The Staircase (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Seek and Ye Shall

Come on.
Fuck, I'm forgetting things.
Tyrone? What the It's horseshit.
I'm not taking the goddamn plea.
So, what, you want a retrial? It's not what I want.
It's what I need.
I am not going to say I killed Kathleen.
Jesus, Michael.
Michael, think of the money, the years you'll waste fighting for this.
I am not a moron.
I know the implications.
- If we say these words - If I say them If you say them, no more prison.
You want me to get up and say I'm responsible for the worst night of my life, that I'm responsible for Kathleen's suffering? Did you listen to what I read? We're saying you didn't do anything wrong.
Not until the very end where I say I did everything wrong.
I'm not going to say I'm guilty.
I can't.
I want to avoid anything that puts your freedom at risk.
I want your kids to stop worrying.
They'll understand.
They'll support me.
Mike, look around.
This is all the support you got.
I told them not to come! Not to bother hearing their father perjure himself! You could be found guilty.
Yeah, with what evidence? Everything the DA had is inadmissible or compromised.
Except for your lies, Michael.
Your character.
Those are still in play.
You can't walk back from deceit.
From how people see you.
I'm not taking the plea.
I won't do it.
Class is going well.
The students seem more attuned.
I'm sorry, Sophie.
My days don't provide much inspiration.
I'm returning to Paris.
Jean needs his muse.
We're having trouble with the third act.
So when do you come back? I'm not sure.
We're hoping to finish the film soon, but I don't know.
It's hard to say when.
Penny for your thoughts? Thoughts about what? Come on.
About me.
Well, I'll go back to Paris, and then I come back and then That's all.
You come home to Durham.
I don't think Durham will ever be home, Michael.
You're the only reason I'm here.
Well, we'll figure it out.
It'll be okay.
"Through her hand.
I feel the pulse of life, "of passion.
"And I want all of her.
"Her lips, her hair, "the skin I've yet to see.
"But the fates have denied the carnal.
"Leaving me to be tempted and contented by the spiritual, "the ethereal, the simple purity "of her words and mind.
But is that enough?" Came to me last night.
Thoughts? To Margie, my sister.
I'm proud of you.
I am almost 30.
I'm divorced.
I'm using a cardboard box as a table.
I'm proud of you for leaving him.
I know Lucas was a good guy.
He was the best guy.
I hope he's okay.
Yeah, see, you've got to take all of that energy that you're putting on other people and focus it on yourself.
What do you mean? Well, when you finally start paying attention to yourself, you can't hide anymore.
So what am I ignoring here? Lucas used to say the same shit.
We've been through a lot, and you've never really talked about it.
We've never You can either let the past haunt you or you move on.
I can't change what happened.
You can't either.
But I can try to understand it.
Why I felt like something was wrong even before that night.
And that's why, you know, I'm going to, I'm going to go back home.
What do you mean go home? Just tell me what you're talking about.
I've saved up almost enough money to go to Germany.
I've been talking to Patty, and she still lives in the same apartment complex that we grew up in.
She says she can take me to Mom's house and bring Agnes over to talk.
- You're going to Germany? - Margie.
I knew you would be pissed.
I knew it.
And I don't want to hide things from you.
Well, then, next time, just keep quiet about your bullshit self-exploration.
You know, you're supposed to be helping me.
And now I have to worry about you again.
Fuck! I always have to keep an eye on you, and it's so fucking tiring because I'm always, for years, worrying if you're high somewhere or if you have a job or if you're going to do something to yourself.
Germany's going to help.
Why do you care? Why are you so mad? Every time I talk about when we were kids, you shut down, just like Dad.
Don't go.
For me.
I'm sorry.
I have to.
Fuck you.
Hey, John, I want you to come here a sec.
SBI is dirty.
Given more time, I can prove that consequential evidence was withheld and misrepresented.
Test results were hidden.
Now, this man is serving a life sentence, missing valuable time with people he loves.
So would Durham be the focus here? - Definitely.
- Let's get you down there.
We need evidence of misconduct and motive.
You got to see this.
Body's already in the morgue.
My god.
It's unbelievable.
How's Paris? Everything's good here.
How's the old man? Jean? Stressed but surviving.
Tell Jean I said hello.
I'd love to see him here sometime.
Michael, I've got to go.
Speak soon.
