The Sleepers (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

We need to find out where Skalova's got to.
- Where is she? - She found a permit in his things? - To the military base in Ralsko.
- What? PREVIOUSLY Won't you finally tell me what's going on? Maybe I could help you.
You killed my husband and you want to buy me off? Where is the photo? Where did you hide it? If you breathe a word about this And what about Honza? We didn't move your wife anywhere.
I'm terribly sorry.
The test showed that hair samples from the boot of the car correspond with those we took from agent Skála when he was recruited.
And the embassy assigned that car to Gerald.
What an idiot you are, man! Where'd you get that? - He just stood there? - Jesus? - What a fucking laugh! - No idea what to do? Fuck! - What was that? - Shit - What was that? - Go.
Go, before someone sees us.
Drive! Fucking pull inside! - Give it here.
- Hang on? Give it here! I was a fool to even let you behind the wheel.
Marie? Marie? Can you hear me? Oh my God? Marie, can you hear me? Can you hear me? It's me.
Marie? Give me that.
- Hello? - It's me.
You coming in? Jesus, I hope she's alright.
You have to get us both out as soon as possible.
I didn't expect the StB to push back like this.
Getting locked up is one thing.
I've been half expecting that.
But if they're actually prepared to kill me I think it's over.
No, you can't be more wrong.
This is a fantastic opportunity for us! You're here to provoke them.
To incite them to action.
We were prepared for that to take weeks.
But an assassination attempt? In this climate? Think of the headlines.
You'll be "The man the StB tried to murder.
" With that kind of profile, there's no stopping you once the regime changes.
You'll get any position you ask for.
I need you to stay here for a few days, while I prepare the ground.
Don't go out, keep away from the windows.
Stay calm and, above all, stay put.
And my wife? I'll find out what happened to her.
We'll take care of her, trust me.
Try to relax.
You're safe here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- The cheese does stink, but - Yes, yes, I know? - Goodbye.
- Bye.
So, when you're finished, we'll get back to business.
I've told you everything already.
Multiple times.
Sit up.
Come on.
Swallow this.
Stick your tongue out.
Raise it.
Good girl.
If you keep being good, we'll let you go to the garden soon.
That will do you good.
Well? She's completely out of it.
You can rest assured.
- You've got some hot babes here.
- You're such a jerk.
The StB went after you more aggressively than anyone at that time.
Maybe they were trying something out on me, a new tactic against dissidents, what do I know? Or maybe there was just some obsessed jackass behind it.
That happens.
Sometimes one maniac makes all the difference.
One maniac named Patera? That was his name.
By the way, he's gone missing, the police are looking for him.
What a coincidence - I don't know him.
- Really? You pressed charges against him in '77.
For assault.
Or didn't you? - Oh, him.
- Yeah, him.
- You're getting them all mixed up now? - No.
No, I just didn't realise? I just thought it was someone else.
Then they even shot at you on the border.
That's an interesting chapter, too.
It came in pretty handy when you requested asylum.
There were interviews with you on TV, your voice full of emotion and drama as you described how they nearly killed you.
And a couple of days ago, you told me with great feeling and drama that the StB was coming for me and you had to get me over the border in the boot of your car straight away.
"To safety," you said.
This is a record of the measures the StB took against you.
Unfortunately, in multiple cases their description of events differs from your own.
And do you remember exactly what you were doing 12 years ago? Not even the immigration officers hounded me like this.
That's exactly the problem.
You believe some fucking StB officer more than you do me? I don't believe anything that's written in here.
I think the whole thing is a sham.
What they describe in here never happened.
I didn't see you in there.
I've been trying to contact you for days.
Your son's religious? - Yeah.
- I've got nothing against faith.
People need to believe in something.
People should believe.
And when one belief stops working, they just replace it with another.
- Like what's happening right now.
- There's fuck all happening right now.
Why do you delude yourself? It's all over.
We don't even know where Skala is.
And when he turns up one fine day then we're both fucked.
- If he ever turns up.
- He will.
And when he does, we're going to put the squeeze on the bastard.
Soon you'll see it is not all over.
Far from it.
It is for me.
All I'm interested in is where Honza is.
And I'd like you to tell me the truth and not make a fool of me.
Stop it.
You know where he is, Vaclav.
He hasn't turned up for so long that I knew it! Pull yourself together.
Another shot? Have you seen Honza? Berg.
