The Strain (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Gone Smooth

Previously on The Strain Regis 753 Kennedy ground please respond, over.
- Oh my God.
- They're all dead.
We've got survivors.
and we don't know why.
Four passengers survived and we don't know why.
These Regis Air documents point to a systems failure aboard flight 753.
It's not a CDC case anymore.
- There's that hum again.
- It's almost like an echo.
Doctor did you find the coffin? It is not too late! Do not allow it across the river! Where is your master now? - What's your use for me? - I want you to watch it unfold.
Unable to do anything to stop it.
I wanted to talk about custody hearing tomorrow.
Mom says I should just say how I feel.
And that I want joint custody.
This is Gary Arnot.
Thank you for sending - my little girl home to me.
- Are you saying someone - released her body to you? - No, not her body.
Emma's alive, she showed up on my doorstep this morning.
_ _ - I know - You know what? - Where did they take the bodies? - All 206 casualties are gone and the medical examiner, so far as I can tell.
Well what do you think? Was it the government? We are the government, Jim.
We can barely tie our own shoes sometimes.
My money is on the military.
Why would they take the bodies? 'Cause they don't want them autopsied.
Is there more that you know, Everett? No, and I don't want to know, really.
The story that they all died from an air floatation problem? Carbon monoxide poisoning? We saw those bodies.
- There were no signs of that.
- It's ludicrous.
So be it, as long as it's not our diagnosis.
We have a responsibility, Everett.
If I remember correctly, Ephraim, you no longer have any responsibility here, whatsoever.
You make sure - the press gets nothing.
- OK.
- Radio silence from us.
- So what do we do now? We do nothing.
This is no longer about disease control, this is about damage control.
And as of this moment, the CDC is an interested observer, nothing more.
Which I will be sure to stress to the Secretary of Health and Human Services over breakfast Why would the military leave four surviving passengers? Jesus.
Jesus, what did I do? You've reached Greg Nelson - leave me a message - Hey, it's Jim Kent.
We need to talk.
Gertie! Ansel Ow! Go play in the backyard.
You too, Benji.
Go on.
How are you feeling? Much better.
Uh, my throat still hurts though.
I took the phone off the hook.
They showed our house on the TV news.
They're interviewing the neighbors about us.
It'll pass.
I'm home honey, I'm fine.
We're gonna be fine.
What if you have to go back to the hospital? I'm not going back to the hospital.
Well you told me that one of the doctors - wanted to quarantine you.
- Ann Marie! What if he finds out that you're still sick? They kept showing footage of the plane just sitting there.
Dark dead on the tarmac over and over again.
Like the Trade Centre, remember? Why do they do that to us? It's so painful to watch.
I knew you shouldn't have gone on that trip.
- Ann Marie! - I just I get so overwhelmed when you're gone.
Gertie got out once.
She was missing all night.
She came back hurt, but I just hate chaining her up - in the shed.
- Wait Gertie came back hurt? She was hit with something.
Ah! You came back hurt, too.
Do you hear that? Please, Ansel.
Go back to bed.
You have to get better, OK? The documents that have been haphazardly released through the internet paints an incomplete, distorted and untrue picture of my airline's protocols.
We're maintaining the highest level of safety in our industry.
Pest control services, hold please.
I have made safety my number one priority we must wait for the NTSB's full report The phone keeps ringing but all I want to do - is watch this airplane coverage.
- Any allegations I'm never flying again.
Of the aircraft being unsound is categorically untrue.
I mean shouldn't this man be arrested or something? He'll probably get a bonus.
This is a week's worth of rat calls in one day.
Why so many, huh? Why? Why so many? It's not a "why" business, Vasiliy.
This is a "now" business.
Rat bite.
First on your list today.
Mayor's office special request.
I don't work for the Mayor.
- I do, and you work for me.
- I got an elementary school, a hospital and a church and you want me to go to this guy first? His daughter was bitten by a muncher, and he's a hedge fund manager and a major contributor.
