The Sing-Off (2009) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

Last time on the Sing-Off, The nation's best groups fired up A spectacular 21 guns salute one, 21 guns And set their sights on the title.
run, run run no, no, no, hey, hey, hey every breath you take Each group faced two make-or-break performances.
The judges wanted more edge from the rock songs.
You know I'm a big fan, But I can't say that that rocked.
But the groups brought down the house In the guilty pleasure round.
Tin roof! Rusty.
I'm team Backbeats right now.
Street Corner Symphony, On the Rocks, Committed, the Backbeats, And Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
Five groups stand tall.
A trip to the finals is on the line.
Tonight they've got to deliver two championship performances And survive two eliminations.
They'll face their hardest test When they tackle superstar medleys.
Then they'll fight for their shot at the title With tracks hand-picked by our judges.
Everyone is so good.
There's no room for error.
Only three will advance to the live finale, Where you, America, will decide who wins the cash, The contract, and the Sing-Off title.
It all kicks off with a powerhouse group performance Right now.
( vocalizing ) what would you do if I sang out of tune? would you stand up and walk out on me? oh, Lord lend me your ears ♪ and I'll sing you a song ♪ ♪ and I'll try not to sing out of key ♪ oh, I get by with a little help from my friends oh, I'm gonna keep on tryin' high with a little help from my friends gonna try with a little help from my friends a little help, a little, little help ooh ooh oh oh what do I do when my love is away? does it worry you to be alone? whoa oh oh oh how do I feel at the end of the day? are you sad because you're on your own? don't get sad no more try with a little help from my friends whoa oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh I get by with a little help from my friends whoa oh oh ooh have a little help from my friends oh, do you need do you need anybody? I need someone to love oh, could it be could it be anybody? ohh I need someone to love me I need someone to love me yeah try with a little help from my friends from my friends get by with a little help from my friends well, whoa oh oh have a little help from my friends ah ah ah ooh oh, just a little help from my friends oh, do you need do you need anybody? owwwww! oh, could it be could it be anybody? ohh oh, I need somebody could it be anybody? I need somebody ah ah ah my friends whoa have a little help from my friends have a little help from my friends Ahh have a little help from my friends yeah, ooh ooh yeah ( cheering ) ( vocalizing ) ( imitates record skipping ) bring it back oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah! oh oh oh oh oh oh bom-bom-bom bom-bom-bom ba-bom-bom bom-bom bom-bom oh oh oh ohh ( applause ) Happy holidays, and welcome to the Sing-Off.
I'm Nick Lachey, and we just saw our superstar vocal groups Help each other light up the stage With a heartfelt opening performance.
Let's welcome our tofive contenders.
The gospel singers from Alabama, Committed! ( applause ) The Youtube stars from Oregon, On the Rocks! Music legends Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
The smooth Southern boys, Street Corner Symphony.
And the best of the West, L.
's own the Backbeats! On three of these groups will earn a spot In our live finale next week.
Their dreams are almost within reach.
But tonight their fate lies in the hands Of our esteemed panel of judges Renowned singer-songwriter Ben Folds.
( cheering ) Multi-platinum recording artist Nicole Scherzinger.
( cheering ) And the R&B star from Boyz II Men, Shawn Stockman.
( cheering ) Tonight these groups will have to deliver Two championship-caliber performances.
First, they'll sing superstar medleys From iconic artists like the Beatles, Elton John, and Lady Gaga.
Then, it's judges' request Songs hand-picked to help the groups Deliver breakout performances.
After each round, the judges will huddle up And send one group home.
At the end of the night, only three groups will remain, And then it's in your hands, America.
Your votes decide which group Will be named Sing-Off champion On the live season finale.
We'll give you the voting info at the end of the show.
Let's start with the superstar medleys.
First up is our group of Internet sensations.
To get ready to rock the Sing-Off crowd, On the Rocks warmed up on a karaoke stage With sing-along hits from the rocket man himself.
Tonight we gotta hang out and just cut loose And sing some karaoke.
This has allowed us to step aside from the competition And get a chance to, like, reconnect as a group, So we'll be ready to knock it out for the ne performance.
Dimples, what up? ( cheering ) We are On the Rocks from the university of Oregon, And we're gonna give you a little taste Of our Elton John medley.
hey, kids, shake it loose together the spotlight's hitting something that's been known to change the weather Karaoke was a very interesting experience.
It was pretty fun to dress up and be a bunch of wackos.
say, candy and Ronnie They had so much personality, they were really into it.
Lots of facial expressions.
It was it was just really enjable.
wonderful b-b-b-Bennie and the Jets ( cheering ) Performing for the crowd tonight was a lot of fun.
They got really into the songs.
So, it really pumped us up for our next performance.
do do thank you! Shooting for stardom with an Elton John medley, Here is On the Rocks! One, two, three! ( vocalizing ) I was justified when I was five raising Cain, I'll spit in your eye times are changing, now the poor get fat but the fever's gonna catch you when the bitch gets back oh oh oh ( vocalizing ) I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch oh, the bitch is back stone cold sober, as a matter of fact I can bitch, I can bitch 'cause I'm better than you it's just the way that I move the things that I do ( vocalizing ) hey, kids, shake it loose together the spotlight's hitting something that's been known to change the weather we'll kill the fatted calf tonight so, stick around oh oh you're gonna hear electric music solid walls of sound say, candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet? ooh, but they're so spaced out b-b-b-b-b-bennie and the jets oh, they're weird and wonderful oh, bennie, she's really keen she's got electric boots, a mohair suit you know I read it in a magazi-I-I-ine ohh b-b-b-b-b-bennie and the jets oh oh don't let the sun go down on me don't let the sun although I search myself there's always someone else I see someone I see I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free oh, yeah but losing everything is like the sun going down on me ooh, yeah ( vocalizing ) bah ah ah ( cheering ) Nick: Nice job, On the Rocks.
Very nice.
Let's go ahead and check in with our panel.
