The Secrets (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

The Conversation

1 I love you.
I love you.
# Going to the chapel and we're # Going to get married # Going to the chapel and we're # Going to get married # Gee, I really love you and we're # Going to get married # Going to the chapel of love # Spring is here # The sky is blue # Whoa # Birds all sing as if they knew # Today's the day # We'll say I do And we'll never be lonely any more.
Oh, your cold feet! You shouldn't be in here.
Why not? It's bad luck.
Seeing each other the day before.
Or the night before.
Something like that.
Tom, I've kept a secret from you.
Something that happened in France.
It's a bad thing.
Like a bad sex thing.
For Christ's sake, Charlotte, are you winding me up? No, I'm not.
Why are you laughing, then? I don't know.
I think I'm really nervous but I have to tell you.
Why, why now? Why are you doing this now? Because I can't go to the church tomorrow with secrets from you.
I just have to tell you now.
All right.
Go on, then.
What? You know when I was studying in France? That year abroad.
Erm I was going out with this guy.
He was much older than me.
Not as old as you, but Right.
He washe was crazy.
Like mad and French andhorny.
One night we were in his apartment and, umhis friend came round and we were just .
drinking and just being stupid.
Oh, God, it's so bad.
Um OK, what? What happened? And then we played this game, like, strip poker.
I don't know, it was different.
The rules were weird.
We just all took our clothes off.
And then, um We just sort of .
we all did it.
You had a threesome? Yeah.
You hate me.
I love you.
I'm marrying you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Come on, let's go to sleep.
Is there anything you want to tell me? Tom? Is there anything at all you want to share with me? Tom? No.
You can tell me anything, you know.
Tell me all your dirty secrets, I won't judge you.
Tom? If there's anything that haunts you or that you really regret, justyou can just tell me.
Your sister's said something, hasn't she? Hmm? Bee? No.
Why would she say something? I had a an issue with an ex-girlfriend.
She made life just really difficult for me, that's all.
How? Look, I feel really uncomfortable doing this.
Can we Well, don't.
Just, you shouldn't.
Just tell me.
I'd prefer to tell you another time.
Why? So I can explain it to you properly, Char.
Well, just explain it now.
What happened? Oh, God.
She said I raped her.
She, er, she said I I pinned her down and and raped her after a night out.
Why didn't you tell me something like this? Come on, when? When am I supposed, you know? You know, look, I'm, I'm over it.
It, it's in the past.
Fucking hell, that's That's a big thing to happen to someone.
What happened? You know what, she was crazy.
And she just, er She developed some sort of .
And to keep me in her life, she just lied.
I feel sick.
I feel totally sick.
Please, Char.
OK, please, don't get upset.
All right? Not tonight.
OK? Not tonight.
Oh, my God.
Look, it's crazy, it's ridiculous, it's, you know.
I think we're both completely exhausted and I think we're both in need of some sleep and I think we should just forget tonight ever happened.
All right.
We will.
All right.
Are you? Are you all right? OK.
Right, I call it Ode To My Son-in-law.
All right? All right.
# He might not make Prime Minister # Or win Wimbledon # He might not play for Chelsea FC # But Tom's the special one # Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom # Where did we go right? This song is very long Oh! Morning, darling.
Oh, look at her, sleepy bug.
You look lovely.
I love your hair.
Oh, Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte.
Come here.
Hi, Dad.
You got your friend down? Got me friend down.
He's going to be with us all day.
Oh, no! Oh, big baby, baby, yeah.
OK? Yeah.
Love is in the air, Lynn.
Hmm? Right.
Where was I? Yeah.
# Char's beauty doth bring many joy Cheers.
# Which Tom now shares with us # And we were thrilled to meet the boy Who came to us bybus.
Left at the roundabout, yeah.
And then straight after the Tube.
All right, well, you call me when you get there.
OK, bye.
Charlotte, come on.
It's almost 11.
We have masses to do.
Mummy? Yes, darling.
If I tell you something, do you promise you'll stay calm? Of course.
Hey! Hello.
I'm missing a cuff link.
Have you seen it? No, sorry.
All right, well, Matt's here.
You look so handsome.
You look amazing.
See you there, then.
See you there.
What do I do? What would you do? Forget it.
Forget about it.
Put it out of your mind.
Well, I'm not sure I can.
Of course you can.
You have to.
Have to? Yes.
Why? Because you love him.
And he loves you and that's all that matters.
Well, he hasn't hurt you, has he? He's not done that to you, has he? No.
Well, then.
Poor chap.
There are fruit loops out there, Charlotte.
These things can happen.
Tom got involved with the wrong person.
Poor guy.
Poor guy.
I can't imagine You're right.
You're right.
Well, that's that.
Mum, there is something else, though.
Charlotte, why are you doing this? Getting yourself in a state.
What for? It's just nerves.
That's all.
Please, Mum.
I need your help on this.
All right.
I'm listening.
