The Society (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Putting on the Clothes

Oh, thank you so much.
You were up super early.
Yeah, I don't know if I ever went to sleep.
Yeah, right.
I'm sorry.
That's rough times.
I think I'm afraid to fall asleep.
There's this moment when I first wake up where I forget.
And then Maybe that gets better.
Or not better.
But you get used to it.
Or something.
Like Aeschylus? Yeah, like Aeschylus.
Thank you for that.
I don't know if I ever said this, but thank you for you know, taking care of me and everything.
That's no problem.
You're the boss now, right? Gotta make sure you're safe.
I guess.
I don't know really feel like the boss, so [CROW CAWING.]
- Hi.
Hi, there.
Are you hungry? You seem very hungry.
Hey! Wanna come inside? Come on.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
- [GUY 1.]
They took, like, all the guns.
[GUY 2.]
No fucking way.
They're, like, testing all the guns to see which one got fired.
- What? [TYLER.]
Dude, they're swabbing everyone, and they're building a massive DNA database to match it with what they found on her body.
- I'm serious.
- [GUY 2.]
Gordie's an epic nerd.
Motherfucker could be capable of some crazy ass science.
True, true, true.
Well he was obsessed with Cassandra.
- [GUY 1.]
Yeah, but I mean, even if they figure out who did it, it's not like they're gonna do anything about it, right? Hmm, yeah.
Maybe they should.
I mean, I don't love some unhinged weirdo running around shooting people.
How are they a weirdo? [HARRY.]
Because he fucking shot someone.
Well, not just someone, right? I mean, it's Cassandra.
I mean, the way I look at it, they did us a favor.
They're a hero.
How the fuck are they a hero? Cassandra was the problem, right? Said we were the enemy.
Someone had to teach that cunt who's boss.
I finally got you some peace and quiet like you wanted.
The least I could get is a thank you.
This better be important.
Unlike a lot of lazy asses, I'm still doing my job, and my shift starts in Dewey did it.
Did what? I think Dewey killed Cassandra.
What are you talking about? - Why would you think that? - 'Cause he just fucking told me.
Dewey, he basically confessed that he shot Cassandra.
We're talking about Dewey, right? Like, the short, pale kid that nobody talks to.
Yes, Greg Dewey.
Why the hell would he want to kill Cassandra? [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
Who knows? Kid's fucked up.
He's fucking batshit.
Why would he tell you? I don't know.
That's not a good answer.
What do you want? I just told you he's completely fucking crazy.
Then, well, you need to say something.
- No, fuck that.
- [KELLY.]
You need to turn him in.
- You need to tell them.
- No! Are you insane? They're already looking for a reason to make this all my fault.
He's dangerous, Harry.
And if you don't tell them and something else happens then that's on you.
What happened to you You're not the same There's nothing in your head There's nothing there Gordie? There's nothing in your head There's nothing in your head There's nothing in your head Oh! Um can I talk to you for a minute? He said what? He said we have to look for a gun at Dewey's house.
Dewey, like Greg? De Hey, are you seriously making a protein shake right now? No.
Why didn't Harry just come and tell us himself? Uh, Harry's a fucking pussy.
Why Cassandra? Greg didn't even know her.
I mean, why would he care? Maybe Harry put him up to it, maybe he made him confess so he could take the heat off of himself.
- Like some deep mind control.
- Right, exactly.
Do you believe Harry? Look.
It's gonna sound weird, but I do.
When he came up to me, he seemed, like, upset.
It doesn't matter.
We have to arrest Dewey.
Arrest him? What do you mean, arrest him? Like, go just go nab him off the street? Yes.
If he confessed What if Harry's lying? We can't take any chances.
Dewey could hurt somebody.
We have to arrest him and search his house for the gun.
Could you handle something like that? I mean, yeah, if we got up, like, ass-early in the morning.
Pre-dawn raid.
Yeah, like a pre-dawn raid, you know, like, take him by surprise.
Yeah, I got handcuffs.
You mean, like actual handcuffs? Or the ones you get with a Halloween costume from Walgreens.
Actual handcuffs.
Um Look, just say thank you.
Okay? Yes.
