The Taste (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Auditions: Part 2

1 It's all about the taste.
Four mentors each need four cooks to join our kitchen.
It's gonna get messy.
Don't make me do that again, like, ever.
(Nigella) I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
He's playing with my balls! (Ludo) Do your (bleep) dish yourself.
(Laughs) Winning! Fire it up! Are you all ready to rumble?! (Anthony) The tastings are well underway.
That's a "no.
" It's not for me today.
No, I'm I'm so sorry.
I just don't think it came together.
The kitchen's filling up.
- (Nigella) I want you in my kitchen.
- Aah! Oh, yeah! I am very excited to have you join my team.
- Yeah! - Whoa! Welcome to Team Ludo! (Laughs) - I say "yes.
" - Yeah! (Anthony) The only criteria is how the food tastes.
We have no idea who made it, what ingredients they might have used.
We're tasting the food blind.
- You know what kind of dish we have yet? - Thai.
- A little pickled watermelon in there? - Sweet potato? We all wanna find a winner.
- Game on! - That offended me more.
- Nobody tell me what to do.
- Keep talking, big boy.
One bite, one mouthful, one taste.
Are you ready to taste? (Anthony) It's a new day.
Guys, I'm hungry.
- Always.
- Yes, I am.
Breakfast? Anybody have breakfast? Not me.
Teeny bit.
I have eaten, because it's a It's a mistake to eat too little before you're gonna eat a lot because you need to keep your tummy stretched.
She's a professionnelle.
Here's how the blind tasting works.
(Anthony) Each cook must prepare four identical spoons for the mentors to taste to win a place in one of our team's kitchens.
(Brian) We have no idea who made them, what ingredients they used, how they prepared it.
Did they wash their hands? That's a surprise.
(Brian laughs) You don't know what is inside, guys.
(Anthony) Only once we have locked in our decisions will the hatch open to reveal the cook for the first time.
- Hello, hello.
- Welcome to The Taste.
What a pleasure to cook for you all.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna say "no.
" - No.
- No.
(Anthony) If one of us hits "yes," then the cooks will automatically join our kitchens.
It took me a sixteenth of a second to make this decision.
Couldn't be happier.
Thank you so much.
(Anthony) But if two or more of us press "yes," then the cook must decide which kitchen to join.
I'm gonna have to go with Ludo.
- Hey! There you go, guys! - Aw! (Anthony) Aah! Game on.
My name is Jennifer.
I am 23 years old.
I work as a restaurant consultant.
I don't work in a restaurant per se, but I do a lot of home cooking.
If you're good enough, you can do anything.
It's like sports.
If you're a great football player, you just You declare for the draft earlier.
Look at LeBron James.
He left high school, he went straight into the league.
So I'm like I'm like the LeBron James of cooking.
I like the pressure.
I'm used to it.
And pressure makes diamonds, so I'm ready to go.
I'm making my take on a salmon nicoise with a beet gastrique.
It's gonna blow some people's minds.
Every note on the palate gets hit with this dish It's savory, it's salty, it's sweet, and nothing like this has ever been done before, so prepare to be wowed.
It's gonna be a flavor textural explosion.
This is the Olympics of cooking, then I'm gonna be the Michael Phelps.
(Laughs) (Jennifer) It is Jennifer in a little spoon.
It is trendy, it's delicious, it's easy on the eyes.
(Laughs) Salmon? - Beet? - Beet.
Definitely beet.
I taste, uh, kalamata olive.
(Brian) That was a meal.
That was a a meal on a spoon.
Salad, crunchiness, starch.
A lot going on there.
(Whistles) Is everyone locked in, or are you still pondering over there? (Anthony) Locked in.
(Nigella) Wow.
May I ask your name? I am Jennifer.
So tell me about this.
We got the salmon.
It was a play on a nicoise.
So there was the hericot vert, the olive, the grated hard-boiled egg, and it was the salmon, and it was a a beet, and also sourdough bread crumbs on the top.
Well, listen, I normally do not like so many different flavors going on, especially in such a, like, a small space, - but you balanced them well.
- Thank you.
My problem, and this is where I am withdrawing from the fray, is that for me, the sweetness slightly overwhelmed.
Beet and salmon love each other.
