The Sing-Off (2009) s03e03 Episode Script

Radio Hits & 60's Classics: Part I

So far at the Sing-Off With two rounds of challenges, We have to work two times harder that we worked before.
First, each group will have to reinvent today's hottest chart up's.
Then, they must reimagine the biggest hits of the 60s.
We have to be perfect.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
What's up, everybody? I'm Nick Lachey, and welcome to the biggest season ever of the Sing-Off.
Now, we just saw six spectacular vocal groups unite, performing Keane's "somewhere only we know," to kick off another night of music unlike anything else on television.
Now, tonight our phenomenal groups are fighting for the $200,000 cash prize and the coveted Sony music recording contract.
But if they want to survive the night, they've got to win over our fantastic panel of judges: The musical brain that keeps us entertained, singer-songwriter Ben Folds Our sultry siren and a cappella alum, Sara Bareilles Yeah, baby! And our own R&B superstar, Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman! This season, we've got so many amazing vocal groups, we've split them into two brackets.
Tonight, the first bracket is back, and the stakes are even higher because they've got to perform not once, but twice.
First, they'll reimagine today's radio hits by artists like the Black Eyed Peas, taio Cruz, and Justin bieber.
Then they'll take a trip back in time with classic songs from the 1960s.
They've got to be spot-on in both performances because, at the end of the show, one group will be eliminated.
A single mistake could end their chance at the title.
First up, a fun-loving group that's normally got nine singers, but since the start of the competition, they've been missing a key member.
They've come back strong, and Vocal Point is keyed up for victory.
After group member Ben had to leave the competition for a family emergency, Vocal Point delivered a high-energy performance in his honor.
How fun was that? It was hard not having Ben 'cause we just love him.
He's our friend, and we're all best friends.
We wanted to share that with him.
But at the same time, it gave us extra motivation to, like, really do well tonight, and we think it showed out on stage.
One When I was 14 and 15, I was in a boy band back in Utah, and it works out really well, because this week we're singing "never say never" by Justin bieber.
When we sing "never say never," it's going to carry even a little more fervor to it because one of the members of our group, Ben, is not with us.
His father just passed away, and so he's having the funeral later this week.
I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a family member as close to you as your father is.
It's important for us to stay in the competition because we feel like we owe it to Ben, and we want to be here so that when he comes back he can be a part of this and experience it with us.
We're grateful for our friendships, and ask that thou would bless Ben right now in his time of need, that thou will bless him and his family with comfort and with peace.
- Amen.
- Amen! Getting in touch with their inner heartthrob, performing "never say never" by Justin bieber, here is Vocal Point! One, two, three, four.
- Vocal Point! - Very nice.
You know, I'm not sure, but I think I just caught a case of bieber fever! Ben, what'd you think? I'll never again say that I could never enjoy bieber sung by a bunch of mormons.
I should never say never! And McKay, that was an impressive kick there.
Comes from your boy-band years, huh? Right on! Thanks.
I just smiled the whole time.
I enjoyed it.
That grooved from the beginning to the end, and it was fun, and you sang the hell out of it.
You know, it was great.
Sara? I want to start off by saying our thoughts and prayers are with Ben and his family right now.
I know it's got to be hard for you guys to come and take the stage in such a difficult time, but You guys are so much fun to watch.
You're like a bunch of wholesome thundercats or something.
It's like You're so entertaining.
You kind of take the audience on this ride with you, and you guys are so confident as performers, which is really nice.
There were parts where it felt a little stiff, but it's part of this whole charm of hearing you guys sing Justin bieber.
I just I loved it.
I thought it was awesome.
Thank you.
Shawn? It's very funny to see a Justin bieber song done by a bunch of grown men.
You guys were serioutoo.
But, I mean, overall, it was a good performance.
And, Keith, way to hold that long note, man.
Who knew someone so thin had such big lungs? Yeah, you didn't take yourselves too seriously, which was very entertaining to watch.
Good job.
All right, we'll see you back here later.
Thank you, Vocal Point.
After a break, we've got the all-girl rock stars of Delilah, firing up a glam-pop single.
And don't forget, you can download any of the songs you hear tonight on iTunes.
The hits keep coming on the Sing-Off.
It's scary taking on a new solo.
It's really scary taking on a solo as iconic as the bieb's when I don't have the hair.
So, uh, I just tried to channel him as much as I could, and I did my best, so Welcome back to the Sing-Off, the show that's kicking off a whole new music revolution.
We've got the best singing groups from across the country taking on today's biggest hits and giving them an all-vocal remix.
We'll keep the music going with all-female super group of contenders from the first two seasons.
Now the girls of Delilah are back the Sing-Off to try and make the most of their second chance.
Led by powerhouse vocalist Amy, Sing-Off alums Delilah exploded on the stage Proving their girl-power super group is a force to be reckoned with.
