The Strain (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Quick and Painless

Previously on "The Strain" Oh, my God! Dr.
Barnes, Dr.
Goodweather worked under you at the CDC, - Did he not? - Goodweather went rogue.
I did everything I could do to stop him! As of now, you are no longer involved.
I had him arrested by the FBI.
These are vicious predators.
They need to be put down.
We're gonna take back Staten Island one block at a time.
Staten Island is a plague-free zone.
Finding a cure or making a vaccine is nearly impossible, but what we can do is take everything we know about how to stop an epidemic and use that knowledge - to start one.
- Infect the infected.
- Break the chain.
- He's infected and it's spreading.
The Master's forcing them to commit suicide.
It works.
_ Open up! Police! This is a mandatory evacuation! Relax, please.
My wife, she's very sick.
She's gonna have to go downstairs and get tested.
- Clear.
- Move it! - Go! Let's go! - OK, OK, OK.
Ma'am, we need to take a look around.
- We stay in curfew! - This is a safety procedure.
Oh, shit.
You gotta watch out for the white goo.
You clean? Yeah, I'm good.
All right, all clear on the seventh floor? Clearing the last one now, Captain.
Bathroom's clear.
Mikey, I got a kid here.
Are you OK? Where are your parents? You're supposed to get downstairs, all right? Honey, let's go find your family.
Come on.
Captain, Dempsey's down.
I need backup: apartment 710.
Come on.
What the hell is that thing? It doesn't matter.
Just kill it.
Captain, behind you! Jesus, they're fast.
Come on, you're fine.
You're gonna be fine.
Got a little bit more.
Come on.
You'll be alright.
All right.
No! Ah! Ah! Hey, fall back, fall back! Everybody, fall back! We've got to get out of here! - Hey, ma'am - Stop! She's just got the flu! - Sir, get back! - Grandpa, no! Standard operating procedure.
Folks, a little cooperation, please.
You all right, Dempsey? I'm OK A little weak, but it didn't get me in the neck, thank God.
Yeah, thank God.
_ - Hey, just me.
- We are good.
I'm a friend of Dutch Velders.
Come in.
So, three IDs, she said? Oh! We have IDs.
We just need new names.
Ephraim Goodweather from the news So how's the fugitive life going? Don't believe everything you see on TV.
I said I saw it.
I never said I gave a shit.
OK, government ID will get you out of the city, but seeing as you're having your 15 minutes of fame, you might want to change your appearance.
Quiet! Sit! It's just a walking stick.
The handle is metal, as you can see.
Go! Who sent you here, old man? I've heard about you from several of my former business associates.
Like you, I'm a buyer and seller of things, Mr.
Creem, but on a smaller scale.
- Let's see what you brought.
- I'm here to buy.
What would you like to buy? The "Occido Lumen", a medieval text that hasn't been seen in many years.
I'm hoping that in this calamity the book might surface again.
Book? Not an AK-47 or a pass to get you out of the city on a container ship? You want a book? I'm prepared to make it worth your while.
Where did you get those? I've been holding onto them for many years, saving them for a time when I needed them.
A time like this, perhaps.
Well, thanks for coming, old man.
I think I'll take those.
A chain of events is about to play out here, Mr.
Your loyal bodyguards will riddle me with bullets, but not before I draw this blade across your throat.
To put it in language we both understand, you will not come out well in this trade.
Hey, you want you want a book? I just bought some old books.
Yeah? They're around here somewhere.
Show me.
Press conference this morning, Mayor Lyle said that he's satisfied with the progress And then it's just a cab ride over to the Pentagon for some sort of mass-dispersal plan.
The military is more prepared for biological warfare than we'd like to think.
Anyway, the point is, we've got a shot.
You, me and Nora, we can set the reset button on this to make it safe again; we can go home.
I'm not gonna go home without Mom.
New York City encompasses more than 300 square miles You know what magical thinking is, Zack? It's basically, it's, uh, hoping for something that's just not possible.
And you're getting too old for that.
- I really need your help here.
- You can't make me go with you.
Sorry, buddy, I'm not leaving you with a bunch of people we hardly know.
If I have to, I can fend for myself! Eph, can I talk to you for a second? - Finish packing.
