The Sopranos s03e06 Episode Script


The guy on i told him, go see gigi.
You call beansie? Gigi, beansie? Us italians, i think we're the only ones that use nicknames to that extent.
No, your chinese.
Yeah, this violinist, yoyo ma.
"Soubriquet" it's another word for nickname.
I'm sorry.
What's the matter, hon'? Nothing.
Tony? How you doing, sweetie? Good, good.
I took danny to the doctor like you said.
My son.
Oh, yeah, yeah, right, right.
How's he doing? Good, you were right.
Just a chest cold, not pneumonia, thank god.
Oh, great, great.
I'm glad to hear it.
I made you some bread.
You know, like a "thank you".
You didn't have to do that.
Oh, really, i wanted to, it's datenut for breakfast.
Listen tracee, right? The bread' s very sweet.
And you're a great girl.
Don't take thi s the wrong way, but you can't be doing stuff like this.
No good.
But i just wanted to say thanks.
I know.
But i already got a family, they give me gifts.
What we have is an employer- employee thing.
Can't we be friends? Well, i'm not so sure that's such a good idea either.
'Cause, you kn ow, you and ralphie yeah, ralphie.
I'm glad your kid's okay.
Let's go, betty crocker.
So, russell crowe, i mean, he's trapped, right? They're gonna sever off his head.
And he's telling them how to do it? I know, and they he yanks the sword from that dude.
That was so phat.
What about when the guy gets hit with that spike thing and chunks of his head go flying? Enough already.
We're making conversation here.
People are trying to eat.
Thank you.
Why do you let him watch this garbage? "Erin brockovich", that was a nice one.
I didn't care for it.
You did too, what are you talkin'? See who that is.
Since when did i become the butler? It's probably jackie jr.
, he locked himself out.
No accountability, this kid.
What, people forget their keys.
There he is fresh prin ce of new jersey.
How you doing? Don't get up, don't get up.
I'll fix you a plate.
Sit down, have something to eat.
No, i can't, dino zerilli's out in the car.
You sure, something quick? Why don't you go bring him in? Next time.
I'll leave the m in the mailbox.
That's alright, we'll use my set.
I'll put the m on the counter.
What am i, the invisible man here? Hey.
Hey, man, your sister around? She decided to stay at school and study.
Any message? No, just, you know, hello.
Alright, i'm gonna hit the road.
Sorry to interrupt your dinner.
Stay out of trouble.
So handsome.
Good kid.
Little pig- headed, if you ask me.
Every advantage, this kid.
College, good home life.
I had to quit school when i was in 11th grade to help my mother.
Supposed to be an architect.
So when did you first notice me? I don't know.
"History of film", i guess.
The way you talked, you know? Turned around to see who you were.
And? Nothing.
What? Say it! No, no, no! Leave me alone! I'm not gonna stop until you say it.
Okay, okay, wait.
I thought you were cute, alright? Ahh i knew it.
Ah, hello? I'm sorry.
I just don't know where else to go.
You guys hanging out? We were.
You okay? I went over to see that movie over at the student union.
Old, like, horror film or something,"freaks".
Tod browning, 1932.
All these horrible people in it with pointy heads and stuff.
This one guy had no legs.
He just hopped around on his hands.
Caitlin we talked about this.
You can't keep exposing yourself to things that upset you.
I know, it's just why is other people's pain a source of amusement? Caitlin, what the hell are you doing? It's just a habit.
Well, stop it, alright? You're gonna be bald.
It's obsessive compulsive.
I'm gonna head upstairs.
Don't go on account of me.
I have that poli- sci paper anyway.
Please, don't be mad.
I'm not mad.
It's just you're really moody, you know? I think i miss my ferrets.
You gotta snap out of this, caitlin.
Maybe you need to talk to somebody.
Yeah, well, i'm already taking those buspar pills.
Well, maybe that's not enough.
Where are you going? To the library.
See you later.
I'm sure coming here has been a culture shock for her.
I mean, for us, l.
, new jersey, we're kind of used to the mean streets, you know? Someone like caitlin from bartlesville, oklahoma new york's probably a little overwhelming.
Maybe we should try and be patient with her.
What? Nothing.
You're sweet.
Most guys wouldn't even give a shit.
Well i'm not most guys.
Do you have a condom? Are you okay? Yeah.
, call lindsey blundetto.
Hey, what are you doing home, don't you have class? It's friday, o nly in the mornings.
