The Taste (2013) s02e03 Episode Script

Guilty Pleasures

1 Narrator: Last week, the competition got off to a fierce start.
I'm getting a lot of lip out of the guy.
The dressing is dry.
So what? I would've fired him.
Worst taste was Nigella's team.
This is making me sick.
The person I'm sending home is Reina.
Narrator: Nigella's kitchen suffered not one, but two big blows.
We have, however, reached a decision.
Jay, you're going home.
I -- I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
Narrator: Tonight, the heat continues to rise.
I refuse, refuse to lose.
After you lose, I'm coming by to eat.
Ugh! Good job.
I'm not sure it fits into this challenge.
Well, then, why don't you help me make a truffle? Okay.
This is such a nightmare.
Narrator: Two more cooks will be sent home.
I was, frankly, a little pissed.
Your guys did a bad job.
My summer roll is a thousand times better than this.
[ Laughs ] Oh, you so full of caca.
[ Laughs ] Ooh ooh-ooh-ooh ooh How do you like the taste? - Hi, Anthony.
- Nigella: Nice place.
- It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
- It is.
Thanks for tidying.
- Want chicken, guy? - You know what, what not? - Have a wing.
- I might.
So, I have a shameful confession to make.
Once in a while, like 2:00 in the morning, I get this unholy need to debase myself.
I'll put a hoodie on, and I pull a baseball cap down real low over my eyes, and I'll go out to like a really nasty fried chicken joint and get a bucket of fried chicken.
So, do you have any shameful, guilty secrets? You tell yours, we need to share.
'Cause today's challenge is about guilty pleasures.
- I'm all for low tastes.
- Yeah.
I don't think it's shameful.
I think low tastes can be deeply thrilling.
- You should be a little ashamed.
- No.
You should be a bit.
So, I've heard some very disturbing rumors, - Ludo, that love is in the air - With me? Between my kitchen and your kitchen -- I'm not talking about you.
Oh, okay, I thought it was yes, and I'm like, "oh, no, no, no.
" Whoa, whoa.
What's going on? [ Laughs ] I've heard disturbing allegations of, uh, interaction, shall we say? Between Lee, on my team, and Cassandra, on your team.
- I knew it.
I knew it.
- Really? It's probably gonna be one of the best ones.
[ Laughs ] How very interesting.
Well, they're not talking.
Clearly, they're not talking, they're doing other things.
Do you think it might affect her performance in the kitchen? You know, tonight, as you're eating your fried chicken, I want you to think about what my cook is doing to your cook.
[ Laughter ] Good morning.
- Good job, man.
Well done.
- Thank you.
See you.
Welcome back.
Come on in.
The team is complete, thank God.
[ Speaks French ] To say the least.
- How are ya? - I'm okay.
Have a seat.
We're missing people from our team.
Nigella's team -- down two.
- They're taking a beating.
- Yeah, how do we feel about that? We like it.
[ Laughter ] We like it.
We love it.
I think successful kitchens work together as a team.
With three of us in the kitchen, we can be very focused.
We are as strong as any single team - Yeah.
- Of four.
Crystal: The last couple challenges were really hard on us.
We absolutely don't want to be in that situation again.
- Good job.
Now the team is complete.
- Thank you.
Good job, Jeff.
Two star.
Thank you very much.
- Not bad, very proud.
- It's a good start.
It's a good start.
Don't feel too confident, guys, okay? I know, I know.
Wow, Lee, two gold stars.
It feels great.
You really killed it there.
Thank you.
So, Lee, I've heard rumors.
Are you getting friendly with somebody on the other team? [ Laughter, groans ] - Is there something going on here? - Shellie: Dirty boy.
I had a feeling this would be coming up.
And is this good for the team? Uh, listen, I'm 100% focused on winning.
What, what I do outside of the kitchen is not skewing my thought process in any way.
That's all I need to hear, I don't -- I don't care what he does with his penis, as long as he doesn't stick it in the soup, okay? I'm gonna tell you that Ludo is really unhappy about it, - so that's a win/win.
- That's great.
[ Laughter ] Cassandra [ Laughs ] Ludo: I'm not a big fan of Lee.
Don't distract my cook.
We've got to get in there, and we've got to show those boys.
Personally, I would prefer it if we inflicted - some deep casualties on Marcus and Ludo.
- Lee: Yeah.
