The Staircase (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

The Beating Heart

Alright, 640, you're out.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go! Walk.
April 2004 six months after verdict Pod 640.
Borrowing or receiving commissary items Tuesday only Is that it? Yes, I think so.
- Yes, or you think so? - Yes.
Your balance is 345 Sorry.
Thank you.
How could you do that to me? You just fucked me! Motherfucker! I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you! Peterson 640.
Maha productions You know why he jacked you up, right? No.
He was waiting on a single cell for five years.
Was next on the list, and they gave it to you because you're famous.
Lock-in time! See you around, Staircase.
Close her.
Marcel proust in search of lost time volume 1 Dear Michael, an old friend visited last week dying to see the Louvre.
Walking through the museum reminded me that you don't have the luxury of relaxing while you wait for your appeal.
Our deadline is tight.
Trust that we are working as fast as we can to get your story in front of the world and finally get you the trial you so deserve.
In the meantime, you said the prison library wasn't stimulating.
So here's a little something to get your brain working.
Fondly, Sophie.
THE STAIRCASE Morning Sophie! Good morning! Did you go home last night? Of course.
Café? When? When I was done.
Did you get the last reel of episode four out to sound? A courier just picked it up.
- Ah! Great! - See you later.
Later! Just look at my fucking face, David.
I hear you, Mike.
- No, I don't.
- I hear you.
I don't need you to hear anything.
I just need you to look at it.
The longer I'm in here, the more likely it is I'm going to get killed.
When will we know about our appeal? Mike, you know I don't know.
It could be tomorrow.
It could be three months.
So, three months.
That's how long I've got to survive? I'd be shocked if it went longer than that.
I'm not supposed to be here.
I mean, this wasn't supposed to happen.
This wasn't supposed to be.
Mike, I know.
Our appeal contests the seizure of Michael's computer.
It was unconstitutional.
Without that, the State would have no grounds to bring in the emails, the escorts.
We're quite confident.
Of course, you can quote me.
I hope you'll quote me.
That's why I called you back.
- Sell.
- The whole set? Mom loved them.
How's work? What do those movie people have you doing? Just entry-level stuff, answering calls, scheduling.
But they hired their last editor out of admin, so You like LA? It's fine.
The people are nicer than you think.
Reno's just a day away from you.
Martha, too.
You're welcome any time you guys need a break.
Not sure Martha's boss would let her have a day off.
Where's she at now? Some customer service thing.
What? Martha's not really - Service oriented.
- pleasant.
- Hey! - Hey! You made it.
- Hey, man.
- Hey.
Come on, sit down.
Food's warm.
I'm gonna go pour myself a beer.
Does anyone want one? I don't think we have any.
I brought some.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm making pasta.
You want in? I just quit my job.
Oh shit.
What happened? Nothing.
I just didn't really want to be there anymore.
- You okay? - Sure.
The lies about his sexuality, the witness in Germany, the edit is balanced as it is.
I'm not insulting you any more evidence of innocence or of guilt, will upset the balance.
He was found guilty.
We're not going to act like that wasn't the case! The broken cartilage.
We must include it.
Must? No.
Why must? The cartilage story is superfluous.
That's why we cut the scene in the first place.
Jean, I know you enjoy watching us fight, but are you going to say anything, dammit? I want to hear you both out.
Doctor radisch gets on the stand, looks David Rudolf dead in the eye, and says with one hundred percent medical certainty that she believes Kathleen was strangled.
That same woman had the same certainty about Kathleen being beaten in the head with a weapon that Mr.
Duane deaver said, with extreme confidence, Michael must have used, when in fact it was collecting dust in the garage! The episode's too long.
To add the cartilage, you have to cut something.
What would you lose? Yes, I'm very curious to hear.
You know, we won an Oscar without any help from you.
We don't have time to bicker.
We're on a deadline.
Denis, I'm asking you: What would you cut? The scene with him and Clayton.
Waxing poetic about age, the ego no, no, no.
I'm not cutting that.
It's a key scene for understanding Michael.
What is the obsession with 'understanding' Michael? He's a liar! Shit! No one can understand a guy like that! That's the thing! Oh, well, he's just the main character of the show, that's all.
Yes, of a show where we know the ending.
He's guilty! The jurors said they convicted him on the physical evidence, specifically citing radisch's testimony about the cartilage! That's the picture the prosecutors painted of him from the beginning.
