The Taste (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

The Art of the Sandwich

1 (Brian) Last week, it started to get personal.
I'm not finished yet.
I'm not finished yet! Now it's about your palate.
Get in there, Shawn.
Erika, that means you're going home.
(Brian) Tonight, the cooks must master the art of the sandwich.
The great sandwich challenge starts now! - Cheers.
- To victory.
That is not good.
If you can't make a sandwich, then what the hell kind of chef are you? Oh, come on.
You're a chef, Paul.
I can't get one of my (bleep) dishes done.
(Brian) Two cooks will be sent home.
What is this thing? You loved it, you made it, and then you burnt it.
(Uno) It is like Hunger Games up in this place.
- Can I finish? - Yes.
- Malarkey? - Yes! Let me teach you something about sandwich.
Whoo! (Brian) Oh, yeah! Comin' with the spunk today! Yeah! Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about.
- (Brian) Oh! - Oh, excuse me.
Congratulations for still being here.
It's good to see you.
But, uh, may I remind you, unfortunately, we have to send two more of you home tonight.
Today, we're going back to basics with the humble, but, by me especially, much-loved sandwich.
(Anthony) Since we're working with you in the team test, we're handing over judging duties to some of the greatest chefs in America.
Please welcome Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone.
(Applause) (Nigella) You must each create the perfect bite of an American classic a club sandwich, a PB&J, or the good old-fashioned salad sandwich be it tuna, chicken, or egg.
(Brian) Nobody eats a sandwich off a spoon.
So we're gonna let you put the sandwich on a little plate.
One tiny sandwich for Rich and Mario to taste blind.
As always, of course, only one taste from each kitchen will be put before them, so you're gonna have to decide amongst yourselves, as always.
(Brian) The cook who prepares the sandwich they like the most will win immunity, meaning they cannot be sent home.
Rich, Mario, you guys can leave so we can get cooking.
None of the other chefs have eaten Mario and Rich's food.
That is a nice advantage for us, I think.
So as we go into this challenge, our team is the only team with all four members still intact.
Do you feel like you got targets on your backs? Are you gettin' the fish-eye from some of these punks? Yeah, I think now people are getting a little nervous.
At the end of the day, this is a solid 3-pack right here, all right? I'll need your help, as well, with the whole sandwich thing, because we only put so many things in our sandwiches.
- Right.
- Right.
Our team being smaller, it actually seems like we might be able to work better together.
We're small but powerful.
Not too many things on the sandwich.
Work on the texture and flavor.
Is everybody ready for this? The great sandwich challenge starts now! Fire it up! (Rapping) We're talkin' all the way to the championship.
All right.
I'm excited.
You know, I love sandwiches.
I thought, "Oh, why now a a sandwich challenge?" But it makes sense.
Because if you can't make a sandwich, then what the hell kind of chef are you? I'm gonna hit the hit the lamb up.
We cooked the lamb in the muffin pan.
- I like that.
- Lamb in the muffin pan.
- Lamb in the muffin pan - Little, uh, little lamb muffins.
I feel immunity comin'.
I'm super thrilled about my team.
They're knocking it out of the park, and I think that they have all the tools to really just nail this challenge.
Gregg, how you doing today? Since I've lost Shawn, Gregg, you're my new target, all right? (Singsongy) Oh, Gregg! Malarkey doesn't like me.
You know, he really wanted me on his team, and he is just pissed.
Worst decision you ever made, my friend, was not coming to Team Malarkey.
Now Now we're taking you down, buddy.
So I'm thinking roasted pork sliced really, really thin, peppers on the bottom, and, uh, do, like, an arugula pesto.
Can you add something sweet? - I mean, I hate that - That's That's what I'm afraid of.
- That's the only thing we're missing there.
- I keep doing that.
I know.
I made a chicken curry sandwich with a sambal oelek apricot jam.
Try? Let me eat this one.
We have more.
Don't worry.
I got no heat in there.
Punch it, punch it, punch it.
(Jeff) I'm lookin' at Adam and I'm lookin' at Khristianne and I'm looking at myself, and I'm realizing this is the teamwork that we, you know, that we sort of lost last time, we're bringing back together.
Finish up.
Burn it.
Burn it.
Burn it.
Burn it.
Burn it.
- I want smoky.
Okay? - I know.
That's where you're gonna get all the flavor.
(Gregg) One of the great Italian tuna salads is the tonnato salad.
And instead of using mayonnaise, you make mayonnaise out of the tuna itself.
More tuna.
- Yes, chef.
- You taste it? I don't.
I mean, sorry, I don't taste the tuna.
- Yeah.
- Add some tuna? - Yeah.
Put in some tuna.
- Yes, chef.
I do that a lot at the restaurant.
Forty minutes, guys.
Forty minutes left.
