The Sing-Off (2009) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Season two of the Sing-Off Exploded back into action With a breathtaking opening performance.
Now the nation's top vocal groups Contend for $100,000 and a Sony music recording contract.
You're on national tv.
You're on the Sing-Off, baby.
They're armed with incredible talent, Powerful voices, and extraordinary styles.
The judges were blown away by emotional solos You shut it down.
Heavenly harmonies This is what I've been waiting for.
And a legendary singer's inspirational comeback.
It brought tears to my eyes.
It's just too much.
Two groups have already been forced to say good-bye.
Men of Note and Pitch Slapped.
And have taken their final bow.
Eight phenomenal groups are still in the spotlight.
, And tonight they'll pour their heart and soul Into some of the biggest hit songs ever recorded.
All of us want to win so bad.
You've never heard singing like this.
Shawn over here was having a musical orgasm.
It's all kicking off with a powerful group performance.
It's showtime! The Sing-Off starts now.
Welcome to the Sing-Off.
I'm Nick Lachey.
And we just saw eight powerhouse contenders join forces To sing the kings of Leon's smash hit use somebody.
But now it's game time, And they're all gonna face off against each other To take one step closer to the title.
Tonight these groups will try to conquer the big hits.
It's gonna be a challenge To put their own electrifying spin On some of today's most well known songs.
We've divided our eight groups into two brackets.
In each bracket, three will move on, And one will go home.
That's right.
By the end of the night, Two groups will be eliminated.
Their fates will be decided By our expert panel of judges.
He's a platinum-selling singer-songwriter Whose brand-new album with Nick Hornby, Lonely Avenue, is out now Ben Folds! She's an award-winning pop superstar Who has entertained millions all over the world.
The beautiful Nicole Scherzinger.
A singing sensation from the most successful Male R&B vocal group of all time Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman.
All right, when we come back, The competition fires up with big hits.
Our college YouTube celebrities Are gonna pick up the Mike first And get down with some hip-hop.
The Sing-Off hold that note.
We're back on the Sing-Off.
The nation's best singing groups Are about to go head to head in a battle of monster hits.
First up are some big men on campus Whose viral videos turned them into Internet celebrities.
Let's see how On the Rocks plans to stir it up With a hit from some hip-hop superstars.
In their debut, Oregon's On the Rocks Brought their viral video to life, And the judges went Gaga.
15 men pretending to be Lady Gaga Was a pretty scary thought, but you guys did your thing.
Never in a million years did I imagine That we would be here now, standing on this stage.
Blowing my mind.
Our big hit is t.
And Rihanna's live your life.
What's gonna be really hard about doing this song Is that it's a rap song.
We're an a cappella group.
All right, Jeff.
Here we go.
You ready? I'm a big rap fan, And I knew that I wanted to try it out.
I think that I spit a little game, I spit a little flow, got a little bit on the low time.
SoI don't know what that means, But I think I can do it.
I think the rap's gonna go to Jeff.
Doing a rap song as an a cappella group Is a big change.
But we have to overcome, And all of us have a lot of faith in each other, And we really think that we can pull it off.
! Northwest boys spittin' Southern rhymes To live your life, by t.
And Rihanna Here's On the Rocks! Ladies and gentlemen.
Excuse us.
From the university of Oregon On the Rocks! A little Oregon duck love there.
That's all right.
Great job, On the Rocks.
Let's go ahead and check with our judges.
Ben, did they rock the Mike or what? Yeah.
Could you do it again with a little more energy? It's infectious.
There's so much.
You're just busting out, And it's a Joy to watch and to listen to, too.
You're nailing the harmonies.
And, Peter, nice job.
You just I was glad.
That's what we needed, I think, A face on a song, some singing.
I mean, I love rap, but I think, for you guys, Your strength is in your singing and your energy.
The percussion sounded good, it all sounded good.
I'm gonna be looking I'm gonna be looking for where it is That you transition from entertainer to artist, Because right now it's 90% entertainment, And I'm looking for the art part To happen for you guys.
I think that's critical for you all.
Nicole? I was actually very impressed, Because I didn't know how you all were gonna pull it off.
But you had your own swagger.
I saw the dance moves.
They were happening.
But, no, I think you guys did your thing on this song.
You brought the energy.
I love that you connected with the audience.
I'm really proud of you guys.
I really liked the different vocal effects.
It sounded like we were in full stereo.
I loved the reverb And the delay effects on the voice.
It's like we were in the studio, making an album.
Shawn? Real creative, real creative.
The energy was great.
