The Sinner (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Part V

He's fine.
I know I screwed up.
I know I should've called.
I ended up going to see Detective Ambrose.
I wasn't feeling right, and he brought me to the ER to talk to someone.
A therapist.
I called you.
I called you so many times.
I'm sorry.
I just I needed to figure stuff out on my own.
I didn't want to make things worse for you.
You were with that detective all night? Yeah, I had a lot to process, and Harry listened.
What did the therapist say? They just asked questions.
I'm gonna schedule a follow-up.
Look, you were right.
I need help and I'm getting it and I'm gonna get better.
Just be patient with me.
I promise you I'm gonna get things back to how they were.
Oh, hey.
What's on your ear? Is that blood? Oh, yeah.
Mosquito got me.
I must've over-scratched it.
You know, I better get ready for school.
I'm looking at him right now.
Any idea if there was any footage? Let me know as soon as she checks his Thirty, maybe? Yeah.
And what time did you get back? Sir? Mouth open.
I went to the backyard first.
Thank you.
You've reached Jamie Burns.
Please leave a message.
Hey, Jamie, you need to call me as soon as you can, okay? When you get this, you gotta call me.
It's important.
You think it's him? - Has to be.
- Shit.
Well, how did he leave the house without you noticing? That night, my back thing was killing me.
I took a pain pill, and it knocked me out cold.
You wanted me? Yeah, uh, this is Jamie Burns's license plate number.
We gotta check last night's LPR photos from all the access points in the five boroughs.
And check the E-ZPass records too.
Yeah, sure.
Have you connected with NYPD? No, not yet, it's gotta have some credible evidence before they pay attention to it.
We don't have a lot of time.
Something'll turn up.
The warrant for tracking Burns's phone number came through.
So any evidence you find about last night is compromised, and not to mention, this Brooklyn murder is not your jurisdiction, so I'm not gonna sit around and wait till he kills somebody else.
Hey you know what I'm thinking of you here.
Now you got your feelings all mixed up in this.
I can see it.
And that's when you start justifying bad choices.
I can look out for myself.
Where are you? Oh, hey.
I'm glad I found you.
I saw you earlier, and you told me someone was trying to reach me.
Man, I'm really pretty fried.
Please, just any amount of time you have.
- All right, come upstairs.
- Thanks.
What happened last night? I fucked up.
I really fucked up.
You drove back to the party, didn't you? Jamie, I saw that guy Kyle.
His body.
I was there this morning.
It was just a moment.
After everything that happened, it was too much, and I it is not me.
It's not who I am.
You know that.
It's a crime scene now.
NYPD are all over it.
You have to turn yourself in.
This is gonna come down on you eventually.
There's no way around it.
Are you working with them? It's not my jurisdiction.
So how will they know it's me? You dropped me off at home at the end of the night.
- That's what happened.
- They're gonna track your movements.
They have the DNA evidence from the crime scene.
Jamie, it's over.
- You have to face things now.
- No.
I can't, I I can help you.
How? Turn yourself in and I can make it so there's no public arrest.
Keep the cameras from you.
There's no scene.
And there's no embarrassment for Leela No.
If I turn myself in, my life is over.
It's over.
I'm not crazy.
I'm not out of control.
Now, you said you understood how I feel.
What if I was your brother? You'd be helping me out of this.
I'd be saying the exact same thing.
There's no way around it.
A confession right now will reduce your sentence.
If you wait, it's gonna get worse.
Don't just put me away.
I am not a lost cause.
- Jamie.
- Help me.
Help me get my life back.
Hi, Mr.
- Why aren't you in class? - Yearbook meeting.
Why aren't you in class? You know we're not supposed to be interacting.
I'm sorry about what happened.
This whole thing's so stupid.
You didn't do anything.
Well, apparently, I did.
I keep thinking about what you said, and I'm really trying to figure out what I want, but my parents are freaking out so much, I can't even think straight.
Like, I don't know what I should do or where I should - Just go.
- What do you mean? You should forget what I said and go to college.
Seriously, just go.
But what about everything you said? You shouldn't listen to me.
I don't know anything anymore.
It makes for this kind of series of choices, and the last thing are the arrows, and one of those led them to you.
They weren't targeting you, it was random, and you were just unlucky.
I know, it's strange, but in a way, I think you can rest easier about this because there wasn't any agenda against you in particular.
So it was just some sort of game they were playing? Well, it's more complicated than that.
How so? I don't think you should really worry about this anymore.
You haven't tried one of these yet, have you? What did you do with him all night? Harry, I need to know.
I was with him in a bar, and I kept an eye on him.
So you're friends now? No.