That was great.
You guys were singing your asses off.
It was really great work, and you've really accomplished something, and welcome back all of you.
That was our first live performance, and we all felt like we just killed it.
It was such a rush of, like, we coudo this.
This could actually be something amazing.
Why don't we have you start it off, and then we'll start building harmonies on top of that.
This week has been a lot of pushing and trying to go further than we did last week, so it's gonna be even more difficult to really raise the bar even higher.
Our current hit is "what do you want from me" by Adam Lambert.
It has been really difficult, finding the perfect arrangement.
When Ingrid comes in, it could maybe pick up the pace a little bit.
We've just felt like, you know, we wanted to just sink our heads and we wanted to kind of give up because the arrangement was just not working.
Having a second chance at the Sing-Off means a lot.
We don't want to disappoint.
We have to get it right.
We set the bar, and so we can't fall short.
It's definitely going to be risky, but I think we kind of have to take that risk Like, we have to do something big.
Like, go big or go home.
This needs to be better.
This needs to be an "a"-plus instead of just an "a," and we have to get it done now.
Will they give the judges what they want? Performing "what do you want from me" by Adam Lambert, here is Delilah! Delilah! Very, very nice.
Shawn, your thoughts? You kind of gave people a window of how harmonies are built, just by singling out each one.
Kendall, you were the key to it all, because if you were off-key, then everybody else would have been off-key.
You starting it off and everybody else joining in, and jo came in with that thunder bass! You know, toill up that whole harmony, man.
I was like, "ohh, man!" But that's what it's all about.
The drama was there, the feeling was there.
You captured us with the feeling of the song.
I understood what it was talking about.
Great job.
Ben? Um, Shawn just said it.
We understood the song.
In fact, I've heard the song a million times, but I understood it better that time than I had the million times before.
The choral approach was really slick, really smart.
What people might not know yet is you've got even more depth on the bench.
You're basically all stars.
You could do this again and again, everyone's going to get a new voice every time.
That's really impressive.
But, overall, this is the reason that I do this gig, because you're You're developing and you're innovating something, but you're doing it with heart, and it's all happening in real time on tv, on our show, so, thanks a lot! Sara? I don't feel like it's fair that I want to call you "my girls," but I just I'm so excited that everybody's getting to see how stunning a group of women can be.
Um, you guys are obviously all powerhouse vocalists.
Kendall, you just took your time and you set the tone and the pace for the whole song, and you had me at "hello, what do you want from me?" That's what you had me at.
And then, jo, what a strong, strong voice you are.
You add so much.
And Amy, you are such a powerhouse, but you came in a little sharp for me there.
So, you've got to be careful just to stay in tune with everybody else.
But I loved it, top to bottom.
This was a pink song that Adam Lambert made famous, but "Girl power, baby!" Okay, we'll see you again later on tonight.
Thank you, Delilah.
When we return, we've got a "rap-appella" twist on a Black Eyed Peas hit.
And later, all six groups rewind to the retro sounds of the '60s.
The Sing-Off Keep it tuned.
We had a message that we wanted to get across, and for them to tell us that the message was received was really special for us.
You're tuned in to the Sing-Off, where six talented vocal groups are giving it everything they've got to win a $200,000 cash prize and the Sony music recording contract.
The next group is breaking all the rules, fusing hip-hop rhymes with a cappella vocals.
Now Urban Method is trying to rap their way to the top and prove that there is a method to their madness.
Making Sing-Off history with mykal, the show's first rapper, Urban Method sang the audience out of their seats with a hard-hitting blend of hip-hop and a cappella.
I loved it.
I loved the whole rhythm of it.
I loved the track.
I loved how y'all backed him up.
Great performance, y'all.
Our current hit this week is "I just can't get enough" by the Black Eyed Peas.
Oh, my God! Working on "just can't get enough" has proven itself to be pretty difficult.
I don't know what the first note is.
When we did the original arrangement, I was doing the singing part and the rapping for a little, and it just sort of died.
So we stripped everything away, and when we came back with this new arrangement It was pretty obvious that Troy should be doing this, and I should do the rap.
Since I'm singing the lead this week, there's a lot of pressure on me to deliver.
This week on the Sing-Off, it is definitely survival of the fittest.
Hoping the judges will be left wanting more, performing "just can't get enough" by the Black Eyed Peas, here is Urban Method.
One, two, three.
Nice job, Urban Method! Let's go ahead and hear from our experts.
Sara, your thoughts? That was so good! I loved this arrangement because it gave each of you this really individual moment to shine, and you all just sparkle like Katy Perry's fireworks.
That's what you are.
Liz, your entrance was really sultry, and just a really cool way to set the tone for the song.
I loved it.
Tony, your bass work was really wonderful.
