The Sopranos s06e02 Episode Script

Join the Club

Gentlemen, can I get you anything? Orange County firefighters have called in extra help From the California Department of Forestry Aircraft Hi, you've reached the Sopranos.
Leave a message.
Bye! Stop picking your nose! I'm here.
Call me.
Love You.
Good morning.
Anthony Soprano.
See some photo I.
, please? What the hell? This isn't my wallet.
And this isn't my briefcase Last Night I was at a bar across the street from my hotel.
I must have picked up the wrong stuff.
I'm here, So I'll try to call the bar.
But could you let me in so I don't miss the morning session? Gosh, I really can't.
Look, I just flew in from New Jersey And Colonel Colonna, he speaks at 10:30.
I Can't let you in without photo I.
, sir.
- Security.
- I'm on the list.
It's a whole new world.
Got a big $87 in cash to my name.
So his briefcase is a Bally too? No.
I didn't look at the brand name when i picked it up.
It just looked like mine, that's all.
I gave you that briefcase for Christmas, Ton.
I know, honey.
I know.
His license has a Kingman, Arizona address And no phone is listed.
What's in the briefcase? Did you look? Yeah, of course I looked.
There's a bunch of brochures for solar heating systems.
No company name.
He'll get in touch.
That was a great lecture.
- Oh, look at this now, look.
- What? - Nothing.
- Try not to worry, Ton.
My whole life's in that case.
- Welcome to the Radisson.
- How you doing? I checked out a couple hours ago but I'm going to need the room back.
I am sorry, But we're completely booked.
- You're kidding.
- I'm afraid not.
There's six conventions in town.
You might try the Omni.
Trouble is I lost my wallet, so how the hell am I going to check in there without a credit card? You'd face the same problem here.
Yeah, but I stayed here as a guest just last night.
You couldn't sign on that bill, you've already closed it out.
Thanks for being so helpful.
What can I get you? Well, I don't know if you remember me, But I was in here last night around 8:00.
I was sitting right over there.
I ordered the blackened grouper sandwich then I canceled.
Said I had pains in my stomach.
Vaguely, okay Well, when I was leaving, I picked up a wallet and a briefcase and I thought they were mine, but they weren't.
- Oh, Jesus.
- You don't happen to remember who was sitting next to me? You know, there was a guy.
He was about your height.
You know the reason I remember is he'd had that grouper sand too And I was afraid we'd mess the orders up.
I think he left before you.
- And he never came back? - No.
You know the name Kevin Finnerty? - He drives a Lexus.
- You know him? It's a joke.
Infinity? Lexus? I imagine you could use one on the house.
Yeah, yeah.
You said a mouthful.
- Uh, scotch rocks.
- All right.
- Glenlivet okay? - Oh yeah, better than okay.
Well, might as well hang out here, In case he shows or calls.
You realize I can't even get on a plane without a picture I.
? Oh God, that's right.
Well, tell me about Costa Mesa.
Nice place to live? Around here? It's dead.
Give me the grouper sandwich.
You got it.
Bag the sandwich.
come eat with us.
A few of us are getting a table.
Dude lost his wallet and briefcase.
- Man.
Oh no.
- That's all right.
Thanks anyway.
Come on.
That tool who took your stuff shows up, we'll all pound his ass.
Drill Bit.
Aerospace And Industrial Equipment.
We Just sold our gear and coupling unit to Wheela-Brator To focus on pumps and compressors.
- Interesting.
- Tony, You never did tell us how you made the jump From selling patio furniture to precision optics.
Well, like my wife says, that's a good question.
Excuse me for one minute.
Hi daddy.
I made volleyball.
All right! I told you, didn't I? You were worried over nothing.
How's your brother? Mom put him to bed early.
He puked.
Oh no.
Is she around? Mom! Bye, dad.
Bye, baby.
Ton, how ya doing? Finnerty didn't call there, did he? No.
