The Son (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

The Blind Tiger

GUS: Thinkin' we move the rest of the herd - down to the south end.
- Yep.
I guess we burn all the dead ones, huh? Not much choice Flies have got to 'em.
- Yeah.
- Make sure you're downwind of the house.
- You got it, boss.
- Thanks, Gus.
'Preciate it.
Hey, never seen anything like this.
Any idea who hit us? The Colonel's workin' on it now.
It's been two hours.
What'd you find out? South Texas Improvement Company It was formed less than a week ago.
No employees listed, just domiciled in Pennsylvania, as a matter of fact.
It's a blind tiger for a Mr.
Roy Endicott.
Rockefeller's boy.
- Thank you.
- Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? It's me, Daddy.
Is there anything else? I'll call if I need you.
How is the first son of Texas this morning? He's an asshole.
It's a comfort to know some things never change.
- Eat something.
- Not in the mood.
So, what's going on? You summon me to your house in the middle of the night, which is pretty reckless.
You didn't have to come.
Actually, I find it attractive.
But it's not at all like you.
So, what did he do? Nothing, just no matter what problem I solve, miracle I perform enemy I vanquish it will never, ever be enough for that old bastard.
It's easy to overlook someone who does everything right and does it well.
Yeah, you don't know the half of it.
Company's going to Pete.
Aw, Finn, I'm sorry.
He is grooming Pete to run things things I already know how to do, mind you.
I'll be stuck here, in Austin, greasing the wheels, living in God damn exile.
I'll try not to be offended by that.
You don't need to hear this.
Just that Pete doesn't give a damn about the business.
He sabotages our interests.
He aids our enemies.
Colonel rewards him anyway, over me.
I wonder why.
Daddy will never admit to that.
Oh, no, no.
He will not do me that one dignity.
Instead he says that I am weak and incapable of securing his precious legacy.
My daddy doesn't speak to me.
Hasn't since he kicked me out of the house 17 years ago.
No matter how much success I find, I will always be that boy he walked in on bent over in the preacher's shed.
You never told me about that.
Been saving up.
So, now you have a choice You can follow orders or you can walk away.
You have the connections and the means to be your own man.
It ain't that simple.
Yes, it is.
- JEANNIE: It's awful.
How can the do this? JONAS: It's disgusting.
- Who did this? - Was it the sediciosos? Bandits steal cows.
They don't ride all the way up here just to cut them into little pieces.
I'm gonna find out who did this.
I promise.
You kids don't need to worry.
W-What if next time, they come for us? The men who did this are cowards in the night, scared to show their faces.
We're gonna find them.
We're gonna make 'em real sorry they ever set foot on our land.
- You got that? - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Daddy? I think that little one lost her mamma.
PETE: I think you're right.
I tell you what, Bug, You tend to that dogie, she's yours.
You can even pocket the money when we take her to market.
- You look angry.
- Yeah, I'm angry.
It's like the Old Testament out there.
It's a God damn massacre.
35 head, splayed out in a thousand bits and pieces.
It's got Jonas scared.
Jeannie, she's putting on a brave face, but I know when she's upset.
Well, she's strong.
She shouldn't have to be! She's a child.
You're right! You should be angry.
You should be mad as hell.
Those were your top-end cattle out there.
Where you going? To see our good friend Eugene "Buddy" Monahan.
This has his fingerprints all over it.
Turns out, he's in bed with Standard.
Which one? Pennsylvania.
These guys will try to come in here, take what's ours, and give us pennies on the dollar.
I'm going with you.
Suit yourself.
How are the kids? They'll be okay.
We're gonna fix this.
- You and the Colonel together? I'm trying, Sally.
I really am.
Morning, gentlemen.
PETE: I want a word with you outside.
- You're Pete, right? - Now! Boy's got some kick in 'im.
You told me you were from Lubbock.
That I did.
Hard to imagine a real Texan coming onto another man's land in the dead of night and mutilating his cattle.
I'd expect that kind of turpitude from a foreigner, like that Roy Endicott over at Standard Oil.
I heard about your stock.
That's generations of breeding all gone to waste, and it's a damn shame.
But I can assure you, I had nothing to do with the incident.
Hell, 'round here, that sort of thing'll get you hanged.
Why, just last week somebody poured cement down five drill holes belonging to your neighbor, ran him straight out of business.
Poor old Percy Midkiff.
Had to sell his mineral rights.
Sold 'em to you, I believe.
You got 13 leases over 300 square-miles.
Now, that's a lot to look after.
A producing well can get vandalized at any time.
Fires are right common on the oil patch, Or any number of tribulations could befall you and yours.
On your own, seems to me, you're vulnerable.
Threats don't work on us.
My friend my employers have resources to beggar the imagination.