Is this what you do with all your suspects? Look, all I did was that, and then I followed him to a party in Brooklyn, and then I took him home.
Don't tell me it was that party in Brooklyn where someone was murdered.
I saw it online.
Oh, my God.
There's no proof of anything yet.
You were there with him and he killed someone.
That's not what happened.
You were there.
Look, it's being investigated, and I can't share any information.
No, no, no, no.
Don't pull that, don't I'm I'm involved in this.
You have to tell me.
No, I can't.
Are you serious? You're gonna do that? Maybe maybe I should go.
Yeah, maybe you should go.
And you were telling me not to worry anymore.
All right.
Yeah, hey, Mel.
Hey, Dad, do you have a second? I want to go over the plans for the weekend.
Oh, right.
If this isn't a good time for Eli to come up, - we can reschedule.
- No, I don't want to reschedule.
I got it.
A year later, an unknown Adolf Hitler leads a joke rebellion called the Beer Hall Putsch.
So dark clouds are gathering.
Sorry to interrupt.
Can I have a moment? Sure.
Excuse me.
There's a detective here to see you.
- What does he want? - She's right over there.
You want to tell me what this is all about? I'm assuming you heard about the murder that happened in Brooklyn two nights ago, at a party on Morgan Avenue? Yeah, yeah, I-I saw it in the paper this morning.
Sophie Greenfield said in her statement that you were at the party with her.
Yeah, I was.
Um, she's a former student.
I ran into her earlier that night, and she invited me.
And the victim, did you know him? No.
Any idea who might've done such a thing? No.
Did you go to the party alone? Uh, yeah.
Wasn't someone with you? Ms.
Greenfield mentioned a detective.
Oh, yeah.
His name's Harry Ambrose.
From Dorchester.
He showed up a little later.
So he's a friend of yours? Uh, not really, I mean I mean, we'd been together earlier that night.
So he's not a friend of yours, but you invited him to the party? No, I mean, I he just showed up.
I don't know.
What time did you leave the party? Oh, around 11:00, 11:30.
How'd you get home? I got a ride.
With Harry.
Did you leave your house any time after that? No.
No, not until I got up the next morning and went to work.
That's all for now.
Oh, almost forgot.
Can I have Tommy take your DNA? Totally routine.
All right.
Email the receipt? - Great.
- Great, 'kay.
So you let me know how that tea works.
- You're gonna love it.
- Thank you so much.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
That's one of our best sellers.
- Oh.
- It's steam-distilled peppermint and Spanish sage and fennel.
Great for stress.
I should get some.
I use it all the time.
Um, can I interest you in moisturizer or fragrance? - Maybe a moisturizer.
- I've got a great one for you.
I'm Sonya Barzel.
Your husband had the accident on my property.
Right, right.
How is your husband? He's recovered? He's fine.
Everything's back to normal.
Well, we had a baby a couple of weeks ago, so I you know Wow.
Oh, congratulations.
Sorry, how are you? I-I bet the accident was stressful for you.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm, um I, uh honestly, the circumstances have been a bit challenging.
So What do you mean? You really don't know, do you? Wow, that is a pretty long drive.
- Thanks for coming in.
- Sure.
I was about to come looking for you.
- So, you were at this party? - I was.
You run with a young crowd.
No, I wasn't there for pleasure.
I was trailing a suspect from a different case.
Jamie Burns.
I believe that he should be your prime suspect.
Which case? It's a homicide.
It's a car accident that proved fatal.
- Any evidence I should see? - No.
I'm still working on it.
- Detective? - It's complicated.
Sorry, but I'm a little unclear.
You said you were tailing him, but you were with him at the party.
Yeah, somebody had to keep an eye on him.
- All night? - Look.
Did any of your witnesses say that they saw him come back into the party? Hard to find anyone who could see straight - by the time of the murder.
- I think he was there.
He came back into the city, and that was around 2:15 a.
This CCTV surveillance footage, it shows him going into Briarton, where he teaches.
I'll look it over.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Wait, no.
You don't understand.
This is urgent, right? We have to contain this guy, because he's dangerous.
And I just said I would look over the information.
We don't have time for that.
Someone else might get hurt - if we wait.
- Lieutenant.
I have 50-some people to interview on this case, and I've got my process.
So just hold tight.
Someone's going to come in and take your statement and swab you for your DNA, all right? Thanks again for coming in.
What's going on? Is Kai okay? Leela.
Sonya Barzel came into the store today.
She told me what you and Nick did.
The grave.
Brian, can you please leave us alone? I asked him to stay for this.
For what? The grave was Nick.
That was all him.
I had no idea.
