The Son (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Previously on AMC's "The Son" I'd rather die than be a slave.
Who blew up my rig?! Let the people know in your heart you're a Comanche.
We start killing folks like the old days, it's gonna become a habit.
[BLADE SQUISHES] This club is my hiding place.
[MOANS] I'm not running off with a married man.
And it's a mile on the wrong side of my neighbor's fence.
Pedro García ain't gonna go without a fight.
Get that dynamite ready.
Come on.
Daddy? [GRUNTS] [BREATHES DEEPLY] It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on.
Come on, Son.
Let's get those chains off you.
[WEAKLY] Okay.
Top of the morning, Pete.
I do admire that beard.
ELI: Get in the car, Niles.
Sure thing, Colonel.
Nice, Jonas.
Ah, that bit there.
Did you hear that? Did you hear the joke? What? The joke.
People think Bach is cold and mathematical, but here he's having some fun with us by weaving in some melodic quotes from some popular songs.
That, in German, is called a quodlibet, which is what he named this section.
See, this line is from a popular German folk song called "Kraut und Ruben.
" Did you get the joke? I thought jokes were supposed to be funny.
Well, to a German, that is funny.
You sassin' your teacher? Uh, no.
No, no.
He's He's fine.
Okay, now let's move on to the Aria.
All right.
Too many damn vaqueros.
I almost just got spotted.
Now, there are some ranch roads between here and Los Herrera.
If we're lucky, we we can get picked up on a ride.
I need you to get changed.
We can't stay in this barn.
I'm sorry.
We need to keep moving.
I can't reckon what's in your mind right now.
But I want want you to know one thing.
My daddy's gonna pay for what he did.
I promise you.
I will gut that son of a bitch, no matter what it takes.
I don't care what happens to me.
I'm gonna kill him.
No, you won't.
What? You heard me.
You're weak.
Always have been.
[EXHALES] [BREATHING DEEPLY] Lean your head back.
That's good.
How'd you find me, anyway? Oh, spread enough cash around, you can unearth the Lost Ark of the Covenant.
What do the kids think? Oh, they think you're a hero.
How's that? Well, you crossed the border into Mexico chasing bandits, and that was the last anyone ever heard of you.
[HORSE WHINNIES IN DISTANCE] And what child doesn't want to believe their Daddy is a paladin? You know, there's a lot to be said for wild country, country that's not in love with keeping track of where a man is every second of every day.
Used to be like that in Texas.
You didn't like your life, you could pick up.
Move on.
Be somewhere else.
Be somebody new.
Don't squirm when I'm talking to you straight.
You have no idea what you did to this family.
The hole you left.
Nobody grieved.
Nobody moved on.
We all held out hope that you'd be back.
Four months of waiting.
Four months of uncertainty.
It was hell, but we did it.
And you incurred a debt.
If you come back, you're back for good.
You tore Sally up and you broke those kids' hearts and I never want to see that happen again.
You gotta promise me you are in this.
And if you can't, then I'll buy you a horse and send you on your way, tell everyone that you died in the arms of Montezuma.
The thought of seeing them is the only thing that kept me alive.
I need to hear the words.
I promise.
Glad to have you back, Son.
WOMAN: You see, that "60 Minutes" piece proved me right.
You give these people mountains of money, and all they do is shake their swords at each other.
[CHUCKLES] Before us, they were living in tents.
Now they're shitting in gold-plated toilets.
I tell you what, this Hussein moron is pissing in the face of OPEC saying quotas don't matter.
Well, that's gonna shave off a buck a barrel easy, you watch.
There's gonna be a war over this.
Maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming.
[KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS] Dickie, I gotta run.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, Miss McCullough - Happy birthday to you - Rosa, I swear you tried to put 85 candles on that thing, didn't you? I tried.
It's from Baskin-Robbins.
Oh, my.
We know it's your favorite.
Oh, bless your hearts.
[CHUCKLES] I'm touched, truly.
Now what to wish for? Hell, I always pick the same thing.
[CHUCKLES] [COUGHS] Let's open some champagne.
I remember my granddaddy giving a birthday toast from these steps.
Oh, 'course, he was about my age.
I-I don't wanna tell you how long ago that was.
He has been dead many years now but I still feel like he's whispering in my ear.
Usually something profane, but spot on.
[LAUGHTER] We stay connected to our kin.
Least I think so.
And we stay connected to places too.
Like this drafty old house.
And the land that its bones rest upon.
It's all part of me.
Maybe part of you.
Rosa, your grandmamma Inez cared for this house when I was just a tadpole.
As did your momma, and now you.
Now, that is a legacy.
And that means somethin'.
My children have scattered to the four corners, pursuing their own lives.
I don't resent that.
But, oh, I do miss 'em on days like this.
And having y'all around, it it makes a difference.
Well, now I'm just getting maudlin.
[SIGHS] To legacy.
It's all you got in the end.
I like what you said about legacy.