I'd have let you know right away.
Where'd Jeff and Kansas go? To bed, And they sucker-punched you, buddy.
They paid the check.
You guys all had a hand in this, didn't you? Listen, we're just impressed to be in the presence of a man whose sales team snatched the brass ring It's not such a big deal.
There's always a faster gun.
I'm 46 years old.
I mean, who am I? Where am I going? Join the club.
Now is the time you can clearly hear his voice.
Let us rejoice in his love.
This isn't going to happen.
What are you talking about? I saw your face when you got off the phone with your wife.
So? Don't sweat it.
It's sweet, actually.
But you talk about them back there a lot.
I could even be some other guy tonight and get away with the whole shebang.
But no, I blow it.
They're looking for a perp.
His eyes are open.
Two, three.
He's bucking the vent.
give me the lights.
- I'll get some restraints.
- Four milligrams ativan.
He was just lying there peacefully just like he has been and then he just - He's still bucking.
Room three! The gunshot.
He pulled his tubes out! I have to retube him.
- Oh God.
- Etomidate and succs and an airway box.
Take the family out.
Give us room to move.
Please wait outside.
- Where's the ativan, please? - I got him.
- Tony.
- Dad? - Mr.
- Tony? - What, Honey? - Who am I? Where am I going? We're right here with you.
Tony, who am I? Get ready to retube him.
Sir, can you hear me? Who am I? Where am I going? - Dad! - Tony! I'm going to have to insist that you guys leave.
Getting this breathing tube back in is something you're not going to want to see.
What's going on? You're just getting back? Matt's car wouldn't start.
Did you eat at least? Dad's not so good right now.
They made us leave.
I got to go.
- What's the latest? - He came out of the coma for a minute.
They took the breathing tube out.
That's good, right? That means he's breathing on his own.
They had to put the tube back in.
Goddamn Junior.
Anthony Soprano is not going to die.
I don't know what everybody's talking about.
Nobody's saying he's going to die.
Could one of you take these guys home, please? 2:00 A.
You can't live in this I.
two nights straight is too much.
I'm okay.
Mead spelled me last night.
I'm staying tonight too.
I want you to go back.
Okay, people call the house.
I need somebody there.
Ma, you want some tea? Van Helsing, let's go.
- I'll take him.
- I got it.
He's on my way.
Bullshit, you live in bellevue.
- What do you care? - You already brought the shfooyadell! Let's go.
Got him back on the ventilator, mucus plug.
The bullet didn't just tear up the pancreas, it impacted the gall bladder.
Sepsis is the big problem.
an infection in the blood.
I've got him sedated and restrained, so he can't pull his breathing tubes out.
- Okay, then what? - As we discussed before, We're probably not looking at a very good outcome here.
Should we call Dr.
Plepler? I'm let him know.
And Taschlin too.
He'll stop by.
Does he know that he's dying? We don't know.
Welcome to the Omni.
how may I help you? Name is Finnerty.
I called and reserved a room.
Yes, Mr.
Finnerty, we have you down for a single room for the night.
Did you wish to keep that on the Visa? I'll need to take an imprint to cover incidentals.
Room 728.
Elevators are on your left.
Have a good night.
Good night.
Kevin Finnerty? We thought we heard that man say your name.
How fortuitous we should meet up with you again.
You know him? This is important.
Months you have ignored our letters and phone calls.
Well, we are now filing suit against you.
No, okay, back up.
I'm not Kevin Finnerty.
I have his wallet by mistake and I guess I look a little like him? So he is from around here? We had a horrible winter at the monastery because of your heating system.
I'm not Kevin Finnerty.
- Lose your arrogance.
- Son of a bitch! Hey! Hey, come on guys.
Don't let him he hit me! - You okay? - Don't let him go! I Was just trying to block your fall.
Did you see that? Why would I be joking? He slapped me in the mouth.
Did you file a police report? I'm staying here under somebody else's credit card.
