The Shield s04e06 Episode Script


Lot number 149.
2004 Cadillac Escalade EXT.
Black, leather interior.
Bidding starts at $22,000.
I have 23? Anybody say 24? Twenty-four.
How about 25? I have 25.
Twenty-six? Twenty-six.
How about 27? Twenty-seven, 27.
How about 28, 28, 28, 28? Twenty-nine, 29? Sucks I didn't bring my chequebook.
How about thirty, 30? Laverneous'd pop if he knew all these whiteys were scoping out his ride.
I put ads in El Clasificado, and The Sentinel.
But apparently only the Times crowd was interested.
Who wants to go 31? Thirty-one? Going, going.
Thirty-one thousand dollars.
Okay, now we have lot number 611.
I did a little show and tell for the city attorney last night.
She sign off on the injunctions? One-Niners are Antwon Mitchell's foot soldiers.
And these injunctions are gonna keep them off the street pushing dope.
He's gonna feel the pressure.
Well, he's already feeling it.
This is gonna jack up the pain.
Seventeen thousand dollars.
Okay, next item.
Lot number 684.
Yamaha motorcycle, minimal damage.
All right, let's make this quick.
We gotta clock in to the boss.
You forget I'm your boss? What do you need? This address.
Chink heron dealer.
Hear a shipment came in last night.
And you don't like competitors.
You know, Bill Gates has his hit, I got mine.
Yeah, and busting dealers is ours, so sure.
All right, we'll pay a visit.
Do our part to keep the, uh, black tar monopoly safe.
Plus, I'm gonna need half his inventory.
We're good on demand, but light on supply because of your intel failure.
We give you information, we don't move product, get hung up in your shit.
I'll beep you when we got the stuff.
Bitch with a badge doing my bidding.
It's a wonderful day.
As you know, we had our first auction this morning.
That's money out of the bad guys' hands, and back into the community.
Yeah, and a third comes to us.
Now, that's not the only good news.
Officers Sofer and Lowe have done a fantastic job documenting the One-Niners.
Thanks to their hard work, we got injunctions.
After we serve these, you see two or more One-Niners together in Farmington, that's called congregating in groups, and that's jail time.
One-Niners are just the beginning, so let's get these served by the end of the day.
Match the glamour shots to the injunctions.
You have any questions, get in touch with Danny or Julien.
Can't find them, come to me.
Thanks, everyone.
Any word on the girl? Talked to Angie's friends, kids at school.
No one's seen her, off the map.
Her mom goes in the ground tomorrow.
Girl checks in once a week.
Now nothing.
Talking about Angie? Yeah.
You speak to the family in Georgia? She, um, she hasn't been back to her apartment, didn't, um, pack any bags.
What if Antwon Mitchell found out Angie gave up the cul-de-sac bust? That would have to come from here.
You ran that.
Is there any chance that word got out? None.
I'm glad to hear IAD cleared you on the shooting.
Thanks for the word you put in.
Your CO's anxious to get you back.
I took personal time the rest of the week to look for Angie.
Let me know what you find.
All right.
Come here.
What the hell was that? Shane is slipping inside info to Antwon.
Angie goes missing the night we take his distribution centre.
She fingered.
And I'm supposed to pretend those two things aren't related? Shane wouldn't give up a girl to that.
He's down for stealing, planting evidence We're all part of that.
But he would have been down.
We hadn't been there to rein in his shit.
On his own, we got no idea what he would do.
We're keeping Shane out of trouble.
Making noises to my boss doesn't help.
He didn't do this.
I'll look around and make sure of it.
You keep looking for Angie.
Catch the ball.
Come on, that's right.
Oh, you knuckleheads make it way too easy.
Game's over.
Against the fence.
Get against the fence right now.
Move your ass.
Face me.
We was just balling.
Yeah? Well, from now on, T-Gun, a cop sees you so much as playing with your own dicks in the same room, you're going to County.
Oh, this one's for you, Notch.
