuff, but you're not the one who's doing this.
You know that, right? He is.
He's the one who decided to move.
But? I-I mean, who am I to say that he can't? E-Especially after everything that I did.
Okay, you know what? Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'm bringing my own experience into this, but I still think you're punishing yourself.
Yeah, like, y-y-you got this narrative going right now where he's the saint and you're some screw-up.
And you know what? I-I don't know.
I wasn't there, aand maybe you were terrible.
But right now, he's trying to take your kid, and you're just letting him do it because you're so eaten up with guilt.
Like Cooper Sanford? I'm Detective Lopez.
This is Officer Nolan.
We're looking for a friend of yours Marvin Reynolds.
Doesn't ring a bell.
See, now, that's a dumb thing to say, because clearly, it does.
We heard that you sold him thousands of dollars' worth of Sovereign Citizen kits.
And who told you that? We're not telling you that.
Yeah, probably his bitch of a girlfriend.
He dumped her and moved on.
Can't believe anything that she says.
So you do know him.
I'm gonna need to see your delegation of authority.
It's right here.
When was the last time you were in contact with Marvin? I don't need to answer any of your questions.
I'm not a citizen of your corporation.
My corporation? In 1871, the United States stopped being a country and started being a corporation.
None of the laws passed since then in any Enough of the Sovereign Citizen crap! You need to educate yourself! This "government" that you serve sells us all into slavery! Marvin is planning a terrorist act.
Do you understand that? If you have any knowledge of it, you're an accessory after the fact, whether you believe in the law or not.
I'm not scared of you! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm gonna cut him off.
Clear it out.
Move out.
Get out! Let's try this again.
Where's your friend? What's he got planned? I do not recognize your authority.
I do not answer questions.
You will tell me, or a lot of people will die.
I do not recognize your authority! I do not answer questions! I could change that.
- Aah! - Come on! What are you doing? I need a lawyer! See, all these guys embrace the legal system when it serves them! You need to stop now, Angela.
Out of my way! Take a step back.
I outrank you.
Take a step back, ma'am.
She was trying to hurt me.
She was trying to scare you.
Now, I could charge you right now with assault Yeah, and I could file a complaint for abuse.
That is a stretch.
Look, I am willing to uncuff you right now.
We can put this whole thing in both our rearview mirrors, but only if you tell me what Marvin was planning.
Now, believe this The detective was telling the truth.
If Marvin hurts someone and you're withholding evidence, you will be charged right alongside of him.
And good luck telling the prison guards you don't believe in their authority.
I don't know where Marvin is.
He called me about an hour ago.
He asked me to meet him, bring my guns.
I told him I was all talk and that he was on his own.
What did he say he needed the guns for? He just said it was go time.
And that I'd probably never see him again.
Maybe I should just let it go, but that house was my childhood home.
I don't want to tear it down.
I want another family to live there, and make happy memories.
Of course.
I moved out 10 years ago, and when I think of home, I still think of my parents' house.
What's wrong? Tim? Look, I know you don't feel the same way I do, but our childhood wasn't all bad.
Alright? Are you really getting nostalgic over that place? What What do you want? Some other family to just cuddle up under the broken plaster where dad slammed my head against the wall? Dad had a lot of demons.
Dad was a monster.
He's changed.
You haven't seen him in 20 years.
The only thing that's changed is that the drinking caught up with him.
Okay? He can't throw a punch, but he's the same guy underneath.
He's not, and you'd know that if you'd visit the hospice.
Not in a million years.
Wait, hospice? I had to move him out of assisted living last month.
Dad's dying.
I know you and Wesley are going through a lot right now, but that's no excuse.
I wasn't actually going to hurt him.
It doesn't matter.
We can't play "bad cop" anymore.
We have to rise above that way of thinking because it's corrosive.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Silver Honda that could be Marvin's car.
Plate's a match.
That's him.
Control, 7-Adam-15, we have eyes on Marvin Reynolds' vehicle.
Stand by.
7-Adam-100, 7-Adam-15, we've cleared the vehicle, no sign of suspect.
Secure the location and sit tight until TID arrives.
Copy that.
Lopez, you see this? Oil leak.
There was a big vehicle here parked for some time.
The street cleaners had to maneuver around it.
Another weapons stash? So he ditched the Civic and drove off in an arsenal? You finally got rid of it.
Rid of what? That van.
I must've called a hundred times trying to get it towed.
Well, then, uh, you must remember some details about it? Yeah.
Hey, I-I know a great bereavement counselor, if you need someone to talk to.
I have someone.
You know, therapy's really helped me come to terms with everything that happened to us when we were kids.
It could help you, too.
I'm good.
You really don't think you carry some trauma from what he put you through? When you were 7 years old, he dropped you in Griffith Park with a compass and made you find your way home.
Which I did.
A Tim Test.
A what? Nothing.
Um Oh.
We got a hit on the van that Nolan and Lopez I.
It's racked up hundreds of dollars in fines.
Parking tickets? And tolls.
Where are they clustered? Uh, they're centered around the Port of Los Angeles.
Didn't the intel report state that Marvin used to work down there? Drove a forklift or something? Yeah, but he was fired two years ago.
Why would he be visiting now? I'll send some units.
Air Three has eyes on suspect vehicle.