It's beautiful, you know? You should build the spoon in the kitchen, and and eat the spoon, because when I ate the spoon, no matter how many good flavors were up there, it was just beet.
I'm gonna have to take myself out, but I I think you're on to something.
- Jennifer, hi.
- Bonjour.
Ca va? You know, I really respect what you did, but if you just put the vinaigrette with lemon juice, olive oil, and some herbs, it will be perfect.
Your reduction was too sweet, and I'm going to say "no.
" Sorry about that.
Thank you.
A lot of people say, "I want to follow my passion.
" And people encourage them.
And they, quite honestly, probably would be better off not pursuing their passion.
In your case, however, I would urge you to continue cooking and getting better and better.
I don't think you're there yet.
This was too sweet for me.
But But please don't be discouraged, and And keep doing what you're doing.
Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
Thank you.
That's somebody who's gonna get better and better.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- There's no doubt.
No doubt.
I'm very upset.
You know, the The criticisms definitely kinda weigh down heavy, but It's all right.
Can't give up.
(Sizzling) You know what you're looking for now, guys? I need somebody with some technique and I need a little bit of flair.
Two members of my team have some really good cooking techniques.
They need a little bit more edge.
If I taste what I want, I'll go for it, and it may not be wise.
If someone knows how to balance flavor, it's someone has a good palate, they can do anything.
My name is Huda.
I am 31 years old.
I am a professional chef, and I love and adore food, and it's the air I breathe.
I'm making a great shrimp dish.
What do you recommend? This is the only shrimp I have with the shell on - Uh-huh.
- So it's gonna kick out more flavor.
- Do you guys peel and de-vein, or - Absolutely.
I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
My dream is to inspire people.
I wanna change the world with food.
(Laughs) Today, I am making my shrimp and grits with a spicy cream sauce and crispy kale.
I grew up in a single-parent household.
My mom is a rock, and she's given up so much to make sure me and my brothers got to live our dreams.
(Voice breaking) And just being able to give back and say "thank you "Your sacrifices Your sacrifices were worth it.
" If I win this Which I will win this (Chuckles) It is absolutely for my mother.
No one, and I do mean no one, wants this more than me.
I'm a cheese and grits girl, that's for sure.
I love shrimp and grits.
I'm a big fan of this dish.
Nice to have you here.
Could you tell us who you are and a little bit about your dish? Absolutely.
My name is Huda, I'm from Washington D.
My dish was shrimp and grits my way.
So you were eating an aged white cheddar grit, crispy kale that I roasted in the oven, and then the shrimp were cooked with garlic, and the sauce on top is a cream hot sauce that I make.
- Do you work in the industry or - I do work in the industry.
I do personal and private cheffing, and I also teach healthy cooking tips.
Although the dish that you had was very Very comforting.
(Laughs) But I can do healthy food as well.
You know, the thing is, I've got two people in my team already, but I couldn't stop myself.
I couldn't stop myself.
So I just (Brian) Yeah! There ya go.
The heart wants what the heart wants.
I love shrimp and grits, but sadly, I am out.
I love shrimp.
I love grits.
I love shrimp and grits.
I love your shrimp and grits.
Sadly, I did not pick you for my team, but I'm glad you're sticking around.
- You are a smart girl.
- Oh, thank you.
You understand what is this competition is about.
- It's about the taste.
- Yes.
And your dish was amazing balance.
Just for that, I want you on my team.
(Brian) Oh! Oh! (Laughs) - Oh! - (Anthony) Yeah! Love it! Love it! Huda, who's it gonna be? Who's it gonna be? - Let us know.
- Oh, my God.
I don't know exactly what you want, but trust me, I would make you better and I would be very happy to cook with you because I love your style.
You're a free person.
You must make your decision.
So I'm not All I would say is, - or, I I feel - But, yeah, I mean - Yes, I feel - Look at this.
This is a piece of art.
- I mean, it was great.
- It was absolutely perfect.
She's not She's not a professionnelle.
I mean, I think you know what? - We see we see so many - She is a professional.
You don't pay attention to me at all.
Ohh! Huda! Tell us! Tell us, Huda! (Laughs) It is nice to be wanted.
It's it's It's a big decision.
Um I'm gonna have to go with Nigella.
Oh! Thank you, darling.
- I'm so happy.
- Oh, thank you.