Obviously you connected with the crowd, And that's important.
Although sometimes when you jumped a little bit, Some of the harmonies might've flanged a little bit.
But other than that, who cares, at the end of the day? It was still a lot of fun.
They were living their life, okay? They were living their life.
And, um, Jeff You asked, you don't know What "spittin' on the low time" means.
I don't know what that means, either.
Just wanted to let you know that.
Good job, guys.
All right.
We'll find out later tonight If you guys earned the chance To keep on rocking in the next show.
Thanks again, guys.
Okay, after a break, More big hits are on the way.
And an incredible special guest returns, When the reigning Sing-Off champions, nota, Blaze the stage with a cut from their debut album.
It's all coming up on the Sing-Off.
I-I couldn't stop smiling.
It's the coolest thing ever.
I'm speechless.
My rap debut, I think, was pretty tight.
There aren't a lot of rappers from Tigard, Oregon, So I'm gonna represent.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
We've got the top vocal groups in America Taking center stage with hit songs That have been ruling the airwaves.
Next up, a group of laid-back Nashville guys With strong musical roots.
Let's see how Street Corner Symphony Stays grounded in their Southern style As they shoot for the sky with a big-time hit.
First time out, Street Corner Symphony Won the judges over with their laid-back Southern style.
You're so easy to listen to.
It's beautiful, and I couldn't believe There was only six people up there.
And it was also a special evening for Jeremy lister, Who, after years of struggling in the music industry, Finally found his place.
All those things that happened in the past, You can throw them away now, 'cause you're here.
You're on national tv.
You're on the Sing-Off.
This is a breath of fresh air.
I feel like I've caught my breath again.
And I'm with some great friends, and loving it.
The song we're performing is hey, soul sister, by train.
There's a lot of big moments in this song.
But the chorus needs to be huge.
So, we decided we would go for these outrageously high notes.
That was terrible.
It's very, very high, And it's gonna be difficult to do it justice.
Pushing their voices to new heights, Performing hey, soul sister, by train, Here's Street Corner Symphony.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three Great job, Street Corner Symphony.
Now let's hear what the judges think.
Shawn? I thought it was a lot of fun.
It was a lot of fun to listen to, And it was a lot of fun to see you actually do it.
Jeremy, I love your voice.
I honestly I really do.
It has a purity to it.
It's melodic, it's easy on the ears, And the way you guys back him up vocally, It's just very pleasant.
That's what makes a group a good group, When everyone blends in, And even the solo has something to fall back on.
And, John, loved your bridge.
You came in and nailed it.
Ben? The blend was beautiful.
The blend made it The percolation as part of the groove.
It's very inventive.
It was very cool.
Jeremy, it was a beautiful vocal.
I mean, your voice is great.
And I'm and you're a rock star.
And I'm looking forward To hearing you sing a little lower in your register So that you exude sort of I don't want to say a sad sense.
But I think you're the kind of singer That could sing a sad song and really make it feel right.
And you'll do that in your lower register, in my opinion.
So, looking forward to that.
You guys rock.
Nicole? Okay, growing up in louisville, Kentucky, Coming from the South, There is just something so cozy and warm And cool about you guys.
You guys are the perfect little street corner combination.
All six of you together, you just are perfect together.
Adam, I really loved your bass.
I felt just real sweet, Southern, laid-back bass.
It sounded so good.
You guys are just such a great example Of why this show is so awesome And so credible Because it's about real musicians, It's about real talent.
And, you know, that's why this is gonna be the hottest show.
because it's just, like You can't deny real talent and real voices.
So, congratulations, boys.
We'll find out a little later if you'll be moving ahead.
Thank you, Street Corner Symphony.
When we come back, More groups break out the big hits, Including a group of high schoolers Who are reinventing one of the hottest pop tracks of the year.
Stick around.
It's the Sing-Off.
I like kissing people, Whether it's blowing kisses or just kissing.
I like kissing.
I just kept blinking 'cause I was almost getting teary-eyed.
I was, like, "oh, keep it coming, guys.
" It was very, very sweet and very flattering.
I'm Nick Lachey, and we're back on the Sing-Off, America's hottest all-vocal competition.
Tonight, our eight incredible groups rock big hits As they battle for the $100,000 And the Sony music recording contract.
This next group This next group is out to prove That they're much more than a High School glee club.
We checked in on the talented kids from Eleventh Hour As they crammed for the biggest test of their lives.
For their first performance, Eleventh Hour showed the judges That, despite being the youngest in the competition, They're not a group to be overlooked.