I was surprised to get your email.
What email? About the homicide.
Injuries are congruent with a beating.
I don't know who sent that to you, but it wasn't me.
You have something on your So, a man was killed.
Police are pursuing a suspect.
The newspaper's writing about it.
Seems like there's clear motive.
And the murder weapon is a heavy flashlight.
So what's the connection? Cause of death is blunt force trauma to the head.
- It's a homicide.
- Okay.
And there were no skull fractures, which means - No.
- the nature of Kathleen Peterson's death is no longer an anomaly.
But all those autopsy reports.
Every other beating case, they all had skull fractures.
Until now.
You said there was motive.
Officially, robbery gone wrong.
But Detective Holland thinks the men knew each other.
Radisch, can I show you something? Excuse me.
It was Dennis Rowe? Dennis Rowe.
My sources say he has a limp.
A limp? Says you had sex with him four or five times.
You're shitting me.
- That's what he's claiming.
- Oh my god! Rather know now than later.
Did he indicate where this great love affair took place? - Hello? - Jean.
I'm still in Durham.
I'm sorry I can't leave.
Do you remember Dennis rowe? Of course I remember Dennis rowe! Michael was so uncomfortable.
Dennis is dead.
Dead? He was beaten in the head and there were no skull fractures.
Just like Kathleen.
Do you think do you think Michael was lying about Dennis? Did he sleep with him? Absolutely.
And I'll split it on these two.
You got it.
So are you excited for the holidays? Well, I was, but my boyfriend and I broke up, and now I'm devastated.
Before the holidays? God, some people are strange.
I guess it can be stressful.
Well, apparently he was so stressed, he had to fuck other people.
- It's complicated.
- Look up, please.
My first husband, Fred, he used to lie all the time, and I was like, "Never again.
"Never again.
Give me the truth.
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
" You know what? The stories I make up in my own head are far worse than reality.
But you're married again? Yup.
To a real piece of work.
He's the strangest, most exciting person I've ever met.
That sounds great.
- And impossible.
- That's it.
It's always two things with Michael.
- Michael.
That's his name? - Yeah.
Unless he's pulling a long con.
So this watch is $300 more? Yes.
The diamonds make it special.
Okay, well, I'm going to have to go with the cheaper one, and I would love it gift wrapped.
Of course.
You're shitting me.
Hello? MP.
What is up, man? I'm sorry.
Who is this? Simon.
- Your agent.
- Oh, Simon.
Yes! "Charlie Two Shoes.
" - Remember that old horse? - Sure.
I wrote it.
Yeah, right.
Anyways, I just got off the phone and I got some really good news.
Graefenhausen Germany Hey, Patty.
Hello, Martha baby.
You've arrived.
I trust you traveled well.
Airplanes are so fast.
Thank you again for having me.
Of course.
Once you're settled in here, we can head over to your mother's house this afternoon.
It is so good to see you.
Let's get you cleaned up.
This home was filled with much joy and so much pain.
But I suppose it is impossible to have one without the other? Thank you for your infinite generosity.
Of course.
I heard about what happened here.
Please take all the time you need.
You lit this match.
Son of a bitch can't stop cheating.
Now it's gonna burn.
Freda Black? My name's Evelyn Ivins.
You got something that needs cleaning? My partners and I, we're filming follow-up interviews for a documentary to investigate what we've learned over the years.
- Sure.
- Do you mind putting it in? The wire.
That's it.
Fire away.
Thanks so much for coming here.
I'd like to know more about your past employer.
Honey, I've had several past employers.
Yeah, the Durham District Attorney.
Thank you.
I'm not one to kiss and tell.
Even though you're the one working at a dry cleaner and Jim Harden's a judge? I'm sure the case was complicated, but, you know, at the end of the day, everything pointed to murder.
Kathleen Peterson was killed at the bottom of that staircase.
Did you ever consider the alternatives? Honestly, not much.
I don't ignore facts.
You had debt, work stress, empty nest, infidelity, and the discovery of a lie.
I wish murder wasn't predictable, but it is.
So, what if it was murder? Okay.
Go on.
Michael sleeps with a man.
So you heard about Dennis Rowe? What's this interview really about? I'd like to know more about the relationship between the Durham DA and the State Bureau of Investigation.
- SBI.
- The SBI is an independent agency, arriving at objective conclusions based on the evidence in hand.