- Children snatched overnight at night, slaughtering the innocent without police officers or National Guard Thanks.
Let's get packed.
I want to get on the 1:30 train.
What are we doing here, Eph? We tested the weapon twice.
It works.
We gotta get moving.
I agree.
But let's think this through for a second.
You're a fugitive, I'm your known associate, - and he is your kid.
- I changed our names.
Don't you think our little family group is gonna draw attention, especially passing through security checkpoints onto trains reserved for government officials? I'm not leaving Zack behind.
You wouldn't be leaving him.
He would be here with me.
Hello? You're not going? You need to be able to fly under the radar.
And if something falls apart, you need to just drop everything and run.
- Well, Fet's been arrested.
- What, what do you mean? I mean he's in custody for trying to blow up the tunnel last night.
- Shit! - In the middle of something.
It's that Staten Island lady and her goon squad.
I'm gonna go down there.
I need to go with her.
- She's gonna get arrested too.
- No, no.
Please, please.
You're right, I'm wrong.
It's not practical, but I need you.
We're partners.
I'm making the decision this time, Eph.
You're gonna do this alone.
The brazen robbery earlier this morning by a highly organized group of assailants is further evidence that the country is teetering on the verge of financial collapse.
"Quote: "With the dollar in freefall "and recent runs on Manhattan banks, "people have begun o turn to commodities "as a more secure form of assets.
" In the last two weeks, six major banks have closed their branches in Manhattan and evacuated their staff.
The financial sector expects more banks to follow suit in the coming weeks.
As in previous eras of widespread conflict and social upheaval, precious gemstones, silver, platinum and gold Zack? Whoa.
Ah, it'll grow back.
- The old safety net - You'll stay here with Nora.
She's out for a bit right now, but she'll be back soon.
I think you should stay here, too.
Zack, if we're gonna have any chance of stopping this thing, I need to do this.
Maybe you'll even appreciate it someday.
In other news, a riot OK.
I gotta go.
Can I at least get a hug? Hey, wish me luck.
Good luck.
You're not the onlyones who have a problem with these people.
Everybody, calm down.
Quiet! If you have concerns, there is a sign-up sheet.
- Now - Give me the bullhorn.
All right, listen.
I want you back in your homes as much as you do, but right now - What is this? Jesus! - What we suppose to do.
- Right now - Now, what? Your homes are not safe.
My crews, they are out there day and night some of them losing their lives but they will win back your neighborhoods for you.
Give us some time and your support.
But anyone showing symptoms needs to go into quarantine for 72 hours.
We've got to find out if they're infected.
I know it's a pain in the ass being separated that long, but we've got to keep everybody safe! Excuse me.
I'm Dr.
Nora Martinez.
I'm a biochemist with the CDC.
And? You don't need to quarantine people for three days.
I have a way of diagnosing people who are infected within one or two hours.
Yeah, how's that? I'll show you.
But first, you have to do something for me.
Fet! Vasiliy Fet! I had a great time, huh? Reunion? A year from now, same time, same place.
You'd better show up, Griselda.
- Your face! - I thought you'd like it.
That's why I asked them to go at me so hard.
You! Hey! You see this? So, we're letting the Brooklyn Bomber walk, huh? You must have powerful friends.
He was helping you! You'd understand that if you didn't have your head shoved so far up your She's foreign, huh? Let me translate.
I didn't blow up the tunnel because I get off on damaging my inner ear, huh? - I did it to cut off vamp access into - I know why you did it.
All right? We just can't have civilians setting off charges wherever they feel like it.
Even if they do it decently well.
What are you, ex-Special Forces or something? No, my father uld have drowned me before he let me join the army.
I'm a city exterminator.
With a dynamite fetish? He'she best creature hunter in New York.
I also have fetish for silver grenades.
Silver what? They burn the shito ut of the munchers.
You know, it's not as good as ultraviolet light but You don't know about the silver or the UVC? Well, how the hell have you been killing them? Shooting their heads off.
That works, too.
Yeah, usually, except for the little spider-kids.
The The what? Last night we were driven out of this housing complex by these little spiderids.
They're fast as hell; They can climb anything.
You haven't seen 'em? You know, ybe they're still there, maybe they're not.
Either way, I've gotta go back and finish clearing the place, but now I'm down t men.
