The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) s01e13 Episode Script

Run, Steve, Run

1 We've got a development contract with the Air Force.
Something's cooking with the Navy.
And Steve, we've got room for you, too.
Look, you can have an office as big as mine, the long lunches, everything.
It'd be a ball working with you Art, but With your image, ex-astronaut Art, look.
I can't see myself sitting behind a desk, wearing a tie and all that.
DOLENZ: From the way he moves, you'd never guess he was bionic, would you? ROSSI: He looks normal to me.
Normal, hmm? Mr.
Rossi, those bionic limbs of his are worth millions.
He's the reason my first robot's in the junkyard.
We're paying you to build a team of robots who can rob Fort Knox.
Now just what does the man out there have to do with that? I'm not going to build another robot only to have him destroyed by that man out there! My next robot is going to be stronger and better than Steven Austin.
When I find the secret of his strength, his bionic construction Mr.
Rossi, I'm going to build you bionic robots that nothing in the world will ever be able to stop.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Steve You sure I can't talk you into coming to work with us? I'm sure, Art, but thanks for asking, you hear? I'll see you later.
That's perfect, Mr.
(DEVICE BEEPING) (BRAKES SQUEALING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) The weight of the elevator and his weight times the distance of the fall incredible.
To stop that elevator he exerted a force in his bionic arm equal to that needed to raise 2,420 pounds six feet from the ground.
Why don't we just kill him? Take him apart and see how he works.
Because that isn't the way science works, Mr.
First we must have research observation to determine his capabilities then we take him apart.
FLIGHT COM: It looks good at NASA One.
B-52 PILOT: Roger.
BCS Arm switch is on.
FLIGHT COM: Okay, Victor.
B-52 PILOT: Landing Rocket Arm switch is on.
Here comes the throttle.
Circuit breakers in.
STEVE: We have separation.
B-52 PILOT: Inboard and outboards are on.
I'm comin' forward with the side stick.
FLIGHT COM: Looks good.
PILOT:Ah, Roger.
STEVE: I've got a blowout in damper three.
SR-71 PILOT: Get your pitch to zero.
STEVE: Pitch is out.
I can't hold altitude! B-52 PILOT: Correction.
Alpha Hold is off.
Threat selector is emergency.
STEVE: Flight Com, I can't hold it! She's breaking up! She's breaking-- ANNOUNCER: Steve Austin.
A man barely alive.
We can rebuild him.
We have the technology.
We can make him better than he was.
Better, stronger, faster.
(MAIN TITLE THEME) It was no accident, Oscar.
So, who's trying to kill you? Someone who knows I'm bionic.
Well, who knows that you are bionic, Steve? I don't know, but I checked that elevator and it was rigged to fall.
So, what are you saying? Art Ramirez has something to do with this? Art? Well, he asked you to meet him at the building.
He had every opportunity to rig the elevator.
No way.
Well, I agree with you completely.
Steve, find me some people, find me some clues.
Listen, I've got some paperwork to read here because I'm supposed to go into a meeting any minute and if I don't read it, I'm gonna be in a lot of trouble.
Huh? Please? Okay, go ahead.
BACON (VO): Frank, hand me the Geiger counter off that bench.
They really pulled it off.
Get the ropes, Frank.
Forget the ropes, they'd never hold him.
Would they? A gun, a shotgun That's the only way to guard this man.
Well, do we have a shotgun? I'm Dr.
I think we have a mutual acquaintance, Oscar Goldman.
Is he in Norris, by any chance? Well, he should be by now.
A shame I won't be able to congratulate him.
He built his cyborg, after all.
How he had to fight the red tape.
Imagine, this man has two bionic Legs, one bionic arm and a bionic eye all atomic powered.
The eye, I suppose is infrared with a ten twelve-to-one zoom? Twenty.
Twenty! They really went all out.
How fast can you run? Thirty-five? Forty? I've hit sixty.
Sixty! How much did you cost? Six million.
Six-- Goldman must be very proud.
What about Dr.
Bacon? Now he knew I was bionic.
He was in that van that exploded when you threw that pole at it, remember? Yeah, but do we know for sure he was in that van? Steve Well, do we? Definitely.
All right? Steve, don't be so hard on yourself.
Your mind is overtired.
You're overworked, you're uptight.
I think you're just imagining that people are, well, following you watching you.
You need a rest, vacation, holiday.
Why don't you just get out of here? Go somewhere.
Where are you going? I don't know.
I'll let you know when I get there.
Steve Look, you just told me I was uptight and overworked and needed a vacation.