It's called an injunction.
You're all documented members of a known criminal organization.
Judge thinks you're domestic terrorists, ladies.
I ain't no sheet-head.
Yeah, just a shithead.
Injunctions are zero tolerance.
That means no associating with known bangers.
No hanging with homeys, no riding together.
Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
So you trying to say it's illegal for me to hang out with my own brother? He your real brother? Yeah.
Like we came out the same vagina.
Well, the court says you're One-Niners first.
I mean, what you all think, we banging 24l7? It's not up to me.
All right, see who we got.
I'll tell the bartender his One-Niner clientele's banned.
Yo, all right, police, you know the dance.
You know the dance.
Buy me a damn drink! Jesus, shit.
Let's go.
You're gonna buy me a drink, bitch.
Break it up.
Break it up.
I'm DEA.
What? I'm undercover.
You bust this place, you're gonna screw it up.
Get off me, pig! Hold it right there! Don't shoot.
I got him.
He should be here and let go! I got him.
Ah! It's okay.
This is the guy that Billings was looking for on that 211.
All right, come on, asshole.
Come on.
Hospital says that alky you knocked around barely has a bruise.
Drunks are like super balls.
Bounce them off the floors, they never get a scratch.
I'll have to remember that one.
Credentials cleared.
Agent Hendricks say what he was doing at Lucky's? Couldn't tell you if I wanted to.
How long you been on the One-Niners? A while.
Obviously, we're tilling the same ground.
One-Niner heroin trade, probably Antwon Mitchell too.
I'm just a guy on the street.
Say I talked to the guy in the corner office? You'd have to be pretty convincing.
Give me a name.
I'll work on my sales pitch.
Federal investigations take precedence.
We say keep away from that bar, you better do it.
We can help you.
You don't even have working lights.
I'm bringing the place into the 21 st century.
Rewiring, high-speed internet.
Meanwhile, here's the low-tech version.
You guys are into the One-Niners.
We know everything about them.
Ink, homeys, drug dens.
The bangers know we're plugged into them.
We do the bust for you, get the heroin off the street.
You get closer to Antwon Mitchell, and your agent's cover isn't compromised.
You're making a lot of assumptions.
The DEA's set up on a One-Niner bar.
One-Niners are front and centre in the tar trade.
I'm a local, not a moron.
Antwon never sees the light of day again, I host the party.
LAMBERTl: One-Niners have been trading stolen cars for tar heroin.
Pipeline runs between L.
and El Salvador.
Tar comes from Mexico.
LAMBERTl: It's grown there, imported through El Salvador.
Salvadoran named Spider's the go-between with the bangers.
Has a garage of stolen Camrys on Broadway.
How'd the El Salvadorans get hooked up with the One-Niners? Antwon.
Back in Lompoc, he took advantage of some bad blood.
Made an alliance with the Salvadorans against the Mexicans.
They are still tight.
You know where he unloads? Four months, no clue.
Slips us every time we get close.
So we use my people to bust the garage, convince Spider to share where he takes the drugs.
Work up the chain from there.
I'll have some unis round up Spider's family for leverage.
It's a good bet most of them are illegals.
So we're clear.
This is my op.
You screw it up Wouldn't do that to you.
Antwon was some Iraqi National Guard general, we'd wait till he was all tucked in bed having a real nice dream, and then cluster bomb his ass.
Worst thing we could do is take a straight shot.
Not till we know where he's keeping that girl's body.
No, we gotta be patient.
Captain's got something cooking with DEA.
Wants us all on it.
Fed bullshit? No, I think we'll pass.
Captain's orders.
You wanna skate, you talk to her yourself.
Hey, Vic, your nanny is here.
Cass, everything okay? You still feeling sick, kid? Mr.
Vic, I'm very sorry.
My girl, she's having a baby.
I thought that was next month? Baby come early.
Problems, I think.
Do you understand, right? It's okay.
Thank you.
Come on, honey.
Sorry, Dad.