And I know, Troy, you helped out on that too, and, Troy, you.
A superstar.
Um, your voice is one of my favorites that I've heard in a long time.
It's just really, really fantastic Your vibrato and your expression, and I was sucked in from moment one, and It was just great.
It was great.
I loved it! Guys, I think she liked it.
Ha ha ha! Shawn, thoughts? I-I like you guys because you show the different ways that you can interpret a cappella.
You have a unique niche, unlike anything that we've seen thus far on this show.
It's so enjoyable, and there was a lot going on just now, these two minutes.
Richard and, um, Tony, you're Urban Method, so it's about the rhythm and the bass, and you guys are the foundation of this whole thing, and y'all holding the whole thing down because of it.
I love it.
I love how you guys interpreted this record.
It's dope.
Will should be in this house right now, just rocking out.
You know what I'm saying? But good job, y'all, good job.
Ben? Yeah, I really dug it.
Troy's vocal, especially, really kept me in the song.
I thought that was really It built, and it just came across great.
And then Myke just took it.
You've got sort of a punk-rock attitude, Myke, in the way that you come across, and you really sell it.
That, and it's theatrical, as well, so you've got so much personality going on onstage.
And it's also produced well.
I mean, you guys still strike me as I don't want to say "producer rock," but it's music of the studio, and that's one thing that makes it really unique.
It's very live, of course, but you're pulling off very ambitious sounds and things.
That was really great.
That's good.
All right.
We'll catch you later for your '60s hit.
Thank you, Urban Method.
Great job.
Coming up, more superstar hits by artists like estelle and taio Cruz, but when the music stops, one group will see their name fall from the marquee.
It's top-40 like you've never heard.
This is the Sing-Off.
It feels great to get that praise and that, you know, acknowledgment from the judges.
Our next song has so much energy too.
Just wait until you hear Kim.
This one! This one! Get ready! Put your seatbelts on! You know, only on the Sing-Off can you hear your favorite hits on the radio sung by the best vocal groups in America, so let's hear another modern chart-topper reimagined by a smooth ensemble that's known for its old-school sound.
Afro-Blue is hoping their classic style can carry them on to the Sing-Off championship.
Afro-Blue's Sing-Off debut showcased their complex arrangements and effortless style.
You made what is difficult for most singers look so easy.
Despite the rave reviews, they felt the pressure on a whole new level.
It got very, very real this week.
To see some of the people go home, it was definitely a reality check.
This is a competition.
People are gonna go.
"American boy" is our current hit this week, by estelle.
Time out.
What? What's supposed to happen there? Afro-Blue does not do pop songs at all, so one of the challenges about doing "American boy" was, you know, how are we gonna bring "American boy" to the jazz sound that Afro-Blue? We gotta do that again.
We gotta do that again.
We just jacked all that up.
The clock is definitely ticking.
We're kind of trying to move things around so the audience can still recognize the song, but we also want them to be like, "oh, wait, that's Afro-Blue's version.
" If we don't make this work, we're going home.
Giving a modern hit some classic flavor, performing "American boy" by estelle, featuring kanye West, here is Afro-Blue! A-one, a-two, a-one-two-three and I don't mind saying that was ridiculous! Shawn, I think I know the answer already, but what did you think? Whoo! I can't help it.
When I love something, I get excited.
Aahhh, God! Okay.
The Harlem renaissance.
You took me there Like, that time where, you know, when black folks was just so snazzy and fly with the zoot suits and the big band and count basie and all them.
Oh, my God! Like, I went there! Danielle, you took control of the whole performance.
Your voice is beautiful.
It's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Christie, the way you started out Do you know how hard it is to scat? She did it with a smile.
It was so amazing.
I loved that.
It was nothing wrong with that performance.
Sara, did you find anything wrong? That was amazing.
It went through so many different dimensions.
And you had me at the beginning.
Yes, I'm also gonna say Christie, was it you and Reggie? What a beautiful moment that was.
That was awesome.
I loved when the boys came forward and the girls stepped back.
That was such a sweet moment.
Watching it happen.
It was just It was amazing.
And you guys all know how to do this one little move, where you, like, switch your fe real fast.
I'm gonna come back, and you guys can teach me that later.
I don't know It's so damn cute.
My potty mouth is coming out tonight.
That's what happens when I get excited, Shawn.
That was excellent.
Thank you.
Ben, what'd you think? I'm just yeah, I was blown away, and I was sitting here thinking, "how do y'all remember all of that stuff?" Like that's that's a lot of brain going on.
That's crazy.
Uh, the blend was amazing.
The arrangement I just thought was stellar.
People think of jazz as being something that's sort of an elite thing that's gonna keep you from listening to it, but when you guys use it, it's driving the point home, so you're using it for the good side of the force, which is good.
