The Secret of Crickley Hall (2012) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Mr Cribben wants to see you.
'Mummy!' Me too.
What was yours? I can't remember.
Well, maybe it was my dream and you picked it up.
Why can't we have our own dreams? I know! Why, love? Sorry, go back to bed.
Can't you just wing it? I've never seen YOU wing it.
It's a bit difficult with structural engineering.
No-one dies if you skim a bit.
We've got work.
You don't have to copy everything your mum does, you know.
I woke up, so he woke up.
Right, last warning, or it's cold-hands-down-the-back time.
Loren! Breakfast downstairs.
No! Let's get you dressed.
Let's play bombs.
What's "bombs"? Hey, did YOU make that? Bomb! Good game.
Dog's up.
Ah, thank you for coordinating everything with such military precision.
Right, I'm walking away.
Come on, boy.
No! Oh, doesn't want to go.
He's been saying for weeks he wants to spend the day with me! I love you, Daddy.
Oh, do I love him?! Come on, we're out of here.
Say it! Mwah, love you, go! Bye! Bye.
When's breakfast? Do you want to help me look for it? No.
I don't know what day of the week it is.
Yeah, thank God.
He's been no trouble.
You been showing her your magic finger? I'd never have noticed.
Is it rare? My mother had it.
Does it mean anything? Just that we're connected.
We hear each other sometimes.
Don't we? All the time.
We tend to wake up at the same time.
That must be really Incredibly annoying.
Slide! You are not serious.
Why? I didn't go outside.
You did go outside! You are such a big liar! I need fresh air.
Right, here it is - you can do the slide or the swings or the roundabout, but not all three.
Do we have a deal? Deal! Deal means promise.
Deal! Look at me! I AM looking at you.
You've got five minutes, OK? I love you, Mummy.
I love you more.
Let me go! Cam? Cam! Cam? Cam! Baby! I fell asleep.
I fell asleep.
Someone must have been watching us, or He may have just wandered off.
He might have hurt himself or fallen under something, or Just go home and see the girls.
They're going to ask me what happened.
It's not your fault.
It is.
It's not, and you don't tell them that, Eve.
Tell me we're going to find him.
Of course we're going to find him.
Hey, how can we not find him? Mum.
Sweetheart, try and sleep.
I can't stop thinking about it.
You were watching, so there wasn't time for him to just wander off.
Someone must have grabbed him.
Loren, please.
Is that what the police think? Mummy.
If you can't sleep, we can watch TV or I could read a book to you.
Why can't you hear him, Mummy? He's gone.
He's gone.
Who could do this?! Who did this? 'Mum, someone said you dropped your shopping - are you OK?' I need to ask you something.
How would you feel about moving? Not permanently, but just out of London for a couple of months.
I don't want Mum to be here for the anniversary.
She'll never go.
She mightif it comes from you.
You could say you're finding it too hard, or I don't know, you can't concentrate.
Where? Job's come up on the coast, up north.
What about school? They've got schools.
I know it's not great on you.
This is more important than school.
'Mummy!' How long? Ten minutes less than last time you asked.
Clyde's going to be sick.
Devil's Cleave, Dad.
It's called Devil's Cleave.
Is that like cleavage? Bit too much? Always.
Which way's the school? There's a school bus for the village, but they said they'll make a stop.
Hear that, princess? Don't have to struggle down to the school.
Come on, Clyde! Clyde! Stop sulking.
Come on! Clyde! God, you ARE sick.
Was this a family home? Er, don't know.
It's not been rented in a while.
They're pretty desperate.
I got the cleaners in.
Yeah, they've really gone to town.
What is that smell? Hey, what's up there? Junk room.
It's the only place I can get a signal.
So what's my room like? We gave you the biggest one.
You've been a couple of angels.
Thank you.
So, has Daddy put you on best behaviour? We like it here.
Do the police have the landline here? They've got my office and my mobile.
Yeah, I'll give them here too.
People do remember things on anniversaries.
And if they do, we're a phone call away.
All right? Can you hear me? We love you, baby.
Come down here, young man.
