The Saboteurs (aka The Heavy Water War) (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Shh! Shh! My famous friend, Niels Bohr.
Did you just arrive? No, no, I was watching you.
I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you.
You beat me by six years.
- Without you, I - Oh, nonsense! The new star is Werner Heisenberg.
I'm so proud of you.
The whole Institute is ecstatic! All my thoughts and theories Yes, anyway, where are we going to celebrate? I hear that Stockholm is full of young women with Nobel fever.
Now I'm going to tell you something that's even more secret than the fact that an object can be in two places at the same time women are unpredictable.
Nothing in my scientific research indicates that a young, beautiful, intelligent and entertaining woman can't fall for a pale, underfed and quiet nuclear physicist.
On the contrary.
All my calculations point towards you being able to pick from the top drawer.
Now, don't forget what I told you.
An object can be in two places at the same time.
No, women are unpredictable.
Sir Heisenberg? Welcome.
Good to see you.
You know the board meeting is not before next month? I know.
But it's not the board that sent me this time.
I've been sent by Deuxieme Bureau.
According to our sources, heavy water is being utilised .
in the German arms programme.
You propose it in France instead? In France, Jean Frederic Joliot-Curie and his wife Irene can use the heavy water as moderator in a nuclear reactor.
To create energy.
We do not know if the Germans have other plans.
We do not intend to wait and see either.
How much will France pay? How much are the Germans paying? How much and how fast? All of it, now.
OK, we have a deal.
You can pay it when you've won the war.
Excuse me.
Can you keep the door clear? Leif Tronstad.
I'm here to see Colonel John Skinner Wilson.
He's expecting me.
He's not here, sir.
- He's not here? - No, sir.
I don't think you understand.
I need to see him.
It's important.
The colonel's not here, sir.
Are you lost, sir? No, no, no.
I'm going to G Goog-es Street.
Goodge Street.
The King and Queen's own Goodge Street it's not the best of places.
Badly sprung mattresses, lumpy cushions, eggy smell in the corridor and there's bedbugs and crabs.
Terrible choice, Mr Tronstad.
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? Leif Tronstad.
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the NTH in Trondheim.
Sped through the diploma studies, became the youngest professor in the faculty at age 33.
Now the foremost expert in the world on heavy water and responsible for building the factory that lies in the place with a name on it that I'll be able to pronounce.
Told you.
Welcome to London, Mr Tronstad.
If you care to follow me, we've been expecting you.
Leif Tronstad.
I heard you were on the premises.
I'm Colonel John Skinner Wilson.
Eric Welsh sends his regards.
How's everybody at home, your wife, children? They are well, thank you.
- You've already met Captain Smith.
- Kind of.
Julie works in intelligence here.
She's head of Norwegian operations.
I'm currently setting up lines of communication in Norway, - as well as training field agents.
- Really, but you're a Yes, I'm a woman.
How very observant of you, Professor Tronstad.
I'm also your superior officer.
I grew up with five brothers and can outrun every one of them.
Don't underestimate Captain Smith, Tronstad.
She can tell you the last time you smoked a cigarette.
Been following you for the last four hours.
Tell us what you know.
Production's gone up five times in the last year.
The first deliveries are on their way.
They have double the amount of fuel cells and are constantly hiring people.
And the new director of the factory? Bjorn Henriksen, Aubert's right-hand man.
A wolf in sheep's clothing.
They've been placed in the factory to bear the brunt, but he's no lightweight.
He personally brought in the army during a strike at the factory and he is reported to have been in favour of the king abdicating after the invasion.
Oh, dear.
They call themselves De Uranverein, the Uranium Club.
They've gathered together the best scientists in the country.
People like von Weizsacker, Bagge, Hahn and of course Werner Heisenberg, the Nobel Prize winner.
Kurt Diebner runs the project.
They're based at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut, but of course the whole thing's actually run by the Waffenamt with the sole aim of creating an atomic bomb.
We still don't know how far they've got, but with this new order for five tonnes of heavy water, we have every reason to fear the worst.
You can start with these, Tronstad.
Taken from 3,000 feet, so not perfect.
We had a plane over yesterday.
Here's the factory, there's the bridge.
Check for any changes building, transport and access, roads and paths.
Thank you.
And also all routines.
Employees, guards, management.
Names, affiliations, wives, children, girlfriends, mistresses anything you get hold of.
Every last little scrap, however inconsequential it may seem.
We'll do all the sifting through.
You'll get your own office with everything you need copies, photos, estimates.
We've built a base camp in Scotland, so we're all flying up there tomorrow.
So you couldn't have arrived at a better moment.
What are you planning on doing? What are YOU planning on doing? Stopping them, of course.
There are plenty of Norwegians with local knowledge and technical ability.
We could send over I don't think that's your decision, do you, Mr Tronstad? We're at war.
You're still playing at war.