The Shrink Next Door (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

The Treatment

So… How was your bar mitzvah? It was great.
You missed a great night.
Well, you missed a great night too.
I didn't burn the chops.
It was very special.
- -So, you managed the haftarah? -Yes.
- -So, you managed the haftarah? -Yes.
And the hora? Yeah.
It was amazing.
I would've liked to have seen that.
Maybe I should've come.
I feel like I'm making all the wrong decisions at the moment.
Hey, hey, hey.
- What's going on? - It's Daniel.
He's hired this bloodsucking attorney who just wants to draw his pound of fucking flesh from me.
Some guy he met at racquetball who's a partner at some big firm.
You know where I got my divorce attorney? A fucking bus ad.
Thought we were gonna do things amicably, you know, like adults.
But you know Daniel.
He's always so competitive.
So I have to find someone.
Someone good.
Which is expensive.
- Right.
- Right.
Sorry, Marty.
I know I said last time would be the last time.
It's fine.
We need to get you sorted, and that's what we'll do.
Just tell me when.
I'll call Irving.
I'm sure he'll be happy to help.
Thank you.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Things are fine.
Work's fine.
I mean, I've been chasing down a lot of late payments recently, - which is hard because most of our clients are old family friends.
- Which is hard because most of our clients are old family friends.
- I used to have the exact same problem.
- You did? Sure.
Look, you can't be a therapist one minute and then debt collector the next.
So now when I have to be bad cop, I just send a letter from my lawyer, Marshall Feldhammer.
Did you know he got his law degree when in prison for manslaughter? Wow.
Good for him for turning his life around.
And good for you for giving someone like that an opportunity.
- Well, he's not real.
- He's not? He's a fictional creation.
My alter ego.
Nobody knows.
But you can bet your babka they pay up when Marshall writes them.
You know, I had an imaginary friend, Norman Horowitz, - when I was growing up.
- Great name.
He disappeared after drawing some very intricate genitalia onto my parents' curtains.
But maybe Norman Horowitz could become my Marshall Feldhammer.
- I don't see why not.
- I don't see why not.
At some point, we should talk about the genitalia thing.
Now, how's the situation with Phyllis? The situation with Phyllis.
You know what word I'm getting a little tired of hearing from you, Marty? "Fine.
" Not everything is fine.
You know, it's okay for things to not be okay.
So, really, how are you? Honestly, I really am… I All right, new rule.
Every time you say the f-word, I'm going to issue you a fine.
Oy, there we You know what? Look.
Here we go.
I just said it.
Here's a dollar.
- Point taken.
- Point taken.
I was happy that Phyllis, you know, came and made up.
- I was.
- Yeah.
But… now I'm just a little worried about some… some financial stuff.
- Are you in trouble? - No, it's not trouble.
It's Phyllis.
She needs me to unlock the trust.
You know, and I'm happy to help.
I really am.
- Why is it up to you to help her? - Well, my dad made me the executor.
Because I'm more careful.
With money, I mean.
And the account is It's meant for emergencies.
And Phyllis has had She's had a lot of emergencies.
You know, businesses that have gone bust and needed bailing out.
- And ideas that have gone nowhere.
- I see.
And the money's not unlimited.
It's meant to last for the rest of our lives.
- And it's not like AFC is, you know, bringing in huge profits.
- And it's not like AFC is, you know, bringing in huge profits.
It's more the opposite.
Why does she need the money? For her divorce.
- Now I see what bothers you.
- What? Did she come to see you to say sorry? Or did she come to see you because she needed money? Well, I I have to believe that she came You have to be careful not to enable unhealthy behavior.
For her sake just as much as yours.
She's the only family, you know, I have.
And she's a whole lot of family.
What do you mean? She's your sister, but you look to her to fill the role of a parent.
Meanwhile, you're her brother, but she's looking to you to play the role of her husband.
It's… It's an unhealthy dynamic.
Yeah, I never thought of it that way.
Looks like we're gonna have to wrap this up, but I would like to get into this sibling stuff next time, okay? But I would like to get into this sibling stuff next time, okay? - Sure.