Y'all seem so humble, and like such nice people That usually doesn't go hand in hand with that kind of excellence.
Anyone that you take out of your group, take the whole thing out One person, two people like you showed at the beginning It's grooving, no matter what.
It doesn't require all the parts, and then, when it comes together, it's bigger than the whole sum of it.
So thank you, thank you.
Very good.
We'll see you later with your '60s song.
Thanks, Afro-Blue.
Great job.
Coming up, some uplifting New York college kids light the fuse on an explosive taio Cruz track.
Who will make the cut, and who will fall out of the game? We'll find out on the Sing-Off.
Being onstage, you just get such a rush, like, especially when it's like home, performing.
It just felt so good to be out there doing what we love to do.
Welcome back to the biggest season of the Sing-Off.
We're all getting a front-row seat to the best concert in America, and the only singing competition that shines a spotlight on all-vocal music.
Next up, a fun-loving college group with a huge following on campus.
Now the Rochester Yellowjackets are trying to get the buzz going on the Sing-Off stage.
Having just returned from a life-changing trip to Kenya, the Yellowjackets gave a stirring performance, sending a wave of emotion that moved the judges.
I enjoyed your spirit onstage.
We were all waving the flag with you guys.
What was so emotional for us was for people to feel what we feel, and that was our main goal in this whole thing.
I look like I'm so sad, but I feel amazing! This week, we have to learn two songs.
There's so much pressure.
If we had a month to work on each song, we'd be fine.
Our current hit is "dynamite" by taio Cruz.
It's a very powerful song, and it asks a lot of the soloists.
My part is at the very top of my range.
So I'm a little nervous about my performance.
The Yellowjackets do have what it takes to win the Sing-Off, and we won't settle for anything mediocre.
No, this is you.
We need to be the first college group to win the Sing-Off.
We're doing this for us, for our alumni.
We're doing this for the kids in Kenya.
We can't let them down.
We have to be perfect.
All right! Aiming to blast their way to the next round, performing "dynamite" by taio Cruz, here's the Yellowjackets! Classy, bud.
Ben, you feeling it? Yeah, I'm feeling it! How can you not feel it with these guys? I mean, they sell every inch of it, and, uh, you're gonna get recruited to sing the U.
army's, uh Um I really think Jamal's voice is really interesting.
I really You drop out in the chorus, and, um, that's what you should have done.
That was really cool.
But when you guys came back in, the second half of that chorus, it needed more stomp.
The audience started having to kind of do it for you, and I know that you could figure out some way to put some four- on-the-floor in there.
Aaron, beautiful voice.
Danny, you knocked the "dynamites" out.
Your pitch tolerance, it's wide because of the size of the group, and that you just kind of bring a party to your performance each time, and I thought it was cool.
Shawn? Uh, let me comment on Jamal first.
I like the fact that somehow you kept that monotone melody in that song so interesting, and then, all of a sudden, you went I liked that.
That was ill.
You mixed classical with pop.
Who knew? What you know what? Christopher and kieran, you guys were holding down the bass.
I wish I heard more.
It would have really made me, like, jump out of my seat if I just heard that You know, just a little bit more.
But, overall, it was a fun, fun performance.
You guys do well.
Good job.
All right.
Sara, your thoughts? You guys are all heart.
You're so adorable onstage, and you guys are giving it every ounce of yourselves, and it's so appreciated and so received.
I thought Danny and Aaron, at the end, were just so You guys were such a cute couple, out at the end.
It was really cute.
Um, my issue with this was that the groove moved a little bit here and there, and I'm sure you guys felt that as well.
But your voices are just so sweet, and the melodic beds on the choruses, it sounded massive, and it sounded like a track in here.
It was really, really impressive.
Aces, guys.
Good job.
Okay, we'll see you again later on tonight.
Thank you, Yellowjackets.
Coming up, vocal pros from L.
Cash in on Jessie J.
, and later, get out your skinny ties and put your hair up in a beehive 'cause we're heading back to the far-out sounds of the '60s.
The Sing-Off sings on.
We're almost halfway through tonight's show, where our groups are reinventing chart-topping hits with the power of their voices.
Our next Sing-Off contenders are some talented L.
artists who are no strangers to struggle.
Now the daring musicians of Kinfolk 9 are trying to go rags to riches and claim the grand prize.
Despite an emotionally charged performance by Moi, Kinfolk 9 found themselves in the bottom two.
The group that still has a chance is Kinfolk 9! Can they win over the judges this week? Oh, my God, oh, my God, don't cry.
We kind of all just expected that we were gonna go home, so it was a shock when they said that Kinfolk 9 were gonna make it through the next round.
We were like, "say that again!" We're excited to do the song "price tag" this week, but coming together in this type of a competition and being, like, the underdogs, it's definitely been humbling 'cause we're like, "wow, guys, we really have no idea what we're doing.
