The Strain (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Night Zero

Hunger, a poet once said, is the most important thing we know, the first lesson we learn.
But hunger can be easily quieted down, easily satiated.
There is another force, a different type of hunger, an unquenchable thirst that cannot be extinguished.
It's very existence is what defines us, what makes us human.
That force is love.
Folks, this is your captain up in the flight deck.
We are on our final descent into New York for an on-time arrival.
We want to thank you for flying Regis Air and encourage that you ask us any connecting gate information you may need.
We're looking at partly cloudy skies and we may hit a little turbulence on our approach.
Not again.
Yes? Rose get back here now.
I need your help.
We're landing, whatever it is can wait.
Come now! All right, relax.
Sir, we're landing.
Would you power off your device? You call this a device? You have to turn it off.
It's like when a cop calls a car a "vehicle".
Or when he calls you sir when he means "asshole".
Having a little gig in New York coming up.
You give me three or four of those little baby vodkas I'll get you a front-row seat.
Turn it off, put your seat up.
We're landing, sir.
Seat backs in the upright position.
Flight attendants, prepare for landing.
_ _ _ _ - _ - _ _ On behalf of the cabin crew, I want to take a moment to say Peter, you haven't done anything back here! This place is a mess! - There's something in the plane.
- What do you mean? - Something alive in the cargo hold! - Shh-shh! We'd like to extend a special thank you to any Black Platinum Award mbers flying with us tonight and encourage all our passengers What the hell do you mean, like a dog? No, it's something really, really big.
I heard it move.
A thumping underneath the floor.
I heard it No, Peter, there are no animals on the manifest.
It tried to open the latch.
I heard a noise.
Then it moved away.
But you can feel it moving.
Flight crew prepare for arrival.
Did you see it? Nothing.
I just think that you were Oh my God! Go tell Captain Redfern! Tell him to warn the landing crew! And get emergency services! There's someone down there! It's gonna give! Private Delta 3-4-7, you're clear for taxiway Foxtrot.
Private Delta 3-4-7, clear for taxiway Foxtrot.
Regis Air 7-5-3, this is Kennedy ground.
Regis Air 7-5-3, Kennedy ground.
Regis 7-5-3, Kennedy ground, over.
What the ? Bishop a Regis Air flight out of Berlin, the 767 widebody, stopped on the service apron.
What's it doing there? Apron's dead.
That's a blind spot.
I don't know.
The plane just went dark, shut down, flat-out quit.
No lights, no radio, no nothing.
Regis 7-5-3, Kennedy ground, over.
Regis 7-5-3- Kennedy ground, please respond, over.
Okay, shut down Foxtrot.
Clear all the gates and advise reroute.
How many aboard? Almost full flight, sir.
Passengers, crew, about 210 souls.
Holy Jesus.
Shouldn't we wait for first responders, sir? Bishop? Bishop, wait! Engines are shut down.
No lights.
Whoa, it's cold.
It's like a dead animal.
There's something really wrong here.
It's like it never moved.
This looks so much bigger from the ground than on the screen.
I mean, they're like buildings with wings.
All the window shades are shut, see that? Bishop! Hey, fellas.
Bishop Not all of them Scramble all emergency vehicles to taxiway Foxtrot.
SWAT, Homeland Security? Port Authority, FBI, TSA, CDC.
Robbie, no one on the tower calls home.
No one shares the news.
This is bad, real bad.
We've got ourselves a dead airplane.
_ Hey, buddy, you can't park there.
There's a fire hydrant.
It's a medical emergency.
Oh, is it really? It will be if I can't get this tie on right.
You know how to tie this? I don't know, man, I wear a clip-on.
You're on your own.
You waiting for somebody? Yeah, why? Here's what I need you to do.
The meter maid comes by, you tell them it's official CDC business, okay? Yeah, sure thing.
Hey, man.
Hey, dude.
You're late.
Five minutes.
It can't be helped.
Ten, Dad.
Ten? Okay.
That's wrong.
Maybe maybe ten.
I got a good feeling about this.
Wish us luck.
Good luck.
Five minutes.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I texted you five times.
