The Sopranos s04e04 Episode Script

The Weight

So, she's a dancer, right? Broadway, summer stock, all that shit.
Who was telling me, Ginny used to do a little dancing herself, right? Taught ballet years ago.
- Who's that? - Nobody, Jersey.
Ralph Cifaretto's crew.
Anyway, I go over to her house one night she's dressed like a fucking cat, like from that show.
Eye makeup, claws, the whole bit.
You okay? Pardon me a minute.
- Donny, right? - John, how you doing? What's the matter? Not funny anymore? Funny? What's the matter with you? Please! Funny? There's funny! Whoa, what the fuck? - What'd he do? - He's a cunt.
A sorry sack of shit.
- Come on, let me get you out of here.
- No, please.
Scumbag? Let me buy you a drink.
What the fuck? What are you doing still up? Penny Serenade was on AMC.
John, your coat! Is that Burberry? - Oh, my God, what happened? - Nothing.
- I tripped.
- You tripped where? I don't know.
The steps by Carmine's.
John, your hand is bleeding.
I used it to break my fall.
Jesus, what is this, the inquisition now? I had a few cognacs.
Go to sleep.
For tax-deferred growth the annuity's fine, but if I'm hearing you right liquidity's the real concern? Well, we do occasionally need ready access to our money.
Honestly, guys, I'd recommend the life insurance trust.
That, coupled with a growth-oriented reallocation of your assets.
Including an assortment of other investment vehicles.
What, like classic cars? No, stocks, bonds.
I think he's pulling your leg, Brian.
Gotta remember that one.
So, great, we'll open an account, get the paperwork started.
Brian, look, no offense.
I know we're family, but let me think about it.
Run it by my accountant.
Ginsberg? He's a CPA, he's not an investment advisor.
Whatever, he knows about this stuff.
You know what, Carm? Talk to your accountant.
Two heads.
Dad, it's Uncle Sil! I gotta get that.
Say hello to Janelle.
I'll walk you out, Bri.
Hang it up, A.
! What happened? - Hey.
- Hey yourself.
What the fuck, John? I got nothing to say.
You got nothing to say? That fucking kid is in intensive care.
I thought he worked for Ralph.
And Ralph works for me.
So, I ask you again, what the fuck? Let it suffice that I know and Carmine knows that foppy cocksucker's holding out on us.
Fernandez Paving, Ralph's contracting company.
My guy read the receipts for the waterproofing at the Esplanade.
This fucking Ralph's more creative than Spielberg.
He's off almost $4,000, third time in a row now.
We agreed, no looting the job site.
First of all, that hasn't been established.
Second of all, this is how you handle it? Consider it a message.
He's in Miami.
They got phones there, last time I checked.
He's got a bad history, Tony.
Cute cocksucker could wind up dead.
What are you saying here? He's a two-faced fucking prick.
- I thought Ralph was your friend.
- Right, that's rich.
Did you hear what my "friend" said about my wife? He made a crack about Ginny's weight.
Something about her having a 90-pound mole on her ass.
Well, that's That's deplorable.
Who told you this? - What's important is that it was said.
- Lf he did say it, I didn't hear it.
'Cause he knows better than to make a remark like that when I'm around.
She's fighting a weight problem since the kids were born.
Weight Watchers, Richard Simmons, fasting.
- She works very fucking hard.
- You're telling me how hard it is? It's different for women.
Body image, self-esteem.
I'll tell you, though.
I never had a problem with Ginny's weight.
To me, she's beautiful.
That woman is my life.
To think she's being mocked All right, look, John I'm not gonna sit here and deny that Ralph can be a fucking asshole.
And that was a horrible thing to say.
But even if it was said, you can't be serious about him winding up you know.
She's the mother of my children.
I know she is, John.
At least hear Ralph out.
How long we go back? All of us? The kid last night He was laughing.
About this? I don't know.
All right.
You're right.
It's just been sticking in my craw.
So, this kid gonna be okay? I don't know, he's still unconscious.
My fucking temper.
Is he married, children, anything? Lives with his mother.
I'll send her something nice.
I'm surprised he didn't call you.
Who knows? Maybe he'll be right back.
One sugar, right? So, how are things at Casa Del Furio? The Pakistani, the neighbor.
I want to make my garage into the guesthouse so my parents can visit.