- You could've explained that.
- Oh, you're so sure? It's fraud.
Does the hotel know if there's a buddhist temple or anything around? They say there's more than one.
if I could find the place and I could get some words in edgewise, They might point me to Finnerty.
But who wants more complications? I just want to come home.
I know.
You never even wanted to go to this conference.
I agree.
You should just leave tomorrow and not go on to Houston.
I'll wire you cash.
- Can I claim the cash without I.
? - Shit.
That's a good question.
All right, I'll call Doenitz, see if the company can help.
I miss you.
I miss you too, but you're Off in your own world.
You're too distracted with work.
This is partly your fault.
Call me later if you can't sleep.
Love you.
Love you.
Good morning.
En panne veuillez patienter.
Mead honey? How is he? The same.
But another night has passed and he is still with us.
He's not the same.
His fever dropped to 39.
that's 102 point something.
Oh, Dr.
Good morning.
Hear we had a rumpus last night, huh? Oh, God.
It was awful.
How long since he left my O.
? - His amylase is 41.
- Hematocrit still okay? - Yup.
- Good.
How's my big brother doing today? Everything's okay here.
You mean just the surgery per se? - Uh-Hmm.
- Well what about the sepsis? Yeah, well that's the concern.
What did taschlin say this morning? Dr.
Taschlin never came in here this morning.
Well, no matter.
I'll be talking to him.
Go ahead and change the dressing, huh.
Does this mean the chances could be worse my husband could not come out of his coma? Actually, now we've induced coma.
He's snowed with ativan.
What? Why? Control the seizures while we try to knock down the fever with antibiotics.
It says his temperature's down some.
The problem here is not only are we looking at the obvious negative outcome, But in these cases We also contemplate degrees of brain damage In the event he does survive.
What antibiotic is he on? Zosyn.
Sorry, doctor, she volunteered in an I.
this summer.
Columbia Press in New York.
She's thinking about a career in medicine.
- Oh, good.
- Or law, I don't know.
Good morning, doctor.
I'm the sister.
We met yesterday.
Look, you're all doing the right thing.
You're staying with him, keeping contact, but talk to him also.
Keep him engaged.
You might want to play some of his favorite music.
You know fortunately for him, he is at a level-one trauma center.
Or with his injuries, believe me, he would have been dead 12 hours ago.
Okay, I see.
Thank you, doctor.
"Thank you, doctor"? "I'm sorry, she volunteered at an I.
"? You treat these guys like rock stars.
- He's the doctor, Meadow.
- Well why bring up Brain damage now? We'll cross that bridge if we have to.
I came by to help, guys.
I left Nica with Bobby's mother.
You both should get some rest.
Come on in and see him.
Your sister's here too.
I can't get used to this.
Oh my god.
- Oh my God.
I can't - I know, Janice.
I know.
Get her some water.
Come here, sit down.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- That's my brother! - What are these? - A watch and a pencil.
Repeat the following sentence, "no ifs, ands or buts.
" I'll do it if I fucking feel like it.
Take your ultimatums and stick them in your ass.
No, repeat the sentence.
What is this person talking about?! These people are trying to establish for the government, That if you shot Anthony Soprano, Which we're not conceding, that it certainly wasn't intentional; that you were confused and disoriented.
- Don't coach him, please.
- My nephew Anthony? That's why you're here in custody.
Where's Mel? You dismissed Mr.
Melvoin as your attorney and hired me.
Because of his paralyzed hand from his stroke, It made your nervous.
If somebody shot my nephew it was him himself.
He's a depression case.
You got any beefs, I'm the one you come to.
Likewise, weekly I'll collect for the skip, I'll keep it for him until he's back on his feet.
Taking out a portion for Carmela to run the house and that shit there.
- Good.
- Absolutely.
Anybody got any questions? For now, not personal questions relating to yourself, But about the family.
- Yeah, Vito.
- The Sports book in Roseville.
