The Society (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Childhood's End

1 Did Cassandra text you, too? Was there a dress code we didn't know about? I spent 700 bucks on this, and it's not like I'm going to be wearing it to prom.
Oh You're a lifesaver.
Someone must be hoarding these.
There was none left at the drug store.
I try to ration.
I only have three boxes left.
Thank you.
Boys that we thought we knew destroyed those stores last night.
And if we don't do something, male testosterone is going to be the end of us.
Is that why it's just girls here? Right now it's just pillage.
But how long until someone's raped walking home one night and no one gives a shit because that's just how it is? Okay, I'm sorry no one wanted to date you in high school, Cassandra, but this war on men feels a little extra.
Shut the fuck up, Gwen.
Everything that kept us safe is gone.
There isn't anyone to say no.
And when you stop hearing no, you begin to think you can do anything.
Women aren't safe in a world that's run by brute force and stupidity.
If we want peace, we need order.
And to get order, we need to exert our power.
Just a minute.
Um come on in.
I have one of Niall.
"On the Loose" was my ringtone all of tenth grade.
I like that song.
That was really nice of you to back me up.
You were right.
Seemed dumb to argue.
Well, thanks.
I had a a weird thought.
I was looking at Jessica and her dress and I just thought we should do prom.
- Prom? - I know it's silly.
And I know you think I'm silly and shallow.
- I don't.
- No.
It's okay.
I just I think we have bigger things to worry about right now.
A lot of what's happening is us being scared.
And alone.
And bored.
And so we do scary things to each other, we hurt each other, but we know each other.
We grew up together, and maybe if we remember that I don't know, I just think it might help.
Like with everything you said.
It could help.
I taught him how to swim.
He was the son of my mom's medical partner.
Uh, the bar is fully stocked, and there's a cake in the fridge.
It's seen better days, but could make a nice centerpiece.
Ah, yes.
The traditional blue and silver prom cake.
So, out of this world? How did they know? There's nothing stopping anyone from just taking everything.
Then what? There aren't any trucks coming to restock the shelves.
This is all that we get.
When it's gone, we're gone.
We're, like, half the town.
More than half, I think.
I mean, if we all just said, "Stuff needs to change," would they be able to say no? Dan may not listen to Cassandra, but he'll listen to you.
And Jason will listen to you.
I've been thinking.
What if we, like didn't take stuff? Like, food or whatever.
Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, right? Sharing? It could be, like socialism.
There's no "I" in team, right? What? Erika give you that talk? - No.
- Oh, really? 'Cause Gwen said that exact shit to me last night.
Lukey? Well, it's not like it worked in China.
It kind of worked.
Everything's made in China.
China's a poor example.
The party took complete priority over the workers.
In reality, we've never seen a true socialist state.
Maybe all the Chinese women said they wouldn't put out unless all the men got on board.
Gwen say that, too? Well socialism it is.
There's practically no seats left.
She called and they came.
We need to know what we have and what we're at risk of running out of.
So, there'll be an accounting of resources.
Once we get a handle on that, we'll begin to ration food, eating meals communally in the cafeteria.
We'll also share houses, in case water and electricity are in limited supply, which, at this point, we don't know.
But it's better to be safe because if we run out, we don't have a solution.
No one will be doing any of this alone.
We'll have rotating work lists.
That way, everyone contributes the same.
And this includes in the decision-making.
It'll be by committee.
Finally, we're going to put together a committee on going home.
So we can formally investigate how we got here and how we're going to get back.
Adopting this new way of living doesn't mean we're giving up.
It means were smart and prepared.
That's the plan.
I think we should vote.
All in favor, please raise your hands.
Raise your hand.
I don't think that we can do this unless it's unanimous.
Harry! What? There something else you wanted? I want you to join the committee.
Yeah No, I'm not going to do that.
I want your point of view on things.
No, you want me where you can fucking see me.
I'll follow your rules.
That's all you get.
Hey, look, I just finished inputting everyone's names, and it took me a little longer than expected to write the algorithm.
You know, some job posts need, like, five people and then others need almost 15, so the rotation wasn't happening correctly, and some people are getting stuck with the same job twice, but I fixed it.
Yeah, it'll rotate every three weeks now.
And I programmed it specifically so that no one will have, um, you know, garbage duty only to get stuck with 6 a.
meal prep next shift.