To be that focused so young Is commendable.
And their leading lady Kendall left a lasting impression.
You're a little star, you really are.
When Nicole said that, I was just so blown away.
I mean, that's so humbling.
She's amazing.
And to say that to me, I'm just so I am speechless.
This week we're doing just the way you are, by Bruno Mars.
What are we trying to portray to the audience? I think about I think about that guy that I've always wanted Like, imaginary as of now, but This week, we want to take the audience with us Through the journey of this powerful, emotional song.
This competition has become so much more Than I ever thought it would be.
Standing on the stage, for all of us in Eleventh Hour, Has really shown us how much it means to us And how much we want to stay here.
That was a good ending.
Looking to graduate to the next round With just the way you are, by Bruno Mars, Here's Eleventh Hour.
Thank you very much, Eleventh Hour.
Now let's see how the judges liked your performance.
Nicole, they passed the test? Yes, they passed the test.
Good job, guys.
I absolutely love this song.
It's, like, one of my favorite songs out right now.
Kendall, you did a lovely job with the lead vocals.
You just I see how much it means to you, And how there's a sense of just humility and gratitude For you to be able to be here, And I just see the passion you're putting into it.
So, I think that you guys are doing good.
I would've loved for you all to have maybe blended A little bit better together.
But I guess sometimes it's hard 'cause I'm used to hearing an army of people.
So, you're, like, where are all these different elements? But there's seven of you, And I think you guys are holding it down pretty good.
So, good job, guys.
Shawn? Just the way that you guys blend And how you deliver the song It does have a purity to it, a sweetness to it, Because of the fact that you guys are so young.
And it's sincere because of that.
And that's what I dug about it.
As far as the arrangements, It was very intricate.
That's what I was most impressed with.
I mean, for you guys to stay on key It was somewhat of a struggle in between some of it, But overall, to do those pizzicato arpeggiated notes And things of that nature And still be able to do the choreography and still stay on key Ultimately, I was very impressed.
So, you guys should be proud of that.
And Ben, your thoughts.
I thought it was a very clever arrangement, And really well pulled off.
Sometimes it came apart at the seems Because it was very ambitious, And Kendall is covering, I don't know, 21/2, 3 octaves worth of stuff there, And that means that everyone else Has to then dodge that.
And I wouldn't know if I had to arrange it and do it, I don't know how I would've pulled it off.
So, I give you a lot of points For having done, like, a double, triple flip dismount thingy.
It was good.
Yeah, the percussion thingy was really good.
Nice work, Kurt, on percussion thingy.
I have to say, I was just a little bit bummed That the last chords wasn't totally in tune.
It's a cruel irony that the rest of it Was in tune so often.
But nice work.
I think you guys did a great job.
Thank you.
We'll find out later If you guys still have a shot at the title.
Thanks again, Eleventh Hour.
And after the break, a legendary artist Continues his inspiring comeback.
Then it's time for the first elimination.
One group is about to head out the door.
And stick around for a red-hot performance From our returning champs, nota.
This is the Sing-Off.
I do my best At my job, and it's awesome to know That other people see that I'm trying so hard.
It's fantastic to get that recognition and praise.
I'm Very happy! We gave it all our emotion that we have.
We all came out here, and we were like, "I feel so drained just because I left it out on the stage.
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We're back on season two of the Sing-Off.
The best vocal groups in the country are taking on a playlist Loaded with the biggest hits in the world.
When it comes to making hit music, Our next contender has 40 years of experience Under his belt.
Let's see how Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
Are turning one of today's hottest tracks Into a timeless classic.
Veteran vocalist Jerry Lawson Made an emotional return to the a cappella world.
Jerry, you are an inspiration To everybody in this room.
Roll up my sweater, and you'd see the chills.
It brought tears to my eyes.
And it still is.
Just to see a cappella evolve into this From where I started.
It's just too much.
Our big-hit song is mercy, by Duffy.
Mercy is a modern song, But it's a throwback To the type of music that we like to do.
Bass, bass, bass, bass.
I'm expecting Doug to really get down on this thing.
Jerry put the pressure on me today.
Once I get the feeling, it's gonna be funky.
He don't want just a standard bass sound.
He wants one that's gonna really make us shine.
The song felt real good today, But we've got a lot of work to do.
When we finish with it, we want America to say, "wow.
" Updating their retro style With the modern hit mercy, by Duffy, Here is Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
Thanks, guys.
Let's go ahead and hear from our panel.
Ben, were they a hit? Oh, yeah.