There is no relationship.
Well, what I found suggests that isn't really what's going on.
The DA's office, they write the year-end performance reviews for all SBI analysts.
What are you suggesting? That it's pretty hard to stay objective when your raise is being determined by the prosecution.
Honey, the Durham DA and the SBI aren't hiding anything.
It's no secret.
It may be problematic, but it's not illegal.
Until the problematic relationship encourages SBI to shade evidence or hide it to suit the DA's needs.
Alright, well go on.
Dennis tells someone he knows about a rich man with a big house and accidentally puts an idea into a bad man's head.
And that bad man goes to 1810 Cedar, ends up killing Kathleen.
Kathleen and Dennis had the same injuries.
So the same man could have killed them both.
So what you're saying is Rowe tells Tyrone Lacour about Peterson.
Tyrone Lacour? I'm sorry, who's this? Well, he killed Rowe.
Career criminal.
I'm sorry.
Your mic.
I can't - Wait.
- What? I started as a defense attorney.
My family, they had run-ins with the law, and I thought when I get the chance, why not help those in need? But then I met the needy.
Men, mostly men, doing horrible things to women.
And as a defense attorney, I had to do my best to get 'em off.
But you know what? When it came to the wife beaters, I didn't even really have to try all that hard.
You know, hit a woman and give her a little.
If you're unlucky, you get three months max in county.
But steal a man's car? No, now we're talking real crime.
Say Lacour's, he's late on rent.
So he goes to Peterson's to steal some stuff that he could sell.
He surprises Kathleen.
One thing leads to another, and you've got yourself a crime scene worth making a movie about.
- Exactly.
- Yeah, but we, we didn't find any signs of an intruder.
Maybe you missed the signs.
No, we didn't, we didn't miss any 'cause there weren't any.
Because Lacour, he knew Peterson in the same way Dennis knew Peterson.
Michael knew Lacour? Oh yeah.
When we questioned Rowe, he folded.
Told us that Peterson was getting a piece of Lacour too.
Lacour didn't need to break in because he'd been there before.
With Michael.
Michael slept with both of them? Michael Peterson fucked a lot of people.
But this Lacour thing, it's good, Sophie.
It's real good.
I'm going to follow up on this.
I got worn out helping the wrong people, so I decided to switch teams.
I could make a difference in the DA's office.
And it felt good, mostly.
Sometimes it didn't.
Because you weren't playing fair.
Life's not fair.
And the law reflects that.
If I think someone's done something wrong, how am I going to live with myself if I don't do everything in my power to stop 'em from doing it again? Freda, there are three men from around the state who have been executed on faulty SBI evidence.
They were killed for crimes they didn't commit.
That true? I'm working on a specific case.
There's a man sitting in prison who shouldn't be there.
I got an order of napkins I need to press.
Will you testify to the quid pro quo nature of the SBI/DA relationship? You know where to find me, sweetie.
I can't really remember her.
Your mom was an angel.
She treasured you girls.
What was she like after my dad died? Liz was a mess.
She couldn't understand why something like this would happen to her.
To you girls.
After she died, your emotions were so big.
You had tantrums.
That's what made Michael so mad.
He couldn't control you.
He didn't like that.
So he did bad things.
Did you see him hit me? No.
I only saw what happened after he hit you.
Bruises on your arms, your face.
It was unbearable.
You were too young to remember, but Margaret.
she could tell you.
- She knows.
- No.
That's not right.
Aunt Blair could tell you how horrible Michael was bouncing you from home to home.
Michael and Patty kept giving you away to people.
Giving us away? There was a German couple who wanted to adopt you and Margaret.
It didn't work out with them, so you went to Texas.
Then Memphis.
Then Aunt Blair.
Wait, what are you talking about? Then Michael wanted to keep Margaret and give you away.
Your mama and papa were already gone.
Could you imagine taking your sister from you? What was so wrong with me? Martha.
You were simply acting like a child who had lost her father and then her dear mother.
Lightning struck twice, and it just made you a nightmare.
That's all.
- I was three.
- You had fits and tantrums.
You hurt yourself.
You were bruised all the time.
We could not assuage your inner turmoil.
Michael and I loved you, but it seemed we could not love you enough.
So you tried to give me away? Jesus, Patty.
