The Shadow Line s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

(SCANNER WHIRRING RHYTHMICALLY) You can read my mind? Not quite.
At least not yet.
But we can evaluate your reaction to the photos, and that gives us some insight into brain function.
Or lack of? Hmm.
Well, it's interesting.
The scan images above the pictures are from three months ago, beneath the pictures are now.
What's interesting is that most of them have remained consistent.
So your response to your childhood schooling, etcetera, all these have remained the same.
There's been a change in response to your wife.
GABRIEL: There's more orange in it now.
Meaning? As I say, we don't know what the change means yet, just that there's been one.
Your response to your colleague who was killed also remains unchanged.
However, and this is what's particularly interesting, your response to the scene of the killing and where you were shot, that has changed considerably.
If you look at the scan from three months ago, there's hardly any reaction at all.
Because of the injury.
This is what interests us.
Whereas today's scan shows distinctly more activity.
You think my memory's coming back? Starting to, maybe.
-GABRIEL: Though a glass, darkly.
-Ah, yes.
-DOCTOR: But later -Yeah.
(MOBILE RINGING) It's all right.
Go back to sleep.
Everything's fine.
(SIGHS) Laura, there's something I have to tell you.
Don't worry.
Whatever happens, it'll be all right.
Why do you say that? -I didn't -Stop it, Jonah.
Stop always hedging your fucking bets! When are you going to want something? Want something so much you can't bear to lose it? Say it.
Say you want this.
-(SOFTLY) Of course I do.
Because sometimes wanting something so much that you can't live You can't even see a future if you lose it, is the only reason you get it.
So for once, want it.
Like you have never wanted anything else.
NURSE: It's all right.
It's there.
I do.
Jonah Gabriel? Peter Glickman.
So, where did the drugs lead you? To me.
So, does that mean you've stopped looking? What else is there to find? Do you think this is all about you? Good cop, bad cop? You think that's what this is all about? You, drugs, dead cops, Royal Pardons, Harvey Wratten It's not about you.
It's not about any of you.
You're alljust threads.
Little, tiny threads.
But if you want to find the rope, there's only one line for you to follow.
The money.
What money? Talk to Commissioner Penney.
Ask him about Counterpoint.
What's Counterpoint? Say you're looking for answers and you won't stop till you've found them.
He won't give you any, but then he'll get in contact with someone who can.
Who? Gatehouse.
How do I find him? Oh, you won't need to.
Once he knows you're looking, he'll find you.
So, tell me your secret.
I don't have one.
Everyone has a secret.
And that's what he will find.
And that's where he will find you.
At your most vulnerable.
I don't have a secret.
You want to know who you are, Gabriel? You want to know what side of the line you really stand? Then tell me your secret.
Because once he finds it, I'm the only one who can save you.
Good boy.
I'm not doing it.
You have to trust me on this.
A new hotel every night? -It's just for a short time.
-What's a short time? -(SHOUTING) It's not long! -Shh.
(BOY CHATTERING) -Is that what she's doing? -No.
Why not? Because she's your wife? -Because she's pregnant? -Because she's not the one in danger.
And we are? You may be.
Yes, if you stay here.
Why? Because if this man comes looking for me, he may well come here.
Then I'lljust tell him where to go.
(SCOFFING) Why would he come here? Because Because we are your weakness.
Is he trying to blackmail you? No.
Threaten us? Call her.
Tell her.
Tell everyone! -I will.
-Not "will".
Do it now! Then he'll have nothing, because everything will be out in the open.
-That won't work.
-But it'll work for me.
It'll work for him! It's what I've been asking you for a long time.
(LAUGHS) God! It looks like this guy's doing me a favour.
It will make it worse.
Worse for who? For you? For your wife? Yes! For Laura, for you, for me, for Con, for everyone! Why? Because if this man thinks my secret is here, this is where he'll come.
So, you're using us as bait? No! Because you won't be here! You'll be safe! And all he'll find All he'll find Who is this man? I don't know.
That's what I'm going to find out.
That's five million.
I'll need 48 hours to get you the rest.
With that kind of turnover, it's only polite to wait.
You're in the game now.
Better than being on it.
(CURRENCY COUNTER WHIRRING) You want the next two shipments in one go? Four hundred kilos at 15 grand a kilo.
