The Sinner (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Part II

1 EMTs are calling 'em deceased.
Couple in their 30s checked in last night with their son.
- Where is he now? - Foster home.
Julian, can you tell me what happened that morning? What happened to your parents? They died.
If you drink a tea made from it it'll kill you.
I gave the tea to them.
Where are all of Julian's things? Oh, my God.
What kind of parents go on a trip and don't pack a bag for their kid? The boy who was taken into custody, I need to know where he's being held.
I'm his mother.
[dramatic music] [muffled shouting] Yo, wait up, wait up! [footsteps] [indistinct chatter] [thuds] She doesn't know that he confessed.
Should I tell her? I would wait and let her tell us what she knows first.
All right.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Nobody got you anything.
- You want a coffee or something? - No, thank you.
When can I see my son? We can take you to the foster home right after this.
Foster home? It's just for now.
It's temporary.
I'm sorry, this is just I'm very confused.
What happened to Adam and Bess? It looks like they were poisoned.
I don't understand.
By someone? We thought Adam and Bess were Julian's parents.
No, they live on my property.
When I need them to they look after Julian sometimes.
They were taking him to Niagara Falls for the weekend.
He and Bess love each other.
What happened exactly? Did you know they packed no luggage for Julian? Yes, they forgot his bag.
Adam and Bess are lovely but they're they're absent-minded.
I called them about it.
We decided that they'd pick up a few things for him along the way.
All right, let's take a look.
We'll find something that fits in here.
This obviously isn't your current address.
Oregon? No, I'm sorry.
I need to renew that.
No, I live about 20 miles from here.
Where exactly? - Off of Route Four.
- By the reservoir? Near Osborn Road.
I'd like to see him now.
Miss Walker, has Julian had any emotional issues he's had to deal with? No.
Why would you ask that? - Anxiety, depression - No.
He's a happy child.
Any aggressive behavior? I think you should tell me what happened.
We found the bodies like this.
The blankets.
The positions.
There's no reason Julian would do something like this.
Something happened, an accident.
I don't know.
He's a 13-year-old boy.
Miss Walker, he's told us already.
He's confessed it.
Confessed to what? To poisoning Mr.
Lowry and Ms.
He made a tea from a plant.
It's called Jimsonweed and he said he knew it was poisonous.
We have corroborating evidence.
Fingerprints, video footage from the motel.
I want to see him now.
So when she mentioned where she lived it threw you off a little bit.
Route Four, Osborn Road.
There's nothing on Osborn Road except for this one place.
At least 30 other people live there.
It was a retreat center that went out of business in the '90s and then these people bought it and tried to turn it into some kind of utopian community or something.
It's called Mosswood Grove.
[engine revs] [tranquil music] [sighs] Shh.
It's okay.
- [sobs] - It's okay, baby.
[sobs] Oh, my beautiful boy, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I missed you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[indistinct muttering] It's okay.
I need you to listen to me.
[indistinct whispering] [indistinct whispering] [indistinct whispering] [indistinct whispering] Okay? Okay.
It's okay, my boy.
And what happened when you woke up at the motel? I waited for the sun to rise.
And then Adam woke up and he took me to the breakfast bar.
Can you tell me what you did there? Yes.
I ate breakfast.
And I went back to the room.
What about the tea you made? I went back to the room.
Julian, you told Detective Ambrose yesterday that you made two cups of tea and brought them back to the room.
Isn't that right? I don't remember.
Well, you seemed to remember very clearly yesterday.
That's enough for today.
- It's time I took him home.
- That's not possible.
Julian's legally a ward of the state.
What do you mean? You'll have to prove guardianship at the courthouse tomorrow before you can take him.
You think this is helping my son? Keeping him here another night? If you want to speak to him again you do so through me.
Do you understand? That's not really your call, Miss Walker That's all right.
It's fine.
Thank you very much, Miss Walker.
And if you have any questions.
Let's give 'em some time.
What was that about? Well, you and I know that we don't need her permission to talk to him until she proves her guardianship at court, but she doesn't need to know that yet.
Gives us a window of opportunity.