When it was my birthday, er, we went out with some friends, and We came back to my house, me and him, and I was really drunk, so was he, and He wanted to, you know? And I didn't want to, I felt sick, I thought I was going to be sick.
And I just remember he sort ofhe like grabbed me, and I think I think he sort of shook me.
I think he shook me.
What are you saying? I don't know what I'm saying, I just I think I was, like, afraid of him.
Not for long, but if I'm really honest with myself, I think I was like a bit scared of him.
So what does it mean? Well, I wasn't there, was I? No, I know you weren't actually there, Mum, but knowing what you know now, what are your thoughts? What do you think? You know what I think, Charlotte? I think you're 29.
I think all your friends are married.
I think you've been single for most of your adult life because you keep finding problems with decent men and you can't find a problem with this one so you just made it up.
Look, it's Tom.
It's Tom, your lovely Tom, who, you know, sorts out your whites from your coloureds and arranges fireworks for your birthday.
I mean, I would love all that.
It's going to be fine.
It's going to be absolutely fine.
Hello! Hello, Mum! Talk about cutting it fine.
Bloody hell! Hello, bridey.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Bee, you're home! I know.
Don't take my eye out.
Aren't you supposed to get a professional to do all this? Well, I don't want any fuss.
Ow! Hold still.
There you are.
Charlotte, are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I need some lipstick.
You look good.
Mad, isn't it? Right, OK.
See you downstairs.
You know, this is the happiest day of my life.
Oh, Dad.
What about your own wedding? No, it's happier than that.
What about when we were born? Erm No, no, this is definitely happier.
You see, this is your life, Char.
This isyour real life about to start.
Yeah, being a child, school, uni that's not it.
It's getting married, having children, filling your house with lovely things.
That's really living.
I don't know, Dad.
I mean, there was life before.
Not like this.
This is the big stuff.
This is the meat of the meal.
All right, I'll check they're ready, and come and get you.
What do you think about me marrying him? Great.
Yeah, great.
He's great.
What do you really think? What? Did anything happen between you two? No.
No, God, no.
He was your friend.
He wasn't.
That's the thing.
He wasn't my friend.
I met him with you in the pub that first time.
Yeah, we went to the same uni, Charlotte.
Charlotte? Swear nothing happened between you two.
I swear nothing happened between us.
My God, what is wrong with you? I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know what's happening.
I don't know what I'm doing.
This girl who accused him.
What happened? I don't know.
You do.
Just tell me.
What happened? There were rumours.
Then why the hell didn't you say something? I wasn't here, was I? She was just a crazy person, right? She was ill.
She had mental problems, right? Yeah.
I don't know.
Was he capable of it? I don't know.
Tell me what to do.
What? Drive.
Let's drive the car now.
Let's go.
Where would we go? Anywhere, it doesn't matter.
If you want to, we can.
Everyone will get over it.
Even Tom.
What will happen? You won't marry him.
You'll move on.
You'll be OK.
I'll be OK.
Well, you'll feel bad for a bit, then you'll feel OK.
I'll feel OK.
This is your life.
You're not sure.
You need to be sure, Char.
I need to be sure.
My God.
I can't do it.
We'll just drive.
We'll drive.
Let's go.
Let's drive.
Right, here we go.
Here we go.
Are you going up, then? Yeah.
Good night, Bee.
My husband.
Come in.
Hi, I just wanted to say goodbye.
I feel like I barely spoke to you yesterday.
Are you off, then? Yeah.
Taxi's here.
I've got the passports, so Well, she's no idea where we're going.
That's nice.
You had fun? Yeah, it was great.
Yeah, just great, or? Wonderful.
It was wonderful.
Did you stay up late? Yeah, really late.
Too late, really.
Yeah? You all right though, are you? Hmm.
Hung-over, but No, I mean last night you were quite quiet.
I dunno, not yourself.
It's just a lot, isn't it? Seeing everyone.
Catching up.
No, it's been a while.
I had a lovely time, Tom.
She's really happy.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I'm part of the family now, so I know.
Oh, hi.
Are your bags down? Yeah.
All right.
Everyone's waiting to see us off.
Are you coming down? I'm so hung-over, Char.
I don't think I can face everyone.
I'm so sorry.
Fair enough.
Bon voyage.
See you.
Have a wonderful time.
Thank you.
Oh, here they are.
Come on, then.
Press on.
Press on.
Oh, it's here.
He's here.
Come here, come here.
Quick, quick.
Bye, Daddy.
Thank you for everything.
It's been great.
You take care of her, now.
I will.
Come here, my baby.
Good luck, Tom.
Good luck.
Thank you, Doug.
Thanks very much.
Not at all.
See you in three weeks.
Sure, sure.
You have a fantastic time and you call me every day.
Char, come on.
Char, get in.
Charlotte, what are you doing? Get in the car.
Charlotte? What the fuck is wrong with you? You're being insane.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Char, come on.
Get in.
Char, get in the car.
Charlotte, get in the car.