He says to me, because of the rules, I cannot do it.
Right, the zoning.
The man who sells me the house, he says nothing.
As far as I remember once title has passed, you have no legal recourse.
Anyway next week, I make a party for the housewarm.
What a nice idea.
This is my real estate exam.
There's one more prep course I want to take.
So, next Sunday is the party.
We will be there.
Now, here, you see? "Except in cases of demonstrable fraud "transfer of title is binding once the grantee registers the deed with the county clerk.
" Some people say college only serves to show grad schools who managed to show up somewhere four years in a row.
But volunteering at the law center actually allows you to make a difference.
Last year, with our help over a half a dozen crack babies were reunited with their natural mothers several of whom are now in recovery.
Eventually, with the help of ACLU attorneys you'll be filing court papers and helping with legal research.
There's a sign-up sheet and some fliers if you're interested.
That's so true what you said about college being an audition for grad school.
So much for higher learning.
Living in the moment? Check out the law center.
There's some really cool people there.
There were 15 guys at the dinner when Ralph told that joke.
- Could be anybody flapping their gums.
- What I don't get is why.
What's the upside of telling Johnny that? - Get in good with New York somehow.
- Loose lips sink ships.
First, John knows about flipping the property by the Esplanade, now this shit.
How about Patsy? He's had issues, maybe he's holding a grudge.
You really think he's that cagey? - Albert, then.
- Wait a minute.
What if Vesuvio's bugged and the fucking feds told Johnny? - Conspiracy theories now? - Why not? Create a little dysentery among the ranks? First of all, the place is swept once a week.
As for the feds, there's more interesting shit being talked about in there besides Ginny's fat ass.
Sil? The liquor inspector's here.
What do you think? - It's not possible, right? - Silvio talking to Johnny? You never know, T.
Jason's always been a well-adjusted young man.
So why now, Elliot? Three years at Bard and suddenly now as a senior, this epic drift? No focus, no drive.
He's actually talked about dropping out and joining the forestry service.
Well, some people thrive on solitude.
Senior year.
There's something about the light at the end of that tunnel that can be very frightening.
Saskia's a senior.
Is she going through any of this? Sask has always been highly motivated.
Where's Richard in all this anyway? Jason barely speaks to him anymore.
- Since when? - Right after the rape.
Jason may be feeling guilty himself, Jen.
He's powerless to avenge you and resents his father for the same shortcomings.
Hey, George Hamilton.
How's the back? Oh, the masseuse down there, the Del Ray? Magic fucking fingers.
- Tony call? - On his way.
- He know you broke up with his sister? - No, no.
Not unless she told him.
- You know what that crazy bitch was into? - What? She wanted to stick a dildo up my ass make believe she was pimping me out.
I told her, "Get the fuck out of here!" - What the fuck? - The whole family's nuts.
How are you? How you doing? Fellas, take this shit to my house.
Open some windows, air the place out.
For you, Florida's finest.
How's Donny K.
? I was just asking them about that.
I gotta get over there, get the full report.
Any idea who's writing the family gossip column? You know, funny thing about that I don't remember saying anything about Ginny.
Come on, Ralph.
I was sitting right there.
Then maybe I said something.
I forget.
There was a lot of wine that night.
What about the land deal, Frelinghuysen Avenue? You forget, and maybe tell him that you, me and Zellman made all that money? Did I tell him about it? No.
But I sure as shit ended up paying for it.
When you think about it, Johnny's got some balls.
Big house, lining his pocket with our hard-earned cash? Who's he think's keeping that fat bitch in Devil Dogs anyway? Whatever he is, he's also Carmine's underboss so you're gonna fucking placate him.
Oh, what, apologize? No, you do that, it'll be worse.
Whoever told him this, it's your word against theirs.
You're highly fucking outraged.
Helo, sweetie.
lt's your secret admirer.
Is he there? Oh hi, Ralph, one sec.
John, Ralph Cifaretto! - I'll take it in there.
- Okay, hon.
- John, it's me.
- And? And l'm caling to tel you how appaled l am.
l just got back, l talked to Tony.
I love Ginny, I would never say anything like that.
That's not what l heard.
From who, John? I don't betray confidences.
Are you denying you said it? Fuck, yes, I'm denying I said it.
I don't believe you.
Just tell me who said this, I'll put a bullet in their fucking eye! You're a real weasel, you know that? John, please.
