The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994) s01e06 Episode Script

Science Fair

Would you want to grow up here? I have to.
I'm Alex Mack.
I was just an average kid until my first day of Junior High.
One minute I'm walking home, the next, there's a crash and I'm drench in some weird chemical.
And since then nothing's been the same.
My best friend Ray think it's cool.
And my sister Annie thinks I'm a science project.
I can't let anyone else find out.
Not even my parents.
I know the Chemical Plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment.
But you know something? I'm guess I'm not so average anymore.
Junior High is just like I expected.
They take a bunch of open-minded 12-year-olds and turn them into rigid or wellian humanoids.
Didn't do so well on the science test? I got a "C".
This whole grading system needs an overhaul.
- I got a B-minus.
- Is that cool or what? B-minus? That's something to be excited about? Alex, in our win-at-all-costs society - a B-minus is below average.
- No, Nicole, "C" is average.
Oh, so now I'm average? Nicole, when your sister's a genius it's hard to get noticed.
A B-minus will at least get me noticed.
I know, I know.
It looks fabulous.
Mom, Dad, wait till you hear my news.
Alex, wait, listen to this.
Annie's project was chosen as a finalist for the Science Fair.
- Can you believe it? - Of course I can believe it.
Congratulations, Annie.
- Thanks.
- This year, the Plant is offering a $5,000 college scholarship to the winner.
Some Savvy P.
thought up by you-know-who.
Annie's project's already considered the front-runner.
Don't forget about Carlton Hendy's project, Dad.
So, what scientific frontier have you conquered now, Annie? You know, my design construction and operation of a continuous-pulsed ion beam accelerator.
Oh Alex, be careful! Oh, Alex, what is it you wanted to show us? Oh, never mind, it was nothing.
Um, Alex? Listen, don't make any plans for Saturday.
We're going to the Plant and root Annie on.
The Plant? - The fair's being held at the Plant? - Uh-huh.
Um, Mom, Alex doesn't have to come.
I'm sure she's sick of witnessing my triumphs.
I am.
I really am.
Don't be silly.
We Macks are a team.
You'll do something great someday, Alex.
And when you do we'll all be there to support you.
[Annie] Look, Alex, this is not my fault that Mom and Dad are making such a big deal out of this.
Come on, Annie.
You're like little miss perfect.
Compared to you I'm this insignificant insect or something.
Get over it, Alex.
Stop being so jealous.
I don't want to go.
[door opening] Come on, Alex.
We're leaving for the Plant in half an hour.
I can't, Mom, I feel really sick.
I don't know what it is.
Look, Alex what's going on here? You feeling a little envious of your sister? - I am, but that's not it.
- Well, you feel fine to me.
Well, my throat's really sore and I have a bad headache.
We'll take your temperature.
- Say "ah.
" - Ah.
- You look lovely, Annie.
- Thanks.
Your father is so excited.
You know, there's a chance that I might not win.
I heard that Carlton's project is pretty amazing.
We heard that, too, but you know what? No matter what happens we are so proud of you.
Alex, put that in your mouth.
I really don't see why Alex has to go.
It's my project.
I could care less if That's not the point.
I'm sure, in her heart Alex wants to be there to support you.
Alex, I saw that.
- I don't know what happened.
- You broke the thermometer.
I thought you were too old to fake being sick but I guess I was wrong.
Get out of bed, get dressed.
We're going to the Plant and we'll have fun.
[whispering]: Nice try.
[man over P.
] Students and parents welcome to the Ninth Annual Paradise Valley Science Fair.
Please sign in at the front desk.
Collect your badges at the information desk located in front of the Paradise Valley Annie, I'm really scared.
You should be.
Don't do anything stupid in there.
- I won't.
- [boy] Annie! [laughing] Annie Mack! - Another battle.
- Carlton.
You know, I heard about your ion beam accelerator.
Of course, you realize you have no chance against my transmission of holographic interferometry refraction index changes.
Just like you, Carlton, to pick a real crowd-pleaser.
From what I hear your methodology is flawed and your inconclusive results stem from the weaknesses in the experimental design.
But maybe the judges won't notice.
- And where did you hear that? - It's a small town.
Oh, Carlton, this is my little sister Alex.
Well, Alex, allow me to apologize ahead of time for whipping your older sister's butt.
[Mrs Mack] Hey, come on, kids I want you to say hello to Miss Atron.
No! The place is crawling with kids.
Yes, Miss Atron.
Everything's going just the way we wanted it to.
Hello, Bonnie.
Oh, of course, how could I forget? You remember, uh, my daughters.
This is Alex.
Oh, hello, Alex.
You know, the Plant is looking for you.
What do you mean? I mean that you obviously come from a family with a strong science background.
We always have our eyes and ears open - for the next Gary Mock.
- George.
Um This is our oldest daughter, Annie.
She has a project in the competition.
Oh, this is Annie.
Hello, it is so good to meet you.
I have heard so much about you and your project.
What a pleasure.
Alex Mack.
Annie Mack.
Try to calm down a bit.
- I am calm.
- You don't look it.
Will you relax, Annie? You're the big shot getting all the attention.
Personally, I hope your ironic beam accelerator is a big flop.
Ladies and gentlemen can I have your attention, please? Miss Danielle Atron.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome.
As the head of a corporation which prides itself in always looking towards the future the only person who has a remote chance of beating me - is Annie Mack.
- And I'm sick of that happening.
I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen again.
[Miss Atron] In a few moments we'll open up the exhibition room and take a look at the exceptional work which these children have produced.
It gives me such a sense of [beeping] [door clicking open] [beeping] [door clicking open] [beeping] [zapping] Hey, what do you think you're doing? That's my sister's.