We can't support any kind of slander.
Right? He deserves an accurate portrait, a balanced one.
Accurate? What, you know what's accurate, then? You don't even know this guy.
But I do.
We've been writing each other.
What? For how long? Five.
Six months.
Oh, merde.
Oh, get over yourselves.
You spent two years drinking the man's wine and laughing at his jokes.
I'm just sending him postcards and books.
Books? What books? In search of lost time.
You send him proust? Proust?! Hey, yo, Staircase! I ain't fucking done with you, you hear? You hear me, yeah? I ain't fucking done with you.
- Sit down! - I ain't fucking done with you.
Sit down! Take it to your table.
Dear Michael, I was so happy to receive your last letter.
As I read it, I could hear your voice, which I have become so familiar with over the past year.
Which is strange, since you have no idea what I look like or sound like.
What do you hear when you read my letters? Brigitte Bardot or Pepe Le Pew? Yes, the documentary is going well, thank you for asking.
I'm working day and night to get it finished, and I remain convinced that once the world sees it, it will help your appeal.
You gonna stab me with that pen, Staircase? I was thinking I could just off myself.
Boom, boom, boom.
What do you think? They'd make me clean it up.
You know about stamps, right? They're better than money.
Bring 50 "37s" to the yard, and we'll take care of your problem for you.
Or don't.
Up to you.
November 2001 one month before Kathleen's death incumbent clement defeats novelist Peterson in a landslide Sorry about the election, Michael.
You know I voted for you.
You were the one? Ms.
Margaret ratliff Tulane university I'm so fucking disappointed in you.
I can't believe you opened my mail.
My house, my mail.
And don't change the subject.
This is serious.
Tulane is going to take your scholarship away.
Well, I'm sorry.
Look, Dad, I'm just, I'm struggling at the moment.
Yeah, well, sorry doesn't cut it, missy! These grades are laughable! What the fuck are you doing down there in New Orleans anyway? - Trying to get the most beads? - Gross.
Look, Dad, I really, I really feel like there's something wrong with me.
I've always had issues.
My friends think that I have a learning disability Margie the Martyr.
That's just medical jargon for lazy, which I agree you've always been.
Why are you being so awful? - I'm going to call Mom.
- Go right ahead.
Kathleen and I are on the same page.
And guess what? We're not paying for your plane ticket home for Thanksgiving.
Dad, stop.
We need to start saving money for when they drop your financial aid.
Are you kidding me? I hate him.
What did you do this time? I'm not going home for Thanksgiving.
He's not getting me my plane ticket.
Was he, like, normal dad angry or was it like spring break angry? I don't know.
I don't know.
He was something.
Well, if you're not going, I'm staying in San Francisco.
Bill, we need to be patient.
The appellate court has had it for months now.
Look, it's all about how many appeals were filed ahead of yours.
Do you think that there's any chance that we could expedite with an oral argument? Our case is strong.
You said so yourself.
Just sit tight.
This is going to be in the rearview in no time.
I need to get back to the kids.
How are they doing? You know, their 60-year-old father was just brutally assaulted by a meth head and thrown into solitary confinement for a week.
How do you think they're doing? I'm doing everything in my power to help him, Bill.
And I'm selling everything the man owned to keep writing you checks.
So you learning Spanish? No.
No, you don't really need to.
I mean, Cabo's mostly resort town.
Lot of Americans.
That's why the timeshare business is booming.
The girls, man.
You know, you should come down sometime.
Nate knows all the good spots.
Yeah, I don't see Becky letting me do that.
What do you mean "letting" you do that? Just bring her.
Get over here.
- Got the stamps? - Fifty, right? Yo, Staircase.
What's good? Hi.
Nice to meet you.
Jesus! He alright? He's worried you won't be cool because he's white.
That true? My skin make you nervous? What? No.
- Does it make you nervous? - No, of course not.
I can tell by the way you said that you're lying.
- I don't like liars.
- I'm not.
I don't know how things work.
Hey, we ain't got a problem taking a white guy's money.
Unless you're in the Brotherhood.
You're not a Nazi, Staircase? No, of course not.
I voted for Gore.
"Voted for Gore.
" Alright, man, we all set.
Hit me up every Monday, you stay set.
You ain't got to worry about that crackhead no more.
Alright, man.
You lift? Dear Sophie, despite my doubts about a higher power, my hands are clasped in prayer for you to get the documentary out sooner rather than later.