" So, really use the "left" to, like, go through it.
What's gonna make us get to the next point is just focusing on our blend.
You know, we know that's what we have to do just to get to the level that some of these groups are at already.
We have to make up for all the years of being an a cappella group that we've not had, and so, one of the things that we've found that works for us is breaking up into sections And then putting everything together.
It's very scary, because we have given up a lot to be here.
We're looking at this like it's a second chance.
We've got to work ten times harder than we've ever worked before, to prove that we're meant to be here and we can make this happen.
Don't come down until we, like, slide into it.
We're willing to work the long hours to overcome our shortcomings as an a cappella group.
It would be devastating to go home this week.
Hoping to cash in on their talent with the judges, performing "price tag" by Jessie J.
, here is Kinfolk 9.
One, two, three, four.
We 'bout to have some fun tonight.
I'd like to introduce you to my Kinfolk.
Are you ready? Let's do it, girl.
Nice! Let's hear what the judges have to say.
Sara, your thoughts? There were a lot of really wonderful moments in that, you guys, and I have to say, my God, this feels like a whole different group.
So, really, good job on you.
I know you guys have been working really, really hard.
We noticed.
God, I loved you! You're just great.
Um You guys didn't grab me from the get-go.
I thought the beginning was a little bit weak, and I wanted to speak to Jenilee, you're so lovely and you have such a beautiful voice, and I want to see you just be unabashed with your performance.
I don't want to see you be careful, I don't want to see you be nervous.
I want to see you just own it because I know that you can.
Mary, what a wonderful vocalist you are.
That was just awesome.
And I thought once we hit the middle of the song, it felt like the energy really just It started to expand.
Everyone started to just let things flow and be really joyful, so Really good job, you guys.
Ben? Yeah, serious improvement.
That changes my perspective on what it is you guys do 'cause the first time I thought it was And this time I really heard the group.
I thought that was kind of funny, but But the group really came together this time.
Daniel, you're a grooving, grooving fellow.
Grooving fellow.
The base was really making this thing groove from the beginning.
Very cool.
And the beatbox, kari.
But you guys were totally locked the whole time.
That was really nice.
Much better.
Thanks, guys.
Shawn? Definitely a solid performance.
I mean, you guys really improved by leaps and bounds.
The whole vibe of it was smooth.
Uh, not too many highs or lows, which a lot of times makes for a good a cappella performance.
I-I could have used a little bit more of that, more dynamics.
Good job.
We'll see you for your '60s song.
Thanks, Kinfolk 9.
Okay, we've heard the modern hits, and after the break, we'll time-warp back to the '60s and hear everything from motown to the Beatles.
The Sing-Off It's on.
Still to come tonight, our groups take on classic hits from the '60s.
And later For some reason, it was just missing something for me.
One group's Sing-Off dreams will end.
The Sing-Off continues next.
What's up? I'm Nick Lachey, and I've got to say, I'm so impressed by the talent we're hearing tonight on the Sing-Off.
Six unbelievable groups just vocalized current hits, and now they're turning back the clock to the iconic 1960s.
And, to get into the mood, I threw on some retro threads.
Check me out.
Huh? Well, let's see how our groups got into the groove of a decade that changed music history.
What do we like about the '60s, guys? The music.
The music.
The music! I love the music of the '60s The supremes and Martha and the vandellas.
We can't do '60s without doing the Beatles.
- Bob Dylan.
- Frankie valli.
- Marvin gaye.
I feel like all the hard rock groups were around then, right? Sly and the family stone.
The righteous brothers.
The who.
And, like, ac/dc? I know a lot about the '60s clothes.
I mean I think it's important to connect with what you're singing.
If you don't know what '60s music is, you have to do your research and figure that out and find your own way to connect to it.
The '60s were really about being proud of whatever your opinion was, and not being ashamed to be who you are.
Our '60s hit is "cant take my eyes off you" by Frankie valli.
I will be singing to Sara Bareilles.
Aaron is in love with Sara Bareilles, and he's gonna prove that with this song.
All's I think of is cutesy.
Beehives probably weren't even The hairstyle where it's, like, up to here I really hope we don't have to have that.
With a '60s song, it's just unfamiliar territory.
And so, as much as, yeah, we just need to be cute, at the same time, we still have to make a statement.
This week is a make-or-break week, because we want to show the judges that we can do a lot of different styles.
The spirit of the '60s breathes of youth pushing for peace, and to be able to share that with everyone, a concept as simple as peace, is something worth Worth sharing.
And so peace.
First up, the Sing-Off's only all-female contenders, who are getting into the '60s girl-group spirit with an R&B motown smash.
Performing heat wave by Martha and the vandellas, here's Delilah.
A one, two, three, four.