Then I need three million up front.
It's in the bag, along with the four I already owe you.
Seven million.
Plus three on delivery.
Gives you your 10, as I promised.
Four hundred kilos, that's a heavy weight.
-Flowers won't cover it.
-I don't expect them to.
Then what do you expect? A change of plan.
FOLEY: So, what have you got? MALE VOICE: 400 kilogram, brown.
At least 70%.
-When? -Within three weeks.
-Who? -Joseph Bede.
How much do you want? -Two hundred and fifty thousand.
-What? With a street value of 20-odd million, I reckon your people are wary.
Why are you doing this? Ours is a dog-eat-dog world.
And this dog's getting too tired to run.
You didn't come.
It was good.
Would have been better with you.
I'm sorry.
You ought to tell me.
About what? Whatever it is you want to say.
I wish I could but I can't.
Is it something you know? -About Peter? -Yes.
I meant about you and me, I wish But I can't.
-Because of your wife? -Because of everything.
(SIGHS) Well, it'd be a shame to lose you completely.
I mean, we've only just met.
Then next time I'll come.
-Next time it's Bach.
-I like Bach.
Yes, I think I thought that about you.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Then Bach it shall be.
As friends.
Where's the harm in that? No harm.
At all.
Not any more.
Just plain Mister.
And why was that, exactly? Have you still lost your memory, Detective Inspector? I'm yet to get the full picture, if that's what you mean, sir.
Oh, how convenient.
Hasn't been.
But I'm starting to pull some threads together.
Well, be careful they don't form into a noose.
For whose neck? You're not the first, you know.
To do what? Stand there.
-Who else is there? -Was.
That journalist.
-Asking questions.
-About you? -About you, actually.
Look what happened to him.
I don't ride bikes.
It's too dangerous.
It's not worth the risk.
-What is? -The truth.
Because you're a policeman? It's who I am.
You don't know who you are.
I think I might be about to find out.
Be careful what you wish for.
Maybe it's what you don't know that's keeping you alive.
What's Counterpoint? It's music, isn't it? It's by Bach.
Who's Gatehouse? And what about the money? Safe journey, Detective Inspector.
I'll see you when I get there, Mr Penney.
(ORGAN PLAYING TOCCA TA AND FUGUE IN D MINOR) An absolute fucking melting pot.
Well, that's great men for you.
In my world, Commander, when everyone knows who you are, you haven't done your fucking job.
Well, he wasn't faking it.
And if he doesn't know, he hasn't told anyone else.
Except now he wants to find out for himself.
Well, if you're walking around with a bullet in your head, it's alljust a matter of time.
-Sir Richard -I know.
I know.
Very moving.
How? He has an ex-mistress and a love child he wants to keep secret.
They argue often.
Neighbours have heard them.
So, when your people finally break in because she's missed an appointment or whatever and find two bodies, hers will be murdered and his will have turned the gun on himself.
Silenced, of course, and incidentally, stolen from his department a few days previously.
But when asked, it will be the arguments the neighbours remember and not the unnoticed visit from a stranger the night before.
And the child? Mmm.
Lucky to be alive.
Like the rest of us.
Don't you think? FOLEY: When it's your time -It's your time.
-No matter where you look.
I might have a shadow on a line.
Are you interested? Whose? Where Harvey Wratten left off.
-How much for it? -Quarter of a million.
(CLICKING TONGUE) Four hundred kilos, Turkish brown, 70% pure.
-When? -I'll need a quick decision.
I'll need a name.
Without a target, there's nothing to aim at.
Joseph Bede.
-Never heard of him.
Isn't that the point? (WHISTLING TUNE) Mama.
Come on, darling.
We're going.
(SIREN WAILING) (BOY MURMURING) (THUD) (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (BOY MUMBLING) (GASPS) What are you doing here? What are you doing here? This is my home! You have to go.
Alison, you have to go.
Go on.
Just you try it.
Don't go in there.
Alison! Too late.
Here we are.
Here we are, my darling.
Hmm? Safe and sound.
No, it's time to go to sleep.
Mummy's going to go out and I'll come back and give you a kiss, okay? Shh.
-(WHISPERS) Go in the kitchen.
-Don't open the door.
-It's too late.
