The Stranger (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Patrick? - Do not scream.
You don't wanna kill me, - no matter what's happened.
- Be quiet.
I'm trying to think.
Patrick?! - [DOORBELL RINGS.]
- Scream and you're both dead.
Scream and you're killing her as well as yourself, I promise you.
Patrick, what have you done with Olivia? I think she's gone.
I don't wanna hurt you.
I don't wanna hurt anyone.
We can talk about this because Olivia needs you.
Patrick, we can figure it out.
It's too late.
I'm screwed.
I know how this works.
- You're gonna say whatever it takes to - [CLATTERING.]
You stay there.
Patrick, what's going on? Patrick! Get off me! Get off! - Get off! - Shit.
Help! Help me! No! Police.
I need to use your phone.
Where are the keys? Where are your car keys? - ["MONSTER" BY WALKING ON CARS PLAYS.]
This monster's back in town Danger knocking at my door Don't come 'round here no more I check the locks Shut the windows down This monster's back in town [VOCALIZING.]
This monster's back in town - What have you got? - Everyone has to pay their taxes.
Christine Killane.
Despite the dubious way she earns her money, blackmailing people, she has a part-time job in a cinema.
- A cinema? - Mm.
Work address, home address, take your pick.
HMRC had her payroll come in on the 13th of the month so What's that? A week ago? So that means she was there then.
Give me her home address.
You got a pen? You didn't get this from me.
All right? Okay.
Are you okay?! Katz's ex-wife's in there.
She's got a head injury.
I've called an ambulance.
- ETA, eight minutes.
- Where is he? He's taken her car.
We need to put an obs request on it, but she can't remember the registration.
This is urgent because he's dangerous.
- He has a gun.
We need to track my phone.
He's taken that with him.
Hello? Oh, hi.
Can I speak to Johanna, please? This is her phone.
It's Patrick here.
I'm her colleague.
Can I take a message? Yeah, it's Adam Price.
Look, just tell her the stranger I've located her, she'll know what I mean.
Where are you now? I'm in town, but I'll text her the location when I get there.
I was approached by a woman, a stranger, in her mid-to late 20s.
She wore a baseball cap.
Oh, come on.
Thanks a lot, boys.
You hit him too hard.
I think he's moving.
Yeah, he's coming around.
Adam? Are you okay? What are you doing here? I'm trying to find my wife.
Where's my wife? She's not here.
I confronted her with your secret.
And she left.
I thought you might know why.
What ? All of this started with you.
When you showed up.
Secrets tear us apart.
The truth gets lost and then relationships fall apart.
I don't care about secrets.
I just want to find her! I know.
I understand.
Can you give us a minute? Are you sure? I'll be right outside.
I expose secrets for cash, usually.
I know it's a lousy way to earn a living but it's like a mission.
I just wanna blow apart all that deceit.
You know, the Internet, it makes us all think we're anonymous, but we're not.
It's all there, if you know where to look.
Yeah, well, thanks to you, she's gone.
My mother left when I was young.
Can you imagine what that does to a child? Knowing she had another life, knowing she'd rather live this other life than be with me.
Thinking I must have done something wrong to drive her away.
But then, as I got older I started to blame my dad.
He must have driven her away.
So I started to ask questions because there seems to be so many fucking lies.
And he got angry and it tore us apart.
I had to find out the truth.
I know Martin Killane is your father.
And I know that he killed your mother.
Imagine finding that out, thinking your life was one thing, one version of events, when actually When I was 18 years old I had an operation.
I needed a donor.
That's when I discovered Martin wasn't my biological father.
He never knew.
He killed my mother because she was gonna leave him and take me with her.
He couldn't face it.
Losing his wife and his child.
But I wasn't even his.
I belonged to the man she was having an affair with.
Your father.
Adam me and you we're Untie me.
Nobody move! Nobody fucking move! Okay? You stay there.
- Let her go.
- You want me to let her go? Please, can you let her go? Of course, yeah, I'll let her go for you.
- Happy? - Thank you.
My pleasure.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
Oh, my [GASPS.]