Ulises, right? Yes, ma'am.
[CLEARS THROAT] Where your people from? Not too far across the border.
You ever get home? No.
Your parents were well-read I'll bet, picking that name.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] They had a lot of books.
Grandparents too.
You get those hornet nests cleaned out? Yes, ma'am.
You expecting me to tip you? [CHUCKLES] Uh, no, ma'am.
But there is, um, one thing.
Out with it, come on.
If you need help in your stables, I could be useful.
I been riding rodeos since I was ten.
Just wanted you to know that I have other skills.
That's quite a pair of balls you got there.
I've never punished a man for that.
I'll talk to Jorge, see if we can find you a slot in the stables.
Thank you, Miss McCullough.
But you only got one chance.
You mess up one of my mares, I'll have you shipped south tout suite.
I won't let you down.
[GUN COCKS] [GUN CLICKS] [GOAT BLEATS, CHICKENS CLUCKING ] [INDISTINCT TALKING] Now I'll grant you, Mexican women are not generally distinguished for beauty, but I'm partial.
I find any deficiency of feature mitigated by their full and voluptuous figures.
They are some pumpkins, as the Missourians like to say Mind tellin' me why Niles Gilbert's here? I put him on payroll.
He's useful.
He lynched a man in front of my son.
He really knows who burned down his bar.
Better to keep our assholes inside our pants.
Reckon so.
Well, we best get movin'.
[GOAT BLEATS] [ENGINE STARTS] [BRAKES SQUEAL] I thought you said this road was clear.
That's what the comerciante said.
PETE: I count nine.
- W-Where you goin'? - What's he up to? Hold on to this.
PETE: Hola, Capitán.
[MURMURING] Me llamo Peter McCullough.
¿Norteamericano? Sí, sí, sí.
These men and I, uh, we're ranchers from the Rio Grande Valley.
Your men and mine, we share a common enemy.
Is that right? The sediciocos.
The bandits they come over the border.
They steal our cattle.
We hate them as much as you do.
We lost them over in the hills.
Coming here was a big mistake.
The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.
ITambién odiamos Los americanos! Boy's not that bright, is he? But he's the only one I've got.
Please don't shoot him.
You'll break a father's heart.
And you'll hurt yourselves.
How is that? Your Presidente needs Wilson to recognize him as the legitimate leader of Mexico.
Dead Americans won't help his cause.
Plus we'll shoot back.
All I want is to get my people home in time for Christmas.
Will you let us pass? Go.
Don't come back.
Merry Christmas.
[HUSHED] What the hell were you thinking? [INDISTINCT TALKING] [CAR DOORS OPEN] [CAR DOORS CLOSE] Whoo! Here they come! [ENGINES SHUT OFF] [CAR DOORS OPEN] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] Go on, Son.
Give your wife a kiss.
Kill the fatted calf! Our prodigal son has returned! - [DICE RATTLE] - I'll take a card.
You're up.
Can we focus on the game? I wanna know what's goin' on.
You're a little snoop is what's goin' on.
I don't believe Daddy was in Mexico chasing bandits.
Why not? Just doesn't sound like somethin' he'd do.
- Hmm.
- There's gotta be some other reason he got thrown in jail.
He shot a bunch of Mexicans.
You get thrown in jail for that, dummy.
A white fella gets caught killing Mexicans in Mexico They don't let him out again, dummy.
C'mon, Charles.
Your move.
- [DICE RATTLE] - Yeah.
The house looks good.
Fixed up.
Gus did the work.
New foreman.
Used to be a bulldogger.
Lotta new faces.
Gonna take some gettin' used to.
Black faces, you mean.
Well [CHUCKLES] Most of our Tejano hands moved on.
Given all that happened.
Don't reckon I blame 'em.
Let's stop pussy-footin' around.
Where is she? Where is? Do I really have to say it? I took her over the border To keep her alive, that's all.
You need to understand that.
ELI: We understand.
[SCOFFS] Continue.
We parted ways in Los Herrera.
[CHUCKLES LIGHTLY] I ran afoul of some muchachos, and soldiers arrested me.
You all know the rest.
[INHALES] Now, Pete, when you and Miss García parted ways, did she mention where she was headed? I didn't ask.
I thought it would be better for her health.
I'm gonna go see my kids now.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [DICE RATTLE] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATION IN DISTANCE] So, I'm fixin' to drive out to the Ole cedar grove and dig us up a Christmas tree.
Anyone wanna keep their old man company? Yeah, sure, be good to get out of this house.
I seen some good ones up at north end.
Bug? What do you say? Do I have to? No.
Course not.
I'll stay here then.
[FOOTSTEPS] [DICE LAND] [DOOR OPENS] Out of curiosity.
That day at the García house.
Were there any Mexican bandits there at all? Or did you just kill women, children and servants? You know what happened.
Yeah, I know the story you fed me.
We took fire.
We retaliated in kind.