40-year-old, dark hair, pleasant looking - Wears a black leather jacket.
- Yeah He hasn't been here.
PRAGUE, NOVEMBER 17, 1989 Freedom! Let us march! Freedom! Let us march! What's the meaning of this, comrades? What are you doing in here? This too.
And thus, a peaceful assembly to mark International Students' Day turned into a bloody massacre.
Radio Free Europe continues to receive calls from those who witnessed the brutal crackdown by communist riot police.
Police in riot gear were waiting for us at Narodni Ave.
and blocked our way.
And we did nothing.
We sang, lit candles But then from the other side came two armoured cars with bulldozer blades and started pushing the crowd together.
There were other officers with batons beating the people who ran away.
A lot of blood flowed.
I've never seen anything like it and hope I never will again.
Last night state controled Czech television showed pictures of the rally live after journalists and technicians insisted that the Czech people must see what's going on or they threatened to strike.
Today there are unconfirmed reports that the military police have occupied the Czech television building.
On behalf of the Civic Forum, I can inform you that what we have all been calling for is now underway: Dialogue between the establishment and the public has begun.
Resign! Prague Castle on Sunday, December 10.
Just after lunch, the new members of the federal government have arrived to give their oaths of office to the president.
And as the Czechoslovak Press Agency reported this afternoon, President Gustav Husak has notified the Federal Assembly that he is resigning as President of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
This is the end.
It's what you wanted, isn't it? Socialism was "clipping your wings".
You've always said, "When it finally comes, then?" The Civic Forum will definitely want me to resign.
- How do I stop it? - You can't.
Not now.
Should I join it too? What are you laughing at? That forum is going to be running everything soon.
I don't think they'll have you, mate.
You're already in, aren't you? But it doesn't matter who runs the place, right? As long as everything keeps running as it should.
- But what about that crazy woman? - That's also going as it should.
What should the new government focus on, in your opinion? I'm not a member of the government, so But you are tipped to be deputy minister with supervision over the StB.
I can tell you what the Civic Forum is demanding.
The legal and human rights violations have to end, definitively.
The first task is therefore to adapt the interior ministry to these new terms.
And to turn the branches of the ministry into state agencies in line with democratic principles.
We have to take make bold, fundamental and speedy steps in this regard.
The StB has always been and still remains a source of fear.
And we don't want to live in fear anymore.
Just like we don't want to live in lies.
Revolution is full steamed ahead and this idiot is in the limelight instead of Viktor.
Who is he, anyway? We know nothing about him.
The new chaps will be eating out of our hands.
For now, maybe.
But what happens in two or three years time? When they hit a problem, as they will, and the public mood changes? By then they'll have rediscovered the joys of capitalism.
"Historical inevitability" Wasn't that Marx's prediction for communism? Ironic, really.
He got the concept right but the outcome absolutely wrong.
What if the "new chaps" you're so keen on turn out to be Russian pawns? The Soviets will have people embedded at every level of society.
We should too.
You've changed a great deal, Susanne.
It's the work, of course.
If we don't find Viktor soon we may as well give up.
We're looking.
Eventually there will be a lead.
Let me look for him! Gerald's department still insists they know nothing? If he's acting on his own, they wouldn't, would they? Do you trust them? It's my job not to trust anyone.
Including me, I suppose.
I am telling you, with his background, Viktor is potentially the best agent of influence we have in Czechoslovakia.
But we don't have him, do we? I need you to do something for me before you go back to Prague.
I need addresses of Gerald's relatives and close friends.
The same for that Russian of his.
You think Gerald's grandmother is hiding them in her cellar? Just do what I'm telling you.
OK? I'll take care of everything else myself.
So you were spying on me the whole time.
You destroyed the original right after reading it.
Why? Why? Because I'd read it.
See, that's just right.
Nice and by the book, right? Of course.
The happy marriage book.
Viktor, we both know it wasn't any Alexandra who wrote that letter.
Then you know more than I do.
I went to see her.
Stop bothering decent people with your own paranoia.
- And I found her dead.
- What? Aren't you even going to ask how she died? You can probably guess, though.
Your colleagues from the StB murdered her.
They hanged her in the crapper like some I have nothing to do with it.
I'd almost buy that remorse of yours.
- How is Marie? - Look! You've finally asked about her.
Until now you couldn't have cared less.
You're falling out of character, boyo.
