The Sopranos s03e03 Episode Script

Fortunate Son

that really understands you people.
That really frightensme.
Hey, while there hav e been some turnover in the elite teams from last year, one thing remains consistent the eagles.
The cowboys have remained fairly healthy this year c'mon, chrissy, don't answer it.
You just got in.
I have to, it's football season.
Oh, c'mon, there is no game tonight.
Paulie, what's up? I was making cheese dogs for you.
Why, what's going on? Okay.
I'll be there.
Chrissy! And plus, it was a bitch getting off of work tonight.
Shh, adriana, i think this could be it.
What? He told me to look sharp and meet him at modells in half an hour.
He told me to shine my shoes.
Oh, my god.
Christopher! Find me a shirt an d tie to go with this.
Not the camelia, though.
Paulie's got one just like it.
I can't believe it.
I mean, i knew it would happen, but so, now, can we get out of here? You know, get a big loft maybe.
You're giving notice today.
You wish.
The wife of a made guy doesn't hostess.
I'm so proud of you.
I love you, christopher.
You better.
What? I don't know.
You gettin g called like this and going off all happy.
I'm worried, that's all.
You seen too many movies.
How you doing, kid? No, no, no.
Ride up front.
Where we going? You look good.
Shoot your cuffs.
Where we going, sil'? Oh, here he is.
So, this is it.
Alright! He sat on on e ass- cheek th e whole way over.
Too many fucking movies, that's his problem.
Bullshit, i sat funny.
Alright, let's get started, c'mon.
Alright, finish up over there.
You know w hy we're here.
So, if you got any doubts or reservations, now is the time to say so.
No one'll thin k any less of you.
'Cause once you enter this family, there's no getting out.
This family comes before everything else.
Before your wife and your children and your mother and your father.
It's a thing of honor.
Then god forbid if you get sick or something happens and you can't earn, we'll take care of you, 'cause that's part of it.
If you got a problem, you just gotta let somebody know.
This man right here.
He's lik e your father.
It doesn't matter if it's with somebody here or on the outside.
You bring it to him, he'll solve it.
You stay within the family.
Alright, give me your hand.
That's saint peter, my family saint.
Now, as that card burns, so may your soul burn in hell if you betray your friends in the family.
Now rub your hands together like this and repeat after me.
May i burn in hell may i burn in hell if i betray my friends.
If i betray my friends.
Welcome to the family.
Thank you, paulie.
My fucking heart's still pounding.
You been doing really good this year with the sports book.
Yeah, it's been good.
I'm gonna give it to you, my boy, it's yours.
I was wondering what it was gonnabe.
You're a made guy now.
It's your turn to make some real money and i get to relax a little.
Your only problem in life now is you give me 10 points of your take every settle- up day.
Other than that, you got no problem.
My only problem in life, i gotta kick my points to that man over there.
And onward goes this thing of ours.
When you think of all the headaches most human beings have in life, ours are all boiled down to only one.
Not a bad deal, huh? You got it.
Only thing, there's a six g minimum every week.
I gotta get something out of this.
But six grand, that could be a lot or a little.
Depends on you and how much you grow the business.
I love you, paulie.
We're in it together now.
I love you too, kid.
Anything on the riverfront esplanade project in newark? My guy on the state assembly, he says the matching funds are this close.
The development agency they added plans for a city of newark museum of science and trucking.
More cement, more everything.
Answer the fucking thing.
So, you feeling okay? You mean about my mother.
Well what are you gonna do? You pick up the pieces and you go on.
I meant your spells.
They're not spells.
How do you know about that the fuck over there in new york? Everybody knows.
There's nothing to be ashamed of, tony.
For chrissakes, julius caesar was an epileptic.
I'm not an epileptic.
Whatever it is, you gott a take care of yourself.
It's your health.
Is the psychiatrist helping? Oh, you know about that too.
So, what? There's no stigmata these days.
My kid saw a shrink.
He got court- ordered for that thing with his wife.
They're very happy now.
Whatever happened to privacy? Our family's been doing our jersey business a long time with the sopranos in a peaceful and profitable way.