It's pretty neat, right? Yeah, it's super.
Um, just so you know, I don't want flowers.
But gardening is not one of the rotations.
No, like a corsage.
I think they're tacky.
Good, yeah.
They're probably all wilted anyway.
Found you.
Meal prep.
Socialism and socializing.
Are we in an episode of Riverdale, or in Soviet Russia? Well, I'd rather wash clothes all night in a basement than spend ten minutes in an artificial experiment of forced pair bonding and public humiliation with them.
So, yeah.
That's a no.
Want me to make you a sandwich? What? Name one person who's been on your side through all of this more than me.
- What? - Answer the question.
I I don't understand.
You left me off the committee.
Allie Who's been there for you more than me? - No one.
There's no one.
- Then what? It's not.
It's politics.
I'm just I'm trying to be smart.
What does that fucking mean? To everyone else we're, like, the same person or something.
So if I put you on the committee, then it would be like like there would be two of me.
Bullshit! We're not the same person, not to anyone.
And if you really thought that, then why didn't you at least talk to me about it first instead of me having to find out in front of everyone? I'm sorry.
I should've done that.
You didn't pick me because you didn't think I belonged.
Allie If I had to pick anyone in the whole world to be with me when things got bad, I'd pick you.
And I would pick you.
Obviously not.
- Heights aren't my thing.
- Here, I got it.
It's all right.
Hey, man.
Food comes from the cafeteria now.
No exceptions.
Come on, man, you have the key.
Just let me in.
Rules are rules, dude.
I just want a Gatorade.
Whatever you want, you can find in the cafeteria, Come on, man, they only have yellow.
Some people like yellow.
Well, have a great day, Eggles.
Curl your fingers in, like this.
We don't have anyone to sew you up if you slip.
I got it.
- So, what are we making? - Garlic bread So, take a clove, and smear it on the top, like this.
It'll make your fingers smell horrible, but it should taste good.
Hey, Allie.
When you're done, will you go in the back and make sure we have at least 200 plates? Sure.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
So, do we ring the bell? It's our place now.
So, how many bedrooms? Five.
Plus mine.
'Cause there's 19 of us.
It's gonna be be four to a room.
You know it's gonna take us forever if you keep stopping.
I used to hate being here.
Always felt so guilty.
Is this a bad story? Were you one of those little boys that the priest touched? No.
He did tell me it was okay to be gay.
Well, that's progressive.
As long as I didn't act on it.
There you go.
I used to wonder how I'd ever pull that off.
Turns out I didn't need to worry.
What are you talking about? I'm gonna die a perfect Christian virgin.
I'm actually kinda relieved.
I mean, there's obviously someone here who's gay.
Gay and repressed, probably.
But there's no one I'd want.
That's the real thing finding someone who loves you, who you love back.
And that's crazy.
Even outside of here it would be crazy.
The fact that other people can do that how do they find each other? Now, I can relax.
Focus on what matters, on the people who matter, who love me.
Like you.
I do love you.
I know you said you didn't want to, but think about changing your mind.
Because I'd like to take you to prom.
We're a better couple than almost everyone else in this town.
We never fight.
All right.
And we never have sex either.
Except for no fighting, that's kinda like marriage I'll be ready at seven.
Come on.
Looking good.
I dressed up just for you.
I'll look like you soon enough.
Oh, well, then you should take this.
I've never wanted you more.
I should go.
Um I need to take a nap.
I've been napping every day.
- I've never been this tired in my life.
- It is called work.
You never realize all the shit, you know, that other people did for you.
Like my mom.
She cooked dinner for us every night.
It must have been so much work, and she never complained.
I never noticed.
No, that that's real.
I should go.
We're not allowed to be late.
Yesterday we made too little.
Today I think we may have made too much.
That's okay.
I can refrigerate it.
Turn it into taco pie for lunch tomorrow.
We have these little bags of Fritos I can crumble on top.
You'll love it.
You're the kind of guy who enjoys marshmallows on your sweet potatoes, aren't you? Yeah, what if I do? Listen, you have a blazer I could borrow? For what? You going to prom? Thinking about it.
And all you want to ask me for is a blazer.
I don't know what the rules are.
I don't either.
Well, then what? Why don't you ask me and find out? Hi, Lily.