I wouldn't have gotten that 'cause I don't text when I drive.
It's not safe.
Goodweather Eph, please.
She gets Kelly, my son gets Zach, so Ephraim or Eph, please.
Goodweather, this is the last of six court-appointed custody counselling sessions.
You've been late for four of them.
Are you gonna say that I'm late because I don't want to be here? You might be onto something but I have a really good reason.
There was this outbreak of Hantavirus in this alphabet city pre-school.
Which is extremely rare this far north and east.
Goodweather, every time you come in you take over the session.
Because I have control issues, I know.
But I have to defend myself here.
Because this might be my last chance.
And I've thought long and hard about this.
And it seems like you two have created this narrative wherein I'm the bad guy.
But why? Because I don't want out of my marriage.
'Cause I want things back the way they were.
But this isn't just about you, Eph, what you want, not anymore.
I'm an epidemiologist.
You know, if I take time off, if I go fly-fishing, people die.
I get that you have an important job, Ephraim.
And you're great at your job.
You get straight 'A's at your job.
But I'm flunking our marriage, is that it? What are you writing? Please stop writing.
How horrible am I? You're not horrible.
You're just barely present.
I've done everything you've asked me to in order to get us back together again.
I quit drinking.
You wanted time alone so I moved out, against my own wishes.
I've jumped through every hoop.
Tell me what you need.
Our time apart has only clarified things for me.
It's allowed me to make room in my life for Matt.
We're going to be living together now and Matt, the Sears guy you were talking about, at my house? Matt is an operational manager.
At Sears.
Yeah, and you know what, he gets straight 'A's at his job, too.
But at home, he's present.
Unlike you, he's always here for both of us.
Does he drive a green Prius? You want me to quit my job, I'll do it.
I'll quit my job.
I don't want you to quit for me.
I wouldn't be quitting for you.
I'd be quitting because of you for Zach, so he isn't driving around Queens in a green goddamn Prius.
It's too late, Eph.
I love you but How can you love me and it be too late? You want a guy who's crazy about Zach? Check.
A guy who's crazy about you? Check.
Decent, employed.
Check, check.
Can't you see that this is the problem, Eph? This is who you are.
Nora, how bad is it? It's crazy.
I have like 12 different agency officials about to have a dick-measuring contest here.
It's an international flight docking out of Berlin.
CDC gets the first call.
I can be there in 20 minutes.
Can you keep the measuring contest going that long? Don't worry, I'll show them mine.
It might just work.
I guess the meter reader didn't see it as much of an emergency.
Matt, huh? Yeah, that's me.
You know, it's too bad I'm such a rush, Matt.
But I'm sure I'll see you again in my house.
You drive safe now, you hear? _ Hey, boss.
Got my milk? Uh, yeah, here.
Homeland Security is just desperate to push the button on a terror alert.
They're ready to get on that plane right now.
Jim, terrorists usually crash planes, not land them and shut them down.
So what are the 911 calls saying? There haven't been any.
None? Uh uh.
Goodweather! When we flew to Chicago last week we sat on the tarmac for half an hour.
People were freaking out, texting, calling.
There've been 200 people sitting there silently for over an hour now.
Pilots? Absolutely no movement.
Have you done heat readings? Surface of the plane's too cold.
Blocks it all like a screen.
We got Delsar mics attached to the surface of the plane, picked up mostly silence.
Mostly? Well, cooling pings from the sheet metal contracting.
Oh, and there's this.
What do you think that is? Rustling of some sort.
Our experts think it's the engine shutting down or liquids settling.
How long between landing and shutdown? Six minutes.
It's too short a window for a contagious event.
So I think CDC should take a back seat on this one.
I agree.
Do you? Absolutely, I do.
How often do you touch your face? What? In a day, how often? I don't know, once an hour? Every three minutes.
You have mouth/hand contact every five minutes.
You touch somebody else every 20 minutes.
That's how contagion works.
You don't like terrorists? Try negotiating with a virus.
A virus exists only to find a carrier and reproduce.
That's all it does and it does it quickly.
It has no political views, it has no religious beliefs, it has no cultural hang-ups.