This one's the worst.
He came to us from Germany.
He's run away four times.
Where he thinks he can escape to, I have no idea.
We have to watch him like a hawk.
Isn't that right? What's your name? Stephen.
Stefan Rosenbaum.
Understands every word but refuses to speak it.
You shouldn't run away, Stefan.
There are bombs back in London.
You're much safer here.
There's no-one else who's going to look after you.
Go on.
You're an orphanage girl, yourself.
I suppose you believe that gives you a special insight.
I believe I understand what some of them are going through.
This isn't the place for sentimentality.
I believe in discipline.
My brother sends his apologies.
You've been told about his injury, I'm sure.
You don't have to pretend.
People can't wait to gossip about misfortune.
I'm sure you've had your fair share of that.
May I? I'll need to see the extent of your affliction if you're going to work for us.
Do you have any use of it? A little.
So you'll understand the need for sensitivity in these matters.
That's a point greatly in your favour.
Welcome aboard.
This thing makes a terrible racket.
I was told Mr Cribben was fully recovered.
It's important you understand how much he needs peace and quiet.
I won't beat around the bush, Miss Linnet.
My brother needs us to be on our very best form.
That's what makes the house cold.
No, that'll be the dodgy boiler.
Don't worry, it's secure.
But yeah, we'll make it a no-go area.
Is that a generator? They get power cuts, apparently.
Listen, there's a B&B a few miles further out.
No, I'd rather it was just us.
It's a good choice.
There's no dishwasher.
I'm going to teach you a new game.
It's called washing up.
Mummy! Stay up! You're not allowed down here, baby.
There's a man! It's all right.
It's all right, he just gave me a fright.
That's the last thing I wanted to do.
I'm sorry.
Percy Judd.
I used to work here.
So you didn't fancy staying in town, then.
My husband's working here for a couple of months, so it's not a holiday.
He's an engineer.
Who's an engineer? We're just keeping him company.
A-are dogs not allowed? I should keep it outside.
No! Yeah, he's more ofan indoor dog.
The owners won't find out? Not from me.
You must have seen a lot of people come and go.
One or two.
It's just it doesn't feel like anyone's lived here for a while.
You keep your girls out of the cellar and I'll make sure no-one knows about the dog.
If you get any problems, telephone me.
Thank you.
What have I told you? He's a nice man.
You don't know that.
You were just downstairs It's all right.
It's OK.
Shall we show Mum your moves? Yeah? Uh-uh.
Where does the thumb go? Thank you.
And what part of the nose? .
or don't let them in.
Does he know about Cam? No.
Why? He's sad.
Allow me, miss.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Well, I can't argue with that, miss.
I tend the grounds, miss.
Percy Judd, at your service.
Have you met his Lordship? You could probably do with a stiff drink first.
I don't touch it, I'm afraid.
You let me know when that changes! Oh! Ow! What is it? Hot! Definitely hot! I'll have to fix that in the morning.
But is it going to bang like that all night? Mum Your dad put the boiler on warp ten.
Mum! Mum! There's people upstairs! Shhh Could've been a rat, I heard one in the cellar.
Well, a squirrel.
Cute rat.
I'm sorry! Wow.
They must have had a pretty big family.
Good morning, Miss Linnet.
Good morning.
You're the oldest here, aren't you? I'm kind of the prefect.
I look forward to teaching you, Maurice.
Every footstep carries in this place.
Would you mind? You can meet him tomorrow.
He has a fierce migraine.
People keep dumping these on us.
Toys have to be earned.
Like everything else.
'I'm not dead, Mummy.
' Clyde's being a drama queen, it's not that cold.
We had a couple of emails.
I forwarded them on.
No, it was a good one.
I could smell him, he was so close.
He said he's not dead.
You know, what's funny, I feel closer to him here.
Yeahand all the way up the stairs.
I didn't know it was raining.
What were you doing in the cellar? Look, I don't want Loren or Cally going in there, so can you make sure you shut after you? I did.
There must be a draft.
It's definitely colder down there.
Mummy, are you sad today? Shut up! Give me a reason not to be sad.