My appeal is set to be decided on in less than three months.
I always felt the documentary was the best way for people to hear my side of the story.
I feel I must ask a question that is long overdue.
Why on earth are you still writing to me? You're a smart, accomplished woman in the prime of her life who sounds surprisingly like Pepe Le Pew.
And I'm a convicted criminal waiting for some assholes in black robes to admit mistakes were made and free me.
The fractured cartilage in Kathleen's thyroid indicates a strangulation attempt is merely possible.
I would say it was highly, highly likely an attempt at strangulation was made.
But can you say that with a reasonable degree of medical certainty? Yes.
Yes, I can.
I need to head home.
Edith is waiting for me.
How do you think the cartilage was broken? She could have broken it in that pool accident, or falling down the stairs.
Maybe not.
That's exactly my point.
We can't know.
I feel like I feel like if I met Michael, if I had an hour with him, I could make sense of all this.
I doubt it.
Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Of course, I miss her.
I miss seeing her face every morning.
I miss her laughing at my jokes, even when they weren't funny.
What can I do about it, you know? Her being gone and this trial, I can't change any of it.
I'm worried about you.
A great deal of selfishness and ego goes away with age.
You can't help it, you know.
You watch yourself get old and fat and stupid.
And so you worry about other things.
Other people.
Those you love.
Like you guys.
- Kathleen.
- Carol.
Hi! I can't believe this.
I was just talking about you last night.
I was telling my friends how you set me free.
- It is good to see you.
- You too.
You look good.
Yeah, I am good.
- Where are you working now? - Bowman and Girard.
It's a mid-sized firm downtown.
Money's good? Not great.
About little more than half of what I was making.
But it's fine.
The hours are completely humane.
You know, when I took a step back away from it all, I can see I was really struggling at Nortel.
But it used to be fun, right? I mean, it was work, but we were doing pretty well.
Then it changed.
Now, I can actually see my kids.
We've even got a Club Med trip planned.
Turks and Caicos.
- Can you believe it? - That's great, Carol.
It's really great.
This is a family heirloom.
I'm sorry, it's not for sale.
I'm sorry.
You should have called, Larry.
We would have let you in first.
That's okay.
Didn't want to be a bother.
But weren't there two? - Two what? - Deer.
To be honest, I have no idea.
How much you want for this bad boy? - Oh no, no, no, no.
- Nonsense.
Michael needs the money.
Let's call it a hundred.
Thank you.
Remember, I'm right next door if you need me.
Come on.
I'm retired now.
Got nothing but time.
So, for my peace of mind, I need someone dedicated to making the commissary deposits every week.
It's all my food, writing materials, stamps.
- It's everything.
- I can take over.
No, I've got it.
I've done it the past six months.
It's fine.
But you're in Mexico, and I'm in the states.
It's easier.
You know they have banks in Mexico.
I'm just trying to give you a break.
Let's just say it's Todd, okay.
It's Todd.
You get the dogs.
I hate those fucking dogs.
You know, Bill's expecting a good haul from the estate sale.
And the house? Any interest? We're less optimistic there.
What's that supposed to mean? It's looking like it's going to go for less than asking.
What, like a million? More like seven-fifty.
Seven? Are you kidding me? It's got six fucking bathrooms! Why? Because of what happened in there.
So I'm going to be broke when I get out of here.
Yo, man, I don't have to fucking be here! Okay, okay.
I fucking don't.
- This is horrible.
- Clay.
It is.
I don't know how I survived.
You only did four years.
- I know.
- And you were guilty.
I'm just, I'm just upset about losing the house.
Tell me was it frightening? Being in a house with a potential murderer? Of course, of course.
And the house was something out of a horror movie.
So many rooms plunged in darkness floorboards that creak and everywhere, shadows and secrets.
No, that's not it.
I want something simpler, more refined.
Ok? I know it's a sensitive subject But may we discuss the private screening we asked about the other day? We're not there yet.
There are still some questions that we need to answer.
Let's let the master finish.
The premier is in a month and a half.
I think it will be better to wait for the final version, with music! It's getting closer, right? We need Sophie off the project.
She's biased.
It shows in her work.
The stakes are too high.
I sign off on every cut she makes.
She's never acted like this before.
Something stinks.
We're not firing her a month before the end.
It doesn't make sense.
She has to go.
That was good.
But, even softer, more mournful.
Like a funeral march.