Are you hungry? Hey, do you want some food? - [DOG PANTING.]
- Hmm? Should I get you some food? Did you cut your paw? Let's get you all fixed up, hey? - Hmm? - Oh.
- Who's this? [ELLE.]
Um, he's a stray.
I've seen him around town.
Uh, I don't think anybody's been looking after him.
Uh-huh? I'm sorry, I know that I know this is your house.
I should have asked.
We don't have to keep him.
It's all right.
Maybe it's good for you to have a friend around.
- [ELLE.]
Uh I mean, he's a really good dog.
He's super sweet.
He have a name? - [ELLE.]
Um he doesn't have a collar, but, I mean, he kinda looks like He kinda looks like a Charlie.
Don't you think? Is that silly? It's whatever you want.
Hi, Charlie.
Hey, Charlie.
- Do you want to be my dog? Do you want me to take care of you? Hmm? [BECCA.]
He's shit at physics, got a detention for smoking weed in the bathroom.
So, we're basically the same person.
Lacrosse team, sophomore year.
His parents were both lawyers.
Everyone's parents are lawyers.
It's like a zoning requirement or something.
He has a brother and a sister.
It's a pretty average setup.
No suspensions, no psych referrals.
Do you think you ever saw him around with a girlfriend or anything? I don't think so.
I mean, I know he had friends, I just don't think he was, like, tight with anyone.
Greg Dewey, a complete nobody.
Do you think think that he could've done this alone? I don't know.
Jesus Christ.
Grizz, where the fuck have you been? - I slept through my alarm.
I know! - Pre-dawn raid means pre-dawn.
Yeah, man, it's like post-dawn right now.
Can we just do this? [LUKE.]
Whoa, what the fuck is that, Clark? - It's a gun.
- Yeah, no shit.
- We can see that.
- Where'd you get it? Gordie gave it to me.
This weirdo shot someone, okay? We can't go in unarmed.
- Have you had it here this whole time? - Yes, bro.
Do you even know how to use it? I mean, how hard can it be? Oh, my God.
All right, you know what? You're going in first, all right, Clark? Cool.
Hey, I'll read him his rights.
- Make sure everything's legit - Dude, no one gives a shit about that.
Law and order, man.
You don't read the bad guy his rights, he gets away There's no more legal system, Jason.
We're living in some sort of fucking black hole anti-universe, I really don't think the Miranda warning [RAISED VOICE.]
I'm just trying to make sure everything's legit - so we're not stormtroopers - [SHOUTS.]
Guys, hey! Hey! Let's just fucking do this, all right? Come on, follow me.
All right.
All right, aim up.
A little higher.
Up here.
- Get up here.
- Does this look right, Grizz? - [GRIZZ.]
I don't fucking know.
- All right.
One, two, three.
- [CLARK.]
Jesus, fuck.
- Hey, Jason, little help, man.
Come on.
Come on.
Your spot's in between us.
All right, ready? On three.
Ready? One, two, three.
This is a fucking raid! - [CLARK.]
Go, go, go! - [ALL SHOUTING.]
You guys seen Greg Dewey? Short little redhead? - [BOY 1.]
He got away! - Greg Dewey, where is he?! I don't fucking know! There's like 30 people in here! Fuck! [JASON.]
Where's Dewey! Is Dewey in here? Are you insane? - Get the fuck out of here.
- Grizz? Is that Is that you? - Carla? What's up? - [JASON.]
Grizz? - It's a fucking raid, man.
- [GRIZZ.]
Yes, right.
- Jesus Christ! - [JASON.]
Greg Dewey's not back there! - [LUKE.]
Are you sure? - Uh No.
- What the fuck are you talking about? - You're not sure? Ah, what do you mean? There's a lot of people back there! - Where's Clark? - Okay, let's go, come on.
Go, go! - [JASON.]
Go, go! - [CLARK.]
Come on, get out! Get out! Move! Fuck! [CLARK.]
I got him, guys.
Little lame was about to shit himself.
Don't fucking move, weirdo! - All right.
- Hey, Clark, don't shoot him.
Grizz, tell him he's under arrest.
He's standing right there, you tell him.
