The Spy (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Alone in Damascus

Zero, three, one, two.
Close it.
Each of these contains hidden plastic explosives, should you need extra cleaning power.
I'd advise you to keep them separate from the rest of your bars of soap, so there's no mix-up.
- This is - I know what that is.
If all is lost.
If I am caught.
Learn this by heart.
The sheikh is your only way in.
You cannot make it across the border on your own.
You will need him.
The letters are not enough.
If you come alone, then you will arouse suspicions Yes, I know this.
We've been through this already, Salinger.
Once you are in, if you are in, do not transmit for at least eight weeks.
Don't take any unnecessary risks.
Enough, he knows.
He knows.
Sheikh Majid Al-Ard, successful landowner, married to a Jewish Syrian.
Spends a lot of money on cars, jewelry and expensive wine.
Make sure he notices how rich you are.
nuclear weapons [MURMUR OF CONVERSATION.]
Just one.
Yes, please.
Follow me, please.
Uh, by the window.
Thank you.
Would you like something, sir? I'll have the '45 Château Mouton Rothschild.
We only sell that by the bottle.
The price is I I know the price.
I'll have a bottle.
Thank you.
You're welcome, sir.
I remember a time when political debate was won by reason, not by volume.
They are young.
They had too much to drink.
Speaking of There is no way I can finish this myself.
No, no, no.
Let me.
Thank you.
It's delicious.
Last time I had a glass of '45 Mouton Rothschild, I was in Monaco.
- Single and happy.
- Oh! Thank you.
Are you eating alone, Mr.
, uh - Uh, Thaabeth.
- Majid Al-Ard.
Please, join me, - if you are not waiting for someone.
So It's a big risk leaving your life for a new one.
You have a thriving business.
You don't know anyone.
You don't know the country.
Are you sure about this? My business is thriving precisely because I take risks.
Change is part of the game, you know this as a businessman.
Besides which, my reason for moving is not financial.
You see, Syria Syria's my true home.
It's wonderful to hear someone like you speak this way.
Most of the young people in our country have lost their way.
May I ask you a question? Of course.
As a landowner, now that the Nasser influence has gone are you at all concerned that the Ba'ath may take over? Let me give you a piece of advice, Mr.
You are moving from Argentina to Syria.
There are things that one does not discuss in open places.
Things you have talked about openly where you have come from will get you killed in the place you are going to.
I'm so sorry.
I'm concerned about Syria's future - And - Oh, it's late Bed.
I should go to bed.
Yes? Just a second.
I know it's late, uh but I had a feeling you'd still be up.
Listen, I apologize if I may have come across as rude before.
As a peace offering, I was thinking, I'm hiring a driver in Beirut to take me all the way to the border, and it would be my pleasure if you would accompany me.
Thank you, thank you.
But I'm okay.
I don't need a ride.
Have a good night, Mr.
Have a good night.
Be careful! Slowly, slowly! Slowly, slowly.
Slowly, slowly.
Be careful.
Be careful with it! You scratch, you pay! [LAUGHING.]
Why is this funny to you? Because it's not my car.
Peugeot 404.
Have you heard of this car? 1.
6 litre.
Four-cylinder petrol engine.
74 horsepower.
Styled by Pininfarina.
It's the Super Luxe edition.
And it's not on the market.
How the hell did you get it? I'm only the seventh person to have one.
She's beautiful, I'll buy her from you.
Don't wait for that.
Very well then.
Hope to run into you again sometime.
Come on.
Are you still planning on hiring a driver? Unless there's a better option, yes.
Look, uh I've made the drive from Beirut to Damascus many times.
But truth be told, it can be very dull.
So if you need a ride, you can ride with me.
Do you have the recommendation letters? - Yes, yes.
Of course.
- Give them to me.
Abu Haldon, my friend.
Good to see you again.
This time not alone.
I met him on the boat.
Yes, I met him.
Very good.
Kamel Amin Thaabeth, this is our customs officer, Abu Haldon.
Assalaam waalaikum.
Waalaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuh.
Why don't you both come in for coffee, until we clear your papers? [MAJID.]
Ah, sure, sure.
Thank you.
Underneath, you'll find another letter from General Al-Hafez.
Where is the toilet? [RETCHES.]
Abu Haldon! Abu Haldon.
Sheikh Al-Ard, he told me what very, very close friends you are.
Since this is such a great day for me, I want you to have a reminder of the time that you let a humble patriot back into his homeland.
Please, I insist.
Open it all up.
Abu Haldon.
Abu Haldon.
May I speak with you in private? For a moment, just please, one moment.
It's not worth opening it up.
There are some materials in there that are a little bit, uh sensitive.
It's fine.
Put it back in the trunk.
Since you're risking my neck as well as yours, I think I deserve to know why didn't you want them looking through your things? I'm a single man, and I have needs, and I have some extremely graphic pornography in my suitcase.
You're a naughty man.
You're a naughty man, Kamel.
They closed Ibn Barekeh.
Some accident, so I had to go around, sorry.
It's fine.