Thanks, Dr.
- Okay.
By the way, I might have a piece of business for you.
Really? One of my patients is a Broadway producer.
He needs fabric for his new show, so I thought of you.
Well, that sounds like an incredible opportunity.
Thank you.
I just I don't think I can handle something that big.
Your call.
I provide the opportunity, not the outcome.
You just mentioned that AFC was struggling… so maybe it's time for you to reach.
Stretch yourself.
No more just being "fine.
" - Marty? Marty Markowitz? - Yes.
- Hop on up here so we can chat.
- All right.
- Promise it's a much quicker route than Juilliard.
- Promise it's a much quicker route than Juilliard.
My goodness.
So, you're Ike's guy? Yes.
Hell of a therapist.
Helped me through two divorces.
Fingers crossed.
We'll be working on a third soon.
Anyway, we're doing Jesus Christ Superstar in less than one month.
Do you know it? Never met him personally, but I'm familiar with his work.
So, the director has this whole vision - where our backdrop shimmers and shines… - Okay.
…and leads the messiah up to the very heavens themselves.
But let me tell you, the director is not an inexpensive director.
Hence, as portals to paradise go, this needs to be cheap.
I understand.
I'm gonna be up-front with you though.
We've never done a job this big before.
So, why the hell would Ike set this up if you can't do the job? Well Well, I said we've never done it, I didn't say we can't.
We're really branching out these days.
- Yeah, I don't wanna be anyone's guinea pig.
- Yeah, I don't wanna be anyone's guinea pig.
I'm sorry you came all the way up here Look, let me tell you something, Benny.
You said "guinea pig.
" I went through a huge guinea pig phase in high school.
I did.
And they are absolutely majestic creatures.
We should all be so lucky to be a guinea pig.
Let me go talk to my team.
We'll get back to you.
I'm sure we can help you.
I'm not sure we can help him.
Come on, guys.
Let's think.
Outside the box, right? This is a big opportunity for us.
I mean, this is exciting.
How would we even get our hands on that much fabric? Come on, Bruce.
What about all our suppliers? There must be someone who delivers in bulk.
Well, sure, Marty.
But this amount of fabric, I mean We're looking at 20 grand before we even treat it.
Really? Then the treatment - Another 20%.
- Another 20%.
So, who has an idea on how we could begin to cut costs? - Bruce.
- I wasn't raising my hand.
It's okay.
There's no bad ideas.
We're just spitballing.
Whatever's in your mind.
Whatever's on You know, just, please Just Someone say a bad idea just to get the ball rolling.
I would love to hear a bad idea.
What if we used… aluminum foil? Bruce, what the hell are you talking about? - You wanted a bad idea.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, you're right.
Cathy, what's the first thing that just pops into your head? Don't think.
Okay, try again.
Just spit it out.
Don't judge it.
All right.
This, hands down, is the worst meeting we've ever had, okay? - I just want to go on record as saying that.
- I just want to go on record as saying that.
I couldn't rally them.
They were just focused on all the reasons, you know, as to why not.
- You seem upset.
- I'm fine.
I only have a 20.
I I keep forgetting to get change.
Try again.
I am upset.
You're right.
I mean, we get this great big chance, thanks to you, and But they were just so negative.
The thing about obstacles is you have a choice.
You can either look at them as a hindrance - or as a gift.
- Right.
They're either stumbling blocks or stepping-stones.
Because an obstacle forces you to adapt, learn and change.
You know, when you speak like that, I feel inspired.
- Like I could do anything.
- Like I could do anything.
Have you ever thought about, and I don't even know how you would describe it, but doing… industrial psychology? - What do you mean? - My staff.
They're stuck.
They're stuck in the past.
Maybe you could motivate them.
Show them how to reach, you know? Teach them how to stretch.
I've never done anything like that.
Well, is that a hindrance or a gift? Thank you.
Thank you.
It's an honor to be here.
My name is Isaac Stevens.
Marty was kind enough to share this with me.
The AFC code of conduct and employee handbook.
I assume you've all read it.