And you You can no more stave them off than the Comanche could stop the settling of the West.
I want you to leave town now.
If you do this, I will take no action against you.
So that's it, huh? No room to negotiate? Come on, Pete.
Colonel [SIGHS.]
Will you let me make you rich? That's what I want more than anything.
Do take care.
- Dad.
- Yeah? We have to do something.
How do you want to respond? You, more than anyone, have been wronged by this man.
Nothing brings a family together like a declaration of war.
Something like that.
- - [COUGHS.]
Take mine.
Killing the horses, it's [SPEAKING COMANCHE.]
The Caddo They kill horses.
We have more honor than that.
I want our daughter to know our people are proud.
How do you know it's a girl? I know.
What if this is a warning? [SPEAKING COMANCHE.]
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna find another band soon.
You okay? We did what we had to.
Now we keep going towards the Mexico border.
They left bent branches as a sign.
- Are they close? - [SIGHS.]
It's hard to tell.
The tracks are old.
It's another band.
It's good news.
They have to take us in, don't they? [SIGHS.]
It is a custom.
So, what's the problem? I know their chief.
Is he an enemy? He's my son.
MONAHAN: No, that's it for me.
I told you.
- Night.
You guys would stay in there all night.
I know you would.
SHERIFF DART: Excuse me.
I'm lookin' for a fella by the name of Buddy Monahan.
Well, you found him.
Good evening to you, Sheriff.
What can I help you with? I'm trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Colonel McCullough's 35 head.
It's all right, boys.
It's all right.
It's all right.
This here's a man of the law.
We're gonna show him all due respect.
Now, this here's my lawyer.
If you give him a call, I'm sure we can clear all this up lickety-split.
A Philadelphia lawyer.
And look at this paper, real fancy.
I've never seen paper like this.
Boys, check this out.
But my budget is tight, sir.
I don't think I can afford the long-distance charges.
So let's take a ride instead.
Now, Sheriff, I'm sure there's an agreement we can reach.
I've got resources at my disposal.
All right.
We'll see about that.
I'll call the lawyer.
Colonel, Pete, here's your boy.
ELI: Well, much obliged.
And you tell Sadie I really enjoyed that pie you brought over.
Sure will.
She'll be tickled that you said so.
Good man.
Well, I'll leave you boys to it.
Good evening, now.
- Sheriff, this isn't right! - [CAR DOOR CLOSES.]
My daddy told you to get out of town.
You should've listened.
Well, I had little say in the matter, 'cause I work for a ruthless son of a bitch that don't take "no" for an answer! [SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT.]
When the Comanche would capture an enemy, they had a great many ways of dealing with 'em.
Sometimes, they would put a captive in a hole about like the one you're standing in right now [DIRT FALLING.]
pack in the dirt around him [SIGHS.]
and bury him up to his head.
And then, they'd carefully slice off his eyelids, leave 'em out there to slowly go blind.
It's not about taking a man's life.
It's about conquering his spirit.
You're just a messenger, but you can take this message to your master.
You may have all the resources from here to kingdom come, but Standard Oil will never get into south Texas for a reason.
We fought off the Indians, the Mexicans, the Apache, and the Comanche.
So if Roy Endicott wants to do battle, he should know the climate here is inhospitable.
You might want to start walkin'.
Buzzards'll catch wind of you before long.
Camp is close.
These tracks will lead us there.
Get me a robe.
It's a good name for you.
What's wrong? He's hurt.
Why didn't you say? [SPEAKS COMANCHE.]
Tiehteti is helping me to talk like white men.
Good, huh? [LIGHT LAUGHTER.]
Toshaway taught me.
He loves the whites.
He was a translator at the Council House fight.
He translated the words of Spirit Talker and got our people shot.
I never heard that story.
It's my son's favorite.
Why don't we smoke? [SPEAKS COMANCHE.]
Smoke for Tiehteti.
If Pathetic White Boy is such a great warrior, why doesn't he change his name? Can I do that? My son is proud of the name his father gave him.
Our people respect him for his bravery and strength, not for what he calls himself.
I like that they paint pictures on skins.
We should do that, too, tell stories for our daughter.
Some from the band where I was born, some from here.
Hey, what's wrong? Why do you think Fat Wolf left the Buffalo Eaters? How'd he end up with this band? Um, met a girl, maybe? I know it's been years, but you didn't hear anything about him when when you first got to Toshaway's camp? Before I got there? Before you got there there was nothing.
No moon, no stars, no wind in the grasses.
You're not funny.
The world didn't exist until the great Eli was born.
I'm trying to be serious.
You're very bad at it.
Be happy.
We found a new home.
I think there's bad blood between Toshaway and his son.
I don't know.
Makes me nervous.