Nicole, did they make sir Elton proud? Let me you tell you something.
Y'all came to play tonight, okay? You have your game faces on.
I was very, very impressed.
I really thought it was just moving How you found your inner eltons within you.
But, as an ensemble, I think that's probably one of the first times I've heard you so clean, and I loved Yeah.
It really sounded really good to my ears, And, um, I loved, towards the end, That beautiful crescendo.
Um, really good job, my little eltons.
Really good job.
Ben? All the reasons that your Youtube video Has gone so well And that you're here, all stayed intact.
Sounded really good.
You're blending together really nicely.
All the energy's there.
That's all the good stuff.
The groove on bitch is back Was too much, too complicated.
It doesn't need to be all that to drive it, And it hurts your takeoff a little bit.
I mean, you were working together really great, except for that, And the groove was a little too funky.
And I think sometimes less in more.
Bennie and the Jets it's a groove thing again to me.
It could've been slower.
That's what that song really has going for it, And to exaggerate that you almost had that.
It's exciting when you're playing live, so you push it.
But as pros, as you develop, One of the things you learn is, keep it slow.
You landed the plane really nicely, though, For don't let the sun go down on me.
Peter really, really nailed it at the end.
That was nice.
( cheering ) All right, Shawn? I just like the fact that, at first, When you guys stepped on the scene, And it was kind of hard to identify everybody, Because there's so many of you.
So, it's nice that, Nick, Jonah, Peter, You guys came out, and not only did you come out, You really represented on the leads.
Good job.
( cheering ) Nick: All right, thanks, judges.
And thank you, On the Rocks.
Very nice.
All right, when we come back, Our gospel singers try on R&B star Usher's sexy style.
And we've also got power-packed medleys Of songs from Lady Gaga, Otis Redding, And the biggest band of all time, the Beatles.
This is the Sing-Off.
( vocalizing ) I think we definitely made our state And our school very proud, And we're just doing our thing and hoping for the best.
Go, ducks! Go, ducks! ( laughter ) Joy ( vocalizing ) Joy to the world the Lord is come let earth receive her king let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing let heaven and nature sing let heaven let heaven and nature sing ( vocalizing ) ( audience cheering ) We're back on the Sing-Off.
America's only all-vocal competition is heating up, And a trip to the championship is on the line.
Our groups have proven they've got what it takes, With medleys from some of the biggest artists of all time.
Next up are the choir singers from Alabama.
Let's see how Committed let off some steam on the basketball court To get loose for the sexy grooves of an R&B king.
( vocalizing ) We're at venice beach today.
We're playing basketball with some locals here.
It's really fun out here.
It's great to be outside of the competition.
Basketball helps us recharge, Helps us get our competitive edge for the show.
We don't want to get complacent Because we really want to win.
Gotta put it in the hole first! Oh, yes, sir! Oh, yes, sir! ( indistinct chatter ) ( laughter ) baby, you got it, you got it bad when you're on the phone For them to be able to sing Without using any type of instruments and sound like that, They blew my mind all the way.
you got it bad ( cheering ) Today was a good day.
It helped us loosen up and focus And get back on track.
We're ready, America.
We're coming to get you! Bringingeavenly love to the club With a medley from Usher, here's Committed.
so, we're back in the club got our bodies rockin' from side to side side, side to side thank God the ek is done I feel like a zombie come back to life back, back to life hands up when the music drops we gonna put our hands up put your hands on my body ain't I seen you before? I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes baby, tonight the D.
's got us falling in love again baby, tonight the D.
's got us falling in love again oh oh when you feel it in your body you found somebody who makes you change your ways like hanging with your nobody wants to be alone if re touched by the words in this song 'cause, baby you got it, you got it bad when you're on the phone hang up, and you call right back you got it, you goit bad when you miss a day without your frid your whole life's off track you know you goit bad when you're stuck in the house you don't want to have fun it's all you think about you got it bad when you're out with someone but you keep on thinking about somebody else searching for somebody that'll take you out and do you right come here, baby, searcand let daddy dy show you what it feels like, oh ( vocalizing ) you know all you gotta do is tell me what you're sippin' on ( vocalizing ) and I promise that I'm gonna keep it comin' all night long lookin' in your eyes while you're on the other side and I think that, shorty, I got a thing for you, yeah you're doing it on purpose, while you're working it I can tell by the way you're lookin' at me, girl I want to make love in this club hey in this club hey, hey in this club I want to make love in this club I want to make love to you in this club in this club I want to make lo-o-o-ove ah ooh ( cheering ) Okay, Committed.
Let's see if there's some love from the judges.
Ben, were you feeling it? Wow.
Nice work, guys.
Harmonically bad-ass.
Um, just ( laughter ) It's really great that you guys take your music dead seriously, But you don't take yourselves dead seriously, And it's so wonderful to see.
It makes everyone relax, and you can get right into the music.
You've taken this journey from I don't know birth control music to that.
That's ( laughter ) I didn't miss I didn't miss any instruments.
You held down the groove.
You were making records onstage.
Um, and then Robbie took over the percussion, And it didn't miss anything.
It just seamlessly went through.
( cheering ) I think you're very much back on it, And it's great to see.
Very inspiring.
Shawn? I first have to say, the transitions were so sick, How y'all just put those harmonies out of nowhere, And then went into the next song.
That was crazy.
The cool thing about Usher's songs A lot of it is beat-driven and it has that bounce.
You didn't leave out that bounce.
Y'all kept that in.
And I seen some movements that, uh ( cheering ) Yeah, I see y'all church boys.
I see you.
Yeah, uh-huh.
No, but honestly, it was entertaining.
And Very happy.
( cheering ) All right, Nicole? They are called Committed for a reason.
That was the holy spirit moving through them.
( laughs ) I was feeling it.
Were y'all feeling it? ( cheering ) UmNot many groups Can take us from the church to the club, So, really good job, you guys.
It was awesome.
Thank you, Committed.
When we come back, our Nashville boys Take on John, Paul, George and Ringo.