- No.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- I read it last night.
- And it's a hell of a read.
- And it's a hell of a read.
May I just make to you all one modest suggestion? Forget the past.
The future starts now.
I'm here today to speak to you about our mindsets because the first step in changing our world - is to change how we see our world.
- Marty? - This make sense? - Marty! Oh, my God.
That lawyer touched my ass three times.
Mar Sorry.
- Here.
- I didn't know there was another - Hi.
- I know.
Didn't mean Come on in.
We're workshopping.
Are we? Cathy, can I ask you a question? How do you make a flower grow? I usually don't.
- What? Why you laughing? I don't.
- Cathy.
Who the hell is this guy? Marty says he's an industrial psychologist.
- …and it dies, right? So… - Yeah.
- Every single thing in the world is like that flower.
- Every single thing in the world is like that flower.
If we're not growing and flourishing, we're dying.
There's only two options.
So, hands up.
Who wants to live? Who wants their relationships to thrive and flourish? Who wants their career to thrive and flourish? Who wants every aspect of their life to thrive and to flourish? Marty, can I talk to you for a second? Not now.
Not now.
Thrive and flourish? - What? - Thrive and flourish? Sign me up.
Let's utilize the mindset of unlimited potential to discuss this new business venture the boss man wants to talk about.
Marty? Okay, so, we have to figure out a way, before tomorrow, to deliver a bid on the back cloth without bankrupting ourselves.
- Any ideas on where to start? - Any ideas on where to start? Not a clue.
Remember, we start by taking a problem and breaking it down into smaller parts.
We could… break down the cost of making this curtain? Love it.
Somebody guard Bruce, because he's in the zone.
The materials cost $20,000.
But that's before all the treatments - What? - Hear what I heard? - I heard a "but" statement.
- Yeah? Did I? You did.
That's right.
Sorry, Marty.
Even the boss man's gotta watch out for those.
- All right.
- Do the crime, you do the time, my friend.
Paying the fine right there.
Sorry for the "but" statement, everybody.
Okay, let me rephrase.
The treatments add a lot of money to the bid.
So, what are the treatments? There's sanitation and fire retardation.
And then the labor.
Fire retardation? How often do these things actually catch fire? Not very, no.
Technically you don't need fire retardation.
- I mean, the chance of these things going up in flames are very unlikely.
- I mean, the chance of these things going up in flames are very unlikely.
It's unlikely because of the fire retardation.
Phyllis, have you ever heard the expression "wet streets cause rain"? Have you ever heard the expression "criminally negligent homicide"? We're trying to solve problems, not create new ones.
But the industry standard says you have to fireproof your materials - Phyllis! - You're gonna - I can't with the "but" crap.
- That's a "but" statement.
Put a dollar in the jar.
- But industry standards - Another "but" statement.
- It's industry - Two back-to-back.
I got you, Phyll.
All right.
Look, what should we be asking ourselves? Think back to my workshop.
We got any alchemists in here? We should ask ourselves how to turn this obstacle into a gift.
Slam dunk, Bruce.
- This is crazy.
- How can we do that? - I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Think.
Well, we can't not fireproof them because they're near the hot lights.
Although I guess only the top part is.
Unless we only fireproof the very top, Unless we only fireproof the very top, which is the only part of the curtain that could actually catch fire.
Do you know what you're doing right now? - No.
- Really, you don't know? Any of you know what he's doing right now? - No.
- No.
You're thinking with unlimited potential.
That's what you're doing.
You're thinking with unlimited potential.
I'm sorry, but that's crazy.
- You can't do that.
- No.
You can't just fireproof the top of a curtain… - No! No.
- …and call it a day.
What's crazy is no one's thought of this before.
That's why he's the big kahuna.
Surf's up.
Take five.
You've earned it.
I'm proud of you.
I feel pumped.
Do you feel pumped? - Are you pumped? - Mega pumped.
- We're going to Broadway, baby.
- Marty, is that Ike? Is that Dr.
Ike? What is he doing here? Helping us.
What do you think? He's been great for me.