It's on the top floor, as you requested.
This one? And like the other places, it's quieter.
It's more expensive than what you wanted, but, as you can see, it's very spacious.
The owner would like 4,000 Syrian pounds per month.
It's actually a very good price for the size of the apartment.
I promise you, you won't find better.
Five bedrooms.
Four baths.
It's not as big as the last one I showed you, but, uh you won't find better.
What's this building over here? That's the Second Bureau.
Military headquarters.
It sometimes gets noisy, so I could, uh maybe convince the owner to go down to 3,900.
But there are other people interested, so I'll give you six months in advance.
Now, when can I move in? [CAR HORNS BEEPING.]
Sir, we received a message from 88.
Jacob's looking for you.
You weren't at the office.
- You weren't at home.
- Did something happen? He didn't tell me.
Okay, I'll just drop these off and then we'll go to the office.
This is wrong.
Leave it.
I'll have to tell Jacob about this.
There is no "this.
" This is nothing.
I'm doing my job.
Your job doesn't include buying produce - and diapers for the wives of agents.
- She just had a kid and I sent her husband away.
I promised him I'd look after her, there's nothing more to it than that.
What you're doing with her, what you are feeling for her, endangers the whole operation, not just your job.
Get back in the car right now, Dan.
Hate me fire me, I don't care, but I can't let you do this.
Yes, I'll tell him.
He's standing right here in front of me.
You too.
Harel wanted me to congratulate you on a job well done.
Found apartment.
Across from Second Bureau.
Starting work.
" Map, fast.
We told him to wait eight weeks to transmit, it's hardly been two.
Don't do that.
This is good.
He's in.
He's alive.
He's good at this and that's because of your training.
I'm sure he wouldn't have transmitted - if he felt - [DOOR OPENS.]
Second Bureau.
Okay, there are a few options, but only two in the center of town.
One of them is here, Al-Zahra al-Jadeeda.
What kind of neighborhood is it? Uh, low class.
The surrounding streets, - they're all body shops.
- No.
Um Abu Rummaneh.
The only other facility we know nothing about is here in the middle of the Abu Rummaneh neighborhood.
Very affluent.
This is where diplomats, foreigners - and businessman live.
- Yes.
Moussa Ibn Nousser street.
If you lived here, you'd be able to see the headquarters from your apartment.
Here too.
He's in one of these two buildings.
A toast to Operative 88, our man in Damascus.
You have taste.
They are the finest quality.
The finest.
And for you, an excellent price.
Two for 150.
No, no, no, no! Those are not ready yet.
Two for 140.
I'll give you 60 for each table.
60? Get the hell out of my shop! [IN ARABIC.]
You donkey.
No, 60 for each, for all of them.
- What do you mean "all of them"? - I mean, I want them all.
Every one out there and every one being made in the back.
And I'll be needing more.
In fact, I need whatever you have.
Now, tell me do you happen to have a truck? [MEN SHOUTING IN ARABIC.]
Careful, careful! Come up a bit more.
Abdul, stop! Saif.
Abdul, up a bit.
Keep all the newspapers.
They're more important than the furniture.
Give me that.
Oh, my God.
- This is priceless.
- [MAYA.]
Dan, look.
It's a new model.
This is unbelievable.
What do you have? - That's good.
- This is it.
- That's it, the Second Bureau? - Exactly.
Aah! Wrap them all up.
This one is mine.
It's pretty incredible what he's accomplished in the time he's been there.
Look around, everyone's sitting on Syrian chairs and desks.
I can stay a little bit longer if you want.
How long is this boycott going to continue? You know, he passed all the exams with flying colors.
He was the quickest to identify surveillance.
Fastest with transmission.
He knew more about Islam than most imams, and he was only 19.
One of the best agents I've met in all my years.
There was only one point of concern He wanted it so much.
He was eager.
Eager to serve.
Eager to please me.
But the office needed someone in the Arab villages east of the Jordan as soon as possible so I ignored the warning signs.
It's not your fault.
They tied him to a motorcycle and dragged him through the village.
He was still alive.
Made everyone come out of their houses to watch, even those who didn't want to.
They tied his hands behind his back and his legs together and they dragged him.
On the way, people spat on him stabbed him, kicked him.
It's not your fault.
He trusted us.
His family trusted us.
I should have stopped it, but I didn't.
I thought this would be great for the country, great for my career but I saw the signs.
I did.
I've never met anyone so sure of his abilities and so eager to prove he could do it until I met Eli Cohen.
Kamel! Oh.
Hi, friend! - How are you? - How are you? Yeah, okay.
Uh, this is my daughter, Saliha, the one I told you about.
Your father talks about you all the time.
He loves you very much.
- He speaks very highly of you as well.
Well, I should hope so, I pay him handsomely to do that.
You two should get together.
A movie or dinner.
- Father - [SIGHS.]
Take a taxi home.
I will continue with Kamel.
Pleasure meeting you.
Ah! She's wonderful, I told you, huh? Ah, and beautiful too.
Are you sure you're her father? [LAUGHS.]