Jerry Mr.
You're cool.
You understand, coming from me, That's sort of a dubious endorsement.
The falsettos sounded wonderful, guys.
That was great.
The blend is amazing with y'all, Because you're all singing like lead singers.
A lot of people think, when they're supposed to blend, But y'all are just giving it everything.
It's amazing.
We talked about the unfair advantage you have Because you have part ownership in the whole genre.
So, then, what occurs to me Is that you've got a strategy issue coming up, Which is, "are we gonna stay totally in our game "and beat everybody at just what we do, "or are we gonna branch out And kick the kids' asses at what they do?" I And I would hope that no thought goes into it all.
Personally, I just think going with your heart That would be my vote, just to do what you feel.
And you did.
That sounds awesome.
Thank you.
And Nicole? I just want to thank y'all For coming out here and showing us how it's done.
Y'all just you broke it down.
I mean, y'all I didn't know you had the moves.
Jerry, I don't know what was goin' on down there, But we are feeling it.
We were feeling it.
Y'all are just so yummy.
I love that y'all are in this competition, 'cause you add a whole 'nother layer to the cake, And you're just so yummy, and you're, like, Food for the soul when I listen to you.
So, thank you.
And Shawn.
What'd you think? Yeah, man.
Another classic performance By a bunch of classy guys.
Just off the hook.
Like, the whole energy you know what I'm saying? I mean, just the whole feel.
The way you guys delivered the song It was flirty, it was fun.
The way you guys bounced around.
and, Douglas, you really got down.
Yeah, you did your thing, man.
I can't go that low.
But, anyway, You guys did y'all thing.
I loved it.
It was a solid performance, just like last time, And I appreciate you guys being here.
It was offThe hook.
We'll find out in just a moment If you all are moving on to the next episode.
Thank you, gentlemen.
And when we return, we'll hear the judges' first decision.
Four contenders have come out swinging with some big hits, But one is about to sing their swan song.
Plus, our returning champions, nota, Will be back with their take on a blockbuster track By the Black Eyed Peas.
Stay tuned.
It's the Sing-Off.
I think we're all we're all winners, you know? Because we've got our own special way Of singing a cappella, and it's a special art, And, you know, it just warms my heart.
And to have lived long enough To be here, to see this, And to sing with such a prestigious group as talk of the town, It's off the hook, like Shawn said.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
I'm joined on stage by four groups Who just gave it their all with some heartfelt performances.
Street Corner Symphony.
Eleventh Hour.
On the Rocks.
And Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town.
One of these talented teams Is about to get sent home.
I have the judges' results in my hand.
For three of these spectacular groups, The show will go on.
But, for one, this is their final act.
The first group Who will make an encore performance next time is Jerry Lawson & talk of the town! Congratulations! You guys are safe.
Street Corner Symphony, Eleventh Hour, And On the Rocks.
Two of you are still in the game.
But, for one of you, time has run out.
The next group saved by the judges is Street Corner Symphony! Great job, guys.
You'll be singing again on the next show.
That means Eleventh Hour and On the Rocks One of you was a hit with the judges.
The other is about to get knocked out of the competition.
Eleventh Hour Nicole said she really felt How much the song meant to you.
Shawn also praised your emotion, But said he saw moments of struggle.
And Ben commended your intricate arrangement, But was bummed that your last chord was not in tune.
On the Rocks Ben said that you were a Joy to watch, But you've been showing more entertainment than artistry.
Nicole loves how you connected with the audience And the cool studio sounds that you created.
Shawn loved your energy, But thought you had trouble with the harmonies.
One group is till on course for the title, And one group is about to get stopped in their tracks.
The group that still has a chance To become the Sing-Off champion is On the Rocks! Congratulations! You guys have made it through.
That means, Eleventh Hour I'm very sorry, but you guys are gonna be heading home.
Do you have any last thoughts You'd like to share about your experience on the show? Kendall? We're so grateful.
We have no regrets.
Thank you so much.
We're all gonna keep singing.
Well, you guys brought a lot of incredible talent to the stage.
But I'm gonna have to ask you To pick up your Mikes one last time.
Each group has chosen a swan song.
It's their last chance to make their voices heard, As they make their way off the stage.
For the last time ever on the Sing-Off, Here is Eleventh Hour.
That was Eleventh Hour, singing their final song, Leavin', by Jesse McCartney.
We've just said good-bye to one of this year's challengers, But now I'm very excited to welcome back Last year's champions.
This group set the bar When their thrilling island sound and world class vocals Helped them lock down the first ever Sing-Off title.