Whew! Nice job, Delilah! Man, it really is getting hot in here Dare I say 98 degrees? Ben, what'd you think? I don't know anymore.
This is probably the heart of your challenge right now because it's a song that you can't quite outsmart.
You've been managing through these arrangements amazingly because you've been able to find something to change almost every measure.
This one was a bit static, even though it had the energy, it had the groove, it was fun All the stuff that really needs to be there But you were a little disadvantaged because you're stuck with a lot of alto range.
And, yeah, the bass is thick and it sounds great, but I think it's amazing that you even got through it.
But that was your challenge, and it wasn't quite up to what you've been doing.
Sara? I agree with Ben on a certain level.
You have the physicality and the showmanship.
You guys obviously have stellar vocals, and Kendall and Hannah had so much personality, and really just You're so much fun to watch.
There was just something about the arrangement that was maybe missing something for me.
You guys were adorable.
I was smiling the whole time.
I just didn't leave feeling as impacted as I have from your prior performances.
So, yeah, well done.
I want to give a shout to jo again.
Jo How do you stay cute singing a bass? I've never seen that before.
Like, you know, very dainty, yet Like, it was It was amazing.
But on the other end, the second verse was a bit shaky.
Now, I'm looking at the sheet, and it's one, two, three, four sopranos Very high voices, nothing in the middle to kind of give it that warmth that original song gives, and what I thought that it needed.
But, other than that, the choreography was good, the way you guys rocked it, the playfulness The hand gestures and all that '60s-esque-type movements that was good, and that gave the performance something worth watching.
Thank you, judges, and thank you, Delilah.
Remember, if you can't get enough of these unbelievable groups, go to nbc.
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Coming up, more stunning, all-vocal versions of '60s classics, and, in just a moment, the judges determine which groups get a ticket to the next round and which one gets a ticket home.
Stick around for more Sing-Off.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
Right now, our groups are taking us on a musical magic carpet ride as they transport us back to the 1960s with only their voices.
Next up, an octet that mixes their vocal vibe with a turntable twist.
Keeping the '60s shindig going with "dance to the music" by sly and the family stone, here's Urban Method.
One, two, three! Come on, dance to the music! Urban Method! Shawn, what'd you think? Well If you're gonna do a sly and the family stone song a cappella, that's how you do it.
You do it I would like to give a shout-out to Troy, who somehow, um, channeled a boy and a man Inside the same body.
Do we need to perform an exorcism or something? That was scary! But, um, it moved the way it was supposed to move.
Shout-out to Kim.
Yeah, girl! There was so many goodies to the whole thing: The way that everybody was coordinated with the horns section, and the way you guys got down with the moves and all of that Just the usual suspects doing the usual things, which are great things.
That was a great performance, guys.
I enjoyed that.
Good job.
All right.
Ben? You really showed your singer side on this one too, which is bizarre because it's a very static song.
I think there's a total of one chord in it.
And it just You grabbed onto it from the beginning and never let go.
I really did forget that time that we were listening to an a cappella group and not a band.
It seemed like there was a band behind you.
The whole thing was great.
It was really, really inventive with the arrangement.
You guys really hit it tonight.
I think that might be your best performance yet.
Sara? I agree with Ben.
Um, that was my favorite performance of you guys so far, and mostly because it really drives home that you guys are a really versatile group.
This was just out-of-the-box, and I-I loved it.
From moment one, I loved being grabbed by an unexpected moment.
Whatever that was, I loved it.
And then, later, from Myke, we got, like, a "hey hey hey," like fat Albert.
It was just It was awesome! I just I loved that.
That was awesome.
Thank you.
Thank you, judges.
Thank you, Urban Method.
We'll find out later if Urban Method make it to the next round.
All right, let's keep the beat going with some family-friendly guys taking on a rat pack classic.
Performing "the way you look tonight" by Frank Sinatra, here is Vocal Point.
- Smooth, guys.
- Very nice.
All right, Sara, how'd they sound? Ach.
I'm swooning.
I'm swooning.
What I love about you guys so consistently is that it feels so polished, and it's so theatrical without being a caricature of what you're doing.
It's really earnest and it's really intentional.
I-I'm sold.
I love it.
You guys are such a cute little rat pack right now.
Um Jake.
Ladies? I love it, 'cause Jake always kind of looks like he knows something you don't, and it What an amazing vocal performance that was.
That was really a pleasure to listen to, so thank you very much.
Shawn? That was really, really, really good, man.
Jake, that was some swanky singing, dude.
Like Man, it was so smooth.
It was ohh, man, that was great! That really was.
And it was so Just what the song required.
It was slick, it was smooth Masculine, at the same time, and it was playful.
It was such a great performance.
