The Secrets (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

The Lie

1 The look of love Have you got everything? Yes.
OK, good.
Come here, come here.
Oh! You got a kiss.
Oh! A look your heart can't disguise Miss you.
Group hug.
I'll miss you, too.
Love you.
Love you.
Shall we wave, then? Bye-bye.
Bye, Becs.
Bye, Lex.
See you soon.
Love you.
See you soon.
Quick, quick, before he goes.
Is he waving? Can you see? Can you see? Yeah.
Bye-bye, bye.
I can hardly wait to hold you Is he waving? Mmm-hmm.
Oh, there we go, we got a wave.
How long I have waited Bye! Waited just to love you Now that I have found you We could have a little friend here, as well, for the fireman.
What do you think? Maybe it's the fireman's dog.
The snake looks like he's about to eat the grasshopper.
PHONE RINGS Doesn't he? Hello? 'Hello, this is Grove Street Surgery.
'Is that Mrs Turner speaking?' Yes.
'Can I speak to Mr Turner, please?' No, I'm afraid he's away at the moment.
Can I take a message? 'Your husband wanted to know the results of a blood test we did.
' Sorry, where are you calling from? 'Calling from Grove Street Surgery.
A Mr Turner asked us to call.
' 'It's about the results of the test that we did on your son, Freddie.
' Who? Lex, have you seen my glasses? Um Has Becca been wearing them again, or.
? They're probably in your coat pocket.
No, I've looked.
Looked in every Yeah, well done.
Every time you do that.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
I've just got a bit of a headache, that's all.
I'm fine.
All right, well, take a pill.
I'm off.
When are you back? Thursday.
Love you.
Love you, too.
See you Thursday.
Bye, Lexie.
'You have one new message.
' 'Hi, darling, it's me.
I'm here, everything's all right.
'I'm just calling to, to hear your voice, really.
'If you get this in the next hour or so, give us call.
'Otherwise I'd better go to bed cos I've got a big day tomorrow.
'But, er, if not, I'll call you tomorrow morning.
'All right? I miss you.
'Give Becca a kiss from me, and II love you.
'I love you so much.
Miss you.
Talk to you tomorrow.
' And we are going to do a tiny bit umof maths and English.
Only with counting and letters.
And there's a dressing-up box for playing a game.
Where've you been, nursery? Yeah.
How's Becca? Fine.
What are you doing back? They cancelled my last presentation, soI took an early plane.
I wasn't expecting you back.
Well, lucky me! Is everything all right? What's wrong? Nothing.
Everything all right? Yeah, why? What? What's wrong? Do you want a glass of wine? Now? Yeah.
SHE EXHALES Have you ever been in counselling before, Jane? No.
So, what would be great in this first session is just to find out a little bit more about you, and, erwhat's brought you here.
Whether it's a particular relationship in your life that's brought you here.
Just some background and then we can explore the details a little further down the line.
Um It's hard to know where to start, really.
Are you in a relationship now? Yeah.
Can you tell me a little bit more about that relationship? Um Well SHE CLEARS THROA We're, um I thought we were really I thought we were really happy.
a good relationship, um Has something changed? MAN NEXT DOOR: Where's George? Where's George? KNOCK ON DOOR Er, sorry, darling, I'm just popping out for about half an hour with Freddie.
Thanks, Philip.
I'll see you in a bit.
Love you.
So you were saying you have a good relationship.
FRONT DOOR CLOSES Who was that? It's, ummy partner.
Are you OK? SHUDDERING BREATHS There are some tissues on the table if you need one.
Oh! Hello.
What are you doing sitting on top of the stairs? Nothing.
What's wrong? I'm fine.
You all right? Yeah.
I just don't know who you are sometimes.
And in hindsight I think .
that must be when he started seeing her again.
Again? Yeah, he was with her before.
He was with her before you got together? Yeah, actually, he, um he left her for me.
And .
you think they're still in a relationship now? Yeah.
Pretty sure they are, yeah.
How How do you feel about her? How do I feel about her? Er SHE CLEARS THROA Sorry, can I use your bathroom? Yes, erupstairs.
First on the left.
Thank you.
What are you doing?! Get out! Get out of this room.
Sorry, I What are you doing in here? I just wanted to have a look at him.
Get out.
What were you doing? I was just looking.
I thought I heard him cry.
What do you mean looking? Did you touch him? I think we should end this session now.
Thank you.
Thank you for your help.
SHE SCREAMS: Why? Why? Tell me now! Tell me the truth.
All right, sh.
You can't, though, can you, eh? You can't! All right, all right You can't fucking tell me the truth! Oh, my God.
Listen I fucking hate you! All right, all right Listen, listen, listen a bit.
All I can say is, it isn'tit isn't what you it isn't what you think it is.
It isn't what you think it is.
How can it not be what I think it is? I know, but it isn't, it isn't, it isn't.
It isn't what you think it is.
It's not It's not about you.
It's not It isn't about you or you not being, or me not It's not about me not loving you, or me not wanting to be with you, it really isn't.
Well, what is it about, then? What is it about, then?! I I don't know.
I don't know.
It's not It wasn't All I know is that I do love you.
Don't come near me.
Don't come near me.
All right, I'm not going to.
Oh, God, I can't, I just can't The last The last thing that I ever, ever want to do is hurt you.
That's the last thing that I ever, ever, ever, want to do.
You're the last person that I would ever want to hurt.
You and Becca are the last The things that I do love.
I do love most in the world.
I know it sounds I know it sounds .
But I thought I was I thought I was actually I thought I was actually doing something to .
that would make everybody .
happier in ain a I know that sounds very very odd.
I'm just soso sorry.
Er I think it's probably best that I get this out straightaway.
I am very angry at this, er, situation.
I'm very angry with Phil, of course, and I'm very angry, er I know this isn't professional but I'm very angry that you came into my house and into my life and pretended to be someone that you are not.
How did you think that could help? I don't care.
Do you love him? Of course I do.
Do you love him? Yes.
I do.
I'm married to him.
So what do we do now? Well, have you talked to Phil? Have you asked him what he wants? I don't think he knows what he wants.
This sort of worked when we didn't know about each other.
We could carry on.
We could carry on just like it is now.
Is that such a crazy idea? Maybe this couldstill work.
Maybe somehow we could make it work.
He's here.
It's absolutely horrible out.
Well, shall we talk it through? Yeah, yes.
Whatso what did you two, um What did you two discuss? Well, we, um .
we wondered if there was .
some way of making this work.
Is that right? This is bullshit.
CHAIR CLATTERS Lexie? Lex? # The look of love # Is in your eyes # The look your heart can't disguise # The look of love # Is saying so much more Than just words could ever say # And what my heart has heard Well, it takes my breath away I can hardly wait to hold you Feel my arms around you