The Smurfs (1981) s01e01 Episode Script

The Astrosmurf

Ravage the land, as never before! Total destruction, from mountain to shore! I must find those miserable little Smurfs, Azrael.
Find them and rid the forest of there nasty, rotten, wretched little blue hides, once and for all! If these creation, of my shear genius works, as it should, Azrael, I'll be able to find those horrible little Smurfs with no problem.
It's ready, Azrael! Now, I'll find out exactly, where those Smurfs are.
Show me, oh, magic crystal ball, where to find the most miserable creatures of all.
What's this? No, no, no, no, no! I mean the Smurfs! Ah, there village.
But, where are the Smurfs? Happy Smurfday to you, happy Smurfday to you, happy Smurfday dear Dreamy! Happy Smurfday to you! Yeeeey! I hate smurfdays.
Ah, not yet Greedy! -Oh, make a wish and blow out the candles, Dreamy.
I wish I wish, I could fly to a new world, no Smurf has never seen.
Here I go! Flying to a strange new world.
Oh, I'd smurf anything in the whole wide world, to be a space traveler.
I got it! Now, all I need is a smurfy wind and a Wow! I can't I'm flying! I'm flying! I'm not flying! Oh That was a short flight.
-But it was a smurfy landing! Yeah? Well, just keep on laughing, 'cause I'm gonna fly the stars yet! Hm? How to make flying broom.
Place broom on ground, facing east.
Then say loud and clear: huchi guchi smouchi smurf.
Hey! Stop that broom! I hate brooms.
Hey, what's going on? Will you come back here! Gotcha! Hey, I'm flyin'! I'm really flyin'! I'm I'm really not flyin'.
Another smurfy fly, ey, Dreamy? Another smurfy landing.
Just wait! You'll see.
I'll Smurf to the stars some day.
I think.
Got to make a pair of wings and a Oh, no! That won't smurf either.
Oh Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy! At this rate, I'll never get to the stars.
Dreamy! Oh, no! Are you out of your smurf, Dreamy? That mean, terrible, old Azrael, nearly had you for lunch! Azrael? Where? -Where? Say, are you all right? You look slightly bananas to me.
My smurfay wish, of flying to the stars, will never come true.
Oh, I'll never smurf to the stars.
Never ever, ever, ever.
Gee, I wish, I could help, Dreamy.
That's it, Smurfette! I'll build a ship, to smurf me to the star! A flying ship! We're We're getting closer, Azrael.
I can feel it.
The Smurfs are almost mine! Azrael! My crystal ball! Ah, my crystal ball.
It It's safe.
It's safe.
Hit it, Harmony! I'm sorry.
Hear ye! Hear ye! Excuse me.
This is a smurfoi! Astrosmurf announces the unveiling of his new flying ship.
All Smurfs are invited, to watch he's smurfday wish come true, as he smurfs of to the stars.
I'm sorry.
Well, what do you think, Papa Smurf? Well, it's a very smurfy flying ship, Astrosmurf, but how does it work? Pedal power, Papa Smurf.
It'll start the propeller, which lifts the ship into the air and smurfs me to the stars.
-Hey, spakes waste! I think, it'll never work.
Never, never, never! Oh, smurf up your face, mean, old Brainy! Well, good luck, Astrosmurf! Have a safe trip! Good bye! Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, smurf up! Yup, this is a real nice breeze.
-Yeah, this is real Wait a minute.
I hate nice breezes.
See? I was right! I was right! I was right! I was right! Oh, poor Dreamy.
His little blue heart is broken.
Ah, Astrosmurf has hitched his wagon to a smurf and he'll never be happy, until he can fly to the stars.
But, alas, it can never be.
-But that was his smurfday wish! Oh, yeah! And all smurfday wishes come true.
Don't they, Papa Smurf? Yes, that's been the way of the Smurfs for as long as I can remember.