Remember who you are, all right? Remember.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Shh, I love you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
What are the charges you're filing? - Murder in the second degree.
- On what grounds? As we mentioned, we have a confession.
A confession you extracted without a parent present, which I know for a fact is not admissible in court.
This entire case is bullshit.
Your son killed two people.
Why do you think Julian would do something like this? "He's crazy," is that what you're thinking? Or he's been abused.
Or I pumped him full of Adderall and fed him junk food and video games.
Or maybe he's just evil, is that it? My son is so far beyond anything you can understand.
You have no idea.
Are you kidding Mosswood? As far we know that's where he grew up.
Well, it makes sense.
I mean those weirdos would turn out a kid like that.
We're hoping to get a search warrant and take a look at his living situation.
Why is that necessary? Chief, young criminals in most cases, the crime starts with the parents and the mother is not cooperating.
And then this place, the whole question about this commune Has he been charged? No, not yet.
Well, why don't we start with that? We have what we need, right? Yeah, we do.
I still think that we should go in there.
Detective, I understand your desire, but that place is a hornet's nest.
Last time we went in there it blew up in my face for nothing.
And why was that? They want to be left alone, and frankly so do we.
- That's - I'm not going down that road.
- Um - Okay.
Thank you, sir.
Every few years it's something else.
A classmate of Heather's, she got mixed up with them.
She joined up or converted, whatever you call it.
And we never heard from her again.
Really? And then there was Kyle Cummings.
Kyle Cummings, a great high school quarterback out here at Keller.
And he was seeing a girl in there and he wound up in there one night.
And the next day he hanged himself.
Everybody was devastated.
Nobody saw it coming.
He just wasn't the type.
Good family, no drugs, and a great quarterback.
I had scouts in here every weekend - to see that kid play ball.
- Dad, that's not really the point.
People were convinced that Mosswood members had done something to him.
Some local guys beat them up and then they retaliated.
So it's true? That kid's from Mosswood? Jeannie, we can't really talk about cases while they're being investigated.
- [cell phone buzzes] - [scoffs] I wondered when they'd miss me.
This is home base checking in.
I'll be a second.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I don't like this Mosswood stuff.
I don't want it opening old wounds.
I'm fine, Dad.
Don't worry.
[furtive music] [sighs] Why can't I break up with Caleb? I mean, I want to, but I can't.
I don't know.
Maybe 'cause you can't stand being alone.
[both laugh] He just sits around conjuring me up in his mind all day long.
How am I supposed to break up with that? Look.
Welcome to Mosswood Hippieville.
What do you think they do down there? Have lots of sex.
Organic sex.
Organic big bush patchouli sex.
[laughs] Sophie was saying those people are actually really serious.
Like they do this deep trance stuff.
And they like hypnotize you so you don't even know who you are anymore.
And then you're all like, "Yes, master.
How may I service you, master.
" Oh, God.
That's so gross.
[laughs] Whatever they're doing down there I bet it's way more interesting than anything we do.
- So let's go.
- What do you mean? Let's sneak on.
Are you serious? Yeah, I'm dead serious.
Oh, my God.
I love you.
[laughter] I wanted to hear about life on the commune.
An average day.
What's that like? There's really no such thing.
Well, what time do you wake up? When the sun rises.
Well, there's no sleeping in for this guy, huh? No, I sleep mostly inside.
Sometimes I sleep outside on warm nights.
Aren't you gonna ask me about my mother? Isn't that why you're here? All right.
Um Does she cook for you? Make you breakfast? Sometimes.
And you get along with her? Look, I'm just trying to See if you can tell me anything that might help your situation.
That's all.
Outsiders are all the same.
Am I an outsider? Everyone is out here.
What's an outsider? An outsider Promises you things before they even know you.
Is that something your mother told you? My mother can read minds.
She told me all about you.
Did she tell you to change your story? I don't want to talk anymore.
[dog barking] [ominous music] [whimpering] [whimpering] [whimpers] Vera Walker, born in east Texas, 1976, moved to Dallas in the '90s.
Spent two years working for a company called Interlogica.