No, that's okay, sweetie.
Not your fault.
Who's this? Cassidy.
She's feeling a little under the weather.
This is my boss, Captain Rawling.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Why don't you take her home? I'll have Shane take the lead on Spider.
No, no, no, I got it covered.
I just have to call my backup sitter.
Your dad is very dedicated.
Why are you letting that bald cracker-ass run my boys off they corners with this injunction shit, huh? They ain't hardly earning.
I can only wrap my arms around so much.
Injunctions are coming from the top.
Maybe a brick of China white will ease the pain.
Fresh from your Asian friends.
I don't touch the stuff.
There is something else.
An El Salvadoran named Spider showed up on the radar.
So you got business with him, shut it down.
Cat named Verdice may show up on the same radar.
Make sure you shut that down.
All right.
Pick up your trash.
It's me.
Where the hell have you been? Checking out Spider's casita.
What, for the last half hour? It takes as long as it takes.
All right, well, Spider drove up about 10 minutes ago.
Feel like doing some work? Let's tear down the web then.
Let's go.
Hey, get down! Drop the bag! Get down right now! Get down! Don't move.
Clear! Clear! Whoa! Spider send in more than just cars back to the homeland.
You get a shit load a tar with those.
El Salvador, they got AK's up the ass, all the guerrillas.
But handguns, they're like tight pussy.
Rare and precious.
All right, let's pop the trunks, see what else we can find.
Wetback's got some greenbacks.
Holy shit.
How much you think that is? Hundred grand or more.
Let's call it in.
You know, you have to talk to me eventually.
Victim was Raine Powell.
Worked down the street at Electronics Emporium.
What's this? Just what it looks like.
Wasn't us.
Talk to him.
I knew you'd wanna see where the body was, so I drew her for you.
Where the body was? You moved her? Yeah, the way people come speeding through, she would have been a pancake.
Did it ever occur to you to redirect traffic? Hey, I used up half my kid's chalk.
I don't need a thank you, but how about you get up off my ass? And this is? Oh, I had to move the pocketbook too.
You were a big help in the community meeting last week.
I mean, a real asset.
I believed in what I was saying.
Well, I hope you still do.
I've heard things.
Maybe some of the minority officers here aren't so thrilled with my policies.
Maybe you're one of them.
Some people feel like it all sounds good.
But the reality out there seems a little bit different.
We're arresting bad guys, just like always.
The way seizures work, everyone is guilty until proven innocent.
If we take the wrong car, it's not like people here can afford a lawyer.
Well, maybe you can do something about that.
Look into using seizure money to start a legal fund.
I guess so.
It's a work in progress.
This policy isn't the usual Band-Aid.
Your guys got a location on Verdice's drug stash.
Grab your partner, come with.
Raine have any problems that you know of? Man trouble or money trouble? No, she was a good girl, you know.
What about boyfriends? Just Bear, but he wouldn't have done this.
So you saw Raine last night? I was overseeing a shipment.
She was stuck behind her computer screen, like always.
Type A personality.
I told her not to park down here, but the girl was a stickler for the policy.
The policy? Rules say employees can't park at the store lot.
Raine's the only who ever listened.
She lives with Cornelius Aimes, a.
Bear, over on Parmer.
Check it out.
See? You're talking to me.
To the extent necessary to solve this case, yes.
Spider says he dropped off two keys last night to a guy named Verdice.
Gonna have dogs and shooters, so stay awake.
Let's go.
They're in position.
Go when ready.
LAMBERTl: You sold me on this.
Spider gave us the right location.
This guy, Verdice, got lucky, bailed.
Somebody couldn't keep their mouth shut, which is why we don't work with people like you.
No one leaked anything.
We go to Spider, we find what I'm not letting you near my guy again.
I need to borrow this asshole.
Come here.
You got about 30 seconds to spill your guts.
How tough are you gonna be when your little brother's being hacked to pieces? I don't got no little brother.