And i want to keep it like that.
Take care of thi s for me, okay? Alright, carmine.
Why fuck around? Be a better friend to yourself.
I will.
I appreciate your concern, really.
Jane was determined to bust into the business, so to speak.
Hollywood folklore has i t that she picked up the phone and called paramount pictures and said, "my name's jane mansfield and i wanna be a movie star.
" Nowadays you'd get a dial tone, but back in 1954 you got a phone call from some young kid.
Drew, wanted to know when you were coming home.
How'd he sound? Like he was about Wait, is that your so- called fiance? He's 19 actually and he can go all night.
When are you going back to seattle, janice? It depends on how long it takes to settle ma's estate.
take a look at how jane mansfield "estate.
" A falling down house and some old lady underwear.
Sad, isn't it? What it all comes down to.
Janice, you know how much we love you.
And you know how much we love having you around.
But there's a whole big house over there.
And i know you want maximum value.
So, maybe for security reasons or so it don't fall into disrepair, you could stay there.
I've been thinking the same thing.
I just don't want to push svetlana out.
Yeah, well, i talked to her.
She's moving out tomorrow, maybe the next day.
I better go pack.
Jesus christ.
Lemme come around.
How you doin'? Congratulations.
Thank you.
Hector, large old blue eyes for this gentleman.
Soft drinks of choice.
Take away tony soprano , he's a zero with shoes.
Yeah, but he's wearing a stripe now.
My uncle richie was-- yeah, but he never did.
Chris, my propers.
Hey, benny.
When'd you get out, benny? D.
Tossed it.
The witness bailed.
So, jackie , how's rutgers? Fuck that.
I'm dropping out.
C'mon, boola, boola.
We were just talking about our former alma mater.
They got the coffee house, it's a pure cash operation.
And the beauty part is i mean, who's gonna stop you? Kids? Campus security? What are you telling him about that? That's ours.
Watch where the fuck you're going! Kiss my ass! Hey! Take that shit outside! Don't disrespect the pizza parlor! Fucking asshole! I know where you live! You hear what i said? Yo, it was good talking to you, chris.
Keep dino in mind.
I don't want to sound like an asshole, but i really can't be seen in a place like this anymore.
This has gotta start showing results or end.
Now, i talked to a business associate of mine, a man i respect, about these panic attacks.
Enough fucking around.
Enough money in your pocket.
What's the story here? The latest thought on treatment of panic attack syndrome is a three- pronged approach.
So, it's a syndrome? Medication to treat the depression, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
We've got you on medication.
If you feel you're ready , you could see a behaviorist.
What do you mean? Talk to somebody else? You seem unhappy with my approach.
If you're really ready to commit to mental health, i say, great.
Let's get going, i'm ready to help.
But we'll have t o delve deeper, focus.
This latest incident for starters.
Alright, fine.
My daughter brought home a black.
They were on the couch watching tv, snuggling.
And? And she went upstairs and i had a frank conversation with buckwheat.
I told him to stay the fuck away from my daughter.
And she came downstairs and they left.
And then you had the attack.
Well, no, not right then.
I went into the kitchen to fix a sandwich, i opened the cabinet, i saw a box of uncle ben's rice.
I see, the rice logo.
The first onset of hyperventilation, that occurred upon seeing the rice? Umm no, no, i was taking the cappicola and shit out of the'fridge.
I'm thinking whe n you first came here, the panic attack with ducks.
As i remember it you wer e grilling meat, weren't you? The memory on you.
Sausages, wasn't it? Sausages.
Steaks, yep.
Let's get back to that cappicola.
I gotta take that.
It's my busy season.
That's pretty rich for one game.
If he's good for it, take it.
But keep me posted on duke- wake forest.
Where were we? The connection between your anxiety attacks and meat.
What was it again? Closing ohio state guys, they're kicking off.
Who do you like, iowa? Fuck if it makes a difference, as long as it pays out.
Chris, fuck, oregon vs.
? I told you we should have laid off some of that action.
Spread's 11.
