The Serpent (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 You're missing an American.
We were missing two Dutch until Herman found them.
And you think it's this man? I believe this is Gautier and Leclerc travelling on the passports of my two Dutch just days before these murders took place in Nepal.
And you both say you have never met Miss Bronzich, or Mr Carriere? No.
As long as Gautier is out there in the world .
people are in danger.
Help me! People will die.
Stop this.
How the hell do you just expect me to just stop it?! Whatever brought you to this position, you're about to kick a sealed door wide open.
I'm Lieutenant Colonel Suthimai.
Thai Interpol.
You've been busy.
This is an international arrest warrant.
It will go to every law enforcement agency in the world.
You are a killer too, Marie.
And the Thais will execute you.
You lived in Saigon? Yes.
And there was never a time when I couldn't see what bombs and bullets do to human bodies.
It's disgusting, man.
Anyone who sells weapons, they should have one used on their own family.
See how they like it.
That's why travel is so important.
It teaches you kindness, humanity.
There was no need for you to help me, Daniel.
But you did.
Man, we were blessed to have found you, Luc.
Wait until you meet the others.
They can make copies and take notes all they like, but none of them want to do anything.
I finally bring you the FBI, and, still, you complain.
I know they have their own interests and I know they're covering their backs, but what are they actually doing to help? So, this is him, Ethan Meir, a water engineer found poisoned in his hotel suite in Varanasi.
We found his passport in their old apartment.
And Indian Police have him in a Varanasi morgue as an unsolved death.
Cheers, man.
Nice to meet you, Luc.
Great joint.
Hey, Luc.
Come on, let's go dance.
Come on, man.
Go and dance with them.
You don't know how lucky you are.
They never want to dance with me, right? Come on! Go for it.
Let's go, let's go.
They can't find Gore's documents.
That's because they're looking in the wrong section.
That's victims.
David Allen Gore is here, under "nonfatal".
But they should stay where they are and study the other Americans.
Teresa Knowlton and Connie-Jo Bronzich, too.
They are not sure.
What's to say that Connie-Jo Bronzich was one of his? Herman, neither one of us are cops, so we have to listen to cops.
And they need more to go on than a book of matches and a newspaper article.
May I introduce you to Mr Akash Singh - consular attache at the Nepalese Embassy.
He's been kind enough to bring some us records.
There is an autopsy report, along with a police report from Nepal.
The autopsy report describes what was suffered by the young woman who they doubt died at the hand of Charles Sobhraj.
Connie-Jo Bronzich.
It's fucking useless.
What did I tell you when you picked him up? To find out where he's been.
There's too many stamps, no space any more.
I can't use it.
His traveller's cheques? Where are his traveller's cheques? The police report describes an interview that took place with a foreign couple whose appearance matches that of Charles Sobhraj and Marie-Andree Leclerc, and who gave the names of Willem Bloem and Helena Dekker - my two Dutch, where all this began! How much proof do they need? He's barely breathing! What's wrong with him? What do we do? Maybe I should take you to the police and tell them how you drugged him.
I didn't do that! Yes.
Yes, you did.
You all seem preoccupied with what has happened, rather than what will happen - which is certainly that this man, Sobhraj, will keep on killing until he is caught.
So, catch him! He wasn't breathing, when you took him to his hotel.
That's what Linnea said.
That he was dead.
Was he? There were police at the guy's hotel.
That's what they're saying.
What the fuck happened, Monique? I would like to cash them all, please.
Thank you, Miss Fernandez.
Daniel never said anything about anyone getting killed, Monique.
Nobody's killed.
No-one is dead.
What, do you think Daniel is an idiot? I have done this with him many, many times, and never has anybody died.
He is an expert, you understand? What are you? Some bum lucky enough to be given a chance by him.
He gives you a home, and all you do is question him.
I'm sorry, Monique.
I need to make a telephone call.
For international call.
Yes, Quebec.
Connecting you to a call from Delhi.
Hello? Marie-Andree? Marie-Andree? Marie-Andree? Where is John? Where's your bag? He took it.
What? Where were you when he took it? Did he attack you? No.
I was distracted.
Distracted? What were you doing? It's not my fault you recruit drug addicts and thieves.
Your ring.
Who will you give it to now? To a pawnbroker.
We all need money now.
Money for drugs? Take it.
It's probably made from tin and glass.
No, it's not! It's a sapphire set in diamonds on a platinum ring.
Those passports were our way out of here, but you have fucked it all! But I don't know why I'm surprised.
You are my worst mistake, Marie.
Some hopeless little Quebecois that I made beautiful for a while.
But you're not.
