The Sopranos s03e12 Episode Script

Amour Fou

Meadow, do you have a tampon? I'm spotting and the dispenser in the ladies room is out.
You had an examination? I don't know what's happening.
This is the middle of the month, this never happens to me.
Imagine having your portrait in a museum like this.
She's just the wife of some rich merchant, mom.
That's how rubens made his money.
You sure talk the talk ,"miss art history".
I have never seen grades like this from you.
Well, you take intro to semiotics.
If you spent more time in your books and less in jackie's car please that is so over.
Just like that? What happened? Are you crying? What's the matter? I don't know, just look at it.
Jusepe de ribera.
"The mystical marriage of st.
" That's the baby jesus.
She's marrying a baby? Good luck.
We all do.
What? I shouldn't be sarcastic.
Just look at her with the little baby's hand against her cheek.
She's so at peace.
That beautiful, innocent, gorgeous little baby.
C'mon, let's go eat.
Tony? Oh, tony, c'mon.
I'm sorry about wh at happened, you won't return my phone calls.
Go fuck yourself! Tony we have something too special to just-- over one argument.
One argument? You threw a fuckin' dinner at my head, gloria.
If you were a guy, i don't have to tell you where you'd be right now.
You were late! You kept me waiting three hours-- what about the present? You take a nice thought, a nice present, you throw it out the window in the fuckin' barnegat bay.
Alright i'm having a reall y bad couple of weeks.
Shit with my family and other crap i was trying t o act all in control and not dwell on it.
It's no excuse, but so, what, you can't talk to me about your problems? I didn't want to bother you with it.
Well, i had a lot on my plate.
Can i see you later? I'm late for my appointment.
Me and this broad, we're like leather and lace, a burn ing ring of fire.
Whatever the fuck.
Amour fou as the french call it.
Crazy love, all consuming.
That's it.
I tell ya, we push each other's buttons.
Most people don't push your buttons.
That's not true.
I know you think i'm like a hard, cold, captain of industry- type.
That's not all there is.
I don't know.
She gets freaky.
What do you think? Is she a full blown looptiloo or what? As you well know, i cannot-- discuss another patient.
What if i duck you an extra five? I'm not charging you at all this month because last month you overpaid.
You gave me a lot of good tips that session.
I won't have it, don't offer it again.
Alright, alright, jesus.
Let's get back to gloria.
She never wants any money neither.
And you like this about her? She's, you know ve ry independent- minded.
That i do like.
You see her as independent, strong.
Why? She's not? We're talking about your perceptions.
She made her own way in the world.
Irina was such a helpless fuckin' baby.
And gloria knows a lot, about a lot of shit.
Buddhism, and the movies.
She went to morocco all by herself.
And those eyes those dark, black eyes.
When she stares at you it's like like a spanish princess in one of those paintings, a goyim.
Those eyes are deep.
I said deep, you said complicated.
You said dark.
Spit it out.
Whenever i bring her u p you get this weird puss.
And then you ask me, "does she seem happy?" Like maybe she's not.
Or,"does she remind you of somebody?" With that weird puss on.
Like you don't like it, our mo- fo, or whatever the fuck you call our relationship! You've told me what you see in gloria.
What do you think she sees in you? Oh, please, huh? What does she see in me? I don't know, with all the fuckin' faggo and crybabies running around, whatever else i am, i'm not i'm more of a you know , like i said, a captain of industry- type.
You're a tough guy.
Ah, c'mon.
It's okay, you can say it.
C'mon, you embarrass m e with that shit now.
Does gloria know what you do for a living? You mentioned fire.
Can we say that there are certain kinds of people that are drawn to fire? Looking for an inevitable result? Like a moth to a flame? And this is gloria? And i'm the flame? Why would anybody hit you, of all people, with a side of beef? She's complicated.
I said complicated.
Dark, you said.
I said her eyes are dark.
Not bad.
Since we're kicking up, we were hoping you could, you know, watch our back? a hello.
Watching your back, that's gonna require a little more initiative on your part.
Oh, look at the face.
What's he got to be frowning about? Tell me, romeo, now that you moved back home, are you gonna be humpin' tony soprano's little girl on our couch? Fuck her.