Look, last year, when Tony and I had our thing, that misunderstanding you were the voice of reason.
You were the one that told me to apologize.
So, you're apologizing? If that's what it takes.
Why would you? I thought you didn't say it.
- I didn't say it.
- You know something, Ralph? Not only are you a thief, you're a lying fucking prick.
I should've let Tony chop your head off a year ago.
What did I say? No apology! I want you to sanction a hit on Ralph Cifaretto.
What, are you fucking kidding me? He violated my wife's honor.
Ralph slept with Ginny? He insulted her.
He made a very insensitive joke about her body to some friends of ours.
- What did he say? - I have to repeat it? - My word's not good enough? - Not if you want him clipped over it.
He said she was having a 90-pound mole removed from her ass.
The implication was, her ass is so big she could have a mole that size removed from it.
It's an off-color remark, it was highly inappropriate.
If you want, I'll demand he's taxed.
But clip him? Is it all just about money? I'll crack him good.
- I'll ask for $200,000.
- $200,000 for insulting my wife? What's next, Carmine, he get to fuck her for $1 million? He wants to fuck her? I'm making a point, I'm talking about my wife's honor here! My honor! We depend on this guy.
There are millions of dollars at stake.
We can't afford it, John.
A roomful of guys making fun of my wife and you're not gonna let me deal with this? Not that way.
My answer's gotta be no.
I want a sit-down then, with Ralph the fucking thief.
Get this Fernandez Paving bullshit dealt with.
He was accused of a crime of severe immorality.
They actually beat him for it with sticks.
The truth was he had a photograph of Britney Spears with his belongings.
That's horrible.
Dad? Thought I was in the wrong place.
What are you doing here? I was looking for a glass of milk to dunk these in and I thought maybe you could help me out.
Got a meeting in the city later.
- Rahimah, this is my dad.
- How you doing? - Hello.
- Want a donut? No, thanks.
- I'll see you later, Meadow.
- Okay.
So, what's this your mother tells me about you joining the legal aid society? South Bronx Law Center.
I'm volunteering.
They provide free legal counsel for the indigent and disenfranchised.
And this Rahoomi, she's what, your first client? What happened to being a pediatrician? I thought that was a great field for you, the way you love kids.
Nothing happened to it.
I can't explore some career options? Oh, defending farebeaters is a career? Is that why you came here, to annoy me? Hey, you wanna help people, that's fine.
That's very noble.
Really, I mean it.
Just don't be a sucker, okay? A lot of these indigenous types they got plenty of money to smoke crack and gamble and all that shit.
You ought to know.
Oh, I see.
That's what this is? You're working with minorities now, to get back at me for being mean to Noel.
God, listen to you.
Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around you.
Come on, let's go to the bookstore.
You probably need a sweatshirt or something.
Hey, take it easy! How was the traffic? Tunnel was a little backed up.
This time of day, G.
, you zip right over.
All right, let's straighten this out.
I talked to the guy over at Fernandez Paving, the accountant.
Fernandez has been using this jerk for years.
Anyway, it turns out you're right.
The guy's been adding 50 gallons of sealant every 1,000 yards.
Excuse me, I can't do this.
- What? - What's wrong? I can't listen to this bullshit.
- I'm trying to explain.
- Fuck you! - John, please.
- Don't fucking "John" me! - Hey, we're trying to settle this.
- It's not about that.
I'm sorry, Carmine.
I can't be in the same room with this man.
Have you talked to Jason La Penna lately? Actually, I try not to.
When I came out, he acted all weird.
I can't believe I actually kissed him once.
His mother tells me he's having a rough time of it.
Jen? Please, I'm sure she's overreacting.
Apparently, he's talked about dropping out.
He's okay, but Jason is like the clichéd psychiatrist's kid.
Slightest bump in the road, he knows exactly what to say to get attention.
- There any of that crumb cake left? - Counter.
What's all that? I'm consolidating some bills.
Maybe you don't care about our future, Tony, but I do.
Where do you get that I don't care? - I met with your cousin.
- Yeah, you met with Brian.
You sat there eating cake and making wisecracks.
It's boring to me, okay? You gonna cry now? - What the hell is wrong with you? - When you ignore me, Tony when you trivialize things that are important to me like this family's financial security, it makes me feel unloved.