You're a cripple.
A nothing.
It's true.
I am those things.
But at least I know what I am.
But you, Charles? The master criminal .
the international gem dealer.
He talks and he talks about freedom.
How his life is some victory over the world.
It is a joke! Look at us, huh? Look at us all.
Five of us sharing one room, or sleeping in a fucking car! Get out.
Everything about him is a lie.
Everything except this.
He is a mother's boy whose mother despises him.
Shut up! Out! A boy who was never wanted by anyone or by anything You shut up.
except pathetic fools like me! What now? Mr John? Telephone call! Hello? Mr John, I'm Deputy Superintendent Tuli from the New Delhi Crime Branch.
You called here and left a message.
Hello? You wish to report a crime? Druggings? Robbings? Please, don't waste my time, sir.
Why else would you have telephoned if you have nothing to say? A man died.
This man, he is not like you and I.
He is something else altogether.
He's a criminal.
I know, of course.
All I mean to say is that it frightens me.
When I think of the crimes that he committed when he was free to roam and how much worse they are likely to be, now that the world is closing in on him.
I have nothing but respect for your commitment in this case.
But this criminal is no longer your responsibility.
In fact, my superior officer, General Chaikamdee, asks that you hand over all of your records to us.
Interpol will now be taking over.
But they are my records.
I put this case together when no-one else gave a damn.
If you don't agree, he will make a request to your Ambassador.
He would send me home.
And what help can you be to us in Holland? All right.
Have your men come to my home at 7am tomorrow.
I'll have everything boxed and ready for you.
What's your rush? He's not coming until the morning.
I know, but I have an idea.
I can't just hand it all over, can I? What's going on? It's our last night.
I'm cooking.
If Herman's giving up his precious files, he's not going to do so without making a copy.
We should be able to get it in both cars.
It is perfection.
I don't know how many of them there are.
But this is more than 30.
And all of their valuables, their passports, their money.
All of it in only one bag, in the care only one couple - their professor and his wife.
It's as if the world decided.
It reached out to me and said, "They're yours.
Take them.
" 30 in one swoop, that's far out.
I mean, the French guy If I say it will succeed, it will succeed.
Safe journey back to France.
Please, make me the first person you telephone when they catch him.
Nadine, I, er Well, I just thought Consider it a leaving present.
It's your report.
Herman, really? Well, I just thought it might be useful in France.
If I hadn't met you I don't want to say goodbye.
She's right.
We're going to miss you both.
Have you seen? They are new tenants in Alain and Monique's apartment.
It will be strange, not having them around.
It is as though our children have left home.
Shall we try driving to the coast this weekend? Get out of the city? It might be good for us.
Yes, it very well might.
But I think I ought to stay in Bangkok.
I might be needed.
Didn't Colonel Sompol say it was no longer your responsibility? Then we can go to the beach, then, can't we? Why are you saying that? I only meant that you're allowed to Allowed to what? Allowed to drink cocktails on the beach while Charles Sobhraj is still on the loose somewhere? And what if he's never caught? What, then? Are we never allowed to go anywhere nice ever again? Look, he He will be caught.
Besides, it's nice enough here, isn't it? Well, that depends on the company.
I think I need another drink.
You? I think I might go to visit my parents.
In Germany? It's been such a long time.
And, as you say you're very busy.
Oh, really? Your wife is no better? But it's the Taj Mahal today.
It's a tragedy for her.
Yeah, but she is very sick.
Well, I needn't tell you, it's the common complaint for all those travelling India.
It can ruin what ought to be magical.
What do you do? To protect yourself? Peel your fruit, avoid ice - and meat.
But I also take an anti-bacterial drug.
It was recommended to me by a biochemist in Tehran.
I see.
I might find you some, if you'd like? Yeah.
For three days, he kept a woman tied up in the Ashoka Hotel while he dug a hole through the floor and robbed the jewellery shop below.
Does your Daniel have an appendix scar? Perhaps.
After he was apprehended and imprisoned, he faked appendicitis.
He had the organ removed and, while recovering in hospital, vanished.
Have you met the woman with whom he now travels? Monique? She's a French-Canadian, correct? How do you know all this? Because they are hunted by people other than the New Delhi Crime Branch and in places other than in India.
These are international arrest warrants issued by Interpol Bangkok.
So, he's a big deal, then? You might say that.
If I tell you what you want to know, you'd look after me? Get me home? I haven't been home in so long.
The first day I'm in India, I take one before dinner and two before bedtime.
Afterwards, one each morning.
So, Daniel, will you stay for dinner? Of course.
One before dinner, two before bedtime.
Thank you, Daniel.