You doing good? We got chocolate chip or oatmeal.
Anything gluten-free? Hey, that's not enough.
Don't want people going hungry.
Yeah, good.
Things are rusty now, but in a month, we'll have this down.
All right.
What's that? It's for prom.
Open it.
- Oh! - You don't like it? No, I I love it.
I do.
Thank you.
I can't wait to take it off of you.
You're sitting with me? I thought you might want to take my work shift tomorrow.
Why would I want to do that? You can have your pick of the Maserati or the Porsche.
And I'll let you drive it twice a week.
For real? Move! This is fucking humiliating.
What are you looking for? Coffee.
Good luck with that.
Hey, Harry, do you know where the plunger is? Upstairs toilet is clogged.
It's crazy, right? Like, all those years in school and I've never been to your house.
Now, I live here.
Isn't that nuts? Will you stop for one second and tell me what the fuck this is about? Kelly.
I knew it.
I fucking knew it.
- What am I supposed to be looking at? - The condoms you found? Your mom's? They were for my dad.
She was fucking my dad.
It was in his jacket pocket.
- Maybe she dropped it.
- And he kept it? For safekeeping.
I don't know.
- For the next time they met.
- Do you hear yourself? Why are you doing this? I mean, you said we shouldn't be looking into this shit.
- Hey, Harry.
- Not now.
- I just need my shirt.
- Fuck off! Give me the password.
Harry! I think it's still my birthday.
So, my mom and your dad? I don't even think my mom knows.
I need to go.
I need to get out of here.
Can we just forget about this? I mean, this isn't about us.
It has nothing to do with us.
There is no us.
Because of this? Because of everything.
is on my mind You're the one I think about Most every time - Isn't it great? - What? Isn't it great? Yeah, it's great.
For what? For prom.
I'm DJing.
And you don't want to play, like, normal music? It's gone.
All of it.
It was all in the cloud.
I asked everyone if they had any albums downloaded.
Helena has every Jay-Z album ever recorded.
I thought it was weird, too.
Yeah, I guess you can never tell with people.
They're different alone.
You know, you might think you know what they like, and then suddenly you realize you have no idea.
I don't know what Cassandra likes.
She likes you.
Just make sure you jack off before.
You don't want to come before it starts.
I have four brothers.
I was never going to go to prom with Clark, you know? Seth was going to take me, the guy I met who's going to Wesleyan.
- Clark doesn't know? - Don't move.
- You'll ruin your crown.
- Sorry.
You really think that you and Luke would've stayed together after you went away to college? Yeah.
Really? You were going to Stanford.
There are, like, so many people.
Hot people, hot surfer people.
You don't think you'd be curious? Maybe.
I guess.
So what? Luke wasn't just, like the best you could do for now? No.
And he feels the same way? Yeah.
He does.
We love each other.
How are you so certain about everything? I'm serious.
I'm not.
Hey! - You guys suck! - Whoa, oh, oh.
Try to make one, Travis.
- Just one.
- Yeah, come on.
Erika will be here in a few.
You two really going to the prom? Yeah.
She wants to.
And I'm a good fucking boyfriend.
I didn't realize you were as desperate as the rest of them to pretend like this was totally fucking normal.
You going to have graduation next week, too? Harry, are you gonna go? Don't know.
You know what? You guys are just jealous that you ain't got dates.
- Where's Kelly? - Oh, she dumped his ass! What, for real? - Nasty ho.
Fuck her.
- Whoa, oh, oh! Shut the fuck up! Whoa! You do not get to talk shit on her, okay? Okay.
She doesn't know what the fuck she's doing.
She's just copying Cassandra.
Like, she wants to turn the whole world upside down.
Cassandra's the problem.
She's putting these ideas in their heads.
Now they made her queen? Out of fear? And we're the enemy, beggars in our own homes.
That's Cassandra.
That's always been Cassandra.
Stuck-up cunt.
She just needs a good fucking.
That would loosen her up.
Hey, would you guys actually fuck her? Like, hot or not? - Uh - No, not.
Fuck yeah.
Yeah? I just want to see down our knees begging for it.
Oh, okay! But would you give it to her, or just make her beg for it? Oh, he'd give it to her.
So hard she'd choke on the damn thing.
And then, then it'll only be by his God-given mercy that she'd walk away breathing.