-Which is exactly 543 years, right, Papa Smurf? Papa Smurf, we have to do something, to make his wish come true.
Yes, Smurfette and I have an idea, that might work.
You really think my ship will work now, Papa Smurf? Handy Smurf checked it over and fixed everything that was wrong.
And I can smurf up to the stars right now? Yes, but first, you must take this special raspberry potion, that will give you strength on your long journey.
The propeller's turning! Quick, send up the smoke clouds and start rocking the ship! Tell me, Clumsy.
Where were you, when brains were handed out? Where was I? Ah Gee, I don't know.
Maybe I was with you, huh, Brainy? I hate smoke! My ship's moving! I'm smurfed off! I'm on my way to the stars! What's going on? I feel so sleepy.
Must the altitude.
Oh, I mustn't It stopped! He's asleep! The raspberry potion worked! Hurry, get Astrosmurf out of there and let's take the ship apart! The flying ship is all apart, Papa Smurf.
What do we do with the pieces? -Tomorrow we take them to a secret spot, whos whereabout only I smurf.
Oh, goddy smurf plan.
I love secret spots.
Add four grains of euphoria, with a boling juice of a mandrake root.
Ah, now to try it out.
Oh, the formula works! If Smurfs could only see me now! There they are again, Azrael.
Don't they look good enough to eat? Come on! We won't lose them this time! Is it much further, Papa Smurf? -Not far now.
Oh, my! How much further, Papa Smurf? Not far now.
This isn't funny! How much further, Papa Smurf? Not far now.
Is it much further, Papa Smurf? -Yes, it is! But that's nothing, but a volcano, Papa Smurf.
And you always said, volcanos smurf fire and smoke and all kind of terrible and nasty things.
True, true.
But this volcano is extinct.
Oh, of course! Extinctive.
Come on.
Let's get this smurf on the road.
We have work to do.
Work, work, work.
I hate work.
Those miserable, rotten, disgusting Smurfs crossed here, Azrael.
Look at there revolting little footprints.
Come on.
They're within our grasp now.
Come on, Azrael! Oh, you miserable cat, Azrael! How dare you! One of these days, Azrael, I'm I'm going to turn you into a cat throw pillow! Why do we have to smurf our brains out, while the sleeping Astrosmurf here sleeps.
This is for the Smurfs.
Wait a second, Grouchy.
You know, what's green, red, yellow, with big eyes and long teeth? -No, what? I don't know either, but it's crawlin' up your hat.
I hate bugs.
Show me, oh, magic crystal ball, where are the most disgusting creatures of all.
So, there inside the old vulcano.
That's not far from here and it's the perfect spot to finally put an end, to those miserable little creatures.
When Astrosmurf wakens, he'll think, he's on another planet and we want to be ready, so that's why I smurfed this magical potion, that will turn us all into Swoofs.
Swoofs? Ah, what's a Swoof, Papa Smurf? I'll show you, Clumsy.
This is a Swoof.
I'm Grandpa Swoof.
Where am I? Oh, I'm on another planet.
This is smurftastic! Here he comes, Clumsy! -Oh, yeah.
Look at 'em.
He realy think, he's on another planet.
Boy, is he dumb.
I wonder where he was, when the beans were handed out? Not beans, Clumsy.
Oh, yeah.
That's what I ment.
Bean brain.
Yup, yup.
Wonder if anyone lives here.
Guess, that answers that.
Me, friend.
Come in big ship.
Coming Grandpa Swoof.
King of all Swoofs.
Say, could you unhock my shorts first.
That would be nice.
Where you come from? -From a planet, called Earth, Grandpa Swoof.
You friend or foe? -Oh, me, big friend.
Big friend.
-Then we have council meeting and consider this.
Stay here.
Oh, I wonder, what they're gonna do to me.
Excuse me.
We're almost there, Azrael.
We're almost there.
We better tell Papa.
Yeah and is he gonna be mad.
