The Sing-Off (2009) s03e06 Episode Script

Top 8 Groups: Hip Hop Hits

Nick Lachey: So far on the Sing-Off fresh faces, unique harmonies, and unforgettable voices have made this our biggest season ever.
What a feeling Last week, the top ten groups lit up the stage with incredible heart, putting it all the line for their dream.
Footloose Ross, you were belting.
That was so fun.
Aah! Some groups finally found their groove.
I will survive I loved that.
I loved that.
Others lost their way.
And in the end, two groups lost it all in a devastating double elimination.
Tonight, the voices-only battle blazes on as our groups inch closer to the ultimate prize $200,000 and a career-making Sony Music recording contract.
We wanna be that group that holds that title up.
To survive the night, our top eight groups must conquer their biggest challenge yet Man, I'm like a young gun Bringing to life the hottest hip-hop tracks of all time, and the only instrument in sight is their voice.
I can't mess it up.
And at the end of the night, the competition hits a breaking point.
The bottom two groups will have to sing for their lives in our first-ever head-to-head Sing-Off.
We didn't come to lose and then leave.
We came to win.
It all kicks off with a blazing hot opening number.
The Sing-Off starts now.
Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothin' on you, baby nothin' on you, baby but you shouldn't worry about what they say 'cause they got nothin' on you, baby nothin' on you, baby not not not nothin' on you babe no, nothin' on you I know you feel where I'm coming from regardless of the things in my past that I've done most of it really was for the heck of the fun on the carousel so around I spun with no directions just tryin' to get some tryin' to chase skirts, living in the summer sun and so I lost more than I had ever won and honestly I ended up with none there's no much nonsense it's on my conscience I'm thinking maybe I should get it out and I don't wanna sound redundant but I was wonderin' if there was something that you wanna know but never mind that we should let it go let it go 'cause we don't wanna be a TV episode and all the bad thoughts just let them go go, go, go beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted 'cause they got nothin' on you, baby nothing on you, baby nothing on you, baby they might say hi and I might say hey but you shouldn't worry about what they say cause they got nothin' on you, baby nothing on you, baby nothing on you everywhere I go I'm always hearing your name and no matter where I'm at girl, you make me wanna sing whether a bus or a plane or a car or a train just no other girls on my brain and you the one to blame beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted they got nothin' on you, baby nothing on you, baby they got nothing on you, baby, yeah, yeah they might say hi and I might say hey but you shouldn't worry about what they say cause they got nothin' on you, baby nothing on you, baby nothing on you ( Applause ) ( Vocalizing ) ( Imitates record skipping ) bring it back oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah! oh oh oh oh oh oh bom-bom-bom bom-bom-bom ba-bom-bom bom-bom oh! ( Cheers and applause ) What's up, everyone? I'm Nick Lachey, and welcome to the Sing-Off.
Our phenomenal vocal groups just took us to the streets, performing the hip-hop masterpiece "nothing on you" by B.
B featuring Bruno Mars.
We began this season with 16 contenders, and after five weeks of nonstop competition, only the top eight are left standing, and here they are.
The university of Rochester's Yellowjackets! From Nashville, Tennessee, The Collective! Denver's Urban Method! From Washington, D.
, Afro-Blue! Sing-Off superstar alums Delilah! From the Ivy league, the Dartmouth Aires! From Arlington, Texas, Pentatonix! And Brigham young university's Vocal Point! Now, these amazing groups have out-sung the competition to stay in the hunt for the Sing-Offgrand prize but to make it one step closer, they'll have to impress our discerning trio of experts Our resident musical Einstein, piano rocker Ben Folds! The captivating and versatile vocalist Sara Bareilles! His 20th anniversary Boyz II Men album 20 is dropping tomorrow.
Legendary R&B tenor Shawn Stockman! Now, tonight our groups are tackling some of the biggest hip-hop hits of all time, and it's their most difficult challenge yet because they have to unleash hip-hop's iconic beats and bass with nothing but their voices.
Now, here's how it'll go.
The first set of four competitors will perform, and then the judges will choose three to save.
Then we'll do the same thing with our second set of four groups.
At the end of the night, the bottom two will battle it out in our first-ever Sing-Off, going head-to-head on the same song to avoid elimination.
One of them will be cut from the game.
The competition kicks off when we come back.
As we head to the break, let's see how the groups prepared for an unprecedented Sing-Off battle.
The music is cranking up and so is the pressure.
The Sing-offis on! The bottom two groups this week have to sing off, literally.
Our Sing-Off song is Nelly's "just a dream.
" I was thinking 'bout her I was thinking 'bout me thinking 'bout us what we gonna be I opened my eyes it was only just a dream As if we don't have enough pressure, not only do we have to have our song for the week, but we have to have this battle song ready, too.
You're gonna get everything, boy I don't think any of the groups want to do this.
It's kind of a daunting task.
It's a tough situation, but at the same time, we all know that we could be in the bottom two, so this gives you a last chance.
"I know I'm in the bottom two, but let me prove why I should still be here.
" Just a dream We're definitely struggling to get this song together.
If you've ever loved somebody put your hands up The Sing-Off battle puts a lot of extra stress on us.
You have to sing that song, and if you're not perfect, you could go home.
It really is a Sing-Off.
That basically just forces us to really be on our game.
Tonight, the top eight vocal groups in America are raising their voices with hip-hop hits, trying to earn a pass to next week's show and avoid ending up in the first ever Sing-Off battle at the end of the night.
Our first group is made up of 16 fun-loving guys with two stand-out solo singers, but to tackle the uncharted territory of hip-hop, the Dartmouth Aires are gonna have to dig deep and find the M.
in the group.
Jessie's girl Dartmouth Aires literally kicked it into high gear with an energetic rendition of "Jessie's girl.
" ( Applause ) That was pretty bitchin'.
But how will these college elite handle hip-hop? There's definitely a lot more pressure now because we kind of do a variety of styles of music, but definitely not hip-hop.
This week is hip-hop week, and we're gonna be doing the song "Club can't handle me" by Flo Rida.
Dartmouth Aires primarily do rock songs, so it's been really difficult to kind of put ourselves in the hip-hop mode.
That doesn't sound good.
At the end of that, don't, like, a bunch of parts cut off? Let's see the music right here.
The struggle with hip-hop is that there are really only, like, four chords, so there's not much to work with.
We chose Henry to rap for us this week 'cause he has a great flow, but I'm a little nervous because he's only rapped once before, so this'll be his second time ever rapping.
My struggles have been trying to learn lyrics.
I've been trying to make the raps come naturally, but hip-hop's a bit of a shift for me.
With Henry's rapping, we're still having problems just trying to find that right mix, the right time we're definitely nervous, but we're gonna try our very best to make this song as best as we can so that we do not go home this week.