- Go through his shit.
- You guys got no right to be in here.
Shut the fuck up! We know what you did to Cassandra.
- You're under arrest! - I didn't do shit to her! - [CLARK.]
Shut up, dildo! - Yo! Yo, yo, yo.
Check it.
Oh, fuck.
That's not mine! I don't know where that came from! No! Please, please, don't shoot.
You're so fucked right now, man.
- You got him? - [LUKE.]
Yeah, I got him.
I got it, bro.
Do your science on it.
Come on.
Okay, so, uh, where to? Yeah, Allie, where you want us to take him? Can we keep him in a bathroom? Wait, did you guys seriously not think about where we're gonna keep him? No, Luke.
I've never held anyone prisoner before.
Have you? We can't lock him a bathroom.
They lock from the inside.
So, that's no bueno.
Maybe there's a room at the school we could use.
What if we just leave him in the car? Roll down the windows a little? - Dude, he's not your mom's maltipoo.
- Give me my keys.
Where are you going? Just meet me at my house, all right? I got an idea.
Man, I really miss that dog.
Better not fuck with the Lafite while he's in there.
My dad would lose his shit.
Bro! Bro, how come you never told us you had all this wine down here? [LUKE.]
This isn't just wine, Jason.
This is a collection.
Someone has to make sure that he gets food and water.
Luke, can you bring someone down here? Keep an eye on him? - Yeah, we'll do shifts.
- How's he going to go to the bathroom? We'll get him a bucket or something.
Look, it's the only option.
He could hurt someone else, and what he did to Cassandra He's not getting away with it.
Then why don't I feel any better? [SIGHS.]
I heard they dragged him out of his house butt naked.
And I missed it? It's Dewey, remember? I don't think you missed much.
Glad they've got him locked up.
I've always thought there was something weird about that kid.
Really? I feel like I never really noticed him.
Remember eighth grade? He was supposed to ask me to the middle school dance and then he didn't? Trust me.
He's really weird.
Hey, everyone.
Um I just I'll keep it brief.
I just wanna give you an update on everything.
Um everything that's happened.
There was an arrest this morning.
Greg Dewey.
Um we're keeping him in an undisclosed location until we figure out what happened, you know, if there was anyone else involved.
We're taking care of him.
Making sure he has everything he needs.
Cassandra I know she would have wanted that, so [GRIZZ.]
Breakfast of champions.
Eat up.
I'm lactose intolerant.
Cry me a river.
I can't eat it, shithead.
That's not a very nice way to talk to someone who brought you breakfast in bed.
- Fuck you.
- [LUKE.]
It's what you're getting, asshole, so eat it.
And what if I don't? What if I starve myself? What are you d-bags going to do about it then? Shit, I don't know.
What are we gonna do? Probably not do anything, right? - What do you think? - No.
Probably not.
Yeah, so just eat it.
What part of lactose intolerant don't you understand? Jesus Christ.
- Is that a real fucking thing? - I think it is.
- So, what happens if he eats it? - I don't know, maybe he shits a lot? Or farts? I hear it can be very uncomfortable for certain people, so So, what are we supposed to do? Get him some pretzels or something? I don't know.
Um, can I have a minute? I don't know, Gordie, we're not supposed to let anybody in here alone with him.
Luke can I have a minute? Yeah, you can have a minute.
We'll be right outside.
You come to work some nerd voodoo on me, Gordie? These are the casings on the bullets that killed my friend.
Whatever, fuck face, I didn't do anything.
It doesn't matter what you say, I know you did it.
- This is enough for me to know that.
- [DEWEY.]
You don't know shit And I wanted you to see that this is enough.
So you could be scared.
I pulled the bullets out of her body.
She wasn't shot in the back.
She saw you coming.
She knew she was gonna die.
I don't know what's going to happen to you or how you'll be punished but you should be scared.
Like she was.
Can't we just keep him in the fucking wine cellar? Probably not.
Maybe he likes it in there.
Well, there have to be consequences.
You do something fucked up, something happens.
If not, it all goes to shit.
I mean, I guess if we were home, there'd be a trial.
Yeah, we could do that.