No one knows you're here.
As far as I'm concerned, you can spend the rest of your life in here.
Rot away as long as you like.
Please, no Please, please, no! Hold her legs.
You've really disappointed me.
Would you make me one too, mum? You're nursing.
It would keep the baby up.
- What kind of rubbish is that? - Excuse me? You know what surprises me? That ex-boyfriend of Marie's is going to have the whole StB under his thumb.
And you haven't even thought of going to see him? You really don't care what happened to her? If you haven't noticed, times have changed.
You don't have to be scared shitless of everything anymore.
REQUEST FOR DISCHARGE Could you come in here for a moment? I won't wait around for our new masters to sack me.
And if they want to lock me up, they know where I live.
What? I didn't sleep again.
You have nothing to worry about, they won't do anything to you.
It's not that.
I'm always thinking of Honza.
If he went somewhere, then why didn't he report it? He's off duty, but You know how that man from the archive kept looking for you? About a file? Yeah.
I wrote and told him to kiss my arse.
I don't have a file with that number, so I didn't borrow it.
It's his own mess.
It's not.
I slipped a request in for you to sign.
The file was on someone called Patera.
Honza wanted me to do it.
But he never returned it.
And now I'm afraid that something happened to him and it's all my fault.
Please tell me what happened to him.
If I at least knew he was alright Forgive me.
I feel awful about it all.
You poor girl I'm going to tell you.
But you'll keep it to yourself, is that clear? I found out that, a few months ago, he met this woman? An agent of a Western "business interest", if you know what I mean.
And when he found out that I knew, he thought it better to disappear.
Forget him.
He made a fool out of me, out of you.
You're a lovely, young girl, smart Your whole life's ahead of you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- I'm here to see Deputy Novak.
- Sit down in the waiting room.
Dear viewers, this is a special broadcast of the Federal Police Department.
We urgently request your assistance in the search for two missing persons.
A married couple, likely separated.
Viktor Skala is 48 years old, 180 cm tall, slender frame, greyish hair and brown eyes.
He had a short beard and was wearing a blue jacket and beige trousers.
His wife, Marie Skalova, 168 cm tall, also of slender frame, with ginger hair and brown eyes.
She was dressed in a blue, three-quarter coat with a hood, purple trousers, and high boots.
Both were last seen in Prague but could now be anywhere in Czechoslovakia.
I'm going back, going to see our mole in Prague.
You have to go too.
- You're the family member, not me.
- But what if So much has happened to her, what if She can recuperate better at home than here.
- Home? But Viktor is? - I mean at your home.
Yeah, sure, that's Of course, at my home.
And the comrades at the ministry are looking for him as well.
They've got the whole building on it, so hopefully Everyone wants to ingratiate themselves and save their arses.
Deputy, I assure you, we have acted only in the patient's best interests.
It's schizophrenia, in my opinion.
Possibly even organic delusional.
She recently suffered a head injury.
What do you mean delusional? She was talking about dead bodies buried in a forest, she was walking around in disguise, and impersonating someone else.
She even attacked a man and left him injured.
The drugs we have been giving her will soon wear off if she discontinues treatment.
I'm only telling you so that you know what to expect.
We're only interested in her well-being.
And was it for her well-being that you never informed her relatives? She had no ID on her.
Then you should have informed the police.
Don't think I'm going to just let this go.
Marie? - Where can I get her dressed? - There.
That's your right, give me your left.
Hold on to me.
There, slowly Careful.
There's awful chaos all over the place.
All I see is everyone suddenly smiling like idiots everywhere.
You can't take power in a country with a smile.
- What have you got for me? - Bad news, I'm afraid.
Before the revolution reached the ministry, they managed to burn the most important part of the archive.
What? That's why I haven't been in contact.
Because I've got nothing for you.
I did manage to go through most of the references though.
What did you find? More proof that the StB considered Skala an enemy of the state.
And they went after him in a big way.
No sign that he was an agent.
Just the opposite.
Maybe you've been on the wrong track from the start.
Maybe he's just a decent bloke.
Keep looking.
I can't.
They laid me off.
I'm washing cars in the garage now.
Maybe you could tell them that I was on their side.
That I'm a decent bloke too.
- Stadnykova, hello? - It's me, mum.
Stepan, where are you? Where have you been? - I can't talk long, mum.
- But where are you? What's wrong? I just wanted to tell you I'm alright.