So I'm going with a day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich, and it's and it's my favorite sandwich.
- You're doing your Thanksgiving sandwich.
- Yeah? But what is your twist? Hmm.
Where Where is your meat? I haven't decided.
It's gonna be In all those bags, there's a whole bunch of different kinds of turkey, chef.
No, no, no, no.
It's too thin.
It's too thin.
What other choice do we have? I know.
It's not going to work.
It's not going to work.
Go with chicken.
This is This is totally throwing me in a whole new direction.
This isn't even close to what I was originally doing.
Paul, come on.
You're a chef, Paul.
Here we go again with the dish.
Like, I can't get one of my (bleep) dishes done right, the way I want it to come out, because it comes in and it gets (bleep) with.
Go, go, Paul! Emergency.
Time to go.
That's the way French chefs generally communicate in the kitchen.
I wouldn't call it mean.
I'd call it effective.
Yeah No! No, no, no, no, no, no.
- You don't want any more - No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no no, no.
I wish I could understand him, but I I don't speak drivel.
(Sarah) How many plates are we doing? We do the meeting before.
I mean, I'm not here to for babysitting you, sweetie, okay? I think Ludo's losing patience with Sarah a little bit.
Hey, stop.
Don't put salt.
Don't put salt.
She is getting a little bit dependent on him.
I believe that he created that monster.
Sarah? Are you okay, Sarah? He comes over, giving her all this help, all this help.
Now you wanna pull that away? You're gonna have a problem.
Sarah, I don't know, Sarah, I don't know.
You drive me nuts.
I'm not really sure what's going on with Ludo.
I can't really figure him out.
I'm not her bitch, you know.
No, no more.
I like that olive in that.
I don't think you need more.
It's good.
I'm not sure where else I'm going with it.
(Laughs) Hmm? Nothing.
I would certainly say, in terms of confidence levels, my kitchen is not as strong.
But you want a taste on both, 'cause we've gotta make sure they're perfectly cooked on both.
- Okay.
- But I want you to taste that and tell me, 'cause I think that already now you'll be at an advantage 'cause they'll be juicy and good.
I wanna beat the other teams really badly.
I wanna make Nigella proud.
I ultimately want either me or Huda to be standing at the end.
Okay, so, Lauren, my big, fat chicken sandwich.
What did you do with your olives that you made? - They're over there.
- Right.
That like So you're making, like, a tapenade? - Yeah.
- Can I have a taste? Mmm.
As a home cook, I might even have an advantage in this, because professional chefs probably don't serve sandwiches quite often in a restaurant.
I'm gonna do a fried chicken.
- Yeah? - Uh, season it with Season oil with some garlic before I fry the chicken.
And then tarragon and garlic mayonnaise - Yes.
- To go over the salad.
I don't know what Lauren's planning for her sandwich, but I think my sandwich will end up being the one that we pick for today.
What are you looking to make? I'm looking to make a shrimp egg salad with a little bit of hot sauce in there and capers.
- What kind of bread? - I think rye bread.
Rye bread.
Sounds nice.
So what is your plan? My play on a pork lechon taco.
So it's gonna have some, like, cabbage and some jalapeño onion escabeche and shredded, um, pork.
And what, uh, bread? I think I would love to go with a brioche.
Personally, I don't like brioche.
You might consider another bread.
What are you thinking about? Braised pork belly that I'm going to deep-fry.
It's got soy sauce and whisky in there.
Get 'em a little drunk.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then, um, on Hawaiian roll, 'cause it's one of my favorite rolls.
This is gonna be really a problem.
We're gonna have four really, really good sandwiches here.
(Ludo) Have one minute and a half.
- One minute and a half.
- Panic time! We'd like to do some tastes now.
It's totally delicious.
Considering that I've never made it before, I'm very proud of the sandwich I've made.
Aw! What did I just hit that just cracked my tooth? - (Adam) Shut up.
- A peppercorn? Uh, if No.
A bone from meat I didn't grind.
For me, the The choice was gonna be between Diane and Uno.
So everybody here addressed the challenge beautifully.
I think the one to go with, uh, is Diane's.
Anthony made the best decision picking mine.
I think yes, then, we should go with yours.
(Whispers) Finally, it's my turn.
(Nigella) It's got a bit more depth to it.
(Lauren) I think Huda's sandwich is good.
But at the end of the day, I think my sandwich is better.
(Brian) Put it up.
Plate it.
Plate it.
Boom! The sandwich is brilliant.
Khristianne's food is going up to represent.
As long as we get enough heat on this, we win, all right? (Brian) That's the dish.
It's rock 'n' roll.
(Adam) It sucks.
I made a really solid, solid sandwich.
Give them the two ends.
- Okay, let's go, let's go.
- Put it up.
I'm liking how my sandwich tastes at the end.
The immunity would be great.