We're gonna have such fun in my kitchen.
- I'm excited.
- I'm really I'm I'm ecstatic about the possibilities.
I'm so happy.
Nice pick.
(Laughs) (Laughs) - You got it? - Yes! Hey.
It feels amazing to be in the final 16.
Mama, they loved it! Oh, my God! (Laughs) I'm doing this for my mother.
It's my way of saying "thank you" for everything, everything she's ever done.
Nice pick.
It was a nice pick.
La voila.
Yeah, don't touch me, okay? (Laughs) "Don't touch me, okay?" Do you mean that? - Oh - Ah.
(Laughter) Thank you, sir.
My name is Jeff.
I live in Los Angeles.
I'm 28.
I'm a professional chef.
In high school, I would get into fights till I got expelled.
And, uh, you know, I started cooking, and realizing the kitchen really was a place where I could thrive.
My favorite thing in a restaurant is to make something and be nervous about it, and have someone try it and, you know, see that first initial reaction and be like That smile on their face.
(Beeps) (Man) Go for it, Jeff.
Thank you.
I'm here because I love cooking.
There's always something to learn.
You know, and I I believe that multiple minds are better than one mind, especially these four mentors.
Uh, we're gonna do a red miso, uh, slightly cured snapper.
Jalapeño, apple, cucumber, lime, uh, mixed with avocado.
Hopefully it'll be punchy.
Little olive oil, some daikon.
It'll be good.
I think, uh, there's a lot on the line.
You know, uh, my restaurants, my reputation.
Gettin' down to the wire.
It's gonna be good.
I hope my dish speaks to all four of them.
We're in a competition.
I don't I don't want to single myself out to to just one of them.
I can't absolutely say what I think that puree is around it.
It's got a real umami thing going on there.
I mean, avocado's a fruit, but I think we have another fruit with the avocado.
On ne va.
And we'll see who it is.
- Hello.
- How are you? Ca va? Good.
Very good.
What did you make for us, exactly? So this is a, uh, red miso and barley lightly cured snapper.
So it's, uh, cucumber, apple, jalapeño, cilantro.
- Apple.
- Nice.
Um, and then we take some of that juice, and we put it into the avocado to make the puree.
The avocado mousse was amazing.
Oh, thank you.
The dish was so good in the beginning.
And what really bothered me Did you put garlic chips? Yeah, just a little, teeny bit.
I don't For me, it was way too much.
All right.
I have a prejudice, and I'm gonna declare myself out Which is I I do not like those whipped, very smooth purees.
It's It's just my own personal prejudice.
So in that sense, I don't know that you'd fit in my kitchen.
Well, thank you.
Uh, this was clearly the work of a very, very, very skilled cook.
I thought it was a delicious dish, but I won't be putting you on my team.
Uh, but perhaps, uh, wiser heads will prevail.
I was so happy to have something that was just soothing and balanced.
Uh, like Join Team Malarkey! - Bring it on! - I like it.
- All right.
- Congratulations.
- I look forward to working with you.
- I'm excited, guys.
Thank you.
I thought it was absolutely a beautiful dish and very, very pleasant to the palate.
Look forward to it.
- Good catch.
- Oh, that was good.
I feel very happy to be on Team Malarkey.
I'm excited, you know? Let's do this.
I'm ready to sort of put my head down and and really make this a competition.
- The food was great.
Really good.
- Anthony We have some good food to come, you know? We have some good food here.
You know, Escoffier Jr.
could be up, uh, down the road.
- Maybe you're right.
- You're gonna be, uh, you're gonna be all booked up.
(Man singing in German) My name's Robert.
I live in a small town just outside of New York City.
I own and run an investment banking business.
My job is stressful.
It always has been.
It's a high-pressure job.
It just goes with the territory.
(Phone rings) It's a desk job.
It's a mental job.
Rob Broadwater.
The sort of physical relief of working in a kitchen, to butchering a side of beef, is, uh, something that I do find, uh, very satisfying.
(Beeps) I am making a saucisson de fruits de mer avec beurre blanc.
It's a, uh, a grilled seafood sausage with a beurre blanc sauce.
I think they're gonna say, "This is really fantastic.
How did he do this?" Voila.
Saucisson de fruits de mer avec beurre blanc.
I think I'm good.