I got a postcard from the dentist.
It's time to schedule a cleaning.
God, i just went.
Smells gre at, what is that? It's a bunt cake for a.
's fund raiser.
Nice shoes.
Is daddy home? He's upstairs.
What's with you, you seem what? Nothing, i don't know.
Hey, you know what i read? They're making a movie with eloise.
Oh, really, that should be cute.
It's supposed to come out around christmas or something.
Remember at the plaza that time? That kid who kept calling her heloise and i almost got in a fight with her? Yes, that little spanish girl.
She was so annoying.
I can't believe you even remember that.
You were like, nine or something.
Anyway, so, when it opens, we are so there, you and me.
I know you're exci ted to see me, but try to control yourself.
So how is school, what's new? Caitli n's still a pain.
She cries over like, everything.
She probably misses her family, the poor thing.
Thank god for noah, though.
He's the only one that can calm her down.
She started pullin g her hair out last night 'cause she saw a scary movie.
She does it all the time now.
Her scalp is like, all raw.
Oh, my god.
Nothing a straight jacket wouldn't cure.
Sorry, i forgot, it's mr.
Sensitivity who doesn't have any problems of his own.
I'm agreeing with you.
Like you have a clue.
Jesus christ, what the fuck already? Cut her some slack, tony, she's under a lot of strain.
And you did start this.
Did you see? How i didn't rise to the bait? The mulignan? A lot of good it did me.
Does anybody! It's still going on! Whoa, you're on the poles tonight, honey.
Why the hell's mandee in? Vip work, vip prices.
It's 50 bucks to me, plus a blow job later on.
You know you're gonna make at least half a "g" in there.
Oh, look at that.
It's like an ad for a fucking weight loss center.
Before and way before.
This guy ever stop breaking balls? Hear what i said, ton'? They're like an ad for a weight loss center.
Before and after.
Come here.
I want to show you where the horse bit me.
Hi, tony.
Look at this vision.
How you doing, sweetheart? Hey, ralph.
I have come to reclaim rome for my people.
How you doing? I have come to reclaim rome for my people! I don't get it, what do you mean? Fucking "gladiator", ya fuck! Oh, the movie.
I didn't see it.
You're an asshole then.
Ho, ho, ho.
What do we have here? What is this, a handsome contest? Ralphie.
Yo behave you.
Hey hey, baby, i was wondering where you were.
Oh, oh, oh, fucking kiss me! How many cocks you suck tonight? Go on.
Get me a drink.
Skipper! Where's tony? Getting hi s weasel greased.
Oh, your kid brother's here.
Word to the wise.
I'm just fuckin' around, breakin' balls.
I got a cousin who's a fag.
Oh! Fucko! This weekend get the video.
There'll be a quiz next week.
They're gonna find this piece of shit in the trunk someday.
We are all dead men, as russell crowe said, ahh hey, c'mon.
All we can do is choose how we die! That fucking hurts! Nah, all that fat? He's out of control, this oobatz.
Hey, ralph.
C'mon, man.
Alright, c'mon.
Put it down, ralphie, c'mon.
I am father to a murdered son, husband ralphie! To a murdered wife.
my vengeance.
Jesus christ! Goddamnit! Ralphie! C'mon! The fuck you doing? My fucking eye, i'm blind, i'm blind! The fuck's the matter with you? What are y ou, hopped up on something? It was an accident.
What did you do? Nothing, we were fucking around.
It was an accident, stop being such a crybaby.
Take him to the emergency room.
What? Just take him.
C'mon, pussy boy.
Fucking stunad, this guy.
Did you li ke the bread? What? The datenut bread.
I have recipes-- hey, sweetheart, not now, alright? I was up all night.
You could've called or something.
Sorry, i didn't realiz e i needed your permission to visit my house.
I'm sorry.
It's just-- i kept having this image of you in the hospital with your throat cut.
I apprecia te your concern, but maybe you should focus on your own problems, okay? You know, there was this thing on tv once about that pilot, charles lindbergh, and about how his baby was kidnapped and killed-- jesus christ, already! Don't go.
I'm go ing to noah's.
Well, at least you have a boyfriend! Now she's got me all wound up.
Put her out of your mind.
Duh, if i could do that.
Maybe we shoul d find her a guy.
Don't you have any friends? Do you really think i'd subject one of my friends to caitlin? I have an idea.
I think her birthday's coming up.