Who's gonna be the judge? You? No.
You've, like, met me and everything, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Cassandra was my sister.
I can't be the judge.
Nobody would be down with that.
All people care about is feeling safe.
It's not like you're the one deciding whether Dewey's guilty.
You get a jury for that.
Maybe we could ask the kids from the honor board.
They, like, take pride in being super judgy assholes.
He'd need a lawyer.
Good luck finding somebody who would care enough to defend him.
I'm exhausted.
Should I sleep here again tonight? Is it annoying? I mean, you snore like a fucking snowblower.
I don't.
Well, whatever helps.
It helps.
I'm not saying, um that I ever have, but if I ever pictured having a sleepover with you, this isn't exactly what I thought it would be like.
No, this is what I thought it would be like.
Hey, man.
- Hey.
- You bring 'em? [CHUCKLES.]
No, I came all the way out here in the middle of the night and I didn't fucking bring them.
Next time you want something, business hours, okay? Yeah, all right.
Sorry, man.
All the shit with Dewey, man, it's just stressing me out.
Come on, Campbell, this is enough for like two days.
I might as well just go to the fucking pharmacy myself.
I think you'll find the cupboards a little bare.
Besides, you need to pace it.
I'm not a fucking lightweight! Okay? I know - I know how much I need! - Hey, not so loud.
What? Why? You think we're gonna get in trouble? Our parents can't fucking - No one can fucking hear us, man! - We need to be smart.
Harry, you need to be smarter than this.
I'm not a fucking child.
Then don't act like one.
- Pull yourself together, man.
- [SIGHS.]
Nice and clean, hey? Look at you.
Hmm? Nice and clean.
Drying off? Good, you're home.
Fuck, I can't believe that that little shit had it in him.
Can you? - Who? - Dewey! I mean, I I did not see it coming.
You know? At least now people will stop giving me that look.
What look? Fucking "you killed Cassandra" look.
'Cause honestly, if I had something to do with it, I'd be much more creative about it.
I'm kidding.
Jesus Christ, your face.
You think I'm really capable of hurting someone? No, of course not, I'd never think that.
You're such a good person.
What are you doing here? How'd you sleep? You're not supposed to be in here.
I was waiting for you to wake up, because you know seemed weird to beat on someone while they're sleeping.
Hey! Hey! Get off me, man! - What are you doing? - [BANG.]
The fuck, man? I'm gonna call for help! Go for it.
You do you.
Help! [GRUNTS.]
- There you - [BANG.]
Want to give it another try? [DEWEY SHOUTS.]
Help! Hel [GRUNTS.]
Hey, Dewey.
You're gonna tell me what you did to Cassandra.
I didn't do anything! - [CLARK.]
Not what I asked.
Fuckin' Tell me what you did to Cassandra! Fucking say it to me! [SHOUTS.]
I didn't do shit! I didn't touch that bitch! [GROANS.]
That's funny.
I'd kind of forgotten about you.
When we rolled up on your room today, I remembered.
You were, like, trying to grow facial hair or something back then, right? Is that Yeah.
Weird little patch of pubes all over your stupid fucking face.
- You thought you were hot shit.
My sister thought you were hot shit.
Real talk for a minute.
- I always thought you're fucking garbage.
Always treated her like shit! - Acted like you were better than her! - [DEWEY.]
Stop! Please, stop! Tell me what you did to Cassandra, and I'll fucking stop! [GRUNTS.]
I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything! [CRYING.]
I swear I didn't do anything! Dewey.
I'm in no rush.
- [LUKE.]
What the fuck, man? - Oh, that? He did that to himself.
Wanted him to say what he did.
Are you fucking insane? You can't just beat someone to try and get them to confess.
That's why we're having a trial, to be fair.
- Oh, right, the trial? - [ALLIE.]
We both know that shit's just pretend for you.
- Fuck you, Clark.
- And when it comes down to it, you're never gonna do what needs to be done.
You're relieved of your duty, Clark.
Right now.
Good luck with the whole justice thing.
Clean him up.
What happened to your hand? I maybe beat up Dewey a little.
Why? I wanted him to confess.
Did he? No.