Then it must be some other Juan Emilio I got back at the station.
It's gonna be bad when they have to deport him down south.
You got a lot of enemies.
La Colonia doesn't get him, the Mexicans will.
Twenty seconds.
Tar that comes to me, I bring it here.
Most of it Verdice gets at the church.
The church? Verdice is a believer, man.
Stuff comes in there, he takes what he needs.
Keeps the rest safe with Jesus.
I'm gonna have to scrap the whole operation, pull my agent.
Couple of months, put in a new face.
Where's my informant? Right here, sir.
Thought he might need to stretch his legs before he took his ride.
First, Angie fell off our radar.
Now this guy clears out like he's been tipped off after I give my word I'm not gonna screw this up.
What the hell's going on? Maybe the wrong person saw us nab Spider, spread the word.
Doesn't explain Angie's disappearance.
These were both your operations.
Both of them were successes.
Verdice and the heroin are still missing, so is Angie.
Lem's out looking for her.
We can still salvage this one.
Spider gave up his One-Niner contact.
Do I wanna know how you managed that? We brought his family in for leverage, I used it.
If you ask me, they probably packed up.
You know, cook houses move all the time.
What did you get from Spider? The El Salvadorans are shipping their drugs to a church on Avon.
Verdice is a member.
Has his guys as good God-fearing folk.
You're kidding me.
Sounds like Spider sold you a load.
He's not risking his family.
It's the real thing.
I'll work on a warrant.
Let's keep this contained.
The three of us, Army, Ronnie.
That's it, just the people we trust.
All right.
Here, take this.
Occurred to me to take that down.
I see Vic's humour grows more sophisticated by the day.
Boyfriend wasn't home, I grabbed Raine's diary.
Seems there were bumps along the relationship road.
Detective Huarez in San Antonio's got a different angle.
He's been tracking murders in the L.
Because there aren't enough in Texas? Because his suspect relocated to Farmington a month ago.
Hey, exposed dick? Thanks for the warning, Dutchboy.
Kleavon Gardner, questioned in four separate homicides.
Suspected him on two murders three days apart, then nothing for six months.
Witnesses placed him at a couple of the scenes.
But detectives in San Antonio weren't able to make anything stick.
Well, what's the connection to our body? All the victims were young black women in public places.
Raine was killed seven blocks from where Kleavon's sister lives.
Are we gonna be like this from now on? Huarez tried to warn somebody in this department a few weeks ago that we had a thrill killer on our hands.
Thrill killers need the juice, they take chances.
This guy's patient, an opportunity killer.
No wonder San Antonio PD screwed it up.
Get your profiles right, people.
Whatever he is, I'm going to introduce myself.
Oh, what? I'm not coming with? Stick to your True Confessions.
San Antonio police interviewed you 11 times.
They got you killing everybody but Osama.
What I don't get is, why you? They got no DNA, they got no prints.
Any excuse to fry a brother.
Justice, Texas-style? You said it.
He send you after me? Huarez.
Got a real hard-on.
Why is that? Might have mentioned he don't know how to screw his wife too well.
Shouldn't have done that, but he just got me worked up.
You get angry a lot, Kleavon? Nah, no more than usual.
About how long is this gonna take? Twelve hours was the limit in Texas.
Where were you last night, Bear? Little after midnight? Driving.
Around, collecting my nighttime thoughts.
Nighttime thoughts, about what? Life shit.
Think better at night.
Found this in, uh, Raine's underwear drawer.
She mentioned you.
Man, she's gone, why you wanna dig? "Dear Diary, This job is just a stepping stone.
I'm going places, but I'm not sure Cornelius is ready to go with me.
" Then she talks about you and a girl named, uh, Janelle.
Janelle's just some white chick.
Raine find out about you two? You read where she talks about that collage I did for her birthday? What kind of grown-ass man does collages, and kills his woman? You read this? I saw her put it away like a hundred times.
What was I supposed to do, bro? See, man, I knew this shit looked bad.