By rights, that should go to me now.
- Eugene was with me.
Yo, what'd I just say? Not about yourself! What do we do about Junior? He's in jail.
That puts him out of our reach.
- Not necessarily.
- He's a demented old fuck.
I say we do nothing.
let him rot, sever all ties.
End this embarrassment right now.
He Marvin gayed his own nephew, the boss of this family.
What happens to Junior is Tony's call.
That's right.
Bobby, All due respect, where the fuck were you that night? Why was the skipper babysitting Junior? I had other family obligations.
Ask my wife.
Tony volunteered.
Are we done? I'm going back to the hospital.
He's gotta to make an issue out of everything lately.
Roseville's been Junior's territory since the big bang, Which means it goes to Bobby now that Junior's out of the picture.
Vito already pulls down more scratch than anybody, from the unions.
Let him go to the hospital first, That fat fucking kiss-ass.
I'm buying Tony a nice little stereo for the room.
He don't need that.
Look at this fucking mutt.
Who wouldn't like to take the easy way out? Maybe the poor fuck was suffering from inoperable cancer or some shit.
Suicide runs in families.
Maybe it was his mother or his old man Took the gas pipe when Eugene was a kid.
His son, the drugs maybe.
I knew him better than anybody, but still Maybe he was a homo, felt there was nobody he could talk to about it.
That happens too.
Good thing Tony never heard about him killing himself, at least.
Got enough on his plate.
The nurse told me she saw AJ.
She did? I asked him to bring dad's Tony Bennett box set from home.
Yeah, it's been kind of weird.
Would you call it growing up Soprano? I guess.
I don't know.
Come with me.
Hold on there.
What did I tell you? We were just talking.
Don't talk to them.
Say nothing.
Where are your father's CD's? - I forgot.
- Oh Jesus God, Anthony.
- Everybody is pitching in here but you.
- Thanks, mom.
I wish you would go to class if this is all you're gonna do.
With my father in the hospital? Go to the deli on broad stree get some bagels.
All right? Get enough for everybody upstairs, an assortment.
And go this way.
Chris just sent this over.
A little stereo.
Mead, my God, I'm telling you, She seems like she's grown up so much.
What she knows.
She will make a terrific doctor.
I Got some CD'S from my car.
Oh yes, you like this one.
Anthony, Anthony.
Ho, Sheriff of Nottingham.
My kingdom for a mortadella, huh? They make a great sandwich here.
No getting around it.
What about that disease you picked up over there In diarrheastan or wherever the fuck you were? This might be the cure.
Yeah, we're sorry to hear about Tony.
I got nothing to say about what happened so That's not why I asked.
How's he doing? He's fucked up.
You know what I think? I think you don't come here for the sandwiches.
I think you come 'cause you miss us.
Hey, I can't blame you.
that job you got now must be depressing.
How goes the war on terror anyway? Working it.
I heard fieldcrest reported a truckload of towels missing.
We actually spend a little more of our time trying to interdict the financial networks that fund The terror cells worldwide.
- No shit.
Truck hijacking, narcotics.
In fact, if you ever heard of anything going down, Middle Easterners, Pakistanis, You'd be helping a lot if you picked up a phone.
- And called you? - It's your country too, isn't it? Like I'd know one of these suicide jerk-offs if he bit me on the the ass.
You knew Matoush Zhia.
Hung out at your girlfriend's club.
He was a drug dealer, her friend.
I didn't know shit about his politics till one of your people told me.
Something to keep in mind.
I take that terrorism shit seriously.
And Tony, don't even get him started.
This song was playing in your car that entire weekend we all went down to Long Beach Island.
Remember Artie and Charmaine broke for the first time? First of many.
She accused him of letting her drown in the ocean.
Remember that? That wave picked her up and slammed her down on her head in the sand? Oh my god, her around water.
And remember the time that she got cramps from eating a huge calzone? You had to go in after her.