I thought he could help all of us.
And he did.
- Is he even allowed to do this kind of a thing? - Is he even allowed to do this kind of a thing? He's a miracle worker.
He's changed my life.
- I mean, he's changed me.
- Marty, I didn't want you to change.
Well, I did.
I didn't like old Marty.
He was a mess.
I mean, the fact that you and I could even have this little argument right now without my bowels liquefying? That's a personal triumph.
But I loved old Marty.
No buts.
No buts.
Old Marty wasn't happy.
Phyll, I can still be me, right? Be strong, confident.
Be a man.
Ike taught me that.
Are you really buying this crap? All I know is Dr.
Ike makes me happy.
But this conversation's not making me happy.
See, ever since he turned up, we've been fighting.
So stop fighting.
Give him a chance.
- -I -Okay, okay.
- -I -Okay, okay.
I'll try, but I mean, I'm trying.
I'm trying.
What a day.
It was amazing.
So much fun.
So exciting.
- That's great, honey.
- You know, I love what I do.
But you can't solve mother issues in a few hours.
But this time, we rolled up our sleeves, figured it out, and now the result's gonna be on Broadway.
- It sounds like you saved the day.
- Yeah, I kinda did.
- And I made a pretty good chunk of change.
- Really? Yeah.
Marty has to pay me for the entire workshop, plus every appointment I canceled just to make it work.
Is that okay? I mean, is that allowed? Well, I did the work, didn't I? - I know.
It just seems - You know, it's funny.
Helping people see their potential reminded me of my potential.
All the things I wanna do.
Yeah, but you're so good at what you do already.
I know, but I wanna do more.
I wanna write books.
I wanna teach.
I wanna start a business.
- I've been telling Marty for months that he needs to reach.
- I've been telling Marty for months that he needs to reach.
Stretch himself.
I should listen to my own advice.
I mean, well, this is so amazing because, well, I've actually been thinking about going back to school.
So maybe tomorrow I'll go pick up an application.
Hon, that costs money.
That doesn't make money.
No, I know.
But in terms of reaching and stretching myself.
You're so funny.
Why are you so threatened by me having a single goal for myself? I'm not threatened.
- No, I think it's It's sweet.
- All right.
- Good night, Ike.
I'm going to bed.
- No, no, no, no.
- Come on, don't be like that.
- Like what? - Like - Tired? Okay.
You know that I think you're brilliant and beautiful.
And your happiness means more to me than anything.
Really? I'm beginning to think this is a very exciting time for us.
Yeah, no, I do too.
- My little shaina maidel.
My little… - My little shaina maidel.
My little… You wanna hear my AFC speech? - Right now? - Yeah.
It's 40 minutes.
Well, thank you for seeing me.
You're welcome.
Marty doesn't know I'm here.
I'd like to keep it private.
What do you want to talk about? I think we both know that.
I know.
You'll think I'm overprotective.
I always say he's my fourth child.
But he's not a child.
And he's not your child.
He's a grown man.
Maybe you don't give him enough credit.
Maybe not.
But I do know what's right.
And a therapist throwing a bar mitzvah for a patient is not normal.
- And a therapist coming to a patient's place of business - And a therapist coming to a patient's place of business Is not normal.
There needs to be boundaries.
Says the woman who calls my rabbi and comes to my office to snoop on me.
How's that for boundaries? You know… I'm actually glad you came, Phyllis.
Because while you're concerned for your brother, I'm concerned for you.
- Me? - Yes, you.
You've lost both your parents.
You're going through a divorce.
And yet you come here because you're worried about Marty.
My question is, who worries about Phyllis? Who looks after Phyllis? For once in your life, why don't you put yourself first? Something tells me you don't get the chance to talk about yourself very often.
That's true.
I don't.
So let's forget about Marty.
Let's talk about you.
- Tell me again, what's your ex-husband's name? - Tell me again, what's your ex-husband's name? Daniel.
Daniel? Okay.
Do I have permission to call him prick? You do.
So what about the prick? You know… I looked after his parents.
I gave him a family.