Maybe she wouldn't.
Shit, dude.
At least she'd be dead.
And finally we'd have some quiet.
- Hi, baby! - Hi! - What are you boys talking about? - You know just the usual.
Sorry, I need to pee.
Oh! - What? - You okay? Whatever.
It's burning when I pee.
For how long? A few days now.
Probably a UTI.
Who have you been sleeping with? I hope Mr.
UTI is taking you to prom.
Next time, pee after.
You should know that.
And there's cranberry juice in the fridge if you want.
One, two, three, four! Five, six, seven, eight! Whoa! Allie! Allie! Hey! I put some more in.
Do you want some? This is just how I'd imagined it would be.
Fuckin' weird! Am I right? No more weird than anything else around here.
Okay, let's go.
I thought you were standing me up.
Sorry about that.
Here's the jacket.
It's a perfect fit.
That remind you of your dad? Probably not the biggest turn-on.
No, you look great.
I am.
I'm just not really in the mood, so I think I'm just gonna go home.
Oh, OMG! There you are! Like, what? This is insane! People are obsessed! Come on! You're not done? Uh! I swear, one of these days I'm gonna beat you.
If you're fucking lucky.
Grizz is a beast.
Here you go, my friend.
Grizz! Grizz! Grizz! Grizz! Grizz! Grizz! I love you, man.
- Come here.
- I don't know what - I love you, too.
- I love you, too, man.
All right.
Dude, stop! Hey.
I love you guys.
I really do.
But I was going to say goodbye to all of you.
After graduation, I never planned to see any of you ever again.
Is he serious? Dance with me.
I don't know what's going on, but we're here already.
Let's have fun.
Spinning on that dizzy edge Kissed her face You know we're just here as friends, right? Dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow Why are you so far away she said Why won't you ever know That I'm in love with you? That I'm in love with you? You, soft and only You lost and lonely Think Alden and Celeste are happily or unhappily married? What's it matter to you? Just making conversation.
You're just like a dream Daylight licked me into shape I must have been asleep for days And moving lips to breathe her name I opened up my eyes And found myself alone, alone Alone above a raging sea That stole the only girl I loved And drowned her deep inside of me You soft and only You lost and lonely You just like heaven What is this? It'll numb the pain.
Thank you.
What? This is rum and coke.
That's what you wanted.
I asked for coke.
Just a coke? In case you haven't noticed, there aren't any chaperones here, because this isn't a real prom.
You can drink.
There's no need to be flippant.
Hey! Come on! I told you I didn't want to come to this thing! Why? We were having a good time! Hey, if you want a coke, I'll get you a coke.
I can even get you a Diet Coke or Fanta.
You want a Fanta? I'm pregnant.
Joking or not joking? Not joking.
Well, that's a relief.
I mean, I just thought you'd had your boobs done.
That's not funny.
You're right.
You're totally right.
I didn't know you were.
Who's the father? I don't want you to ever ask me that question again, okay? What does that mean? You're never Why can't you just respect one thing? This was such a great thing that you pulled off.
You should say something.
I'd want to thank people for coming, but it should be you.
Let's take a photo.
- What? - Like, a photo.
Like, stupid astronauts stuff that we will obviously remember forever.
Never really knowing it was always Yeah.
All right.
I'll stop the world and melt with you Ready? - Uh-huh.
- One, two, three.
You've seen the difference And it's getting better all the time There's nothing you and I You came.
So did you.
I'll stop the world and melt with you Hey, you should have some of this.
It'll taste better than straight whiskey.
Trapped in a state of imaginary grace You should know better I made a pilgrimage To save this humans race So You want to dance? I'll stop the world and melt with you It's probably simpler in the long run if we don't.
And I'm not really in the mood.
Me neither.
Thanks for the drink.
Oh, God.
I like your dress.
You've got something on your shirt.
Lookin' out on the morning rain I used to feel so inspired And when I knew I had to face another day Lord it made me feel so tired I wish you knew what you did to me.
Let's get out of here.
Life was so unkind You're the key to my peace of mind You liked watching me.
You make me feel You make me feel You're so beautiful.
feel like a Natural Woman When my soul was in the lost and found You came along to claim it How do you like prom? What? I'm sorry.
I don't speak very well.
How do you like prom? Oh, no.