We'll get our stuff.
Sorry, excuse me.
Please, conduct yourself safely.
There're all times.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
Attention passengers.
Trains are all over - Look, buddy, wait your turn! - CDC! CDC! Yourself safely.
There're all times Hey, how's it going? What's your business in Washington? I live in Washington.
I'm going home.
Holong have you been in Nework? Since February 12th.
Four days after the plane landed.
You're with the CDC.
That's right.
And now you're leaving? We have a response deployment meeting tomorrow.
We're sending more teams back up here.
Can I see your driver's license, please? - I don't drive.
- This is the final boarding call for 130 Northeast Corridor Express - to Washington, DC.
- That's my train.
Have a safe trip home.
Thank you for your service.
_ _ - Keep the change.
- Thanks.
We're gonna have to push that meeting with the Surgeon General.
Tell him something, whatever.
I'll just move the Secretary of Transportation - to 4:30.
- Perfect.
- Mind if I sit here? - Have at it.
It's not here.
Oh, and another thing.
It allegedly has a silver cover.
Allegedly? This is an 18-karat gold Patek Philippe 2484.
A down payment, if you will.
This one, this is a Reference 1563 Split-Second Chronograph.
Only three are known to exist.
This is the fourth.
If you find me my book, then it's yours.
Actually I do know someone who deals with the kind of shit you're looking for.
Religious iconography and that sort of stuff.
What's the book called again? The Occido Lumen.
Double C.
Haha! What department are you with? - CDC.
- Huh.
I bet you're keeping busy.
Pretty busy.
How about you? I'm a lawyer with the Energy Department.
I got caught in the quarantine.
Thank God for government jobs, I'll tell you that.
I finally got cleared to travel.
I'm Neil Archer.
What's your name? Jonathan.
Jonathan Crowley.
I feel like I've seen you somewhere before.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
You pick those up in the bar car? - Yeah.
- Right.
I'll be right back.
You're clear.
A person may not even have physical symptoms yet.
You're clear.
Baby! How are you? - Are you OK? Yeah? - Over there.
You need some air.
I don't know if we should wait for him to turn It should be his decision.
His and his family.
You're right.
I'll go talk to the family.
Do you mind taking a look at someone else for me? It's my nephew, Mikey.
He got knocked down some stairs last night and landed on his head.
Our doctor, he thinks he'll probably be OK, but, um, I noticed a little cut on his face, there.
I just want to be sure.
I'm so sorry.
Forget I'm sorrys! - Can't we do something here? - It's not possible.
It's not my opinion.
It's a scientific fact.
- How the hell can you be sure? - My best friend was nicked, much the same way this boy's been.
We cut his face open with a box cutter to get the worms out.
We were that desperate.
It was too late the worms were everywhere inside him.
God damn it! - Hey! Yeah, yeah.
- Sir What is that, like a silver sword or something? Yeah.
And silver grenades, and silver nails in the nail gun.
And what about the rebar? That have some special kind of properties I don't know about? Yeah.
It doesn't bend.
Well, here we are in the center of Red Hook.
We need to own this neighborhood.
Let's do it.
So, wanna see what silver can do? Satisfying, no? It's OK.
But why wouldn't I just do this? Fair point.
AH! It's all clear, Chief.
Well, I know there's more in here, I've seen 'em.
You guys checked the elevator? It's not working.
Fire in the hole! OK, now I get the silver thing.
I got the morphine.
I've been thinking.
Maybe, I'd rather wait until he turns.
It might make it easier to do it.
I don't know him, but I think he would rather go out as himself.
I used to read to him Goodnight Moon and sing him to sleep.
When you're ready, just push the plunger in.
I've been asking my people to be OK with this.
I can't even do it.
_ Oh, make it stop! Show yourself! Fitzwilliam.
I'm ready to help.
"And if so, the accomplishment" Homeland Security! I'll be out in a minute! Sir! Mandatory medical inspection! - Feeling feverish? - No.
- Sore throat? - No.
Open your mouth, please.
In the past 72 hours, have you had any physical contact - with a person who exhibited - I'm not infected.
I should know, I'm one of the first people to discover these symptoms.
What's your name? Jonathan Crowley.
Jonathan Crowley.