I invested everything in him, while my own business suffered, and the second he finds an ounce of success, he starts up with this woman that works for him.
That must be so painful.
It is.
Sounds to me like you haven't been appreciated enough.
- No, I haven't.
- What about what you want? Your potential? Or have you been too busy taking care of everybody else? - That.
- That.
Well, I think you're very brave, Phyllis.
Thank you.
And I can see how strong you are.
Thank you, Dr.
Tell me, what was your relationship with your father like? He was pretty hard on me.
Harder than on Marty? I thought we weren't talking about Marty.
- Only when it's relevant.
- Okay, okay.
Marty was the boy, the golden child.
He could get away with… anything.
But with me… - I don't know, we… - I don't know, we… I could never live up to my father's expectations.
So you spent your entire life pleasing everyone else because you couldn't please your father.
Yeah, that kind of makes sense.
You're really, really perceptive.
I'm just seeing a pattern.
Thank you.
The good news is that recognizing the pattern is the first step to changing things.
You don't have to be your brother's parent anymore.
You don't have to be your parents' parent.
You don't have to be the prick's parent.
You finally get to be you.
How does that sound? I gotta tell you, that sounds good.
- Mom and Dad are no longer here, - Mom and Dad are no longer here, Marty's finally growing up, you no longer have to pander to the prick's wants or have to prove yourself with endless ill-fated business schemes.
Wait, what? What? No, what did you just say? I said you don't need to pander to the prick's wants - and needs any - No.
After that? Business? You don't have to worry about your the business.
- I didn't tell you that.
- You No, I said that I started my… I started my own business, but I didn't… - Who told you that? - You did.
No, I didn't.
Did Marty tell you that? Look, the point is, you're finally free to do No.
The point is, this does not feel right.
Come on.
Hey, we were making real progress there.
- Come on, sit.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- I appreciate you seeing me.
- I appreciate you seeing me.
And I am grateful you've been able to help my brother.
What's the problem, Phyllis? Because it seems like you've got a problem with me.
You're a nice guy, and you're a good therapist.
And I don't have your brains, or your education, or your qualifications.
But I do have good instincts.
And I don't trust you, Dr.
So you be careful.
Because I will be watching you.
That looks great, guys.
Thank you.
Thank you for the effort.
- Hey, Dr.
- Hi, Marty.
What do you think? It looks amazing.
It does, doesn't it? And it's all thanks to you.
- We've made some remarkable progress.
- We've made some remarkable progress.
It's such a shame it has to end.
Your sister came to see me.
- What? - Phyllis came to my office.
I don't understand what you're saying.
Phyllis? This woman has a personal vendetta against me.
That's not true.
Me going to therapy, that was her idea, remember? - I told you that before.
- Yes.
Because she wants to keep you functioning.
Because she wants to use you for money, for watching her kids When are you gonna finally stand up to this woman? Because neither of you will grow until you do.
You're certainly not gonna find a wife, not while she's behaving like she's yours.
I'm sorry, Marty.
I can't work like this.
I'm out.
No, don't say that.
I want to treat you, Marty.
- I wanna help.
- You are helping me.
But I won't put up with this kind of nonsense.
- That's a "but" statement.
- Sometimes we need "but" statements.
Sometimes "but" statements are boundaries.
- Dr.
Ike, I promise.
You won't ever have to deal with her again.
- Dr.
Ike, I promise.
You won't ever have to deal with her again.
I'll talk to her.
She's just in a bad place.
And she wants to drag you down with her.
She wants to keep you frozen in time.
Marty, you have made such great progress.
And you're on the cusp of something wonderful.
I'm sorry that we can't finish our work together.
Ike, please.
Enjoy opening night.
And you can tell your sister she wins.
- She can have you.
- Look… I need you.
I don't want to have to choose between you.
You don't have to.
I would never come between a brother and his sister.
Not even when I can see one is destroying the other.
Good luck, Marty.
Sorry, Irving.
It's not like Marty to be late.
- No, no, Phyllis.
It's fine.
- Okay.