( Applause ) Hoping to find their flow, performing "Club can't handle me" by Flo Rida, here's the Dartmouth Aires! You know I know how to make you stop and stare as I zone out the club can't even handle me right now watchin' you watchin' me I go all out the club can't even handle me right now no, not the not the the club can't even handle me right now no can't handle me right now go! one, two, three, four! I own the night don't need no help gotta be the feeling that scarface player stuntin' go wild can't handle this plan life of the club arrogant like yeah! top like money all the girls just melt want too many all know me like 12 look like cash and they all just stare bottles, models, standing on chairs fall out 'cause that's the business all out it's so ridiculous zone out so much attention scream out I'm in the building you know I know how to make you stop and stare as I zone out the club can't even handle me right now watchin' you watchin' me I go all out the club can't even handle me right now no the club can't even handle me right now no no no put your hands up! you got me going now got my attention now got everybody in the club wanting to know now I am a ladies' man come and be my lady, yeah we can you know I know how to make 'em stop and stare as I zone out the club can't even handle me right now watchin' you watchin' me I go all out the club can't even handle me right now right now right now ( Applause ) The Dartmouth Aires! Man! I'm not sure the stage can even handle you right now.
Nice job, guys.
Sara, what'd you think? I wrote down "swagger.
" I love the energy you project on stage.
You are enjoying what you're doing so much, and it's really, really fun to watch.
The song arrangement had a really nice arc to it.
It felt a little chaotic and you were rushing a little bit, to start, but it seemed like you really settled in about halfway through the song, and then I wrote down "swagger" 'cause then it sunk it and I felt like you guys found yourselves in the song.
That was a whole lot of fun to watch.
( Applause ) Shawn? The Sing-Off is the first show on TV in primetime to dedicate the whole show to the biggest genre in music right now, which is hip-hop, so ( Applause ) You mentioned that hip-hop is kind of like out of your guys' element.
You took the hip-hop record, you kept the integrity of the record, but you added that Dartmouth Aires type of vibe to it, which made it fun.
You guys are fun Like, I would hang with y'all in a party.
Henry, Henry.
Where you at, baby? ( Cheering ) Henry, you was up there like a pro, big baby.
You was flowin', your shoulders was loose.
He was here.
He was like, "yeah!" You know what I'm saying? It's about being loose, it's about having fun, it's about just tagging the whole show with your style and what your swag is, and that's what hip-hop is all about, so that's what y'all did to me.
Good job.
( Applause ) Ben? It was fun.
Michael, the timbre of your voice is really interesting.
Always love to hear you sing.
Who was singing unison with you at the top? That was a gold Clark.
That sounded great.
You guys had a really tight unison.
It was so interesting and it was so melodic.
Then it turned into a polka for a little while ( Laughter ) Polka hip-hop is This is the first primetime show to have polka hip-hop.
You'll only see it here, ladies and gentlemen.
You got it together by the end, rhythmically, but your tenors, like, that's just You guys have a beautiful sound.
You can't lose in that area, and at the end that last chord that you sang was just like, oh! Even better than that, like, and that was good.
It was a lot of fun from the beginning to the end, and especially by that last note that I showed you how to do.
That was really good.
Nice work, guys.
All right, thank you, judges.
We'll find out later if the Dartmouth Aires are in the clear or will face the Sing-Off battle.
Thank you, guys.
After the break, Afro-Blue puts their spin on a Fugee's classic, "Killing me softly.
" And remember, you can download any of the music you hear tonight from iTunes.
The Sing-Off is just getting started.
This is not a genre that the Dartmouth Aires usually do, and to see Shawn standing up there loving what we were doing was an amazing feeling.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
Before the polished studio sound of today's hip-hop hits, it all began on the street corner with an M.
and a beatboxer.
Tonight, our groups are honoring that tradition as they create all-vocal versions of hip-hop chart toppers.
Our next contenders specialize in keeping music traditions alive.
Afro-Blue may have an old-school reputation for jazz, but they're excited to change it up with a hip-hop smash.
I wanna dance with somebody With their last performance, Afro-Blue found themselves in the bottom two for the first time.
The group that still has a shot to win the Sing-Off title is Afro-Blue! ( Cheering ) With their confidence shaken, can they rise to this week's challenge? We're a jazz group, and we're singing a hip-hop song.
( Car alarm blaring ) ( Laughs ) We don't do that.
( Beatboxing ) Yeah.
Our song is "Killing me softly" by the Fugees, which was originally sung by Roberta Flack, who is a Howard alumna.
He sang a good song Although this is the hip-hop week and we're trying to really draw from the Fugee's version, we've kind of come up with a mix of the Roberta Flack version 'cause we have to pay homage to her.
I love the Roberta version, but, I mean, you know, it's hip-hop week, so we gotta have that same feel just like fugees.
Being that we are a jazz group, we don't sing hip-hop tunes at all.
At sorry, I'm going to come back to your note.
Oh oh oh oh We feel this huge responsibility, making sure that we portray the song in the way that Roberta Flack would want it to be.
Of course, we want the fugees to love it, too, but at the same time still have it be an Afro-Blue version.
Being in the bottom two last week was especially a downer, but this song is a strong statement that we're here and we're not going anywhere.
( Applause ) Hoping to devastate the competition, performing "Killing me softly" by the Fugees, here is Afro-Blue.
Ba-ba-bow-bow yo, check this out uh-huh, uh-huh one time one time one time one time doo-doo-doo I heard he sang a good song I heard he had a style and so I came to see him to listen for a while and there he was, this young boy a stranger to my eye strumming my pain with his fingers strumming my pain singing my life with his words killing killing me softly with his song killing me softly with his song telling my whole life with his words killing me softly with his song whoa ( Vocalizing ) Killing me softly with his song telling my whole life with his words killing me softly with his song ( Applause ) Afro-Blue Ben, how they do? I'm throwing it to you to see if you'll come through I don't know what to say Nick Lachey oh! Maybe I got some rhymes today ( Laughter ) He always You win the battle.
Back to the top.
As we proceed.
( Laughs ) That was gorgeous.
That was really gorgeous.
( Cheering ) And that's not a word I really ever use, but it was that.
The no-bass line at the top was such a cool way to start the song.
Reggie, most valuable player there.
Really awesome.
( Applause ) Yeah, Reggie! And the lead, Christie, was beautiful.
( Applause ) Some of my favorite singers look like they know stuff that no one else knows, and you kind of almost close your eyes like, "I know, you don't.
" "I know, you don't.
" And that's just really I think that's a very attractive quality in a singer.
That's really you.
That was you.
Sara? I love this show! I love this show so much! I love it because you are showcasing how intricate and how important a capella music is.
That was such a flawless arrangement and performance of an amazing song, and you did it justice.
The Fugee's vers ( Applause ) Yes.
Yeah! Of course, Roberta Flack's version, flawless, and then the Fugees I thought did a killer rendition of that song, as well, and I thought you melded it beautifully together.
You guys complement each other so well.
You're kick-ass.
Thank you for that performance.
That was awesome.
Shawn, thoughts? Your fellow alum of Howard, Roberta Flack, would be very, very, very proud.