She almost dragged you down by your hair.
Imagine that.
At one time you had enough hair that a woman could grab it with both her hands.
You're going to be fine, Tony.
I know it.
The doctors say you're going to be fine too.
They are very confident.
They know that you are really strong.
You're strong as a bull.
You know that that's always gotten to me.
When you used to pick me up and throw me over your shoulder Oh my God, Tony.
You used to get me so hot down there.
I can feel it right now just thinking about it.
You are going to be okay, Tony.
Your friends, your kids all love you.
A long time ago I told you you were going to go to hell when you died, When you had that MRI.
And you threw my words back at me when we got separated.
And you were right.
That was a horrible thing to say.
It's a sin, and I will be judged for it.
You're a good father.
You care about your friends.
Yes, it's been rough between us.
I don't know, our hearts get so hardened Against each other.
I don't know why.
But you are not going to hell.
You're coming back here.
I love you.
Finnerty, sorry it took so long, but I saw some things on the CT scan I didn't like, which is why I ordered the MRI.
How long have I been here? In looking at your MRI, See these dark areas? These are parts of your brain that have been oxygen deprived.
- Unfortunately,these are consistent - With a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.
You're going to want to see a neurologist when you get home, But the radiologist here has seen the studies and he concurs.
Alzheimer's? I'm 46 years old.
I know.
What the hell? - This goddamn miserable trip.
- The good news is The treatment picture isn't quite as bleak as it would have been a while back.
It's a death sentence.
You're a smurf for 10 or 15 years And then you die shitting in your pajamas.
I know people with Alzheimer'S.
Finnerty, talk to your own docs back home.
My name's not even Finnerty.
I lost my wallet and my briefcase, and I picked his up.
So you guys took out his insurance card from his wallet.
How's that float your boat? Well, what is your name? What does it matter? I'm not going to know myself soon.
You can rest here a while.
You're fine other than the minor concussion.
Fall like that could have broken your neck.
I'm lost.
AJ wanted to come but he got a really bad stomach flu From a burrito.
Law firm's being so understanding about me taking time off from my internship to be here.
Finn's coming out.
He really likes you.
I was reading this morning and I found this.
I want to share it with you.
By Jacques prevert "Our father which art in heaven, stay there, and we shall stay on earth, Which is sometimes so pretty.
" Look, I took some Pepto-Bismol.
How much do you know about the Prius? I Could've been naked in here.
You need to familiarize yourself with hybrid cars, Meadow.
It's important.
this is the conversation of the future.
Why are you breaking my balls about hybrid cars? I don't give a shit.
I've been up all night.
Oh, you're tired? Poor you.
You never give two fucks about the environment.
Is that what's crawling up your butt? That I was at the hospital last night when you told mom you'd come? I didn't say one word to you about it and neither did anyone else.
We're all so glad you fucking kicked your stomach flu, okay? I saw how you looked at my plate of food.
I can't eat at my own house? I wasn't looking at your plate.
It's all in your mind.
Don't you find this completely embarrassing? What? This, our family.
Our father gets shot by our goober fucking uncle? What is that? Yeah, it's embarrassing.
I don't want to think about what Finn's parents are saying.
I mean, I don't really give a shit about my friends.
They know what dad does, but like, some of them remember Uncle Junior.
he was always a fucking mummy.
- Why did Dad hang out with him? - You know Dad.
He takes those things seriously, all the Italian family stuff.
Yeah, I got the big lecture.
Now look.
I know.
Look at these fucking reporters.
Hey! Fuck you! I'll be glad to sit with Tony.
Hospital rules, it's family only for now, but thank you.
Angie phoned.
Guess she's very busy over there with her body shop.
You want some grits? Oh, look who's here.
Hey, Favio, I'm available.
So what? Now there's an actual roster of who stays with dad and when, and I'm not on it? - Frankly, AJ, I didn't think you'd be interested.