You know, you've caused me a lot of problems.
A lot of problems.
You have information on somebody.
Somebody very, very powerful.
- That's my wife - Shut your fucking mouth! Kimberley Doyle.
You had to get involved, didn't you? [CHRISTINE.]
Please, I'm sorry.
Can you ? You had to stick your nose - where it wasn't meant to go.
- No! - [GUNSHOT.]
Look at me.
Ingrid, look at me.
It's all right.
Where's my wife? Where is she? What have you done with Corinne? Armed police! Stay on the floor.
Do not move! - Don't move! - Two casualties.
Gunshot wounds.
We need an ambulance.
I'm arresting you for the murder of Heidi Doyle.
You do not have to say anything.
But it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
You pathetic piece of shit.
Can I speak to her? I'm sorry about your friend.
She was worried things were getting too dangerous.
I always convinced her it would be okay.
Everything I did my mission exposing secrets revealing the truth caused people to die.
But I suppose that's what happens when you mess with people's lives.
You saved me.
You could have died.
You're my brother.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Adam.
I promise you I only told you 'cause I wanted to protect you from all those lies.
How did you know Corinne's secret? [SNIFFLES.]
I was doing what I do.
Digging dirt.
And I had no idea that it would all lead back to my mother.
Finding you this family.
When we look into people, it always starts with the family.
We gather as much information as we can.
So when I saw your old address something stood out to me.
'Cause it's the exact same street I grew up on.
And then, when I was looking through Corinne's photos I saw a man.
I recognized him from my mom's pictures.
So I tracked him down.
Everything fell into place.
I ran a DNA test.
I figured a way to get a DNA sample from your father.
It proved it all.
And I told him he had another child.
It's a baby.
Could be anyone's.
It's yours.
Your father is my father.
We're family.
What I don't understand is why were you looking into Corinne? Was it money? Were you blackmailing her? No.
It was just another job.
I saw what Corinne had done.
Your family was held together by a lie.
You had to know.
You didn't have to stay with her, you know? I only told you.
I didn't even tell the person who hired me.
Who hired you? Someone at the football club.
You know, where I approached you? Bob Bob Baime? How can you only just have realized? I'm telling you, Katz had a gun.
It must be there somewhere, so find it! Hey.
- Bob.
- Hey.
Weren't you [GRUNTS.]
- Tell me where my wife is! - What the hell? - Just tell me! - What the hell? No! I have no idea! Gabrielle Dunbar agency You hired them, didn't you? - What? - Didn't you? Adam, this is an assault! - Talk! - There's witnesses! Get off me! Why would you hire an agency to dig dirt on my wife? Because she was trying to hurt me.
- Meaning what? - Meaning the stolen money! She stole the money and was gonna pin the thing on me! - That is bullshit! - Is it?! Yes.
Why would she try to pin it on you? Because everyone thinks of me as a desperate man with no work! Then there was an incident.
Harrogate weekend.
I claimed money for things I shouldn't have.
So Corinne came to you and said, "I know you stole the money " Corinne didn't come to me.
You're a lawyer, use your brain.
You think she'd be that upfront? Tripp told me.
- Tripp? - Yeah.
Tripp told me how she stole the money and was gonna use the whole Harrogate debacle to hang the whole thing on me.
When it comes to looking after ourselves and our kids [CLICKS TONGUE.]
we're all corrupt.
Said she had to be stopped! [ADAM.]
So why did she call you? You know why she called me.
The stolen money thing? Yeah, the stolen money thing.
The last time we spoke, you looked me in the eye and told me she would never do that.
She took the money.
I lied to protect you.
She called me, yes.
She asked for more time.
- Did you give it to her? - No.
- Why? - Because it needed dealing with! Hey, Adam.
What happened? You look awful.
Why did Corinne call that morning? - What? - Why did she call you? The stolen money thing, I told you already.
Just come inside, have a drink.
Is that blood on your shirt? I know, Tripp.
Know what? I know you stole the money.
Have you had a bang on the head? You asked Corinne for more time.