That's right a superstar Beatles medley is up next.
The Sing-Off.
Hold that note.
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Those sleepless nights, Staying up till 5:00 in the morning.
You can see it in our eyes, And we were just excited to just get out there And give it our all, man.
( vocalizing ) Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
The groups are facing their biggest challenge yet.
They're all stepping it up with medleys from music icons.
And at the end of the night, We're opening up the voting lines So you at home can pick our champion.
These next guys are no strangers to the rock scene.
Street Corner Symphony headed to the sunset strip, Where rock legends are made, To test out their take on the most well-known band Of all time.
( police siren blaring ) whoa whoa oh oh Mmm Mmm Mmm We are here at the whiskey a go go, About to perform for an incredible audience.
To be at a place where led zeppelin's played, Frank zappa's played, The doors This is a total honor for us.
All the way from Nashville, Tennessee, We've got Street Corner Symphony! ( cheering ) How you doin', L.
? hey, jude don't make it bad I really enjoyed watching street corner.
It's just down, it's just chill.
It makes you feel really good to vibe with them.
Better better, better, better Being at a rock club is kind of our natural habitat anyway.
So, I think this is really gonna do a lot to boost our confidence And get us ready for the next performance.
na na na na hey jude ( cheering ) Bringing back the British invasion With a Beatles medley, Here's Street Corner Symphony.
One, two, three ah, look at all the lonely people ( vocalizing ) ah, look at all the lonely people Ahh Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been lives in a dream waits at the window, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door who is it for? all the lonely people where do they all belong? all the lonely people where do they all belong? help I need somebody help not just anybody help you know, I need someone help when I was younger so much younger than today I never need I never needed anybody's help in anyway but now these days are gone and I'm not so self-assured and now I find now I find I changed my mind I opened up the door help me if you can, I'm feeling down and I do appreciate you being 'round being 'round help me get my feet back on the ground won't you please please help me help me help me, ooh hey, jude don't make it bad take a sad song and make it better remember to let her into your heart then you can start to make it better better, better, better better, better, ahhh yeah, yeah, yeah na na na na na na na take your sad song sing it na na na na hey, jude judey, judey, you can make it better, judey na na na na na na na come on, judey, judey, judey na na na na hey, ju-u-u-ude judey, judey, judey ( cheering ) Nick: Thank you, Street Corner Symphony.
Let's go ahead and check with our experts.
Shawn, what'd you think? Classic, classic.
Even down to the Beatles' signature bow.
That was really good.
Um, you know what? It started off a little tough in the beginning.
There were some rhythm issues, I guess because there was no percussion to help you guys out.
But you picked it up.
And actually, You got better with each song.
Uh I liked the fact that it just sounded really down-home.
You guys kept it, you know, simple, Like a Beatles song really is.
It's melody-driven.
That's what the Beatles was all about.
Richie, I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, But you really look like John Lennon.
( cheering ) It was scaring the hell out of me, actually.
But, hey, it was a good look.
And, overall, it was a good performance.
Good job.
Ben? I agree with Shawn.
Good assessment.
It did start a little rough in the harmonies, too.
You weren't quite tuning at first.
But you're listening to each other so well.
You guys just sing like one voice together When you're on, which is most of the time.
Anyone that sings unisons as well as you guys do That's what people don't realize is a difficult thing to do.
Seamless every time you guys do that.
It sounded really awesome.
( cheering ) Um, the left-handed hofner bass.
Nice detail there.
I suspected you were singing left-handed bass the whole time.
I've got a pretty good ear for that kind of stuff.
Um, the beatbox, when it was in, was really great.
I kind of question why it wasn't in when it wasn't in.
'cause it wasn't in in hey jude when Everyone's with you still.
I just wondered why it wasn't in the transition to help! That's splitting hairs, to tell you the truth, Because the performance was very, very good, And you guys sounded really, really great.
( cheering ) Anything to add, Nicole? Um, in my best or worst British accent ( British accent ) that was absolutely lovely.
It really was.
Laughs ) Yeah.
And, John, you took it home, honey.
I really liked it.
Good job, guys.
Nick: All right, thank you, Street Corner Symphony.
Coming up next, an all-star grp Puts on their poker faces with hits by Lady Gaga.
Tonight it's do die.
Three teams will earn their place in the championship round.
Two will be leaving the stage forever.
We're heating up the holidays On the Sing-Off.
( vocalizing ) We had a couple of small mistakes here and there, But, overall, I think the energy was the most important part, And we locked into the things and blended, And it was a lot of fun.
I'm dreamin' of a white Christmas just like the ones we used to know ( vocalizing ) may your days be merry and bright and may all your christmases be white may they be white ( audience cheering ) ( vocalizing ) I'm Nick Lachey, and we're back on the Sing-Off.
The top five vocal groups in the country Are locked in a head-to-head fight for $100,000 And a Sony music recording contract.
This next group always dresses for success.
So, let's see how the Backbeats Captured Lady Gaga's outrageous spirit With a trip to a vintage clothing shop.
( vocalizing ) Rachel, this matches your color right now.
We came here to Hollywood today To find some inspiration for our Lady Gaga medley.
This is glam Gaga.
Grandma, not Gaga.
To really get into Gaga and to do it justice, We really have to explore what she does And try to see what happens When we do the most ridiculous things.
( laughter ) Lady Gaga is a fashion icon.
She has her own style.
That's what we're going for.
We want to show our own style on the stage.
( laughter ) ( vocalizing ) No.
( laughter ) I don't know if we've exactly found our inspiration yet, But we're definitely a step closer.
Whoo! Let's do it.
Now we want to hit Hollywood boulevard And sing for a crowd and give them a little preview.
papa, paparazzi We're under a ton of pressure Just to do Lady Gaga justice.
until that boy is mine I never heard Lady Gaga done a cappella like that before.
I thought the Backbeats were incredible.
superstar, you know that I'll be It's totally fun coming out and singing on Hollywood boulevard.