Tony too, with his "stay in school" bullshit.
He could've reached ou t to somebody at rutgers.
He should break the dean's legs 'cause you're too lazy to read a fuckin' book.
Now go ahead, i gotta make some calls.
You did good.
Keep coming by go, go! I knew a moroccan guy once.
Hit and ran me, i tracked him down.
I never forget a fez.
Jesus christ.
That's the oldes t joke in the book.
Jesus christ.
Hello? No, you have the wrong number.
What? I thought it might be my sister.
That family shit you were telling me about? Yeah.
It's okay if you don 't want to talk about it.
She said i can never see my niece and nephew again.
Right before christmas.
We had a new santa claus at our christmas party in the neighborhood.
He wasn't very good.
I love those two children so much.
She said i was turning them against their father, which i wasn't.
Not that he doesn't deserve it, fucking crackhead sack of shit.
Hannah and seamus go to this like, alternative private elementary school in santa monica.
Where it's all about the childrens' self esteem.
I hate that shit.
So, i happened to ask hannah, she's in the third grade, "are you gonna be in the christmas play?" And she says, "we don't call it the christmas play, we call it the winter festival.
" So i go,"whatever," i don't say anything.
And then seamus says, "we're not allowed to say christmas, we call christmas "the c word.
" And i fuckin' flipped out.
What did seamus say? The fuck does he know, he's 10.
So my sister gets all pissed off because her husband, their father, teaches at the school.
Except for he's on medical leave for substance abuse treatment.
And one thing led to another and she said i always had it in for john.
And she forbid me to ever see them again.
He smokes crack, this fuck? Without those two kids maybe we'll all get lucky.
The way these trucks go by out here, maybe i'll get plastered onto a grill.
Hey, what the fuck? I'm just kidding , it never rains.
I think they're go nna fire me over at globe.
Fucking arnie mills sexually harasses me and then dares me to sue.
Mm- hmm.
Anyway, fuck'em.
You like this song? It's okay.
I love this song.
Guys, if you're gonna smoke, take it outside.
Fuck's the matter, you don't speak english? Who the fuck are you? The owner's a dear friend of ours.
That should be enough for you.
Fuck him, too.
What'd you fuckin' say? Chill, chill, relax! Jackie, what are you doin'? It's alright, it's under control.
Go find a fuckin' taco bell before i cap your asses.
Get the fuck outta here.
Oh, shit, here, take this.
Fuck no, bro , he's a made guy.
He's gonna flip when he sees this shit.
Roy's his aunt's cousin.
What's up? Hey, chris.
The fuck happened? Ask your buddy here.
These spics came in, you know, disrespecting the place.
So, i had to straighten them out.
You had to straighten the m out, how many? Three.
Goddamn fuckin ' craziness.
You alright, roy? these things.
What the fuck, it's only glass.
Have a seat.
So, how's business , you making money? We're doing alright, why, you got something? My favorite, a truck.
Sounds good.
But we're kinda with ralphie now.
Besides, wouldn't tony go fuckin' ballistic if i was in on it? Hey, unless they're paying your nut, nobody has a right to tell anybody else how to earn a fuckin' living.
Finally, thank you.
Ralphie, huh? Well, if you ever think about jumpin' ship, you know my number.
I need the paperwork on the preowned c- five.
Soprano? Yes.
The courtesy van's stuck in traffic.
It should only be maybe 20 minutes.
Oh, well, maybe i'll just call a cab.
That's okay, jerry, i'll give her a lift.
I'm going out anyway.
Gloria trillo.
Carmela soprano, you're sure you don't mind? Gimme a minute, let me just grab a demo.
This is very sweet of you.
Don't believeit.
Everybody's a potential sale.
So, what do you do? I'm a homemaker.
You must mak e a very nice home to drive a benz.
So, you're married.
Kids? Two.
You? No, to both.
Boys, girls? One boy, one girl.
The boy's still in high school and my daughter's in college.
She's not too far away though.
She's in new york city.
She's at columbia, actually.
School of broadcasting? No, no, the university.