That's your problem right there, because you equate love with money! You equate love with money! - Is it safe? - We each got a new cell phone.
Talk on it once, you toss it.
Totally untraceable.
It's what the Taliban used to do.
Let's get started.
My daughter-in-law's coming here with the baby later.
- Hello? - ls he there? Yeah, Ton'.
Okay, you're all set.
- Just talk into there.
- Junior? Who's that? Tony? Junior, it's Carmine.
How you doing? I'm going to the poorhouse, that's how I'm doing.
When you had that RICO trial, what'd that run you? - A lot.
- Where you going? I told you, I gotta pick up Sophia.
Junior, can we do this already? Yeah, right.
Johnny and Ralph Cifaretto, right? - Ralph insulted John's wife? - That's correct.
- Who's on the wire now? - lt's John, Corrado.
So, what did Ralph do exactly? He made a very hurtful remark, it's not worth repeating.
It's not important.
Let's just agree it was unkind.
Let's point out, too that it's only been alleged something was said.
He "allegedly" said what he said to a group of people, friends of ours.
If you weren't there, how do you know it's true? - I'm not at liberty to say.
- Al due respect, but this is bulshit.
Somebody in my family's talking out of school and you're not at liberty to say who? I should be making the beef here.
My nephew's right.
Let's stick to the issue.
A horrible insult was made against Ginny.
- End of fucking story.
- What does he want done about it? I want to avenge her honor, as is my right to do.
All right, fine.
You tell me who told you about it, we'll bring him in here.
He corroborates what you're saying, I'll give you Ralph on a platter.
Is nothing sacred? I mean, this is my wife we're talking about here.
If this were years ago, would I even have had to ask? I mean, what happened to this thing? For God's sake, we bend more rules than the Catholic Church.
Al right, look.
Let's assume, for the sake of argument Ralph said what you think he said.
- Is clipping him gonna unring that bell? - Nobody's getting clipped.
I want satisfaction.
- Will you accept an apology? - That ship has sailed.
You're being unreasonable.
Ralph Cifaretto's the only one who can handle the Esplanade? - Put Pontecorvo in there.
- There are millions of dollars at stake.
- Again with the money? - Yeah, again with the money.
It's settled, John.
So either name a price, or get the fuck over it.
What would you say to a piece of Ralph's company? Just think about it at least.
Hello? It's me.
What, are you still asleep? No, I was doing something.
l took John to dinner last night.
Ralph's got a big problem, kid.
- I thought you squashed it.
- l did.
Problem is, I don't know if John's hearing me.
- What are you gonna do about it? - Me? Nothing.
- What does that mean? - I didn't say nothing.
We share the Esplanade, Tony.
l don't want that apple cart upset.
Then somebody should do something about it.
I appreciate your thoughts.
- You saying what I think you're saying? - I didn't say nothing.
All right then, I'll talk to you.
Twenty years, I've been friends with John.
Now he's gotta go.
All over a stupid joke.
I was fucking around.
For Christ's sakes! You've never made a joke about Ginny Sack? - Not like that.
- Of course not.
Fuck him and his highfalutin bullshit.
Who does he think he is, Sir Walter Raleigh? That's enough of you and your stupid fucking remarks! Go back to Miami and play volleyball, whatever the fuck you do down there while we clean up your fucking mess! Maybe even keep your ass alive.
A mole on her ass? What's the joke? I still don't get it.
It's not a joke, per se, it's You had to be there.
Real lack of standards, your generation.
My day, John was right.
A man wouldn't be expected to stand for such a remark.
Fucked up thing is I don't even like Ralph.
If he was drowning, I'd throw him a cinderblock.
But not protect one of my own captains? Besides, it's too late anyway.
- Carmine gave me the nod.
- On Johnny? That one's a slippery fuck.
Him and those big fish-lips of his.
Look at this.
The fifth question and the poor prick used all his lifelines.
John goes Carmine's gonna position himself for maximum deniability.
So you make it easy for everybody, take it out of the neighborhood.
- What, like an accident? - Accident, stickup.
He could choke on a chicken wing.
The important thing, Johnny disappears.
With Johnny out, Carmine's gonna put his son in there.
Fucking Brainless II.
Who knows? Maybe there's an upside to Johnny going.
He goes to Boston a lot, to visit his father.
Could happen up there.