Where were you last night? At Janelle's, but it wasn't like that.
We were in the bed, but the clothes were on.
It was platonic.
You were sleeping together, but you weren't sleeping together? Yeah, there you go.
Bless this child, Father.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I say amen.
We thank you, Lord, for bringing this child Reverend, I'm Captain Rawling.
I need a moment.
Oh, all right, must be some kind of problem.
They sending a captain.
Well, uh, we believe a few of your members are using this church to import illegal drugs.
That's not possible.
I'm sure it's without your knowledge.
Are these three boys here right now? Muncelle's car is in your lot.
He's known to hang out with the other two.
They were making sandwiches in the kitchen about a half an hour ago.
Those boys volunteer.
Their criminal days are in the past.
They are tagged One-Niners.
Just being here together's is against the law.
I know about those injunctions.
You find them out on the street, they're all yours.
But this is a house of the Lord.
We have a warrant on the way.
We just need to talk to the boys, do a search of the premises.
We'll be very respectful.
How do you think it's going in there? I'm more worried about what's going on over there.
I mean, they snag him and he gets caught, I don't wanna hear what Antwon's gonna say.
Damnit, here he is now.
Verdice is walking right into an arrest.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Yo, that's Verdice's ride.
He's coming for a pick-up? Not coming for the wine.
He's running.
Asshole's gonna try to split.
What are you doing? Army, what the hell are you doing?! Get out of the car! Get out of the car! Come here.
You talk, Antwon will know.
You keep your mouth shut, you get out of this alive.
Take it easy.
Let's go, get up.
What the hell was that? Hands behind your back.
Guy was gonna bail.
Stay out of my church.
Yo, get up.
Reading the good parts? Looking for more clues.
It's a real window into the mind.
How things going with your Texas chainsaw murderer? Says he's the victim of the good old boys network.
But something's off about him.
Maybe you'll have a take.
So we're back? No, but I can put up with you long enough to put someone like this behind bars.
I been telling my partner about how you were harassed in Texas.
Can we get you something to drink? So you can stop me from going to the can when my bladder fills up? No thanks.
So, uh, witnesses spotting you near those crime scenes was just dumb luck, huh? Just happened by.
No law against that.
Why'd you leave San Antonio, Kleavon? Just got sick of The Alamo.
Kind of feels like we're wasting our time.
His too.
Probably got somewhere you need to be.
Job? Girlfriend? Like we established, I'm new in town.
Must have a lot of free time.
What do you like to do? People watch.
Tell us where you were last night, we can end this now.
Oh, I was home.
I know, give us a rundown of the whole night.
So you can go over my statement 50 times, try to trip me up? No thanks.
Woman named Raine Powell was murdered last night.
Bludgeoned to death.
Maybe you, uh, happened by this crime scene too.
Yeah, I didn't kill her.
He didn't even blink at those photos.
Classic sociopathic non-reaction.
I don't know.
He seems pretty confident we won't come up with something.
He's already gotten away with at least four others.
What else do we got? Raine's diary mentions, uh, some beef with a co-worker, a friend she lent her bingo winnings to.
I'll have the unis pick him up.
Have to admit it felt good in there.
Two of us clicking.
Dutch, do you know where Vic is? No, why? He's got me watching his sick kid.
My shift ended and the sitter never showed.
Did you try his cell phone? No answer.
I know the mom, she works at Mission Cross.
Uh, I can call her.
How's she doing? Good.
Thanks again.
Vic had a uni with her the whole time.
It wasn't like he left her totally alone.
I can't believe he didn't call me.
Divorce is tough.
Mine was a while ago.
Anyway, thanks again.
It was really nice of you.
You're welcome.
Listen, um, wanna have dinner some time? Dinner? Why not? Three kids, a job, selling our house.
I don't have time.
I don't know.
We'll work around your schedule.
I don't know.
You work with Vic.
We barely see each other.
I tried it with a cop once.
Vic and I could not be more different.