It's in the ivy league, it's one of the top schools.
I know, i was just kidding.
These kids today they got the world by the you know what.
Yeah, tell me about it.
At least your daughter doesn't have to latch on to a man for success.
Thank god.
That's a beautiful ring.
Thank you.
What does your husband do? Well, he's involved in a few businesses.
Sounds mysterious.
No, no, it's not really.
My daughter calls us bourgeois.
Well, thank you so much, really.
Oh, it was no problem.
It was very nice to meet you.
You too.
Nice house.
Thank you.
I'll tell you, the thing i like about moltisanti? He'll even tell tony soprano to go fuck himself.
The guy's fearless.
Who's fearless? Nobody, chris moltisanti.
Where's my mother? She's an early riser.
What about moltisanti? Nothing, we were just saying he's young to be made, that kinda shit.
He wanted it, so he stepped up and took it.
It's like your old man and tony soprano.
How do you think they got their name on the marquee? How? We got any marshmallows? C'mon, what about my father? When we was kids we had our own little crew, me, your dad, buon anima, tony, silvio dante.
We'd do mickey mouse scores, moving pot swag, bullshit stuff.
We thought we were like the sixth family.
But who the fuck knew we was even alive, right? Till one fuckin' night, and i gotta give your father credit for this.
He had balls as big as an irish broad's ass.
There was this old old mustache named feech lamanna.
Now, what the hell "feech" meant who the fuck knows, but, he was made on the other side, so you know, he was an original.
He was an o.
He had this saturday night card game.
Your father sees this as our big chance to step up to the "a" league.
Connected or not, him, me, and tony were gonna rob it.
We thought your father lost a marble, but he said, "fuck it".
What happened? They took it down, they walked away with like 20 large.
Jesus christ.
What do you mean "they"? You didn't go? Please i'm still sick over it.
I caught the clap from some hippie broad i was fuckin'.
My dick was dripping like a busted pipe.
Anyways, the rest is history.
Your father and tony was on the fast track to being made and i was still a little shit heel like the two of you.
Then of course, i, whatever, but that was a few years later.
Did they get away with it? What could feech do? There was a sit- down and the right people got some of their money back but, the point was made.
Your father and tony were rising stars that had to be respected.
Alright, kiddies, that's enough for tonight.
Oh, jackie, make sure you rinse those plates before you put them in the dishwasher.
It clogs.
We can't help but be amazed at the instincts they possess to protect all manner of livestock, to be protective of us.
What can we do to protect them? Nurture the defenses they were born with using the natural body defense system in pedigree.
What is wrong with me? Pedigree hi, there.
Are you drunk? How'bou t right here? You would, wouldn't you, huh? Does my car look slanted? Oh, shit.
If i have a flat.
Oh, my god.
Jesus christ.
So creepy.
Why? I don't know.
What? What? You know who did this, don't you? The fuck you talking about? I saw that look.
The least you coul d do is not lie to me.
What do i know about your friggin' tires? Fine.
Thanks for your help.
One time, my ex- girlfriend , she, you know, got a little jealous and she slashed my tires.
And that thought went throug my mind briefly just then.
But it couldn' t have been her.
Who, the cunt that called the boat? Stata zit' with that.
Stata zit', my car is fucked! You work for a dealership.
What do you think, i get new free fucking tires? So, i'll pay for it, what's the big fuckin' deal? Alright, now, why would you offer to pay for them if you didn't have a guilty fuckin' conscience? About what? Well, i don't know, you tell me.
This is fucking bullshit.
I'm going home.
Oh, yeah? Who else would do it? Who knows, kids maybe.
Ruin a great fuckin' evenin g over this shit! Kids? I don't know, maybe your fucking brother- in- law.
Maybe mr.
Globe down at globe motors, since you're america's fuckin' sweetheart this week.
Oh, where the fuck do you get off? This immigrant, alcoholic, fuckin' probably hiv- laden slut! Slashes my tires and you have the fuckin' nerve to call my life into question? She wouldn't do it! I slapped the piss out of her last time! Oh did you? Did you really hit her? Alright, look she's a poor, confused kid from an underdeveloped country, even if she did do this i'll make a couple of calls, i'll have two brand new michelins here in an hour.