Why don't we take her out, like to celebrate? You mean l ike to live bait? Get her drunk, maybe it'll cheer her up.
Please, she's bad enough sober.
I bet i know what would cheer you up.
Oh, yeah? What? Go to the fuse box.
In the cellar, janice.
So, call the gas company , what do you want from me? You chose to l ive there, remember! Well? What do you think? About what? What am i looking at? My teeth, i got braces.
What do you want, a parade? Oh! What did i tell you about fraternizing? I'm not, i was just showing tony my braces.
Yeah? I didn't shell out three crackers for you to be modeling your teeth.
Get to work.
Anything else? Ralphie's the one sticking her, why don't he pay for her teeth? It's a loan, i'm juicing her.
Usually it's fak e tits they want.
Yeah, well, she don't need those, that's for sure.
That kid's a thoroughbred.
But, madonn' , those choppers.
A fuckin g train wreck.
Well, happy birthday to us all.
That was a barrel of monkeys.
That guy jeff kept staring at me.
What do you think? You want to check out "smokes"? I'm a little tired, you know? Yeah, yeah, right.
It is getting a little late.
Oh, my god.
That is so sad.
The chairs, the pears, the bears, the social security cards.
C'mon, caitlin.
We should give her some money.
Caitlin! Excuse me, miss.
Miss! Miss! Oh, my god! Not bad, chrissy.
Decent week.
Not bad? I'm running ragged here.
If i wanted to work i could get a job at denny's.
Like they'd fucking hire him.
What, are you crying? Keep it up i'll give you something to cry about.
Watch the braces, honey.
God, it was so horrible.
It's over, caitlin, okay? How can you be so callous? That was the most horrific thing ever.
It was a homeless woman with "the dail y news" up her butt.
Every time i close my eyes, i just keep seeing her.
Oh, my god.
Caitlin, why don't we go over to the health center? They'll help you.
They'll give you something to calm down at least.
No more drugs.
Caitlin, don't start drinking, c'mon.
Listen i have to get up really early tomorrow.
Josh is on the red eye from l.
And my friend, josh, from crossroads high school, i didn't tell you? No.
Sorry, i thought i did.
Anyway, he's coming in and we're gonna head up and see his brother at hampshire.
Try and get some rest, okay? Where do you think she sleeps at night? Hi.
When did you come in? Just now.
Sorry, were you sleeping? It's a good thing we're paying for that dorm room.
It's caitlin again, i can't sleep there.
Forget about studying.
Like you were studying at two a.
Noah and i took her out for her birthday.
She's all depressed to begin with and then she starts having conniptions over this homeless lady in the street.
And how are things with noah? He's going up to hampshire college with his friend from l.
He said he told me about it, but i know he didn't.
Don't you think that's weird that he would just do that? I don't know, i don't really know him.
And his friend, josh, i mean i guess he's okay.
So, you two ar e still dating then? Is that a problem? You started this conversation.
The hygienist from dr.
Maceras called.
You never scheduled your appointment.
I'm sorry, i forgot, i'll do it.
And jackie jr.
Says hello.
Noah's great, but he can be odd, you know? It's like one minute he's all affectionate and then the next, he's like a totally different person.
Meadow, are you in love with this boy? I don't know.
I guess so.
At this point, i better be.
At what point, what does that mean? Sorry, but we are so not having that conversation.
Tony? You ha ve a second? I know you said we can't be friends, but there's no one else i can talk to.
I'm pregnant.
It's ralphie's.
I don't know what to do.
He acts like he doesn't give a shit.
Did you ever think he's not acting? Well, what should i do, should i keep it? I don't get involved in affairs of the heart.
But if i have it you think he'l l help me support it? Oh, sure, it'll be father knows best over there.
Look, you want my advice? You already got one kid.
Problems with that, burning him with cigarettes, whatever the fuck you were doing.
I got help for that, i had a lot of repressed anger.
The county social worker says it all goes back to my mom and hold ing my hand on the stove-- whatever, okay? Your age, your situation, you need another kid like you need a fucking hole in the head.
You're young, still got your figure, you're making money.
So, you think i should get an abortion? Believe me, with ralphie as the father, you'll be doing this kid and the next three generations a favor.
Hey, urban outfitters is having a sale.
We're out of syrup.
'Cause you use a whole gallon at a time.
Shut up.
You wanna go? What do you need, shoes? Shoes, some new tops.
I need underwear.