The energy was amazing, and when we hit the stage, I think we're gonna be ready to make it one of our biggest performances yet.
I loved it.
( cheering ) Releasing their inner Gaga with a Lady Gaga medley, Here are the Backbeats! ( vocalizing ) can't read my can't read my can't read my I want to hold them like they do in Texas plays fold them, let 'em hit me, raise it baby, stay with me luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start and after he's been hooked, I'll play the one that's on his heart oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I'll get him hot, show him what I've got can't read my, can't read my no, he can't read my poker face my poker face can't read my, can't read my no, he can't read my poker face my poker face p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face we are the crowd c-coming out got my flash on, it's true need that picture of you it's so magical we'd be so fantastical 'cause you know that, baby, that I I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me papa, paparazzi baby, there's no other superstar you know that I'll be papa, paparazzi promise I'll be kind but I won't stop until that boy is mine mine mine mine baby, you'll be famous chase you down until you love me papa, paparazzi I've had a little bit too much oh oh oh oh all of the people start to rush start to rush how does he twist the dance? can't find my drink, oh, man where are my keys? I lost my phone oh oh oh oh what's going on on the floor? I love this record, baby but I can't see straight anymore keep it cool what's the name of this club? I can't remember, but it's all right, all right just dance, gonna be okay no, he can't read my poker face whoa oh oh oh gonna be okay no, he can't read my poker face dance, dance just, just, just, dance dance, dance, dance ( cheering ) Nick: Thank you, Backbeats.
Thank you very much.
Now let's hear from our superstar judges.
Nicole, did they pull it off? Doing Lady Gaga a cappella is pretty hard.
But, um, I think that you guys did a good job.
You did a good job.
I don't think we realize I sound like Shawn right now.
Just, like, "man, I don't think y'all realize how hard this is.
" ( laughter ) I was just about to say that.
But I don't think we realize how hard it is, Because not only are we having to You having to create, the sound of real instruments With your voices alone.
Now you're having to create and emulate Synthesized instruments and electronic sounds, Which is even harder.
Courtney and Todd, I think you did a really good job with that.
( cheering ) Shawn? Yeah, you know what? I think you guys Had the hardest assignment of the night, Just because of the fact that Lady Gaga's music Is electronically driven, And it's all types of bleeps and bloops And biddly-doop-de-doops and all that other good stuff.
So, to be able to do that And still make it entertaining, as you guys did today, I commend you on that.
It was off the hook.
( cheering ) Okay.
Ben? Um, Courtney M.
Award for the paparazzi groove.
That was really fantastic.
Man, you guys work together really well.
And you've got so much depth on the bench.
The thing about a cappella music is, It's not about fame and the limelight and divas, And you guys share it so seamlessly that it's inspiring.
Nice work.
( cheering ) Thank you, Backbeats.
Thank you very much.
We'll be right back with another superstar medley, When legendary musician Jerry Lawson pays tribute To one of the biggest soul singers in history.
Then, it's elimination time.
Who will get their shot to sing in the finale, And who will sing their swan song? The Sing-Off.
Keep it tuned.
It feels really good to know that we're growing.
Just our evolution.
From the first We're a totally different group from the first episode, And now that we're going into really complicated arrangements And pulling them off, it just really shows our evolution.
So, we're just really happy that we're growing.
( vocalizing ) Welcome back, and happy holidays From the Sing-Off.
Tonight, the groups have to deliver Two amazing performances To win a spot on the live season finale next week.
The last medley is from our group of veteran vocalists.
To look their best before taking on superstar Otis Redding, Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town Sat down at a local barbershop And brushed up on his classic soul hits.
( vocalizing ) The barbershop is a very, very special place.
It's the heart of the community.
When you come to the barbershop, It gives you confidence, you feel good.
It inspires you to sing better.
Take some of the hair off his mustache And put on his head! Giving each other a hard time in the barbershop is common.
That's what we come here to do.
You don't look like Billy Dee, You look like Billy dome.
( laughter ) Y'all gotta be quiet.
He's gettin' ready to operate.
When you're looking good, It gives you the confidence to sing.
So, this just makes us feel like performing.
sittin' in the morning sun I'll be sittin' when the evening comes Lord, have mercy Sometimes you get guys that come in, rapping and singing.
But those guys awesome.
watch 'em roll away again Lord, have mercy ( vocalizing ) If they can sing it this good in a barbershop, They can definitely sing it this good on stage.
( vocalizing ) ( cheering ) Paying respect with an Otis Redding medley, Here's Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
sittin' in the morning sun I'll be sittin' when the evening comes Lord, have mercy watching the ships roll in then I watch them roll away again oh, Lord, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away ooh, Lord, I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay just wasting time ti-I-I-ime it looks like nothing's gonna change everything seems to remain the same how can I do what ten people tell me to? I guess I'm gonna have to remain the same oh, she may be weary young girls, they do get weary wearing that same old shaggy dress yeah, yeah, yeah but, oh, when she's weary just try try some tenderness try and use some tenderness try some tenderness ohh you got to squeeze her don't tease, don't leave her got to, na na na na na got to have a little tenderness a little tenderness a little tenderness ohh you got to squeeze don't tease her, never leave her what you want, baby, I got it what you need, you know I got it all I want from you, little girl all I want is a little respect just a little bit oh, just a little respect just a little bit respect, yeah just a little bit just a little respect hit it! r-e-s-p-e-c-t oww! find out what it means to me r-e-s-p-e-c-t oh, yeah take care, t.
owwww! respect, just a little bit respect, just a little bit respect, yeah a little respect, hit it! re re re re re re re re respect, just a little bit one more time, give me some re re re re re re re re respect ( cheering ) Nick: Thank you, guys.
Thank you very much.
Let's go ahead and hear from our experts.
Ben, did they take care of business? Yeah.
You know, I'm sure some people Were scratching their heads at home about respect, 'cause they think it's an aretha Franklin song, But it's an Otis Redding original, And it was released the year he tragically died.
You guys were flying on that, though.