How do I know where I'm going? (OMINOUS MUSIC) (EERIE MUSIC) ALFREDO (VO) : Well, Mr.
Austin, you're probably just as curious as I am.
STEVE (VO) : Yeah? About what? ALFREDO (VO): About how strong you really are.
Where would you say the scales would tip? Are you stronger than two men? Three? ALFREDO: Four? Well, I hate to brag.
Of course, of course, of course.
One thing don't hold back.
If this is to be a contest, a fair contest don't hold back on us.
Well, don't worry.
I won't.
Thank you, I appreciate that.
Well, we'd better get out of here.
I'll try not to let you down, Coach.
Pierre! You're first.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) (ROARS) (BIONIC SOUND EFFECT) (BIONIC SOUND EFFECT) (BIONIC SOUND EFFECT) His bionic arm! Yamo, you broke it! (CHIMES) FLIGHT ATTENDANT: We are about to land in Salt Lake City.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
Oscar:Alfredo Tucelli and his brother are in jail, Steve.
Are you sure, Oscar? I sure am.
I got a report on him last week.
It's got to be someone who knows I'm bionic.
But it’s not Alfredo Tucelli.
Where are you? I thought I'd spend a couple of weeks with Tom Molson.
Tom Molson.
I don't-- Who is he? Well, he's got a ranch in Utah, just outside Salt Lake City.
Sounds good, have a wonderful time and don't worry, nobody's out to get you.
I'll see you later, Oscar.
It's all yours.
I don't want it, I want you.
I beg your pardon.
I mean I've been waiting for you to take you to Tom's.
My name is Suzie Lund.
Pleased to meet you.
My pleasure.
In case you’re wondering I work at the ranch because I'm a super rider.
And 'cause my uncle is Tom's partner.
I see.
Come on.
You don't mind me calling you Steve, do you? No.
The guys won’t admit it, but I'm one of the best riders on the ranch.
In fact, I'm already entering a rodeo coming up in Canab next month.
Oh, great.
But of course, they don't want me to compete against anybody but girls.
I'll teach you how to handle a horse.
Hey, that'd be nice.
Thank you, Suzie.
(CAR HORN HONKS) Steve! Tom.
Oh, boy! Good to see you.
How you doin'? Oh, fine.
You look fit enough for both of us.
Hot doggy! Hey, come on over.
Come on and sit down.
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have you to pay me this visit.
Well, it's good to be here, thanks for letting me come.
My pleasure.
Boy, you've really moved up in class compared to the last spread you had.
How about that? I got me a good silent partner.
That's what.
Anyways, it's a lot more fun raising horses than it is chasing cows.
You know, when I heard your voice on the phone, I darn near cried.
Can you imagine? It's been that many years.
Say, how's your mom? Oh, she's fine.
Just like always.
You know, growing flowers and teaching Sunday school.
Well, when I heard about that accident of yours I wondered if you'd ever come through it alive.
Oh, some bailing wire and a little glue they finally got me back together.
(DOOR OPENS) First lesson, 7:00 tomorrow morning in the far corral.
And don't let him drink anything.
It’s what swells up his foot.
He says it's tight boots.
I'll put a boot to you if you don't git.
She says her uncle is your partner.
Yeah, she's a great little gal.
She's not afraid of anything with four Legs but she is kind of holding back from becoming a young woman.
How about you, Steve? Whatever you been up to since you raised all that dust on the moon? Oh, nothing much.
(DINNER BELL CLANGS) You're still a country boy, you got here just in time for supper.
Come on! Hey, what lesson is she talking about? How to handle a horse.
I gotta see that.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) (HORSE WHINNIES) Kind of a mean-looking fella there.
His name is Doomsday.
I've decided to ride him once or twice before breakfast.
What if Doomsday decides to have you for breakfast? I told you I'm entered in the rodeo.
Gotta practice, don't I? You sure you can handle him? I got the feeling you're gonna do it anyway, no matter what I say.
Pretty good judge of character, Steve.
You all set? Okay.
Whoo! Come on! Yeow! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! DOLENZ: Do something, Mr.
Jump over the fence.
Hey, you all right? I must have got the wind knocked out of me.
You just rest for a moment.
I don't know what could've happened.
Maybe your saddle slipped.
That must have been it.
You know you're beginning to strain my patience, Dolenz.
We need more data about his Legs before we capture him.
Um Surely you understand that, Mr.
What I understand is that we’re wasting precious time.
I don't intend to waste much more.
No, you don't understand, Mr.
Rossi but have faith, please? I'll soon have the information I need about our bionic friend.
The man who invented the robot His name is Dolenz, but Steve The robot transmitted everything back to Dolenz' lab.