We caught up with the boys from nota To see what life's been like since they hit the big time.
Growing up, we always talked About having a future with music, But we just didn't really see it as a reality.
So, when we got the news that we were in the show, It was, like, a dream come true.
Please welcome nota! The beauty about you guys Is that you understand what this competition is all about, And you take a song and you make it your own.
It was an experience that, I think, Just comes once in a lifetime.
The group that will win the $100,000 grand prize is Nota! We're hitting the studio, finishing up our album.
We're so excited.
We can't wait for you to hear this.
Since we the Sing-Off, It's been such an incredible journey.
They're the winners of last night's Sing-Off on nbc.
Please say hello to nota! We've traveled all over the world.
We've performed in front of thousands of people.
And now being back is just surreal.
Sing-Off, where it all started, the root.
We're so anxious to just hit that stage And do what we love to do.
Our returning champs are here to unveil a track Off their just-released self-titled debut album.
With a fresh spin on the black eyed peas hit, I gotta feeling, Here's nota! Two, three, four How y'all feelin' tonight? Feels so good to be back! Y'all ready to party? It goes like this.
All right, nota! Yeah! Man, you guys are sounding better than ever.
And congratulations on your incredible new album.
Thanks again to the guys of nota.
And when we come back, four more groups Will make their run at the championship, And at the end of the night, one of them will be sent home.
The race for the title continues on the Sing-Off.
I'm Nick Lachey, and we're back on the Sing-Off.
Eight incredible groups are tackling big hits That are tearing up the charts.
One has already been eliminated, And, by the end of the night, another will make their exit.
Next up is a powerhouse group built for competition.
But these all-star vocalists know That you also need passion to rise to the top.
Let's see what happens the Backbeats Pour their hearts into a hit.
In their debut, the newly formed Backbeats Showed they were ready to compete.
I had chills up and down my back.
Like, it was drama.
And soloist joanna gave a standout performance.
Girl, you shut it down.
It was incredible.
There's nothing like it.
The whole experience was surreal, And I could not be happier.
This week we are performing breakeven, by the script.
The song is about breaking up And the desperation you feel after that.
The competition is stiff.
We're going up against fantastic musicians.
We really have to push ourselves To be the best that we can be, To stay on the show.
Looking to break hearts With breakeven, by the script, Here are the Backbeats.
Why don't we go ahead and check in with our judges? Shawn, what'd you think? First of all, it's nice to hear Other voices in the group.
It shows you guys' range.
Etan, Catherine, you guys did your thing.
I loved hearing you guys sing and coming to the front.
The cool thing about you guys Is that you have a real good lock On melancholy type harmonies.
Like, you guys are able to do the sevenths and the ninths And the elevenths, And, you know, really dig deep.
And a lot of times, those are really hard to do.
And the beautiful thing about pain Is that, you know, it evokes honesty.
Like when you sing, joanna, I believe it.
You have a you have a very strong soul, And you have an amazing voice.
And the way that you guys complement her is awesome.
I really dig you guys' sound.
Ben? Kenton, you're too humble.
You put together a great group, And that's not a mistake.
I think you did a great job.
Thank you.
You do have really good chemistry, And you've got good arrangements.
A couple of times I did worry, at the higher dynamic, That it might fall to pieces, but it didn't.
It locked in there.
But it was getting close to the breaking point.
But then the arrangement is so good That when you came back around dynamically to it, It gave it a roller coaster, Which was really good.
The lead vocal is great, great to split it up into three, Shows you got depth on the bench, And it also adds something to the song.
Courtney, your percussion's great.
You really take that to the front, too.
It's, like, I want a Courtney action figure, With you standing there Nice work, but I would be aware of that high dynamic, 'cause it got just a little hurty a couple of times.
And I think that you can hear it, you know how to do it.
It was a good performance.
Thank you.
And Nicole? I think I want to start with you, Courtney, Because you are one righteous babe.
I just realized That you are the only female vocal percussionist In this whole competition.
And, um I just want to say big ups to you, Todd, Because your bass was yummy and warm And just pleasant to my ear.
But I think what's so great I've heard three or four different lead singers In this group already, But yet you all are able to sound like one voice together.
You guys are amazing.
Thank you.
Okay, well, you'll find out later If you've been saved by the judges.
Thank you, guys.
Appreciate it.
We're coming back with a group of gospel singers Who don't apologize for their spiritual style.
Then later, the judges will make their decision, And one more group will sing their swan song.
The Sing-Off.
Keep it tuned.