Reverend, I have a signed search warrant.
You must open the door.
This is a house of worship.
There's an easier way to do this.
There are no drugs here.
Except for the heroin.
Reverend, I have the legal right to come inside.
Use force if I have to.
Neither of us wants that.
Then let the Lord be your judge.
We could pack it up, come back tonight.
Yeah, give them time to flush the tar? We already look like assholes.
Go in now, at least we have something in hand to show for it.
You believe in your intel, right? Oh, yeah.
Okay, people.
Let's go.
You know who we're looking for.
Remember that this is a church.
There are civilians inside.
So do your jobs, but use extra care.
All right, who's got the hawk? We do.
Four teams, two in the front, one on the side, one in the back.
Let's do it.
Captain, I'm not breaking down a church door.
Just think of it as a drug warehouse, because that's what it is today.
We shouldn't be going in like this.
Get in the back, both of you.
What the hell are you doing? You're knocking us out of this? All right, Reverend, last chance.
Open the door.
Do it.
The Lord is the stronghold of my life.
Of whom then should I go in dread? When evildoers close in on me to devour me Hold it, Muncelle! It is my enemies who stumble and fall.
Don't you move.
An army should encamp me.
You all right? My heart does not fear.
Sofer and Lowe got the other ones coming out the back.
My heart does not fear.
Though wars are waged against me.
Even then do I trust Any drugs? Nothing here.
Just the.
We're gonna have to search the whole church and everyone in it.
Just be gentle.
Hey, hey, all that fast and furious shit, you're sending smoke signals to Vic and the captain.
What they gonna do, reprimand me? Look, we gotta find that heroin first, show him we're not Antwon's butt buddies.
I told you, that's temporary.
Ah! You got something? Yeah, botulism, residue.
K9 could do this in five minutes.
Yeah, if they'd ever show up.
Hey, just found a receipt in the good reverend's office.
Church candles are imported from El Salvador.
Oh, heaven help them.
Get these sinners baptized.
What's up? I got the toxies on Angie's mom.
Levels indicate she had over 500 bucks of heroin in her system.
Even a frat boy knows not to shoot that much poison.
Yeah, this was a junkie who could barely scrape enough together for a dime bag.
Somebody made sure she copped till she dropped.
Well, I'm connecting the dots, and all I'm seeing is a picture of Shane with Antwon Mitchell.
Hey, did Paula find you? She was trying to call.
I had it on silent for the bust.
Something about Detective Wagenbach taking your daughter to the hospital? We'll do this later.
She's sick, you brought her to the station? Carmen dropped a bomb on me, backup sitter blew a tyre.
What was I to do? I had it.
Should've called.
Obviously not.
Otherwise you wouldn't have dumped her with a uni.
Christ, the first time in seven months there's been a problem.
Come on, Cass, let's go.
Maybe I should stay with Mom.
She's gotta work, sweetie.
Genine's waiting for us.
Let's go.
Go with your father.
I'll see you tomorrow.
One time thing, that's it.
You were, uh, pretty broken up about Raine earlier.
How are you doing now? Bunch of us from the store set up a shrine.
Teddy bears, flowers.
That's nice.
You know, your boss found those order forms you've been changing.
I sold a few DVD players, a couple of Xboxes on the side.
I was gonna tell you all about it.
Raine know about your enterprise? No way.
Really? Her diary, it says she confronted you.
Said she was gonna go to your manager.
I know, you were gonna tell me all about it.
Now, when Raine confronted you, what happened? You probably tried to reason with her.
Look, if it were up to me, I'd pin this on a real killer.
Some asshole who murders for fun.
Problem is, the unis eyeballed your car with what looks to be blood inside.
You didn't plan this.
Second degree murder.
You can get out one day, but we need to know the truth.
I offered her a cut.
But she pulled the moral high ground shit on you, didn't she? One thing I hate, it's a self-righteous bitch.
Tell me about it.
You did what you had to do.