I was a little worried That you were gonna have to start getting into the "sock it to me's".
At that clip, I was, like, "I want to see the tongue work on this one.
" ( rapidly ) "sock it to me, sock it to me.
" The transitions were great.
It was really good to see Paul step up.
Nice work.
( cheering ) There was a couple of times you guys Your pitch isn't always dead on.
Sometime in try a little tenderness, You weren't tuning up quite like I'd like you to.
But there's so much energy in it, It's such the real thing, And there's a really good reason You guys are all on national tv, Showing people how this is done.
And nice work.
Shawn? You guys, when you sing, You instantly just remind me Of a cool, tall glass of lemonade Just sitting on a lounge chair, And the sun is out.
You know, it just feels good.
You guys encompass just what a cappella is all about.
It's unlike any other genre of music Because it has no age, it has no color.
A cappella is timeless.
You guys are the epitome of class, style, And just experience, And it shows with each performance.
( cheering ) Nicole? Ohh.
I just goosebumps in that performance.
I don't know the light and everything was just perfect.
And it was just ohh, it was beautiful.
I think that it was very fitting That you all ended with respect, 'cause I think it kind of represents your journey On this show and in your lives, And I think it's just wonderful To be able to watch you all finally get the respect And the acknowledgement that you deserve.
So, congratulations.
Nick: Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you very much.
All five groups have upped the ante With their superstar medleys.
Now the judges are making their decision, And when we come back, we'll find out Which four groups are still in the race for the title.
One is about to have their journey cut short.
Elimination is moments away on the Sing-Off.
You guys, man like she said, man.
You're class, you know? I'm proud to work with you cats, man.
We're back on the Sing-Off.
I'm standing on stage with five groups Who just laid it all on the line With superstar medleys.
Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
( cheering ) Street Corner Symphony.
On the Rocks.
And Committed.
One of these teams Is about to leave the competition forever.
During the break, the judges put their heads together And made a very difficult decision.
I have the results in my hand.
Four of these groups will sing an encore, But one group will be singing their final note.
The first two groups that are still in the game are ( crowd shouting ) Committed and the Backbeats! ( cheering ) Congratulations.
You're safe.
Jerry Lawson & talk of the town, Street Corner Symphony, and On the Rocks.
Two of you are stepping closer to the title.
But one of you will walk away empty-handed.
The next saved group is Jerry Lawson & talk of the town! ( cheering ) Great job.
You're still in the fight for the title.
Good job, guys.
That means Street Corner Symphony And On the Rocks One of you is still in tune with the judges.
The other is about to fall flat.
Street Corner Symphony.
Shawn thought your group started off with some rhythm issues, But loved your down-home take on the Beatles.
Ben dug your seamless unison sound, But wished that you had kept the vocal percussion going throughout.
Nicole was feeling it And said you guys were absolutely lovely.
On the Rocks.
Nicole said you guys came to play tonight, And that you definitely channeled your inner Elton John.
Shawn praised Nick, Jonah, and Peter's standout lead vocals.
Ben felt your groove was too funky and hurt your teoff, But you got it back at the end And landed the plane nicely.
One group will battle for a trip to the finale.
But the other their quest ends right now.
The group that still has a chance To become the Sing-Off champion is ( crowd shouting ) Street Corner Symphony! ( cheering ) Congratulations.
You guys are moving ahead.
I'm sorry, On the Rocks.
That means that your journey is over.
Josh, do you have any parting thoughts you'd like to share? Well, Nick, throughout this competition, We've all really grown from boys to men, And we've shown the nation that we're not just a bunch of pussycats anymore.
I'm actually proud that we haven't been folding under the pressure.
And I just wish the judges would give us one more night.
Una noche.
( cheering ) Go, ducks! Classy and entertaining to t end.
Well, you guys What do you say to that? ( laughs ) You guys brought a lot of talent and entertainment And great performances to this stage, But now I'll have to ask you to take your Mikes one last time.
Saying a final good-bye with their swan song, Here is the always entertaining On the Rocks.
One, two, three, four.
we're leaving together but still it's farewell and maybe we'll come back and maybe we'll come back to earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame we're leaving ground leaving ground will things ever be the same again the same again it's the final countdown da da da da da da da da da da da da da the final countdown da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da bah bah Five, four, three, two pow ( cheering ) That was On the Rocks, Singing the final countdown, by Europe.
All right, it's down to the final four.
The pressure is on.
And when we come back, The remaining groups pull out all the stops With tracks hand-picked by the judges.
At the end of the night, you, America, Will vote to decide the champion.
'tis the season for the Sing-Off.
( vocalizing ) With the caliber of the groups left, We're happy with how we did.
We're very proud of our performances, And to go home now is an honor, With who's left on stage.
( vocalizing ) I'm Nick Lachey.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
The four best groups in the country Are just one performance away from the finale.
They're fighting for a shot to win $100,000 And a Sony music recording contract.
But first they've got to make the grade With the judges' requests.
Ben, Nicole, and Shawn have picked songs That showcase each group's talent and personality To help them deliver their best performance yet.
First up, our group of spiritual singers.
They've lifted us up with their heavenly style.
So, let's get the judges' take On the stirring sounds of Committed.
she said good-bye too many times before Committed are a seriously talented group I mean, by any standard.
Your voice is so butter.
They got great harmonies, they got soul.
you tell me that you need me then you go and cut me down Those boys were just born to sing.
They've got a gift.
They connect with you, and you are moved, And you are touched in some way.
and say These are church boys, so, you know, They gotta come out of that church boy shell and do the thing.
I think the leap for them is just the confidence To know that if they believe it, They're gonna slay it.
As good as they are, This could be the song, if not done right, Could send 'em home.
Have a good night.
Well, Shawn, what did the judges choose for Committed? Well, we chose a song from a legendary artist Who also, like Committed, made the transition Between R&B and gospel.
The reverend of soul, Mr.
Al Green, With let's stay together.
( cheering ) Thanks, Shawn.
