The Sleepers (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Two days ago you were struck by a black car.
Since that time, your husband has been missing.
PREVIOUSLY Dr Skala? Emigrant.
I have to find my husband.
By now your case is probably with StB, not the police, so We have British citizenship.
So Skala's an agent.
You got him into something, didn't you? What are you talking about? The female kidnapper may be around 40 years of age.
She is about 170 cm tall and has dark hair.
She was wearing a brown fur coat and high boots.
She carried a dark-coloured handbag and wore heavy blue eye shadow.
This description is only approximate.
Any leads in this case should be shared with the Federal Criminal Police.
Thank you for your attention, I am counting on your cooperation.
Of course.
Will do.
Could I speak with Lt Cerny? Moment.
Excuse me? This is the last one I have.
I hope you can put it on TV now.
- And in the newspapers.
- I'll pass it on to my colleagues.
You said that last time.
And no one has bothered to get in touch.
They have apparently found that they have all the information they need from you and will require nothing further for now.
You can't be serious.
I'm sorry, but there is also the question of how reliable your testimony is.
- What? - Well The paramedics found you in front of the Sokol public house, but you continue to claim it was somewhere else.
Which is understandable in light of the injury you sustained and no one is holding it against you.
In any case, it's a matter for the StB now so as far as I'm concerned There's simply nothing I can do for you right now.
We're still closed.
Marie? Is that you? It can't be What are you doing here? Me? I work here.
Hi! Will you have a coffee? You will.
It wouldn't occur to me in my wildest dreams.
- I thought you were on the outside.
- Were you here last Saturday? Probably.
No, definitely.
Why? And did you see me here anywhere? Do you think I'd ignore you if I saw you here? Is something wrong? Was there an ambulance here? Not that I know of.
What's going on? Talk to me, how are you doing? Are you still married? Yeah, I am.
Finally! Just look at that! Pork loin! - Throw it in the fridge.
- OK.
- You two get acquainted.
- I'm Lada.
- Marie.
- Pleasure.
Shit, man, that's her they were looking for.
- No way.
- It's her! - Are you certain? - Yep! The old StB bloke showed me her photo.
That's no fucking joke though, I have to tell her.
- Whose is it then? Your department has been nothing but trouble for me lately.
The trouble is elsewhere.
Comrade deputy, excuse me.
- Honour to labour.
- Honour to labour.
Major Berg, Dept.
I'm very sorry, comrade deputy, to speak to you like this without the knowledge of my superior but it's about Colonel Vlach.
If you'd give us a chance, I'm certain we could get somewhere with that case.
What case? This.
Subject Academic.
I have no idea what you are talking about, comrade major.
I've never heard of it.
I had an accident.
I need to find out who brought me to hospital.
- I don't know who was on duty.
- Who could tell me? Do you know how busy we are around here? Have you got your ID? Goodbye.
- Hello? - Kalvach here.
I know I'm not supposed to call, but We have to meet.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You know what? Let me see that again, sorry.
- Thanks, see you.
- Honour to labour.
Could I make a call? - Go ahead.
- Thanks.
- Miluska, hang on a sec, please.
- Switchboard.
Berg, Dept.
I need a contact for a colleague.
- Name? - Lieutenant Patera.
He probably has a higher rank nowadays.
- Just a moment, I'll check.
- I'll wait, thanks.
- Hello? - Yes, I'm here.
- Did you say Patera? - Lieutenant Patera, yes.
Patera from Dept.
He left 11 years ago.
Current employer, VPM Regional.
Alright, thank you.
I didn't know that.
Can I? You always can.
See you.
At least you didn't come looking for me at the embassy this time.
That could have attracted the unwanted attention of a lady whose good graces I enjoy even less than you.
You mean the one who took my passport? - Yes.
The lady with the passport.
- The lady with the passport I want to know when I'm going to be the lady with the passport.
Without my papers no one will talk to me, I can't find anything out.
I'm working on it, alright? There must be some foreign journalists in Prague, right? Especially nowadays.
Correspondents, BBC perhaps.
- Maybe they'd be interested.
- That wouldn't help anyone.
- Least of all Viktor.
- Why? You still haven't explained Because I can't, don't you see? It would put you in jeopardy.
Have you decided? No, we haven't.
Or actually? Do you have any cognac? Cognac then.
- Have you called his acquaintances? - No one knows anything.
- Have you called all of them? - What do you mean? Did you try a certain Alexandra Slikova? Why should I call her? - How do you know her? - I don't.
- But I know she was in contact with him.