I got interrupted.
Just let them handle it.
Okay? They'll figure out what to do with him.
But they won't.
They'll pussy out.
It's not your problem.
Allie doesn't have what it takes to handle this shit, - keep people in line.
- You don't know that, Clark.
Relax, they'll figure it out.
And maybe one day they'll find him dead in his cell.
Um, remember our first time? That summer we drove to the lake.
My mom thought I was at gymnastics.
You were so gentle.
I think you were afraid of hurting me.
You You held my hand after.
Told me you loved me.
- I don't think so.
- Helena? Please don't ask again.
I'm not the right person.
I'm going.
Good luck with this.
We can't have a trial unless we have someone to defend him.
Otherwise, it's just revenge.
It has to look like we're trying to do the right thing.
- Look like? - You know what I mean.
It has to be fair.
Otherwise You have some moral authority around here.
From church? No.
That's I have no idea what I'm doing, Allie.
That's the truth.
I'm faking it.
We're all faking it.
This is a fake cell.
Luke is a fake guard.
I mean, I tried out for mock trial in seventh grade.
I didn't make it.
What choice do we have? - He killed my sister.
And I don't want to be responsible for getting him off or for what you do to him if I don't.
You are responsible.
I'm asking you, and now you're responsible.
Whether you say yes or no, whatever happens to him is on your head, too.
Just like it's on mine.
Okay, let's start.
Hello? That works.
So, um I think when you do something for the first time, part of you thinks that you're just pretending.
I'm not this person, I'm just putting on the clothes.
And this is so weird.
I mean, we've all seen it on TV, but Actually, I think that just makes it worse.
A week before my sister died, um I was complaining about how crazy it was that we had to take care of everything.
You know, everything was our decision.
And she was like, "Really? Well, Alexander the Great conquered the whole world when he was our age.
" So Which was kind of annoying of her.
Well we own it all now.
The good and the bad.
And it's for real.
This is the trial of Greg Dewey, who is accused of the murder of Cassandra Pressman the night of June 23rd.
Gordie will be the prosecutor.
Helena is defending Dewey.
And you guys have to listen to everything carefully.
And at the end of the trial, you'll decide if he's guilty or not.
Everyone got it? Those were found near Cassandra's body on the morning after she died.
I found them.
They're the two casings to the two bullets that killed her.
Not the actual bullets.
You know, the casing get ejected after each bullet is fired.
The casings remain intact.
If you notice, they have a headstamp which indicates that they were made by a particular manufacturer.
It's a company called Precision Target.
I mean, they have "PT" on each of them.
Now, this is the gun that was found when the Guard raided Dewey's house.
Now, there's two bullets missing from the clip, and the bullets that remain have a visible headstamp.
" They match exactly the bullets that killed Cassandra.
- [DEWEY.]
This is bullshit.
- [ALLIE.]
Dewey! - They planted that.
- Dewey.
Hey, man.
Shut up.
- This is bullshit.
I have some questions.
Does this prove that Dewey's gun is the gun that shot Cassandra? Do you mean, is it possible that even though no other gun we found, not one, had the exact same two bullets missing? And even though Dewey's is missing exactly two and had fresh powder residue in the chamber? I mean, is this some sort of incredible coincidence? Yeah.
That's what I mean.
I mean, I guess.
Because you didn't search every house, right? And even the houses you searched, they could have been hiding the gun they used.
That would make sense, wouldn't it? Well, these are pretty rare bullets from a very small manufacturer.
You're not answering the question.
It would be a big coincidence.
But possible.
Anything's possible.
Another thing.
Dewey has bruises all over him.
Yeah, they fucking beat me.
- We had a problem guarding him.
It won't happen again.
You arrest him, you beat him up.
- It's not relevant.
- It's not relevant how the people - in charge of this prosecution behaved? - It was a mistake.
It has nothing to do with whether he's guilty or not.
Move on.
We were just talking, talking shit, whatever, and he basically just came out and said it, that he killed her.
You fucking asshole! Dewey, sit down, or I'll have the Guard remove you.
You were saying? He had this creepy smile, like he was proud of himself.
So, he confessed? Basically.