Ok? Thank you.
Why not? It would give her more time to consort with felons.
Don't get me wrong, I'd be doing the same thing if I were married to her husband.
Slower still, yes? Look, I've thought about it and I understand your concern.
If you want, I'll stop writing him.
It's a good start.
I'm not doing it for you, or for Jean.
I'm doing it for the show.
Well, if that's true, and we're all in agreement the quality of the series is Paramount, then I trust we can revisit the cartilage scene.
Oh, god.
I come here, and I make a gesture of good will and She's right, why would you say that? Are you serious? Why? Now, wait a minute.
You ask my opinion, I give it to you and She edits, I direct, you produce.
You're not supposed to intervene in artistic decisions.
Thoughts? Notes? One more time, please.
Dear Michael, I've so enjoyed our correspondence.
Perhaps too much.
Because of that, I need distance, and I will be taking a break from writing you.
I hope you understand.
To keep you occupied, I'm sending along another book, since you're sticking to your lie that you finished Proust.
It was my favorite as a young girl.
But I haven't read it in years.
I'm hoping you can read it and then tell me if it's as good as I remember.
I fear my memory has distorted my perception of it.
Hopefully, you can tell me I'm wrong.
Fondly, Sophie.
Dear Sophie, I'm sad to know you can't write me for a time.
But I understand.
I know how complicated life can be.
I felt I had to respond to thank you for the book, though.
It was also one of my favorites when I was young.
I've often felt like Alice during this whole ordeal.
Like I've gone through the looking glass.
And prison is every bit the hell it's made out to be.
Worse than war.
Hell, war was even fun sometimes.
But it's full of interesting people who can be funny, gentle, loyal.
It's hard to square up with what I know they've done.
Head count, gentlemen.
Let's go, gentlemen.
It'll make for a good novel one day.
I can feel my imagination turning on thanks to you.
Alice's adventures in wonderland I've actually been thinking a lot about Paris lately.
Closing my eyes and imagining this little cafe Kathleen and I used to frequent in the 4th.
La Reine Rouge.
Do you know it? When I win my appeal, I would like nothing more than to go there with you.
We could sit, have a glass of wine, and people watch.
I feel like you'd enjoy that too.
Your documentary subject and hopefully one day, friend, Michael Peterson.
are they here yet? No, not yet.
A moment of peace before the tempest.
And something else.
From your pen pal.
Oh, merci.
Nope, nope.
Can you say that with reasonable degree of medical certainty? Yes.
Yes, I can.
Et voila No, let it run.
Why? That's the clip.
The whole point of Rudolph's cross examination is that Dr.
Radisch's findings aren't applicable to the other homicides.
Medical certainty isn't proof in itself.
But, she doesn't blink.
We cut here and that's the essence of the scene.
Denis is right.
What's got into you? Are you feeling okay? No.
I was against including this scene, but if we use it, I'd cut here.
But if we are going to include it, that's sufficient.
Yes but it implies that we, the filmmakers, think that he's guilty.
And narratively, we risk giving away the ending only halfway through the series.
Run the scene with Clayton again.
Clayton? We wanted to immerse the audience in the American justice system warts and all.
Did we not? It was a good idea, but the episode was better before.
So, we lock the episode the way it is.
No cartilage and we keep the scene with Clayton.
But wait No! End of conversation.
We're not talking about it anymore.
I've made my decision.
The scene with Clayton stays.
You are such an egocentric asshole.
- Denis- - no, no, no.
I put my reputation on the line for this! Got them to expand it from two to eight hours shelled out my own money to get it going.
I never asked you to do that.
I made huge promises to our backers.
And we're not going to deliver.
I'm killing myself to deliver this fucking thing! I kill myself for these films of ours! You get all the interviews, the applause while I stay in the shadows, doing the dirty work! Like fucking quasimodo! You didn't even want to follow this case.
I pushed for it.
Are you finished? No.
You don't respect me.
We could've made something special.
Something that made history.
Lose cartilage, keep Clayton.
Yes? Yes.
It's too hot outside for that shit.
You girls were really something tonight.
Come on in.
Can't stop, won't stop.
Come on in.
We'll show you the place.
I like it.
I like it.
2,400 square feet.
Brand new construction.
A tub you could drown in.
And fuck me, the pool.
It's a goddamn work of art.
You ladies, yeah, you'd look pretty good next to it.
When you come to Cabo, no one knows who you are.