You want my advice? You'll call Lou Dimaggio.
The Atwell Avenue boys.
What, those sick old fucks in Rhode Island? They may be old, my little nephew, but those dogs can still hunt.
My old man used to talk about them something to do with drugs.
Back in the '50s, it was raining cash with that shit.
Dimaggio and his crew never saw a dime.
The guy they worked for, Lenny Caputo, he didn't believe in it.
For 15 years everyone and their mother was getting rich dealing H.
Everyone except these guys.
They're eking a living doing hits, running swag.
Anyway, lo and behold, one day Lenny gets pinched for heroin trafficking.
It turns out the cocksucker's been making a fortune working with the mulignon, and not only that he's been selling out his own guys to the feds so he can keep his ass out on the street.
Dimaggio and another guy in his crew did eight years on a murder rap.
So much for loyalty.
You go to Rhode Island, and whatever you do, don't mention drugs.
Coke, heroin, not even Tylenol.
So, what happened to this Lenny prick? Lou Dimaggio.
His real name is Galina.
They called him Dimaggio when Lenny and his wife were found with their heads bashed in by a baseball bat.
Anyway, that was Lou, while he still had his health.
We could do this ourselves.
Ninja style.
Father? We're here to see Lou Dimaggio.
Come in.
Silvio Dante, we spoke on the phone.
Chris Moltisanti, how you doing? - My name's Chris, too.
- Yeah? - Are you into drugs? - What? No.
- What do you mean? - We don't work for drug dealers.
- No.
- Of course not.
- Want some coffee? - No thanks.
Rose? - Yeah, Pop? - More Sanka.
Anyway, this is him.
John Sacrimoni.
He'll be coming up through here, next few days.
He stays at the Boston Harbor Hotel.
The guy on the left.
It's my birthday, too.
We're having cake later.
Runs in the family.
There was a guy once, Tommy Neri.
Got him coming home from the track one night.
Caught him good with a tire iron.
When he woke up, I held him down while Frank cut his head off with a hacksaw.
Silent as a mouse pissing on cotton.
If you like we could arrange to have that same thing happen again.
I don't know that we need to be that overstated.
What did you have in mind, then? Nothing fancy, as long as he disappears.
It's your money.
Yeah, about that.
$20,000, we said.
Half up-front.
So, we'll call you, then? Pop, Father's here.
Would you like some cake? Actually, we got a long ride back.
Have you seen my sweater, the cable-knit? The white one? It shrunk, I put it in the bag for Goodwill.
I told you I was gonna bring it up to Dad.
I'm sorry.
It's in the basement, near the card table.
- Hello? - It's me.
I just hung up with the guy, Jerry, from Fort Lauderdale.
That guy we're looking for, he's at the Del Ray Hotel in Miami.
Our friend with the paving problem.
Send someone over there tomorrow to take care of it then.
Are you sure you want to do this? I'd feel a lot better with the Pope's blessing.
Just do as you're told.
I'll deal with the fallout.
Who was that, hon? Nobody.
Plumber for the store.
- What's that you're making? - Fruit salad.
You want some? Low-fat whipped cream.
You enjoy it, sweetie.
Why did I have to come? He's not even home.
Look who's here.
Carmela, Anthony, how you doing? We were just passing by, I figured we'd give it a shot.
- No, we weren't.
- Come, I show you.
I was working in the yard, clear the weeds.
Next year, I'll grow grapes for the Falanghina.
Gonna make my own wine.
It's gorgeous, Fur'.
So, that's the garage in question.
Anthony, don't wander off.
- But I have to go to the bathroom.
- Just stay put.
We're leaving in five minutes.
You're thinking of making that an apartment for your parents? A garage, I don't need it.
One time, back in Naples I work in the garden as a landscaper for a very rich man.
Just me, I work there alone, growing olives.
My hands in the dirt the hot sun.
I was never so happy in my life as when I work at that place.
Sometimes, I get the smell of olives in a restaurant, in the store maybe.
It makes me very sad.
You know, I'm not sure, but I think if it was built before 1938 you can apply for a zoning variance.
"Pre-existing, non-conforming structure," I think it's called.
I just got it back from the Martinizing.
They do a nice job over there.
Say hi to Dad for me.
I put Allegra's graduation picture in a frame for him.
- Love you.
- I love you, too.
Careful driving.
It's me.