Show me.
I almost shot my wife with it.
Mate, fucking hell.
We've all been there.
You know, Herman you would be happier if you thought less.
Like you, you mean? Happy Paul.
You're beautiful.
Your wife is beautiful.
No, no, not right now You ought to be fucking in mountain pastures and raising little Cloggies.
Not sitting in a place like this wondering whether she's coming back or not.
She's coming back.
She's gone to see her mother, but .
she's coming back.
And even if she doesn't .
this is Bangkok, Ker-nippenberg.
It's all gravy, my friend.
Oh, for God's sake, Laver.
Fuck off! You heard the man.
Come on.
Daniel! Erica! What happened? I don't know.
She fell to the floor, her stomach - something's wrong.
Calm down! Was she taking any other medication? Not that I know.
Quinine, perhaps, for malaria? He's a cheap little conman.
Thoughtless street thug.
He is not worth a single grey hair on your head.
Sobhraj? Yes, fucking Sobhraj.
Fuck him.
Shit, are they here for us? Wait, are they here for us? We need to go.
We really need to go.
This has nothing to do with me! You evil bastard! I understand your fears.
My friend, my friend By all means, call the police.
But, first, call an ambulance.
Karl! Call an ambulance! Miss Leclerc.
My name is Tuli.
If Mr Sobhraj is not here, please Take your hands off me! .
will you tell me where I can find him? Daniel, where are you going? Stop right there.
You don't recognise me? Mr Sobhraj.
Hello? No, erm No, erm Colonel, no, you're not disturbing me at all.
What?! Over 30 German engineering students.
All at once.
You feel the man must have lost his mind.
Colonel Sompol of Interpol assures me that the Thais will do everything in their power to secure the extradition.
Are we ready? Yes, sir.
Ambassador All of this business, I know how trying it must have been for you but .
I hope now at least you can tell the families of the murdered Dutch that justice has been served.
Morning, gentlemen! No, Mr Knippenberg.
I'd like Mr De Jongh to make the briefing notes from now on.
Mr De Jongh? Now .
shall we begin? We have him for administering poison and attempted robbery of over 30 German tourists in one attempt.
But the New Delhi Crime Branch has had an open warrant on Mr Sobhraj since his robbery of the Ashoka Hotel and his notorious escape.
Thank you for this opportunity, sir.
Thank you very much.
The pleasure is all ours.
Thank you.
Colonel? I did all that the Indians want me for.
I have confessed.
I robbed the Ashoka Hotel of a million rupees in rare gems, and then, yes, I drugged my prison guards, and I escaped, while all India celebrated the act.
Have you persuaded the Indian authorities that I should be extradited to Bangkok? I have not.
You see, in India I'm loved.
But you murdered in India.
A Frenchman in June.
I'm charged with that crime, but I deny it.
You murdered in January, also.
There's no evidence of that.
An Israeli citizen, Ethan Meir, was found dead of a drugs overdose in his hotel in Varanasi.
How did you get this? His passport was found in your apartment.
It's the little Dutchman, isn't it? Mr Knippenberg.
Tell him from me I'd like to meet him one day.
Perhaps you will.
We are very patient.
As soon as your sentence here is complete, I'll be waiting to take you home with me.
The Indians feel they have a prior claim on him.
They'll keep him for a good while, I expect.
And we will be waiting.
As soon as his sentence is served in India, he will face charges here in Thailand.
I brought you a present back from India.
Instead of a prisoner? Yes.
Instead of a prisoner.
It took Miss Leclerc two days, but she assured Inspector Tuli she didn't miss a thing.
Shall I read it now? It's rather long.
No need.
I made you a copy.
To go with all the others.
Others? The copies you made of all your records before you gave them to us.
How did you know? Experience teaches, Mr Knippenberg.
I was born in St Charles, Quebec, Canada, on 26th July 1945.
I have three sisters and two brothers.
Both of my parents are Canadian.
He told me he had a Thai friend who owned a jewellery store and that she helped him make contacts in the gemstone business.
He introduced me to everybody else as his wife .
but he asked me to say to her that I was his secretary.
I agreed to that.
In Bangkok, anyone suffering from dysentery goes to the store and buys Kaopectates.
Alain .
or Charles .
used to mix the sedative Mogadon into the water and combine it with the Kaopectate .
and give it to the people who stayed with us.
I think we should resume in the morning.
Thank you, Miss Leclerc.
Goodnight, Sister.
Are you comfortable? May I have something more brought to you? I have God, Inspector Tuli .
which is all I need.
I have come to say goodbye, Charles.
We are never going to see each other again.
They have agreed to send me home.