- Those guys, they're dangerous.
- Yeah.
Competition's about to start, go and get your aprons on, see you guys in the kitchen.
I'd say, "let's all do a high five or a whoo-hoo," but you don't do that on Team Bourdain.
- No.
- Yeah.
- We're rolling our sleeves up.
- Crystal: Yup.
Jacquelyn: Oh, yeah.
And we're working.
Ready to go.
Our kitchen is down two chefs, and we need to bring it this week.
Guys, it's time to go to the kitchen.
- Yes, chef.
- Okay, let's go.
Onwards, to victory.
Let's do this.
Welcome back, everybody.
And congratulations for surviving this far.
There are 14 of you left, but at the end of the team challenge, one of you will be going home.
And, of course, one of you will be sent home after the individual challenge.
Team challenge will be judged by chef Aarón Sánchez.
He's a great chef, lot of experience with new Latino flavors.
He's terrifically talented.
Jacquelyn: I want Aarón in my kitchen.
I want his mentorship, I want his advice.
The theme for tonight's challenge is guilty pleasures.
Let's get in the kitchens.
Narrator: The team challenge will be judged blind by guest mentor Aarón Sánchez.
Ludo: All right, guys.
[ Claps ] Okay.
We are absolutely ready.
Narrator: The winning team will get a master class with Chef Sanchez and his help during the solo challenge.
All right, are we excited? - Very excited, chef.
- Very, chef.
Narrator: The mentor of the losing team will be forced to eliminate someone from their own kitchen.
Each mentor sets their team a specific task, in hopes of winning the team challenge.
All right, guys, look.
Win or lose today, this team challenge, we are gonna have a good time.
[ Laughter ] Alright, now, si vous plait, monsieur.
Classic, classic European ocean-liner hotel caviar service.
You know, this is genuinely something to feel guilty about, because this is probably a hardworking man's weekly salary.
- Have you all tried, uh, caviar before? - Woman: Oh, yeah.
- Everybody here? - No, I haven't.
No way.
This is actually my first time to have caviar.
AndFeels good.
There goes my shoe habit.
[ Laughs ] Caviar is fish eggs.
You may or may not know this.
I am a filthy, nasty egg slut.
I find them glorious.
Make something egg-centric will be my challenge to you.
Marcus: To inspire you for this round, we're gonna do elevated take-out, all right? This is a real opportunity for the cooks in my kitchen to show grit, show late night, show almost a darker side in their cooking.
Tony's dish, it was all about high-end products, right? It had caviar.
We took a very humble approach.
When you think about wings, you want to always have balance between sweet and salty, and spice, and heat.
So, I Marinated them in a little bit of citrus, also, add curry.
Come on.
It's all to taste.
Get in there, dawg.
I lost over 150 pounds by finding those really guilty pleasures and making them really healthy.
I have a blog with over 200 recipes.
They're all healthy and delicious, and I can't wait to show my fans how good I can pull out some yummy, healthy, guilty pleasure food this week.
I love fat.
Fat is good, fat is flavor.
Like bad for my cholesterol.
I just love a foie gras, guys.
Cassandra: I have been vegetarian for the past five years, so I've never had foie gras before, and it pretty much seems like that is what I am going to have to cook with today.
Jeff: The competition's real, you know, she has to do these things.
I think if you just don't think about it being the swollen liver that you have to separate, and lobes and remove veins from, I think, then, you'll be fine.
[ Laughs ] Oh, the texture is amazing.
The flavor, nutty, buttery, sweet a little.
I mean, it's just a pleasure.
You know, it's like when you eat foie gras, it's like an orgasm.
It looks like dessert.
Cassandra: It does.
Looks like a cream puff.
Mm? This is my own fear factor.
[ Chuckles ] Ooh.
Jeff: I like the powdered sugar.
- Man: Yeah, it's good, eh? - It's really good.
Oh, good, there's only a little bit on this one.
Yeah, I gave you a little, little piece, just for you.
It's absolutely disgusting.
Foie gras is absolutely disgusting.
The only way to eat it and not throw up, I feel like, is to pretend like you don't know what it is.
[ Laughs ] I so was having a hard time not spitting it out.
I mean, there's the flavor.
[ Laughs ] Then you can taste the quack, quack.