My sandwich is done, and it's the best on the team.
(Diane) I look over, and Ludo has not made a choice.
And I really want the immunity.
Anybody but Gregg.
Come on.
If Gregg wins this thing, we're We're breaking out of this joint and going to a bar tonight.
Anybody but Gregg.
Anybody but Gregg.
If Gregg wins this thing, we're We're breaking out of this joint and going to a bar tonight.
Anybody but Gregg.
Anybody but Gregg.
(Ludo) Gregg.
We'll go tuna.
We'll go tuna.
Oh, my God.
Zero! Hands up.
(Ludo) I decide to go with Gregg because it's a refined sandwich.
You know? It was not just, you know (Blows raspberry) You know what I mean? This was the first time that my dish is chosen, and I'm extremely excited.
But more importantly, because I can win immunity.
(Khristianne) I really believe I have the winner here.
It was perfect, altogether.
Hopefully (Laughs) Very soon, I will get immunity.
(Gregg) My sandwich goes up for review, it's It's sitting there, and I'm feeling a little bit horrible, thinking of all the things that I should have done better.
Hello, everybody.
See, I'm never 100% confident 'cause you just may never know.
My sandwich was a bit messy, but it was supposed to be messy.
I thought, uh, Diane's sandwich was delicious.
It's a strong contender.
I'm surprised what Tony put up there.
I mean, I did not get it, this one.
I did not get it.
As the guest mentors are tasting my dish, they're a little bit blank.
So I I'm not really sure what's going on.
(Chuckles) Mm.
I do feel hopeful.
It's just whether I allow myself the audacity of hope.
(Paul) This competition's getting very intense.
We all used to be friends, and now we can see that attitudes are starting to change, people are starting to get cocky.
So the winning sandwich was the most creative, the best balanced, had enough acid, it had a good concept.
The winner is Team Ludo.
(Ludo) Yeah! - Yeah! Whoo! - Whoo! Out of everybody, why did it have to be Gregg again? Why couldn't it have been anybody else? I've just won two team challenges in a row.
I'm happy that I have immunity.
Absolutely ecstatic.
I do think mine should have been up there.
I win two team challenge, you know? I'm an edge.
I'm an edge.
I teach.
I don't drink alcohol and just talking, talking, talking.
You know, obviously, Gregg is a problem.
Who cares? Gregg, Gregg, Gregg.
So, you know, I wouldn't mind to see him go.
(Ludo) Thank you, guys.
Rich, Mario, you guys can join Ludo's winning kitchen.
(Applause) So Gregg has immunity, and, you know, now we get the benefit of the two guest mentors helping us out.
Gregg, congratulations.
You are immune from being sent home after the solo taste test.
You are guaranteed a place in the next round.
Continue this week's theme Aim to create the best sandwich you can.
Broaden your horizons tonight.
And in one hour, we're gonna start tasting.
(Anthony) We gotta get out of here.
Your time starts now, guys! (Brian) Gregg, Gregg, Gregg, Gregg.
Gregg, Gregg, Gregg.
It's kind of odd that you would think a sandwich, you know, would take so much thought, but it does.
Gregg, what are you making? Uh, chef, I'm making, um A naan Naan-wich.
I'm really excited to be able to cook in front of Rich and Mario.
Go I mean, go hot pickle.
Just bring 'em up, pour 'em over, and then and then put it back on the fire.
I look up to them.
This guy's got immunity.
Chef, I still wanna do my best, chef, - especially in front of you guys.
- Absolutely.
And, you know, you're doing your best.
It's not just a sandwich.
There has to be something more to it for it to rise to the level of excellence.
My guys, they're all about technique.
So I said to my little golden boy, focus on your technique.
Well, how would we feel about, like, an open sandwich? Have we specified it has to be two pieces? I don't know.
What's the game plan here? I'm doing a fried oyster taco.
Does a taco count as a sandwich? You know what? I'm just gonna take a risk.
It's protein in between carbs, you know? I applaud your courageousness.
So I'm doing some, uh, like, dry-aged New York strip, - kind of roll them up a little bit.
- So a steak sandwich? Steak sandwich.
I was gonna roll some maybe some uni or some tobiko in, 'cause I was kind of thinking about a surf and turf situation.
So far, things are going pretty well for my team.
I really like these women.
I don't wanna lose any of them.
I'm making a steamed bun with a either pork belly, duck, or short ribs.
Neither Mia or I have gotten a gold star yet, so our goal today is to get a gold star.
Right, Mia? Yes! They're certainly confident.
Be careful.
After, they're gonna be so confident, and they're going to (Whistles) I'm beginning to feel that I've done the wrong strategy, because I've tried to go for some harmonious kitchen.
Maybe I haven't given them enough drive for the win.
'Cause they seem lacking in confidence.
I think we are feeling more confident.
