The Son (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Somebody Get a Shovel

1 You gentlemen wanna say anything before we get started? Anyone? Okay.
The matter at hand is the sale of McCullough Oil.
This here is the contract Mr.
Sweeney was kind enough to send over to my office, unsolicited, oh so many weeks ago.
Now, I've used this as the basis for a counteroffer.
There's no counter.
Excuse me? That deal is off the table.
Here is our latest offer.
Listen to me, you shitgrinning afterbirth.
I came here to treat with you, and you will hear my conditions.
I want a full half of everything that comes out of the ground, every cent in oil, every dollar in gas half of everything right down the middle, before the taxman gets it.
Also, I want the photo negatives and any other dirt you've collected on my boy.
We keep my name.
"McCullough" on the papers, "McCullough" on the trucks, and I want my boy Pete here front and center.
This is a family business, and I want this family at the center of whatever it is you call this partnership.
Is that it? Yeah.
That's it.
Excuse me? That offer your lawyer marked up was made to a man who had things to offer in return, a man with a name, a man with resources to build on.
You got no money, you got no friends, and all the ranchers that used to kiss your ass have all turned against you in favor of a bigger piece of meat.
And of course, that sodomite son of yours is never gonna sit on the Railroad Commission.
You got Miss García to thank for that last part, by the way.
Perceptive woman.
You shit-town Caesars carry yourselves like royalty, but to me and my backers, you're nothing but a collection of parts.
When something breaks, price goes down.
You thought you was fighting a war, but we was just doing business.
And I do it better than you.
So, you're gonna take that deal because that deal's commensurate with your current value, which is the value of every other south Texas boob I've had to meet with in this godforsaken little town.
You get an eighth, just like everyone else.
You're gonna sign my paper, and then you're gonna shake my hand because that is how business is done.
Well-played, Mr.
Well? "Well" what? Well, what the hell are you boys staring at? Somebody get a shovel.
The Son 2x07 Somebody Get a Shovel PETE: What the hell were you thinking? [PETE AND CHARLES ARGUING INDISTINCTLY.]
CHARLES: I wasn't gonna let that happen, okay? Exactly what were you thinking? I wasn't thinking.
It just happened.
You really gone and done it this time, Eli.
You really gone and done it.
Eh, you're both right in thinking that I lost it.
Well, you can gloat on it tomorrow.
Tonight, we clean up this mess.
PHINEAS: Pete, head home.
Grab the quicklime and the shovels.
There's a tarp in the truck.
You got a mop and a bucket? - I do.
- Show it to me.
ELI: When you're done, Finn, fetch the Sheriff.
I'll deal with the bodies.
All right.
You two, get to it.
Charles, c'mon.
I wanna stay with the Colonel.
- You're coming with me.
- Pete.
Pete We can use the boy's hands.
Do what you want.
It used to be, you had a problem with a man, you settled it and you left him there.
Wasn't no reason to clean up.
Soldiers don't need to hide.
Hiding things is for slaves.
When you were at war and the enemy fell, you just moved on and let the body go the way of nature.
Animals always eat the soft parts of a man first eyes, nose, cheeks.
- Ooh-whee! Oh.
It's just you, Sheriff.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
I told you it was bad.
This is more than bad.
I'm gonna need your help, Moses.
I ain't getting paid enough for this.
My piece of the pie just got a whole lot bigger.
I just need to make sure you're all in.
Why is that, Colonel? We got one more stop after this.
You're a good man.
NILES: Never sing about the bad girls 'Cause the bad girls are sad They always sing about the good girls [SIGHS.]
'Cause the good girls are glad Till you've been around 'em once or twice You can't tell the naughty from the nice [DOOR OPENS.]
I'm just passin' the time.
It's bad enough I have to look at you.
I don't want to hear you.
Well, we're both working for Roy Endicott, so we're on the same side now.
Just stop.
Pbht! [SIGHS.]
Ingrate! There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl They're all the same I had a dream I met the devil It was the devil to pay He said, "I'm awfully busy, on the level" I said the devil, you - Hold it right there.