I don't even know how to describe How it feels to be just, like, acknowledged for my hard work.
I've been doing it for so long, and I just Without these guys, I would be nothing.
So, I just feel very grateful to be here with you guys And to be beatboxing for you.
It's amazing to be acknowledged.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
We're in the middle of an all-or-nothing battle Featuring the top vocal groups in America.
They're going head-to-head for $100,000 And a Sony music recording contract.
But only one group can take home the prize.
And next up, a gospel choir from Alabama.
These guys are more versed in singing hymns than hits, So let's see how Committed plans to get into the spirit With a top-ten track.
In the premiere, the soulful boys of Committed Set the bar with their smooth vocals This is what I've been waiting for on the show.
And at the same time left our judges feeling good.
Shawn over here was having a musical orgasm.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say that on Sing-Off.
It was great.
The audience was buzzing, we were excited.
My blood was about to bust out my veins.
I don't know about you guys.
The song that we're going to perform Is apologize, by one republic.
Let's really take it to church.
You know how we do it when we sing gospel songs? When we say "go to church", It's not physically going to church, But it's all about your emotions, Letting your emotions flow And not worry about what other people think.
When our hands are up and our eyes are closed, And the group is all in one accord, We know that we've got it.
Shining their light on one republic’s apologize, Here's Committed.
All right, thank you, Committed.
Thank you very much.
Let's go ahead and hear from our judges.
Ben, were you feeling it? I'm gonna pull a total Shawn Stockman now and just I don't know I don't know I understand now, Shawn.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
There are so many great things going on in that.
I mean, there's I can't I don't know exactly what to say.
It was really good.
The, um First and second violins were beautiful.
The celli were perfect.
Anytime someone does something as inventive As what you're doing with the arrangement When you drop out, and then those bell tones come, And you can hear, the whole place goes up That's just amazing.
That was amazing.
That's all I have to say.
I'm almost scared to ask, butShawn? Any thoughts? All right, here's the deal.
I grew up in Philadelphia.
I went to a High School called creative and performing arts In South Philadelphia.
Now, in my choir that we were in, It was 75 blowers.
What I mean by that, ladies and gentlemen in tv land, Is that everybody could sing extremely well.
When I hear you guys, you take me back there.
So, when I hear the riffs And just the blends and the harmony, And how you guys go here, and then there, And then here, and then there, Like, that's what it's about, man.
And the thing is, Is that people think, again, that I'm over-exaggerating.
But, just like you guys on this panel I don't think that.
Thank you, Ben.
But we're very passionate about music.
That's why we do it.
It's not about anything else but the feeling.
And you guys give a feeling to me And, I'm sure, everybody else, that That it just it just stirs your soul.
And, again, guys I can't Come on, man, stop it.
And Nicole? Look, I'm just afraid what might happen to Shawn If y'all continue to stay on this show.
I'm not gonna lie.
I had a musical climax during that.
Ohh! Oh, my mom's gonna be watching.
Thank you very much.
I wasn't expecting that reaction.
But, um No, seriously.
Like Shawn was talking about, Music is all about a feeling And, for me, a connection.
And you all I don't know all the different reasons why, But you move me, and I know you moved everybody here tonight.
And, um I just think that, um You're here for a very special reason, And I'm so happy that you're able To share you gifts with us and all of America.
Thank you.
We'll find out later if that's enough To send you all on to the next show.
Thank you, fellas.
When we come back, A group of music teachers tries to find their cool.
We've got two more performances, And then the judges will be faced With another crucial decision Who will keep their eyes on the prize, And who's gonna see their chance disappear.
It's the Sing-Off.
You get, like, this boost of energy from the crowd When they're into it, and, like, I just I just get amped completely.
I have fun.
When you get a response like that, You can't help but to be humbled.
We just got to thank God for the talents he's given us.
We're just gonna continue working hard and sharing our gifts with the world.
We are back on the Sing-Off.
This has been an amazing night, Featuring all-vocal takes on America's hottest hit music.
We're just two performances away From another elimination.
Next up, we've got a Seattle group That hits their groove singing jazz and R&B.
Let's see how Groove for Thought Puts their smooth touch on a track That's built for the dance floor.
After debuting their jazzy style, Groove for Thought felt confident in their performance.
Being out there was fantastic.
Tonight was a solid start, But now we've just got to keep that train going.
But later found themselves On the brink of elimination.
The group that still has a chance To become the Sing-Off champion is Groove for Thought! We absolutely have to take things To the next level for our next performance And sing from the heart.