You can do anything you want.
It's fantastic.
Well, my family's been vacationing here for years, so everybody knows us.
Well, that's exactly why you need this place.
And I'm telling you, we could have you in this condo by Monday.
Keys in hand.
Done, yours.
That is crazy.
Real estate takes forever in Boston.
Well, you know, things are faster down here.
Ten rolls of stamps, please.
- Any stationery? - Not today.
And one of those honey buns, actually.
Try again next week.
Try again? - No money, no order.
- What? There's no money in your account.
No, my son Todd puts, puts money in every week.
Just look again.
Why would I look again when there's nothing to see? Check next week.
You don't understand.
I need this.
I really need this.
Step out of line, 640.
- Please, I don't - Now.
- No, I need this! - Step out of line now! - Hey, Staircase.
- Hey.
Hey, BK.
How's it going? Chillin'.
You seem hyped though.
I don't have the stamps.
Not today.
I see.
I just need one more day.
That's all.
I need the stamps, or J-Smoke gonna fuck your ass up.
This ain't no damn charity.
Start the game over.
So my son forgot.
He didn't put money in the It's a free country.
Stand where you got to stand.
Thank you.
Fuck! Fuck! Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh my god.
Pick up, Nate.
Pick up, Nate.
Fuck! Fuck! Dude.
What happened last night? Are you joking? There's blood.
Goddamn it, dude.
You fucked up the whole deal.
Nate, what happened to the girl? - What girl? - The one that I was, that I was hanging with, the girl with the pink bra.
What? She left right after you fell and hit your head or something.
You better not have fucked the place up.
Yo, Todd.
So she's okay? Whatever.
She's got a massive fucking hangover.
But look, bro, you need to lock your shit down.
Otherwise, we're gonna have to rethink this whole business arrangement.
And I set my account to auto-pay, so it'll never happen again.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Yeah, of course, Dad.
What the hell happened with Todd? It's not like him.
I don't know, he must be really busy with his real estate thing.
He says it's going really well.
Good for him.
It's just, this is a lot.
I wasn't going to mention this until things were What? Oh god, what? What is it? No, it's good.
Becky's pregnant.
You're going to be a grandfather.
Come here.
Alright, 640, make space.
Well, I hope my appeal comes through before he's born.
You know, I want to be there for you.
Well, David says any day now.
And we think it's going to be a she.
A she? Now girls are a handful.
You know that, don't you? Yeah, that's what I keep hearing.
Oh my god.
Whoa, Margaret, what are you talking about? Dad didn't tell you? I thought you were on the same page.
What happened? He went through my mail, found out I got some bad grades, and flipped out, that's what happened.
He told me you weren't going to buy me a ticket home for Thanksgiving.
So, I'm not coming.
Well, no, I can give you the money for a ticket.
Mike doesn't need to know.
It's too late.
I made other plans.
With who? I'm going to Aunt Blair's.
Aunt Blair's? Come on, you do not want to go to Rhode Island.
I've got to study.
I'll see you at Christmas, if I'm invited.
Your table's ready.
It's been too long.
George, so good to see you.
She really did seem lighter not working at Nortel, you know? There was a brightness to her.
- Good for her.
- Check in with her in six months.
- What does that mean? - Well, she's She'll be tearing her hair out with boredom.
She's addicted to the grind.
Another bottle? It's pricey.
You really think you have everyone's number, don't you? I mean, I think I got Carol's.
I'd love for someone to take the wheel.
Have an easier job.
No job.
What are you talking about? You're a workaholic, too.
What would you even do? Go fishing more, for starters.
No, you wouldn't.
Everything okay, Mr.
Peterson? Yes, George.
Another Sancerre.
Fine choice, Mr.
Kathleen, I've been meaning to tell you.
We're going to my sister's for Thanksgiving.
So thank you for the invitation, but Maybe just I can come? Well, I'm thinking of sitting this year out, actually.
Really? Yes, Kathleen, do say more.
Well, some of the kids aren't coming home.
Who? Don't you look so surprised.
She's going to Rhode Island to be with Aunt Blair.
Aunt Blair? Jesus, that kid's a glutton for punishment.
What about Martha? She hasn't picked up her phone.
I'm sorry, honey.
I know how important Thanksgiving is to you.
No, it's okay.
My sister's been begging to host for a decade, so I might just take a page out of the Carol playbook and take the night off.
A toast to giving ourselves a break.