What are these, what? Jesus christ.
Gene pontecorvo's got a card game, we can take it down right now.
What are you fuckin' crazy? He's with ralph.
So, for all intents and purposes, that's ralph's game.
That's even better.
Fuck him and his "rinse your dishes" bullshit.
You know what? I think he's a fuckin' secret fag.
I don't know, jackie.
Maybe we take carlo too, he's got a shotgun.
We wear masks, we go in, we're out in like two minutes.
What if they find out that it's us? We want them to.
Not right away, but, you know, like ralph said.
And even when they do, you know it's gonna get squashed.
My old man was jackie aprile.
The worse that'll happen, we have to give some of it back.
We pull this off, we're like free agents.
We dictate the terms, not them.
'Cause we show balls.
Go on, call carlo.
There's no signal.
I'd have to be pretty stup to write a book about killing and then kill somebo dy the way i described use that phone.
Oh yeah, this one.
C'mon, hurry up, call carlo.
They show my favorite part yet? No, i thin k it's coming up.
The answer's no.
I didn't kill him.
C'mon, move over , gimme me some room.
Fuck you, it's my house.
Here it comes.
Yeah! Would you like a cigarette, nick? You two know each other? No.
I went to see a psychiatrist, father.
The that's why father intintola suggested i talk to you.
He said that you were getting a doctorate in psychiatry fro m seton hall.
The psychiatrist told me that my whole life is a lie and he's right.
And now i thin k i'm sick and if i die, i will never be with god in eternity.
You're ill? I'm pretty sure i have ovarian cancer.
What does your doctor say? I haven't seen one.
I'm afraid.
Why do you think you're ill? I'm spotting, and lower back pain.
My hormones ar e all over the place.
My cousin kathy died from it.
God doesn't punish people for mistakes they've made.
He loves you more than you know.
Have you thought that with your symptoms you might be carrying a child? I know, that's another-- would you be more comfortable if we set the sacrament aside for a moment and stepped into my office? The psychiatrist said th at i should leave my husband.
May god forgive me , when he said tha t it seemed so right.
You made a sacred vow.
Divorce is out of the question.
Unless is he abusive, your husband? Not to me, but he is unfaithful.
He's a good man basically, but i talked to father intintola about all this years ago and here i still am.
Do you love your husband? I do.
I love my husband and i love god.
But, my life i s financed by crime his crime.
$50, 000 to my daughter's college.
The psychiatrist say s it's all blood money.
And now to maybe bring another child into this? God understands that we all live in the middle of tensions.
You say your husband has good in him.
What you have to do is learn to live on what the good part earns.
The what? There's a point inside yourself, an inner boundary beyond which you feel culpable.
You've got to come to an awareness of where that line is and forego those things which lay without it.
The church has changed so much.
It's a complex world.
Learn to live on the good part.
Forego those things that lay without it.
I think i can do that, father.
I'll try.
And go see an ob- gyn.
This mad cow disease.
I think it's terrible the english government didn't tell people sooner.
Maybe they didn't want to create a stampede.
Oh, by the way, guess which former medical student is no longer datin g the queen of mean? You're kidding.
Jackie jr.
And meadow are finished? Frankly, i am delighted.
Angie bonpensiero said that kevin told her that jackie wa s smoking marijuana and he was caught cheating on an exam at rutgers.
Gee, that bad? She would've been better off with that black kid.
He's got a 4.
0 and he's moving to india for the u.
I told you.
She wasted three months with jackie jr.
Soprano? Gloria trillo, globe motors.
Oh, hi, of course, how are you? I hope i'm not calling you at a bad time.
But the new e- 320 just came in and i thought you might want to take a look at it.
Oh, no, i don't th ink so, thank you though.
I still have another year on my lease.
Run it by your husband, maybe he'll wanna treat you.
Okay, maybe i will.
Thank yo u for calling.
Okay, bye.
Hope to see ya.
Buh- bye.
What a nice woman.
Who? Just some saleswom an from globe motors.
What? She wants me to test drive the new e- series wagon.