Leaving their hearts on the stage For a spot in the finals With let's stay together, by Al Green, Here's Committed! One, two, ready, and ( vocalizing ) I I'm so in love with you whatever you want to do is all right with me you make me feel so brand brand-new I want to spend my life with you le-e-et's let's stay together together loving you whether whether whether good or bad, happy or sad why why do people break up then turn around and make up? I just can't see-ee-ee le-e-et's let's stay together together loving you whether whether whether good or bad, happy or sad le-e-e-et's let's stay together ( cheering ) All right, Committed! Let's go ahead and hear what the judges thing.
Shawn? By far Al Green, One of my favorite artists, like, ever.
And this is probably one of the greatest songs ever created.
One of them, by far.
I like the way you guys stayed in pocket.
Like, you didn't do something crazy And do some new remix rendition of Al Green.
'cause it's a classic.
You don't need to do that.
And how you did it was perfect.
Actually, out of all the leads, The one that shined the most is Maurice.
Maurice, man, you you You hit the chorus beautifully.
You sounded like a bird, baby.
It was off the hook.
And, overall, it was a good performance.
It was very smooth, it was relaxing, Just like the original song.
So, kudos.
( cheering ) Nile? I really enjoyed just being able to listen to you all And take it all in.
I like that you just sat there.
I felt like I was in a music video, And it was slow-motion follow me And I was, like, in my favorite candy shop, And I was, like, picking all myorite candies, And I was in heaven.
It was, like, that tasty.
Do I sound crazy? Wow.
But I guess what I mean when I say that, is, like, I feel like you all just taste the music, And I feel le I taste it with you.
It was just beautiful.
( cheering ) And Ben? Yeah, when I saw the stools, I knew it was gonna be my kind of choreography.
It was nice.
Nice work.
You know, you guys are soanced harmonically, And when you go for those things, You almost always nail them.
But it sounded great.
Really, really great.
The passing off the vocals so seamlessly And still following the song it's great.
You guys got so much of what it takes To shine on this show great voices, And you look good in purple, which is very important for the show.
That's very important.
Nick: Thank you, judges.
Okay, Committed.
Terry, if the judges send you to the finals, What would that mean to your group? It would mean a lot for us.
We've come a long way From church to the big stage.
God brought us so far.
Whatever the outcome, God has something great for us, so Thank you for the opportunity.
( cheering ) If Committed is heading to the finale, We'll give you the number to vote for them At the end of the show.
When we come back, our Tennessee guys Get down on the corner, creedence style.
It's a fight to the finish, And one more team will get knocked out tonight.
Then, your votes will decide the winner.
The Sing-Off.
Don't miss a beat.
( vocalizing ) One, two, three.
old lang syne ooh ( vocalizing ) should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? should old acquaintance be forgot and old lang syne? sho for old lang syne, my dear ot for old lang syne we'll take a cup of kindness yet for old lang syne ( vocalizing ) old lang syne ooh ( audience cheering ) ( vocalizing ) Welcome back.
Four powerhouse vocal groups are battling for a trip To the live season finale.
At the of the night, we'll open up the voting lines.
You at home will decide which group wins it all.
But first, they've got to get past the judges.
Next up are some easygoing guys Known for their Southern flavor.
Let's see how the judges have been digging Street Corner Symphony's smooth style.
your lipsticks stains Street Corner Symphony just cool, Mountain stream- type harmonies.
You know what I mean? the way you move, it ain't fair, you know Jeremy, you have such a beautiful voice.
I think that Jeremy is the perfect front man.
everything He's got something alive behind his eyes That is even musically compelling.
You could tell you were in good hands From the first beat.
It was fantastic.
( cheering ) The competition is all about showing What you can do with your voice.
and you can't get another try And he and his guys are great singers.
But the thing about a competition Is that at this point of the game, It's all about who represents themselves the best.
everybody They've got an opportunity to take it up one more level, And I'm definitely interested in this one.
( cheering ) Ben, what track did the panel pick For these music city guys? Street Corner Symphony has this laid-back sound, Like you're singing on the front porch.
We thought it'd be cool to hear those guys Sing down on the corner, By creedence clearwater revival.
( cheering ) Looking to pave the way to the championship With down on the corner, by creedence clearwater revival, Here's Street Corner Symphony.
( vocalizing ) early in the evening just around suppertime over by the courthouse they're starting to unwind for kids on the corner trying to bring you up Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp down on the corner out in the street Willy and the poor boys are playin' bring a nickel, tap your feet you don't need a penny just to hang around but if you have a nickel won't you put your money dn? over on the corner there's a happy noise people come from all around to hear the magic boy oh, down on the corner out in the street Willy and the poor boys are playin' bring a nickel, tap your feet down on the corner outInTheStreet down on the corner Street Corner Symphony down on the corner yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah outInThe bring it, bring it, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah down on the corner out in the street Willy and the poor boys are playin' bring a nickel, tap your feet down on the corner out in the street Willy and the poor boys are playin' bring a nickel tap your feet yeah yeah, yeah, yeah ( cheering ) Thank you very much, Street Corner Symphony.
Let's go ahead and take it to the judges.
Ben? Wow, nice toss, nice catch.
Really good.
I'm patting our judges on the back For picking the right song for you guys.
( cheering ) How great are we? Ha ha ha! No, you nailed that.
You made a classic sound modern again.
Not always the easiest thing to do.
But it sound so current.
And stylistically And you didn't mess with the arrangement too much as you went along.
You let it ride itself.
The excitement built as it went As a natural form of the song.
Nice work.
( cheering ) Shawn? I am so glad that you guys Kept it in the vein of the original record, Because it's already groovy enough.
Let me give you some words That describe what I just heard.
Like, it was funky.
Like, y'all You white boys got funky out there.
( cheering ) You know? I dare to say I think they did something That was I guess, you could describe As "arena a cappella".
You guys did a good job.
I loved it.
I loved every part of it.
It was fun.
I enjoyed it, Jeremy.