- "In contact?" OK He used to go out with her, ages ago.
Before he was with me.
- No, I mean recently.
- So, here you are.
- They were recently in contact.
- I'd doubt that.
I shouldn't be doing this but, given the circumstances Don't ask me how I got it.
You wouldn't like the answer.
Just copy the address, alright? Nobody's here.
I can just blow your head off.
Show me your papers.
- I'm - I know who you are.
I need to ask you something.
It's about Viktor.
I wanted to ask you something once, too.
And that was also about Viktor.
But it doesn't matter anymore.
- Have you seen him lately? - No.
I didn't even know that he That you were back.
We haven't been in contact for 12 years.
But you wrote him recently.
I'm sorry, but I saw the letter.
Your address was on it.
You wrote him and urged him to come back.
To see you.
Look, the last time I wrote him was twelve years ago.
And you can probably guess why.
That was when I found out about you.
From other people, of course.
Viktor is only courageous where politics are concerned.
But I'm sure you've seen that for yourself by now.
I would never have written him again, ever.
And he knows me well enough to know that.
Too bad I didn't know him that well.
A few days ago, we were both hit by a car.
I was in hospital.
Viktor disappeared.
No one's doing anything about it, no one cares.
Not the police, not the embassy.
What did you mean about Viktor being courageous only where politics are concerned? Well, imagine? You're together for years, about to get married, you've got your wedding dress, you're talking children You didn't know? He told me you were only together briefly and that he ended it before we met.
Pity he didn't tell me.
Just like lots of other things.
Have you considered that he might have disappeared on purpose? Get in.
- What are you doing here? - How long has he been following you? I don't know.
I didn't notice him.
Of course you didn't.
Now do you believe me that your safety is at stake? There could always be someone behind you.
Especially in your situation.
You have to remember that.
And act accordingly.
Did you talk to the lady? What did she say? It's important.
Why? - Did she write the letter? - You sent me there on purpose.
Why? - I need to know.
For your sake.
- For my sake? I'm sure.
Go there yourself if you're so interested.
Or have them return my passport.
Then we can talk.
Wait? Yes? Hello? Who is this? Hello! I'm a grandmother! 52 cm, 3.
6 kilos.
A plump little thing! We're calling her Liduska, after our mum.
Her eyes remind me of hers, you know? Are you there? Yeah.
When Skala legged it for the West, they had to quickly put the blame on somebody.
So they put it on me, and that was that.
They sacked me, they took my rank, nearly jailed me.
That's tough luck.
Tough luck my arse.
How do you mean? You think I'm going to just spit it all out for you? For nothing? I should have joined the frontier guard.
I could have worked with dogs, done some shooting.
Skala wouldn't have got past me on the border.
Not me.
What do you want then? - I want to see the file.
- You have to know it by heart already.
Not the one kept on Skala.
The one they keep on me.
I want to know where I stand.
You're mad, do you know what you're asking me to do? I know full well, my boy.
But in return you'll get something that will broaden your horizons.
Believe you me.
I'm afraid that's out of the question.
Then you're out of luck.
And in all likelihood, so am I.
- Hi! - Hi.
Miluska, what are you doing here? Have you gone mad? You come to my place and I can't come to yours? You don't live in a building full of ministry staff.
Please You'll have dinner though, won't you? Yeah, I'll have dinner.
- It's a mess in here! - Really? The fish will have dinner.
You could also change their water sometimes.
Vlach would kill you.
He said these can bear almost anything.
So they're females.
"I am returning your letters, as you wished.
" "Forgive me, if you can.
" So what's wrong? I told you I don't want to talk about it.
I don't want to bring work to bed.
So far it's more like we bring the bed to work.
It's burning.
- Wait, I'm stirring.
- Then stir.
Where's my Got it.
- Lloyd.
- Come to my office.
Where are the passports? I don't know what you're talking about.
What passports, whose passports? You know what? I was against them sending you here from the start.
Prague is our territory, not yours.
But I understand, your department has this 'amazing' StB mole, you want to handle him yourselves.
I get it.
Of course we have to handle him ourselves, we want him safe.
- Your department is compromised.
- This, again? Look after your mole and stay out of everything else.
Is that clear? The communists will be gone in a matter of months.
And you lot will be surplus to requirements.
So please, don't screw up these last days by trying to throw your weight around.
You lot? Your department.
The dinosaurs.
I see.
This particular dinosaur might not know the details of your operation, but I do know this, there's something off about Skála.
And I'm not just talking about his disappearance.
For God's sake, he was vetted by your department.