Niles Gilbert was there, and so was the Law & Order League.
And you had him calling the shots.
So, I got a pretty good idea how it went down.
It's a hard world, Sal.
The Garcías had oil, You wanted it, so you took it.
That's a choice.
Don't blame it on the world.
You're the one lit a bomb under this family.
Pete is the way he is 'cause of you.
You selfish, vicious old man.
Pete's home.
That's a lot for you to absorb.
I completely understand.
"Top hat.
" [CHUCKLES] Top hat.
I look good.
Bring that to your wife.
Maybe she'll like you more.
My wife likes me fine.
[HORSE NEIGHS] Tiehteti.
What is wrong? This house reminds me of something.
[SCREAMING, GUNSHOTS] [HORSE NEIGHS] [MATCH STRIKES] [RUSTLING IN DISTANCE] PETE: All right, boys, put it in the corner over there.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Get your hand under.
Well, that's gonna make one fine Christmas tree.
[GRUNTS] Hey, might I borrow your daddy for a spell? Why don't you boys go grab some food.
CHARLES: Sure thing.
JONAS: Sounds good.
[FOOTSTEPS DEPART] How's Sally? [EXHALES] She hung your clothes in the guest room.
Well, she's got every right.
- Where are we goin'? - Up to see the Colonel.
He wants to take you out on a job.
Oh, I I ain't ready.
[SIGHS] Daddy and I, we had many conversations about whether or not to bring you home, and I just gotta tell you, I was I was against it.
Well, what do you expect? You stood against our family.
I was on the right side of that and you know it.
You see, you're such a good man, Pete.
You're so decent.
But you're also unreliable.
And forced to choose between good and reliable, I choose reliable every time and so do those kids.
Now you may feel all warm going Christmas tree shopping, but you weren't here.
You weren't here to see Jonas cry, or Charles beating his chest just trying to be the man of house at his age, or seeing the hardness growing in Jeannie's eyes.
Your idea of a good man needs to include being here for them.
I ain't goin' anywhere.
Well, in case you haven't noticed, the only way back in is through him.
So, c'mon.
PHINEAS: These are the surrounding ranches.
We've been buying up the mineral rights from our neighbors.
The red tracts are the properties we got so far.
So we're wildcatters now? The minute we hit a gusher, those leases will be like printing money.
We'll control all the oil in South Texas.
I see a lot of red.
How'd y'all pay for it? Creatively.
The García wells Here, here and here Are very productive.
García No.
3 in particular.
García No.
3? I didn't name it.
The surveyor did.
Now, Percy Midkiff.
He has declined to sell me his mineral rights.
How come? He thinks Daddy's a pagan savage.
[CHUCKLES] He has no idea.
Seems this Christ-venerating neighbor of ours has designed a plan to enrich himself at our expense.
Percy has set up his wells all along here.
He's drilling slantways to hook my oil.
This act of thievery ends tonight.
What are you planning on doing? Gum up his wells, break his drill bits.
Once that cement dries, Percy will be the proud owner of five cracked drill assemblies, which he bought on credit.
He'll have no choice but to sell to us.
Why do you want me along? Why Why not Phineas? You and I have been working at cross-purposes.
We gotta fix that.
That's it.
Keep it comin'.
Right up on the edge here.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Get it in there.
Got four more.
C'mon, boys.
Bring that second tub around.
Get it over here.
[VEHICLES APPROACHING] Gus! I see headlights! Someone's comin'! Get those trucks back to the ranch! Pete! Get over here.
[GUNSHOTS] Let's get these fellas on our tails.
Come on.
Hyah! Hyah! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] [GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOT] Hyah! [GUNSHOTS] [HORSE NEIGHS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] [GUNSHOTS] Pete! [GUNSHOTS CONTINUES] [HORSES NEIGHING] [INSECTS CHIRPING] [BIRDS CHIRPING] You think if I give my top hat to Red Bird, he'll send his wife to my tipi? I like his wife.
I think Red Bird would punch you.
It'd be worth it, though.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
Eli! Eli! [CRYING] Who did this? [SOBBING] Apaches.
They They It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Toshaway! Toshaway! [GROANS] How was Mexico? Get more horses? Scalps? I shouldn't have left.
I should have stayed here.
Shut up.
We needed the horses.
Who knew the Apaches would grow balls all of a sudden? [CHUCKLES WEAKLY] - They must have been watching.
- Mm.
They must have known the warriors were gone.
Sneaky little bastards, huh? So, what are we gonna do? [EXHALES DEEPLY] [INHALES SHARPLY, GROANS] God! Why, you ELI: Aw, geez! God! [GROANS] Is Poco Bueno back? Yeah.
Nothing but a greenstick fracture.
Gus is patching him up now.
Sounds like I missed quite the little dust up.
I've seen worse.
Did they spot you at the wells? Oh, no.
It was too dark.
Could have been anyone mucking around out there.
But the damage is done.
I'm proud of you both.