Reggie, I wouldn't call you a bass, right? I would call you the foundation of that whole group.
( Applause ) Seriously.
Like You're a bad man! Thank you.
Christie makes singing look fun.
You're always onstage looking like you're just having the time of your life, and that's what makes entertainers great entertainers.
It's not any effort at all.
You're just doing you.
This is about the record contract and how it will sound to the listener, and, honestly, I could hear that on the radio, I could hear that on the record, I could hear that in a live concert, you know what I'm saying? That's just how it sounded to me.
It was just that impressive.
Dope, y'all.
Dope! Thanks, judges.
We'll find out if Afro-Blue will advance or if they'll have to fight for survival.
Thanks, guys.
Great work.
When we return, the artists of The Collective take a bite out of a ferocious dance hit by Pitbull, and in just a moment one group will be tapped for our first-ever Sing-Off battle.
Keep it tuned.
I love everyone in this group.
Everyone's a phenomenal singer, and I just think that there's no better group of people to be doing this competition with.
We're back on the Sing-Off, where our talented contenders are blazing hip-hop beats in the hunt for the ultimate prize $200,000 and the Sony Music recording contract.
Our next group is a collection of solo artist from Nashville who joined forces to make a run for the Sing-Off title.
Now the singers of The Collective are putting their country charm to the test on a worldwide club sensation.
Last week, The Collective put their Nashville spin on the disco classic "I will survive" and finally delivered a performance that made the judges take notice.
I know that you guys want to do more than just survive, and you did with this performance.
We knew that when we got this song it was like, "oh, this is our anthem.
" We will survive, regardless of what happens.
This week we're doing "give me everything" by pitbull, featuring ne-yo.
This song is about having fun and trying to get with girls and popping bottles.
That is definitely not what The Collective is about.
I'm in bed by 10:00 every night.
We might not get tomorrow just give me tonight We're definitely at a disadvantage this week.
I mean, hip-hop is not what we do.
Do it like Nick Lachey do it in the bathroom every living day Ay! Okay.
Let's do it without the leads so we can just hear with the oohs and the notes.
It's definitely been a struggle trying to translate the booming bass and synth sounds into your voice.
We're having to do things differently because we approach songs in a soulful, Southern way.
Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh tonight This is a club song, so we have taken ourselves outside of our comfort zones.
This show's all about adapting to the challenge, and this week we've gotta put those party hats on and keep going.
We've chosen this career for a reason.
There's nothing that we will fall back on.
It's music or it's nothing.
It's not about staying alive anymore.
It's about making a statement and that's what we're here to do.
Giving it all they've got, performing "Give me everything" by Pitbull and Ne-Yo, here is The Collective.
Tonight I will love, love you tonight give me everything tonight for all we know we might not get tomorrow excuse me excuse me I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight I might take you home with me if I could tonight baby, I'm-a make you feel so good tonight we might not get tomorrow tonight I will love, love you tonight give me everything tonight for all we know we might not get tomorrow let's do it tonight reach for the stars and if you don't grab 'em at least you're on top of the world think about it 'cause if you slip I'm gonna fall on top of you, girl oh! Look on your faces and it ain't no secret my family's collective we're here for the Sing-Off and we loving every minute of it oh-whoa-oh-yeah yeah oh-whoa-whoa-whoa-yeah don't care what they say all the games they play nothing is enough till they handle love excuse me excuse me I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight I might take you home with me if I could tonight baby, I'm-a make you feel so good tonight we might not get tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow oh-whoa-oh-oh tonight tonight I will love, love you tonight give me everything tonight for all we know we might not get tomorrow let's do it tonight I will love, love you tonight give me everything give me everything for all we know we might not get tomorrow ( Applause ) Nick: The Collective breaking it down! Very nice.
Shawn, what'd you think? I like the fact that you guys let your hair down and you actually stayed out after 10:00 and did your party thing.
There was some spots in the middle, though, where y'all had the groove and then y'all lost it for a second, and then y'all got it back.
The track itself really doesn't have a lot of music to play with so I do understand the quandary that you guys had to go through, but you did harmonize well.
You did add a lot of features that I liked and I understood and I got into.
It was nice to see you guys actually get loose and, you know, change the Southern style into some little hip-hop you know? It's all good.
It was good.
( Applause ) Sara? Well, I loved, Perrin, what you said about this show being about adapting to the challenge.
I know you guys are out of your comfort zone a little bit with this song.
This was really ambitious, and I really applaud you guys for going for it because you were doing things we haven't see you do yet.
We had the boys coming out with the trio which was Sam and Daniel and Isaac, and I think when you guys yeah! ( Applause ) Clap for them! ( Laughs ) That was one of the shining moments for me.
I agree with Shawn.
There was a lot of sort of fluctuation rhythmically here, but when you guys had it, you were powerhouses.
I'm rooting for you guys today.
I really do love you a lot.
So, yeah, thank you.
( Applause ) Ben? - David.
- Yeah! Wicked awesome.
That was a lot of fun.
( Applause ) You started off with your strength, which is everyone, lead singers, big choral blast.
You sing in unison well, you sing in harmony really well, but then there's that thing that you still have to overcome which is the science of being an a capella group.
All those blend things we talked about? You're nailing those.
I love your personality and your musicality and your voices.
Just need a little bit more of a rhythm section from you guys.
Thank you, judges.
We'll find out soon if The Collective makes it to next week.
Thank you, guys.
When we return, the tight-knit boys of Vocal Point come together for the moving Puff Daddy anthem "I'll be missing you.
" And then the judges decide which three groups from the first set to save.
The beat goes on! It's the Sing-Off.
We brought a lot of energy.
We've definitely brought our unique style to it, so I had a lot of fun out there.
I hope y'all did, too.
That was the overall thing is just have fun.
Danny killed it! Killed it! Tonight on the Sing-Off, we're paying tribute to hip-hop with all-vocal remixes of some of the biggest hits spun by D.
s everywhere.
And our groups better bring their "A" game if they want to be saved by the judges.
Our final group of the first set are some provo powerhouses whose time on the Sing-Off has been challenged by the loss of a loved one.
To cope with the passing of a group member's father, the brave men of Vocal Point are finding strength in their music to soldier on.
Performing for the first time on the Sing-Off stage with group member Ben, Vocal Point got Footloose Cut loose And showed what they were capable of with a full group.
Well, we're glad we have Ben back 'cause that's really adding a lot.
We don't know you, but we missed you anyway.
It was amazing to have our full group together again, to finally be able to sing how we really feel like we can sing, so it's really good to have Ben back.
- Yeah, Ben! - Good to be back.
- I don't wanna rap.
- Can we rap? There was a little bit of nerves going to hip-hop week because we're a bunch of white guys and that's a genre we don't do.
What do we know about the history of hip-hop? This week we're going to be doing "I'll be missing you" by Puff Daddy.
Every step I take It seemed especially appropriate, given the circumstances Ben has been in the last couple of weeks losing his father.