Sweets! I'm happy! We don't like strangers round here(!) Shh! Come on, girls.
Passing through? No, I'm working up here for a couple of months.
Staying up at Crickley Hall.
Big place, that.
You'll be rattling round in it.
Why is it called Devil's Cleave? It's not exactly touristy, is it? Well, now, centuries ago, the Devil himself tried to cut his way inland from the sea, flood all the villages hereabouts.
First, he took a bite out of the cliffs, that's how Hollow Bay came to be.
They say after he took that first bite, he tried to gnaw his way up to the moors but his teeth eventually wore down to the gums and he couldn't go no further.
So he sloped off back to sea swearing his revenge.
But I'll leave that for another day.
Can we? Yeah, sure.
Can anyone give me another word for evacuation? Stefan.
Can you say that in English? Escape.
Well done.
Can anyone think of any famous escapes in history? The Jews.
Maurice? The Jews are always escaping.
That's how he knew the answer.
Why did the Jews want to escape? They must have been doing something wrong.
Stand up, Maurice.
Would you like to explain that to the class? The Jews are always being chased out of one country or another.
There must be a reason.
What's that? They killed Christ.
Jesus was a Jew, Maurice.
No, he wasn't.
He hated the Jews.
He was always fighting with them.
Who told you this? The Bible.
Stefan is a Jew.
Do you think Christ hates him? Do you think Christ hates anyone? Would you leave the class, please.
I'll discuss this with you later.
Stefan? It's not his fault.
It's just what he's been taught.
A lot of people believe terrible things but that doesn't make them true.
You're safe here.
Hello, Percy You work here? I look after the orphans.
Settling in all right? Yes.
Yes, thank you.
And we've got your number, still.
I hope you won't need it.
Is there no heating in this place? It makes too much noise, miss .
for Mr Cribben.
Well, I hope at least you had a hot breakfast.
We haven't had breakfast yet, miss.
You can't concentrate if your stomach's full.
Miss Linnet.
I hope I haven't made a mistake.
I wasn't aware we employed you to indoctrinate children.
I think his parents have beaten me to it.
Maurice has lived with us since the age of two.
And we are doing our utmost to take care of a Jewish boy.
As is our Christian duty.
But our charity doesn't extend to the Jewish leaders who provoked this war, this catastrophe.
Are there any other aspects of our teaching you wish to challenge? Best we have this out now.
The children are cold and hungry.
They can wear as many clothes as they like.
It's you who are underdressed.
And children learn fastest when motivated.
Food is a reward, not a right.
1943 was a bit of a bad year for you.
The flood didn't reach the church, thank God, but yes.
68 people lost their lives.
How? It was a flash flood.
People were drowned in their sleep.
Oh! Don't worry about them.
The gorier the better.
You can get a booklet in the newsagent's.
Tells you all about it.
Well, we might do that tomorrow, when she's forgotten.
I won't forget! Was Percy Judd around then? I wouldn't rely on what Percy says.
Well, he seems to know a lot about Crickley Hall.
What do you want to know? Who lived there? It's just a house that never really worked.
So, are you churchgoers or just sightseeing? Sightseeing.
God doesn't do much for us, I'm afraid.
How can you say that with two beautiful girls? I'd love to come to a service.
We'd love to have you.
Maurice, I'm sorry if I upset you.
To make it up to you, I'd like you to do me a special job.
Would you fetch me a glass of this famous water from the well? Yes, Miss.
We're going to have a picnic.
What about your lunch, Miss? I had a huge breakfast.
Percy? Let them be.
If I was staying there with young kids I'd want to know everything.
It's not right to terrify young children.
That's why they should leave.
If you want to keep attending these graves, I'm going to have to insist that you leave Crickley Hall alone.
I hate to do this to you, Percy, but if you want to respect their memories, you have to let them go.
It's not me who won't let them go.
Am I to have no peace in any corner of this house? It's for the new teacher, Sir.
Do you want to keep your privileges? Yes, Sir.
Get back upstairs.
Clyde! Clyde? Look, I definitely locked this before we went out.