Northeast corner of lot A, just off Front Street.
I'm gonna orbit.
Control, 7-Adam-15, show us responding.
Air Three, 7-Adam-07, arriving at location.
Stand by.
Air Three, 7-Adam-07, any movement? 7-Adam-07, I see no movement in suspect vehicle.
Aaron, relax and follow my lead.
Front seat clear.
Air Three, 7-Adam-07, no sign of suspect, but he is clearly well-armed.
Marvin just posted something to social media.
History is gonna remember this day as Sovereigns' Day.
I'm about to light the spark that's gonna ignite the revolution.
Maybe we can spot something that gives away his location.
It's hard to tell.
And who knows when he recorded that.
I mean, why here? Uh, there are dozens of targets at the port, from the cruise ship terminal to the port itself.
Yeah, or maybe he's here to kill the boss that fired him and pretend it's for some great cause.
We're taking fire! We need to back off! Do you have a location on the shooter? Negative, negative.
Where the hell is he? Air Three, suspect heading north along the water, armed with a long gun.
We're climbing to a safe altitude, then I'll swing back.
Police, stop! Control, 7-Adam-07, alert Long Beach Police, we are taking fire.
Moving to channel 13 for mutual aid.
Secure that weapon.
We have to stop him before he gets on that ship.
Clear! Move! Clear! Everyone, clear! What do you got? Single shooter we've been tracking since L.
- Where is he? - Somewhere on that boat.
Stay here in case he doubles back.
Move, move, move! Come, come.
We should split up.
- Oh.
- It's okay.
Stay calm.
Keep going going this way, exit the ship.
There's other officers waiting outside.
Exit out that door.
It's a straight shot outside, okay? It's clear.
We just came from that way.
It's all clear.
- Don't move! - It's okay.
You're safe, you're safe.
Please get me out of here.
Please get me out of here.
You have to let him go first.
- Okay.
I-I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
What is that? You stay here.
You'll be safe, alright? Please don't leave me! Just lock the door behind us.
Hey! Drop it! - You're right.
- About what? I need to fight for Lila.
Even if I lose, she needs to know that I would do anything for her.
You're not gonna lose.
Yeah, I'm not so sure.
I mean, my lawyer is a lovely person but Actually, that might be the issue.
She's too nice to be a divorce lawyer.
Well, then hire someone better, or worse.
Better lawyer, worse person.
Me and whose paycheck? Use my lawyer.
She is a shark, and she owes me one.
The press around my trial tripled her business.
She'll give you the friends and family discount.
I'll send you the details.
- Thanks.
- Happy to help.
- Hey.
Where's Genny? - Hm? Oh, she is calling your nephews.
Um, Tim, listen, uh Your sister needs you.
- Lucy - I-I realize that I'm overstepping here, but just hear me out.
It's clear that you got the worst of it with your father, but she lived through it with you.
Instead of arguing about how bad your dad was or wasn't, maybe as as children of abuse, you would be better off just supporting each other.
You ready to go? Yeah.
Look, I'm really sorry about today.
I should've listened more.
I agree.
But thanks for saying it.
That means a lot.
I'm still not going to see him.
Oh, uh, Nolan, this is my sister Genny.
Oh! Nice to finally meet you in person.
I'm so grateful you're willing to help out with dad's house.
Ah, it's my pleasure.
You know, if you're free this weekend, maybe we could go by the place, see what needs to be done, and you could give us an estimate.
Did you just say "we"? As in you're gonna help? Well, I checked out some comps in the neighborhood, and we can get a million for that place, easy.
Plus, it shouldn't all fall on you.
I'll see you both Saturday.
One second.
Come here.
Hey, can I have everyone's attention, please? I would like to formally give my endorsement for union rep to a man who has the backs of every officer in this station John Nolan.
Et tu, Bradford? - Alright, Nolan.
- Good endorsement.
Yeah! Thank you, guys.
Thank you very much.
Good job, man.
Great job.
Thank you.
Don't forget to vote.
Don't forget to vote at all.
Thank you.
Is that the solution to all your problems? I hope so.
I just hope it's enough to make the case against Elijah.
Listen, about today, don't be too hard on yourself.
You've been going through a lot these past few months.
Not an excuse.
I know better.
I'm just glad you were there to remind me.
What are you doing here? I'm doing the right thing.
Sergeant Grey came to me last week, offered his help.
Today, I finally took it.
You told him everything? Everything.
From the first time I approached Elijah until today.
How the hell does that help us? Because Sergeant Grey accepted my offer to be a cooperating witness.
No, you're not doing that.
That will get you killed.
I've been working all day, and I think with a little more digging, we can hang a RICO case on Elijah.
But any good lawyer will swat that away.
He will never see a jail cell.
Well, you're not becoming a C.
What about attorney-client privilege? That could get you disbarred.
Some things are hard to do.
Some things are scary.
This is both, but it's something I have to do.
It's not for me, it's for you.
And Jack.
So, look, Angela, I've already got calls in to the State's Attorney General and District Attorney.
They already got a game plan, and I will personally oversee how Wesley is utilized.
I promise.
I will do everything humanly possible to keep him safe.
I need you to tell me this is okay.
I won't do it without your support.
We can't screw this up.
Not a single mistake.
Not one.
We won't.
I promise you.

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