And it has no respect for a badge.
It has no concept of time or geography.
It might as well be the Middle Ages, except for the convenience of hitching a ride on a metal tube flying from meal to meal to meal.
That's how a plague begins.
So you still want to be the first one through the door? _ So we heard you buy silver without a receipt, man.
Is that right? I'm always in need of good silver, yes.
Okay, well Can I get, uh, 50 for this? It's a very nice timepiece, indeed.
I see that the band links have snapped.
You must have been in a hurry taking it off.
Can I can I get 50 for it? I can offer you maybe 25 if the test is good.
Unfortunately, this is merely silver-plated brass.
A cheap Eastern European knock-off.
Agh! Listen very carefully, son! I know your little friend has a gun and the hammer is cocked but I don't care.
I can control your entire body weight from this pressure point and this knife is pointing straight at your radial artery.
By the time he clears his coat pocket, your artery will be punctured and sliced wide open from top to bottom.
You fall down bleeding, I go under the counter and your friend starts shooting at an empty space.
I can guarantee you this you will bleed out before the That is option one! Option two is, you release the bills, your friend gives me the gun, he can keep the bullets, I don't care, and you leave this store.
Now, son, you have a choice.
Is there anything else I can do for you gentlemen this evening? We have more now on the developing story out of JFK Airport tonight.
You're looking at live video of the airplane identified as a Regis Air widebody jet.
It originated in Berlin and it shut down just moments after landing.
We are told there has been no communication from the pilot.
All attempts to contact the flight crew Berlin He's back.
I, uh I don't know if I have the strength to do it all over again.
This time I cannot fail.
Feeling hungry? Enjoy, dear.
_ I'm not looking forward to what we'll see out there.
You with me? Mysterious dead plane on the tarmac not exciting enough? Sorry, just another court-mandated, happy family therapy day.
I noticed, you cut your hair.
You cleaned up nicely.
Did you break out a tie? It's in my jacket pocket.
Did it help? Uh, no, in fact, it didn't.
She wants to take Zack away from me.
And there's a man-child living in my house with my son.
Stay focused.
You and Kelly have been separated for a year, and things happen.
It happened to us.
Oh, that's different.
How is it different? It just is.
I don't think Kelly would agree.
She doesn't know.
I never told her.
You didn't? No, she she filed so I didn't tell her.
She doesn't know.
You really know nothing about women, do you? Okay, boss ready to go through the looking glass? Ready, Jim.
I got your milk.
Keep it cold 'til I come back.
Oh my God Jim, do you see this? It's every passenger.
Everyone on the plane.
We're seeing it.
They're all dead.
What is it, Eph? What killed them? No signs of struggle.
No signs of blistering or chemical agents.
No bruising.
Not seeing discoloration no markings.
Shit, what is it? Something sudden, painless.
All the window shades are closed except for this one.
Is it a gas leak? Is it chemical? The Hazmat Cat's picking up high levels of ammonia.
Nothing deadly, though.
There shouldn't be any ammonia in the plane systems.
Jim, check the cargo manifest.
Got it.
I need a cargo manifest.
What about the Geiger? It's negative, Jim.
No visible signs of trauma.
No bloating.
Tongue and soft palate appear pale, almost white.
Eyes are clear.
The skin is dry, it's inelastic.
There's no frothing or nosebleeds.
There's no signs of struggle.
Almost peaceful.
Let's try the UV lights.
My God, what is this? Are you getting this? These patterns are everywhere.
All over the cabin.
They're only visible under UV light.
The pattern is biological.
Probably where the ammonia is coming from.
I'm taking samples.
You take the front galley, I'll take the rear.
Jimbo what is this? No, "Jimbo, please"? Um, that's the cargo compartment.
Have it emptied.
Take each piece of luggage and check it for biological agents and ammonia spectrum.
Got it.
Jim the cockpit door just opened.
It should be locked.
Nora, that door's not supposed to be open.
Just going to take a quick look.
Alright, I want you back out of there right now, okay? That door is supposed to be locked.
You shouldn't be in there alone.
Nora, can you hear me? Eph! The door to the cockpit is open.
