The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994) s01e02 Episode Script

Hoop War

Would you want to grow up here? I have to.
I'm Alex Mack.
I was just an average kid until my first day of Junior High.
One minute I'm walking home, the next, there's a crash and I'm drench in some weird chemical.
And since then nothing's been the same.
My best friend Ray think it's cool.
And my sister Annie thinks I'm a science project.
I can't let anyone else find out.
Not even my parents.
I know the chemical plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment.
But you know something? I'm guess I'm not so average anymore.
[school bell ringing] [Alex] My english teacher, Miss Green? Turns out she's pretty cool.
I also thought I would hate history but now I think I'll like it a lot.
Alex, two days ago you were ready to drop out and get a job at burger bean.
And now you're actually having fun.
Oh, it's really disappointing.
I'm sorry I started to enjoy it.
Alex, I have a reputation for being negative, but I'm not.
I'm realistic.
I know that whenever you're feeling good there's always somebody close by ready to spoil it.
Hey! Check out the nap pack.
- Why'd you take my ball? - It's a free country.
"A free country"? I hate that.
It's an excuse for anything.
Well, we wanted to tell you guys the elementary school called.
There's a huge mistake.
They want you back in fifth grade where you belong.
Hey, guys! Coach is looking for you at practice.
We're on our way.
We had to give these kids a message.
Whatever she said don't listen to her.
[girls laughing] See you later, Scott.
You're, uh Alexandra, right? You have to do something about Jessica.
Making fun of you is part of her class schedule.
She was making fun of you, too, Ray.
Yeah, but you're the one she hates.
Just give her a nice zap in the butt.
I told you, I can't do that.
Annie says not to use my powers in public.
What does Annie know? Ray, I won't use the power to get back at people.
[zapping] - [all laughing] - [screaming] [zapping] Not that I wouldn't like to.
[Vince] It's a minor detail.
We'll find the child.
[Atron] I cannot be implicated in the process.
It has nothing to do with you.
Don't cloud your mind with mundane problems like a kid sprayed with a bit of chemical.
A bit of chemical? That's not what that truck driver said.
Well, Dave has a tendency to exaggerate.
- We do not have a problem? - We do not have a problem.
I don't want to know about this kid.
- What kid? - Thank you, Vince.
Any chance today? Nope.
I still feel completely normal.
Until I start concentrating.
Let's start with liquefying.
How long did you last yesterday? I think it was about 4 1/2 minutes.
Yeah, 4:18.
Okay, I'll just do some measuring today.
Off we go.
Now, stretch out as far as you can.
[bubbling] Who are you talking to? - Nobody.
- I just heard you.
"Stretch out as far as you can.
" Oh, I was talking to myself.
It's, uh, self-motivational technique.
I was just, stretching my mind as far as it would go.
Really? Do you think you're spending too much time alone in the garage? - [Alex] Ow! - Ow! - Ow! I stubbed my toe.
- I'll help you clean this mess.
No! I'll get it, Mom.
In fact, you've been working too hard.
So I'll even do the laundry for you.
Well, isn't this unusual? Well, I guess I should, um, quit while I'm ahead.
Whew! Uh colors Bye! Bye.
[Alex] That was close.
Next time lock the door.
Alex, I've been thinking about it.
How come, after such a big accident we haven't heard anything more about it? There was nothing in the papers there's no talk at the plant.
Somebody's covering up.
I've got to find out more about it.
Can I come back now? I'm getting tired already.
Come on back.
We'll work on zappers for awhile.
[Ray] I just got my report on Hong Kong back.
Nailed it.
Another "B"? You got it.
I was really working myself into an "A.
" But then I caught myself.
Saved it for the next one.
One day you'll figure out what you really want to do.
You'll throw yourself into it.
No more saving it.
Didn't I tell you? I've decided that basketball in my future.
The N.
Beckons! [girls laughing] - You okay? - [Jessica] Oh, no, my [all laughing, screaming] [laughing, screaming continuing] [teacher] Freeze! - Who's responsible for this? - [Girl] Alex and Ray! - [Ray] Jessica and Ellen did it! - [teacher] Of course! Since none of you will 'fess up to what is right the four of you one, two, three, four will report to this cafeteria at 1600 hours tomorrow! And you will clean up this cafeteria for a week! Do you understand? I can't hear you! You know it was your fault.