Oregon's down by 12.
They're on the 45 yard line with no timeouts.
Oregon's got an all- american fucking field goal kicker.
Why didn't somebody tell me? See? and it's good! A 43- yarder! U.
, that spread could've opened at 18, fucking top 10 team! Even so, we should've laid off some of the action to philadelphia.
Paulie did it all the time.
You see him here? What's the matter with you people, you deaf? Answer the fucking phones! Minor setback, that's all.
Oh, yeah? Frost is on the pumpkin, huh? It's supposed to warm up again.
Good football weather.
Mom said to tell you she's waiting for the meat.
Did jackie jr.
Show yet? I don't know.
Little fuck.
He promised his mother he'd be here.
Watch your languag e in front of my kid.
Probably keeping the booth warm at the o.
, him and dino zerilli.
What's jackie jr.
Hanging out with that mortadella? I'm promised his old man i'd try to keep him out of this shit.
He's the heir apparent.
No, no, not this kid.
Do me a favor.
You watch out for jackie, okay? You oughta turn that one link there.
Little setback, huh? Ro, the kid's late, he's being rude.
He should be set straight.
He'll be here, i paged him.
Honey, the poor kid lost his dad.
I lost min e when i was six.
You know, ralph had to drop out in the 11th grade to raise his brothers and sisters.
You'd never know it.
I'm satan to this kid.
That's because i'm in love with his mom.
What are w e talking about? Hey, a.
Cheerleaders, any hotties, huh? There's no cheerleaders for freshman ball.
These are mario batali's stringbeans with parmesan.
You are very late, young man.
It's me.
Meadow, hi, babe.
Who is it? It's meadow.
What are you doing? Nothing.
What's going on there? Well, sunday dinner.
You want to talk to your father, he's outside? Burning a cross? Well, i'm not sure i kno w what you're driving at, but i know that no w is not the proper time.
Here, your brother wants to talk to you.
No, i don't.
Hi, what's up? Everybody's here, is that jackie? It's really boring.
No, it's not him, it's meadow from school.
Hold on, call waiting.
Hello? My mother there? Yeah, one minute.
Aunt ro.
Yeah, i gotta go.
Thank you.
Jackie, where are you? I can't make it.
We're all waiting, you promised.
Fuck it.
The way he talks to me.
You know what? I'll bring it up to tony.
Maybe he'll sit him down for a heart- to- heart.
What time is it? That's almost all of it.
Warren probably told you about oregon- u.
This is unacceptable.
There's $4, 0 I'll have the other two in a couple of days.
I thought i made myself clear.
Fucking college ball.
But i learned a valuable lesson.
I'm not runnin g a school here, kid.
Paulie, this is me, you know i'm good for it.
Don't fucking drag in our friendship.
This isn't about that.
You work for me.
Yeah, and i want to-- just shut your mouth and listen! I'm gonna give you a couple of extra days.
But it's gonna cost you another two g's as a reminder not to fuck it up.
I make myself clear? And don't give me the malocch'.
I'm not the on e with the short bag.
Any word from your ivy leaguer? And how's carm with the empty nest? What empty? Every five minutes, meadow's home with a laundry bag or she's hauling food out.
All that talk about berkeley, she barely made it over the george washington bridge.
We created too nice a home life for them.
They don't want to go out in the world.
But, if they're closer to then we were with our parents.
That such a bad thing? What time is it? I'm here, aren't i? Out of respect to my father.
I gotta make two phone calls.
Sit down.
You want something to eat? Not hungry.
That's too bad, i said lunch meeting.
You want a drink? Lose the glasses.
I'm gonna say a few things.
And i'm gonna say some bad words.
And you're just gonna have to deal with it.
Now, i know what you're thinking.
You're thinking i clipped your uncle.
On the one hand, you'd be a shithead to believe me when i told you i didn't do it.
But i didn't.
And i got some bad news for you.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Your uncle was a rat.
No fucking way! Sit down.
Sit down, sit the fuck down.
Your uncle was a rat.
And now, he's in the witness protection program.