Now Dolenz knows that I'm bionic.
Steve, are you still doing this? Well, was Dolenz ever captured? And what about the man who was financing him? They both would've known.
Steve Oscar, just check on it, will you? All right.
Now if I find out that they're all behind bars, will you forget the whole thing? STEVE: That's a deal.
Time for your first riding lesson.
Well, I'd better level with you.
I know how to ride.
Actually, I'm pretty good.
Well, as long as you're being honest with me, I'm gonna be honest with you.
I can beat you in a race any day.
And what if I beat you? I go off in the corner and pout for a few days.
And you'll stay off that bronc for a while? Okay, you're on, partner.
First one to the big oak wins! (COUNTRY MUSIC) (OMINOUS MUSIC) (COUNTRY MUSIC) You sure? I'm positive.
You didn't hold back, just a little bit? No, I was trying to beat you.
Look, I can understand if you just let me win to make me feel good.
Hey, now look, I was trying my best.
You beat me.
You won, you hear? It's so stupid.
I wanted so badly to beat you.
I try my best when you go and convince me that I won and I feel sad.
That's pretty stupid, isn't it? You know, it's pretty difficult when you have to compete with men all the time.
You know what I mean? Why do you have to? Especially since you're a lovely young woman? Well, as long as we’re out this far why don’t we see if there are any strays around.
Whatever you say, partner.
Oh, come on.
Come here.
You're out here all by yourself? Why don't you hang onto this one, huh? I'll get the other one.
Here you go.
What's up? There we go.
Hey, it'd be a lot safer if you rode your own horse back, you know? This is Willie, he knows me.
Whoa, Willie! Whoa! Steve! Willie, stop! Whoa! Ho! SUZIE: Steve! Steve, help! (DYNAMIC MUSIC) (SUZIE GASPS) Ho! Ho! Ho! I couldn't stop him, Steve, I couldn't stop him.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's over now, huh? It's over now, you hear? Where's your horse? You sure you're all right? Yeah.
Where's your horse? There's no horse.
We better get those strays, huh? Come on.
He had to reach a speed of 61.
4 miles an hour to catch that horse.
Can you imagine that?! Now wait a minute.
You drag me all the way out here to Utah for what? To observe Steve Austin? I've had enough.
Do you understand? I've had enough.
Well, that completes the test, Mr.
By this time tomorrow, we will have Steve Austin.
(CLEARS THROAT) Well, if you fail tomorrow we kill Austin.
That'll leave your mind free to get to work on our robots, hmm? Found these two out past the wash.
Goodness, it looks like you run them from Provo and back.
Strays gave us a heck of a chase, Tom.
I'll take care of them.
Hey, Steve? You want to see how this old boy busts a bronc? You bet.
The way you are with flying, that's how I am in the saddle.
Course it helps if they're fresh off the range.
TOM: Bring him up just a little here.
Two All right, sonny boy, you can buck your heart out but don't hurt the hand that feeds ya'.
Turn him loose! (MEN HOOTING AND HOLLERING) (GASPING) (LAUGHS) Well Looks to me like he's a little too fresh off the range.
Tom, mind if I try one? You've gotta be crazy? You may be a good rider, but taming a bronc's a different thing, Steve.
Looks like fun.
I always wanted to try it.
There is no fun in broken bones.
Come on, Tom, let him try.
RANCH HAND: Come on, Tom.
Let him ride here.
Go ahead, Tom.
Come on.
Well, I did tell you you could do anything you want to while you're here.
Put him in the chute! RANCH HAND: Hey, Tom, I don't reckon you should let him get on that horse.
Hey, Willie! Get over here! Come on, you gotta see this! Come on, get over here! Hey, Montana, get Billy out the bunkhouse! I know he gonna want to see this! Well, you got any good advice? Sure, squeeze him with your Legs as hard as you can.
Well, that's kind of what I had in mind.
Let her go! STEVE: Now, boy.
(MEN HOOTING AND HOLLERING) RANCH HAND: Will you look at him! Stay with him, Steve! (MEN CHEERING) SUZIE: Hang on, come on, ride her, hang on, Steve! How'd you stay on him? Suzie's been giving me some pointers.
Steve Hey, Steve! There's a man on the phone from Washington.
He wants to talk to you.
You were right about Dolenz, Steve.
And I have proof that he was in Washington the same day that elevator fell.
And that he was on the same plane you were that you took to Salt Lake City.
And I'm sorry that I didn't give more serious consideration to your feelings.
That's okay, Oscar.
Well, I suppose he's going after you.
You better get out of there.