You tripped her! I can't help it if she's uncoordinated and can't stay on her feet.
Who are you calling uncoordinated? Alex is twice the athlete you guys are.
We challenge you.
Two on two on the b-ball court.
Loser admits responsibility to heller and cleans the cafeteria by themselves.
You're on.
Tomorrow, the basketball court.
I can't wait.
You're so dead.
Raymond, I'm a crummy player and you know it! They're on the school team! This will be humiliating.
We'll end up cleaning the whole cafeteria by ourselves! Alex! Will you relax, please? I'm better than Jessica.
And if you can just stop Ellen [quietly]: plus use your powers when necessary - the game's in the bag! - I told you, I won't use them.
What do you think I'd do? Lift you ten feet up for slam dunks? One would be nice.
Don't you think it might be a little obvious? If there was a way to teach them a lesson here it is.
Forget it.
No, no way.
- Alex, come - Forget it, Ray.
Alex! [Mr Mack] Now, Annie, Miss Atron has done wonderful things for Paradise Valley.
Why do you have a problem with her? - I don't trust her.
- I don't either, Dad.
I mean, why she's always smiling like that? She smiles so much she's probably hiding nasty stuff.
Nobody can accuse you two of a lack of imagination.
And what's wrong with smiling? I encourage her to smile.
Honey, could you get us more bread from the kitchen? Sure, Mom.
Dad, whatever happened to that GC-161 project that you were so excited about awhile back? Honestly, I don't know.
It went from being the hot plant project to the back burner fast.
I don't understand Danielle.
One day we're progressing the next day we stop.
It's out of development.
Dad, it's awhile since I visited the plant.
Could I maybe come and visit you tomorrow? Absolutely! I am dying to show you my new work station.
- [doorbell ringing] - I'll get it! [ringing again] Ready for some round ball practice? Like it'll make a difference.
The game is tomorrow.
I know, but I can take you through the rules.
[Alex] This is the girl I have to stop? You can't stop Ellen.
You can only hope to contain her.
Ready to use your powers now? Then I guess this means one thing come game time.
Just give me the ball and get out of my way.
Normally, I keep the calculator on my left side but if I'm working on the computer I move it to the right.
- That's great, Dad.
- Can I get you a little snack? On Fridays, the cafeteria serves macaroni and cheese.
No, I'm fine.
Why don't you show me your work on GC-161? I can't, it's under computer lock.
Nobody can get to it without my password.
Dad, you can show it to me.
I'm your daughter, I'm not going to tell anyone.
No! I can't.
I can't show it to anyone.
You're kidding, right? Sorry, Annie, "classified" means "classified.
" [typing] - School never went this fast before.
- Yeah.
[ringing] Take it out, Ray Dog.
Ray Dog's ball, 21 wins.
Ready to lose? Yes! In your face.
- Sorry, Ray.
- Don't worry, no apologizing.
We'll get them next time.
What if I guess your password? - Come on, Annie - "Barbara"? - No.
- "Annie," "Alex"? No, Annie, please I have to be more creative with my password than that.
Can't I show you DX-17 instead? It's a whole new look at the nucleolus organizer.
Maybe I will have some macaroni and cheese.
Great! And when I get back I can also show you some very interesting work we're doing with linoleic acid.
Brilliant you are.
Creative you ain't.
"Barbara" backwards.
Dad, I love you, but you couldn't be more predictable.
- Hey, come on, Jessica! - What? If it's a foul, call it.
Otherwise, stop whining.
We're up.
- Eight to nine.
- We're dead, Ray.
- They're too good.
- You're playing great, I just stink.
No, but you know how you can help us? Sorry, Ray, can't do it, it'd be cheating.
Why? Didn't you tell me - "No more saving it for the next one"? - But this is different.
This is a basketball game.
Okay, then let's try to stay with it, okay? Okay.
- Oh, no.
- You're just delaying the inevitable.
- You haven't won yet.
- We'll see about that.
- [Alex] Hey! - [gasps] [Jessica] What are you going to do about it, wuss? Well, first of all, I'm going to call a foul.