Not the other way around.
And then you used that time to set her up.
You altered the books, you hid the money, and then you turned everyone against her.
Oh, wow.
You have got some imagination, Adam.
- Bob told me.
- Bob's a fuckin' liar.
See, I keep thinking about Corinne's reaction when I confronted her about faking her pregnancy.
She didn't bother to deny it.
What she really wanted to know was how I found out.
She must've figured it was you sending her a warning because she knew what you'd done.
Get out of my house.
Living the dream, right? Isn't that what you always say? How lucky we all are, how thankful we should be? - I said - What would've happened to all this this precious dream if it got out that you were a thief? Nothing but a dirty, little, pathetic thief stealing from the community.
- It's fiction.
- You'd be destroyed! Get out! You remember this? Corinne's text about needing more time apart.
Read it! "You take care of the kids.
" You see it's always bugged me because Corinne never called them "the kids.
" It's always "the boys," because that's what they are.
They're her boys.
Corinne didn't write that text, did she? You did.
You wrote the text, and then what? You hid her phone? Was it you that left it on the bridge? You think I'm capable of doing all this, eh? You really think that I'd do something to Corinne? Adam, we're mates.
Well, I'm gonna go to the police and I'm gonna tell them everything that I know.
What, that's your proof? A text? Some half-assed theory.
They're gonna laugh at you.
Adam Jesus! What the fuck? Why've you got a gun? Be careful.
No more lies, Tripp.
Please, Adam, Becca's back in a minute.
You can't Okay, so start talking.
There's some truth in what you're saying, okay? - Some.
- Talk.
Please, just put it away.
Just talk to me! But not here, okay? I'll take you I'll take you to her.
Okay? I'll take you to Corinne.
Where is she? Tripp, where's my wife? Where's my fucking wife? I'll take you to her.
Please, I'll Adam, I'll take you.
- Is this some kind of a trick? - No, it's not, I swear.
She's It's complicated.
Come with me and you can do whatever you want, okay? Just please put the gun away.
Jo! Adam Price has just attacked Bob Baime at the sports club.
- What? - I know.
He was here, what, half an hour ago? Well, where is he now? Where are we going? Master reservoir.
Near Hollingworth? Corinne's dad used to have a cottage there.
Yeah, I know.
Becca went with her one time when the kids were little.
Why there? It's where she is.
I don't understand.
Well, okay, I just Let's get over there and then when we're with Corinne, I'll explain properly.
I'd die for them, Adam.
My family.
You did the right thing.
She's gonna get help now.
Would this be a bad time to admit that I've always fancied Olivia's mom? No, Mike, perfect time.
Thomas? Hi, Thomas.
I'm DS Johanna Griffin.
- We met at the hospital with Dante.
- Yeah.
Thomas, have you got any idea where your dad is? No.
Why? Please don't worry.
I just need to locate him.
- But he's not answering his phone.
- Right.
Your dad told me about the tracker your mom put on your phone.
- Have you still got that installed? - Yeah.
- It could help me find him.
- Okay? What's this about? Is he in trouble? Right, let's get this over with.
Where are we going? Just Slow down.
Why did you need the money? Everyone needs money.
But we don't all steal it.
I overstretched.
Lived way beyond my You know what this town's like.
Everybody wants the best, to be seen with the best.
But it sneaks up on you.
Once you borrow from Peter to pay Paul, but Peter's a prick and wants 70% interest, and Paul keeps threatening to take away your cars, cancel your holidays, so you dodge left, dodge right And before you know it, you're up to your neck in it.
So you stole from the club? How much? Thousands.
Subs, donations, sponsorship.
And we made that place a roaring success over the years, me, Corinne, one or two others.
And leave her to take a cut.
This is the way the world works.
Every single day we make decisions for the good of our family.
It's why we work, it's why we do every single thing we do: to look after those that we love.
I had every intention of paying the money back.
But Corinne, when she found out, she was appalled.
I begged her.
I begged.
Adam, I said to her, "You expose this, and it's me, done.
Job, life, reputation over.