What is that? Is that a tech thing? I don't know.
Then she shows up in Ashland, Oregon working for a non-profit.
Then nothing for the past 15 years.
- No criminal record? - Nothing.
Not even a credit card.
Good work.
She's a ghost.
With consideration of custody for the minor in question, Julian Walker, who's present in the court? Vera Walker, his mother.
Will counsel please put their appearance on the record.
Matias Lorcas, attorney for the child.
Thank you.
And you have the birth certificate? Thank you.
And proof of residence? Where is that? I'm sorry? I wasn't told to bring proof of residence.
I need to know where the child lives, where he goes to school.
We live at 90 Osborn Road.
He was born there.
He's lived there his entire life.
Where is the child registered for school? He's home schooled.
Well, then you must be registered as a home school in New York State.
So where's that documentation? I don't see why you need that when you have his birth certificate.
No one told me I had to bring Because that's what's required, Ms.
Once you have the appropriate documents in order we'll review the case.
Next docket, 4565.
My son is being held in a group home.
With people he doesn't know.
He is terrified and he wants to come home - Ms.
- and I am his mother.
I know where you're from, and I know what your son is accused of.
And frankly, I have more confidence in foster care right now than I have in you.
Come back when you're prepared.
Next docket, 4565.
[ambient music] I can't tell you that.
No, that's not what I said.
Hold on.
This guy from the paper, he knows we're pressing charges on Julian Walker and he wants confirmation.
He's asking about whether the kid's from Mosswood.
Tell him no comment.
[sighs] No comment.
It's all I got for you.
No comment.
[indistinct chatter] [laughter] - Ow.
Mother - Oh, my gosh.
Shh! Shh.
- Ow.
- Shh.
[laughs] What the hell are they doing? [leaves rustling] [gasps] We are so sorry.
We know we're trespassing.
- We're really sorry.
- It was a mistake.
We'll leave.
[laughs] Come sit with us.
[suspenseful music] Mom? Mom? You know, I realize that there's no reason why you should trust me.
So I thought maybe instead of me asking you questions, right you could ask me.
Whatever you want.
Then why do you have a beard? I think I have a weak chin.
And with the beard it feels more imposing So I can get people to respect me more.
Where are you from? From here.
I grew up here.
But now I live about four hours east of here in Dorchester.
So why are you here? Because It matters to me what happens to you.
Why? When I was just a couple years younger than you my mother was unable to take care of me anymore.
Why? She There was an accident.
Did she die? No.
But I, I had to go and live somewhere else.
And it was a place a lot like this place.
It was a foster home.
Did you have nightmares? I did.
What about you? You have those? Yeah.
What are yours like? There's this thing.
In my room that wears this hood so I can't see its face.
It's coming for me, but I can't move.
Like, I try to but I can't.
And it comes up to me and leans in And it puts its hand Right here.
Inside me.
With kids, traumatic experiences get turned into some kind of nightmare.
Because it helps them process something terrible that's happened to them.
Like a hooded figure comes into his room touches him when he can't move.
So what does it mean? Psychological or physical abuse.
- Maybe both.
- And this is Danny Spalding.
The registered owner of the car our victims drove out of Mosswood.
And he's got a record.
Two counts of grand larceny, he's on the sex offender list.
He's probably still in Mosswood.
I think the point is we don't know who else is in there and what's going on inside.
If the press breaks this story you don't wanna be the person who didn't follow up on a lead.
You think this is worth it? I think we need to go in, sir.
I'll call Judge Cervini.
What do you say to a fishing expedition tomorrow morning? Oh, well.
[laughs] Actually, tomorrow's not great, but I'll take a rain check, sure.
You know, maybe you should use some of those vacation days you called in for for some actual vacation.
I probably should.
Uh, but - duty calls, so - Well Let me know.
I'm around.
- Good night.
- Ah, yeah.
Good night.
[cell phone buzzes] Okay.
[sighs] Hello.
So you've been speaking with my son.
You saw him twice without his lawyer present and without informing me.
I was just trying to get to know him.
Well, you're out of bounds and I'm filing a complaint with the judge.