Nora is inside.
Nora? Eph? Come on, guys, somebody talk to me! Nora, I'm coming! Help me! Lady, get the light outta my face.
I'm sending in SWAT! No, Jim, send paramedics! We've got survivors! _ Mr.
Palmer Shh! It's his dialysis session.
He's asleep.
Well, then wake him up.
When he's ready.
In time.
Dialysis complete.
How long have you worked for Stoneheart, Mr.
Fitzwilliam? All my life, sir.
Palmer aided me and my brothers after my father passed.
Gratitude, what an effective leash.
Herr Eichhorst Mr.
Palmer, Herr Eichhorst is here to pay his respects.
I'll be outside if you need me.
You may notice how chilly it has gotten in here, Eichhorst.
Twenty full degrees cooler than the rest of the building.
But not too cold for you, I trust.
Of course, it can't be too cold for you, can it? The cargo has arrived safely and all four survivors have been found.
Throughout my life I've learned what it feels to cross a line, to do things.
Things that cannot be undone.
That line it has been crossed now, hasn't it? Your breath I'll never get used to Yes, even I miss breathing sometimes.
Here we go.
Leave it to me, it won't be long.
How bad is it? The NTSB has taken over a refrigerated chemical warehouse in the Bronx.
They've turned it into a fully contained mass casualty morgue.
That's not necessary, Everett.
These bags are triple-sealed.
I'm handing a dozen bodies over to the CME four from each section of the plane for autopsies.
And the four survivors? I've secured the isolation rooms at a local hospital.
We need to move them there right away.
Of course.
I'm sure they'll comply.
Comply? I'm not asking them.
Invoking the Health Powers Act, those four survivors stay.
Quarantine? It's within the powers of the CDC, Everett, you know that.
Look, if you quarantine I need you to meet with the next of kin.
Reassure them the CDC's on the case.
We're trying to figure out what happened, what caused this.
- Isn't that what's most important? - Yes, of course.
But it's also important we don't have full-tilt panic.
These people need to hear from someone in the field.
We don't know anything yet.
You two figure this out.
I don't have time for this shit.
- Jim? - Yeah.
When he talks to the families, I want no press, Everett.
No press, I promise.
Okay, you're telling me only four people survived this plane crash? Ms.
Luss It Mrs.
Luss, there was no crash.
An unidentified agent killed all of the remaining passengers.
Any information you can give us would be of great help.
Of great help to who? To us, ma'am, the CDC.
Okay, well, I'm no ordinary passenger.
I'm Joan Luss.
I'm an attorney of Matloff, Luss and Hayum.
So all that information that you're collecting you're going to need to get to me.
Personally What are you doing? Don't seal me in, I'm talking to you.
Excuse me, little miss.
Don't you walk away from me.
I am Joan Luss.
Captain Redfern, this is my colleague, Dr.
What happened on my plane? That's what we came to ask you.
Now, I want you to try to recall, as best you can fresh cut grass, garlic, green apple do you remember smelling any of these odors before you passed out? What? Grass? Apples? Mnemonic odors, the way our brain reads chemicals.
Phosphine gas, colorless, smells like garlic.
Or phosgene very toxic, smells like freshly cut grass.
I remember landing the plane and turning onto the taxiway.
And then I don't remember anything else.
Eph, can I get you for a sec? Oh, thank God, you're here.
I was just telling him I have this noise in my head like a hum.
Could you have someone look at my ears again? We'll have somebody perform a full battery of tests.
But for now you need to stay inside this tent, Mr.
You don't understand.
My wife is gonna panic if I don't call soon.
I need to call home.
Hey, you.
You're the guy I gotta talk to around here? Uh, yeah, I think so.
How about some Demerol, Doc, huh? And what time's that refreshment cart swing by, uh? Mr.
Bolivar, what is the last thing you can remember before landing? I don't know, uh flickering lights, maybe.
I blackout sometimes.
Those cuts on your arm? Oh, these? Yeah, I cut.
For the fans.
Tell me, these tattoos, occult, satanic things is this really part of your belief system? You're kidding, Doc? My father's a Baptist minister.