- While we're waiting, why don't you tell me what we're doing today? - While we're waiting, why don't you tell me what we're doing today? Basically, I need to transfer money from the trust into my personal account, and pronto.
Otherwise, I have to sell my kids to Gypsies.
Wait, what? It's a figure of speech, hon.
- Happy to help.
- Thank you.
So, in order to transfer the money, you need to fill out this one form.
We'll get it for you.
Sign it.
And then Marty needs to sign the other one.
Okay, great.
Well, he'll be here any minute, I'm Okay.
You wanna not hover, maybe? Join the kids, please? You're making me nervous.
Just sit down, please.
Marty? Excuse me.
Where have you been? Where have you been? Waiting for you at the lawyer's.
And before that? You went to Dr.
See? He told you.
I said not to tell you, and he did.
It was a test, and he failed.
You need to start treating me with respect and stop undermining me.
Look, Marty.
I get the appeal, okay? He was very nice in our session.
But he just has no boundaries, and I don't trust him.
Well, you're not exactly the greatest judge of men.
Look, I can't deal with your bullshit right now.
And I can't deal with you continually dragging me down, trying to keep me frozen in time.
Stop behaving like a dick, and unlock the trust so I can deal with the other dick in my life.
I'm not gonna do that.
I have to stop enabling you.
- What are you talking about, enabling me? It's my money.
- What are you talking about, enabling me? It's my money.
Neither of us are going to continue to grow if I just give in to you all the time.
- That's him, isn't it? - Mom and Dad put me in charge.
And if I just continue to give you money, you're never going to learn.
So, yes, I have to stop enabling you.
That's not you talking.
That's Dr.
No, this is me telling you that currently at this time, this relationship does not have healthy boundaries.
What are you even talking about, healthy boundaries? Your shrink had a workshop in your fucking office, Marty! You're the one who called the rabbi about my bar mitzvah! - Oh, my God.
- You treat me like a child.
God forbid you feel like a child at your bar mitzvah.
And then you go to my therapist? How dare you deprive me of my money because your therapist told you to.
This is my decision.
- I'm sure you think it is, Marty, because he's living in your goddamn head.
- I'm sure you think it is, Marty, because he's living in your goddamn head.
So when I say this, I hope the both of you can hear me in there.
Hey, Marty.
Hey, Ike.
Fuck you! Hi.
Hi, Bonnie.
So nice to see you.
You too.
Are you okay? You look a little pale.
Tough day.
Come on in.
All right.
Do you know how proud I am of you? - You set boundaries, you reached, and now look where it landed you.
- You set boundaries, you reached, and now look where it landed you.
Thanks, Dr.
Ike, that means a lot.
Check out that backdrop.
That's our backdrop.
They're looking at our backdrop! - They are.
- It looks terrific, the drape.
I don't know - Is she holding a candle? - How to love him You told them that you minimized the fire retardation, right? No.
No, I just said these are special curtains for a special performance.
Nah, I'm sure it'll be fine.
Right? He really does look like Jesus.
When I've seen myself Wait, now there's another candle coming.
Okay, now there's three candles.
Three real candles up there.
Now there's Yeah, now there's three of them.
A little too close to the gauze for my liking.
- Yeah, I wish they would come downstage.
- Right.
- -If they traveled downstage, then -It'd be better.
- -If they traveled downstage, then -It'd be better.
Just one more What are Should I bring him down? Geez, that's a lot of candles.
I mean, this is not period accurate.
They didn't have candles back then.
Oh, God.
What is that, a torch? I never thought I'd come to this Is that real fire, or is it stage fire? What the fuck is stage fire? - It's like a luau.
- Or a Klan rally.
Jesus is so flexible.
Do you smell smoke? - Yes.
- I smell smoke.
Does anyone else? Do you smell smoke? No? Oh, God.
Don't run! Please.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
We're gonna be up in flames in about ten min Someone's gotta pull the fire alarm.
- Yep.
Go do it.
- I'm gonna go pull the fire alarm.
- Go pull Go pull the alarm.
- I love him so - Pull it.
- I'm gonna go pull the fire alarm.