Well, if he was able to track me here, there's nowhere I can hide.
Do you suppose that he's got another robot that he's going to throw at you? I don't know, but there's only one way to find out.
I've got to give Dolenz a chance to grab me.
Yeah, be careful.
Right, Oscar.
Get me the Utah State Highway Patrol and the Sheriff of Salt Lake City County.
Tom Trouble? Well, sort of.
I'm gonna have to take off for a couple of days.
I'll need a horse and some provisions.
You got 'em.
Hey, thanks, Tom.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Now just what are you doing here? I just wanted to ride with you.
You know, it's the first time I've seen you with your hair down.
Well, I couldn't find my cowboy hat anywhere so I just figured I'd let it down.
That's very pretty.
Thank you.
Now you turn yourself around and head back to the ranch, you hear me? Steve No.
SUZIE: Okay.
He's coming.
Come on, then.
Get off your horse.
You heard him, Mister.
Get off! Those tranquillizing darts are very effective.
First batch is ready, Mr.
Dolenz! Go ahead.
Shut it off.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Tom! Tom! Some men shot Steve and took him to the Sorenson place.
Smitty, call the Sheriff.
Ross, let's get the horses saddled.
(HUMMING) Well, I think it's safe for us to begin our work.
Austin? Dr.
Dolenz, I presume.
Jeffrey Dolenz, inventor of the robot.
I'm sorry about the concrete around your Legs and the chains around your arms but they're necessary precautions.
I understand.
You know, I've been a great admirer of yours, ever since you destroyed my robot.
Let's get on with it.
Rossi, we have him.
He can't escape.
It's necessary to learn from one's opponents.
I've looked forward to this meeting and the chance for talk with you for quite some time.
My curiosity has been considerable, to say the least.
Tell me when did you first suspect he was a robot? Well, he squeaked when he walked.
He did not squeak when he walked.
He was perfect in every way, in almost every way.
Yeah, I thought you did a good job on him.
Sometimes he was a little slow to respond.
The verbal memory components, they've been taken care of.
Then there was the fact that your robot couldn't eat or drink.
Now that was a dead give-away.
That was an oversight, Mr.
Rossi, that has since been corrected.
My next robot will be absolutely perfect.
When you learn how my bionics work.
Well, that's not a bad idea.
A bionic robot.
It's a brilliant idea, actually.
Get on with it, Dolenz.
(DOGS BARKING) Platt, take a look outside.
Go check.
(DEVICE BEEPING) Outstanding muscle flexors Move your arm several times, please.
You've been following me for several weeks, haven't you? Yes, but be quiet, please, for a moment? Now make a fist.
Have you ever broken a man's hand accidently, you know, when shaking hands? No, but I've crushed a few water glasses.
You made the elevator fall and stampeded those horses, didn't you? Yes.
You know, that's quite a relief.
A while there I thought I was having a streak of bad luck.
Cut him open and let's get it over with.
Rossi is quite right.
Now, this won’t hurt a bit.
If I were you, I wouldn't cut the atomic power units the radiation would kill us all.
I never thought of that.
He's bluffing.
No, wait a minute.
If the shield in that arm-- Rossi, there are several riders headed this way.
So take care of them.
Go ahead.
(GUNS FIRING) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) (METAL CREAKING) Come on! Let's get out of here! Let's go! (TIRES SQUEALING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Are you all right, Steve? Yeah.
STEVE: Head 'em off at the highway.
I'll try and slow 'em down.
TOM: You'll never catch up with them, Steve.
Let me borrow your horse, Bart.
This way! Over the ridge! (DRAMATIC MUSIC) I'd drop that rifle if I was you! Mighty neighborly of you to give me a hand, Tom.
That's the way the West was tamed.
TOM: There.
STEVE: Thanks, Tom.
Listen, Steve I got me a little, old cabin way back in the mountains with wonderful fishing.
Now let's you and me ride back there and see if we can find some peace and quiet.
I can use it after today.
You're on.
Good, I'm gonna get our stuff.
Well, we checked the entire area, but somehow Dolenz got away.
I could talk to Ross and the others, but I don't hold out much hope for that.
We'd better get back to Washington.
Not this cowboy.
Huh? With Dolenz in the area? Listen, it'll take Dolenz a long time to find someone with enough money to back him.
Steve No, no.
Remember, I'm the one that's uptight and overworked.
I need a rest.
Steve No! (COWS MOOING) I was gonna ask you a whole lot of questions about how you could run faster than my horse.
But I don't think you’d better tell me.
You know, Suzie, you're a very wise young woman.
I liked it better when I was a lovely young woman.
Well, I meant that, too.