Basically? Mm-hmm.
Were those his exact words? "I killed her.
" Not his exact words, but that's what he fucking meant.
Why? Why would he say that to you? Why would he confess to you? He thought it would make me happy.
Make you happy? That Cassandra was dead.
Why would he think that? I don't know.
I guess 'cause he thought we were rivals in high school.
Why should we believe you? You say that Dewey confessed to you, but it's your word against his.
Maybe you put the gun in his house.
Maybe you set him up.
That's not what happened.
It's just your word.
Maybe you're lying.
'Cause I look really good right now.
I didn't need to do this.
Do you want to be here doing this? Defending him? I don't want to be here.
I'm only here because I have no other fucking choice.
He killed her.
And if we don't do something about it, he's going to kill someone else.
Probably me, so No further questions.
Is that what I'm supposed to say? [SIGHS.]
Have you seen Charlie? - [CAMPBELL.]
Uh, who's Charlie? - The dog.
Oh, the dog.
I was in the shower for, uh, like a minute.
He was asleep on my bed, and now I can't find him.
You mean our bed, right? Right.
Well, maybe you left the back door open.
No, I checked the back door It was locked.
Well, did you check under the bed? I checked everywhere.
I don't understand where else he could be.
Are you sure you haven't seen him? No, I don't think so.
I'm sorry, I know how much the dog meant to you.
I guess it's back to just you and me.
That's not so bad, right? Right.
- You want me to stay inside with you? - No.
You can wait out here.
Did they get you something to eat? [DEWEY.]
Fuck you.
You don't give a shit about me.
I know this isn't going your way.
They're going to convict you tomorrow.
Yeah, no shit.
Like that wasn't the plan.
I know you killed her.
I just need to know why.
Why is my sister dead? Did you just feel like killing someone? Huh? Did you hate her? Did she do something to you? What? I'm not telling you shit.
Really? 'Cause I'm the one that has to sentence you tomorrow! So, maybe you want to reconsider! Why did you do it? Who helped you? I don't think you'll be so smug when I pronounce your punishment.
And then it'll be too late.
This is a joke.
A trial? A verdict? It's total bullshit.
You're gonna sentence me? To what, life in a wine cellar? I don't think that's what you should be afraid of.
What, you gonna kill me? You can't do that.
Tell me why you did it.
Tell me if someone helped you.
You want me to say Campbell did it? Is that what you want? No.
I don't want you to fucking lie.
I really need to know.
Okay, fine, Harry.
It was Harry - Fuck you, Dewey! - Both of them, Campbell and Harry! What do you want me to say? Please! Tell me what you just want me to say! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Do you have a verdict? You want to ? Guilty.
- We find him guilty.
Thank you to the jury for doing its job.
Now it's up to me to decide his sentence.
It could take a while.
Guards, will you take him back to his cell? Um, everyone, we can all go home.
I wanna say something.
Tell her I wanna say something.
Wait, wait.
If he wants to make a statement, just let him go.
He wants to make a statement.
Everyone, can you come back and sit? Dewey has something to say.
Cassandra was a fucking bitch.
So is her sister and her black boyfriend that makes all the rules.
You make me sick, you fucking murderer! [SHOUTS.]
Be quiet! Let him say what he thinks.
So are all the women here.
Fucking bitches who won't give us the time of day, who think we owe them everything? I killed Cassandra for everyone because she had it coming.
Because on the night of prom, we were all Harry's house, and he said he wished she was dead.
- And he knows it! And everybody who hated that bitch knows it.
That's fucking bullshit! [DEWEY.]
And Campbell helped me plan it.
- He was there, he planned the whole thing.
- Hey, wait! Wait! So, fuck all of you! [CAMPBELL.]
All right, he's obviously a fucking liar.
I'm not I'm not fucking listening to this anymore.
Campbell, get back to your seat.
Sit down, Campbell.
Get the fuck out of my way! - [JASON.]
No, sit down.
Now you know.
Allie! You put him up to this? What do you want us to do? Arrest him.
Are you [GUY SHOUTS.]
Campbell, you're done! - [GIRL 1.]
Lock him up! - [GIRL 2.]