That's my father's brother you're talking about.
Jackie, i'm a member of your family almost.
You think i'm the only one that knows this about richie? You ask anybody.
This hurt all of us.
Jesus christ.
Your dad and me, you know how close we were? He never wanted this for you.
He wanted you to be a doctor.
Give me a fucking break.
Let me tell you something.
Besides the money, which there's a shitload of.
A doctor's a very powerful position.
I'm no doctor.
You know how hard you ha ve to work to get your m.
? How many years it takes? I was even thinking maybe osteopathy.
But i don't think i ha ve the grades for that even.
You're not gonna drop out of rutgers, are you? No.
But those fucking prem ed courses almost killedme.
I only did it 'cause my dad was sick.
You should know he never wanted this life for you.
And i'll tell you something.
I don't want it for my son either.
C'mon! Let's go, i want to see you hit'em! Get off the ba ll, get off the ball! What is this, girls? Fourth and three and this chedrool's going for it? With that offensive line? Why's my kid still sitting on the bench? Coach goodwi n will let him in.
Freshman rules.
They all get to play one quarter.
Pucillo, in for sposato.
Pucillo played already, put my kid in! C'mon, let's go! It's the rules.
See, i told you they wouldn't make it.
Are you fucking crazy, ref? Are you fucking crazy, what? What did you say? No, come here and say that to me! Romano, the periodontist.
I get my hands on you, i'll rip your fucking heart out! Look, anthony's goin' in.
Anthon y, do it! Stick'em! Okay, defense, Stick'em, baby! Swallow'em up! Do it! Fumble! Fumble! Everybod y up, get up.
Red ball! Yeah! Yeah, it's a.
! Yeah! Yeah, good job, a.
! Good j ob, good job! Yeah! Hey, hey! That's my son.
You got a nose for the ball and that can't be taught.
The defensive lineman, you gotta have leverage and you go tta have footwork.
I remember staying after practice every day hitting that sled till my shoulder was raw.
But then you gotta reward yourself.
So, i'm gonna take you to stewart's and i'll buy you some dogs.
I just want to go home.
You should be riding high after what yo u did on the field today.
C'mon! Want to play some nintendo? You and me? When are you gonna throw that freaking thing out the freaking window? Why? Alright, play nintendo.
Okay, let's go to stewart's.
Yeah? Yeah.
I need you home, tony, for dinner.
Now? It's our busiest season.
I know.
But it's very important with meadow gone that we not turn into a family who eats standing up at the counter.
Alright, i'll be there.
Pass the potatoes, please? Anthony.
The potatoes? Sorry.
Every night.
Go ahead, pour yourself another glass.
You need good bones for those open field tackles.
So how was everybody's day today? Busy.
So, nana was asking me today where you might want to go to college.
I don't know.
West point.
West point? Yeah, that's what you said.
No, i didn't.
Yeah, you did.
You were sittin' right there.
You said either harvard or west point.
No way i'd ever have said that.
I could never get in.
Can we eat with the tv on? No.
I gotta take that, it's my busy season.
Mom there? Hey, how are you? Is mom there? Yeah, she's here.
How's school? Fine.
Is- mom- there? Is that meadow? Can i talk? Yeah, you can have her.
Hello? Did you hear what happened to bobby capobianco? I feel bad taking your old room.
Oh, don't worry about it.
You're all settled in there.
You could sleep in your mother's room.
Won't be for long.
Bill's children going to liv with their mother end of week.
I go and stay with him.
A few days is not a problem.
I'm glad i can help you out.
And god knows my brother used to sleep like a fucking dead man in there.
I'm sorry about how i behaved at the cemetery.
Janice? I cannot give records back.
I wish you'd reconsider.
I know livia left no will.
But possession is 910ths of law.
Let's not descend into that.
Feeling in me is she's not here to ask.
I know, i'm sorry.
Just, um this is an emotional issue for me.
I thought that if we had the chance to talk one on one, i could make you understand how much those records mean to me.
Just promise m e you'll sleep on it.