[ Laughter ] I'm gonna tell you what my guilty pleasure -- well, it's, I'm never guilty about pleasure, but anyway The nature of my particular challenge is that if it's savory, it has to have something sweet, and if it's sweet, it has to have something savory, salty.
This is how it goes.
You go like that.
Mmm [ Laughs ] - The chocolate, and mm, at the same time.
- Oh, hell yeah.
And the thing about this -- all right, good -- it's the sweet.
I love your honesty.
[ Laughs ] Sweet.
- Salt.
- Yes, yes.
The actual challenge I'm giving is mixing salty with sweet.
What are you thinking? I'm doing a take on bacon and eggs.
You know, like when you have a really great night, and you've got really a good guy.
What do you get first thing in the morning? You get eggs and bacon.
That's right.
Okay, but where's your sweet element gonna come in? In the bacon.
The bacon isn't really what I would consider something sweet.
I just don't see how it's gonna work.
You've got to make sure, Crystal, - that this is more than a good idea.
- I know.
It's very sophisticated.
- It tastes fantastic.
- That it really tastes, you know, incredible.
You know, I'm here to give suggestions but you're to do what you want to do.
Nigella: This is about gaining new skills, and perhaps listening to someone who has some idea of what's needed for the competition, in order to progress.
Okay, there's one minute to go, guys.
- Let's get ready, okay? - All right.
- Yes.
- Let's do this.
And bring out all of those flavors, okay? No shy cooking.
- Cheers, and good luck.
- Cheers.
- Bring it in.
- Yeah, dream team.
- Dream team.
Here you go.
- Rah.
There you go.
I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to lose.
Three, two All: One.
[ Cheers ] Let's all go.
Narrator: The teams have one hour to cook.
Yep, there you go.
Each cook will make a dish, but only the best bite from each team will be chosen to be tasted by guest mentor, Aarón Sánchez.
There's boudin noir in there, too, if anyone needs.
At the end of the challenge, one cook will be eliminated.
Let's go, guys, let's go, guys.
You all have been armed, everybody.
We need the flavor of Mexico in your dish.
Okay, flavor of Mexico in your dish, guys.
Aarón Sánchez is a guest mentor today, one of the best, best Latino Mexican chef in this country.
Mexico, Mexico.
So, Louise, tell me where we're going now.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna make a torta.
How are you gonna cook your foie gras? - I'm gonna sear it.
- Right, right.
I love like that.
- A fine roja.
- Some flavor of chili, yeah, great.
- Yeah.
One minute.
- Foie gras chili.
Never cook foie gras with chili, never.
- You never have? - I never did that.
You know what, I'm excited about that.
It's gonna work.
Yes, what are you going to work on? I'm gonna work on the flour first.
You want to try the foie gras? Gonna give it a pillow? Marina: I'm going to make a puff pastry, and I will stuff the foie gras inside with caramelized onions, and then I will fry it, infuse it like a little pillow of heaven.
Yeah, let's go.
- So, Jeff.
- Yes, chef? - What are you doing today? - Foie gras taco.
Fresh flavors, you know, nice homemade salsa.
Jeff: Last week, I won the team challenge, and then I won the individual challenge.
I will stay on top.
I am making my own tortillas, right now.
Really? So, I made the masa batter already, and I'm going to wrap it in plastic and let it rest.
I never make my own tortilla, so on this one, you're on your own.
I'm not telling Ludo that I've never made tortillas from scratch before.
Oh, la vache.
Crystal, Crystal, Crystal.
Before we start, I need to talk to you.
This is the thing.
Stop running the water, stop running the water.
Two things.
I am worried about your dish for two reasons.
If you don't get the back story, is it gonna read guilty pleasure? And, I have to tell you, I've been having my ear to the ground, Tony's team is doing a riff on eggs, so you're going absolutely against them.
- I feel 100% confident.
- I don't.
I'm confident in my dish, so I really don't need this.
You may love this and it may be fabulous, but I'm not sure it fits into this challenge.
Well then why don't you help me make the truffle? Did that just happen? Dramatic conflict between Nigella and Crystal, like right from the get-go.
Crystal is really set on doing what she wants to do, therefore, as a mentor, I am superfluous.
I'm worried about that dish.
This one has to be perfect.
Narrator: The mentors will each pick one dish to be tasted blind by guest mentor, Aarón Sánchez.
The losing mentor will be forced to send someone from their own team home.