So, you wanna go or not? I put your whites in at 10:30.
I need to wait until the dryer's free.
Let lilliana do it.
Lilliana's off.
It's gonna be a zoo by the time we get there.
Meadow here? She paged me, she's at her parents.
Want to hang out? I'm writing my paper.
You mind if i just sit and study then? I'm fine, really, it's just you know, it's creepy up there alone.
Um alright.
What are we, short? Who we missing? Tracee.
Left sick on saturday, haven't seen her since.
For three days? Fucking twat.
I talked to my mom.
And she wants me to go to vermont this weekend.
For what? Friends of my dad's.
Paul and irione dudley.
Paul's a psychiatry professor at dartmouth medical school and they have a horse farm and ride and talk.
Paul's very inspiring.
Sounds good.
I just feel better already.
Irione is an amazing cook.
Now, if i just don't get freaked out by the sound of the pine trees at night.
I'm going to noah's.
This moltisanti kid, he's got his head up his ass.
This is a great gladiator movie? Look at kirk douglas' fucking hair.
They didn't have flat tops in ancient rome! What do you want to drink, baby? Get me a fresca.
C- fucking- minus and it's all her fault.
You know, six hour s i'm trying to work and she just won't stop.
Tell me about it.
The questions, the whining, the crazy goddamn nonsense.
She starts crying about her economics class.
She doesn't get it, so i give her my notes from last year.
I'm talking primo notes, i got an "a".
But even that's a problem.
She doesn't understand my writing.
"What does this word mean? Blah, blah, blah, blah.
" Nothing's ever enough with her.
I mean, i know i'm the r.
But technically she's not even on my floor.
C- minus.
Really beautiful, noah.
It's not that bad, okay? I want options when i graduate, meadow.
I'm going to law school in two short years.
A c- minus is fucked for me.
It's early in the semester, you'll make it up.
Is that alright, honey? Fine.
You know i take care of you, right? You, danny, our gorgeous little baby.
Who's that? How the fuck should i know? Ralphie, open up! Ah, shit.
Ralphie! Where's tracee? She's busy.
Hey, sil.
Put your shoes on! Oh, what'd i say? I don't know, what'd you fuckin' say? Three days she missed work.
I've been sick, sil.
Oh, yeah? I called your house.
Your mother says you haven't been there for two days either.
I was here, ralph's taking care of me.
You got a little kid at home! Her mother 's watching him! Mind your fucking business, ralph! Oh, where do you get the balls to come here? Three grand this cunt's into me, and where do i get my fucking balls? Go on, get out of here.
Let's go! What's the mat ter with you, huh? You know how m any girls would kill for the opportunity you've got? What, working for you? Oh, go ahead , keep it up.
Give me a break, in two seconds i could get a job at any other-- listen to me, you little boochiac'.
Until you pay what you owe, that shaved twat of yours belongs to me! You understand? I asked yo u a question.
Yeah, now, get in the car.
And then i go to pour the milk and the carton is empty.
I keep telling you, it's not me, it's a.
Nice try, mister.
How about the football trance? I swear to god, we can have an entire conversation, but if that tv's on, he's no hearing a word i'm saying.
One time this happened.
Forget it, gab, you might as well be talkin' to the furniture.
Well, that's because men have the attention span of children.
Sorry, honey , what'd you say? This cake, rosalie.
Really, ro, delicious.
The whole meal.
I'm glad we could reciprocate.
Hey, college boy , how's school? Good, you know.
Crackin' the books.
Almost dean's list.
What's this, almost? Give me his name, no more almost.
I'm going out.
I'll probably end up staying at bobby's.
No drinking and driving.
C'mon, he knows better than that.
Right, tough guy? Yeah, whatever you say, ralph.
Get lost.
Enjoy your youth.
I'm gonna kill you.
Why didn't you tell me this place was so fancy? Calm down, it' s just my father.
Believe me, it'l l be nothing compare d to meeting your dad.
There he is.
Hey, dad.
This is my father, len.
Len tannenbaum, please sit.
How was the flight? Aside from tim daly chewing my ear for an hour, it was wonderful.
The guy from "wings", you know him? He did his deal for "fugitive".
Usually i enjoy l.
To new york.
Five hours without interruptions, it's the only time i get to do some real work.
He flies first class, personal dvd player with any movie he wants never even opens the case.
Bad enough representing these people, i have to suffer through their movies too? God, it must be so exciting being an entertainment lawyer.