We all benefit from this arrangement.
Why would you want to change it? [MAN.]
This is true.
But you have been particularly successful.
It is his business.
You're right.
I have been particularly successful.
Business is going well and I have been reaping almost all the benefits.
But you have sold more in the last four months than you did all of last year.
How is this not a good outcome? What do you think is fair? We would like, uh thirty percent.
Do you mind? - Who is he? - Ma'azi Zaher Ad-Din, the nephew of the Syrian commander-in-chief.
He only gets away with that behavior because of his uncle.
You will take 22 percent.
That's a significant increase.
And you will not renegotiate for two years.
If you even attempt to, you're out.
- Pleasure.
- Next.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
See you soon.
Tea, please.
It's been bothering me all night.
Who do you look like? An actor.
Guys, who does he look like? You remind me of someone I just saw - It's on the tip of my tongue.
- Jean-Paul Belmondo.
Yes! Exactly! Belmondo.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold this.
Pretend to shoot me.
No, no, thank you.
I said hold the gun, aim at me.
Do it.
Aah! Now, do the lip thing, you know, with the thumb.
I'm busy.
I have other customers.
It appears Monsieur Belmondo is taking a break from acting.
Monsieur, please, I am such a fan.
It's Belmondo! - That is Belmondo.
- Yeah? That is Belmondo.
- Happy now? - I'm very happy.
Now, if you will, Mr.
Belmondo, pour another round for me and Omar Sharif.
No, it's Kamel.
My new friend, Omar Sharif.
You are my best-kept secret You sealed my fate the day I met you Kill me with your secrets Just kill me with your secrets You are my go-to one You are my hell, my heaven You kill me with your secrets You live here alone? I do.
What is it that you do? I'm a businessman.
And how about you? I can see that you're in the military.
But given your current state, I sincerely hope - that you are not a fighter pilot.
Southern sector.
I am honored to make your acquaintance.
A few months ago, I was living far away from here, and now I'm in the presence of a real Syrian soldier.
And one who tonight single-handily defeated two whole bottles of vodka.
You are my strength Tell me, have you ever met General Ad-Din? Yeah.
He's my uncle.
What? Oh.
I admire this man.
He's such a patriot.
If you say so.
I'm gonna make you some strong Turkish coffee, okay? Then we can talk some more.
Where are you posted? [TAPPING ECHOING.]
Who are you? My name My name is Kamel.
- Who? - We met last night, at the Morocco restaurant.
Why did you bring me here? Answer me! [GASPING.]
You were too drunk to drive home.
So I let you stay here.
You fell asleep on the couch.
That was so easy.
Ah, you should see your face, like, it's so white.
You look like a ghost.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you, like, I was just kidding.
You pointed a gun at me, in my house.
I want you out, now.
Uh Look, I was I was simply like Listen, I'm not one of your friends, you entitled dog! So take your things and go, and I will be sure to report this to your commanders.
I I didn't mean to offend - You son of a bitch.
Now we both look like ghosts.
Come on.
Ah, that was a good one.
That was a good one.
Let's eat.
Hi, Nadia.
Hi, here you go, Grandma.
- Ohh Ooh! What? Too much? Don't be ridiculous, you look beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
I left food in the fridge.
I made your favorite cake, Maurice.
You shouldn't have baked for him.
He doesn't deserve it.
Maybe I should stay.
It's been five months.
I know, I just don't want to go anywhere without him, it's not fun.
Enough, go.
You can't put your life on hold because my brother isn't here.
You deserve a night off.
Here, I brought you.
Thank you, Sarah, thanks.
Who are you going with? Just a woman I work for.
Her husband couldn't make it, so she had an extra ticket.
I'll put the necklace on.
Thank you.
Why do you need pearls? She's just going out to a concert.
- You're right.
I shouldn't - It looks beautiful on you.
And you know how those Tel Avivians are.
You're going to show those snobs who the most beautiful woman is.
- Thank you.
If she starts crying I have raised eight children.
You're right.
- Go.
Come, Maurice.
What? Oh.
Good boy.
- Where are you going? - To do the dishes.
- No, there's no need.
- Ah-ah-ah! [SARAH.]
Nadia, just go, please.
And enjoy your evening.
Say bye.
- Tova.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi, Nadia.
- You look gorgeous.
- You too.
You too.
Nadia, I'm so sorry.
I tried to call you.
What's wrong? I'm so sorry.
I thought he couldn't make it.
He told me he couldn't make it, but he left work early especially.
Oh, no, don't worry about it.
I'd tell him to go home and invite you, but these tickets were so expensive.
That didn't come out right.
- Nadia.
- It's fine, Tova.
I understand.
I'm fine.
I know how excited you were to see them.
How about you go with Arik and I can I can go to some other Nonsense.
You will go and you will enjoy.
I'm fine.
- You sure? - Yeah.
- Hey, good to see you.
- Hey.
- Voy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're the best.
They are almost all [LAUGHS.]
Kamel! Oh, Ma'azi! [LAUGHTER.]