Hello? Why is the door unlocked? Jesus, you scared the shit out of me.
- What are you doing? - I thought you left.
I forgot the sweater.
- What are you doing on the floor? - Nothing.
I was getting the laundry together.
What the hell's this? I thought you're on the Atkins.
I was! I am! It's hard, John! I'm trying! This is how you try? I'm not out of the house 10 minutes! I was dizzy, I was having low blood sugar.
What happened to the fruit salad? You were supposed to quit smoking and didn't! Nicotine's an addictive substance! What's wrong with you? Why are you yelling at me? Did I ever ask you to go on a diet? Did I ask you to be thin for me? The fasting, the NutriSystems, those goddamn Deal-A-Meal cards? It's the world, John.
Our culture.
Fuck that! Do you have any idea what you've done? - What do you mean? - You lied to me! You lied! I know I've gained weight these last few years.
I see the other wives, the way men look at them.
Don't I look at you like that? Haven't I always? It was your idea, all this dieting nonsense.
I want you to be proud of me.
I am proud of you.
I love you.
- Welcome to the Del Ray Hotel.
- Thank you.
Can I get your bags? Go on into the lobby.
I'll meet you inside.
Hello? Listen, it's me.
I just talked to my guy again, we're calling it off.
I'm already out here, though.
Like right there.
We'l work something out, then.
Don't worry about it.
- I want half.
- Al right, whatever.
Getting out? No.
What's your fucking problem? - I love the pine flooring.
- I know, it's so rustic.
This is pretty cool.
It's actually from Italy.
I'm so bored, I feel like crying.
It's adorable, Furio, really.
- I'm gonna be leaving soon.
- Come on.
Stick around.
Have some food.
Anything from our friends up north? Carmine called.
Johnny's still in town.
I'm not kidding.
There's tons of toys in there he said you could have.
They're back behind those boxes.
Bullshit, you're gonna lock me in.
Okay, fine.
But don't say I didn't tell you.
He gets them from Italy.
His father owns a steamship company.
- Okay.
- Go ahead, I'll get the flashlight.
Help! Let me out of here! Gabriella, come.
Come on, dance.
Silvio, you tell her, she can't wear fancy shoes and no dance, come on.
- Shake it up a little.
- No.
- Come on, Dad, dance with me.
- No, thanks.
Tommy Tune over there.
You come, too.
Yeah, Carm, go ahead, good idea.
You watch me, you do the same.
Everybody, come on.
Everybody, come on.
- That's it.
- God, I'm so bad.
No, you're good, come.
At least it's not just Jason who's regressing.
Soprano? His own daughter was going through the same thing.
I felt like such a fraud giving him advice.
My own son has three years on his daughter and look how he's acting.
Jen, why do you still feel guilty? Sometimes I wonder if Richard had a point.
I shouldn't have gone down into that garage that late at night.
I went to see Sask at school the other day and I'm in the parking garage over there.
I was driving around for 20 minutes when finally I spot someone leaving, this big, Bluto sort of guy.
I must have crowded him as he headed for his car.
Anyway, he turned around and became quite confrontational.
And for a second, I'll admit, I thought of you.
What are you getting at? Parking garages are not inherently dangerous places.
You cannot blame yourself for what happened to you.
Turns out this guy was probably another parent or, more likely, a repairman.
But if he had dragged me out of my car and beaten me up would I be saying, "Gee, I shouldn't have tried to park my car?" Anyway, enough about him.
Let's get back to you.
You wanted to see me? You can tell Ralph I've decided to accept his apology.
You know that kid you pissed on? Donny K.
? He's got fucking nerve damage on his left side.
I'm sorry, Tony.
I bet you are.
I'll expect to hear from Ralph, then.
Why the big reversal all of a sudden? No more weight remarks, Tony.
They're hurtful, and they're destructive.
I agree.
Still awake? I'm just reading.
Bought you something.
What's this for? No reason.
I don't know if I believe that.
Put a call in to Ginsberg, by the way.
He's back from California.
Tony, this is beautiful.
What size is this? I don't know, small.
I don't know if this'll fit.
Try it on.
See? I knew you could pull it off.
- You look like a model.
- Listen to him now.
I'm sorry, Tony.
- What's the matter? - I can't, the music.
Meadow, turn it off! What? The music, will you turn it down, please? I'm going out.