I live my life trying my best and also believing that everyone else is trying their best.
And that is all people can do.
That's all we can expect from them.
I extend this philosophy to all my children.
And even to Michael.
When I feel disappointed, I know it's simply my belief in a reality that never truly existed.
Are you disappointed, Martha? I just wonder if all of this hadn't happened, who would I be? If things had been different, you would be different.
For what it's worth, I really love who you are.
And I look forward to knowing the Martha you will become.
You look beautiful.
Beautiful women deserve good news.
We do? Simon called.
- Simon? - My agent.
Remember "Charlie Two Shoes"? Oh yeah, I loved that book.
Well, that book just got optioned by some producer who wants to turn it into a movie.
- Big one.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Michael.
You're not just telling me something I want to hear to make me feel better, are you? Check my phone.
Simon called.
The option's guaranteed.
What happens then, I have no idea, but it seems promising.
- How much? - $10,000.
Well, tomorrow we'll celebrate, have a fun dinner.
I'll go and buy that watch for Caitlin that she really wants.
She's got such good taste, just like her mother.
Oh shit.
We gotta light the candles and leave.
Something happening at Nortel you're not telling me about? I know! Kathleen.
Excuse me.
Hey, Devon.
Isn't this pretty crazy? - Maybe a little much.
- Yeah.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Remember CommTech? The company Nortel bought? Yeah, of course.
Well, they just sold it.
- Who? - They, as in, we.
Nortel sold it for nothing.
Who told you that? Amber, Ethan's assistant.
She saw something on his desk.
What does this mean? Why would we sell a company we just bought for less than we bought it? I don't know, whatever it means, we can't do anything about it tonight.
So just Okay.
I'm sorry to ruin your night.
Why don't you go flirt with someone you shouldn't be flirting with.
Your cocktail.
You see that line? I had to butter up the bartender just to cut in front.
He's cute.
I could get his number.
For whom? Hey, Sophie.
You have bad news? The Lacour theory was good, Sophie.
It was really good.
How do you know it wasn't him? Tyrone's got the perfect alibi.
Check again.
The night Kathleen died, he was in jail.
That man wasn't at 1810 Cedar.
At least not in December 2001.
You came around.
You know Kathleen didn't fall.
We don't know that.
Not for sure.
In my experience, a woman either has an accident or she doesn't.
But, hey, that's just, that's just my experience.
Well, in my experience, I've always found life to be far more complicated than yes or no, black or white.
An owl, or something you've never thought about.
Sophie, sometimes life isn't complicated.
The answers, they're sitting right there in front of you just waiting for you to see 'em.
I don't need you here anymore.
Take care, Sophie.
I didn't know you were back.
Is everything okay? Are the kids I never left Durham.
Well, you didn't have to lie to me.
- Why did you? - Dennis Rowe.
You slept with him.
Dennis was killed.
Blunt force trauma to the head with no skull fractures.
That's unbelievable.
Oddly, that's not the part that's hard to believe.
The man who killed him was another man you knew.
Tyrone Lacour.
You slept with him, too.
Michael, you know, I thought maybe I finally got the answer that if this guy had killed Kathleen, that it was all a horrible mistake.
But all I did was open Pandora's box.
This is crazy.
Michael! Don't you have anything to say? I lied about Dennis.
I don't know Tyrone.
At least, I don't think I do.
Sure, it's possible.
Sophie, I don't want to be the reason you can't get the life you want.
If you need something more, if you need something different than this, than me, I understand.
But you're what I want.
I'm not her.
I'm not Kathleen.
No, I know you're not.
I want the truth, just like she did.
And I won't share you, not in that way.
No, you don't.
And you won't.
I'll give you everything.
So what do you want to do here? I need more time.
Sophie, Sophie, Sophie.
Generique de fin what do you think? There's a lot of work to do.
We've been here before.
I'm sorry I've been out of it.
I'll make up for it.
I promise.
If you don't live life, you can't represent it.
Well, so how is this life you're living? Things with Michael are Everything was simple in the beginning.
That's love, Sophie.
You paint people in their best light, and then the light fades.
Sometimes, you find that light again, and sometimes you don't.
He's so far away.
See, if I can't be with him, can't understand him then at least I must know what happened that night.
Why that woman? Why that man? Why them? Maybe that's why we suffer: Because we think that even complicated love is better than none at all.