You speak fine.
It's The music's really loud.
Now I'm no longer doubtful Bullshit.
What? It's the only sign that I know.
'Cause you make me feel You make me Hey, you think you could teach me something else? me feel Like a natural woman What does that mean? I hated high school.
You make me feel Like a natural woman There she is.
Here I am.
Where's Kelly? I don't know.
I've been looking for you.
Come on.
- Gotta do our thing.
- What? Fast dance to a slow song? Fast dance to a slow song! - Come on, girl! Move! - No.
Yes, queen.
There it is.
Just don't slap me when we do the spin, okay? So I can make you see Please give me one more night Gimme one more night No, no, no.
No, I really I liked soccer when I was little, but I just wasn't allowed to play.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
I got to read a lot.
What's your favorite book? Um Gone with the Wind.
I've heard it's supposed to be a little racist.
And I hate admitting that I like it because of that, but it was the first book that didn't give me what I wanted.
You know, like the whole time waiting for Rhett and Scarlett to be together, then they're just not.
Oh, I'd never had a book that just denied me like that.
It was sort of amazing.
It was amazing.
And I was wondering should I call you You have really nice eyes.
Um, I had a party just like this when I turned 13.
You're secretly Jewish? You You didn't come.
You must not have invited me.
No, I I definitely did.
Please give me one more night You know, I I know what I feel and I really want that, but only if you want it, too.
So don't do it if you don't really mean it.
And I "mean it" mean it.
Gimme one more night Just one more night Gimme one more night 'Cause I can't wait forever Like a river to the sea I will always be with you And if you sail away I will follow you Gimme one more night Hi.
Can everyone hear me? Well, whoa! I I guess so.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for coming.
We love you, Kelly! This hasn't exactly been a normal week.
But I think we should be proud of what we've pulled off.
What Cassandra has pulled off.
To the prom committee, Gwen and Grizz, for organizing.
To Bobby Aronson for letting us ruin your bar mitzvah! I mean, that's what we all thought prom would be, right? A bar mitzvah.
Prom was supposed to be how we say goodbye.
I mean, that's what it would've been.
It's funny, because we are saying goodbye.
Just not to each other.
Saying goodbye to everything else, to our old lives.
Our childhood.
And it's not just disappearing, slowly receding into some distance where we can still see it.
It's just gone.
Um, we're gonna keep playing music.
No one needs to leave just yet.
I know what boys like I know what guys want I know what boys like I know what boys like Hey.
Give me another one of those.
No, no, you're good, man.
No, no, no.
I'm high, but I'm not fucked up.
I need to be fucked up.
Elle's waiting for me.
That I didn't mean to hurt you Don't ya know Hi.
I need to stay and help Gwen clean up.
I can run home and grab a pair of sneakers so you don't have to walk home in heels.
I'll be okay.
See you at home? Yeah.
Think of me sometimes Because if loving you is so wrong Then I'm guilty of this crime I'm guilty, I'm guilty, I'm guilty I'm bewildered, I'm lonely And I'm loveless Without you to hold my hand Oh, fuck.
If you'd just understand Helena Helena.
You're so wet.
Let me finish.
You were close.
Yeah, but you're, like, so wet.
I want you to come.
Don't you want me? There's nobody around to watch anymore.
It's not people.
So God's okay with you sucking me off, but he's not okay with this? Look, I I think God only cares that we're in love.
No, you're right.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
This is just to say Just how much I'm really gonna miss you But believe, while I'm away Need you, I need you, I need you That I really didn't mean, I didn't mean I didn't mean to hurt you Hello? Who's that? Will? No, it's Gordie.
I need you, I need you If I did you wrong, if I did you wrong I'd hurt myself I need you, I need you, I need you I liked the speech.
Not sure you nailed the timing, but you can work on that.
You want me to walk you home? No.
Why'd you say yes if you wanted to punish me all night? Not even say yes.
You asked me to ask you.
I found a woman's lipstick in my dad's jacket.
It wasn't my mom's.
This jacket? Hey! You can't just do that! I hate men.
Me, too.
My father was an asshole.
Maybe we all are.
Maybe I suck, too.
I just don't know how yet.
I want you on top.
Gordie? Hey! Hey.
Hi, there.
Where did you come from? Hello? Wait, what are you Please