Our ball! Yes! [sizzling] - [Jessica] What are you doing? - I just froze! [Alex] 18-11, you.
A little cold, but still tasty.
This is a really nice printer, Dad.
Does it work? Oh, sure, but the one I want is in Miss Atron's office.
It's reserved for classified material.
- You mean? - They're afraid of documents getting distributed to the wrong people.
They print out in Danielle's office.
Danielle Atron's office? [Woman] Hey, hey, hey, hey, excuse me! You're George Mack's daugter Annie, aren't you? I'd recognize you anywhere.
George is always bragging about you by the water cooler.
He was just telling me what an amazing office Miss Atron has.
Do you think that you could show it to me? Well, I don't know and Vince wouldn't be too happy.
But I don't see why not.
Come on, let's go.
We'll be very quick.
- [door beeps] - Isn't this beautiful? It's a very upbeat kind of atmosphere very warm quality May I help you, young lady? - I was just showing her - That will be all, Miss Koch.
You're Vince, right? Head of Plant Security? - That's right.
- Oh, it's so cool to meet you.
I'm George Mack's daughter-- the research guy, do you know him? I believe we've met before, Miss Mack.
I just wanted to see this office.
Atron is, like, a personal hero to me.
I hope to someday serve in some capacity.
- If I'm lucky.
- Yes, it is a privilege that only a few fortunate people like myself have had the opportunity to experience.
- A privilege that has to be earned.
- [phone ringing] Vince.
Absolutely not.
I thought we discussed that matter.
I can't authorize that.
Are you listening to me? Under no circumstances will that happen.
If it does, somebody's going to get hurt.
Wow! You're obviously very, very good at what you do, Vince.
Atron must feel very secure.
I hope so.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
[cheering] [Ellen] Watch your man, Jessica.
- It's your man that's killing us.
- 20-19, us, point game.
[crowd cheering] Get that weak stuff out of here! Yes! [all cheering] That was total luck! Hey, Alex, congratulations.
Oh, thanks, Scott.
You started off slow, but what a finish.
We reached deep inside ourselves for that little extra.
You should try out for the Junior Varsity Team.
Oh, I don't think so.
Yeah, I was going to be assistant coach this year.
But I could think about it.
Well, I better go console Jessica.
Nice game, guys.
You won it fair and square.
Dad! My watch, the lipids watch-- I must have dropped it somewhere.
I had it when I went into Danielle's office.
What were you doing in Danielle's office? Vince let me in.
I just wanted to see it.
Ah, well, uh, the watch must have fallen off.
Uh, let's go get Vince.
- We cheated.
- So did they.
They fouled us up and down the court.
But when I skyed to knock Ellen's shot away it was pure poetry.
- I lifted you off the ground, Ray.
- Details.
- You know what we have to go do? - Go grab a victory soda? No.
You'll admit to them that you used your powers to win? - Of course not.
- We'll just have to do the right thing.
- You're no fun! - Oh.
Yes, you are.
That last shot you made was incredible.
- Didn't even use my powers.
- You didn't?! Well, maybe just a little.
You've a very sweet daughter.
As always, Vince, you're very observant but don't let the niceness fool you.
This girl plans on succeeding Miss Atron one day as the C.
of this plant.
Oh, is that so? [Annie] Found it! We decided to help.
It was supposed to be this wonder drug that would let people eat without gaining weight.
What does that have to do with me glowing - and turning into liquid? - The intended dose was two drops.
You got 1,000 times that much.
There's no long-term danger to your health but you sure have some bizarre side effects.
Why can't we tell anyone? Developing this chemical was completely illegal.
The people at the plant must be out there looking for Alex.
Don't worry, Alex.
We won't let anything happen to you.
No way.
My nobel prize is riding on it.
[Ray] And now that you told us all about this chemical stuff I think there's something we could teach you.
I doubt it.
[Ray] He scores, the crowd goes wild! Come on, Annie, take a shot! This is not my game.
You're not kidding.
Hey, Alex, lift me up for one slam dunk, please? - No way, Raymond.
- Oh, take a shot, then.
You used your powers to put that in.
I did not! Captioned by Grant Brown