Don't you think we're feeling more confident? Huh? (Laughs) I'm known for my jerk turkey sandwich.
But I'm not sure I'm gonna have enough time to make the turkey perfect.
My backup plan is actually, um, a pesto chicken, which is really good, too, so My team, they're The boys and Khristianne don't get along very well.
She doesn't like the boys at all.
She always cooks on her side of the kitchen, they cook on their side of the kitchen.
I'm liking her more and more, I gotta tell you.
Yeah, I'm interested to see what she's doing.
I'm making a a pork belly, chicken liver mousse, pickled shallots, with chicharrones, two types.
Two cooks are going home, and there's gonna be ten of us left.
Final ten.
(Jeff) I'm going all-American steak sandwich.
I love making sandwiches.
I'm just mad I can't make my own bread in the challenge.
I'm diving into one of my all-time favorites the, uh, cubano.
It's got pork, some pickles.
I'm feeling really good about this one.
Oh, you know what I would love to see, too? Maybe a bahimi.
Bahimi sandwich? - Oh, the banh mi? - Yeah.
I'm going all-out right now.
I'm doing a, uh, banh mi.
I'm going with a homemade pate.
A typical banh mi is on a, uh, French baguette.
But, uh, I'm going on a ciabatta.
I've done this sandwich with premade buns, or made my own dough so I can control it myself.
Um, but I don't have In an hour, I can't let the dough rise or sit.
I'm making bread.
(Laughs) Hopefully, we'll just have enough time to proof it, and it's gonna be a flatbread-style thing.
You know, I I wanted to take a little bit of a risk this time.
(Khristianne) Right behind.
She's going taco.
Is a taco a sandwich? Um I asked her, she's like, "I don't know.
" I'm doing a beef carpaccio sandwich.
It's kind of like a take on a roast beef but with filet mignon carpaccio.
Uh, I have not done this dish before, so it is risky.
But you know what? It'll feel better if I do really well and it was a risk, than if I played it safe and I just, like, coasted along.
I know Anthony loves ethnic food.
So I'm doing a take on a lule kebab, which is an Armenian dish.
I'm gonna make this awesome spicy harissa, um, tzatziki sauce.
- Sarah, is a taco a sandwich? - I'm sorry? Is a taco a sandwich? - That's a good question.
- I I don't know.
We'll see, I guess.
24 minutes, guys.
(Khristianne) Hot pan.
Time flies when you're making bread from scratch.
I want to be, I need to be still standing.
I'm gonna be in the last two.
'Cause I will never go back to the way it was a couple years ago in my life.
It's gone.
I am not gonna let this opportunity slip through my hands.
I went through a really painful marriage.
When you have to pick up and leave (Voice breaks) Because something is so destructive, you learn to build up quite the, um, exterior.
I hit rock bottom, and I was literally penniless and living out of a bag for, like, eight months.
Being here means that everything that I've gone through in the past ten years actually meant something.
I've just not given up on myself.
(Brian) Tonight's Hellmann's blue ribbon moment, where Khristianne brings out the best in her dish.
All right, so over here, we got this, uh, we got a chicken curry salad going.
You wanna try this cilantro one? A touch more mayonnaise.
- True.
True, true, true, true.
- Right? Putting Hellmann's in the curry.
All right? - Works.
- Yeah.
To celebrate Hellmann's 100th birthday, I'm here with Debbie, who adds Hellmann's to take her Asian chicken salad from good to the best.
- Why is this a winning dish? - It's a family favorite, and it's delicious on a warm summer night.
Start with the Hellmann's.
I add chicken, rice, water chestnuts, - almonds, soy sauce, sesame oil.
- I love the creaminess.
For full details, visit abc.
I need a gold star.
I'd like a gold star.
I want a gold star.
We're always shooting for the stars.
I'm the strongest home cook in this competition, and I I wanna show that today.
Anthony's team is going down today.
One of 'em, at least, has to go home.
We definitely have a target on our backs right now.
(Adam) Right behind, right behind.
Things on fire.
My jerk turkey's not gonna make it, so we're going with plan "B.
" If that doesn't work, they're getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
(Laughs) I don't have time.
I don't know.
(Mia) I'm hoping the judges will recognize the fact that I actually did make this myself.
So I am looking forward to having them be really wowed by By what I've done.
I need onions.
(Bleep) yeah.
Five minutes, guys.
It's coming out exactly how I wanted it to be.
I'm very happy about this.
- (Gregg) One minute.
- Ooh.
What can I do next? - You okay? - Yeah.
Where's my other two plates? - Right here.
- Ah.
Give me the spoon.
Give me the thing.
What do you need? What do you need? What else? What else? You good? That's it, that's it.
I mean I made my bread, bitches.
Come on.
We got this.
Totally forgot to put the bacon in.
- It's nice working with you.