I'm in it for the pussy.
There's something you have to see in the cargo area, right now.
Okay, let's go.
Who un-crated this thing? No one.
This was how it came out.
No straps, no containment wrap.
Well, what is it? What's inside of it? No one's opened it yet.
But, what does it say in the manifest? It's not on the manifest.
You got golf clubs, kayaks, machine parts Looks like a coffin, doesn't it? Coffin? It's nine feet tall.
It's old.
It's hand carved, it's not machined.
Hey, guys, over here.
Guys, look, we swabbed it, we ran the Geiger, we did samples of the air and everything is fine.
But the NTSB was crystal clear they didn't want us to touch anything.
Help me open it.
Why would someone ship a box of soil? What are the chances of someone loading this unchecked and unlisted? Something this size in a flight bound for the US? Impossible.
Not in today's world.
Jim, get samples from the top, mid, bottom plastic seal it.
No one goes near this, not Customs, not Homeland Security, nobody.
Eph, look.
It's a latch.
Why would anyone put a latch on the inside? Call Berlin.
There's gotta be a record of this.
Somebody put this on the plane.
We just have to find out who.
A lot of confusion here tonight at JFK International Airport, Nestor.
Officials with the Centers for Disease Control Any man who doesn't put your mom first is out-of-his-mind crazy.
Right, Z? multiple casualties, I repeat, multiple casualties aboard the stalled airliner, Regis Air flight 753.
Tonight was a big step for you.
Shh! what caused the fatalities.
As you can see, behind me officials with the CDC are on the scene.
But whether this is any indication of a biological contamination Terrorists, it has to be.
What do you think, Z? Whatever it is, my Dad will handle it.
Good night.
Good night, sweetheart.
what caused the fatalities _ And I need the master list of passengers with their points of embarkation.
Also every place where that plane landed.
_ _ Eph the families are waiting.
You know this is all about him covering his own ass, right? Just talk to them like you'd like to be talked to.
Tell them what you'd like to hear.
Whatever happens I'll be there.
_ _ _ _ _ _ Hey, you hear that? No.
Sorry, nothing.
What the ? Agghh! Gun hands won't work.
Knocking boys out every day when I was locked up.
Raised all the time like Mayweather.
When I go a pro and I get rich rich, I'll let you wash my car.
I'll let him be my driver.
Wooo! That was it, you gonna sleep for a week.
Greatest of all time, baby, greatest of all time.
You are avoiding me, Gus.
This guy Just like that? Just appear out of nowhere? Reminds me of my ex, huh? Now I'm gonna tell you like I told her, how you find me, bitch? I'll catch up to you in a little bit, man.
We good.
Wassup? As we agreed you will pick up the vehicle at the airport.
The airport? The whole place is on lock.
You don't watch the news, white boy? You will enter through a service staircase get the vehicle.
When you get to a barricade you will be let through.
It's all arranged.
It's all arranged? Calm down, double oh seven.
I never let you down before.
This is different.
I need to make sure you follow my instructions precisely.
Your brother's criminal record and your mother's immigration status.
If this is a threat you just made a mistake, puto.
It is not a threat.
It is more a reward.
The rest of your fee is in the glove box.
Destination is pre-programmed on the GPS in the vehicle.
I get picked up driving a stolen van, that's it, bro.
They gonna send me back to the bull pen.
I can't go back.
Can't do it, man.
It is not stolen.
You will be let through and at the end of it your mother's immigration status will be fixed.
Your brother's criminal record erased.
I do this for you, that's it, I'm done.
Lose my number and my address.
I'm trying to do the right thing by my mother now.
'Cause if anything happens to her I mean, anything I'll kill your waxy ass.
Three rules you will not examine the cargo.
You will not make any stops.
And you will cross the bridge back into Manhattan before daybreak.
Do you understand? In English then, the three rules.
Screw you.
Suck my dick.
I'll get it done.
_ My daughter was on that flight! Bolivar! Bolivar! Bolivar! Sir, this area of the airport is closed.
You have to wait back there with everybody else.
Hey, settle down, will ya! Bolivar! Bolivar! Bolivar! Hey, sir! Sir! Sir! It's alright, sorry, just go get a wheelchair.
