The Saboteurs (aka The Heavy Water War) (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Sir, the heroes from Telemark will be here any minute now.
Thank you.
There's a message just in.
Helberg is missing.
They didn't report him at the border.
Haugland and Skinnarland haven't heard anything since the split and there are unconfirmed reports coming in of German troops, professional marksmen.
Oh, no, no, no.
Come on! God, man.
Mind the gap.
Very good to see you.
Well done.
Congratulations, congratulations, you did a wonderful job.
When we sent Freshman in, we doubled the numbers, divided the group into two.
Two planes to increase the chances.
They'd hardly tested the planes and there was no planned retreat.
It was quite simply .
a one-way ticket.
So in comparison, Gunnerside's a great success.
It's still a life.
You didn't seriously think we could do this without any casualties? He was my friend.
Then give yourself a break.
Hundreds of thousands of people will die.
London was bombed every night for nine months, 200 bombs a night.
43,381 dead so far.
50,856 people seriously injured.
1,150,000 homes destroyed, just in London.
And now we're going to bomb Germany again and create a mayhem that no-one in history has ever witnessed.
And even if I cheer every bomb we drop, I'm still very aware of all the people we kill.
And he ordered me to get down on the floor in the back of the bus, and I ended up sitting next to the very same girl that offended Talbovan and she was very beautiful.
We got on quite well, actually.
I managed to work my Helberg charm on her.
He didn't like that, so he ordered me to swap places with him, and suddenly I was standing in front of the bus and then I jumped out.
The bus was still driving.
It stopped a few hundred metres away from me, and I ran towards it rather than away from it, because that would, you know, get them by surprise.
And they were shooting at me, but they missed, they kept missing, and then throwing grenades at me and they kept missing.
One of them actually hit me between my shoulder blades, but it It didn't explode immediately, just fell down on the ground and then exploded, and I escaped into the forest.
And here I am.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Skal.
- Skal.
- Skal.
Made it to Drammen on foot with a broken arm.
Then to Oslo and over to Sweden.
Best of the best.
- Cheers to that.
- Cheers.
And cheers to Mussolini.
You know they arrested him yesterday? The Americans think there'll be a truce with Italy by the end of the week.
Then we'll get the Mediterranean back again.
- It's turning.
- Mmm.
Oh, you bet your arse it's turning! Give us a year.
Germany won't be anything more than a pile of rubble.
What's your family doing? Fine.
Thank you.
Must be hard for them.
Not really.
My wife's got used to not missing me.
And I see them, you know, every now and again.
I suppose I've been of little importance in their lives.
Julie? You're leaving? Yes, I'm going home.
I've got two reports that have to be done by the morning.
And they can't wait? Well, unless you want to do them, no.
- I'll buy the next round.
- Er A double.
Thank you, but, erm That's very nice What was that? Come on.
Let's go back in.
As delightful as .
that was .
and as much as I'd like to, I'm I'm going to say no.
Goodbye, Leif.
Take a look at this.
We had a plane over Rjukan two days ago.
These are the photographs we took after the sabotage.
These are now, three months later.
There's something going on.
They're rebuilding it.
Look, you've already got two failed missions to your name! Flying in there takes a lot of precision.
Are you trying to suggest that my pilots won't hit the target, or are you just worried it'll make your operations look small by comparison? Sir Our last operation was precise and successful.
The fast rebuilding of the plant only proves how important the heavy water is to the Germans, so our aim hasn't changed.
If we bomb, when I'm done, you won't even know there was a factory there.
We're not talking about bombing it so that they disable it for a while - And why wouldn't we have done that? - We're going to take it out.
But no guarantee you'd penetrate down through seven floors of concrete.
I can guarantee if you give us the time and the men, we can go in and we can You've had two chances! You've had two shots at it.
You've blown both of them! Do you think we have an unlimited amount of time? We're running out of time! They're going to produce heavy water, they're going to get the bomb, and that's going to be it! You realise who these people are? They're not going to play nice.
You think with what they did to London, it's going to be a walk in the park compared to what they're going to do if they develop heavy water and get a bomb, so think about that.
50 people? 500 million people will go.
The world will end as we know it.
And we're arguing about a valley in Norway! They arrested Henriksen.
Yes, in a Norwegian army uniform.
Protecting his honour.
Wined and dined in a low-security prison.
The man knows what he's doing.
He'll return a damn hero.
So the old head of Hydro is back.
Axel Aubert, 69 years old, Uncle Axel by many, engineering background, from a very good family.
And we know he'll do almost anything for the Germans.
Come in.
911 bombs, and all they could do was knock out one of the generators at the power station? That will only take a week to fix! 21 people killed! And all this for what? Huh? To bomb a bridge? A few chemical factories and some railway wagons and .
a bloody unused bus shelter! Precision bombing? Leif, we said what we thought.
We were overruled.
They're moving the factory.
What? Where? Germany.
Kaiser Wilhelm Institute must have got tired of waiting.
Probably in the south, Munich.
Don't know.
We have an unconfirmed report saying they've already stopped production at Rjukan and started dismantling.
How much time have we got? According to our intelligence, less than a week.
I've no idea how they're going to move it all.
But you have to find out.
39 barrels on seven railway wagons.
They're leaving Friday, 9.
45am from the factory.
The wagons will be attached to a new train in the Rjukan which then will take them to the jetty at Mar the same evening.
We have five days to come up with something clever.
Is it still possible to get into the factory? They've bricked up all windows and doors.
And they've tripled the guard and laid minefields along the entire perimeter of the factory.
That's probably a no, then.
- Tronstad, let's take another look at the railway.
- Yeah.
Problem is the timing.
To hit when the cargo is just passing? We can't be that precise.
What about the next section of railway line, on the bridges, on the way to Herre.
No, it has to hit before the ferry reaches the port, because after that we have reason to believe that the cargo is split into four or five separate loads, then we have four or five separate targets instead of one.
What about the ferry? No, that's a passenger ferry.
Well, it's an option.
How would we do it? Explosives below deck to make the ferry sink within a few minutes? How deep is the lake? It's one of the deepest lakes in Norway.
400 metres at its deepest point.
It's a passenger ferry.