Got some ID? Thank you, Doctor.
- Goodweather! - Shut up.
I'm not letting you get in my way again.
You think I like the position they've put me in? They nearly threw me over a balcony, Eph.
I can't even sleep.
I barely eat.
Then just let me go.
I've got a plan to wipe out all the infected and clean all this up.
Well, that's great news.
I'll let you go.
I appreciate you still trying to do something about this.
You're lying.
Trust me, Eph.
Ugh! I can't trust you, Barnes.
I know you.
Next stop, Baltimore Penn Station.
Please gather all your belongings.
Shit! You're not gonna win, Eph.
You can't beat them.
Now, don't be stupid or naive and end up on the wrong side of things.
In the meantime, there's no way you're getting off this train.
I'm getting the cops.
AAAH! _ Mr.
Palmer, sir! So nice to see you.
Right this way.
I thought we could use a gentle reminder that not every institution in this city is in a state of pandemonium.
Yes, it seems so normal.
Denial is a special privilege of the rich.
- Well done, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
I really don't know what they're applauding.
They're applauding you for actually trying to do something, instead of ignoring the problem, like them.
If it isn't New York City's own savior! Cardinal MacNamara! I didn't mean to interrupt.
You are? This is Ms.
Coco Marchand.
It's an honor, Your Eminence.
I would ask you to join us, but I imagine - you have other obligations.
- Ah, of course.
I just wanted to let you know that a certain item that you were looking for might be turning up soon.
Go on.
Until I hear back from my contact, there's nothing to be done so, please, enjoy your evening.
And I'll be in touch.
What was that all about? Oh, nothing.
It didn't seem like nothing.
Cardinal MacNamara is known for procuring certain historic collectibles from time to time.
Is that allowed? And this collectible is something you want? Oh yes, very much.
Now, I'm famished.
Shall we order? _ Oh - You never collected art? - Oh, no.
Only as an investment.
I'm not interested in the aesthetics at all.
- Oh, that was lovely.
- Oh, yes.
I can never thank you enough.
Oh, my God! Oh, I hope there's no one in there.
Oh, I doubt there is at this late hour.
Saves us having to bother with our fireplace.
Ha! I think I'll fix us a nightcap.
I wish I knew the proper way to present you to people.
Why? Am I not presentable? No, no, no.
You misunderstand.
I mean, introducing you merely as my assistant doesn't do you justice.
You're worth so much more than that.
Yet, if I say nothing, people make assumptions.
At best, they see you as just a dazzling jewel on my arm.
Maybe you should stop caring - what other people think, huh? - You're right.
I'm glad I waited for you - Mmm! That's good.
- Mmm Alcohol is a newly acquired pleasure.
But then what else could I do Yes, there were one or two Shall we? I used to date with No, I, I don't think so.
I I'm feeling rather tired.
Oh, tired, really? Would you like me to tuck a blanket around your legs? Maybe get you a nice glass of warm milk? Oh, I see what you're doing.
No, I'm not ready for the nursing home just yet.
Keep it simple.
I'm glad my heart waited too That favorite dream of mine Has just come true I'm glad I waited For you _ This is his briefcase.
He has a meeting started.
He wouldn't just leave it on the train.
York, Penn Station, now boarding.
Alright, you think four is going to be enough? I work with Dr.
Everett Barnes.
- How can I help you? - Now listen to me.
This is - ID? - I've been calling his cell.
He's not answering his phone.
No one has seen him.
You haven't seen him in how long? Open the bag, please.
I found his notes scattered on the floor.
Ma'am, look, calm down.
What's this? - Personal item.
- What's in it? My wife's ashes.
She asked me to scatter them at her family home.
- Penn Station, now boarding.
- It's been a very painful week.
Sorry for your loss.
Welcome to Washington.
Thank you.
ID? You're free to go.
_ Hello.
You hear our radio calls? You were specifically instructed not to land here.
This airport's in a restricted area.
There's a quarantine.
No incoming or outgoing aircraft - within 60 miles of New York.
- We had an inflight emergency.
- Our client was sick.
- What client? - Where is he? Let me see him.
- He left.
Left? Where the hell did he go? That way.
You guys wait inside, I'm gonna need to talk to you.
_ Good to go?