It was that bird! It was that fuckin g bird in the window! It was a coincidence! I was making good jack at that betting parlor! I was in the fucking zone! Now everything turns to shit? The bird thing is if it's in the house flapping around.
And that's death, not bad luck.
Will your mother loan me the money? She's still paying for her hysterectomy.
Where's that fucking tennis bracelet i got you? Why don't you get rid of that stupid fucking range rover which you shouldn't have even bought if you couldn't afford it.
Ow! I'm sorry.
Jesus fucking christ.
Janice! Janice! Janice! Janice! Janice! Hello.
What the fuck is this, dollar bills? You owe me I ain't usin', i ain't usin', chris-- that's it, i want my money! I want my money! Motherfucker.
Janice call yet? No.
Hello, tony.
How have you been? What is she doing here? She brings old leg.
Piece of shit made in russia.
I have lost weight , cannot wear it no more.
Only an hour and it starts to hurt.
I'm getting married, did you know? You told me.
Wish you all the best.
She put into my sprite three halcyons.
I miss you so much, tony.
Why don't we just stick to the subject here? Your cousin's missing a leg.
$20, 000.
That's how much it cost, leg she took.
Flex foot, latest technolo gy with vertical shock pylon, plus calfskin boot.
Kenneth cole.
You don't even want to talk to me anymore.
I don't see why we can't be friends.
You know what? I don't even know what i'm doing here.
Except you worked it this way.
We could've talked about this leg thing on the phone.
I'm sorry, tony.
It's not your fault.
Look, i'm sorry about your leg.
I'll reach janice.
Janice put any food in there? No, but i have orange juice.
Plus, there are tw o miller genuines and your mother's milk delivery still is coming every week.
Southern californi a vs.
Notre dame.
We're at south bend, indiana today, where we have a perfec t football afternoon.
See ya next week.
Talk about good timing, i was just gonna call you, johnny.
Oh, yeah? Someplace we could talk in private? I'm kind of busy.
"Gonna call.
" Now you're busy.
Is there something i could get you, junior? No, i'm good.
It'll just take a minute.
Anthony, i told you to wait in the car.
Listen to your old man, anthony.
So what were you gonn a call me about? I don't got it.
Weasely sonofabitch! You got payments you can't make? You come see me, work out a plan.
I swear, i got a vendor, owes me 300.
Shut the fuck up! Christ, johnny.
Your wife's weekly order's all ready.
There's gotta be $30 worth of meat there.
Cappicola, chops, and a beautiful standing roast.
You gonna back talk me now? Junior, get hi m over here.
Wait, please, what are you gonna do? Anthony, what did i fucking tell you? What, your father never cut off anybody's pinky? That's traumatic for anyone to witness, much less an 11- year- old.
Actually, it wasn't.
It was a rush, if you want to know the truth.
You want me to delve.
Go on.
Dinner's ready.
Come here.
C'mon, i want to talk to you.
What you seen today, anthony a very sad thing.
You disobeyed your old man.
I ought to give you the belt.
But i gotta say a lot of boys your age would've run like a little girl.
But you stayed.
I know you lik e mr.
Satriale, we all do.
He's a lovely man.
The man is a gambler.
He got over his head in debt.
He owed me money and he refused to pay.
He avoided me.
That's why you sho uld never gamble, anthony.
What was i supposed to do? That's my livelihood.
It's how i put food on the table.
You should never gamble, anthony.
Johnny, dinner's ready! Anthony! Janice, turn that off! Let this be a lesson to you.
A man hono rs his debts.
What a beautiful cut he sent.
You like it standing with the bone in, huh, lee? Look at those juices.
Go wayne newton.
Can i have the end piece? Johnny, let's eat while it's still hot.
You bet, baby.
Lady loves her meat.
Four stitches, ruined dinner.
This was your first panic attack? Fainted.
That's what my old man called it.
Obviously, we finally touched on something here.
What you witnessed that day, where the meat came from, and your mother's great pleasure init.
It was the only time you could count on her being in a good mood.
When the weekly meat delivery from satriale's showed up at the house.
Or fusco, the vegetable man, maybe.