Don't call anyone.
-I'm not -Go in the kitchen.
Don't come out.
(LEAVES RUSTLING) Jonah Gabriel.
Who are you? We need to talk.
What about? -May I come in? -No.
I have something very important to tell you.
-Then say it here.
-I can't do that.
-Why not? -It's a secret.
Then whisper.
You want to protect your family.
I understand.
But then, you see, if I'd wanted to kill them I could have done it at the hotel.
And if I'd needed to kill you, I could have done it long before now.
(SOFTLY) You (GUNSHOTS REVERBERATING) (GUNSHOT ECHOES) Where are they? Why do you need to know? It would be best if they didn't see me.
He's in his room, she's in the kitchen.
Tell her to stay there.
I have.
When? Before I came to the door.
Why? It's my job.
Do you call it a living room or lounge? Neither.
Then let's go there.
Come in.
Sit down.
That's your choice.
This is mine.
Will she come in? No.
So, you want to know why I shot you.
I want to know why I was there.
Because you're afraid you'd come to sell me drugs, like Delaney had before? That somehow he'dcorrupted you? Had he? You really don't know? But what do you think? I don't.
Because you can't remember? That's what your bullet did to me.
But people just know.
Don't they? Instinctively.
Whether they're good or bad.
Why don't you? Is it you? Is it her? Is it your son? Is it the lies you tell your wife? What is it that makes you so unsure? Because whatever it is, it's not just the bullet in your head that makes you need to ask.
May I? What? I have something to give you.
What? It's what you want to know.
It's in my breast pocket.
May I? It's all right.
Finger and thumb.
Finger and thumb.
It's Delaney's notebook, the one I took from him after he'd been shot.
It's all written down.
Like what? You weren't selling drugs.
The line you walked was straight.
You even got Delaney to walk it with you.
Right to its very end.
It's all right.
You were a good cop.
But whether you're a good person well, that's not for me to say.
But here.
Find out for yourself.
No, I don't think I'll be doing that.
No? Why not? Because you're wearing gloves.
(SCREAMS) -No! -Give him to me! My baby! Give him to me! -No! -My baby! (BOTH WAILING) Give me my baby! Give him! Give him! (CONTINUES SCREAMING) (MOBILE RINGING) Hello? (CAR DOOR SHUTS) Petra.
-(SOBBING) -Oh, it's all right.
Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Shh, it's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It'll be all right.
-(GRUNTS) -It'll be all right.
It'll be all right.
Thank you for coming.
I didn't think I should.
I wanted you to.
I needed you to.
I have to tell you something.
These past three years, I have been living a lie.
And there came a point I decided that I would do anything, anything to make it stop.
Two weeks ago I told Jonah that if he didn't tell you about Connie, then I would.
This week? Maybe even today, who knows? And if I had done that, I would have ruined your life.
But I would have done it willingly.
Willingly, you know? Because that's how we feel about truth, isn't it? It has to be known, no matter what.
Even if it means wrecking an innocent woman's life.
Or opening the door to a man you should never have let in.
But standing here today, I can tell you, I would rather live with an eternity of lies than a second without my son.
You must tell your husband to do the same.
Because if he doesn't, I'm very afraid the next person to be standing here will be you.
MAN: This way.
Detective! If you'd just look this way, Detective Inspector! Just one more.
This way.
(CAMERAS SNAPPING) How much do they know? Well they certainly smell a story.
A corrupt police officer selling drugs to criminals.
-They don't know that.
-Not yet.
What other choice have I got? That's going to make things very difficult for me.
You should've thought of that before you insisted on bringing him back in.
I'll need timeto tidy up.
Be sure to take your ashtray with you when you go.
What? Richard, you've no one to blame but yourself.
-(CAMERAS SNAPPING) -Detective Inspector, this way.
We are ready to deliver.
My end buyer needs notice.
I can give you up to one week.
-I'll take that.
-Three million? You'll have it.
How's your wife? Don't speak about my wife! It was you who put her in the deal.
What did he mean by that? Jesus, Joseph, what have you done? Tell the boy we need that money.
Yeah, that's fine.
Fine? What, is that like, okay? 'Cause it's got to be more than that, it's got to be definite.
Don't worry, I'll get you the money.