I need to go home and kiss my kids before they go to bed.
Is there anyone in the room who thinks she didn't know? Mike said Kathleen knew.
So she must have known, right? Right? Has anyone in this room ever successfully hidden anything from their wives? Moving on.
With Freda's help, we can prove that they didn't have the results to convict him, and they buried exculpatory evidence.
Before we go public, you're 100 percent sure this guy didn't do it.
He's innocent.
But there's more.
It seems to be a systemic issue.
I can't tell you how widespread the corruption goes, but I can say for sure this isn't just a one-off thing.
He's not the only victim here.
Do we have motive? Motive? I think I got that too.
I'm not sure there's anything to find.
Keep looking.
Case 432.
What's shaking with that lawnmower? - Sir, what's going on? - On your knees, sir.
On your knees.
On your knees.
- On your knees.
- What's going on? Keep your eyes to the front.
Evidence now shows that the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has failed to perform their duty.
Findings by the Innocence Project revealed that SBI frequently withheld test results that contradicted the DA's case.
And this is how Greg Taylor spent 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.
Taylor was convicted in 1993 in the beating death of Jacquetta Thomas.
The only physical evidence was a spot of blood found near the wheel of his SUV.
But further testing by SBI revealed the substance was inconsistent with human blood.
This second test was never shared with the court or with Taylor's defense.
Evelyn Ivins, an attorney for the North Carolina Innocence Project, led the investigation into SBI.
Our findings in the Greg Taylor case suggest SBI labs intentionally hid exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated him.
Further investigation leads us to believe that the corruption between state DA and the supposedly independent investigative unit, it's a complex web of lies, which is why we are thrilled to announce audits of all SBI cases to date to ensure other wrongly convicted men and women get their day in court.
What the fuck? - Sir.
- No, I'm going in.
- You can't go in there.
- Yes.
Call security.
- Sir! - We're very good friends.
Trust me.
He's going to be very happy to see me.
My money was on tomorrow, but tonight works.
David, this SBI thing is just absolute insanity.
Those motherfuckers! Okay, settle down, Bill.
We always knew they were full of shit.
Now we have proof.
You should have known how corrupt they were.
- Jesus Christ! - Of course, I knew.
They were all corrupt.
Which was why we ran our own tests.
It's why I cost so much.
But when the state audits our case, they aren't going to find any SBI wrongdoing.
We kept our eyes on things.
You think Tom Maher's going to let some bullshit like this fly? We can't give up.
Hey, nobody said anything about giving up.
You did.
Three years ago.
You left my brother to rot in there.
Come on, sit.
Please, sit.
Bill, hey.
Come on.
Please, sit.
I keep it 'cause I'm not.
It reminds me of Michael.
The mistakes I made.
The ones you only see in hindsight.
I don't like to lose.
And I really don't like seeing my clients in prison, especially when they're innocent.
But we already did some digging.
SBI didn't fuck us.
Yes, David, but? An SBI agent did.
A Mr.
Duane Deaver lied about his experience.
He lied on the stand, under oath.
He said he was an expert.
That he had overseen, what, 500 blood spatter cases.
At the time Deaver testified, he'd only been to fifty-fucking-four.
- Deaver perjured himself? - Yeah.
What does that get us? Well, we've been here before with the computers.
We need to prove that Deaver's testimony swayed the jury enough that had it not been included, the verdict could have gone another way.
- And then? - And then maybe, maybe by the grace of a reasonable God, we get a hearing for a retrial.
Not a retrial, but a hearing for one.
If that goes the way we want it to, he will be out.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
- That's good.
- It's really good.
I don't care what it takes or how long.
You're going to make up for these mistakes.
You're going to figure out how this helps my brother.
And you're going to do it for free.
He's not listening to reason.
You you may want to rethink your tickets for tomorrow.
He's not taking the plea? I'll speak with him.
Be my guest.
Tell him he's being a fool.
Okay? A moron.
This has been years in the making.
He is lucky to be here today.
He could go back to prison.
That is a very real reality.
Just let me talk to him, David.
I know this wasn't our plan.
I'm sorry.
We've talked about this.
You'd have to lie about that night.
To get what you want.
What we want.
But I can't lie anymore.
I'm not perfect.
Jesus, no man is.
But I'm not this.
And the kids, the money.