- Thank you.
(Rich) The real question is whether a taco is a sandwich.
I don't know.
Okay, boys, we're gonna get tasting.
Come on.
Come with Mommy.
(Brian) We taste everything.
We have no idea who cooked it, or what we are eating.
Each mentor must select which was our best taste Ka-ching.
And more importantly, our worst taste to put in the bottom four.
Aw, man.
There's a lot of pressure riding on this sandwich.
People made their own bread in an hour.
Now it's my turn.
(Adam) I do a great version of the cubano.
Really nice pork loin, bacon, house-made pickles, peaches, and jalapeños.
It should be a winner.
Is that chicken or turkey? Chicken? Tomato? (Imitates British accent) "I think there's a bit of tomahto.
" (Normal voice) There's not a tomato in my station.
Is that gruyere? Gruyere cheese The one thing she got right about it.
It's a panini? It's a club.
Chicken bacon cheese panini.
It hasn't taken us anywhere.
- A lot of bread.
- Not necessarily a bad thing.
That sandwich is inspired by my mom's stew.
It's a big, risky, bold move, but I like it.
We got chopped liver.
- Mmm.
- Liver and onions.
Well, you could flavor the liver.
I'd like something that brightens.
A little acid, texture.
Something is crunchy.
I don't know if it's apple? That would be kind of fun.
- Her or him took a risk here.
- "Reward for risk.
" (Gregg) This dish is all about ego.
It's all about me trying to prove something.
Ludo's always telling me, "Keep it simple.
" He's saying, "Gregg, calm down, man.
" Here I come.
I'm gonna show him.
- Open face.
- Risky now.
(Mouth full) Oh, big lime.
Oh, very, very, very big.
Fair bit of lemon.
Lamb? Beef? I thought chicken.
- Lamb, I think.
- Really? - I think.
- I would say lamb.
I don't know what kind of bread is it? Feels like pastry to me.
- Puff pastry? Or - Yeah.
Look, it's a risk, but I like risk in life.
- I like risk in life.
This didn't give me enough pleasure.
- I think I think (Gregg) If I didn't have immunity, I'd be gone today.
(Lauren) I'm making a sandwich based off an Armenian dish.
Anthony Bourdain is, like, the king of ethnic food.
So I'm really, really hoping that Anthony says it's good.
Love this.
I love it, too.
(Lauren) Oh! Praise the lord, he loves my sandwich.
Slightly over-garlicked for me.
It would stay with you for the rest of the day.
I hope you don't need to kiss somebody after you eat that.
This is the sort of sandwich that I would reconsider my social plans so that I might enjoy more of it.
(Lauren) Gregg is so pissed.
He used naan as well, and apparently, the mentors didn't like it so much.
He can be upset, but my sandwich tasted better.
(Jeff) Sandwiches are my thing.
Thinly sliced hot beef sandwich.
Gruyere cheese that's sort of melted.
Onions, beef, a little bit of bacon.
I really am gonna put my best foot forward and see what happens.
Mmm, I love the caramelized onions.
- Mmm.
- Juicy.
- Roast beef? - Is there some sort of herbed mayo going on? Pesto, maybe? I love that sandwich.
I like the way the meat was cut very fine, so it was in many layers.
Somebody either has the sharpest knife in the world, or was deli slicing.
- (Jeff) Deli slicing.
- You know why deli meat - is sliced paper-thin? - I have no idea.
The thinner you slice, the more air, the more popples of the tongue - are stimulated by the flavor.
- Yes.
Really? I did not know that.
That makes sense.
(Ninamarie) Raw filet mignon, a fried green tomato, a fresh herb aioli.
Raw meat? - Tartare club sandwich? - Yeah, I know.
Is this a fried tomato in here? - (Whispers) Yes.
- It doesn't have any texture at all in there.
There's a cucumber and a fried tomato.
You have to have texture.
But I think by putting that right next to that raw meat, I think you're absorbing a lot of Hey, Brian, that's why I like it.
I mean, I hope when you absorb, sometimes, the sauce Yeah.
As far as creativity - and putting some really abstract stuff together - Can I finish? - That That was - Can I finish? Can I finish? - Malarkey? Thank you very much! - Yes.
Yes! Yes! Let me teach you something about sandwich.
Teach me, wise Ludo.
Sometimes, it's good you don't toast the bread, because you You soak this bread, too.
- I like that it's mushy.
- (Nigella) Mmm.
- On this one, then, maybe more - I think it worked.
- Like Gregg would have gone - I don't see the purpose to - A very simple if you're going to do - Can I finish? Can you stop to cut me? A nice, nice white bread would have been more 'Cause you know you're wrong.
You know I'm right.
So stop to cut me, okay? (Laughs) It's a nice bite.
Good film on television, a cold beer, this, I wouldn't complain.