To die.
I am going home to die.
Look, even now, you are pitiless.
Something I always knew but .
persuaded myself to the contrary.
It is in my womb.
The cancer? Where I once hoped there would be a child.
A child? The sisters tell me I must forgive .
And so .
do you? Not yet.
I am trying.
Do you even question what you did? What What we did? Or do you still sit here believing yourself to have .
somehow triumphed? Yes, I am I am certain of it.
Your vanity is powerful enough to defeat anything.
You will be free.
And I will be back in Quebec.
Under the earth.
A stupid .
little .
dead .
Tonight, Moira Callaghan tracks him to Paris for the first television interview with the man known as the Serpent.
As Sobhraj served his jail time in India, authorities began their case to extradite him to Thailand as soon as his sentence was served.
In Thailand, he would face the death penalty.
But only one month before his release, Sobhraj escaped captivity once more.
He was free for 22 days before giving himself up to the authorities.
The Indian courts then sentenced him to another ten years in a Delhi jail before any extradition would be granted.
By the time of his release, and just as he had calculated, the statute of limitations for murder in Thailand had expired and with it the warrant for his arrest.
In February 1997, Charles Sobhraj, Asia's most notorious killer, was granted a new French passport and returned to live there as a free man.
Mr Sobhraj.
Shall we? Of course.
Are you a dangerous man? The question first is whether I committed murder.
And did you? The courts, they have decided no.
I have faced trials.
I have faced allegations.
And the courts, they have decided.
That doesn't answer my question, does it? That's my answer.
There are those who would say you got away with it.
That's what Time magazine said.
Perhaps it's true.
After all, I cannot now face trial .
anywhere in the world.
Son of a bitch.
Charles? Monsieur Sobhraj? Par ici, s'il vous plait! Monsieur Sobhraj! Hello, Mr Sobhraj.
I'm here, as you asked.
I will take picture? My friend, thank you for coming.
Wait! Take another one.
Let's be sure they know where I am.
Sir, you should see this.
This is a misunderstanding! But, see, I go quietly.
They're old.
But my memory of the sight of them? As though it happened this morning.
It is a terrible thing but .
I assure you, Inspector, I was not here in 1975.
I have never been to your country in my life.
I remember talking to you, sir.
You and your companion.
What were the names of your two suspects, Inspector? Bloem and Dekker were the names on the passports you used.
But see .
my name is Charles Sobhraj.
Inspector, I appreciate your compassion and diligence, but I do not think you can hold me here for long.
Not without evidence.
No, it's OK, I'll OK.
Herman Knippenberg.
Herman? It's Angela.
Hello, Angela.
How is Vanessa? Ja, she's she's good, thank you.
Open your email, Herman.
OK, one moment.
Everything OK? Right.
Where's that from? The Post.
What, the Washington Post? No, Herman.
The Bangkok Post.
What the hell is he doing? I thought if anyone would know, you would.
No-one's said or written a word about him in years.
Someone so vain must hate that.
He got himself caught on purpose? He enjoys two things.
So, he pulls a stunt like this, and the world remembers his name.
You want me to ask you what the other is, don't you? What is it? He likes to escape.
My name is Herman Knippenberg.
I don't have time to explain, but I have a particular interest in the man you now have in your custody.
I think I can help you.
Yes, Mr Knippenberg.
I know who he is, I met him when he was last in Nepal.
Please, listen.
You must stall him.
I cannot hold him at all.
He says we have nothing on him, and he's right, I have no evidence.
Look .
you must hold him.
Please, do whatever you can.
We arrived at Kathmandu around three in the afternoon.
We stayed at the Royal Annapurna Grand Hotel.
He wrote his name as Bloem, the Dutch boy.
And he made me write mine under Dekker, the girl.
We met a couple travelling together.
A Canadian boy, an American girl, I do not remember their names.
But on December 22nd .
Alain and Ajay went with them for a drive into the mountains.
And did this young boy and girl return? No.
These people were our guests.
We honour our guests.
I am your guest.
You're my prisoner.
Only in the event that you charge me.
Am I to be physically restrained or .
may I leave? Yes, that's right.
I have crucial information, I'm going to fax it over to you now, but you have to send it over to the Kathmandu police.
You must make sure Chief Inspector Thapa gets it.
Yes, immediately.
Constable! Mr Sobhraj.
Recorded witness statement from your accomplice, Miss Leclerc.
She was here in 1975 .
with you.
Where did you get this? It seems I'm not the only one who hasn't forgotten about you.
Hello? Mr Knippenberg.
Do you have him, Chief Inspector? We have him.
We're taking him into custody now.
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