Because of my personal beliefs, I know that I can see my father again, that he's in a better place, and this song does contain the message of treasuring those memories that we've had with those that we've loved.
Life ain't always what it seems to be words can't express what you mean to me Because we want to make this song reverent to all those that've experienced loss, we wanted to keep it us instead of trying to be something we're not.
Okay, so your note right there's clashing with my note.
We're still trying to find a middle ground between making it new and fresh and our own and keeping it something that the audience can recognize and feel comfortable with.
We want to be able to sing and share our message with everyone that we can, so our goal is to win so we can continue sharing that happiness with everyone that we sing for.
The stakes are high.
We're in the top eight now.
Everyone's bringing something fresh and exciting, and we can do no less, or else we don't belong in this competition.
Staying true to their faith and strong in the competition, performing "I'll be missing you" by Puff Daddy, here is Vocal Point.
One, two, three every step I take every move I make I'll be missing you life ain't always what it seems to be words can't express what you mean to me even though you're gone we're still a team through your family, I'll fulfill your dream in the future, can't wait to see if you'll open up those gates for me give anything to hear how you been I know you're living your life after death every step I take every move I make I'll be missing you ( Vocalizing ) Kind of hard when you're not around know you're in heaven smiling down watching us while we pray for you every day we pray for you till the day we meet again in my heart's where I keep you, friend memories give me the strength I need and I need and I need to believe on that morning when this life is over I know I'll see your face every step I take every move I make every time I pray I'll be missing you I'll be missing you every step I take every move I make every time I pray I'll be missing you ( Applause ) Thank you, Vocal Point.
Let's go to the judges.
Shawn? That was a very honorable dedication to your father, Ben.
You know, I know he's looking down and he's smiling, so Um ( Applause ) I think that you've realized by doing this, you're understanding the correlation between hip-hop and any type of music that has soul.
That's why hip-hop is so popular.
This was about taking the song and making it your own.
I applaud your effort for making it your own because you truly did.
This is the first time I'm gonna say this about you guys: There were some key issues.
Maybe it was because you guys were emotional.
It was an emotional song and I know it meant a lot to you to perform it, so I understand.
I felt it, and I know everybody else did.
( Applause ) Sara? Your thoughts? I just want to say how brave you guys are to choose something that was emotional, and this was such a wonderful illustration of how the message of music transcends the genre, and I think you guys made a really conscious and reverent song choice, and I think you really did it justice in that regard.
So, that was very moving.
Um, I agree with Shawn.
This is the first time I've heard any sort of pitch problems with you guys, but, you know, performance is about being authentic.
I actually really appreciate how vulnerable you all chose to be right there, and, Ben, you especially.
So thank you for sharing that with us.
( Applause ) Ben? That was beautiful.
You guys are gonna be the first group to make me cry on TV, huh? Yeah, it was a really respectful version.
Ben, you're basically a baritone, but you're singing beautifully in your tenor range.
( Applause ) The melody made a lot of sense, too.
A very big risk you take when you add a melody to something where they took the melody out to begin with, and it actually was really good and brought a whole new light to the song.
I thought the groove was good.
The backbeat could've been a little more definite.
Since it's hip-hop night, that would've made sense.
Mostly just a really gorgeous choral arrangement.
I was very moved.
Thanks, y'all.
Thank you, judges.
And we'll find out in a moment if Vocal Point will advance to the next round.
Thank you, guys.
Good job.
The judges are deliberating, and over the break they'll make a tough call.
They can only save three of the groups we've heard so far.
The group that doesn't advance must fight for their lives in our first-ever Sing-Off battle.
One high-stakes performance will determine who stays and who goes on the Sing-Off.
We are a brotherhood.
We're really good friends with each other and we mean a lot to each other, and so I think just to have the opportunity to be here on this stage tonight together has meant the world to all of us.
We're back on the Sing-Off.
Four more groups are in their boxes waiting for their chance to strike, but right now the judges have made their first decision of the night.
I'm standing with the Dartmouth Aires Afro-Blue The Collective And Vocal Point.
They delivered electrifying hip-hop hits but only three will definitely advance.
The other is headed for the Sing-Off battle at the end of the night and might be eliminated.
I have the results in my hand.
Three of these groups have secured a spot in the next episode, but one group Their destiny still hangs in the balance.
The first two saved groups are Afro-Blue! ( Cheering ) And Dartmouth Aires! ( Cheering ) Congratulations.
Please head on up to your boxes.
We're down to two groups.
Only one of you is guaranteed to hit the stage next week.
The other is headed into the battle at the end of the show.
Collective, as talented Nashville musicians, you continue to win praise for your captivating soloists, but the judges have encouraged you to crack the a capella code.
Tonight, Ben said you nailed your blend, but all the judges agreed that you still need to work on your rhythm section.
Vocal Point, you guys bring a positive energy to every show.
Tonight you weren't just singing to compete, but to pay tribute to Ben's father.
The judges were moved by your brave message and authentic delivery but thought you were overcome by emotion, and for the first time in the competition, your performance suffered from pitch problems.
The group that will definitely advance in the competition is Vocal Point! ( Cheering ) Congratulations.
Please return to your box.
Now, that means that The Collective, you'll have to enter the Sing-Off showdown later tonight to sing for your lives.
This gives you one final chance to show why your group deserves to stay in the competition.
Now, go ahead and go get ready.
Good luck.
( Applause ) All right, let's keep it going with our second set of amazing groups.
First up is a Denver posse whose street style has helped them stand out all season long, but with the other groups encroaching on their hip-hop turf, Urban Method is gonna have to step it up to stay in the game.
( Beatboxing ) Girl, I must Last week, Urban Method delivered a strong performance that solidified them in the top eight.
That was just a lot of fun.
It was a really polished, well-delivered performance.
But even with good reviews, Mykal felt they could've done better.
Instead of going out there and getting the crowd really hyped, I really pulled back.
I don't feel like we done our name justice.
So, going into hip-hop, expectations are pretty high for Urban Method.
California love This week we're doing California love.
Everyone's sort of been feeling the pressure of being the hip-hop group during hip-hop week I can't I can't do that yet.
Trying to meet an expectation that could be impossible to meet.
We've been working on "California love," and even today in rehearsal we kind of feel like it doesn't fit us as well.
( Rapping ) Mykal has to be better than a good rapper.
He's gotta be the best rapper that anybody's gonna hear.
A lot of the group's mentality this week is like, "just throw Myke out front and let him rap," and I'm feeling like someone else should step up front this time.
I don't like it.
That's how I feel.
We didn't want to come into hip-hop week and not put on a great show, and so we decided to change our song over to a B.
song with Hayley Williams called "Airplanes.
" It translates better into a capella.
Airplanes in the night sky are like If we're not the first group called safe this week, then I don't feel like we've met the expectation that has been set for us.
We have to be untouchable.
We have to be here and everybody else here.