Probably the only time the old man got laid.
Pretty sick, huh? Getting turned on by free cold cuts.
Do you think that your mother questioned why the meat was free? The meat that was going into her children's mouths? I don't know.
I don't want to know.
I don't even want to fuckin' think about any of this shit.
I'm sure it was too much for you then, too.
That's why you short- circuited.
Witnessing not only your mother and father's sexuality, but also the violence and blood so closely connected to the food you were about to eat.
And also, the thought that someday you might be called up on to bring home the bacon like your father.
All this from a slice of cappicola? Kind of like proust's madeleines.
What? Marcel proust wrot e a seven- volume classic, "remembrance of things past".
He took a bite of a madeleine.
It's a kind of a tea cookie he used to hav e when he was a child.
And that one bite unleashed a tide of memories of his childhood and ultimately of his entire life.
This sounds very gay.
I hope you're not saying that.
No! Understandin g root causes will make you less vulnerable to future episodes.
My fucking head is swimming here.
We're gonna have to stop.
It's a lot to process.
But we've made real progress today.
Good work.
I'd really like you to write down any thoughts or associations.
See the left tackle ? see how he fakes inside, then he crosses ov er with his right leg, so he gets a spin move on the guy.
He's in the backfield charging t he quarterback, you see? I thought the tail- back had it.
You gotta keep your eye on the ball, a.
, the ball.
That's what it's all about.
Okay, i'm going.
Where? I gotta bring these things over to med.
Her biking shoes, she's been missing my braciola.
Can i come? We're watching the game.
So, i like going to the city.
I can catch the game in the car.
It's nice he wants to visit his sister.
You're right, i'll get my shoes.
Uh, why don't you watch your game, ton'? What, i shouldn't go now? A.
, why don't you bring this stuff out to the car? This is about sambo, right? I'm paying for that goddamn college.
I don't know what's going on over there.
But if you want to make a big scene at your daughter's new college, then comb your hair and come right along.
Embarrass her.
Alienate her.
Or better yet, cut her off.
Let her drop out of there and go to a state school.
Or maybe move back in here.
I was just trying to protect her from herself.
And i'll do that till the day i fucking die.
I'm not gonna tell you you can't come, tony, she's your daughter.
I'll probably watch the game.
Garcia handing off at the 40 yard line, across to the 43.
I got your favorite santa barbara olives.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Chicken- shit cocksuckers, go for the touchdown! I need another fucking five points to cover the spread.
Hi, pardon me.
Here she is.
Meadow! We're here.
This is my mom and my little brother, a.
Dad didn't come? No, he didn't.
Did you want him to? Noah, would you mind? Noah told me what dad said to him.
It's all out in the open, so fuck this.
Let's watch the latrine lip.
What'd dad say? Anthony, would you go downstairs and wait for me? I would like to talk to your sister.
Oh, i know what he said.
I'm always being sent away.
Why do i bothe r going anywhere? What did your father say? Like he didn't tell you, please.
Well, believe what you like-- he called noah things that are so disgusting and ugly, i can't even repeat it.
Well, you're right , there is no excuse.
He's lucky i didn't punch his fucking lights out.
Because you're a civilized person.
So, what was this gonna be then, some kind of a big drama? You wanted your father to come here for what? To subject your friend to this again? Oh wait, so i'm in the wrong.
The rest of the world should work around his racist, retrograde, fucking asshole personality.
He comes from a place and a time where he thinks he has your best interests at heart.
New jersey? The third millennium? Noah, i'm sure you mus t know what i'm talking about.
Coming from a racially mixed marriage.
I'm sure that's been a difficult burden to shoulder.
Don't slam his family background.
Look what you wound up in.
Noah, would yo u excuse us a moment? I would like a word with my daughter.
I'm not going anywhere unless she wants me to.
It's okay, i'll be up in a little while.
I would hate t o think you're airing your family's business in public.
Noah's not stupid.
Took him a while, but he caught on.
But he keeps his opinions to himself.
Unlike some people, he's a brilliant and sensitive person.