[alarm blaring] I think I just realized you didn't wish me luck.
Are you nervous? Whoa! Alex, what did you do to it? Nothing, Annie, it was Carlton.
He was trying to push it off and I tried to save it.
I was just outside with Carlton when the alarms were going off.
I know, 'cause Alex wouldn't do something this destructive.
Have you ever seen her so jealous before? She's been trying to sabotage this all along.
That's not true, it was an accident, I swear.
- What does it mean? - We're not sure yet.
The alarms indicate that a level of GC-161 was released somewhere inside.
We'll have each individual perp walk through the as-4000 detector.
As they pass through, bang! A full-body chemical analysis over the screen.
- I want guards at every door.
- Already done, Miss Atron.
I'm sure we can remount it.
We're not allowed to work on them once they're here.
- Well, they can make an exception.
- [pounding] [Vince] Visitors.
We have a problem.
The alarms that you hear were caused by a significant grade "C" chemical reaction obviously provoked by this accident.
What? My project couldn't have caused any chemical reations.
I don't know what it can be.
But as long as no one's in danger we're setting up a testing facility to see if anybody has been contaminated.
If so, we'll give them a simple antidote and everything will be fine.
Thank you.
Vince, Vince, uh, George Mack, sector "C".
My daughter's project fell.
Can we have a few minutes to put it back up from one plant family member to another? [laughs] Absolutely not.
Please exit quickly, Mr.
Excuse me.
If if you keep your mouth shut about this maybe, just maybe your daddy will keep his job.
I'm sure my aunt Danielle would see to it.
[Annie] Whatever you have to say, Alex, say it fast.
Right now, I'm ready to serve you up to Danielle Atron myself.
Annie, please believe me.
It was Carlton.
I couldn't say this in front of Mom and Dad but when I came in and I saw him trying to push your project off the table, I used my powers to keep it from crashing to the ground.
In here? After I warned you? It was a reflex.
While I held it in the air he snuck out.
Then when the alarms went off I lost my concentration and it feel.
I don't buy it, Alex.
Why were you in the exhibition room in the first place? When Carlton started talking about your project I got curious.
I know what it seems like, Annie but can't you forget about it? What's going on happen when I walk through that? It will probably make you Danielle Atron's private experiment which is no problem for me.
That project to took two years to build.
We've come full circle, Vince.
The kid came back to us.
Obviously a desperate cry for help, Miss Atron.
Once we're made a positive I.
How do we proceed? It could be traumatic for his family but there are two ways to approach them to ensure cooperation.
One: kindness two: money.
I find the latter usually the most effective.
The important thing is, is that the child is here and no one is getting out.
Ladies and gentlemen, we ask that you line up single file and go through our system one at a time.
After this is over there will be cookies and milk back in the exhibition room.
Hi I heard what your sister did to your entry.
Whew, it's nasty, this sibling rivalry, huh? Tough break, though.
Looks like my project, flawed methodology and all is going to win.
[chuckles] [hum] [mechanical voice] Status: negative.
[bell rings] [bell rings] - This is bad.
- I know it's bad.
Do you swear it was Carlton that tried to sabotage my project? Annie, I swear.
If I wanted to do it why didn't I do it at home? My trying to save your project started this.
Look, he's Danielle's nephew.
- Of course he'd do something like this.
- He is? [Vince] You two girls talking get back in line.
Get over there.
[whispering] Okay, this is what we're going to do.
[mechanical voice] Status: negative.
[bell rings] - [hum] - [bell rings] George.
Guess I passed.
[hum] - Oh! Me too! - [bell rings] [hum] [alarm ringing] [mechanical voice] Status: positive, statue: positive.
Grab that kid.
Hey, what are you doing? Let me go! I create with these hands! Shut down the alarms.
Lock the door.
We have the kid.
[zapping] [buzzing] I know how you must feel about what happened to your ptoject.
We don't have to stay around for the judging.
No, I'll stay.
I'm just hoping somebody beats Carlton.
[Mrs Mack] I kind of feel sorry for him.
You saw what happened when he went into that detector? - I hope he's okay.
- I'm sure he's okay.
[singing quietly] So, seems like you're the one we've been waiting for, Carlton.
This test will only take a minute.
Ooh, I can imagine your fear, Carlton.
But that's all over with now.
- You're in good hands.
- [humming and beeping] Hello.
Good to see you.
Bad news, Miss Atron, it's not him.
Hello, sir.
Very impressive, Mr.
Hendy, as usual.
Huh, do I, uh, at least get extra points for the abominable way I've been treated so far? No.
Are you sure that this limited a response - can prove out your theory? - [snorts] Very sure.
We'll see.
I understand your project met with some misfortune earlier.
Yes, there was an accident.
Everything seems to be in order now.
I guess it wasn't as bad as it looked.
Can you tell me what's the most important thing You learned doing this? Everything I learned through the project has given me greater understanding of the atom and its infinite uses for humankind.
Very well said, Miss Mack.
[softly] And that my sister is full of surprises.
And the winner of the Ninth Annual Science Fair is Annie Mack and her ion beam accelerator.
[cheering and applause] Go, go, go! [camera shutters whirring] [both giggling] Oh, I'm sorry about your project, Annie.
It doesn't matter.
I got the trophy! - Now can we get out of here? - Yeah.
[giggling] [zapping] [sighs and sniffles] [Annie] Couldn't have done it without you, Alex.
That's true.
It still wasn't the smartest thing to do putting yourself at risk so I could win first prize.
Nothing happened, did it? You're not going to hold this against me? After all the work I did? No way.
Good for you.
Maybe you're actually maturing.
[laughing] You're dead.
Captioned by Grant Brown