And i'm not interested, but she was awfully nice to me the other day.
She gave me a ride home while th ey serviced the wagon.
But i really should hold onto it for anoth er year, don't you think? Another year yeah.
I was just wondering if we could switch days off.
Just give me a minute, could you, martin? I just thought-- yeah, yeah, sure, i just got a custo mer coming in, alright? Tony.
Don't you fuckin' "tony" me.
Are you out of your fucking mind talking to my wife? I was upset about your ex- girlfriend, alright? "Poor, confused kid", i thought you should see my version.
I'm sorry, alright? You drove her home.
What the fuck? Then you look right into my eyes and you don't tell me? Alright, it's just normal to be curious abou t someone that you love's significant others.
No, it's not, it's fuckin' twisted.
No, it is not.
Look, i don't wa nt to argue with you.
You're upset , and i understand it's on the margin s for someone like you and i'm sorry and it'll never happen again, ever.
No shit.
Now you can tell your shrink you ruined eight relationships.
What do you mean? It's fucking over.
Tony! You see, tuesday i can take my kid to hear raffi.
Left ovary.
right ovary.
Just tell me right out, dr.
Don't mince words.
I really did not feel comfortable with everybody knowing my personal life.
Where's this asshole now? What'd he have, like one song? What are you doing? We should be out doing what we gotta do.
Call carlo, tell him to bring his shit.
Who the fuck was feech lamanna anyways? You know what? Don't come.
You want to spend the rest of your life with your head up your ass, be my guest.
How's your calimar' salad? I don't think he's using the right olive oil.
You haven't said two words, carmela.
I'm sorry.
I just came from dr.
Oh, my god, is everything alright? Apparently i've never been better.
Just a lit tle thyroid thing.
Thank god.
I thought i was pregnant.
Bite your tongue! At our age? I don't know, with the kids growing up and everything.
What i'd give to have a grandchild.
Terry and her husband are trying again, but speaking of grandkids i am just sick about jackie and meadow.
I asked him what happened, he tells me to mind my own business.
So does she in so many words.
They broke up? Is meadow okay? Oh, please, that girl is so differe nt than i was at her age.
It just rolls off her back.
There's no weight loss, no sleepless nights.
Not like the grief we go through with our husbands.
That's'cause we married these walyos.
It's not just us.
The president of the united states, for crying out loud.
Look what his wife had to put up with, with the blow jobs and the stained dress.
Hillary clinton? I can't stand that woman.
I don't know.
Maybe we could all take a page from her book.
What, to be humiliated in public and then walk around smiling all the time? That is so false.
I would dig a hole, i would climb into it and i would not come out.
All i know is, she stuck by him and put up with the bullshit, and in the end, what did she do? She set up her own little thing.
She did.
She took all that negative shit he gaveher and spun it into gold.
You gotta give her credit.
That's true, isn't it? She's a role model for all of us.
The case is still pending.
They could try me on a simple mail and wire fraud but they're holding out, they'd rather fold i t into a major rico.
Tony, line two.
Who is it? I don't know, it's a woman.
I think she's crying.
Let me get back to you.
Hello? Tony? I don't know i don't know i can't understand you.
I don't know what you're trying to say.
I can't take it anymore.
stay i don't know why tony tony.
Thanks for coming.
You want something to drink? No.
I'm sorry.
There's no one else i can talk to.
What about him? Laugh if you want, he does help.
Yeah, he's a regular captain marvel.
I just want it to be the way it was.
I love you.
Stop it, gloria.
I'm sorry, i'm sorry.
Quit fuckin' crying, i can't stand it.
I want to be with you.
Well, that's not gonna happen.
I know.
I know.
My life's a trip to nowhere.
You bring it on yourself.
You're a beautiful, talented woman but you push a man away.
It's not gonna happen again.
The other night with the tires, i'm a grown man.
I've had other women.
You think i lived in a freezer before i met you? Fine.
I'll sit back like a mute while you screw every woman out there.
See, there's that tone again.
Look it's over.
We had our amour fou or whatever.
And it was great.
And now it's t ime to put it to bed.