You know, you did your thing, big baby.
Y'all did y'all thing.
Good job.
All right.
Nicole? Well, I just have two words to add to your list.
Go ahead.
Alive And kicking.
( cheering ) Jeremy, you definitely did your thing.
But, I don't know, the six of y'all together It's just there's something really special about it.
I feel like I hear every single one of you individually.
And then together, it just sounds amazing.
So, good job, alive and kicking! Thank you, judges.
All right, street corner.
Jeremy, what's running through your mind Now that you're so close to the finals? Wow, I think we're just, overall, A bit overwhelmed with all this amazing music And this amazing talent.
This whole experience has been amazing, And we're just happy to be this far.
If Street Corner Symphony earns a spot in the finale, You'll get the number to vote for them later.
After the break, The Backbeats try to turn their judges' request Into a landslide victory with a hit from fleetwood Mac.
The last elimination is coming up When the judges will select three groups To move on to the finals.
It's down to the wire on the Sing-Off.
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ( vocalizing ) I'm Nick Lachey, And welcome back to the Sing-Off.
Our four incredibly talented groups Have one last shot to impress the judges And earn a trip to the finale.
Next up with a judges' request, A team of former rivals who united in perfect harmony.
We asked our experts to weigh in On the Backbeats' winning blend.
if I were a boy The Backbeats came out And brought the house down with joanna.
She nailed it.
That was moving.
That was really, really good.
I had chills up and down my back.
They've shown that they can be melancholy I'm falling to pieces Upbeat I c't hear you bang, bang And they definitely have a few stars in that group.
whoa, you're a loaded gun It's really great to be able to showcase, you ow, More and more people in this group, 'cause every single one of us is so, so good.
( laughs ) Please don't ever put that in there.
Kenton has done an excellent job Of assembling just the ultimate super a cappella group.
Because we're so far along in the competition, This is definitely a very important performance For the Backbeats.
There is not much room for error.
you give love a bad name ( imitates gunshot ) Okay, Nicole, tell us what track you picked for the Backbeats.
We chose landslide, by fleetwood Mac, Because the Backbeats really shine When they're singing intimate and emotional songs.
So, we can't wait to hear their version of this classic.
Thanks, Nicole.
Climbing towards the championship With landslide, by fleetwood Mac, Here are the Backbeats! ( vocalizing ) I took my love, and I took it down I climbed a Mountain, and I turned around and I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills till the landslide brought me down oh, mirror in the sky what is love? can the child within my heart rise above? can I sail through the changing ocean tides? can I handle the seasons of my life? ohh ohh ohh ohh ohh well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've built my life around you but time makes you bolder children get older and I'm getting olr, too I took my love, and I took it down ( cheering ) Nick: Thanks, Backbeats.
Nicole, were you feeling it? Oh, man.
I'm feeling it.
I'm looking at Courtney right now, And I can tell she's feeling it.
It's like when my family cries, and I start to cry.
So, don't cry, 'cause it's gonna mess up my make-up.
( laughter ) Ohh.
Why does this have to be a competition? Everybody's, like, at the top of their game.
It's amazing.
( cheering ) UmThat was really beautiful.
It was just so simple.
And, Kenton, your vocal cello Whatever you were doing over there.
That was just divine.
And, um, joanna, that was gorgeous.
Um, you all should be really proud of yourselves.
( cheering ) Ben? I feel like you guys have grown up as a group Just in the course of this season so far.
You're nailing the things That I might've been a little worried You were never gonna do in front of us.
And you're nailing those.
It's a very innovative arrangement.
Um, the arpeggios at the top Instead of a beatbox still grooves, But grooves in a way in a very less-is-more way.
And very ambitious, too.
Emotionally, you delivered it.
And this is what I want a cappella to sound like, Where you forget that it's a genre, That you're just hearing the song, And you're just delivering it.
That's about as much as I can say.
It was really good.
( cheering ) Shawn? I saw, like, the sound.
Like, I saw it.
Like, it was one of those things Where I could've closed my eyes And been somewhere else.
It was that beautiful.
You know what's crazy? Joanna has this thing.
I've been checking your whole vibe out.
And before you start to sing, You have the most sincere eyes.
You get into this zone, and your head dips.
And then you start to sing, And it's just, like, absolutely beautiful.
That was beautiful.
( cheering ) Nick: Thanks, judges.
Backbeats You know, it's amazing you guys have only been together Such a short while.
Joanna, how would it feel If your group made it to the finale? Uh, we would be completely blown away.
We've come so far as a group.
We really do feel like we've grown together so much Over the course of this show.
So, it would just be like a dream come true To move on.
If the Backbeats advance, We'll give you the numbers to vote for them At the end of the show.
When we come back, Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town Lend their voices to a new Orleans classic.
We're getting closer to decision time.
Who's returning for our live finale, And who's going home for good? Hold that note.
It's the Sing-Off.
( vocalizing ) sleep in heavenly peace bom bom bom silent night holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace ( audience cheering ) ( vocalizing ) We're back on the Sing-Off.
The final four groups are locked in a vocal showdown.
When the battle is over, the judges will select three groups To head to the live finale, Monday, December 20.
Your votes will crown the champion.
For the last judges' request, a group of singing legends.
We sat down with the panel And asked what gives Jerry Lawson & Talk of the Town The golden touch.
listen, now, you think that I Jerry Lawson & talk of the town I kind of can't touch that.
Lord, I'm beggin' for mercy da na na na na, na na, na na, can't touch this Because they're just legendary.
I can't get no ( laughs ) oh, darling, don't you know I love you so? Jerry has definitely made his comeback Into the a cappella realm just by being on the show.
Cha Cha Cha You are a living testimony That second chances do exist.
Because we're taking them out Of what they might be used to, Their margin of error kind of goes up now.
We still got a long way to go.
Having Jerry Lawson & talk of the town on this show is a gift.
But they're hitting a point in the competition Where they really can't fall down.