She left you no choice.
So much for San Antonio eating our dust.
He's innocent.
Of murdering Raine.
Guy's still a stone cold killer.
And he just pitched a tent in our backyard.
We got a suspect, but no victim.
That's new.
It bites we don't live in a dictatorship.
Put the guy in a hole and forget about him.
Well, there's an impulse I can understand.
We can't turn Kleavon over to SIS until he commits a crime in L.
You know, I thought I hated being on the DA's shit list, but this is actually worse.
I can't believe you're still freezing me out.
I can't believe you sold me out.
Officer Lowe.
I think you should stick to desk duty the next few days.
See if you can find your way into what we're doing here.
If not, I understand.
But you should consider putting in for a transfer.
I wasn't gonna break into a church.
There was heroin in the holy candles.
This time.
Altar boys pin you as the head honcho.
We can't make a deal, you're eating roadkill goulash over at Lompoc.
Where's my spoon then? You wanna be a barrio martyr, that's fine with me.
But why not serve up Antwon instead? Antwon who? We can put you into relocation, keep you safe.
Lone Ranger and Tonto, they hauled your ass out of that car.
What did they say to you? They told me get out the car, and put my hands on my head.
And that's the last I'm saying.
Hero of the hour.
Your daughter was sick.
Wanted her mother.
You can't take a joke, so you make me look like a prick in front of my ex.
I'm sure your ex doesn't need any help seeing what kind of prick you are.
Just saw Angie's mother's tox report.
Lem have any news on Angie? I don't know.
Well, find him.
I wanna hear what he's got.
Used to be bad cops was good business.
But now I got a stash gone, a whole crew locked up and sellers who can't sell.
You wanna tell how the world got upside-down on your watch? Seeing as you were misusing a house of the Lord, I'd say divine intervention.
He must really hate you.
Only reason he'd talk to me like that because he wants to see y'all dead or in jail.
Vic Mackey wants you gone.
We're the only thing standing in his way.
You think I need your ass, you're wrong.
You think you don't, you're wrong.
Look, protecting you is a full-time gig plus overtime.
So you can either tell me what you're into, or I can keep chasing Vic's tail.
Some days we'll catch it.
Some days we won't.
I'll think about it.
Yeah, you do that.
Antwon's gonna drop the body.
He's not that stupid.
Him being stupid is not what I'm worried about.
Well, I didn't hear you complaining about my leadership skills when I got you blown.
This isn't doing favours to get intel on bad guys.
You got me taking it up the ass from Antwon Mitchell.
Ramming cars to keep us out of prison.
I've dealt with guys like this before.
You or Mackey? Do you even have a clue how we're getting out of this? Look, I'm getting us close.
This guy thinks he can kill this little girl right in front of us? We're gonna find that little girl, we're gonna give her a proper burial.
Then when the time is right we're gonna shove a stick of dynamite up his ass.
Alvin Bernard's clinic has been providing free pre-natal care to Farmington's poor for 21 years, which is why I'm so pleased, Al, to give you this cheque for $10,000.
Is that money from seizures? Part of my promise to give a third of what we get from asset-forfeitures back to the community.
How does that community feel about your decision to invade a church? I wouldn't characterise it quite that way.
We found 12 kilos of tar heroin inside there.
I'd say they're pretty damn happy.
Any plans to seize it? No.
Is the reverend under arrest? The only people under arrest are known drug dealers with affiliations to Farmington One-Niners.
So you'd interrupt another baptism to put away a gang member? I'd interrupt my grandmother's funeral if it meant taking dangerous narcotics off the streets our children walk on.
But don't tell that to my grandma, because she's still full of piss and vinegar in Tarzana.
Reporters were tough today.
We keep storming churches, they're gonna get tougher.
You were all for it earlier.
I was.
I am.
It's just this thing's to good to blow Hoda Stubbs was killed.
Angie too, I'm guessing.
I plan on finding who did it.
When you do, ask about the leak at the warehouse today.