She's drinkin' beer now.
All right.
I love it.
(Sarah) A fried oyster taco.
What is a sandwich, really? It's protein in between some carbs, and that's really what a taco is.
(Brian and Ludo) Oh.
Pita, not bread, eh? "Sandwich" spans many cultures.
The English people create sandwich.
I know.
(Brian) Those brilliant, brilliant Brits.
All right.
I thought that was a sweetbread fritter at first.
- Tomatillo, maybe? - Yeah, tomatillo for sure.
What's the protein? - Fried chicken? Is it fish? - (Ludo) I think some kind of - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's a fish taco.
- It's a fish taco.
- And a good one.
The tomatillo is amazing.
- The flavors are dead-on.
- Yeah.
(Diane) I'm feeling not-so-confident.
My bread seemed to have doubled and grown in the past few minutes.
Mm, lots of bread here.
- It's a banh mi, no? - Banh mi on a hard roll.
My meat was big and chewy.
The bun was just a disaster.
Crunchy, huge, lot of dough.
(Diane) Too much bread.
End of story.
I knew it.
(Paul) I forgot to put the bacon on my sandwich.
Paul, come on.
I didn't salt for not having bacon in there.
I'm 100% convinced that I'm going in that red box today.
What you think is it? I don't get it.
- I think it's an escalope.
- It's a fried, uh, it's a breaded cutlet.
- Breaded cutlet.
- It's a great texture.
I mean, you know, when I eat it, it's like a symphony in my mouth.
- I mean, there is a crackling.
- Yeah.
- A lot of crackling when you eat it.
- Yeah, I like that a lot.
Ooh! You know? I did something that is a little bit outside of the box.
Homemade tandoori naan-style bread boneless leg of lamb, roasted peppers, and an eggplant and walnut puree.
There's a strange taste which I'm not reading.
My bread is burned.
I do have the charred bread taste also.
(Mia) Char flavor and eggplant? Hello? That's what the funny taste was.
The burnt bread.
(Mia) I did make my bread from scratch.
They could have noticed.
(Uno) I didn't want to get a bread that was already made, so I'm going with a Chinese steamed bun, braised pork short rib in pillowy goodness.
It's a bao, I think.
It's a riff on a little Chinese, uh You know, pork bun.
Someone has made their own bread here? - Yeah.
- I mean, to make the bread in one hour, got some ball.
I would not do that.
(Laughs) I did cheat.
I bought premade pizza dough.
(Brian) I wished I had more, 'cause that was a really, really good flavor.
(Huda) I'm a little worried if the pesto chicken's gonna come out right.
There's so many different variables right now.
- This is tuna.
- Fried chicken.
- Chicken.
- I thought it was chicken.
It's chicken.
My chicken's raw.
I have given Chef Malarkey undone chicken.
The chicken wasn't properly cooked, the bread was oversoaked.
Several errors.
I am praying (Laughs) That there's two people that their sandwiches just didn't go well at all, and they just hate it more than mine.
(Adam) They They missed the protein.
They thought there was chicken in there.
I don't remember having any chicken on my station.
Well, I'm probably gonna be in the red box today, so (Uno) I don't think so.
I'm sorry.
Was the challenge, like, to Didn't they say to think outside the box? - (Diane) Yes.
- It sure was.
Right? They clearly said think outside the box, right? I was I wasn't just hearing that? - (Diane) No, no, no.
- Okay, cool.
That's what we were told to do, and we're gonna get penalized for it.
Are you the one that had the pastry dough? It wasn't pastry.
It was naan.
You Like, every time, like, you Something doesn't happen, like, your way, you think now all of a sudden, you didn't understand the challenge correctly and you're getting screwed over.
We were all told to make a great sandwich.
There It's It's fine.
He just acts like such a little douche, and he rubs people the wrong way.
You have immunity.
That's the big difference.
For him, it doesn't matter about immunity.
- You you still want - I mean, (bleep) it matters! He's not going home.
I'm going home.
- He's not going home.
- Two people going home right now and Like, I don't think you're going home.
You made your own bread.
(Bleep) that.
It is like Hunger Games up at this place right now.
It's probably the most intense moment, 'cause we don't know which one of us is gonna go home.
(Anthony) Time to find out, uh, who was best and who was worst.
Is it going to be glory or heartbreak? (Ludo) You gotta be kidding me.
(Brian) Let's hope you're here for the right reasons, Jeff.
We were wondering where your team was at, Tony.
It seems they've shown up.
I see three members of my team up here.
(Nigella) I see both members of mine.
(Ludo) And Gregg have, uh, immunity.
- Mm-hmm.
- Gregg has immunity.
Very relaxing for you right now, eh? (Brian) The seven of you cooked our best and worst dishes.
Of course, we still have no idea who cooked what.
Let's see who was best and who was worst.