He's a medical.
You all right? Sir, what do you have here? You have Coumadin.
You got a heart condition? Are you all right? Are you in charge? What? I need to talk to someone about that plane.
I recognize some of these names in First Class.
That never helps.
Look, Eph, just introduce yourself and tell them we're on it.
You'll do great.
Go on.
When you said no press, I almost believed you.
I'm Ephraim Goodweather.
I'm the Chief Medical Officer for the Centers for Disease Control here in New York.
I have been asked to introduce myself and to give you a preliminary update on How many survivors? Please Please, please, please I think I'm supposed to stand here and somehow reassure you.
I can't do that.
Two hundred and six passengers on Regis Air flight 753 are dead.
And we don't know why.
Four passengers survived, and we don't know why.
What I can tell you having been the first to board the plane is that they all appeared to have died peacefully without distress.
That's the only comfort I can give you at this time.
You want answers real answers to what happened on that plane and so do I.
And I won't quite until we're all satisfied.
I don't care about your promises! I want my daughter back! All you do is talk and talk! That's all you do! This is my daughter.
My daughter, Emma! And I want to see her again, dead, alive.
I'm her father! Don't you have children of your own? Don't you have a heart? Forty-eight hours, I'll get your answers.
It's the best I can do.
No! Jesus! Goodweather, what are you doing to me here? Just tell me what you have.
I'm just getting into it now.
I haven't finished cutting all of them yet.
Just give me anything you can.
Okay, top of the charts is here.
Can you see this here? Yeah, what is that? It's an incision.
Deep enough to puncture one wall of the carotid artery without rupturing it.
Razor sharp, clean cut, no bruising, no trauma.
There's no instrument that can do that.
Not that I'm aware of, anyway, not with this precision.
Anything else? Gets way more interesting.
A spot check of six other corpses revealed the same thing.
The exact same wound, in the exact same place.
Are you telling me that the other passengers have the same incision? Or puncture.
Yes, all the ones I've looked at so far.
There is one more intriguing abnormality.
I don't what the hell am I looking at? On our screen that looks white.
Because it is white and opalescent.
Blood proteins are separating.
No, in fact, there's a complete absence of hypostasis.
No blood pooling anywhere.
And an absolute absence of erythrocytes.
I'll know more once I cut into the liver and kidneys but I'm sorry to do this to you but you're gonna have to do the preliminary alone.
I don't want any of this leaking to the press.
Okay, buddy, but you'll owe me.
For the rest of my life.
Eph! I'm sorry but I think you're gonna want to talk to this man.
Goodweather, my name is Abraham Setrakian.
It's very nice to meet you.
I can't talk right now.
Eph, he says he has some insight into the outbreak here.
Kent, here, can take down your information Time is of the essence, Doctor.
It certainly is.
Jim Eph You have to listen to me.
I have seen this disease before.
I have faced it before.
You you must contain it.
You've seen it before? I assure you we're taking every available precaution.
You're not.
You can't.
And he is counting on that.
"He?" It is too much to say all at once here without sounding crazy.
No, of course not.
Uh, Jim, we're going to the cargo hold please take care of this gentleman for me.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Just come with me.
The bodies! They're not decomposing normally, yes?! The tissues are still pliable.
- How do you know that? - Nora, Nora Listen to me now.
What I am about to say I do not say lightly.
All the passengers on that plane dead and alive they must be destroyed.
Destroyed? Okay.
Here you go, fellas.
Feel better.
The heads must be severed! The bodies burned, destroyed! Doctor, did you find the coffin? If you have the coffin then you still have him! It is not too late! Destroy the coffin! Do not allow it across the river! _ As advised by Doctor Goodweather I will examine the doby under UV light.
How did that old man know about the coffin? You mean the cabinet? He called it a coffin.
I know what he called it.
He also told us to destroy 206 bodies.
And he had a sword.
What? What the hell is that? Looks like a horsehair worm or a Dirofilaria immitis.
Body is simple.
It's just collagen.
Degenerate non-functional digestive system.
Look at that.