- Put the gun down.
- I will not.
- You gotta get her out of here, Niles.
I'm not kidding around.
Buddy Monahan is dead.
Why don't you go pull on the other one, Pete? No games.
Monahan, the two hired guns, and the barrister all dead.
She's next, I think.
You ain't sure? You wanna stay and find out? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
There's a little shack at the crossing at Blackridge.
I'll meet you as soon as I can.
What's happening? Go with Niles and wait.
He'll keep you safe.
I'll come and meet you as soon as I can.
- Why? - My father's coming for you.
You need to leave right now.
Don't ask questions.
Just trust me.
Our people are going to want to know who did this.
Are you gong to tell them? His widow would give you a very slow death, I think.
FAT WOLF: Army soldiers.
- Don't.
- It itches.
I don't care.
Not gonna let you smear the edges.
I have to go.
You know I have to.
The men have decided.
The men have been lied to.
Isn't this what you wanted? Didn't you say we should all band together and kill all the whites? No, this is wrong.
The time is wrong.
What do you want me to do? I want you to not die.
I want that, too.
Do you think I'm stupid? No.
Why do you lie to me? I didn't.
I d-don't lie.
I should hold your head under the water till that paint washes off.
You know, Fat Wolf had one thing right this stinks of white people.
He just got the wrong white people.
Soldiers don't need to hide things.
Slaves do.
Scalped-A-Dog attacked Ingrid.
She killed him.
Then what? Then I helped her bury him.
If a spider asks for help eating your children, do you say yes? I owe her.
She's a slave because of me.
No, she's a slave because her people came onto this land, called it their own.
But you're worse.
What do you mean? She's not Numunuu.
You are.
You know better.
But you hide things from me.
You lie to your people.
People will die because of what you have done! You can tell them.
I won't say you're wrong.
If I say something, they'll cut your eyes out and Fat Wolf will find another reason to get us killed.
How is it that I have ruined all my sons? Toshaway.
Nothing is moving.
Everything's asleep, Tiehteti.
It was a trap.
I'm sorry.
White people and their guns.
The white slave killed Scalped-A-Dog, and I think you knew it.
Eli, I need to ask you something.
Not now.
Fat Wolf wants me, Eli.
Please, let me go with the Yaparuka.
Let me be someone else's problem.
I just want to go somewhere where no one hates me.
I said no.
You brought death and pain.
You're gonna die with us.
It's her decision.
FAT WOLF: Did you tell her I would give her 10 horses? Th-That's a great price.
She wants me to suffer.
She's stupid.
Where will you go? North? They don't tell me anything.
My people have already left.
Go on.
They need you.
You know my hands shake when I'm alone.
I don't like to eat.
I can't remember the last time I slept through the night.
You made me feel safe.
The first thing in a long time that's made me feel that way.
Took you long enough.
Bodies ready to load? Yeah.
Just inside the door.
ELI: Pete, Finn, put the bodies in the ground.
Charles and Dart, stay with me and finish up.
Finish up what? Gotta go over everything twice.
You need the Sheriff for that? I need all the hands we can spare.
Then why don't I stay? I don't think you have the stomach for this kind of work.
I've been doing your dirty work for a long time now.
I need you to understand me.
You don't wanna be here for what comes next.
Pete, let's hit the road.
What are you gonna do, Daddy? You gonna get on your hands and knees and clean the floor? - No, sir, I will not.
- No, sir, no.
This cleanup's gonna require more blood, ain't it? Pete.
Who is it, Daddy? Who else has got to die? Come on.
Say her name.
Say it.
She's a human being.
Say it.
Don't do this.
I didn't think you could stoop this low all the way to the bottom.
Don't you know what this will do to our family? It will save us! Maria García dies and this is over.
Don't you want this over?! Don't you want your children safe? That's what I want more than anything else anything to keep you safe.
You made me a promise in Mexico you'd be here 100%.
So are you here? Hmm? Are you here? [ENGINE STARTS.]
García? Ms.
García, this is Sheriff Dart.