- Wow.
- Huda.
- Huda.
- Well done, Lauren.
- Congratulations, Lauren.
- Wow.
Good job.
Nicely done.
Let's see who my two people are.
Mia and Jeff.
Boom, baby! Yes! I love that when I do that.
Oh! Thank you.
Let's see who did my best sandwich and my worst sandwich.
You ready, guys? Tres bien.
Don't trip, man.
You can be excited.
He has immunity.
He's safe.
I know it.
This still feels great.
You like You like Jeff.
You had Khristianne last time.
You like Jeff.
You're liking my team.
I like that.
And I can't say that I'm not ecstatic that Gregg got a red star from you.
So A little humble pie.
I like it.
I'm gonna find out now my best and my worst.
Ninamarie, you are on fire over here.
I like your game.
So, Gregg, you don't have a problem.
Mia, Diane, Huda, all red stars.
Two of you will be going home.
But before we get to that ugly business, let's take a look at the, uh, the three favorite dishes.
Ninamarie, what made you do this? I wanted to, like, do something that would represent a roast beef sandwich, kind of like a carpaccio.
You were one of the favorites last challenge.
You're one of the favorites this challenge.
I actually thought this one would have performed much better without the bread.
- Ninamarie, he wants your sandwich - No, no, no He wants your sandwich with no bread.
Listen what he say.
I understand English very well.
(Laughs) Jeff, you know what? Uh, I loved it.
Walk us through the dish really quick.
I just went after the all-American steak sandwich.
On the bottom, there's a bacon mayonnaise.
And then I black pepper-crusted the filet.
I absolutely loved it.
I love it even more that Ludo loved it also.
So congratulations.
You make me very, very proud.
Celebrate, my friend.
Nice work.
I mean, the thing I want to say, you know, I'm very surprised to see again a Malarkey team on the top.
But he make me realize one thing, is you work better when Malarkey is not in your kitchen.
(Laughter) And they fall apart without you? - Eh? - And your team falls apart without you? You don't know what we're doing.
We have a plan.
Lauren, tell me exactly what it was.
Uh, so I did a take on a lule kebab, and I put it in a sandwich.
Uh, my favorite part is probably the spicy yogurt sauce that I made.
Um, similar to a tzatziki, but much more spicy.
Of all the sandwiches, this is the one I sort of wanted to stop the competition in the middle to finish the whole thing.
I'm very proud of you, and I also think what you did very well is the bread had that lovely scorch on it, so when you ate it, it didn't taste, uh, at all flabby.
Congratulations to the three of you.
Really nice work here today.
You can step back into the hatch.
Good job.
(Applause) Oh, my gosh.
(Ninamarie) I was so upset I didn't see you.
Yeah, man.
You had the double-dip? - I did.
- That's what you wanted, man.
Yeah, yeah.
I think I'm gonna be the only person left on my team.
(Adam) One of Anthony's is going home.
- (Lauren) It's guaranteed.
- Yeah.
(Anthony) Mia, Diane, Huda, Gregg.
This is not a conversation I look forward to havin'.
Um, it's not a decision I look forward to making.
Two of you guys are going home, so I'm taking a hit no matter what.
All right, let's bring out our least favorite dishes, see what went wrong here.
Gregg, what really pissed me off in the dish, it was not really the flavor.
It was more, you know, the the bread.
I mean, what is this, this thing? - What we're you - It was naan.
- Huh? - It was naan that I toasted and put underneath.
I thought it was It was not good.
The The flavors were were too - Just, you know, Gregg, I mean, your sandwich - It was not pleasurable.
- A sandwich should be big and juicy.
- It wasn't pleasurable.
I don't wanna give you advice, - but But it tell my cooks all the time - Don't listen to him.
- Don't listen to him.
Don't listen to his advice.
- Is you cook very visual.
And you don't cook so much with taste.
We're not looking at it.
We're eating it.
Yes, chef.
You are lucky.
Go back to the hatch.
- Two Two sandwich masters, you know - In your kitchen.
- In your kitchen, you know? - Guys.
Listen to me.
We don't need to talk about that.
- Have humility.
This is my problem.
- He just pissed me off, sorry.
This is my problem.
This is not your problem.
That's my team.
Do you agree with their criticisms? - Absolutely.
I agree - You really do? I swear to God, I agree with their criticisms 100%.
Huda, I chose your sandwich.
First, nobody likes raw chicken.
Secondly, it really was a pesto blowout.
So much pesto in the sandwich.
Um, my chicken was raw.
Mine was not edible.
I want to take full responsibility for that, and apologize for that.
Um, it was clearly not my intention to give you raw chicken.
Just I ran out of time.
Diane, I'm surprised to see you here, because I've liked your food a lot.
For me, a sandwich begins with the bread, and for me, there was just too much bread.