He's given it a real hammering.
Mummy, he wet the floor.
Well, maybe he is sick.
Clyde! Loren, try round the front.
He's scared, that's why he ran away.
Well, there's nothing to be scared of here.
Percy's scared.
Need a lift, Miss? I'm nearly there.
Let me take that.
I really can manage.
All right.
What have you got in there, the family jewels? Crickley ain't been lived in since before I was born.
I just keep it looking nice in case anyone's fool enough to buy it.
What's wrong with it? Well, chap who built it fancied himself as an architect.
Liked his fresh water, so he built it on a river.
Turned it into a refrigerator.
Speaking of which, have you met Cribben? He was indisposed.
I'm sure we all have our off days.
Well, not me, Miss.
I am not going to waste what time I have left moping around.
What are you, all of 17? When are you being called up? Couple of weeks.
Make the most of me.
Hey, er You can come in with me of a morning if you don't mind starting at 5:30.
Let's see how it goes.
Call it six tomorrow.
Give you time to put your face on.
Are all country boys as cocky as you? Can I call you Nancy, then? You may not.
Good night, Percy.
Hey, er You know, I'm glad those kids have got you to look out for them.
Clyde! Clyde! He'll go looking for people when he's hungry.
We need to get your stuff ready for school.
You've been great about coming up here.
Is it helping her? Yeah, it is.
It's helping me too.
Come on.
We'll take the back road on the way home.
Clyde! Clyde! Clyde! What's happened here, Stefan? He fell over in the garden.
Be careful.
Susan could I delay you just for a moment? I'd like you to prepare a reading for tomorrow.
I want you to come to me with anything that frightens you.
Anything that you feel shouldn't be happening.
Yes, Miss.
Mr Cribben uses a cane, doesn't he? You know I'm on your side.
And if I get sent back to London, where will you be then, Miss? Has someone threatened to send you back to London? Are you in need of correction? He's only six.
Then we're just in time.
You may pick it up.
My sister admires you greatly.
Yes she's that way with everyone she admires.
The more she expects of them.
She expects a great deal from children.
Someone obviously expected a great deal of you as a child, else you wouldn't have turned out as you have.
May I speak frankly, Sir? You don't have to instil fear to get respect.
Well it's obvious you've never been in charge of children.
They behave impeccably in class.
And why do you think that is? Do you want me to come up?! It's not pleasant, Miss Linnet.
But it is in the nature of children to rebel.
And it is our duty to meet it with consequence.
Good night.
Cally?! Cally! Cally, what is it, what did you do? He hit me! Who? The man.
There was a man here? He went down there.
Stop it! Cally I would have seen him.
Baby, did you fall asleep? No, I didn't! Let's have another look for Clyde in the garden before we get ready for bed.
And no more playing games by yourself, all right? I wasn't playing, there was something in the cupboard.
I've got a very special treat for you all today.
The library has been kind enough to allow me to borrow a very old Bible for you all to look at.
But I promised no mucky paws, so let me check before I pass it round.
Very good! You perform your ablutions admirably.
I presume the water's cold.
He's got the flu, Miss.
That's why he's wrapped up.
He'll be fine, Miss.
Maurice Can you fetch Mr Cribben for me, please? He's not to be disturbed.
You'll get him right away, or I'll kick you all the way up them stairs! Move! Would you take off your jacket, please, Stefan? Don't, Miss.
This has to stop.
This is going to stop.
You're fired.
Leave the premises immediately.
I'll speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey.
Is it only children he likes to bully? Oh! I am not afraid of bullies.
Oh, dear God.
Everyone up.
You're coming with me.
Follow me.
Quickly! Hurry up! You'll be fine.
Bye, Mummy(!) What about Clyde? Oh, he's probably found a better offer by now.
No! He's going to look for him.
Why do you think he's leaving so early? He never liked us, you know.
First chance he got, whoosh! Stop it! Give us a kiss.
See you later.
I'm sure we'll find him.
I think the man took him.
What man? The man that took Cam.
Well We don't know that's what happened.
Maybe Cam got lost, and there's a nice woman looking after him.