Our big hit is cooler than me, by Mike Posner.
We're gonna try to put a total Groove for Thought slant And turn it into a jazz tune.
The main thing we need to work on is performance.
So, we tried to get to a level of cool to match the song.
This song is gonna give us an opportunity To show how cool music teachers can be.
Now, that's cool.
These jazz cats are playing it cool.
With cooler than me, by Mike Posner, Here's Groove for Thought.
One, two, one, two All right! Let's go ahead and hear from our judges.
Shawn? Y'all just made my head hurt right now.
Let me tell you, boys and girls, Mike Posner, who is a friend of mine, Who's watching this He's going to be very happy and very proud, First and foremost.
Let me get that out of the way.
Y'all really did his song justice, and then some.
Uh, to take things to the next level Brennan, you said that And the thing about you guys Is that you're just like the record says cool.
You know what I'm saying? Like, y'all so cool, it hurts.
Like, you know, Peter And sing the song, man, you're just cool.
Your hat is to the side.
You know what I mean? You know what I mean? Your whole your whole Bro, your whole thing is just cool.
Look, the persona of the song fits you perfectly.
That's all.
Thank you.
Nicole? Uh, yeah, whatever Shawn just said, ditto.
But, um, Peter, your tone is the epitome of cool.
I mean, for real.
And, Amanda, I don't know if you was doing some, like, Sopranos sax thing over there, But it was crazy.
It was crazy! Thank you.
It got a little wild, And we were all right there with you.
Y'all are wonderful musicians, And I think you're cooler than me.
All right.
Ben, thought? You set us all up with all that teacher stuff, And we're ready to go, "you know, your big brain got in the way.
" But, really, there's nothing cooler than teaching, personally.
Uh, same as they said Peter, you're the secret weapon.
You've got star quality in your voice, And they're all backing you up perfectly.
And then I'm glad that Jeff came out with the bass In the way that you did.
That's great.
The harmonies were, you know To use another technical word sick.
But, no.
And then you were bringing out great things, Like the, uh, the soprano thing there.
That's awesome, because you think you've pulled all the bag of tricks, You think it's done, and then, all of a sudden, There's one more thing.
You took it up a notch, and you're making it very difficult On the judges, I want you to know.
Okay, we'll find out a little later If you guys have made it to the next show.
Thanks again, Groove for Thought.
When we come back, we've got one final performance, As the Ivy league boys from the nation's oldest college group Lend their voices to a current hit.
Then, the judges will make another heart-wrenching decision.
This is the Sing-Off.
Stiff competition, but we feel pretty good about that.
It was a good performance.
We feel too good about it to go home now.
It's just unreal.
We were feeling very confident going into this performance, And following two solid acts, We knew that we had to just keep that energy going, And We feel we did it, And we're so proud.
We're just so, so proud.
We're back on the Sing-Off.
The competition is going into overdrive, As we move closer to the second elimination of the night.
The judges will choose three more groups to advance, And one will have their journey end.
Let's meet our final contenders of the night.
They've got an air of confidence And a sophisticated style.
Let's see how the Whiffenpoofs of Yale Plan to loosen their ties without missing a beat.
Backstage, the Whiffenpoofs got ready With a quirky warm-up.
Ba-da-ga-da, ba-da-ga-da, ba-da-ga-da.
Ba-da-ga-da, ba-da-ga-da, ba-da-ga-da.
When they hit the stage, They brought with them a touch of class.
I don't know what just happened.
But it was brilliant.
I think we killed it.
The judges loved it, The audience loved, we loved it.
This week, we'll be performing Haven't met you yet by Michael Buble.
The Whiffenpoofs come out of a choral tradition.
We don't use vocal percussion.
We don't beatbox.
We feel that singing in itself Can make great music.
I think that there's a lot at stake for us.
The challenge is a song from the last five years, And the whiffs are known to do very traditional repertoire.
It's kind of the perfect moment For us to prove ourselves, That we can do this fusion of old and new.
Giving a pop ballad their choral twist, With haven't met you yet, by Michael Buble, Here are the Whiffenpoofs.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
Let's go ahead and check in with our experts.
Nicole, did they deliver? Yes, they delivered.
Ha ha ha! I don't know if you all were singing to me Or the boys, the handsome fellas next to me, But whatever you were doing, it just melted my heart.
It did.
You guys are just you guys are lovely.
I have, like, a little special, uh A fondness for this song, Because I actually performed to this song In a little show I don't know if you guys ever heard of it Dancing with the stars.
This was a really good choice of song.