I I think one of my fatal mistakes was when I worked with it earlier today in the challenge, it worked well with the sandwich.
For whatever reason, it seemed like it became dense.
Well, I'd really love to show you next time how to pick a bread.
I would love to teach you that.
I will take that, yes.
Thank you.
Any other bread in that kitchen, just about - I know.
I know.
- Would have been better than this.
The bread, the bread, the bread.
All right, Mia, um, unfortunately, I picked, uh, your dish, or your sandwich as my least favorite.
There was a There was a char on it.
My piece had a very Beyond char.
A burnt piece of bread.
- Uh - Mine, too.
Well, I mean, I made the bread myself.
- You made that? - Oh, you made the bread? - Yeah.
Yeah, and - You get big bonus points for that.
- I mean, I was the only one who - But you you loved it, you made it, and you burnt it.
Yeah, I mean, agree to disagree there.
'Cause I looked at it, and I, personally - Mine was black underneath.
- It was naan - I'm sorry? - Mine was actually burnt.
You know, Mia did something from "A" to "Z.
" That's great.
- But it needs to taste good.
- It's a great pity, 'cause Well, I mean, you applauded Lauren for her scorched bread.
I I thought mine had a little bit of that char, too.
- But I actually like that.
- But it didn't It didn't taste, otherwise, I wouldn't have said that.
When we taste something, you don't see it.
I didn't see her scorch marks.
There's no point saying it wasn't burnt.
It was burned.
My problem was not the bread, which I was fine with.
- Yeah.
- Uh, my problem was the filling, both flavor and texturally.
I don't think they were doing each other any favors in this case.
We have an absolutely, gut-wrenchingly horrible decision to make here.
I'll be, uh, reaching for a powerful cocktail immediately.
Back in the hatches, and we'll see you in a little bit.
I don't wanna lose anyone, ever.
- No, I know.
- I don't even want I don't care if I win this competition, I just don't wanna send anyone from my team home.
- That was fun.
- Hey, guys.
(Applause) (Huda) You need to clap a little more happier.
We're not dying.
(Mia) You guys all have these looks like She has to really bring a bit more than she has been.
And somebody who's clearly capable of making delicious food.
I was just a little put off by Nigella's complimenting Lauren for her scorched bread.
By the way, love scorched bread.
- You're awesome.
- Okay.
It's not you.
It's her.
Whatever happens, happens, but at least I made some (bleep) bread.
I don't have anything personal against Mia whatsoever.
But with that said, you know, if someone has to leave, then it should be her.
Is anything that went on here, uh uh, so terrible? Uh, no.
Which would I rather eat? I rushed to do the second option of my sandwich.
My first one didn't come out.
Such is life.
I had to change some things.
Are we in agreement? Yep.
I'm afraid we are.
I agree.
If I'm gonna go home, it has to be on something I'm proud of and not something that I regret.
I stand by my dish.
Um, I think it was really yummy.
I do not want to go home.
The red star has lit a fire so huge in my ass, you can't even imagine.
Huda, Diane, Mia, it's much tougher on Mr.
Anthony Bourdain and Nigella than Ludo and myself, as we don't have anybody represented here.
It was unanimous.
We all agreed on our decision here, so it comes from all of us.
Huda, we had a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you.
The raw chicken sealed your fate.
So, um, best of luck and a great career to you.
But thank you very, very much, Huda.
Give me a kiss good-bye.
Carry on cooking.
Carry on being pretty and delicious.
(Laughs) Thank you.
(Cheering) I I don't fault them for their decision.
I would have sent me home, too.
Sometimes you have bad days, and today's mine.
It's been an amazing journey, and I'm sad mine's ending early, but it's not the last of me.
An excruciating position.
I I love my kitchen.
Uh, I'm proud of every single person in my kitchen.
I wanted to keep this unit together forever.
As I said, a A really tough decision for me.
Mia, it has been my pleasure and my honor to have you in my kitchen.
- Insult to injury there.
- (Anthony) Truly - Thank you.
- The best of luck.
Won't be the last you see of me.
(Laughs) I don't think I would have gotten kicked off if Gregg didn't have immunity.
But, you know, that's the game.
If I wanted to protect myself, I should have won immunity.
I came here to win.
Obviously didn't do that.
But I also came here to learn, which I did.
Diane, I I admire that you did not hesitate to see the problem in your own dish.
There was no argument here.
You knew.
Uh, I have every confidence that it won't happen again.
Back in the hatch.
I don't wanna do any more of that, ever.
(Nigella) It's just the position we're at now.
By this stage, the people who can't cook have been sent home.
There are now only ten of you left.
We are halfway through this competition, so you have a lot to feel good about.
On the other hand, it just gets harder and harder.
Thank you so much.
See you guys.
Thank you all.
Have a good night.
Nice work.