I refuse to go home no matter what, so if I have to drag my team through the mud, we'll get there.
( Applause ) Trying to fly high above the competition with "airplanes" by B.
featuring Hayley Williams, here is Urban Method.
( Chirping ) Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now a wish right now a wish right now can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now a wish right now a wish right now Go! I could use a dream or a genii or a wish to go back to a place much simpler than this 'cause after all that partying and smashing and crashing all the glitz and the glam and the fashion all the pandemonium and all the madness there comes a time when you fade into the blackness and when you staring at that phone in your lap and you hoping but them people never called you back back back back ( Tick-tock ) But that's just how the story unfolds you get another hand soon after you fold and when your plans unravel in the sand what would you wish for if you had one chance? so airplane, airplane, sorry I'm late I'm on my way, now, don't close that gate if I don't make that, I'm-a switch my flight I'll be right back at it by the end of the night can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now a wish right now a wish right now a wish right now a wish right now can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars like shooting stars I could really use a wish right now a wish right a wish right now could we pretend that, pretend that pretend that dreaming could we pretend that, pretend that a wish right now, now ( Applause ) Urban Method! Nicely done.
Very nice.
Shawn, what'd you think? Urban Method, Urban Method, Urban Method.
I mean, come on, man, we're in y'all home now.
This is pretty much what y'all do, and y'all do that so well.
Myke, you so focused, my dude, like, you You look like you got X-ray vision.
And that's what fuels music, you know what I'm saying? That type of passion, that type of heart is infectious.
But I will say this, though.
Liz and Katie, you guys did the lead.
I wish it was just a bit stronger, like, when the chorus came in, because it's such a, you know, emotional song.
I just wanted to feel more of that from you two.
You guys have a way of doing this so well, the hip-hop a capella rap-a-pella thing right here, and I always enjoy watching y'all perform.
Ben? I thought that was brilliant.
That was great.
I really dug that.
( Applause ) The tension at the beginning was really artful, the tension that you guys built up right before you passed it off to Myke, and he was already freaking everybody out, you know? I actually thought Katie and Liz did a really good job with the Hayley part.
I liked the harmony.
I thought that was really good.
I think, actually, what Shawn might've been hearing in the chorus was the arrangement of the background vocals against the leads, because the sung part at the beginning I thought was great.
But then as the song evolved, Kim and Ozzie were arranged just a little bit too close to the melody.
A third lower, and I think that that would've felt a little stronger there.
But that was a mean groove, and it held the whole time.
And nobody missed the band in that one.
That was great.
( Applause ) Hey, real quick Can I give a quick shout-out to Richard for the crickets? Well, I was gonna give Richard props - for the crickets, but - Sorry, sorry.
They were so good, give him credit all over again.
I'd like to give Richard props for the crickets.
( Laughter ) Shawn: Rousing game of cricket! I thought that was a really, really strong performance, and I think your base and beatbox world is so strong and so heavy and so thick.
It is so good, so that's Troy and Richard and Tony.
Sub-bass! - Sub-bass! - Sub-bass! It's so consistent and it always grooves so hard, so that's a joy to listen to.
And I'm gonna have to agree with Shawn and disagree with Ben right here, because I felt like, girls, that I wanted more from you, too.
I almost wanted to hear you guys at that breaking point, and it wasn't really getting there for me.
That being said, Myke, you're a superstar.
You are.
( Applause ) You are.
You are so compelling to watch as a front man, and I know you just you mean every word you're saying and it's received, so we're getting it out here loud and clear.
Really well done, Urban Method.
Thank you.
Thank you, judges.
We'll find out later on if Urban Method gets saved or if they'll face The Collective at the end of the show.
Thanks, guys.
After the break, our daring texans, Pentatonix, rocking to Kanye's hit "Love locked down.
" The $200,000 and the Sony music recording contract are still up for grabs.
The Sing-Off.
Stick around.
We had to be better than great.
We had to be exceptional.
At the end of the day, call it what you wanna call it, but this is what we do, and we proved that this evening.
( Performers vocalizing ) Hip-hop music dominates the charts, and tonight it's taken over the Sing-Off.
Our top eight groups are trying to win over the judges with vocal versions of the hottest radio hits, but before the curtain falls, the fate of two groups hinges on a head-to-head battle right here on our stage.
Next up, a group of a cappella re-mixers who always put a futuristic spin on modern music.
Now, Pentatonix is gearing up for a hit from ah hip-hop artist known for being on the cutting edge.
You are you are a radio star Last week, Pentatonix brought their twist to a new wave classic Star Once again showing that they're pushing the boundaries of all-vocal music.
Radio star v-v-video k-killed the radio star ( Cheers and applause ) Shawn: I think you guys were sent back from the future to save a cappella, and do it in a futuristic way.
( Cheers and applause ) To see the audience and the judges react like that, it was surreal.
It also gives us the confidence to continue taking risks, because we can take the risks that hopefully are the right ones, and hopefully the judges will like it.
During hip-hop week, we're kind of going the opposite route of what is expected.
So keep your love locked down This week's song, we chose to do "Love locked down" by Kanye West.
Love locked down We've actually discussed that we're not having a rap in our song, and the pros and cons of that.
Now, keep your love locked down Not rapping in hip-hop week is a risk because the other groups are going to be doing it, and they could either kill it, or it could be a disadvantage.
Especially Urban Method we need to watch out for, 'cause this is their forte, and I feel like they're a group that's kind of in our same vibe.
As a bassist, this song is the one song that's gonna show what I can do, and I have some parts in it that, if I don't nail, it's gonna totally take away from the song.
( Singing ) We're definitely afraid of being eliminated, that's for sure.
Every week, we psych ourselves out.
Now the $200,000 and the recording contract is in sight, so it's becoming real and serious to us.
Right now, we really have to be on top of our "A" game.
One wrong note ( Scoffs ) We're out.
Aaahh Hoping to lock down a spot in the next episode, performing Kanye West's "Love lockdown," here is Pentatonix.
( Cheers and applause ) ( Vocalizing ) I'm not loving you the way I wanted to what I had to do had to run from you I'm in love with you but the vibe is wrong and it haunted me all the way home so you never know never, never know never know enough till it's over, love till we lose control system overload screaming no, no, no, n-no I'm not loving you way I wanted to see, I wanna move can't escape from you so I keep it low use a secret code so everybody else don't have to know so keep your love locked down your love locked down keeping your love locked down your love locked down keeping your love locked down your love locked down keep your love locked down you lose I'm not loving you the way I wanted to I can't keep my cool so I keep it true I got something to lose so I've got to move I can't keep myself and still keep you too so I keep in mind when I'm on my own somewhere far from home in the danger zone how many times did I tell you 'fore it finally got through? you lose ohh love locked down your love locked down keep your love locked down love locked down so keep your love locked ( Vocalizing ) down ( Vocalizing ) your love locked down your love ( Cheers and applause ) Nick Lachey: Pentatonix! That was sick! Sara, what'd you think? ( Continuing shouts ) What I love about live performance is that you feel in the room You feel it right now When someone's been in the sweet spot because everybody went there with you.