To what's her name? - Carol.
- Carol? - To Carol.
- To Carol.
So, since we're going to be out of town, you know what that means, buddy? - What? - You're going to have to come over and feed the bats.
Have we told you the latest with those fucking things? Who knew they were so hard to get rid of? Do you mind? Thanks.
You know, for the assist.
The other day, you know.
Not telling me to scram.
Sorry to hear what happened.
That's all sorted out now, so I'm No, I'm good for a while.
You know, my youngest was busy with work.
And my oldest, Clayton? I'm going to be a grandfather.
You're really relaxed.
When I lost, it took me a minute.
Lost? Lost what? In October 2003, novelist Michael Peterson was convicted of the murder of his wife, Nortel executive Kathleen Peterson.
His defense team led by David Rudolf immediately filed for an appeal.
But today, a three-judge panel rejected Peterson's arguments that his trial was filled with inflammatory, irrelevant evidence and judicial mistakes that prevented him from getting a fair trial.
The decision comes nearly a year after his conviction.
Now, Michael Peterson and his defense team are headed to the North Carolina Supreme Court where they will have one final Hang on a second.
Can you hear me? - Can you hear me? - Yeah, I can hear you.
Look, Mike, we obviously didn't want you to find out this way, alright? I'm sorry.
Oh, you didn't want me to find out standing next to Bob the pedophile? You didn't think that was ideal? Look, I understand your anger, Mike.
It was one appeal in a stack of a thousand.
We didn't know when we were going to hear, and we can't exactly just, you know, ring your doorbell.
What does it say? What does it say? The ruling? Can you send me a copy? Yeah, we'll send it.
Of course, we'll send it.
It says, you know, they actually agreed with our argument that the state's conduct in seizing your computer was unconstitutional.
So why am I still fucking here? Because then they ruled two-to-one that it was immaterial to the final outcome.
Wait, immaterial to the outcome? My fucking life.
The outcome? Yes.
That what they found on your computer didn't sway the jury one way or another.
Well, listen.
Because it was a split decision, the appeal automatically goes up to the state supreme court.
And our odds are much better at that level.
So how long will that take? Well, could be another year.
- Or two.
- Fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
I know.
Well, I am with you until this is over.
Right here.
You know that, right? Come on, I can't get off this call if you're mad at me.
No, I'm not mad, Dave.
I got to go.
Let me, let me see if I can get her.
Can you guys, can you guys hold on? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm here.
Okay, cool.
One second.
- You okay, bro? - Yeah.
Yeah, all good.
I can be in San Francisco tomorrow.
I'm fine.
Okay, let me loop the boys in.
So what's important to remember is that this isn't the end.
There's going to be a second appeal.
Is this just going to go on for years? It has not been years.
It's been, what, maybe ten months? It's been three years since Mom Look, we just need to buckle up.
Alright? Refuel.
There's still moves left on the board.
It'll all be fine.
Welcome to the premier of the staircase.
We've worked on this project for three years straight, using over five hundred hours of footage.
Every time we tried to make it shorter, we found things to add.
I believe there is nothing else to add except that I hope you appreciate the show, into which we have put a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a lot of love.
Thank you.
I'm sorry about Michael.
One night, she was You know, this house is filled It's not fair.
with so many memories.
You know, I feel her here.
Tomorrow is another day.
I just always think she might walk through that door any moment.
Smiling, laughing, reminding me that I'm late for something.
I just have to say: It's a masterpiece.
I know I should be humble and just say thank you but I agree! I've always known this was special.
This is good, right? This is good.
Your husband? He never came? No.
Marie? No, she just wanted to stay home with the kids.
You know, I wanted to tell you: If this show works, it will be because of you.
You are the beating heart of this project my old friend.
Oh, Jean-Xavier And it will make a difference when he appeals.
I hope you're right.
It'll be a hit, I'm sure of it.
Yes, I think so, too.
Sophie brussard Margaret ratliff Hi.
- Oh my god.
- Oh god.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
I got it.
I didn't mean to scare you.
- You're new here, right? - Yeah, kinda.
Dearest Margaret, We've never met, but I spent many precious hours with you and your family.
This documentary is the result of those hours.
We hope we did justice to your family's story.
Please know that to me, this is not the end.
Yours truly, Sophie, editor, Maha Productions.
Hey, 640.
Visiting hours.
What? Staircase.
You're here.
I am here.

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