We're not talking about a visit to the sweet shop now.
Want to watch me make the call? You know what? When both the cops and the criminals begin to look like kids, it really is time to leave the game.
Well, that's a call only you can make, Granddad.
Just get that money.
Apparently he's got the heartbeat of a 20-year-old.
That's Benecol for you.
Can I have a word? So, what did he have to tell you that was so important you let him in? You were a good cop? At least I'm not alone.
Doesn't make it true.
Judge yourself by your actions, Jonah.
If you weren't, you'd have given up long before now.
That's why Khokar wants to have you thrown to the wolves.
And if I let the press rip you to bits, pretty soon they're going to start licking their chops at me.
Well, then maybe you and your boss should think that through -a little more carefully.
-And maybe he already has.
I have to survive.
It's not just the first blow you got to look out for, it's knowing when the next one will come.
So, if Khokar's happy enough to have my arse stripped out, whatever he's got to hide must look like a whole fucking abattoir.
And that's a stench he obviously thinks you've caught a whiff of.
You talked to the wrong guy, Jonah.
So if there's anything you know, now is the time to tell me.
Because then we can beat this together.
I met with Peter Glickman.
When? Before he was killed, sir.
And what did he tell you? Where did you get it from? DS Delaney.
When? Just before he died, must've been.
Is it your share? What of? A drugs deal.
I think it was his share of the drugs that got him busted.
So why is it in our wardrobe? Because I wanted to know why.
Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? What have you done, Jonah? (SIGHS) No, Laura.
It's them.
What have they done? Who? Look.
LAURA: What is it? (SIGHS) It's a code.
Whose? Ours.
I've been looking in the wrong direction.
It's not the drugs, it's the money.
-The money used to buy them.
-Jonah, I'm not It's a police code, Laura.
-What? -This money is from our side.
-So give it back.
-But that's not how it got here.
If Delaney got this from selling drugs, then who was buying? -I don't know.
-The police, Laura.
He was selling it to us.
(SIGHS) So whose side are we on? A private word? Been offered a shadow on a line.
Whose line? A guy called Joseph Bede.
Never heard of him.
Isn't that the point? What's he looking to bring in? Four hundred kilos of heroin, 70% pure.
Who's the shadow? How much does he want? Quarter of a million.
Baked beans? Pounds.
Hold on, there's a phrase people use for this.
It's funny, it's, um Fuck you.
Yeah, that's it.
Fuck you.
-Yeah, that's one of our codes.
-When? -May the 5th, last year.
-How much was marked? -I can't tell you that.
-What can you tell me? Whatever's not classified.
Is this operation still ongoing? We were never asked to locate the money.
Why not? Well, it was never initiated.
What does that mean? Well, whoever had it smudged never asked us to trace it.
And who was that? You lost a son? Yes, I did.
That's terrible.
-You log every access request? -Yes.
Can you tell me the last person to ask to access that file? Well, you were.
-And Detective Sergeant Delaney.
-Sergeant Delaney.
See? They're geeks.
The reason no one's here is because they can all talk to each other without even speaking.
(DOOR OPENS) I know why I got shot.
Harvey Wratten needed to get himself out of jail.
To do that, he got Gatehouse to buy up a huge amount of drugs and pass them on to Customs.
Delaney found out about it and wanted to get in on the act.
So he stole 30 kilos of heroin from a leaky property room and sold them on to Gatehouse.
And when Customs got them, they gave them back to you.
How did you know it was Delaney? Silly boy tried to do it again.
One should always know when to quit.
So you decided to throw a blanket over it.
And that's where the story should've ended, and it would have, if Delaney hadn't decided to take his second chance to heart.
Because that's when he showed me this.
The cash he got for the drugs was marked.
Gatehouse had been buying it all with police money.
So if Gatehouse was working for Harvey Wratten, then Harvey Wratten was working for us.
And that's why I didn't log the operation the night we went out.
I didn't want anyone from our side to know we were looking.
But as it turned out Someone already did.
And that's what got me shot.
Whoever it was had the money marked? And his name will be on that file.
You pull a cord on that, by the time you get to see it, it won't even exist.
Your judgement was right in the first place.
The key to this is Gatehouse.
(BEEPING) Don't worry.
It'll all be over in a heartbeat.