I think I'm damn good.
Uh, do I have a shot at winning? Absolutely, or I wouldn't be here.
(Robert) Taste is what my cooking is all about, so this is sort of home turf for me.
(Brian) This is phenomenal.
It had a spring in its step.
I mean, that's that That's French.
- Classique, eh? - The sauce? - Very - Very classic.
Ca va? Ah, ca va bien.
What did you make, exactly, today? Uh, this is a saucisson de fruits de mer avec sauce beurre blanc.
I'm from the South, and we like sausage.
(Nigella) I really loved eating it.
And And I'm not gonna invite you to my kitchen.
Thank you.
C'est la vie.
Um, I I liked the sauce.
It was a little subtle.
You could have pumped it up a little bit.
It's not gonna fit in my team, so It's all about this team.
We're building a team.
Fair enough.
It's difficult to do a good sausage, you know? I really, uh, respect what you did.
It's a way of having all of the taste in one bite.
I think I did a big mistake.
I should've picked you.
At the end, I did not.
- You're not? - Great job.
I mean, great I mean, sorry.
And I I don't know why.
I just I don't know.
I think the The sausage was perfect, the balance of flavors were perfect, that is a damn good beurre blanc.
It's right in, uh, my classic happy zone.
I fear I screwed up.
- Nice dish.
Thank you so much.
- (Nigella) I'm sorry.
Thank you.
He was smart.
He made a smart decision for this challenge.
I mean, that's a good bite of of food.
It's a measure of where we are in this, uh - It is.
- In this process, that we let this guy sail by.
When they say, "I don't know why I didn't pick you," well, that's that's That's a great question.
Why didn't you pick me, guys? What has an investment banker gotta do to, uh, stay in the competition these days? (Brian) Tonight's Hellmann's Blue Ribbon moment, where Jeff brings out the best in his dish.
We're gonna do a red miso cured snapper.
The, uh, red miso is gonna keep the snapper really delicate.
I guess it's gonna be a well-rounded dish.
Now to celebrate their 100th birthday, Hellmann's and The Taste want you to share your blue ribbon recipe, using Hellmann's as the ingredient that takes your dish from good to the best.
Submit your recipe in the Blue Ribbon Challenge by visiting abc.
com/thetaste for your chance to prepare your dish right here with one of us on The Taste.
Um, I'm excited, and the teams are very defined.
They, uh, they - (Nigella) They represent who we are.
- Yes, they do.
Each of us need one.
Now the fight begins.
My name's Brian Anthony.
I live in San Francisco, California.
I am 32 years old and I am a recording artist Oh, yeah And I actually have a side cupcake business.
Delicious! Cooking, um, was always kind of, like, therapeutic for me, and people really liked my cupcakes.
And then I thought, "Well, maybe I could try selling 'em.
" So I'd take my cupcakes around town.
When people started buying them, it's like This is awesome.
I am so ready to compete on The Taste.
(Beep) I'm gonna put 115 million percent of all of my energy, all of my heart, and then put it on the spoon.
I am making an almost guilt-free (Chuckles) Almost carb-less lasagna.
Peel, you pesky onion.
Come on, little doggies.
Work with me.
I feel kind of sweaty.
If I'm breaking a sweat, I guess I'm working hard.
(Exhales) I have eggplant everywhere.
That's not going as I planned.
Lucky I got a big mouth.
(Brian Anthony) These mentors, they're total rock stars in their field.
I mean, who wouldn't love to have one of them as your mentor? (Laughs) I see some Some sort of eggplant parmigiana, but not quite.
Different version of vegetables.
- It's not Italian.
- No.
I'm pretty happy about that.
I'd eat that hot, I'd eat that cold tomorrow.
Oh, my God, it would be heavenly cold.
- (Nigella) Hello.
- Hey.
Welcome to The Taste.
Tell me Tell me who you are, and your name.
My name is Brian Anthony.
And do you cook professionally, or at home or I'm a professional home cook.
(Laughs) Yeah! New title.
- That was a big, big ol' spoonful there.
- I know.
- Don't apologize.
- You look good, by the way.
You look very good.
Thank you.
You look good, too.
Judges' decisions have already been made.
(Laughter) Flattery will get you nowhere, young man.
It was obviously Italian influenced.