Walker, from what I gather he's had a pretty unconventional upbringing.
I don't see how being raised close to nature and a loving community is unconventional.
He's a lucky kid then.
I assume you'll try to come here in a couple of days to evaluate us.
That's always a possibility.
Whatever it is you think you'll find here I can tell you right now that you're wrong.
I hope so.
Trust me, Detective, I know where the monster is.
[scoffs] [ominous music] They're probably gonna try to make things look as aboveboard as possible.
So we better keep our eyes open.
You okay? Yeah.
I don't know.
Makes sense to me.
You sacrifice a thing that's holding you back.
[indistinct whispering] - Stop that.
- What? - You're staring.
- He is staring at me.
So what? Marin, that's your mother's.
Well, yeah.
Good riddance.
[indistinct muttering] [indistinct muttering] Keller PD.
This way.
[indistinct chatter] Ms.
These are all the current residents of Mosswood Grove.
We're at your disposal.
This is a court issued search warrant giving us the right to search the living quarters of Julian Walker, Adam Lowry, and Bess McTeer.
Is this everybody? Yes.
Thank you everyone, please go back to work.
I misunderstood.
You don't just live here.
You're in charge.
We don't resort to hierarchies like you, Detective Lieutenant Detective Sergeant Just police officer.
Follow me.
This whole thing must be hard on everybody.
Of course, as you can imagine.
Right this way, please.
This is Julian's room? If you don't mind, could you both wait by the door during the search please? Thank you.
- Who's his roommate? - I am.
No one on the Grove has a private bedroom.
Where are the other children? There are no other children.
We focus our energy into the work.
This Julian's duffel bag for the trip? It is.
Please be careful.
Where's Julian's father? He's not in the picture.
What about Danny Spalding with the car? Is he still a resident here? Yes, why do you ask? Well, he's an ex-convict.
On the sex offender list.
And he's living with a minor, so I think that's a reasonable thing to ask.
Mosswood is a sanctuary community.
We don't turn anyone away.
Anyone who abides by our rules can stay no questions asked.
Mothers are usually concerned about that kind of thing.
Are you concerned? Danny's completely transformed himself through the work.
Society would cast him aside.
We prefer to help him.
People deserve a second chance.
Will we get to see that area? What is it by the way? It's our garden.
You support yourselves with that? We grow most of what we need.
My mom, she's, I don't know.
She had me when she was way too young and she's just annoyed, like, my entire existence is a giant cock block to her.
[laughs] There's someone I want you to meet.
You wanna come? Yeah.
Marin, I think we should go.
Just give me a minute.
This is where Bess and Adam slept.
These are their things.
We'll burn anything you don't want.
I like your necklace.
Thank you.
You know, Bess was wearing a necklace almost exactly like that in the photographs up at the main house.
You aren't stealing from the dead are you? No.
She gave it to me.
When would that have been? - Before she left.
- Oh.
It's a special gift.
Why would she do that if she were only gonna go for a couple of days? [tense music] Detective.
They weren't coming back, were they? Jes.
We need to talk.
I think we're done here.
[ominous music] - Vera.
- Hmm? So we just finished - So? - The guy.
Back at the dorms with the ponytail.
I saw him at the motel when we went to speak to the manager.
So Vera had to know something before she came into the station that day.
Bess McTeer, right, gave away a necklace just before they took off and that plus no luggage for Julian I don't think they were planning on coming back.
- They were escaping.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
This whole trip to Niagara Falls story is a hoax.
Okay, hey.
Did you find what you were looking for? Well, it's never what you expect I guess.
Just keep walking.
[ambient music] I'm curious about Bess and Adam.
How long had they lived here? Adam only a few months.
Bess has been here since her early 20s.
The work completely transformed her.
I saw it myself.
So when you talk about the work, what does that mean exactly? [ambient music] It's easier to experience than it is to explain.
We all have a shadow.
All the good and bad inside that we try to hide.
We shine a light on that shadow.
You encounter parts of yourself you never knew were there.
Not for the faint of heart, but it's rewarding.
It teaches you how to trust yourself.
[ambient music]