You guys delivered on that performance.
( Wild cheers and applause ) Kevin, you said it in the video about taking risks and feeling validated, and I think you guys have this really unique niche.
You know how to push this genre and this format to the edge, and do it really, really seamlessly and really well, so, kudos to you.
Um, Scott What? ( Laughter ) What? ( Cheers and applause ) ( Chuckles ) I really appreciate that you You seem to be really conscious about showing restraint, and, as any good superhero knows, power is knowing when to use it.
It's really effective, the way that you're approaching your vocals.
And, Mitch, that was amazing! ( Cheers and applause ) Avi and Kirstie as well You guys are Everybody's part is well-placed and well thought out, and you guys are such a tight ensemble, it's really, really stellar.
Thank you.
( Cheers and applause ) Ben? That was primal.
It just had this primal thing to it, and Kevin still looks pissed off.
( Laughter ) He's still in character.
He's like ( Growling ) I'm.
Gonna kick.
Your agghh.
And Kevin and Avi, the beginning was mean, really mean.
( Cheers and applause ) Mitch, the descending violin part was awesome, on the minor chord.
That was really a lot of fun.
That was very cool.
Great teamwork.
Scott's always great.
Nice work, guys.
( Cheers and applause ) Shawn? ( Audience tittering ) ( Sara chuckles ) You know how, like, something's real good that, like, you make, like, an ugly face? ( Laughter ) You know what I'm saying? Like, when you hear something, you go "Eww! Ohh!" Like, it makes you sick to your stomach.
Why, though? Why? Why why did y'all do it like that? Like, listen Being on the Sing-Off ain't just for y'all, it's for me too ( Laughter ) Because I sit, and I'm in awe of all of you.
You know what I'm saying? And I get little pieces ( Applause ) Listen, I'm still a performer, so you'd best believe all the things that I hear tonight, I'm like this on the low-low.
( Laughter ) The cool thing about y'all is that, like, you can single out everybody's part.
Like, that's what makes Pentatonix, Pentatonix All five of you, you know what I'm saying? You guys have always been risk-takers, and it's worked in your favor.
Like, as Ben Folds would say, he would say you guys are from the ( Susurration ) The future.
( Laughter ) ( Shawn laughing ) Ben: That's good.
Man, that performance was cold, man.
Good job.
( Cheers and applause ) Thank you, judges.
All right, we'll find out soon if Pentatonix has secured a spot in next week's show.
Thank you, guys.
( Applause ) If you want to go behind the scenes and catch videos, blogs, and tweets from your favorite groups, visit nbc.
And remember, all the songs from tonight's show are available on iTunes.
When we return, the ladies of Delilah show us how it's done with Lil Wayne's "How to love," and later, the judges send one more group into the voices-only battle.
The Sing-Off is heating up.
This song is just an emotional song, and we all got into it and really felt it out there and left our hearts on the stage.
To have it received so well is just, like, amazing.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
Now, when people think hip-hop, they think banging beats and aggressive rhymes, and that presents a significant challenge to our next group, that thrives on the emotion of the songs they sing.
These girls have come face to face with elimination twice this season, so the stakes are high as Delilah tries to reimagine a hip-hop hit as an emotional girl-power ballad.
What a feeling I am music now After previously landing in the bottom two, Delilah attempted to sing their way back to the top, but once again they found themselves facing elimination.
The group that will remain in the race for the grand prize is Delilah! ( Cheers and applause ) You work really hard and pour your whole heart into something, and it still seems like we're not giving the judges what they're asking for.
We just need to calm down.
We're definitely feeling pretty defeated, and we've just been thinking too much.
We've been driving ourselves crazy.
Let's arrange for Delilah and, like, what we think sounds good.
We want to be us, and we want to have fun.
( Clicking tongue ) ( Beatboxing ) We're doing hip-hop this week.
My name is Hannah We did rapping auditions 'cause we thought we were gonna rap.
Yeah, we should never rap.
We have percussion, we have a bass, but it's nowhere near the club feel, so it's been a huge challenge.
I think "How to love" is a great choice.
We can put whatever we know we do best at into this song easily.
We are singing "How to love" by Lil Wayne.
Think it'd be cool if we cut out vocal percussion? You're talking about drums.
What if Geena starts it? I'm a vocal percussionist, and I might be singing the solo on this song.
If I do the solo, it will definitely be nerve-wracking.
We tried not doing percussion, and now we're gonna kind of add some of it in, so we've just been all over the place with it.
so young, and your looks were so precious The biggest challenge is arranging it so that it still sounds like a hip-hop song.
The song we're doing, it's so low in energy that your pitch will need to be right on to give the same kind of impact as busting a beat, or whatever you do.
They don't give you three chances, you know? We've got to step it up.
If we're in the bottom two again, we are going home.
We're all fighters, and we're determined to make it all the way to the finale.
( Cheers and applause ) Putting their hearts on the line with "How to love" by Lil Wayne, here is Delilah.
( Cheers and applause ) ( Applause subsides ) When you were just a young 'un your looks were so precious but now you've grown up so fly it's like a blessing but you can't have a man look at you for five seconds without you being insecure well, you've had a lot of dreams that turned into visions the fact that you saw the world affected all your decisions but it wasn't your fault wasn't in your intentions to be the one here talking to me be the one listening listening listening listening you see, you've had a lot of crooks trying to steal your heart never really had luck could never figure out how to love figure it out how to love how to love, how to love, how to love ohh you've had a lot of moments that didn't last forever yeah now you're in this corner trying to put 'em all together how to love how to love, how to love, how to love love ( Beatboxing ) Oh, I just want you to know that you deserve the best you're beautiful oh, baby, you're beautiful ( Vocalizing and beatboxing ) Baby, you're beautiful and you're far from the usual ( Vocalizing and beatboxing ) How to love how to love you've had a lot of crooks trying to steal your heart never had the luck couldn't ever figure out how to love how to love see, you've had a lot of moments that didn't last forever now you're in this corner trying to put it all together how to love oh, yeah how to love ooohhhh ooohhh ( Cheers and applause ) ( Cheers and applause ) Nick: Delilah! Beautiful job, ladies.
Very nice.
Shawn, how'd they do? Wow, that That was amazing.
That was amazing, and ( Cheers and applause ) I like the fact that you took a song that honestly does have a lot of emotional and sentimental lyrics Like, Lil Wayne got sensitive on cats, you know what I'm saying? You guys have a knack for taking songs and making it your own in a sense where it becomes so emotional that it goes to a level that you might not have thought that it could go.
I have to give a shout to the soloists.
First of all, Geena.
( Cheers and applause ) Ingrid, Amy, and Hannah, all four of you girls.
( Applause ) It was an emotional rendition of a Lil Wayne song, and I would have never thought I would put those two words together.
But you guys did it well.
Great job.