So yes, you will go there first and you will be - on your best behavior.
Got it? - I'll wear my top hat - and monocle.
- Just don't piss him off, alright? Neck rigidity, sensitivity to natural light, mental disorientation.
All clinical features of a central nervous system infection.
It could be a PAM, primary amebic meningoencephalitis.
A very rare parasitic meningitis.
It's a bloodworm, and a nasty one.
I know I'm asking a lot of you but I'd appreciate it if you'd all hang in there and develop a protocol for Captain Redfern's treatment.
I need all hands on deck here.
Thank you.
Doctor, I'm scared.
Am I going to die? Doyle, we're going to find out what's infecting you, and we're going to make you well again.
You have my word.
- You can't promise him that.
- He's stuck in a plastic containment tube, surrounded by doctors who don't know anything.
He needs a little hope.
My hearing with Zack's in 45 minutes.
- Go, Redfern's covered.
- Alright, just let me know if anything changes.
And we have to check up on the health - of the other survivors, too.
- And I want talk - to that old man.
- Who? The one we had arrested at the airport.
He knew things, Eph.
Anything, just Yes.
I'll call you.
Where the hell is Jim? Mr.
Jim Kent.
I'm here to see Greg.
Yes, Greg could not be present.
But we got your call.
Urgent, from the sound of it.
Well I'll come back another time, then You are a member of the Canary Project, the CDC's rapid response team of field epidemiologists? - Who are you? - I presume you're here about the airplane cargo.
The box? I don't know what you're talking about.
I refer specifically to an ornately-carved cabinet you allowed out of the airport security perimeter.
I made a deal with Greg to provide some information and let a piece of medical cargo through customs.
That's it.
Yes, and here is the rest of the money Greg promised you in return.
What was in the box? Where are the corpses? I'm going to the police.
You must love your wife very much.
- What? - To violate your terms of employment and to break the law.
I understand there is a very promising monoclonal antibody trial for her form of cancer in Palo Alto.
only 100 were accepted and your Sylvia was cruelly denied.
How do you know that? I never said anything to Greg.
Our company finances the entire research program.
The decision can be reversed.
It is not too late to see Sylvia admitted to the trial.
I'm only doing this to pay for her treatment.
Not only do I think you will not go to the police.
I feel confident that we may continue to rely on your good services.
You have two bosses now, Jim Kent.
The ones you report to at the CDC, and me.
Criminal trespass and interference with a criminal investigation Mister uh, is it Set-rake-ian, Set-rack-ian? - As you like, Your Honor.
- Mr.
Set-rack-ian, what in the name of John F.
Kennedy were you doing at the airport Saturday night? I, uh, saw a story on television about a plane that landed, I I guess I'm not quite sure, Your Honor.
I'm old an uh, things are not that clear anymore.
I have here that you own a pawn shop, Knickerbocker Loans and Curios on East 118th Street? Yes, sir.
All licensed and, uh, registered.
I , I came here after World War II after the, uh, the camps were liberated.
Anybody live with you? Any family? I'm a widower, Your Honor.
Children, grandchildren? We were never so blessed.
Trespassing is a nuisance charge, but what does concern me is this.
This is a concealed weapon, Mr.
And we have strict laws in New York City.
I it, it is an antique piece, Your Honor, th that I use for my mobility only.
It is of great sentimental value, uh, a family trophy, you might say.
I I will have the blade removed and melted, y you have my word.
Trade it for a nice aluminum cane with a rubber foot.
Case dismissed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
How much of that was an act? - Do I know you? - I'm Dr.
Nora Martinez from the CDC.
We met at the airport.
OK I get it.
You're upset.
You're here because the bodies have disappeared.
- Do you know where they are? - I know where they're going.
Going? Sir, please.
Come with me.
Help us.
- Already it may be too late.
- Too late for what? What was in that coffin? A thing of enormous power and terrible will.
A will to devour the world and swallow the light.
Is the military covering it up? Do not be so easily distracted.