Good job, y'all! Good job! Ben? Well, first I thought, you know, you're covering a side of the '60s, a style of the '60s, that was really a big part of the era, but you not only covered one of the styles, you, like, just started going through them like an encyclopedia.
Um, the samba was Was to die for.
That was really great samba.
The slow swing was great.
I really thought I was listening to a big band up there.
That was a really quite sick performance, guys.
Really good.
Well, at the end of the night, we'll hear if you're moving forward.
Thank you, Vocal Point.
When we come back, two more '60s showstoppers, from Marvin gaye and Frankie valli.
Stick around It's the Sing-Off.
The Sing-Off is back, and we're tuning in to the era of peace and love with hits from the '60s, but make no mistake The battle is on for the Sing-Off title.
Next, a D.
group offering up their take on a '60s classic made famous by a son of their city, Marvin gaye.
Performing the motown hit "I heard it through the grapevine," here is Afro-Blue.
A-one, a-two, a-three, and! Afro-Blue! Man! Let's go ahead and go to the panel.
Ben? Trenton, you looked really mean at the end.
You almost held being mean for a second.
You were le "Rrruugghhh!" The arrangement definitely picked some fights.
So, you were going for some stuff that I thought was working brilliantly; other times, you were going over our heads.
About the time you hit that first modulation, you changed groove in everything, too.
So, it was like, wow, I just thought I put a bag over my head and went through a carwash backwards for a second.
I think what That was something we used to do back in the '60s.
Keeping with the theme, keeping with the theme.
That's right.
It's a '60s thing.
It was soulful.
It was executed really, really well.
You're just state-of-the-art.
You're a great group.
I just think you overthought it a little bit too much.
But you're amazing, and we all know that.
So so, nice effort.
Shawn? Marvin, which is one of my favorite singers, he always had a knack for taking care of the solo.
Being able to sing sweet and smooth, yet masculine.
Trent, you grabbed that, especially in the beginning.
You massaged the first verse, and the modulation that you guys did was effortless.
That was amazing, how you went into that.
It went from key to key.
That was amazing.
Good job.
Sara, thoughts? One of the things I love the best about you guys Obviously, you're all masterminds, musically, but you're so Committed to whatever choices you're making as a unit, and it's really, it's a pleasure to watch.
Um, Brian and Reggie Reggie, dude.
Your bass, amazing.
That was amazing.
Trent, what a sweet, soulful voice you have, and that big smile.
Oh, man, you are just a charmer.
Um, I loved it when it went to the halftime groove, and I thought, again, Brian on vocal percussion, that was sick as well, but then I kind of wanted to hear it return back to the '60s again Bookended it a little bit.
But, um, really well done.
Good job, guys.
All right, thank you, judges.
Thank you, Afro-Blue.
We'll find out later if Afro-Blue made it to the next round.
Let's keep the '60s beat going with the next group, New York undergrads getting into the Jersey spirit.
Performing Frankie valli's "can't take my eyes off you" from the hit Broadway show Jersey boys, here's the Yellowjackets.
Oh, boy! Whoo! They played the hand-kissing card pretty early in the competition.
- I know! - Sara, what did you think? I'm blushing! I'm blushing! Oh, Aaron, that was so sweet.
I don't know even what to say.
Um, you guys are just so fantastic.
I love the look, I love the choreography, I loved the arrangement, I loved the wood block that was happening, from Mr.
Jordan! And Jamal as bandleader, it was just Everything was so seamless.
This felt like a really polished performance that you guys have done ten million, trillion times.
Aaron, you have such a lovely tenor voice, and your delivery was Was really special, and I Call me! That was awesome.
Got her a little flustered.
Ben, what'd you think? That was outstanding.
That was really great.
Danny, trumpet.
Galen, trombone.
Excellent way to start it out.
That was a really important kind of style in the '60s, and you nailed it.
It sounded The percussion, Jordan, sounded like an old wurlitzer organ drum machine, between you and the bass.
And I guess that was kieran and Christopher.
You guys were really tight together.
The falsettos were dead-on.
Yeah? Nice.
Um, I like the way you're all so proud of each other when you do things that are really good.
Like, you can feel it, like, rippling through the group, and that really means you're singing together and working together, and there's a lot of love coming off the stage.
Very proud of you.
That was really good.
Shawn? Aaron, you kiss-up! Naw, but, seriously, it was great.
Like, especially starting off, it didn't sound like voices.
Like, it really sounds like real instruments.
You did the changes and the rises and the falls and all that other stuff, just like the original song, and you didn't change a thing because you didn't have to, and that's what made it sound really good.
You guys were great.
Okay, we'll hear the judges' results soon.
Thank you, Yellowjackets.
Great job.
When we come back, we've got one more hit from the '60s, and it's from the biggest band in music history.
Then the judges have to make a tough call: Six groups started the night, but in a few moments, one of them is going home.