But if I don't sign, it all starts again.
And if you take this plea, you can leave Durham tomorrow.
And finally be done.
Whatever you decide.
I'll be here.
But I must say one thing.
The DA doesn't care about what really happened.
People who believe you're guilty, they do not care about other truths.
The table's crooked, Michael.
No matter the circumstance, they'll never say they were wrong.
Why the fuck not? Why can't they just see that's what happened? They made a mistake.
We get to go back and correct it.
We get to fix the past, and that's never an option.
But today today it is.
I need to speak with Jean alone.
Kathleen Peterson's office.
They want to see you.
Remember you have Mike's celebration dinner tonight.
This one was done.
Yeah, it's gonna be a long day.
Yeah, it's brutal, but what can we do? Thank you for joining us on such short notice.
- Of course.
- Sit.
I wish we could say we called you here with better news, but it seems we won't be giving end-of-year bonuses.
Yes, that is that is bad news.
None of us will be receiving bonuses.
The third and fourth quarters were challenging.
So, no year-end bonuses.
See, I was just sitting at my desk, and I watched our stock drop 27 percent in under four minutes.
It has not stopped going down.
Who cares about bonuses? I just lost my retirement.
All of it.
Nearly a million dollars.
Sorry I'm late.
Did you come straight from the gym? Indeed.
- Have you been home? - Busy day.
Someone gave me a list of Christmas chores.
What should we order? I already did.
I ordered a lot.
But seriously, this book option could lead to some real money.
And then you can rest, not worry so much about Nortel.
That's great.
That's great, Michael.
I have to tell you something.
I thought you would have already known, but our stocks, Nortel.
It's all gone.
Everything's gone.
What are you talking about? Retirement account.
Moving to Paris in ten years.
All our dreams, they're dead.
It's all gone.
The bubble burst.
You're shitting me.
We're poor? All those hours and work trips and sacrifices.
I mean, I have wasted years of my life.
And now I'm sitting here in this fucking Chinese restaurant, and I don't even know if I can afford this stupid meal.
Hey, no.
The movie's going to work out? What? Do you think some Hollywood producer's going to come along and make you a millionaire? Are you kidding? You're fucking kidding me, Michael? We'll figure it out.
It'll be okay.
The only way this will be okay is if I make it okay, and I am way too fucking exhausted.
You're not alone here.
Well, sometimes I think it would be easier if I was.
I see.
What? What do you see? Joan of Arc burning before me.
- What? - You know, you used to be fun.
Your eyes, they used to have a light behind them.
And now all I see is this stress case.
You forgot what it is to smile, to be alive.
Fuck you, Michael.
You know, you used to take care of yourself.
You used to be a really good time.
A good time? I am too busy to be anyone's good time.
I am busy working.
I am busy raising your children.
Margaret and Martha, they were a mess before me.
And the boys.
Your boys.
I am the one who supports them.
I am the one who visited Clayton in prison.
And Todd, god, he is so lost looking for your approval, I don't think he'll ever find his way home.
And you just wander through life, going to the gym and yelling at the dogs and spending my money, promising these big, beautiful dreams like Paris, and then you don't do a goddamn thing to make them happen.
I thought I married a man.
It turns out all I got was a boy who is only good for getting drinks at the bar.
Say something.
Are you even here?! Of course, I am.
I'm here for you, for the kids, for my parents, for my men in combat.
I've always been here.
Maybe you're the one who's disappeared.
Maybe the problem is that the life you have isn't the life you want.
And I am damned, Kathleen, if I'm going to continue to be your whipping boy.
So figure it out! Or move on.
You're upset.
You shouldn't drive.
I'm gonna finish the song.
Fuck! This is it! Yes! I'm sorry.
Can I help you? DECEMBER 9, 2011 NIGHT BEFORE RETRIAL HEARING Hey, Margie.
- Hey, stranger.
- Hey.
Look how strong your dad is! Baby, come here.
Want to give Aunt Margie a hug? Hi, Aunt Margie.
Hey, Clay.
- How are you? - Yeah, good.
- Don't you wanna go say hi? - Hi! Oh my god.
You girls are getting so big! Okay, come on.
Let's go in.
How are you? I'm fine.
How are you? - Nervous.
- Yeah.
- It's gonna be good.
- Hey, Clay, grab my bag.

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