He thrives on human self-interest and bureaucratic complacency.
You and Dr.
Goodweather, you think that being good is enough? Being good means nothing, unless you are willing to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.
OK then tell me.
What needs to be done? You have a complete passenger manifest with you? Not right here, why? Because you need to find every last passenger and destroy the bodies and anyone in contact with them.
This is pointless.
You're not ready.
Explain to my why, if they're already dead, we need to destroy the bodies? Until you are willing to do what needs to be done, you're of no use to me.
I have a few questions for you, Zachary.
And it's important that you understand that there are no right or wrong answers.
The court will make all final determinations but your input is important.
Zachary, what do you think would be the best solution for your mom and dad, regarding custody and visitation rights? Well, I guess I think that I know that they both want what's best for me.
What do you think would be best for you? I feel like, if my dad could visit like one or two weekends a month, that would be really good.
Because he has a really important job, and this way he wouldn't be too stressed about being late or having - something come up.
- Um excuse me, Your Honor, I think there's been a mistake.
I think ah, what he means to say is that - joint custody would be - Dr.
Goodweather, you need No, no.
It's the way you asked the question, - so just, ask it again.
- Dr.
Goodweather! I want what's best for my dad, that's all.
- Are you good? - Yeah, I'm OK.
Just, give me a second, OK? Hey Are you OK? How could Zack not know he's the most important thing in the world to me? Telling him is one thing.
Showing it, proving it it's the little things, day in, day out, that's everything.
You can still have that, Eph.
Zack needs it.
Regardless of the ruling the judge imposed.
Anytime you want to see him, so long as you give me some notice.
Oh you're loving this, huh? You take Zack away from me.
I never thought you'd be one to gloat.
You coached Zack! You tried to coerce him - into say what you wanted.
- I love my son and I will do - anything for him.
- It wasn't enough that he had to get up there and choose between his mother and father? - I never asked him to choose.
- He spoke from his heart in there and he did what he thought was best for you, Eph.
Not him.
Hold up, hold up, hold up! Ears, guys.
Check it out.
Hold on.
How 'bout another go at it? Between that airplane thing, and you taking a bite outta that girl, your downloads are up ten-fold.
And the YouTube video has over 2 million views.
We just need you focused.
Timing is everything, Gabe.
Your cash machine has a cold.
Flu or something.
No voice, no concert.
Hello? Mr.
Arnot? It's Dr.
Goodweather from the Centres for Disease Control.
Arnot? Hey, Nora.
Have any of the personal effects of the deceased been returned to the next of kin, by any chance? What? What! When? OK, I'm on my way.
This thing was on her pillow.
When she woke up, - bit her in the face.
- Hm.
I want this rat found and killed.
I'm not here to rehabilitate it.
Can we speed this up, then? This Regis Air fiasco's crushing my portfolio.
Market opened down 600 points, we're already into program selling, my phone's blowing up and I'm stuck here - waiting on you.
- Ah.
- Scary, huh, hun? - Yes.
Seven times I've been bitten already and I know it doesn't tickle, eh? You know rats, they have bad eyes but a very keen sense of smell and taste.
That's why they usually bite children around the mouth.
Because that's where the food smell is, you understand? You stick right here, I'll be right back.
Yeah? Alright.
Here, hold this.
No, I don't I don't want this.
- What is that? - Anesthetic.
Cubans, huh? Cohiba Maduro 5's.
Like smoking coffee and cream.
You know a customer of mine, he gave me one of those once.
You know who else likes cigars? Do you? Rats.
This neighborhood was still a slum in 1931, yeah.
Put up this building and knocked down a cigar factory.
And they built right over the original foundation.
You paid what? 14 and a quarter million for this six bedroom duplex? It's on Zillow.
This place has changed hands three times in the past seven years and now you know why.
Alright! Hey hun, no more eating in bed, alright? Is that a deal? - Deal.
- Alright.
Have a nice day.
Sylvia? - Hey, that was quick.
- Hey.
- You got my text? - What text? Stanford called.