This is the Sing-Off.
I've been doing that stupid trumpet noise since I was, like, 12, and It paid off! Lt paid off! We're back on the Sing-Off, America's only all-vocal competition.
The iconic hits of the '60s have been covered and remixed so many times, but they've never been sung like we're hearing them tonight.
It's time for our final contenders of the evening, a Hollywood group of professional solo artists uniting to chase their dream.
With the fab four classic "let it be," her is Kinfolk 9.
Very, very nicely done.
Shawn, what do you think? Wow, you you turned a Beatles song into a gospel.
Like, that's the feel that it Moi.
Whoo! Dude, seriously, man, you you almost, like, had a little tear fall out of my face for a second.
That was powerful.
And how you guys backed him up, you took it to another level, and I think it had a lot to do with the voices of Mary and angelique, and kari, doing the vocal percussions, holding that thing down, and it really felt layered and and warm, and powerful.
That was really good.
Sara? Moi, you are so emotive and expressive.
One of the best things is when you can see a performer lose themselves in the message of what they're saying, and also in the delivery.
I mean, it was so natural, the way that you would bend down, and I've I've felt that myself.
Sometimes when you just Your body becomes, you know, the instrument as well.
You guys were a choir.
You were a gospel choir right there, and that was really Hey, yes! Amen, my friend! So, well done.
Thank you.
That was good.
Ben? Moi, that was an outstanding performance, and and When someone's voice is as pretty as yours, often you can close your eyes, and it could almost be anyone, but you really sing with a lot of soul.
The group was backing you up spiritually, completely there with you on that same page.
Your sound isn't big.
If it was really going to hit me in the chest, everyone could open up a little more and not be so focused.
You all have very focused voices, but I think that would have made it even more spiritual.
But that was your best performance yet, guys.
We'll find out in just a moment if you're moving on in the competition.
Well, we've seen six incredible vocal bands perform chart-toppers from today and unforgettable melodies from the '60s.
The judges are already huddling up, and when we come back, it's decision time.
Five groups will breathe easy, but one is about to sing their swan song.
The Sing-Off Hold that note.
Every moment that we step onstage, we have an opportunity to let go of what makes us comfortable and just allow the music to say what it's gonna say, and I think that's just what that moment did for us tonight.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
I'm standing alongside the six groups Vocal Point Delilah.
Urban Method Afro-Blue The Rochester Yellowjackets And Kinfolk 9.
These groups raised their voices twice tonight, but one group is about to fall from contention.
I have the judges' decision in my hand.
Five of these groups will advance in the competition, but for one, the road ends here.
The first two groups to move ahead are Vocal Point! And Urban Method! You did it! Please head up to your boxes.
That leaves four groups.
Only three of you will be back.
The next two groups that will definitely advance are Yellowjackets And Afro-Blue! Congratulations.
You can head back to your boxes.
That leaves Delilah and Kinfolk 9.
One of you is getting an encore in the next round; the other is about to bow out of the competition.
Delilah, as Sing-Off veterans, you came on a mission to go all the way this time.
On the premiere, you blew everyone away with Bruno mar's "grenade.
" Tonight, your first song moved the judges with its inventive arrangements and powerful solos, but your '60s song "heat wave" lacked depth and left them cold.
Will the judges keep your second chances alive? Kinfolk 9 You started off as friends, born out of your shared struggle as artists.
In the premiere, Moi emerged as a superstar vocalist despite the group's uneven performance.
Tonight, the judges thought you soared on your '60s challenge, but they felt you didn't own it on your big hit song.
Are you moving one step closer to your dreams? The judges wanted to convey that these two groups gave powerful performances tonight, and this is one of the hardest decisions they've had to make this early in a season.
The group that still has a chance to win the $200,000 cash prize, the recording contract, and the Sing-Off title is Delilah! Congratulations.
We'll see you again next time.
Kinfolk 9 Your passion, your story, and your sound were so inspiring.
You guys are true, true artists, and we know you're going to have a lot of success in the future in the music industry, but right now, I'm sorry to say, it's time to raise your Mikes one last time and sing your swan song.
So, bidding farewell to the Sing-Off, here is Kinfolk 9.
That was Kinfolk 9 singing "loser," by Beck.
Remember, if you want to download any of the songs you heard tonight, get on iTunes after the show.
All right, we just grooved to the sweet sounds of the '60s, and there's more '60s action coming up next on a brand-new episode of the playboy club.
Next week, it's our second bracket's turn.
The pressure is on as six more astounding groups are powering up with two make-or-break performances each, including hits from pop superstars Lady Gaga and Kesha, and '60s jams from the who and the Jackson five.
It's gonna be another night of unforgettable vocals and unstoppable talent.
I'm Nick Lachey, signing off from the Sing-Off.
Good night.