( Applause ) Ben? ( Bass voice ) jo ( Applause and laughter ) I can barely hit that.
That that's amazing.
I think your frustration the last, you know, few times has paid off.
Sometimes you've just got to go through that stuff if you're gonna do something original, and it kind of hurts to go through those things, but you really came out at the other end nicely.
That was great.
Candace, you were mentioning being frustrated about making the judges happy, and I think what you find out is that you're making yourselves happy, and then that makes everyone else happy.
You did it.
It was great.
Um, I'll pass it on to my friend Sara here.
That was awesome.
( Applause ) Nick: All right, Sara, your thoughts? What is so unique about you guys, obviously, as a group, is that you're all women.
You guys have a very strong, powerful feminine energy, which, I'm thinking back to the '60s song and wondering if that's why that song didn't work so well for you, because you didn't get to show your lady 'nads.
( Laughter ) ( Laughing ) But you guys have That's my favorite kind of strong female role models out there, is women that aren't afraid to sort of play with the big boys.
You mean what you're saying up there.
You're not trying too hard.
It was coming from a really beautiful, authentic place, and that works the best for you.
Don't forget that.
( Applause ) Thank you, judges.
We'll find out soon if Delilah is safe or if they're headed for tSing-Off showdown.
Thank you, ladies.
Coming up, the Yellowjackets put the sting on Lupe Fiasco's "The show goes on.
" Then the battle begins for the final spot in next week's episode.
The Sing-Off sings on.
( Performers vocalizing ) This week was exactly what we needed.
We bonded, we struggled together, and we got stronger, and we were just validated.
And that just feels so good.
I'm Nick Lachey, and you're watching the Sing-Off.
Now, there's no doubt, hip-hop is the main event in clubs across America, but it's not all about blasasting out the speakers.
In fact, hip-hop music often carries a meaningful message.
Our final group of the night knows all about music with a higher cause.
While they've been on the Sing-Off, the Rochester Yellowjackets have been creating opportunities for children in need halfway around the world.
If you wanna be my lover Last week, the Yellowjackets opened up the show with a fun and crowd- pleasing number, but with the competition heating up, how long can they make they make their party last? My lover This was a lot of fun to watch, but there were some tuning issues.
I think that when you're giving such a high-energy performance, it's really easy to sort of over-sing.
We gotta bring it.
This week we have "Show goes on" by Lupe Fiasco, so it's gon' be It's gon' be nice.
His whole idea is, like, music can be used for good things, and I think that's sort of what we're all about.
The lyrics mention struggle of overcoming whatever hardships you're facing, and it really reminds us of our trip in Kenya.
Right before the show, the Yellowjackets came back form a musical exchange in Kenya, and we worked with schoolchildren from Mbaka Oromo primary school.
( Laughing ) I will give up everything/ even start a world war/ for these ghetto girls and boys/ I'm rappin' round the world for.
This week, I am featured as the rapper for this song.
I'm super excited to do the rap.
( Rapping and vocalizing ) Can't mess it up because this week we can't afford any faults at all.
( Rapping and vocalizing ) It's really great that we're here, but I'm still thinking about the children that I have just left, and how $200,000 is a lot of money, and the things that we could do with that money to help those children is unimaginable.
( Rapping and vocalizing ) We're trying our best to basically represent the kids in Kenya.
We're praying that we can win this so that we can give them the opportunities that they deserve.
Show goes on all night ( Cheers and applause ) Raising spirits across the globe with "The show goes on" by Lupe Fiasco, here are the Yellowjackets.
Already the show goes on all night, till the morning we dream so long anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun go just remember when you come up the show goes on all night already, the show goes on all night till the morning we dream so long anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun just remember when you come up the show goes on One in the air for the people ain't he/ two in the air for the father that's there/ three in the air for the kids in the ghetto/ four for the kids that don't wanna be there/ none for the haters trying to hold them back/ five in the air for the teachers not scared/ to tell those kids that's living in the ghettos/ that the haters holding back, that the world is theirs/ yeah, yeah, the world is yours/ I was once that little boy/ terrified of the world/ now I'm on a world tour/ I would give up everything/ even start a world war/ for these ghetto girls and boys/ I'm rapping round the world for/ Africa to New York, Haiti then I detour/ Oakland out to Auckland, Gaza strip to detroit/ say hip-hop only destroy/ tell 'em look at me, boy/ I hope your son don't have a gun/ and never be a d-boy.
all right already the show goes on all night till the morning we dream so long anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun just remember when you come out the show goes on all so, no matter what you been through no matter what you into no matter what you see when you look outside your window brown grass, green grass picket fence or barbed wire never ever put them down you just lift your arms higher raise 'em till your arms tired let 'em know you're here that you struggling, surviving that you gon' persevere nobody's ever leaving nobody's going home even if they turn the lights out the show is going on already the show goes on all night till the morning, we dream so long anybody ever wonder when they would see the sun just remember when you come up the show goes on all night ( Cheers and applause ) Nick Lachey: Yellowjackets! All right, let's see what the judges thought.
Ben? You guys always bring heart to your performances, which is, you know, for a group of lots of dudes, it's not easy to do that, actually, and you guys always pull that off.
The message is all there.
It's all very powerful.
You all mean every note.
And I love your rap, Jamal.
That was really That was really fun.
( Cheers and applause ) Because you truly meant it, but you had to come into it at a little bit of a deficit, because I still If I closed my eyes, I wouldn't still know who was singing.
I didn't quite have a face yet.
You were giving it lots of heart, lots of energy, but I'm just missing a little bit of the mind over muscle 'Cause we know you got the muscle And just drop out a couple of times, use your dynamics a little bit more, and, uh, but I really enjoyed the performance.
Nice work, guys.
( Applause ) Sara? Ben said it.
I've said it.
You guys are all heart, and I just love that about you.
It just makes me smile from ear to ear.
Um this felt a little fast to me, and, Jamal, you kicked butt on the rap.
You did.
But it felt like you were rushing a little bit, and I know you've got adrenaline pumping as well.
I loved it when things settled and Jamal started singing at the end.
That was my favorite part of the song.
I love watching you guys perform, so thank you for that.
( Applause ) Shawn? I like the fact that you guys nailed such a difficult hip-hop song to do.
That's hard, and, Jamal, you were working hard up there, dude.
Like, "I saw you, son.
" That was rough.
( Applause ) But, because of that, I think that's why I wanted to hear more of you.
I'm sure you guys know a lot about dynamics and what makes, you know, songs feel good, as far as the swells and the lows and the highs.
Because I know this song means a lot to you, I know what mission you guys are on, you know what I mean? And, as much as I enjoyed the performance, I wish that you guys locked in more of the element of surprise.
I wish it was better, though, but it was a good performance.
All right, thank you, judges.
Thank you, Yellowjackets.
We've seen all of our groups perform, and now it's time for the judges to make a hard decision.
When we come back, three groups will be awarded a spot on next week's show.