- I was sick And I've been trying to study, Which is what everybody's usually hassling me about 24/7.
I guess there always has to be something, right? Come here and sit down, okay? "Studying.
" He goes clubbing in New York.
Well you cut him too much slack.
you still protect him.
I know he avoids tony because he can't face seeing him like this.
It frightens him.
It frightens everybody.
he should get a pass? You know kids his age are getting blown up in Iraq.
You know something that's interesting? Janice noticed that when AJ talks about Tony's possibly not coming out of this he can't even use the word dad.
He says Anthony Soprano is not going to die.
Well, that's a fascinating psychological nugget, But it don't change the fact that if that kid don't pull his end in this, He's never going to forgive himself and nobody else should either.
It's just that Tony has always loomed so large for AJ.
Well maybe it's just that AJ is a selfish boy who doesn't give a shit.
I'm sorry your son is no longer with us but don't use mine as a guinea pig for your ideas on parenting.
I never saw you take a hard line.
Why do you think i'm talking to you like this? The thing is, Tony has an open incision.
If you are there in the room and they change the dressing, It's very hard to take.
And I don't know that AJ should see that.
Get the fuck off the property! Hey! I warned you yesterday.
the curb line is your limit.
I know.
I know you hate it.
I'm not going to tell you what to do, Finn.
How would you describe your husband's relationship with his uncle? Were they close? You know of any issue they might have been having? I don't speak with Junior.
I haven't for years.
My husband knows how I feel and he never brought him up.
What was your conflict about? It's not something I'm going to discuss with you.
Your husband ever talk about Junior Soprano's mental state? You're flying full-fair coach? I did hear him telling other people how Junior was getting more and more confused Calling my husband Johnny, which was his father's name; Resisting getting a haircut, that kind of thing.
You spoke with your husband what time of the night of the incident? - I- I don't know.
- I'm not bailing.
Meadow, could you? I'm just trying to understand.
Understand what? You're coming out from California To support me with my father being shot Or because dental school is just sucking for you.
Is that so awful? If you have any more questions you're going to have To call my lawyer.
When he was taken into custody, Junior made pointed references to the Mcguire Sisters, Sam Giancana.
- You mean the Kennedy assassination? You mean as related to this? - I had to ask.
My husband was three years old.
Oh, I could sleep right here.
The Shelby GT 500? 450 Horsepower.
Oh baby, and this guy on campus has one? And the Mustang's not as expensive as the M3 I used to talk about getting all the time.
Jennifer, another round when you get your chance.
Chris! Oh, Ahmed.
You guys here again? You ought to put up a tent on this fucking bar.
How's Tony? The girl said he was hurt pretty bad? - He's keeping his dick up.
- His uncle did this to him? I was saying to Muhammad, why the hell Not something we talk about.
Please, give Tony our best when you talk to him.
I will.
Hey, Dad? I'm going to get Uncle Junior for this.
Don't worry.
I watched since I was little how nice you were to him.
And he doesn't just get to do this to you.
Put you in here and get away with it.
You're my dad.
And I'm going to put a bullet in his fucking mummy head.
I promise.
I can't believe we're not going to like, Do stuff together again.
'Cause we will.
I'm positive.
How's he doing? Hi, Dad.
The doctor knows.
The Chinese guy.
He's calling the other guy to get permission to change the medications.
I'll stay if you want to pee or anything.
How's he doing? They didn't come back with the fever medicine yet.
I'm so proud of you, AJ.
You can't imagine how much this means to your father.
Who knows what it means? He just lies there.
Well, it means a lot to me then, how about that? Thank you for doing it.
You've helped your family tremendously.
I flunked out of school.
I ended up with a 1.
4 for the quarter and the freshman dean said there was no point in coming back.
With your father in a coma - I didn't tell Dad.
- Be positive, everybody said.
My God.
I tried really hard in philosophy, - But that professor - With your father in a coma! Go have breakfast.
Anthony, can you hear us?