Oh, it's my grandmother.
I grew up watching her make lasagna all the time.
I just wanted to make it more healthy by putting eggplant and zucchini in it, and I put, uh, ground chicken in it um, and a little bit of turkey sausage in it.
You know, I'm only sorry that I am nearly You know, I'm I've nearly got a full kitchen.
- And - You're not full, liar.
- Nearly got.
- You You still have one - Yes, yes.
- Okay, nearly, whatever.
- I've nearly got a full kitchen.
- She's been using that excuse all day.
- Nearly - I know, exactly.
- She wants everybody.
- It's too late.
I've made my I've cast my vote.
I'm sorry.
I love my grandmother's food.
Um, there is a time and a place for it.
Um, it It was really, really good.
You know, it wasn't what I was looking for.
I think Look, Italian food, especially nonna cooking like this, is a very subjective matter.
Uh, I I really enjoyed this dish.
Uh, just not for me, not today.
I was not very crazy about the dish.
It was not my thing.
Sorry about that.
- Thank you.
- Best of luck.
Thanks for making the trip.
- Nice to meet you.
- Good luck.
(Brian) I was rushing at the end.
And I think the size of the spoon, uh, was a little bit difficult to get the perfect bite with the right balance of flavors on it.
I'm not really disappointed.
I really worked hard and did my best.
(Beeps) I'm Erika Monroe-Williams.
I'm a former news anchor, and currently, I host morning show cooking segments.
My husband Matt Williams is the former third baseman from San Francisco and Arizona.
We have an 8-year-old daughter Madison.
She is really excited for me.
And so, you know, I think it's so important to see your parents go for their dreams.
I am making a lime and coriander-crusted tuna with a coconut lemongrass cream.
My dream would be to have my own cooking show.
Right now, I'm writing a cookbook, and it's kind of a Bible for everybody out there who feels like they can't cook.
(Erika) I am so excited just to even have the shot to be mentored by any of these incredible chefs.
Watermelon? I'm finding this hard.
Let's go see who is behind this interesting dish.
- Oh, hello.
- Aren't you just so Hi.
(Laughs) What is the story behind that? It's a lime and coriander-crusted tuna, with panko, and I did a coconut and lemongrass cream sauce with a spicy watermelon and mango salad.
I feel like I'm on vacation.
(Laughs) But I'm going to say "no," because it's missing salt for me.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
A perfectly good dish.
A little earlier in the day, I would have jumped at the opportunity here.
You will not be on my team, uh, but you should be very proud of, uh, what you did here today.
Thank you.
I love watermelon.
I just am holding out - for that one person for my team, so - I know.
I I do find it slightly difficult, the mixing of sweet and savory.
Now I'm I I'm looking to find the final member of my kitchen.
It's amazing, because I look at you, and I think you're gonna fit, and luckily (Mentors cheer) (Ludo) Oh, my God! That's gonna be a fun kitchen.
We're all girls.
We're gonna have a gas.
Girl power.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You've filled your team.
You've got a team now.
That was good.
- Oh, my God! Yes! Yes! - (Madison squeals) To listen to these talented chefs talk about my food, it was a surreal experience.
I'm just so thrilled that Nigella's taking a chance on me.
I'm Christina Ross.
I'm from sunny Venice Beach, California, and I'm a raw vegan foodist.
I am a vegan chef.
My specialty is vegan cooking.
I'm not trying to do that gross, hippie-dippy stuff.
I am making a chocolate creme pot that has coriander confetti.
Savory grits with roasted fennel.
Brazilian black bean cake Wilted dandelion green salad with garlic chips.
On top of a red coconut rice with a mango salsa.
I'm definitely not using the stove, I'm not using any heat, I'm not using any of the chef's conventional tools, really.
Anthony Bourdain has boasted on numerous occasions how much he hates vegans and vegan food.
My antipathy to vegans and vegetarians is well known.
Like, seriously, dude.
He's never eaten my food.
(Dayna) I've got this in the bag.
They're gonna taste my food and they're not even gonna know that it's vegan.
I'm confused.
You're not voting on that, huh? - I suspect vegetarianism.
- Ooh-hoo! This is a very tense time for you.
I'm not gonna waste your time, because, you know, my My team is full.
I'm going to say "no.
" Sorry about that.