I'm gonna keep my mouth shut, because i know that anythi ng i say to you or your father will just fuel this.
I'm not gonna stop seeing noah.
I put your helmet in there and your padded shorts, although, i would really rather you not ride your bike in the city.
If you must know i'm going to litchfield, connecticut, to the weekend home of some friends of noah's parents who work at nbc.
Svetlana! Get out here.
Oh, hi.
You must be the famous "bill".
It's moving day, huh? Oh.
I didn't think you would have the nerve to show your face to me.
Why? What happened? What's wrong? Don't give me bullshit, where is my leg? Your leg? Oh, yeah, where's your-- i know you took it.
That's preposterous.
I mean, what possible use would i have for your leg? Because you think that wil l make me give records back, but you are wrong.
If you see some karmic connection between your taking my mother's records and the disappearance of your leg, wow! The records return to the rightful owner, so does the leg, i can see how you got there.
I don't know how you can live with yourself.
Bill, don't waste breath.
This cunt is gonna be sorry she ever fucked with me.
You better hope you have all your shit out of here'cause i'm calling the locksmith.
Doc, where's dino? They got him for possession.
The fuck do you care? He mentioned that job over at rutgers he was interested in steering my way.
Coffee house.
Coffee house? Shit.
We were gonna jack a benefit concert out there tonight.
Jewel and amnesty international.
You know the details? Can you make it work without dino? It was my fucking idea.
I know this must be hard for you, anthony.
Your siste r off at college, you here at home all by yourself withus.
It won't be for long.
Pretty soon before you know it, you'll be heading off to college yourself.
I don't think i'm gonna go.
What, college? Of course you will.
I don't want to talk about it right now.
There's so many people there, they're all smarter than me.
It's a bunch of freaks.
What? You're not excused.
You're punished! He's alright.
Las' lui.
Under no circumstances move this car or your life will not be worth shit.
Get me jewel's autograph.
You're a good kid.
I'll bring you her underpants.
All goes in there, no one gets shot.
Oh, my god, oh, my god.
You're robbing a benefit concert, you know that? Is that all ther e is, i'll fuckin' blow your head off! Most people charged it to their student cards.
Hey, what' s going on, you? Shut up! You say one word on that fucking thing and you're dead! Hit it! There's your money.
You oughta hit a tanning salon.
I had a late night.
You gotta give that shit a rest.
A man need s his seven hours.
Keeps your mind sharp.
This was work.
Little jackie hyped us to a score at the rutgers campus, not bad.
What's the matter, chrissy? Tell uncle paulie.
This being made ain't working out the way i thought it would.
A lot of responsibilities.
Fuckin' a, what did you think? You're only as fuckin' smart as this week's lines.
One false move and you spend your fuckin' time chasing it instead of making money.
Welcome to the nfl, rookie.
Go home, get some sleep.
Tomorrow's a new day.
Skip, sorry i'm late.
Had to make a few stops.
Have a smelt.
We had a very good week this week, boss.
How's our little friend doing? He had a few knots but it came ou t alright in the end.
Yeah, well, wait till he hears the policy on newly made guys.
They're subject to strip search for wires and shit.
Hmm, he'll love that.
He had to augm ent his kick this week with a stick- up out at rutgers.
Little jackie put him onto.
Jackie aprile? He had something to do with this thing in the papers? Don't worry.
Junior was only the wheel man.
I specifically told christopher to leave the kid the fuck out.
Just telling you what i know.
Don't be too hard on chrissy.
He's having a hard enough time as it is.
Yeah, but what's wrong with the kid? When's he gonna grow up? Where's soprano? Here.
Guys, i want you to take a good look at soprano here and remember his performance on the field last week.
Soprano's on the sidelines three whole quarters waiting.
But does his mind go soft? No.
Does his fire go out? Heck, no.
When the call came, he brought his a- game.
This young man may have a big future ahead of him.
He may be a leader and that's what it takes.
And that's why i'm naming him defensive captain.
Alright, alright.
So, let's hit those showers.
One thought in mind-- soprano! Soprano, you alright?