- Please - Don't worry about me.
Okay? I'm fine.
I had all their friends and relatives tapped.
Mostly rubbish, of course, hours of inane chatter.
And then this.
He was calling from somewhere near the West German Czechoslovak border.
- It's always darkest under the candlestick.
- What? It's a proverb.
Japanese originally, I believe.
Rather charming.
The phone number's unlisted, but I've got friends in Germany tracing it.
And I have a flight booked to Münich.
I haven't authorized that.
It may be too late already.
The Czechs have plenty of heroes to choose from and there aren't that many public offices to fill.
Where was Skála in November? That's when it mattered.
He wasn't there for his people.
They'll perceive that as a shortcoming.
Then we'll counter it with something even more powerful.
And I know what.
If he's even still alive, my dear.
- No? - Yup.
It's a lost cause now.
OK then, that's it.
Third win.
See how well you're doing? - When you can't see it - I'll get you some more tea, OK? She's still somehow strange.
But she's getting better.
And really quickly.
The baby won't go near her.
She's probably scared.
- Babies can tell when - Cut it out.
Now Rest up a little more and you'll be healthy again.
I am healthy though, sis.
There's nothing wrong with me.
And what are your plans, then? Are you going back home, or I mean, to London.
Not yet.
Comrade Novak has a visitor at reception.
Skalova? Come with me please.
Sit here for a moment.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're looking well.
I came to thank you.
Please We'll stay here, OK? Have a seat.
I think my office is bugged.
I should call someone about it, but who? Technical support? They're probably the ones who bugged it.
So you're a deputy minister now.
We've got the top posts but most of the staff are still communists.
And they know how things work.
And they know everything about us.
I really need someone I can trust by my side.
What about you? - Is it better? - Yeah.
But I'd like to ask you for a favour.
I need to get into that Russian military base in Ralsko.
Could you make that happen? What? For God's sake, why? There's a place there I need to see.
Hanka told me what happened to you.
Hanka couldn't tell you, because Hanka doesn't know.
No one does.
I'll try.
You know what makes you different from that StB guy, Patera? You've got better clothes and schooling, that's it.
And that's only because you had an English dad.
If he and your mum had stayed in Prague instead of emigrating, you'd have neither the clothes nor the schooling.
Then no one could tell you apart from the Pateras of the world.
Although, you might actually have a higher rank with the StB.
You're obsessive enough for it.
I'll tell you something.
They arrested my mother after '48.
Not for long, just a few months.
But it was enough.
When she came home, I hid behind the couch.
I didn't recognise her.
She'd lost three stone, she'd gone grey.
When other children had nightmares, their mothers would console them.
In our house, it was the other way around.
I don't recall a single night that she didn't scream in her sleep.
And when my father was away, I had to console her myself.
In the end she gassed herself.
Because of StB sons of bitches like you.
Obsessive? I'm obsessive enough, yes.
- Nice.
- I know? But they won't talk to you without it.
Someone from their embassy will be waiting for you there, a reasonable guy, they say, a reformist.
He set it up somehow.
The soldiers wouldn't have let you in.
Thanks a lot.
- Sure I can't go with you? - No.
Please be careful.
Vladimir Volkogonov, Soviet Embassy.
Skalova, Ministry of the Interior.
Come on through.
Not you.
Only Ms.
Skalova has access.
I want him to accompany me.
I insist.
Allowing even you in is against all procedures.
I cannot get your escort in.
It's either-or.
Do you want to come in, or not? If you please.
The soldiers never use this sector.
- Are you certain we're in the right place? - Maybe the soldiers don't know about it.
So much the better.
After all, it's because of the soldiers that you Czechs dislike us so.
During the war, we were heroes to you, you loved us like brothers, but now Now you despise us because of soldiers.
Yes You want to assure yourselves you're not afraid of us.
But you are afraid.
Very much so.
What did you expect to find here, anyway? SCHWANDORF, WEST GERMANY Forget it, there's no point.
This has been sanctioned.
You really thought you would get away with something like this? What the fuck were you thinking? I know it was you who gave me away to the Russians.
To get rid of me.
That didn't work out so well, did it? Did you say Russians? Jesus Of course - Madam - If you've done anything to him Wait, wait! Yes? Hello.
This is Smith from the British embassy.
I've got some news about Viktor Skala.
Can I speak to his wife please?