There was a a clerical error.
They are accepting me into the drug trial.
I'm one of the lucky 100.
- That's great.
- You were right.
You said never give up hope and good things happen to good people, right? Right? Ansel drink.
Ansel drink.
Ansel So pre-tour jitters, huh? I get that, totally.
Tranquilizers'll take the edge off nicely.
You've heard of the "morning after" pill? Well Klonopin is the "night before" pill.
I'm hearing things, Doc.
Strange things.
- Voices, right? Get that too.
- One voice, it's calling - my name.
A distant pounding - Mmhm.
- I can't focus.
- Alrighty, all over that.
And we'll throw a little Adderall in there to help you remember those lyrics, eh? Alrighty, any other "performance" related issues? Well, now that you mention it.
Agh! Oh.
Yeah, that does not look good.
What I need for you to do right now is to have somebody drive you to the nearest hospital.
And I mean like, yesterday.
And what have these pictures up on Gawker 10 minutes later? No way, Doc.
You need to do something.
No, we are way beyond that.
This is so out of my bandwidth.
Look, I know a urologist who might be persuaded to make an emergency house-call.
Trust me she's very discreet.
Next time, challenge me.
Yes, very good.
- Were all the names here? - Every damn passenger.
You want their social security numbers? Email passwords? Facebook? Twitter? Whatever you want, I can get it.
And here's your video-gaming waste of time.
Why do you want that list anyway? I'm going to visit their families.
Pay my respects.
This speed of progression is medically impossible.
We need to get him into surgery, find out what's happening inside him right now.
We'll prep him right here.
We're getting the operating room ready.
It won't be long.
He's here.
Who, Captain Redfern? Who's here? What's happening? I don't know.
Right now we just need to save his life.
Secretary Pierson announced today that the CDC is no longer investigating a pathogen as the cause of the deaths on Regis Air flight 753.
This is most certainly in response to the recent leak of documents containing records of problems with Regis Air - My daughter, Emma.
- Documents point - to monoxide leak as the cause.
- I just want to see her again.
Mom? Mom? - Mom are you okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, come here sweetie.
It's OK.
Mom's OK.
We're gonna be OK.
- Just stay with me, OK? - OK.
The airline industry has been shaken by the recent tragedy at JFK.
A sharp falloff in airline revenues over the past several days indicates customers are nervous about traveling after the mysterious deaths of 206 passengers aboard Regis Air flight 753.
As you can see, Regis' stock is in a free-fall, plummeting Who the hell are you? How the hell'd you get in here? - The door was open.
- No it wasn't.
Would you like to write a note? - A note? - Regrets? Repentance? Guilt? Wha Ah! Ah! OK, uh.
What are you doing? No.
No! No! Wait! D Don't! Hey guys, sorry.
Where the hell have you been? We've been calling you.
We can't find any of the other Redfern's going into emergency surgery.
Jim, what's the matter? Ah.
You know the new, um, monoclonal antibody trial they're doing at Stanford? They accepted Sylvia, after all.
I they must have made some sort of clerical mistake or something I don't know.
But, it's insane, she's in.
That's great.
Paging Dr.
Goodweather to the ISO unit, stat.
Your patient he's gone.
- He coded? - No, he's gone.
He was ready for surgery, I left to make final preparations He was only alone for a minute.
Alright, spread out.
He's still here somewhere, so is whoever took him.
Jim, conference us in on our phones.
Hey! Hey, did you see a patient come by here about five minutes ago? Probably pushing a wheelchair, bald, very sick? Nothing here.
No sign of him.
Is anybody up high? Anybody got a view? - Nothing, I don't see anything.
- I'm checking downstairs - Jim, where are you? - In the basement.
OK I found him.
He's in the kitchen.
The kitchen in the basement, Eph, you got Eph? Captain Redfern? Jim Jim.
Captain Redfern.
Jim? - Eph! - Doyle, what are you doing? Stay away from him.
- Stop it! - All right! Oh God.