I told you, he was out of control.
Were you at a party in Greenpoint two nights ago? Night the night you didn't come home? Can't we talk without him here? This is crazy.
Were you at that party? Yes.
I was with Detective Ambrose, and we left hours before anything happened, okay? You can call him.
Look, I didn't do anything.
Lee, look at me.
Please, look at me.
Two years ago, when all of that shit went down, I stayed by you.
I could've left.
God knows I had a right to, but I didn't.
I stayed.
I stuck it out, because I believe in us.
Now I need you to stand by me.
- Please.
- Leela.
Leela, remember what we talked about.
You need to stick to the plan.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Jamie.
Get of my house.
Get out! - Jamie.
- I'm not leaving her with you, and if you touch me, I'm calling the cops.
What? I can't I can't sleep with you in this house.
I need you to go.
This is all confidential, right? - Whatever comes up? - Of course.
Don't worry, I've heard all sorts of things.
Yeah, he's still there.
He's hooked onto you, but he's He's agitated.
Like something's unfinished.
Lot of pain.
Uh, w-what do you see? What does he look like? It's it's like he's hovering near you.
But like a protector.
He wants yeah, he doesn't want you to be afraid anymore.
Why are you so afraid? Because I feel like I'm gonna lose everything.
I came to apologize.
I-I realize you were only being kind and protective.
No, it's, uh no, after all you've gone through, it's I have to tell you, I went to see Jamie Burns's wife at her store yesterday.
I told her about the the grave.
And also about the murder in Brooklyn.
- Which I know was a mistake.
- What did you say to her? Just that you were there at the party with him.
I'm sorry, I This whole thing with Jamie Burns, it's it's really unsettled me.
I can't seem to get any control back.
I know at least you can relate.
What? Well, he's really gotten under your skin too.
This is my job.
Really? This is just your job? Spending all this time with your suspect? It's a case.
It's what it requires.
And all this with us the drop-ins, the baked good deliveries that's just what the case requires too, hmm? You have this habit of hiding under your detective hat whenever it's convenient.
You're like a turtle.
Yeah, I guess I Maybe that's your spirit animal.
Uh With some things, it can take me a long time to get there.
Well I have some errands.
Uh Well, that was nice.
A few months ago, you had asked me to delay your paternity leave for six months until after Kai's birth.
But considering the circumstances over the past few weeks, we think it would be best if you took your leave now.
- In the middle of the term? - That's right.
And then after the two months, what happens? Well, we would we would reevaluate.
See how it feels for you and and for us.
You mean fire me.
That's not what we're suggesting.
You can't fire me if I'm fulfilling my duties.
My contract stipulates Jamie, I'm just concerned about the school right now.
And your job.
You've become a distraction here for the faculty and the students.
How exactly? A detective investigating a homicide was here questioning you, and last night, the NYPD was at the school and searched it.
I think you can appreciate that the optics aren't exactly ideal.
Okay, I haven't done anything.
There have been no charges against me.
I think what Fiona's suggesting is more than fair.
The fuck do you know about fair? Jamie, please.
Let's not make this any more difficult than it has to be.
I've been teaching at this school for ten years.
I'm not moving.
Excuse me, I have a class to teach.
- Hello? - Mr.
This is Detective Jones, NYPD.
I need to run a few more questions by you today.
Are you available? Sure.
What the hell's going on? Harry, I need you to wait outside.
What's she doing? Nobody told me this was happening.
I need you to wait at your desk.
Detective Jones wants to talk to you too.
What? Harry, please.
And then Lieutenant Ambrose dropped you at home around 1:00 a.
Yeah, that's right.
And you didn't leave your house after he dropped you off? No, not until I went to work.
I-I already answered all of this.
We obtained CCTV footage of you entering Briarton that night.
This is time-stamped at 4:41 a.
And here you are again, 33 minutes later, with a change of clothing and a garbage bag.
You want to tell me about that? Yeah, yeah, I, um I couldn't sleep that night, and then, uh, I remembered there were test papers that I hadn't graded, so I went down to school to pick them up.
So what's in the plastic bag? I-I forgot my briefcase, so I just put the papers in the bag, and also my jacket, 'cause I was feeling warm.
So you drove down at 4:00 in the morning to pick up a little extra work, knowing you'd be heading back down there again a few hours later? I I wasn't thinking too clearly that night, so Right.
Why you think that is? Mr.
Burns, I'll be honest with you.
I've worked a lot of cases, and this one isn't looking good for you.
We have toll records of your movements, DNA evidence.
This is all just a matter of time.
Now, you've got a window of opportunity, right now.
This is when I can do the most to help you.