What'd you think that you could treat me like some stupid fucking goombah housewife? You think i'm gonna let some fucker shit all over me just'cause he buys me some ridiculous gaudy fucking ring? Where the fuck do you get off? You don't care.
You think you're the only one with problems? You think my life's a fuckin' picnic? Oh, poor you.
You got a fuckin' dream life compared to mine.
Nobody cares if i'm alive or dead! I didn't just meet you.
I've known you my whole fuckin' life.
That's right.
Take a dump wherever you please and then just walk away.
My mother was just like you.
Bottomless black hole.
Oh, the mother now.
I surrender.
Burn me at the stake.
You know what? You're fuckin' crazy.
All i ever asked for was kindness.
C'mere, c'mere.
You listen to me and you listen to me good.
No more call s, no more nothing.
You see me, you cross the street.
'Cause you'r e a dangerous fuck and i don't want you in my life.
Don't go, don't go! I'll call your wife! What'd you say? I'll go to columbia, i'll tell your daughter about us.
C'mon! C'mere, c'mere.
Now, you listen to me you go near my wife or my family and i'll fuckin' kill you, you understand me? I'll fuckin' kill you.
Go ahead, kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me.
You fucking bitch! Kill me.
Kill me, kill me.
Kill me.
Kill me, kill me , kill me, kill me kill me.
Kill me.
Alright, this is it.
I don't care if god comes by, you don't move this car.
When we go in, you do the talking.
Me? I know eugene, he'll recognize my voice.
Don't worry about it.
When they see this motherfucker, nobody'l l have to say a word.
What's the matter? I don't know.
You sure you wanna do this? Why? Don't you? Fuck it, let's go down the shore.
Let's do it before the crank wears off.
Ace, high flush.
Flush talks.
Anybody want a drink? Nobody fuckin' move! Just take it easy, alright? Shit.
Shut the fuck up! Empty your pockets, all of you! C'mon! Very bad, boys, very bad.
This is a low- level game, guys.
The only thing you're gonn a get around here is practice.
You heard what he said, shut the fuck up! Take it ea sy, take it easy! You guys know who you're robbin'? Gimme your watch.
Remember the old adage son.
Leave'em while you're looking good.
Just give it to him, sunshine.
Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan.
Shut up, shut up! Stop fucking looking at me! Come on, hurry up! Let's get the fuck outta here! If you can keep your head while those around you can't-- where the fuck is he? Shit.
Shit, c'mon! Get the fuck out! Oh, my god! Jackie! Jackie, jackie! Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Hey, cocksucker.
Chris, please, we didn't kn ow you were in there.
We're with ralphie.
Please? If you're one of the thousands of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, you already know that it's no laughing matter.
What you probably don't know, however, is that treatment is covered by most medical plans-- dr.
Frei d, i'm sorry, your service s aid it was an emergency.
Hello? Jesus christ.
Not again, tony.
I can't keep doing this.
I'm in the middle of-- can't he go to the emergency room? I thought he had a green card.
Manadgia la putana fragita! Will you s hut the fuck up? You're gonna m ake him hit an artery.
Just try and relax, let the sedative do its job.
You should thank god they didn't hit nothing important.
This fucking prick is really a doctor? Close, i'm a prick doctor.
Get it? While you're here maybe he can give you a bulge.
Doc, see if you can remove this ladies underwear.
Ah! You're gon na be alright.
That little motherfucker.
He's goin', tony, he's goin' big time.
You sure i t was jackie jr.
? I find him, i'm doing him tonight.
No, you're not.
Why not? 'Cause i saidso.
Why? I don't gotta explain anything to you.
Because he's jackie aprile's kid? You're not gonna let this go, you can't do that! He took a shot at me, he tried to kill furio! We're made! Every person you whack , you risk exposure.
Major murder, that's what the fe ds ask for christmas.
Bullshit, you're a fuckin' hypocrite.
What the f uck did you say? You preach all this wiseguy shit and meanwhile the only ones who gotta play by the rules are us! I loved you! What happens i decide, not you.
You don't love me anymore, well, that breaks my heart.
But it's too fuckin' bad , 'cause don't gotta love me.
But you wi ll respect me.