" Because these stories, they spread online.
They come at you.
I've seen it.
And she knew that and so she gave me time to sort it out, to put it right.
But really, in truth there was no way I could pay it back.
So I fiddled the books, pointed the finger at Corinne, dragged Bob in with me.
So Where is she? Where is she now? I'm sorry.
Adam, I'm really sorry.
Tripp where is she? About here.
No! [MOANS.]
I didn't mean to.
I asked her to meet me to talk about it.
But she wouldn't let me in the house because she was furious with me, 'cause she thought it was me that hired the stranger that told you her secret.
So we spoke in the garage.
- Corinne, please.
No, I can't keep this from people any longer.
You went after my family, Tripp.
- That crossed a line.
- I did not do that.
- I did not hire anybody.
- You expect me to believe that? Please, I can sort this, I swear.
Well, then sort it today.
- I can't sort it today, I need time! - No! No! Time's up.
She'd said her piece and she was walking away.
And that's it.
It was all gonna come out and I couldn't let that happen.
So I grabbed the nearest thing to hand.
I hit her with it.
I didn't want to but she wouldn't stop.
She wouldn't stop.
I've I've had to live with that.
To go on as if nothing had happened.
But in here, it It never goes away, that moment.
What about the boys? She's their mother.
She's their mother.
I can't live with it.
But I have to.
We We have to go on as if nothing has happened.
Okay? So that's what we'll do.
Are you out of your mind? I'm sorry, I really am.
But you'd have done the same thing.
None of us know what we're capable of until the time comes.
But now this is our secret.
No, no.
You're going to prison for the rest of your life.
Won't happen.
Adam, the sports club books are a mess.
Nobody's ever gonna untangle them.
You go to the police and what will they know? Corinne faked her pregnancy.
You two had a fight.
The next day she was killed in your garage.
Oh, I cleaned up the blood, but there'll still be traces.
And the logical conclusion you killed her.
You buried her.
You parked her car near the airport.
Hid her phone to make it look like suicide.
The simplest explanation is always the one they want.
Husband, motive.
Me? What's done is done, mate.
Let's Let's not make a bad situation worse.
Adam? You have no choice.
Either you accept this and move on or you go down and your boys are left without a mom or [GUNSHOTS ECHOING.]
Go on, Ryan! [ALL EXCLAIMING.]
Oh, ref! Specsavers! Blow the whistle! That's what it's for! - Hey.
- Hey.
He's playing well.
- That should've been a penalty though.
- Well, tell the ref.
So this is how you're spending your retirement, is it? Kid's football.
I just wanted to see how you're all doing.
We're okay.
- I'll see you later.
- Hey, Daisy.
It's hard on the boys but they're strong.
Stronger than me.
How are you doing? Good.
I'm trying to make a go of it.
It's not perfect but It's Katz's sentencing tomorrow.
He'll get life.
I hope so.
Never know though, do you? Still makes me nervous.
My whole career, I've hated sentencing day.
Any word on Chrissy Killane? Your sister? Still missing after she absconded.
I doubt they're pursuing her very hard as she blackmailed people who won't press charges 'cause they don't want their secrets revealed.
They'll keep going 'round and 'round.
I should have let Corinne keep her secret.
This might never have happened.
So did Chrissy kill her? Or did I, by making her feel so insecure that she faked her pregnancy? There's only one person to blame.
And he's dead.
Can I ask you something? Of course.
Do you sleep okay? No, not really.
You need to give that to me.
Adam? Adam, we've gotta act fast.
I'd sleep a whole lot worse if you spent the rest of your life in prison.
I made a choice, Adam.
And I can live with that.
Katz is going down anyway.
It's not like we're framing an innocent man.
I just wish that people knew who really killed Corinne.
Well, that can't happen.
Katz can deny all he wants, but his gun links all the deaths together.
Look, Adam your boys lost their mom.
If the truth comes out they'll lose you as well.
Funny though.
The stranger wanted to rid the world of secrets.
Here we are, keeping the biggest one of all.
Yeah! Come on!
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