The other will be sent into a historic battle, and might be leaving our stage forever.
The Sing-Off Hold that note.
The message is that no matter where you're from in the world, and no matter what issues you come up against, you can pursue your dreams, and music, in a lot of ways, can be the way to connect with people, to let them know that.
We're back on the Sing-Off, and it's the moment of truth for these four groups: Urban Method ( Cheers and applause ) Pentatonix ( Cheers and applause ) Delilah ( Cheers and applause ) And the Yellowjackets.
( Cheers and applause ) They just put it all on the line with hip-hop hits, but only three of them earned a spot on the next show.
The other group must battle for survival at the end of the night.
The results are here in my hand.
( Performers vocalizing ) Three of these groups will raise their voices on our next episode.
The other's fate hangs in the balance.
The first two groups that will definitely be back next week are ( Performers vocalizing ) Pentatonix ( Cheers and applause ) And Delilah! ( Cheers and applause ) Congratulations.
You both made it.
Please return to your boxes.
We're down to two groups.
Only one of you is sure to advance; the other will go head to head with The Collective for the last remaining spot on next week's show.
Urban Method You guys came here staking your claim as the innovators of rap-appella.
Tonight, the judges loved the groove of your bass and your beatbox, and once again praised Myke as an amazing front man.
But Shawn and Sara wanted a more passionate sound from your female singers on the chorus.
Yellowjackets, you buzzed onto our stage bringing a message of hope.
Even though you landed on the bottom two in the premiere, you bounced back with big performances and big heart.
But tonight, Sara felt you were rushing, and Shawn and Ben said your voices overpowered the lead and the meaning of the song.
The final group with a guaranteed chance for the Sing-Off title is Urban Method! ( Cheers and applause ) Congratulations.
You made it to the next round.
Head on back.
That means, Yellowjackets, you'll be heading into the final showdown.
You're gonna have to pull out all the stops to keep your Sing-Off dreams alive.
The fight begins now.
Let's go ahead and meet your opponent, the other group in the bottom two, The Collective.
( Cheers and applause ) All season long, it's been building to this The first ever Sing-Off battle.
Every group tonight was asked to prepare for this fight with their own take on the hip-hop hit "Just a dream" by Nelly, and now, for The Collective and the Yellowjackets, it's do-or-die time.
They'll perform back to back, showcasing their unique styles.
It's the ultimate tiebreaker One last chance to prove to the judges and America why they should stay in the competition.
When both performances are over, the judges will decide which group will advance to the next round; the other will be asked to sing their swan song.
So, now, kicking off the Sing-Off showdown, performing "Just a dream" by Nelly, here's The Collective! ( Cheers and applause ) It was only just a dream dream dream I was at the top now it's like I'm in the basement number-one spot now she's got her a replacement I swear now I can't take it knowing somebody got my baby now you ain't around baby, I can't think should have put it down should have got that ring 'cause I can still feel it in the air see it in your face run my fingers through your hair my lover, my life my shorty, my wife she left me, I'm tight 'cause I know that it just ain't right I was thinking 'bout her, thinking 'bout me thinking 'bout us what we gon' be opened my eyes it was only just a dream if you ever loved somebody, put your hands up if you ever loved somebody, put your hands up if you're loving the collective, put your hands up if you ever loved somebody, it was only just a dream ( Cheers and applause ) Okay, The Collective has set the bar with their take on "Just a dream.
" Now, grabbing their mikes to answer the challenge and prove why the judges should keep them in the game, here are the Yellowjackets.
( Cheers and applause ) It was just a dream aah I was on top now it's like I'm in the basement number-one spot now she's got her a replacement I swear I can't take it knowing somebody's got my baby my lover, my life my shorty, my wife she left me, I'm tight and I know it just ain't right I was thinking 'bout her, thinking 'bout me thinking 'bout us what we gon' be opened my eyes it was only just a dream so I traveled back down that road will she come back? nobody knows realize it was only just a dream ( Vocalizing ) Only just a dream ( Cheers and applause ) All right, very nice job, both groups.
Very nice job.
It's decision time.
In just a moment, we'll hear directly from the judges and find out who shined the brightest in the battle.
One group will earn the final spot on next week's show, for the other, the Sing-Off title will be just a dream.
( Cheers and applause ) Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
We just saw The Collective and the Yellowjackets square off in our first-ever vocal battle to "Just a dream" by Nelly.
One of these groups is about to go home.
Let's go right to the judges.
Shawn, who did you pick to advance? I picked who I thought was the most cohesive, harmonically, and, um, that was the Yellowjackets.
( Cheers and applause ) Ben, how 'bout you? Um, yeah, I also picked who I thought was most cohesive.
I liked the swells in the background vocals and the beat, and so I went with Collective.
( Applause ) Nick: All right.
Sara, looks like you're the tiebreaker.
Who's it gonna be? This is so, so difficult, and my heart is racing right now, and I chose the group that I felt took the right risks.
And I love you both, but I chose the Yellowjackets.
( Cheers and applause ) Nick: Yellowjackets! Congratulations.
You're moving on.
( Cheers and applause ) Congratulations, guys.
Collective, you guys came from Nashville.
All such incredible musicians, and it's amazing, amazing how quickly you gelled together here on the stage.
( Cheers and applause ) ( Whistles of approval ) I have to be honest, you guys improved with every performance and left us with some unforgettable moments here on this stage.
But, Ruby, do you have any final thoughts about your experience on the show before you guys leave the competition? I think that we were absolutely forever changed, and, you know, um, this is an interesting position to be in because we've found ourselves in it our whole careers long.
It's it's the struggle, and I think we live for that.
And, uh, we're not gonna stop, and you're gonna hear from each and every one of us for the rest of your lives, whether you like it or not.
( Cheers and applause ) Well, I think I can speak for everyone in saying it was a pleasure to get to know all of you.
We certainly wish you the best of luck.
If you would, please raise your mikes one final time, for your swan song.
Singing goodbye to the Sing-Off, here's The Collective.
Mama, take this badge off of me ( Beatboxing and vocalizing ) I can't use it anymore ( Beatboxing and vocalizing ) It's getting dark too dark to see ( Beatboxing and vocalizing ) Feels like I'm knocking on heaven's door ( Beatboxing and vocalizing ) Knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door knocking, knocking knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door knock, knock knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door Ruby: ooh, yeah knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door ( Cheers and applause ) That was The Collective, singing "Knocking on heaven's door" by Bob Dylan.
Remember, you can download any of the songs you heard tonight on iTunes.
What a night of performances and an unprecedented Sing-Off battle.
Next week, the fight for the $200,000 and the recording contract intensifies as our groups take on superstar medleys, breathtaking arrangements of hits from some of the biggest artists of all time, and a special guest performance by last season's champs, Committed.
It's gonna be a night of incredible vocals and heart-pounding competition.
Until then, I'm Nick Lachey, signing off from the Sing-Off.
( Cheers and applause ) ( Performers vocalizing )