There's no animal protein in this dish? Oh, Anthony, I've been waiting for you to ask me that.
It could have greatly benefitted from the addition of one of Brazil's many fine pork products.
I'm a meat eater.
I need meat cooks on my team.
What is it? I don't know what I'm tasting.
We got a vegetarian on us.
Can you tell us a little bit about the dish? I wanted to explore how to get it really deep in flavor without using dairy or butter.
You don't put butter or cream, nothing in your grits? Wow.
He's a French man.
If you don't put butter and cream in something (Laughs) Malarkey, can I just talk for myself? I would say "no.
" That is definitely not gonna work for Team Malarkey.
It was great, and it was hearty.
And it had many levels.
But I have taken myself out.
This is possibly the best and most interesting vegan mouthful of food I've had in memory.
Clearly, you are not gonna fit in on my team.
Do you think it's a vegetarian? There's something goin' on here that I don't understand.
(Giggling) Oh! All makes sense.
- It makes sense, right? - It all makes sense.
How do you cook in that? I don't use fire.
If I take you in my team, you're going to change your clothes? If you prefer I wear a different color tutu, no problem.
I have many.
(Laughs) Thank you.
It's not dairy cream, is it? - No, it's coconut cream.
It's pure - Yes, I can That Yes.
I see that It's (Giggles) What happened? (Christina) I take it you didn't like it? How could I eat? I wa I wanna vomit with terror.
I'm Gregg Drusinsky, 31 years old, live in New York City, and I teach culinary school.
(Beeps) I would describe myself as borderline neurotic.
I'm a little bit, you know, crazy.
I wouldn't say exactly, like, insane crazy, but, you know, I've got a ton of energy.
I started cooking when I was 15 years old, professionally.
I was a sous chef all throughout college, right after I moved down to New York, and I worked in some of the best restaurants in New York.
I'm making a little bit of, uh, chili crab broth.
It's gonna be, like, a Singapore-style lobster bisque.
And, uh, it's gonna be really good.
Hopefully, the judges are able to see that my food is a little more elegant.
I'm choosing things that go well on one spoon.
You put a little bit of lobster salad in there and you put some, uh, beautiful sauce over it.
I'm-a make that spoon look sexy.
(Woman) Hands up.
(Gregg) I'm probably not the best at taking criticism.
You know, I'm a dude.
I have an ego.
I don't even wanna meet them.
I want them to taste, and know the person back there just killed it.
- Mmm.
It's like a Thai Thai curry.
- Little curry.
Delicious, and, um It's got a nice flavor.
- But you haven't chosen? - You playin' cards, Malarkey? Yeah, I'm playing cards.
Yes, I am.
Okay, let's see who, uh, we've got in the chute of terror.
(Anthony) Hey, how you doing tonight? - Great, how are you? - What's your name? Gregg Drusinsky.
- Gregg, where you from? - From New York City.
New York City.
And are you a professional? A professional chef, yes.
I, uh, actually teach culinary school.
And what did you make us today? I made you guys a lobster bisque, but instead of using milk, I used, uh, coconut milk so it's a little bit lighter.
Uh, different set of aromatics.
Used the Ground up the lobster shells really well, got a good toast on those.
I made my own curry paste.
So it's like a southeast Asian-style lobster bisque.
I'm bowing out simply because my team is complete.
So I'm leaving you to these gents.
Thank you.
It tasted like a A variant of Thai curry to me.
Um (Brian laughs) For no damn good reason at all, I passed.
- Excellent dish.
- Thank you.
- Good showing.
- Thank you.
With, uh, only a few slots left to go Ludo? As a French guy, as a French chef, - I love lobster bisque.
- Why does he always talk about this? What? I'm French.
(Laughs) - Are you jealous because I'm French? - Because I don't know - Are you jealous because I'm French? - You don't know he's not French.
(Laughs) No fighting in the war room.
Uh, I love the flavor.
The lobster was cooked perfectly.
And I I really love the The twist you did with the lime.
So I will say welcome to Team Ludo.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That food may have been the best food we ate all competition.
- Wow.
- And I'm glad I held out.
I got one spot left, Ludo's got one spot left.
We got the backbone of an amazing team.
I ask that you consider joining my team.
Thank you guys so much.