And I can get you the best possible outcome with a plea deal.
You just have to tell me what happened.
What really happened.
I think I need to call a lawyer.
You can do that.
The minute you do, though, I gotta tell you, things get ugly.
You go down a long road.
A bumpier road.
And it doesn't bring you anywhere different.
Think about it.
I'll be back.
Hey, Mel.
Everything okay? Yeah, I was just checking to see that we're all set.
Uh, you know, actually, some things have come up, and you mentioned that next weekend might be okay too, right? Dad, what are you talking about? I just put Eli on the train.
He's heading up to you right now.
- Lieutenant Ambrose? - Did you forget? Do I need to drive up right now? No, don't do that.
I'll work it out.
Don't worry.
You want to tell me what you were doing at my crime scene three days ago? A colleague of mine recognized your photo.
Instead of coming to me, you leave? You had your work cut out for you.
I needed the time.
You mean time to call your prime suspect? Yeah, got a warrant for your phone records.
One phone call to Jamie Burns after you left the crime scene, another one two hours later, and then again after our meeting at my precinct.
You want to explain this shit to me, Lieutenant? You've got your process and I've got mine with Jamie Burns.
You mean helping him out of a bind? I brought you evidence.
Have you forgotten that? All of it circumstantial.
I don't have a case.
I've got Jamie Burns's DNA all over the crime scene and yours and about 50 other people.
I don't have a murder weapon.
All I have is you, playing both sides.
I'm trying to get a confession out of him.
Based on? Based on the fact that I'm the only person that has a relationship with him.
Oh, really? What is that relationship exactly? Come on.
You're a single guy, right? Facing retirement.
Life must get lonely.
Lieutenant! Lieutenant Ambrose.
Please return to the conference room.
I'm not doing this! You cannot just walk out of the room.
- You're involved in this investigation.
- This is a bullshit inquiry, - and you know it.
- Hey, what's going on here? He left in the middle of an interview.
You're a suspect in this case, Lieutenant.
- Oh, come on! - I'm questioning you.
No, she's jeopardizing my investigation.
Harry, come into my office right now.
- Now.
- This is bullshit! So.
I hope you thought things over.
You want to tell me what happened? Am I under arrest? No.
Not yet.
That means you don't have anything against me, do you? Not really.
Did you track Jamie Burns's phone into the city without a warrant Wednesday night? I had to.
He was unstable, dangerous.
Turns out I was right.
You're forcing my hand here, Harry.
You're putting the whole department in legal jeopardy.
I got no choice but to put you on modified duty, - effective immediately.
- Doesn't anybody realize he's gonna kill somebody else? That doesn't change anything with us here.
Hey, he's here! Hey, Grandpa.
You're all by yourself.
- You did all right, didn't you? - Yeah.
You weren't waiting too long, were you? - No, just a few minutes.
- Good, good.
Let's get going.
I'll carry this for you.
- Thanks.
- You sit in front.
It's like he's nodding.
He wants you to keep going.
Go where? You already know.
A phone.
I keep seeing a phone.
Does that mean anything to you? You need to follow through because you're almost there.
That's what he means.
You have to look death in the face.
I don't think I can.
You don't have a choice.
You just have to do it.
Because Because what? I need to stop.
No, what do you mean? Because what? Tell me.
It's nothing.
You need to leave.
Tell me! Tell me! I can't! I'm not doing this with you.
This is fucked up! - Tell! - Get the fuck out of here! Fucking tell me! Wait.
Wait! How about let's eat by the fire, huh? Who's Karl Ambrose? Oh, that's, uh he'd be your great-grandfather.
My father.
He's not with us anymore.
What's in the box? Some of his things.
Why don't you open it? Aren't you hungry? Eli? Eli? What are you doing here? Just dropping by for a visit.
What are you guys up to? Eli, why don't you get in the house? Why? Right now.
Catch you later, Eli.
Nice to meet you, buddy.
Don't come near my family ever again.
Do you think I would actually do anything to him? You need to leave now.
Well, I don't have anywhere to go.
Leela kicked me out.
Sonya Barzel told her about our night in the city, and it pretty much screwed my marriage, so thanks for that.
I'm not responsible for your marriage.
You know, it kind of pisses me off the way you act like you care and then you just switch off.
It's really fucking manipulative.
I've told you things I haven't even told my wife.
But now this is where we are.
I can't help you.
You're no different than I am, you know.
Don't start thinking you are.
Get off my property, before I have you arrested for trespassing.
Hey, Eli, come on out here.
Harry Ambrose just showed up.
It's about time.
I'll see you later.
Bye, buddy.

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