It's beautiful.
It's looking for a host, it's desperate.
So it's not airborne.
That's the carrier.
Eph, look.
Hey! Where's that cabinet? What cabinet? There, right there.
Can you go slower, frame by frame? There must be a gap or a cut.
No, there's not cut.
Watch the time code.
Two seconds.
Go back.
Start there.
Wait, wait.
What's that distortion? I don't know.
It grabs the box and lifts it off up That box was 500 pounds.
Nothing could lift it up like that.
The old man said, "If you have the coffin, you still have him.
" Him.
This footage is only seven minutes old.
The box is still in the airport.
_ Uh huh.
What the hell is that? Crazy ass white boy.
Come on, come on, pick up.
Jim, where are you right now? At the main garage door funnelling traffic out.
Stop it, stop it! Stop everyone.
This is an emergency.
You need to seal off the perimeter of the airport.
That box Remember the box with the markings on it? Yeah, yeah, the Berlin cargo omit.
That's the one.
Now listen carefully, Jim.
We need to stop all vehicles big enough to hold it.
No vans, no trucks, nothing.
No big vehicles.
No exceptions.
Okay, no big vehicles in or out of the security zone.
Got it.
Right, everybody listen up.
I want none of these trucks big-sized vehicles released without my authorization.
C'mon Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Pull up there, sir, I'll be right with you.
Shit! Shit, shit! ID and permit.
Oh, yeah, man.
Crazy what's happening, huh? What do you want me to do with this? Step out of the vehicle, open the cargo area, sir.
Step out of the vehicle - Get the light out of my face! - Step out of the vehicle.
Can I get my seatbelt? Hey.
What's going on here? I asked for ID, he gave me this.
Oh, well, this is one of our vehicles.
- You can let him through.
- Sir? I said, let him through.
You tell those sons of bitches I'm done.
I came through for them but now I am done.
You got it? Okay, go.
I have now removed the chest plate of one of the subjects and found abnormal neoplasms in the heart, liver and kidneys.
The growths do not seem like oncological aberrations but almost like new, fully functional organs.
What?! No! Ah! Agh! Sorry, Eph.
You got anything here? Just trying to figure out how a 500-pound, 9-foot tall coffin got up and walked away.
You called it a coffin.
We'll get a break.
We always do.
We just gotta find some place to start.
This is where we start.
What the hell are those? Something new.
S-E-T-R-A-K-I-A-N? Setrakian? What is what is that? Armenian.
Is that where you're from? At one time How soon may I leave? Well, nothing happens 'til Monday.
The charges are filed then.
It's almost dawn now.
_ Are you the librarian? Oh That's some ancient ink you got there, old man.
What is it, numbers? Yeah, numbers.
Mean anything? Only to me.
Everything went as planned.
Love is going to guide them all back to their homes, to their loved ones.
Curious detail an old man with a sword was arrested at the airport.
The Jew.
He's still at it.
After all these years.
You must admire him for that.
I'll take care of him.
I look out upon this island and I savour what is to come purity.
Fitzwilliam a sentimental man would venture out into the city tonight to walk these streets one last time before the fall.
Do you require anything else, sir? No.
For the first time in my life I have everything I need.
Hello? _ _ _ _ Huh? No, mommy, no.
I'm not smoking.
You kidding me or what? I'm working.
Just called to check in to see what you're up to.
Is Crispin home? He is.
_ Mama, one beer left.
Why do you do this to me? How many times do I gotta tell you? I'm making his breakfast.
I'm getting on the bridge now.
I'll be home in an hour.
_ _ I don't know what you are but you're bringing me good luck.
Love, you see, is the one force that cannot be explained cannot be broken down into a chemical process.
It is the beacon that guides us back home when no one is there and the light that illuminates our loss.
Its absence robs us of all pleasure of our capacity for joy.
It makes our nights darker and our days gloomier.
But when we find love no matter how wrong, how sad or how terrible we cling to it.
It gives us our strength.
It holds us upright.
It feeds on us and we feed on it.
_ Emma Emma _ _ _ Emma Oh, baby _ _ Love is our grace.
Love is our downfall.