We don't know if there was a leak.
Even if there was, we don't know they're related.
Could be accidental.
Stop bullshitting me.
You vouched for Shane.
What about Army? He seems like a good kid.
I don't think I don't care what you think.
What do you know? Is there a reason you don't wanna dig deeper on this? I'm not about witch hunts.
I've been on the other side of a few.
I chose you for this job because I needed somebody as hungry as me to make it work.
And I'm getting it done.
Why are you riding me? Because shit is falling through the cracks.
Pressure on the seizure programme is only gonna get more intense.
And when it does, that shit is gonna rise straight to the surface.
If you can't withstand scrutiny about anything, I need you to step aside.
I don't step aside.
I step up.
Which is the other reason I chose you.
Find the leak.
I mean, that's some cold ass shit.
Can't tell the Iraqi insurgents from the plain old Iraqi idiots.
Yeah, and no difference here.
Somebody gets in the way, we keep rolling.
I'm just saying.
Maybe that's the way we gotta look at things.
What's up? Son of a bitch, what did? She was 14.
What the hell's your problem? You bring Angie to Antwon Mitchell yourself, huh? Hand her with a bow, or just tell him where to find her? No.
No? Where is she then?! Back off.
Just back off.
I got it, okay? I got it.
Where is she then, Shane? Where's Angie? What are you asking me for, man? You telling me you're not in bed with Antwon Mitchell? You told him Angie gave up that cul-de-sac bust.
No, man, I would never do that.
What happened to her, Shane? What happened to her then? I don't know.
Dude, she was 14.
She just wanted to get her mom clean.
You tell me what you did! Nothing! Nothing! Look, you know that I would never You know I would never hurt a kid.
Look, I got one of my own now, man.
Yeah, I know you.
I know you're lying.
I didn't kill that girl.
And I didn't give her name up to Antwon.
So you just stay out of my face.
I lose that one percent of doubt I got, we'll be mixing it up again.
Captain says she wants to hear your opinions, but only hers is right.
Agendas have a way of creating tunnel vision.
She said I could put in for a transfer.
Stock the pond with true believers, make implied threats to get rid of ones who aren't.
You don't think I should leave? I think if you wanted to, you wouldn't have called me.
I grew up in Farmington.
I don't wanna see it torn more apart.
What is it you want me to do, Julien? You've got power.
Help us to stop her.
Going after a police captain is no walk in the park.
I should know.
There are other officers of colour that agree with me.
We wouldn't be alone.
I remember the last time you and I went down this path.
Things got messy, and you left me twisting in the wind.
Not this time.
Vic Mackey, he's got a lot invested in this policy.
He'll come after you.
Could dredge up the past.
I can handle it.
I'm a different man now.
Russian taxi king's expanded his realm.
Added three more cabs to the fleet.
Alex the Conqueror.
How many cabs we got wired so far? Even dozen, even managed to get one in his personal ride.
Yeah, what do you want? What the hell you think you're doing going after Shane? He ran right back and told you, huh? You got suspicions, fine.
We all agreed we'd keep them to ourselves.
Look, there's a 14-year-old girl rotting out there someplace.
Are you in on that too? What? You saying you gotta keep Shane close.
Maybe you gotta keep me far away because you're back to business as usual.
Riding in Mitchell's pocket with Shane.
I wanna bring down Antwon and find that girl as much as you do.
Really? Prove it.
Let me back in.
It's complicated.
You gotta do things my way.
Oh, you mean, I agree to protect Shane like always, right? Right? We added another car in the garage sting.
Shane didn't tell me you came after him.
I saw it.
Jesus Christ.
Lem's one crazy-ass white boy.
You really used to be tight? Yeah.
Lifetime ago.
What does he know about us? Nothing.
He's just guessing, he can't prove anything.
I'll handle him.
Look, you're just gonna have to trust me.
I'm gonna handle all this shit.
It's not about protecting Shane anymore.
It's about stopping him.