But, um No, I think you guys were just really great, And you guys have a beautiful choral sound together.
And I like that you all don't over-sing.
And you just are lovely together.
Thank you.
Shawn? I love you guys.
I enjoy you guys' quirkiness.
I enjoy you guys' fervor, your zeal, your enthusiasm.
You guys give your 100%.
Um, the only thing I would say The leads weren't as strong as I'd hoped In certain spots.
But overall, as a choral group, You guys really give your 100%, And I do appreciate you guys' presence, Because you do give a certain element That no one else gives in this show.
You guys are very unique.
And Ben? Your thoughts? It's, um You brought a Broadway element to it.
That's really cool.
I like Broadway, so I consider that a compliment.
Um, because, yeah, As you're blending the old and the new, That's actually, to me, what's coming out.
It's like a show, and it's very cool.
The leads sounded good, The bass sounded good, the harmonies sounded good.
And so, I didn't really notice if there was choreography.
Although, I looked up one time, And Stefan was killing some, uh Some conducting there.
Very cool.
Anyway, I thought it was great.
Okay, we're just moments away From finding out if you guys are moving on.
Thank you, Whiffenpoofs.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's decision time.
Four more groups have sung the hits, But only three will earn the encore From our judges.
The other will be singing their swan song.
The elimination is moments away On the Sing-Off.
As you can see, the competition is incredible.
We're just, you know, happy to be here, And honored to be, you know, competing with these people.
They're fantastic.
We did our best.
We did as good as we could.
We brought our energy to the stage.
It was just so much fun for us up there.
Yeah, I think we all had a lot of fun with that.
I think that's what we were going for.
We're satisfied.
If you want to learn how to download the songs You heard performed tonight, go to nbc.
It's the moment of truth here on the Sing-Off.
While we were gone, the judges had to make a difficult decision.
I'm standing here with Committed.
The Backbeats.
The Whiffenpoofs.
And Groove for Thought.
Three of these teams rose to the challenge.
But, for one group, the music ends tonight.
I have the results right here.
Three groups will still have their names Up in the lights.
The other group is stepping down from the stage.
The first group with a guaranteed spot On the next show is Committed! Great job, guys.
You're coming back.
The Backbeats, the Whiffenpoofs, And Groove for Thought You're still in danger of heading home.
The next team to lock down a spot is Groove for Thought! Congratulations! You're safe.
It's down to the Backbeats and the Whiffenpoofs.
One of you will keep singing on the next show.
The other will be singing their swan song.
The Backbeats.
Shawn was feeling Joanna's emotional style And thinks you guys have a lock on melancholy harmonies.
Nicole loves that you listen to each other And sound like one voice.
Ben praised your three soloists, But warned you to beware the high dynamics.
The Whiffenpoofs.
Nicole adored your group's beautiful choral sound And said your performance melted her heart.
Ben loved your Broadway style And enjoyed how you blended the old and the new.
Shawn was into your quirkiness, But wished the lead vocalists were stronger.
One group has earned a return performance, And one group is about to leave the stage forever.
The group that still has a chance To win the Sing-Off title is The Backbeats! Congratulations.
You guys are still in the running.
The Whiffenpoofs I'm sorry.
But your guys' journey ends here tonight.
Scott, any final thoughts on your experience here? Yeah, we'd like to wish the friends we've made here The best of luck And to thank the people who helped us get this far.
It's been a great ride.
Thank you.
All right.
You guys certainly have quite a lot of be proud of, But now it's time for you all to grab your Mikes And leave the stage.
As you know, each group has selected a swan song, And they'll sing it as they say farewell to the Sing-Off.
For the very last time, Here is the Whiffenpoofs.
That was the Whiffenpoofs, Singing home sweet home, by motley crue.
The judges have narrowed down the field, And now Justix groups are still fighting For the chance to win the ultimate prize $100,000, the Sony music recording contract, And the Sing-Off title.
Our next show will be the hardest yet.
Each group will have to deliver not one, But two, all-or-nothing performances, As they battle to take a step closer to the finale.
It's gonna be a real crowd pleaser, Because the groups are taking on Guilty pleasure songs.
Let's get a little sneak peek At our groups' secret favorites.
Let's go ahead and start off with On the Rocks.
Nick groove for thought.
Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
The Backbeats.
Street Corner Symphony.
And Committed.
All right.
It's gonna be a great show.
The fight is only getting tougher, And at the end of the competition, America will decide the winner.
I'm Nick Lachey, signing off from the Sing-Off.
Good night.