Ralph cifaretto's here.
What'd we say? Ton'.
How you doing? It's terrible, huh? Ro's going nut s over this.
She knows he hangs around with this punk dino and the other one.
Any word from her son? No.
Alright, c'mon.
This kid he did a terrible thing.
Your fucking card game.
I know how close you are to the family.
I feel for you.
You're living under the same roof.
And it was my card game.
But, what happened to sunshine, it's a disgrace.
But, tell you the truth, tony i wanna give the kid a pass.
Yeah? That's just me, though.
I know you got bigger concerns, you're the boss.
I'll make sure your orders are done, whatever they maybe.
I think you should go with your instincts on this, ralph.
You do? But furio took a hit and chris.
These are made men.
I'll make sure they respect your decision.
'Cause i'm sure you're gonna do the right thing.
That's why i made you captain.
This is rosalie's kid.
That's why i'll understand if you wanna give him a pass and i'm sure everybody else will too.
And who cares about shit they say they don't have the balls to say to your face? The kid disrespected you.
But they don't have to live with your commitments.
And hey, your decision goes the other way, the one thing you cannot do, ralph, you cannot do, is blame yourself.
You took this kid under your wing.
You schooled him as best you could.
Didn't you? Jack spoiled him.
I think this is yours.
Stupid kid was carrying it around during the holidays.
She wanted me to fucking kill her.
Like suicide by cop.
So, she set me up? From the beginning gloria saw me as only a fuckin' hammer? She loved you.
She looked so good, too, that day in your office.
Just another irina with a college degree.
Ask yourself.
How did you recognize in gloria, underneath all her layers of sophistication, this deeply wounded, angry being that would let you replicate once again your relationship with your mother.
I don't want t o fuck my mother.
I don't give a shit what you say.
You're never gonna convince me.
Not fuck.
Try to please her, try to win her love.
I'm 40 fuckin' years old.
We need to repeat what's familiar even if it's bad for us.
Gloria's need for drama, the selfishness, the incessant self regard.
At one time, in your mother's hands, it passed for love.
Alright, look, you're her doctor, you tell me, do i gotta wor ry about this broad? She says she's gon na tell carmela about us.
I honestly can't predict.
But i think we should deal with why are you so attracted to dangerous relationships? Why do you put your marriage in such danger? Maybe i'm lookin g for a way out.
You ever think of that? Anthony, you'll never leave your wife.
There's a limit to how much shit-- she might leave you, but you'll never leave her.
Despite your mothering, you made one good decision in your life vis- a- vis women, you're not gonna throw that over.
Your own selfishness is too strong to let that happen.
Alright, alright.
Actually, in spite of everything, you're a very conventional man.
I said alright.
We have to stop now.
Got pep, i'll give it that.
Zero to 60, in under seven seconds.
What's the matter, you don't like me? Look, i'm not back in 10 minutes, they call the cops.
Standard operating procedure.
Here's some standard operating procedure.
Stay the fuck aw ay from tony soprano.
Shut the fuck up and listen.
It's over, capisce? Over and done.
You call or go anywher e near him or his family and they'll be scraping your nipples off these fi ne leather seats.
And here's the point to remember, my face is the last one you'll see, not tony's.
We understan d each other? It won't be cinematic.
Any word, anything? He probably went down to florida.
Ro, i'm sure he's fine.
Ro, c'mon.
Sit down.
Look, um this is gonna be hard for you to hear.
Oh, jesus christ! It's okay, it's just he's has a very serious drug problem.
What? It's coke.
He may owe some money to dealers, something.
Oh, my god.
I didn't want to tell you this.
Look, we're doing everything we can.
Look, we're gonna find him, we'll get him help.
We'll get him into rehab.
Let's just hope he's not too far gone.
It smells good.
Lemon snaps for the bake sale at church.
You look good.
I went to step today.
Is that why you don't have any of these looney- tune moods? Exercise? Where's your ring? I had to bring it in to get it sized, it's a little big.
Hi, it's me.
I'll be home in about 20 minutes.
Yeah, i picked u p the stuffed shells.
No, the celantano's, you just gotta heat'em up.