- I'm just gonna do it.
- I'm just gonna do it.
Hiya, Don.
- Is Marty around? - Yeah, he's actually out.
- Out? - He went out a while ago.
Well, he'll be back soon.
I'll just go wait for him.
- -Sure.
Head up there.
- -Sure.
Head up there.
Two different people complimented the backdrop.
Two? Oh, my gosh.
It's like a dream.
It was a great backdrop.
You're getting more clients, trust me.
Oh, my God.
Code red.
Is that Raul Julia over there? Five o'clock.
I think it is.
Ike, I'm kind of tired.
Should we go home? Home? What It's opening night.
Your husband's the king of Broadway.
The night is still young.
That is definitely Raul Julia.
Well, I'll get a cab, and you boys stay out and have fun.
You've earned it.
All right.
- Great job.
- Thanks, Bonnie.
Good night.
- Marty.
- What? Take my picture, but angle it so Raul's in it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
One step to the right.
Baby step, there.
Good, good.
- Did you get it? - Oh, I got it.
Yeah? - Perfect.
- What a night.
- Amazing.
- See what happens when you reach? Well done, Marty.
I mean, this is all because of you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't you dare deflect.
You should be proud of yourself.
I'm proud of you.
I mean, I'll never be able to thank you enough.
Unless… Would you ever consider coming to work at AFC? You know, like as a full-time consultant? Are you serious? Yes.
I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.
- Look what we can achieve together.
- Look what we can achieve together.
Well, let me think Okay.
I thought you were gonna say no.
No, I think it's a wonderful It's wonderful.
All right.
- I mean - What a night.
- It gets better and better and better.
- And better.
I swear I saw Daniel J.
Travanti at the bar.
- Hill Street? - Hill Street.
- Let's go.
We'll get a picture with him.
- Let's go.
We'll get a picture with him.
Hello? Shit.
- Hello? - Dr.
Ike, it's Marty.
I'm having an emergency.
Oh, my Buddy, it's 2:00 a.
, all right? - We'll talk in our next session.
- Wait.
I've been robbed.
- By Phyllis.
- By Phyllis.
What? What did she steal? The jewelry.
Well, my parents' jewelry that we inherited.
I don't know how much.
Probably… Probably half a million worth.
Hello? We need to meet tomorrow for an emergency session.
- We need a full estimate.
- No.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, I can't.
I have to go out to the Hamptons house.
There's a bunch of heirlooms there that Phyllis could be stealing as we speak.
And the Zurich accounts too, of course.
And the And the bonds.
Oh, my God.
I feel like I could faint.
The cops said that they would go tomorrow.
- But that could be too late.
- Marty, stop.
You need to protect your valuables.
There's too much at stake.
You need to go out to the Hamptons house now.
I'll go with you.
You will? Yes, I will.
Don't worry.
I'll be right by your side.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
Thank you.
Her car's not here.
That's a good sign.
You grew up here? It's a summer house.
- I'm gonna go check upstairs.
- I'm gonna go check upstairs.
Okay, everything seems to be okay.
Knock on wood.
Just gotta go check the safe.
She didn't come.
It's okay.
We're okay.
I'm sorry.
I feel like I wasted your time.
No, no, no.
You both own this? I bought Phyllis's share a few years ago to help her out… but she still has a key.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much for coming - How often do you come out here? A few times in the summer.
I d I forget sometimes.
I don't know.
I mean, it's just another another thing from my parents I have to deal with.
No, I… You know, Marty, I think I have a new understanding of what your problem is.
You're rich.
You have been given everything.
Money, a business, a house.
And because you haven't struggled, you haven't learned to enjoy it or appreciate it.
When people smell wealth, they become animals.
Your money might have protected you as a child, but it's now made you a target as an adult.
And the truth is, - people take advantage of you.
- People take advantage of you.
And you let them.
Phyllis did it.
Deborah too.
But what can I do about it? You don't have to do anything about it, because I'm going to look after you.
I am going to take care of everything.
Thanks, Dr.
You're welcome, Marty.
You're welcome.
This is only the beginning.

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