You tapped his calls, you read his mail, had him followed.
You threw everything at him, as I recall, and found nothing.
You know why? There's nothing to find.
Our vetting process was compromised because you won't tell us how you're planning to use him here.
That's not about to change.
The same way I don't expect you to tell me who your StB mole is.
Perhaps you'll listen if I ask you nicely.
Stay out of it.
Or you'll be very sorry indeed.
Are we done? And leave Skálová alone.
The poor cow is starting to think you really are her friend.
All the best, Vaclav.
The best is behind me already.
Come on.
Come inside.
I was supposed to go there once, to Cuba, to be stationed.
But they gave it to someone else in the end.
I've got one more surprise for you.
The Skala thing was stuck in my head and I did some digging - Imagine - I told you to leave it alone.
Which part of that did you not understand? - Something about it stinks.
- Exactly! I'm used to thinking a bit differently from my time as a detective.
And orders? Did you not have them on the crime squad? Alright.
- And who's on it instead of us? - How the hell should I know? Whoever it is, you don't want to fuck with them, so stop poking around in it before you lose a finger.
Look, I know it's tough.
You've got other priorities right now.
But you must sense there's something wrong with all this.
I know you.
I'm putting you on compensatory leave.
You've got some overtime? - I don't need time off.
- Then I'm taking you off duty! You'll get it in writing.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
- I can also hand in my notice.
- You can.
Hi, Vlasta.
What a sight I am, right, Honza? And you? Some host you are.
Birthday boy! Hang on, I'll help you.
Vlasta, it's OK, we'll finish it.
You go lie down.
- Let's go.
- Sure you will.
Here we go Nice and easy Here we go.
Run upstairs for her blanket, please, I'll make the couch up.
- The couch? - Yeah, come on.
Like some old man by the TV.
- Go! - I'm going.
Don't go anywhere.
Maybe next time we can just meet in a dark corner somewhere, huh? I quite like this place, actually.
Two beers, boss.
Whenever you put that face on you want something.
What do you want? I need to borrow a file.
And how do you want to do that? You can't even enter the building off duty to say nothing of the archive.
Well I can't.
I'm a secretary.
The archive won't give me anything without the old man's signature.
Forget it.
And you said you don't want to bring work to bed.
We're in the pub.
You can forget about it.
I'm not that much of a ninny.
PERMI RECORDS REQUES This is a joke, right? If Markvart wants a new cabinet he can go to acquisitions, I'm not dealing with that shit.
Ordering a filing cabinet now of all times? Good thing I've got you here.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
Have you got it? Just get it back to me quick, ideally tomorrow.
- Otherwise I won't sleep a wink.
- You won't sleep a wink anyway.
The old man in the archive is a barrel of fucking laughs.
I guess that's why he ended up in the archive.
You didn't tell me that Patera was counterintel too.
But he was in Dept.
10 and not ours.
What do you mean "counterintel too"? We're different than those jackasses in No.
In my experience, all guys are more or less the same.
I don't know what your experience is.
Just make sure it's back asap.
I don't want to get in trouble.
Sure thing.
The weird thing is I don't feel like a ninny at all.
I feel like a scumbag.
Because of the signature? Please! Who among us is not a scumbag? Jesus, what are you doing in here? When that car hit you, did Viktor have his passport on him? Yeah.
Why? - Where was it? - Same place as yours.
In my colleague's safe.
So she must know what happened to him.
Our own madame Susanne Clayton, from the embassy.
Deputy cultural attaché.
So called.
Pack only what you need most.
Come on, we've got to go.
Here's your ticket.
To Frankfurt, OK? There you'll have a transfer.
- Alexandra is dead.
- What? What happened to her? They made it look like a suicide, but someone killed her.
In any case, you have to disappear immediately.
Or the same thing could happen to you.
Our own madame Susanne Clayton, from the embassy.
Deputy cultural attaché.
Let them through.
You're not even going to look inside? Either read it or give it back.
Like the lines on a palm.
My whole, fucked up life.
Yeah, a little scrapbook.
And now something for you.
What are you doing?! - You're out of your fucking head! - You're going to see a lot of that soon.
Everyone will want to start over again.
A new life.
I don't know why I shouldn't be able.
You son of a bitch.
Well? Here you go.
This is it? The same photo is already in his file.
Take a closer look.
I found it years later in a shut-down archive where stuff from that children's home ended up.
It was no good to me back then, he would have crushed me like a bug if I had tried anything.
And I suggest you not try either.
He's your boss, after all.