I need to speak with you, ma'am.
- Ms.
García, open the door.
Come on, Sheriff.
Come on, come on.
Well, where the hell is she? [INSECTS CHIRPING.]
He can't do this.
Settle down, brother.
I think he meant to kill those folks tonight.
I think he acted like he was gonna gonna make peace just to get us in that room.
I don't believe that.
Think happened how he said.
He got angry, lost his head.
He went into that meetin' cross-strapped! He had it in his head all along to go after Maria! This hole ain't gonna dig itself.
Mama? [SIGHS.]
Sorry, baby.
Um I was trying to stay quiet.
What's the rifle for? I had a bad dream.
What about? It's nothing, baby.
Why don't you go back to bed? Where's Daddy? I don't know.
Well is he with Granddaddy? I don't know.
- Why'd they bring Charles along? - Honey, I don't know.
- Then what do you know? - Nothing, Jeanne Anne.
They don't tell me shit.
This is what it's like being in this family.
It's just waiting up all night and being told nothing and having to take what they give you what little they decide to give you.
That's what it's like for me, anyway.
I'm sorry, Mama.
Don't be.
Everything's gonna be okay.
All right? Nobody's gonna come.
I did not want this for you, baby.
I wanted better.
Let me have the rifle.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
That shirt needs to be burned.
Give it here.
- Who's there? Charles.
Honey, where is everybody? Is that blood? - Mom, Mom.
- Honey.
Leave it alone.
Damn bastard.
Did you sleep? No.
This cabin is disgusting.
Well, it's better than a hole in the ground.
But Her Majesty is welcome to switch.
Is that coffee? Sort of.
You think Pete's right? You think Eli's coming for me? I do.
JONAS: Did you know the Battle of Princeton was one of the most important of Washington's victories in the Revolutionary War? One of Washington's spies - was a student at the university.
- Can I see? - JONAS: Hey! - Hmm.
Jeanne Anne.
Thought I saw a mouse.
She's incorrigible.
Go fetch your brother's book.
- Hi.
- God.
Late-night poker game over at Pink's.
ELI: Oh.
Tell you what, them aces just kept jumping into my hand.
Breakfast smells great.
Two more plates, por favor! Hey, Pete, you as hungry as I am? [PLATES CLATTERING IN DISTANCE.]
Did you do it? By the time we got to her place, she was already gone.
Seems to have left in a hurry.
I understand you're pleased.
It's all right.
There was no sign of Niles Gilbert, either.
You know anything about that? Are you kidding me? If she's alive, yeah, I-I'm happy about that.
But don't you ever question my commitment to this family.
I made you a promise, and I've honored it.
I shot that man.
I-I buried those bodies.
I was ready to let Maria die for you.
That's what you wanted.
That's what you got.
I'm gonna go wash up.
Then I'm gonna ride the fences, if that's all right with you.
Of course.
I'm sorry.
I know I've asked a lot of you.
I appreciate everything you do.
NILES: I bought this little parcel a couple of months ago, before the Colonel tossed me out on my ear.
It's a good spot for a little farm.
I got a woman coming.
Emma Calhoun.
Good woman.
Fine family.
Listen to this.
"I am not a woman who babbles like a brook or sits on a shelf or drapes herself on a divan like an ancient piece of lace.
If that is what you want, then stop your letters.
But if you want a strong hand, a bright mind, and an unrestrained tongue to guide you, then I am what you seek.
" [SIGHS.]
Well, I mean shit, right? [HOOFBEATS APPROACHING.]
- You don't deserve her.
- Right.
Who goes there? Boy you look like hammered dog shit.
Put the gun down.
Not yet.
I'm thankful for last night's tip, Pete, but today is a new day, and you've been known to blow with the wind.
Now, are you gonna draw on your daddy when he comes down that road? Will you do what has to be done? Answer the question.
I had a dream I went to see the devil There was a devil to pay He said, "I'm awfully busy on the level" I said, "The devil, you say Why are you so busy? Tell me why" He replied and winked his other eye There's a little bit of bad in every good little girl They're all the same