Get to meet all the celebrities.
It beats working for a living.
He's in town to meet with dick wolf.
The sportscaster? Actually, he's a tv producer.
"Special victims unit, law and order".
"New york undercover".
I used to love that show.
Good evening, may i offer you a cocktail before dinner? Guys, are we drinking wine? Clos pegase, the'94 if you've got.
So, meadow, what business is your father in? Actually, um, he's in waste management.
Ah, toxic chemicals, medical waste, that sort of thing? Yeah, sort of, environmental clean up.
Let's give a big bada bing welcome to tracee.
Hey, that guy cut the line.
What's the matter? I told caitlin if we went to th e movies i'd call her.
I'm starting to feel bad.
I stopped feeling bad the second i saw that grade.
Did i tell you my father's filing a restraining order against her? What? You're kidding, right? You obviously don't know my father.
He totally freaked when he heard about the c- minus.
Well, i mean couldn't you try talking to her first? At this point? She thinks we're her friends.
Well, you have to set limits.
The girl was ruining our lives.
Think about it, we couldn't do anything without her horning in.
We certainly couldn't take her to see this.
Custer grabs the artist, "oh! "I tell you i want a painting "commemorating my husband's last thoughts, you give me cows with halos and indians making love?" "Mrs.
Custer," he says.
"Those are your husband's last thoughts.
" "Holy cow, look at all those fucking indians.
" Oh, what, not even a hello? Fuck you, asshole.
Oh, that's nice, very nice.
That's how you talk to a man in front of his friends? Yeah, right.
What man? Oh, a double.
You tell him, sweetie.
I like this girl! Women, women, women.
Why was i born handsome instead of rich? Leave me alone.
What's the matter with you? What are you being like this for? Fuck you, three days you don't call eve n to see how i am.
Baby, i'm busy, i gotta work.
How else am i gonna take care of you when you're nine months pregnant? You serious? Of course i'm serious.
We'll get a little house in a cul- de- sac.
I know that guy who's a mortgage broker.
Really? Ralphie, i love you.
I love you too, baby.
Hey if it's a boy we'll name him after me.
If it's a girl, we'll name it tracee after you.
This way she can grow up to be a cock sucking slob just like her mother.
Are you out of your fucking mind? Guinea motherfucking piece of shit! That's right, that's right, get it all out.
Get it all out, you little whore.
That make you feel good? You feel like a man? Look at you now.
Oh give me a fucking drink.
What happened to you? Tracee.
She slipped.
We were arguing, i don't know.
She fell.
Holy fucking shit.
Get a sheet, chrissy, cover that up.
Where is he? Inside.
Go get him.
She fell? That's my story.
You stupid motherfucker! How fuckin g dare you! Take it easy.
You don't think.
You disrespect this place.
That's the reason why you were passe d the fuck over.
It's my fault she's a klutz? Motherfucker! Are you out of your fucking mind layin' your hands on me? He's the bos s of this family! Shut the fuck up! I'm a made guy! Ton', we gotta get you out of here.
Is this place open? No! Get the fuck out of here, ralph! Keep that back door locked! And get her th e fuck out of here.
You got a rug, a piece of carpet? Cocksucker was way out of line.
this girl.
That too.
Let's go.
What? I think we need to talk.
I think that maybe we've been seeing too much of each other.
And? I don't know.
I mean i really like you, meadow.
It's just i don't think we shoul d see each other anymore.
Are you breaking up with me? Are you really that surprised? Why, i mean things were going so good.
Look, honestly, you're too negative.
It's like you have this underlying cynicism about everything.
What are you talking about? I really didn't want to get into this.
So things are better then? Since our first session? Yes, i guess.
We seem to talk more easily.
Sometimes even painful sessions can break the log jam.
And then this.
You're being particularly quiet today.
Sometimes i got nothing to say.
Carmela is here.
She's giving up her time to talk about your panic attacks.
A young man who worked for us barone sanitation, he he died.
Who? Who? You don't know him.
He died, that's all.
Work- related death.
It's sad when they go so young.
How was the dentist? God, is ther e nothing to eat in this house? Who knows, maybe she quit.
I heard she went outside with ralphie and never came back.
Do yourself a favor, keep what you hear to yourself.
Parties are usually friday night.
A lot of high rollers, a lot of big tips.
You want in the vip room? It's 50 bucks to me plus a blow job lateron.