Um You have to make a decision between Ludo or Malarkey.
Uh, I'm gonna go with Ludo.
Yes! Because he has the classic French training.
And that's what I went through.
I worked at Le Bernardin.
I was the saucier there.
Really? Yeah! Oh, my God.
You make my day.
Maybe I make your day, but you make my day, too.
You got yourself a good (bleep) cook, didn't you? So excited.
We're going to have fun together.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much, everybody.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you for picking me.
Thank you.
Ludo, our battle will continue - On the field.
- On the field.
- Wow.
- Ohh! That was the one.
Whoo! It's really a blessing.
I'm not religious, but, uh, that really made me a believer.
My team is full.
Would it be in poor taste for me to observe that you guys have gone head-to-head three times, and each of those three times, you got spanked, dude.
Yeah, one Well, the last one was easy for me, huh? (Laughs) Ohh! That's overkill, man.
- You know, I wanna just - His accent Ugh.
Hi, my name is Adam.
I'm from Sacramento, California, I own two restaurants and I'm an executive chef.
(Beeps) So I'm gonna sear some scallops, um, and do a little corn hash.
And then, uh, the sauce is gonna be this, um, this tomatillo salsa.
I've heard scallops have been a popular item, and, uh, I was getting a little worried 'cause I guess the judges are getting a little sick of scallops.
Food has always sort of dominated my life, and so I guess, you know, when, uh, food's your drug of choice, you better become the dealer.
Ha ha! (Adam) You know, I don't want to get ahead of myself Mmm.
But, um, I think I've got what it takes to be the very first winner of The Taste.
- Nice heat.
- Whoa! - Nice little heat coming on there.
- (Nigella) Goodness me.
- Whoa! - The corn Good, the heat.
(Speaks French) It's crunchy enough.
You think? I love that feeling of the fiery confetti.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm? The heat, the sweet? Uh, yeah.
I mean Let's see how this is gonna play out.
Who's behind the hatch? Welcome.
Great to be here.
What's your name? My name's Adam Pechal.
I'm from, uh, Sacramento, California.
And, uh, you in the business? I own two restaurants in Sacramento and a catering company.
So professional, yes.
What did you make for us today? It's a seared scallop over a little bit of a a chorizo and corn hash.
And then that heat you guys were getting was a, uh, habenero tomatillo salsa.
I'm really sorry because I have a full quota.
I, uh, those flavors were fab.
Thank you.
So thank you.
Uh, no, I mean, a great dish, but, uh, my team is full, too.
There we go.
I thought it was a delicious dish.
Uh, I was very happy with it.
Um Unfortunately, at this very late stage in the game, I can't use you on my team.
Thank you, chef.
Adam, my team is not full, all right? Hey, all right.
Uh, and so I'm looking for the The final piece of the puzzle, the last complement.
We need to stock our team.
We need to load it up.
And did you hear what I just said? We need to stock our team.
All right? - Yep! - You wanna come play? - Happy to be here.
- Here we go! - Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
- Here we go, Adam! You're in! Get ready.
And you know what we need to do? We need to teach our team how to get off scallops and get off corn, because we got a couple of 'em on our team.
That's what I've heard.
I was a little worried about that.
That's enough for now.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you much.
Well, you found yourself a good cook.
Whoo! Made it! Let's do this! Uh, I'm super stoked.
You know, there's always a shred of doubt, but, um, I feel I belong here and I'm happy to be here.
I'm ready for this.
I'm ready for this.
I'm gonna take it I'm gonna take it to the field.
We're gonna win in the kitchen.
I have to fill one position.
One position.
One more spot.
I could tell ya.
Oh, yeah.
I've been over things.
I've been strategizing.
Now I'm desperate.
And now I better strap on the beer goggles 'cause, uh (Laughs) I gotta find somebody.
Today, I'm actually making an orange-scented flourless chocolate cake.
I decided I was gonna do sweet.
I'm going to make a potato ricotta gnocchi.
All the nerves are kicking in, yeah? Oh, (bleep).
Oh, my God.
Well, now that I found out that there's only one spot left A little bit more nervous.
Nicely cooked.
Thanks so much, but I'm afraid that's a "no" for me.
Very Very interesting.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm not really into sweets, which is why I'm afraid No can do.
I'm holding out, though.