Smurf, we have reached a decision.
We decide, you are friend.
Welcome to planet Swoof.
Thanks, Grandpa Swoof.
-Prepare feast to honor Astrosmurf! Yeeey! Boy, this sure is smurfy, Grandpa Swoof.
I'm havin' a great time.
-You sleep soon.
Need plenty strength, to fly back to home planet tomorrow.
Oh, but I'm never gonna fly back to Earth.
I wanna stay here! Forever! Forever? But you must go.
Grandpa Swoof! Grandpa Swoof! Where? Guard, take Astrosmurf to hut and don't let him out of site! Gargamel is here.
Astrosmurf mustn't see him, or he'll know, he's still on Earth.
But that's only half our worries.
Astrosmurf likes the planet so much he wants to stay here forever.
I must think of a plan.
I know there near by, Azrael.
I can smell them.
I can feel them.
Let me see.
What's this? Those aren't Smurfs! How Gargamel found us, I don't know, but I think he's about to feel a bit under the weather.
My crystal ball! It's destroyed! Now, I'll never find the Smurfs! Slimy lizard tongues.
My seat is burnt to a crisp, I'm soaking wet and my crystal ball is shattered.
What else can go wrong? Something tells me, Papa Smurf is behind this, Azrael! Azrael! Get off my face! You mangy bag of fur! Let's get out of here! Now, to become Swoof, you must prove courage and skill.
But what do I have to smurf? After we spin you around, you must swoof spear right into that bullseye.
-What bullseye? I can't see a thing.
-It is the way of the Swoof.
I did it! I did it! Get greased pole test ready! And for second test, Astrosmurf, you must climb pole.
-I'm smurf poleer in my time.
It'll take him one zillion years, to smurf that greased pole! Ah, yeah! That's right! A zillion years.
I hate greased poles.
Here I am! Piece of smurf.
Hello, this pole isn't even greased.
Isn't greased? Clumsy? Oh, I I though Greedy was gonna do that.
Yup, I did.
Me, I thought Grouchy smurfed the pole.
Lazy was gonna do it! You must now swim across lake.
I'm a good swimmer.
Carrying that rock.
-That rock? But, that's absosmurfly impossible.
Oh, buhuhu.
To bad.
Say, you look familiar.
Haven't I seen you some place before? Oh, me, dear sir? No, I was just Time wasting.
You want to be Swoof, you swim across lake with rock.
Huh? Oh, this is gonna be easy.
Hey, is this some kind of a joke? That rock! -It's floating! No wonder.
It's pumice stone.
There is one final test, Astrosmurf.
I'm ready.
-You must prove, you can live harsh life of Swoofs.
You must cook all meals, wash dishes, sweep, clean and scrub.
-And you kneel in respect before every Swoof you meet.
-And kiss his beautiful feet.
But all you can eat is wild grass.
And you can never whistle or sing.
No matter how happy you are.
-And no holidays.
Including smufmas and saint smufentains day.
So, you must do all this things to be Swoof.
Well, on second though.
Maybe, I better be smurfing back to Earth.
What's going on? I feel so sleepy.
Oh, I mustn't He's aseep.
The raspberry potion is working again.
We better smurf to it.
Oh, goddy.
There's nothing like a Smurf.
Nothing in the world.
I hate this.
-How much further, Papa Smurf? Oh, smurf up! Where Where am I? Long live Astrosmurf! -Three cheers for Astrosmurf! Hurrey, hurrey, hurrey! I'm home! I'm home! It was smurftastic, Papa Smurf.
I've been to a planet, inhabitet by Swoofs.
Swoofs? Well, I never They wanted me to stay, but I was feelin' homesick, so I came back.
-You're not think of going away again, are you? Well, a though of flying to other planets is tempting, but I'll never be as happy, as I am here.
There's no place like home! This is Papa Smurfs handywork! But he'll pay for it! He'll pay double!