What are you worried about? You know Toshaway and his temper.
Fat Wolf says something, he's gonna say something back.
If we get exiled the baby [SPEAKING COMANCHE.]
We can live here for many years with our daughter.
You mean our son.
Oh, hold on.
No, no, it's definitely a son.
You're already doing it.
I brought you a gift.
It's the best thing I own.
Toshaway calls you his son.
There are better things to be.
I'm grateful you welcomed us here.
It was a hard decision for you.
I never said you could stay.
No, I guess you didn't.
When I first came to the Yapuruka kahni, I had to prove myself, that I was strong [SPEAKING COMANCHE.]
That is how I became Paraiboo.
I know Toshaway, better than you, I think.
He is weak for now, but soon he will become strong.
These are my numi, my people.
And if Toshaway tries to take them from me, I will kill him.
Hi, Maria.
You look well.
How are ya? Holding up? I'm good.
Thank you for asking.
Not many people out today.
Yes, I imagine most are home spending time with their families.
I expect they are.
I'm sorry, um I've got errands to attend to, but it was nice to see you, Maria.
You take care, now.
Tell your family Merry Christmas from me.
I will.
Wentworth? Mr.
Wentworth? Are you there? Did I miss a lesson? Where's Jonas? No, um, do you have a telephone? Yes, uh, but it belongs to the landlord.
I'm not supposed to use it.
I'll pay for whatever it costs.
Where is it? - Uh, well, it's back there.
- Thank you.
Uh, b-but I A-Also, uh, it's a mess.
SALLY: I won't look.
- WOMAN: Operator.
- Operator, hello? Yes.
I need Austin, Texas, Riverside 2078.
Hold, please.
Thank you.
- MARTA: Hello? - Marta? Hi.
Yeah, it's Mrs.
Is Mr.
Phineas in the office? No, ma'am, he's out right now.
No? Oh, um Just when he gets back, have him give me a call at the ranch.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
- Yes.
Can I come in? It's your room.
Can I sit? I'm sorry about your cattle.
T-That's That's why you're so upset.
- Yes.
- Right, yeah.
Um very scary.
How's Jonas? Practicin', I hope.
He better be, given what the lessons cost.
Well, I'm sure you don't miss it.
I am so sorry.
I thought that that would be something funny to say, but that sounded terrible.
It's all right.
Um I should go.
I'm Here, for the phone call.
Oh, no, no, please.
I-I don't want your money.
If I don't give it to you, I'll probably just light it on fire or something.
Oh, okay, okay.
Hey, can you hold on for just a minute? I have something I want to offer you.
It really helps me when I'm having a bad day.
I can't sleep sometimes.
Yeah, I just lay here, and I find myself thinking about about what's happening in Europe, or I'll just wander off thinking about music or the war.
And so I take this, and, uh, it just kind of relaxes me a little bit.
What do you do with it? You smoke it.
- Please.
- What is it? Well, the granjeros call this mota.
So, just take it home with you.
Might grant you a little peace of mind.
I know.
I know.
You're hungry.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna let you starve.
You're gonna grow big and strong.
I know.
How's she doing? She's hungry.
Why didn't you get her on Miss Lotty? I tried.
Lotty wouldn't have it.
She licked a bit at the milk I threw, but that's where it ended.
You find out who did it? Yeah.
Nothin' to worry about.
Some people trying to bully us into doing business their way.
You going after 'em? You bet we are.
It's oil, isn't it? Yeah.
It's like a curse.
If I could just pump it all back into the ground, I would.
Maybe the Garcías would still be here, and this calf would still have her mama.
And maybe Maybe you wouldn't have left us.
No, sweetheart, no.
None of this is your fault.
It's mine.
Now, don't you for a second think you've done anything wrong.
You're the most wonderful, thoughtful, kind little girl in the whole world.
Everything that feels upside down 'round here, that's my fault.
You and Mamma still love each other, right? Of course we do.
You believe me? Good.
What's that on your neck? It's a bruise.
I-I, um I got it in jail.
We got the mess cleaned up.
Glad to hear it.
Daddy and I talked to the fella who hit our stock.
- And? - Sent a strong message.
Don't expect to see him back here anytime soon.
How are things? Fine.
Well, now.
This is a surprise.
What can I do for you? I saw Maria García.
Where? In town, in Mrs.
Carter's boarding house.
Now you know.
I expect you'll do something about it.
Evening, Mr.
- Mr.
- Miss García.
Won't you come in? Don't mind if I do.
You sure? He was there to see her, and she was expectin' him.
We're gonna need bigger dogs in this fight.
I'm coming to Austin.
- When? - Now.
I want a face-to-face tomorrow with the attorney general.
That's a tall order.
Just get it done.
The bags are in the back, sir.
Just drive.