- (Ludo) Ohh! - Oh, God! Okay.
Can I have my sake and drink it? No, just kidding.
(Beeps) My name is Uno, and I am from Dallas, Texas.
I am a single mom.
I have an 8-year-old daughter.
And I'm I'm doing this for her, too.
My name is James Simpkins, and I live in San Rafael, California, where I am a freelance personal chef and author.
Today, we're doing a A spiced-rub rib eye steak.
I'm gonna make a lap gai, which is like a minced chicken breast but it's also got the liver, heart, kidneys, gizzards, and some different Asian ingredients in there.
I'm-a do something totally out of the box.
I would say I'm a home cook almost on the border of a professional chef.
I am a burgeoning expert in American food culture, and I need to play on a national stage, and this is the way to do it.
(Anthony) One spot left.
(James) This is it.
It's gonna happen the way I want it to.
There is nothing else, so I gotta focus on this one.
Gotta focus on it.
I have to come in first place 'cause my name says it all Uno.
(Laughs) Just like that.
- (Woman) Two, one.
- Shoot! Hands up.
(Laughs) I'm extremely competitive.
I'm here to win.
When Anthony Bourdain eats my food, he's gonna orgasm.
I think Anthony Bourdain's reaction to it is gonna be that he would like two bites.
No, the texture of the meat is melting.
Taste - The side is - It's fried and it's not greasy.
I know this dish.
I'm having a hard time deciding, honestly.
It's a tough call.
When Anthony Bourdain eats my food, he's gonna orgasm.
I think Anthony Bourdain's reaction to it is gonna be that he would like two bites.
I'm having a hard time deciding, honestly.
It's a tough call.
- Uh, what's your name? - My name is James.
Can you tell us a little bit about your dish? It's, uh, dressed-up steak and eggs.
(Anthony) Good, good, good, good, good.
I could find no fault with it at all.
I thought it was delicious.
I would be very interested to see what else you can do.
I love this spectrum of flavors, so this has been the hardest The hardest "no" I've I've had to make today.
But it was really close.
And congratulations to you on a really, really good dish.
Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- What is your name? - My name is Uno.
- Where you from originally? - I'm from Laos.
What is the name of the dish? What is it? It's lap gai, which is "lucky chicken.
" Memory from your childhood, right? - That's memory from - It's from my childhood.
I mean, a lot of the food that I do is Asian street food.
And, um, when I teach people how to cook, I try to inspire them with Eastern ingredients every day.
Look, these are flavors, uh, that I know.
These are flavors that I love.
I know this dish well, and I am honored and thrilled - Aah! - To have you on my team.
Yeah! (Laughing) Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You will be so proud, I promise you that.
I'm proud already.
Oh! I'm on Bourdain's team! (Cheering) Yeah! Yes! (Laughs) It's so surreal to me right at this moment.
I don't even know how I feel because at the end of the day, this is my passion.
(Voice breaking) And I can't imagine being anywhere else here at this moment with my friends and my family, and so It's good.
Ahh! I'm wondering.
Everybody satisfied with their teams? I'm very happy with my kitchen.
Very happy.
Me, too.
We both have, uh, all-women teams.
All three of the people on Ludo's team that turned me down, those are my first targets right here.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm not gonna deny it.
- You You carry a grudge.
- I do.
I do.
I'll be honest with you, I'm smelling the victory.
This battle will be fought in the kitchen! Ah! So, uh, what's everybody doing for dinner? (Ludo and Nigella laugh) - Ohh.
- Maybe some pasta.
Come on.
- Yeah.
Some good pasta.
- Yeah.
After a marathon blind tasting (Anthony) Genuinely revolting.
I didn't get it.
Not gonna fit on my team.
You've got it.
All our teams are complete.
For the first time, our four kitchens are going head-to-head.
- All right, let's do it.
- Cooks against cooks.
- Why you gotta fight about it? - I'm a (bleep).
Mentors against mentors.
This should go (bleep) ruin your guys.
Oh, just a second! (Nigella) Every week, it's all decided exactly the same way - Through a blind tasting.
- What is it? Any thoughts? We have no idea what we're eating, or who cooked it.
So we risk eliminating cooks from our own team.
Very, very sad.
Until only one remains.
- The fight to the finish - Boom, baby! Begins now.