The Cribbens just lied.
They said the children did it.
I don't know what's more monstrous.
They owned up, Nancy.
And Stefan said the same.
They're terrified.
They're in fear of their lives.
Who's going to look after them now? You are.
I want you right here when I get back.
Loren Caleigh? Is that how you say it? Yes.
How comes you're on holiday if your brother's gone missing? We're not on holiday.
My dad's working.
I don't want to talk about it.
Your Mum fell asleep while she were looking after him, and that's how he went missing.
Is that true? It's none of your business.
You should be with social services.
Your mum should be in prison.
Ooooh! Did you see that there? Whoa! 'Mummy 'I'm not dead, Mummy.
' I know, Baby.
'It's dark.
' Just tell me where you are.
'I'm cold.
' Are you alone? 'I can see them.
' Who's with you? 'They're dead.
'They know where I am.
' Cam.
! Who knows, Cam? Mummy! Mummy, quick! They're playing.
Stay there, Baby.
He doesn't like the children.
Who, Cally? Can't you smell him? Do you understand what hell is? Yes.
Hell is deeper than this pit.
And it goes on forever.
And unless you change, this is where you will go.
Do we have to tell her? I don't want her to hear what they said.
All right.
You did it playing hockey.
But I am not condoning it, all right? You would've done the same thing.
She's got problems, by all accounts.
I'm not apologising.
If she says sorry, thenI'll think about it.
You are so much like your mother, it's scary.
Are you going to let me say it in my own way, or are you going to belt it out at the top of your voice? Is it a secret? No, it's not a secret.
I just I want to say it in the right way.
Hey! What are you smirking at? We've got ghosts! I'm not afraid of ghosts.
You don't even believe in ghosts.
They're scared.
What? Cally is having the time of her life.
A ghost never hurt anyone.
Listen, we are not staying in a house where they think there's dead children running around.
I heard Cam's voice.
And that is why I didn't tell you.
We don't get to grieve, because you're in denial for a year, and then, whatnow he's not just dead, he's a ghost.
He isn't dead.
He's alive and he's trying to reach me.
Do you think I don't hear his voice? I hear his voice! Gabe! This is real.
It's this house.
Somehow he can reach me here where he couldn't before.
Well, don't get used to it, cos we're leaving.
You should be happy.
Why aren't you happy? There's nothing to be afraid of.
There's a man, too, and when they'd done something bad like steal a toy from the cupboard, he would whack them.
You're making that up.
Ask Mum.
You'd better not do anything bad, or else he'll come and get you.
You first.
Did Loren say anything to you about school? No.
Do you believe that story about her hand? It sounded plausible to me.
Maybe she's being bullied.
I think Loren can take care of herself.
He hit me! He was right there! No, no, no, no, no, hey, honey, there's no-one here.
Look what he did! OK.
Family vote.
Hands up who wants to move out of here.
Hands up who wants to know where Cameron is.
The children who lived in this house, they may know where Cameron is.
Eve, let's not do this.
What about the man? He's just a ghost.
He can't really hurt you.
He hurt me.
But if he makes us run away, we may never know where Cameron is.
Is Cam a ghost? No, Baby.
Wherever he is, it seems that he can talk to them.
And they can tell us where he is.
Well, you can leave if you have to, but I can't.
I just can't, Gabe.
Come here.
Come here.
You don't have to stay here because of Mum.
OK? Not if you're scared.
But what if she's right? Hey.
We don't believe in ghosts, remember? Then we shouldn't be scared.
She's mine.
If I see you near them, I will inform the police.
I wonder how many beatings will it take.
There must be some evidence of what he's doing to them.
One of the children told me he keeps a ledger.
Two of them were never found.
Stefan Rosenbaum and Maurice Stafford.
They found some clothes, but they never found the bodies.
Your friend Percy persuaded a psychic to go in.
I know all about Crickley Hall.
I'm not going back there again.
They're dead, they can't hurt the living.
People like us, they can.
What if it's a ghost? It can't hurt us.
It's a boy.
Is it my son? I'll put it back.