God said, "Jerry Lawson, you ain't finished with a cappella Until I say you're finished.
" Amen.
All right, Ben, what song Did the judges hand-pick for these gentlemen? Well, we're big Jerry & talk of the town fans here For your classic sound, So we chose House of the rising sun by the animals.
Thanks, Ben.
Hoping to rise into the finals Performing House of the rising sun, by the animals, Here's Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
there is there is a house a house in new Orleans they call the rising sun ( vocalizing ) it's been the ruin of many poor boys and, God and, God I know I'm one I know I'm one well, my mother was a tailor she sewed my new blue jeans my father was a gambling man down in new Orleans listen mothers tell your children the sound not to do what I have done well, well don't live your life in sin and in misery in the house of the ri- rising sun well, well there's a house in new Orleans they call the house the rising sun well, it's been the ruins the ruins of many poor boys and, God and, God and, God, I know I know I know I'm one I'm one well, well, well and, God I know I'm one ( cheering ) Nick: Yes! Thank you, Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
Now let's get the judges' thoughts.
Shawn? I think the animals meant for the song To sound like that.
( cheering ) How did you turn that song Into a gospel? It was soul-stirring.
Again, when you see sound, ladies and gentlemen, You can't help but to feel it.
It transcends into something different.
I tell you, man, It was really, really just a soulful It felt just ohh.
It was it made my spine curve, man.
Man, it was off the hook.
Good job.
( cheering ) Ben? Yeah, I agree with Shawn.
Very visual.
It's like you want I don't know.
The coen brothers I hope they heard that, So they can put that in a movie.
'cause it would be great in a movie Where it's the only thing you hear, and you see a scene, And that's the soundtrack to it.
It was beautiful.
That's all I can really say.
( cheering ) Nicole? Mr.
Jerry Lawson & talk of the town I just have to say, Lord, have mercy.
( laughs ) I feel like every song that you sing Brings new meaning to the song, And it's just such a special gift.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Nick: Thank you, judges.
Okay, gentlemen.
Jerry, you have had a great comeback.
How would you feel if you earned a spot in the finale? There's no words To express ( cheering ) There's no words to express The feeling that I have.
You have to be inside of me To understand the feeling that I have.
And to be on this stage with all of the beautiful singers And the entertainers, And to be able to Be a part of preserving a special art a cappella It means so much to me.
God bless.
( cheering ) A very well-deserved standing ovation.
Thanks again, gentlemen.
All right, if the judges Send Jerry Lawson & talk of the town to the finals, We'll give you the voting info at the end of the show.
The final four groups have sung their hearts out, And now the judges will decide Which three will step into the spotlight On the live finale.
It's almost time to vote for your favorite group.
This is the Sing-Off.
If you want to learn how to download the songs You heard performed tonight, Go to nbc.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
These four groups just had their last chance To impress the juds Committed.
( cheering ) Street Corner Symphony.
The Backbeats.
And Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
During the break, The judges made the biggest decision of the season.
I have the results right here in my hand.
All four of these groups Left everything on this stage, But now it's the moment of truth.
After your judges' request, The panel all praised your advanced harmonies And shining voices.
They loved how you stayed true To the smooth and relaxing vibe Of Al Green's soulful hit.
In fact, Nicole was so blown away, She said she could actually taste the music.
Street Corner Symphony.
The judges thought you nailed Your creedence clearwater hit.
They thought your six voices sounded amazing together, And that you even got a little funky out there.
Ben praised you for letting the excitement build And making a classic song sound current.
The Backbeats.
The judges loved your emotional And moving arrangement of landslide, Saying that's what a cappella should sound like.
The panel said Kenton's vocal cello was divine, And called joanna's solo gorgeous.
Shawn said he could've closed his eyes And let you take him away.
Jerry Lawson & talk of the town.
Your performance of House of the rising sun Swept the judges away.
They called it soul-stirring and beautiful, And said it might've been even better than the original.
Nicole said every song you sing brings new meaning, And thanked you for sharing your amang gift.
The judges said that all of you Are at the of your game, And they hate that one of you has to go home tonight.
Here is the judges' decision.
The group's going on to our live finale are ( crowd shouting ) Committed! ( cheering ) Street Corner Symphony! ( cheering ) The Backbeats! ( cheering ) And Jerry Lawson & talk of the town! ( cheering ) Jerry, you guys are all moving on To the championship.
Every group! That's right, all of you Are going to the finale.
The judges felt that all of you were so amazing, They're gonna let America decide.
Congratulations to all of you.
An unprecedented decision.
And now, America, it's your turn To choose the champion.
Your votes will decide who wins the $100,000 And the Sony music recording contract.
The results will be revealed on the live finale, On Monday, December 20.
As we give you the voting numbers, let's look back At some of our groups' best performances of the season.
she said good-bye too many times before To show your support and help Committed win the title, Vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-01, Or text 1 to the number 97979.
and you say down on the corner, out in the street If you want street corner symphony To bring the crown to Nashville, Vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-02, Or text 2 to the number 97979.
ohh the love shack To power the all-stars of the Backbeats to victory, Vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-03, Or text 3 to the number 97979.
I think I could understand when I'm riding in my car To complete his comeback, Vote for Jerry Lawson & talk of the town By calling 1-877-6-sing-04, Or text 4 to the number 97979.
I'm beggin' for mercy come on and release me, yeah, yeah Voting is now open.
You can vote up until Sunday, December 19, At 9:00 A.
, eastern Standard Time.
Message and data rates may apply.
Calls are toll-free from land lines.
For more information, and to vote online, Go to nbc.
We began with America's ten best vocal groups, And now four contenders remain.
Only one will earn enough votes To win the ultimate prize.
So, spend your holidays with us When we reveal the next Sing-Off champion On our live finale, Monday, December 20.
Our finalists will share the stage With superstar guests and our very own judges.
It's gonna be an unforgettable night Filled with breathtaking performances.
I'm Nick Lachey, Signing off from the Sing-Off.
Good night.
( vocalizing ) oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh