The Spy (2019) s01e06 Episode Script


Are you finished with your meal? [DAN.]
You didn't touch your food.
Mesdames et Messieurs, nous allons bientôt atterrir à Paris-Le Bourget.
Nous vous demanderons de garder vos ceintures attachées jusqu'à [CAR DOOR OPENS.]
Jacques Mercier.
How was your flight, Mrs.
Cohen? [DAN.]
We are right on time.
They should be expecting us.
We will be holding the press conference this afternoon, after our meeting in my office.
Nadia, if there is anything else you need [DAN.]
Thank you.
Are you sure you're up to this? [MAN.]
Passeport, s'il vous plaît.
Dan Peleg, Nadia Cohen for the Ambassador, please.
Je suis navré, c'est impossible.
L'Ambassadeur n'est pas ici aujourd'hui.
Comment? Nous avions rendez-vous.
Ils s'en sont occupés il y a plus d'une semaine.
Le président lui-même [DAN.]
We were told we could meet the Ambassador.
This is unacceptable.
Dan, let me, please.
Je demande à comprendre.
Je suis sûr que ce rendez-vous était confirmé par [DAN.]
We came all the way from Israel to meet with the Syrian Ambassador.
Pouvez-vous vérifier - Tu avais semblage - Bon.
Monsieur, écoutez-moi [DAN.]
You are? My name is Nadia Cohen.
You've arrested my husband for espionage.
nuclear weapons Hello! Mm.
Say hello.
What did I say? I brought you some Swiss chocolate.
- Hey, come here.
- Come.
Come, come, come.
You want some chocolate? Irit, come.
You want some? - [LAUGHS.]
- Do you remember me? Aah, you grew.
Mommy, he looks like Daddy.
This is Daddy, sweetheart.
Oh! A pumping station will divert the waters of the Hasbani and Banias rivers, hence drying up the Sea of Galilee.
So what are we waiting for, huh? Good.
We are in agreement, then.
Get me a plan as soon as possible.
We don't know how many people know about this project.
Especially civilians.
- Dan.
- Look Shallal is a top-secret project, so secret that the Syrians brought in a team from Saudi Arabia to build it.
Very few civilians know about this.
Al-Hafez told this to 88 personally.
Your point? Attacking Shallal will make 88 an immediate suspect.
Shallal is an existential threat to the state of Israel.
It will put us in danger.
An air strike will put our agent in immediate danger.
If we attack Shallal, we should consider not sending him back.
- What are you talking about? - He's done his job.
He's gone above and beyond.
Let's bring him home.
We have an opportunity of having a Deputy Defense Minister in the Syrian government.
It is an opportunity once in a lifetime.
It will not happen again! - I understand.
But - This is bigger than you and him, Dan.
He's going back.
This is bigger than all of us.
This is too good an opportunity.
The benefits of us having a Deputy Defense Minister in Syria outweigh the risks of him getting caught.
Coordinate the attack in a way that keeps him clear of suspicion.
Attack when he's already back in Syria, after the position is his.
We We could also possibly allow some minor victories by the Syrians after his appointment to help bolster his image.
Who is she? Someone who shouldn't be talking.
But she's right.
So I said, "Well, would you feel more comfortable if I flew the plane?" Tell us about Rome.
I have the postcard you sent from there on my refrigerator.
Every time someone comes into my house, I show it to them.
Yes, she's shown it to everyone.
My son man of the world.
It's one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world.
Did you stay in a hotel there? Yes, I stayed in this amazing hotel - with the most updated facilities - What was the name of it? [CHUCKLES.]
I forgot.
It just flew out of my head.
Nadia, the food is really delicious.
- Mm.
- Great job.
- Thank you.
- What was your favorite place? - Where? - In Rome.
It was all gorgeous.
The Colosseum, if I had to choose one.
It's so magnificent.
You're standing there and you feel tiny.
What else? - Apart from the Colosseum? - Mm-hm.
Not all of us are so lucky to travel as you, Eli.
We want to hear about it.
I want to hear, too.
Leave him alone, Maurice.
I don't know what's got into you.
He's just got back.
Now, where is the kucheri? Are we going to eat it or are we going to keep it in the kitchen? It's on the way.
I'll help you.
So, what have I missed? Did you manage to replace your car yet? [LAUGHTER.]
Fuck you, Eli.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what the matter is with him.
- I'll go see him.
- No, no, no.
I'll go.
I'm sure it's nothing.
It's all good.
What's wrong? You're acting strange.
I'm worried about you.
What are we doing, Eli? Huh? - What do you mean? - I know, Eli.
I know.
Or should I call you Agent 88? A few weeks ago, I replaced an analyst on the Syrian desk.
Did "N" get a sewing machine? You're not making any sense.
What Stop, Eli.
Stop! You are talking to me.
I'm a buyer for the Ministry of Defense.
I go round the world and I purchase office furnitures, but nothing even dangerous, so whatever else you think you know, - you're mistaken, okay? - No.
- Okay? - No.
So we're gonna go inside now and enjoy the food that Nadia prepared for us.
Please don't go back, Eli.
For your sake.
For your children's sake.
If something happens to you, the family will be destroyed.
She spent the whole day cooking in the kitchen.
The least we can do is sit together, as a family.
- Here, Maurice.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Maurice, my brother, he knows.
Eli, slow down.
What happened? Maurice, my brother, knows.
He was put onto my line by accident.
Somebody in the office replaced an analyst with my brother.
How could you be so fucking incompetent? I'm out there, risking everything, and Did he tell anyone? That's not the point.
We need to be sure he didn't.
Let me take care of it.
Do you think I need this added pressure? Do you? Can't you people do your fucking job? I'll take care of it, Eli, I promise you.
You need to rest.
You sound on edge.
- You should - Just fix it! [DIALING TONE.]
How the fuck did that happen? I don't know, but I'll find out.
- Is everything all right? - Everything's fine.
What was that about? I had to call somebody from work.
I don't want to talk about it.
Why are you so upset? I'm not upset.
Since when do you smoke? Recently.
Is this about the argument you had with Maurice? What happened between you two? I did not have an argument with Maurice.
It's just I don't want to have to cross the damn street or go to a neighbor's apartment just because we don't have a phone.
You should have your own phone.
I mean, after everything I do for this country, the least they can do is look after my family when I'm not here.
Is this the prize I get for you being gone? - A phone? - Everybody has their own phone and television set.
I mean, what if I want to watch the football? You know, these are basic things, Nadi.
In the apartment I have, I have both of these things.
You should have them too.
I thought you stay in hotels when you travel.
What? You said you have a phone in your apartment.
What I mean is in th the hotels.
In the hotels that I stay in, they have better conditions than in my own home.
What I'm saying is I have nice things, Nadia, and I want you to have them too.
I don't want you to be left left behind.
I have I have six suits.
I have expensive watches.
And the people there, the people the people, they love me! - You know, they admire me, Nadi! - Eli, what are you talking about? What are you doing tomorrow morning? The TV is too big, Eli.
We can still return it.
It won't fit through the door.
So I'll buy a bigger door.
It is perfect.
It's too much money.
Why do I work? What? You've come a long way since you worked here, Eli Cohen.
I'm very proud of you.
Do you have a receipt for these items? Excuse me? A receipt for all this, and your papers, identification.
Wh Why would we need papers? We are paying customers here.
We do not need to show you anything.
I'm just doing my job.
- Items have been stolen.
- So Sorry.
Now I am a thief, is that it? You don't think I can afford this? Eli, he didn't say that.
Just show him.
Listen to your little wife.
My little My little wife? You will apologize to her, and then you will apologize to me.
Who the hell do you think you are? - You are nothing! - What are you doing, Eli? Stop.
- Calm down and stand to the side.
- All right, get your hands off me now - or I will - Or? I said get your hands off me.
- Get away from me! - Where are you taking him? - What is this? - Stop it! Right now! - Settle down! - Where are you taking him? Stop it! Stop it.
I spoke to the department store and to the police officers you attacked.
I didn't I didn't attack anybody.
They harassed me.
- Regardless, no charges will be filed.
- I defended myself.
- They understand.
- Okay, thank you.
- Okay, it's good that you called me.
- [NADIA.]
They understand? Understand what? What's gotten into you? Normal people don't go around behaving like this.
This This happens, Nadia.
We probably overworked Eli.
- Hm.
- That's all.
He just needs some time to to rest and readjust.
That's all.
This isn't uncommon.
Really? This happens to many people who buy furniture for the Department of Defense? Do you think I'm that big a fool? Nadia, please Let's have a real conversation, for once.
The three of us.
Let's have an open, honest conversation on what my husband does.
- [ELI.]
Nadia - And if either of you tell me that Eli's buying furniture, I will break his face.
Where did you buy me the sewing machine, Eli? Where did it come from? Everything is going to be okay, I promise you.
He just needs some time Where did you buy me the sewing machine? - I bought it in the Galer - Don't you dare! You mumble in your sleep.
You sometimes shout out names.
Who is Ma'azi? And don't tell me it's your friend from Paris.
Who's Saliha? [ELI.]
What do we tell her? She won't buy this.
We'll think of something.
No, she's too smart to lie to.
Why can't we just tell her the truth? The truth is probably worse than anything she can imagine.
Maybe, uh, we tell her you're in a friendlier Arab country.
- I don't know.
I'll think of something.
- [SIGHS.]
Eli, are you okay? I'm different.
When I first became Kamel, it was it was just an act, you know? I was aware of how I held myself, my accent, my posture, everything.
I thought of Nadia every moment.
But now those nightmares that she was talking about, they're not even mine, they're Kamel's.
Taking off the clothes, it doesn't work anymore.
I can't put him away.
I'm pretending to be me.
You just need more time to decompress.
These shifts are very difficult, and you've been gone for a long time.
But you'll remember who you are.
You will, I promise you.
What if I don't want to? Don't want to what? Listen to me.
Kamel isn't real.
That life isn't real.
You are not invincible, and you are not above suspicion.
Ma'azi, Seif, Al-Ard, they are not your friends.
You are not Kamel Amin Thaabeth, you are Eli Cohen, and whatever it takes, you need to remember that.
Do you understand me? The office The office hasn't decided on a timeline yet, but you'll be going back soon.
And once you are back, Shallal will be attacked and you will accept the minister position.
You cannot afford to be careless.
You cannot afford to be confused.
And you will apologize to Saliha.
Make up with her.
You need that cover.
You need to put down roots.
You're too old to be single.
Don't want them thinking you're funny in that way.
And if I accept this position how long how long do you expect me to stay there? For now, go be with your wife, Eli Cohen.
What? You are the love of my life.
I need you I need you to know that.
You are the love of my life.
Whatever happens to me, I need you to know.
I know, Eli, I know.
But I need you to be honest with me.
I need you to talk to me.
Ah, my hands, my hands.
My hands are on fire.
What? Why? If I go back I'm scared.
Say no.
Say no, Eli.
Whatever they want you to do, say no.
Please stay.
Ready to go, Kamel? Goodbye.
Kamel? Look, what are you doing there, standing like a fool? This is your welcome party.
Come in, come in! - Hey, how are you? - [LAUGHING.]
Oh, General.
- How are you? - When did you get back? Huh? Only a few days ago.
- See? - How was Zürich? Well it was wealthy and boring, much like you.
- [SIGHS.]
- So Aah Don't hold back.
Everybody wants to know.
What are you going to tell him? Am I sitting with the next Deputy Defense Minister? Well, I would like to announce that after much consideration I will have a large whiskey with soda on the rocks.
Waiter, please.
As for the other matter, I will tell him in private.
The President deserves to know first.
Makes sense.
Listen, Kamel, the President needs some good news now, especially after this mess with these spies.
He needs people around that he can trust.
Who were they? How did they catch them? Military officers.
High level, too.
Suidani suspected something and had them followed straight to the American embassy.
Broad daylight.
They met with a CIA operative, Walter Snowden.
The Americans managed to get him out, but l What is this? This is the third time since I've been back.
It's not the same city you left, Kamel.
How accurate are these? You make sure the neighborhoods we are scouting have no power.
This is very, very accurate.
It's It's bad.
Head north into Abu Rummaneh quarter.
Two minutes to Abu Rummaneh.
Turn off power to the neighborhood.
Illegal signal.
It's gone.
It's gone.
Thank you.
The planes are in the air.
Seven minutes.
He's a hero to his people.
He's in Jordan right now, but he'll soon join us in Syria.
I've been reading about this, uh Yasser Arafat and his PLO.
What brings him here? Ah, politics, again and again! Ever since you became the president, we don't do anything fun.
Oh, yes, we do.
I miss fun.
Saliha Careful.
Be careful with him.
Don't let him turn into my husband.
You know, I'm fascinated by all of this.
Please, continue.
Well, I agreed to fund the military wing of the PLO, the Fatah.
Arafat will be training guerrilla soldiers here to infiltrate and seed fear into the Zionists' heart.
A little terror will drive Israel crazy, but they won't get the world's support, and they can't blame us.
We're on the verge of doing great things together, Kamel.
A toast, then.
To my president and to his new Deputy Minister of Defense.
And to my future wife.
To wives.
What is that? Get down! - Get down! - What is happening? Please, Mr.
Follow me.
Damn it! [BEEPING.]
Take me to Suidani.
Stand back! [SHOUTS IN ARABIC.]
You are going to send a message to your friends.
Tell them the game is over.
Jacob! Maya, I'll do it.
Sophie, take your sister inside.
Sophie, do it now.
But I need to tell you something.
Don't say another word.
Are you sure? Absolutely positive? Maybe May - Maybe this is a mistake.
- We caught him in the act.
All this time.
Years! - How could he have fooled us like this? - Mr.
President, I warned you from the beginning not to I want everyone who was involved! Do you hear me? Everyone! [TIRES SCREECHING.]
I didn't know.
You and all your friends ate from his hands.
Fucked in his parties.
You helped him, not me.
Eli Cohen, known in Syria as Kamel Amin Thaabeth, had established close relationships with the top echelons of government and military in Syria.
Some even suggest he was a close friend and adviser to the President of Syria, Amin Al-Hafez.
Jacques Mercier, a French human rights lawyer, represents the family and has formerly requested clemency.
Legal experts say the chances of clemency are slim to none.
So far, 500 people have been arrested in connection Get it out of here.
I don't want it.
Take it away! Now! [WAILING.]
Mesdames et Messieurs, nous allons bientôt atterrir à Paris-Le Bourget.
Nous vous demanderons de garder vos ceintures attachées jusqu'à l'immobilisation complète de I was on the phone with Jacob.
The Prime Minister has authorized us to make any deal possible to free him.
We're going to do anything possible to bring him back.
- Nadia, I know this - Did you read today's newspapers? The Lebanese papers? The Iraqi papers? The Egyptians? They're all making fun of Al-Hafez.
Saying Eli turned Syria into a joke.
They are going to kill him.
You're ready? Thank you for coming here today.
My name is Jacques Mercier.
I'm a human rights lawyer, and I represent Mrs.
Cohen and her family, who have hired my services to advocate and demand the just release of her husband, Eli Cohen, who has been detained in Syria.
How was Damascus? I need to talk with the Israeli Prime Minister.
Rabbi Endebbo? - Yes.
- Come with us.
Did we hear from the Frog? [MAYA.]
Thank you for coming this late.
This is George Seif, Radio Damascus.
A few minutes ago, our beloved president, Amin Al-Hafez, asked me to read this announcement.
The Zionist spy, Eli Cohen known in Syria as Kamel Amin Thaabeth, has been found guilty of treason.
Therefore, our beloved president has decided that Cohen will be executed tonight in Marjeh Square.
No! No! No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no! [SOBBING.]
No! Now, sign your name.
My poor boy, you do not know who you are.
We don't have much time.
Please, sign your letter.
- Dan, this is - Hello.
Thank you for coming.
Please, sit.
So, do you know who we are?