Are you gonna throw an egg in for me? Yeah, I got 12 eggs here.
I'm not gonna use them all.
Lee: The challenge for today was to make a guilty-pleasure dish by using eggs.
Any kind of eggs.
Deep fried whole egg? Uh, deep fried, slow-cooked egg.
Deep fried, slow-cooked egg.
And then, I'm gonna do, um, crispy bacon.
Why should I feel guilty about this dish? Bacon's so fatty.
It's good.
It's not good for you, but it's good.
If it's not good for me, I'm -- I'm on board.
[ Laughs ] That's a guilty pleasure already, and it pretty much is right in her zone.
I mean, she runs a late-night food truck for stoners, so it makes a lot of sense.
I'll put them in at 58.
- So, 45, total.
- Yeah.
Shellie: Lee and I are using the circulator.
They'll be, like, a slow-cooked egg and a nice custard in the middle.
Anthony: Your plan, again? I'm doing the hash with a little duck fat, with a crisp in the potatoes up.
Boiled egg on top of it, and the caviar.
They're all addressing the theme in very unique, uh, very interesting, and very intelligent ways.
And it's interesting what guilt means to different people.
Dana: I'm making a small, buttermilk biscuit.
It's got truffle shavings in the batter.
Top it with a crispy piece of iberico ham, one sunny side up quail egg, and then, I'm going to shave a ton of truffles over it.
I'm feeling guilty already.
[ Laughs ] Marcus: I want this one badly.
We were second last time.
We want to win this round.
Audrey, what are you calling your dish? Audrey: Platinum baked potato soup.
I like the name.
Fun name.
I wanted to show something really, really healthy, and so I thought baked potato soup.
But do you see this green here? Yeah, I was gonna ask you about that one.
- You wash them off.
- Okay.
I'm gonna start from a healthy aspect.
Cooking with all of that fat is not the norm for me, and I don't want to mess up a dish again.
Now's your time to season it.
Now so it can soak So it can absorb that.
I'm gonna Adding butter, adding salt.
Sweeten that up, now.
There you go.
You're good.
It'll get there.
You just have to have patience.
The theme of this week is not food blog pleasure.
We're not here to get more hits on her blog.
This is not the time for blogging.
This is the time for cooking.
Tell me your dish.
Chef, I'm gonna call it New York summer rolls.
There you go.
I love that.
Two types of scallops, two ways -- seared and pickled.
Some lettuce, some mint, and then a spicy, salty dipping sauce.
I love that.
All right, Don, what are we doing here? It smells great.
Uh, we're going to sear a scallop I love it.
And we're gonna have a very hot and fiery green curry for it.
It is my guilty pleasure, and it's gonna be an extraordinary dish.
All right, Sarah, what do we got? Uh, I'm getting the bacon jam going right now.
Your biscuits are in already? - Yep, biscuits are in.
- Wow.
My guilty pleasure is slutty breakfast, so I'm thinking heavier, fatty, slutty, dirty, big flavors.
[ Laughs ] Oh.
You're just so handsome, I can't help myself.
Oh, stop.
[ Laughs ] Why do you not pick me, Sarah? I mean me not pick you.
Nigella: I can't make Crystal change her mind.
Crystal is really set on doing what she wants to do.
Yes, I could go all Ludo on her and shout, but my best bet is to concentrate on Jacquelyn.
What's the history of this dish? My mother used to make a fresh custard.
- Oh, I love those.
- And, uh My dish is a chocolate pot de crème with salted components with it, and a toffee, and the candy, the crunch.
You don't want this tasting like a children's dessert.
Oh, no.
Take out the milk chocolate, then, don't you think? Okay.
We've already lost two members of our team.
We can't afford to lose any more, and she's really depending on me at this point.
Ludo: Okay, guys, we have 30 minutes.
30 minutes left to go.
So you make sure your Knife is hot.
Knife is hot because it's hot.
'Cause that way, you cut better.
- Mm.
- Okay? Cassandra: To work with Ludo is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for someone like me, who's not a professional chef.
So I not about to waste it by being close-minded.
So, now you're gonna put your knife at the same side, you see? - Here.
- Mm-hmm.
I'd say the grossest part was probably when I was putting the knife in, to test if it was done, and like a little bit of like blood would come out, and I was like, ugh.
Put on your lips.
Put on your lips.
Oh, it's a little cold.
It's not that hot.
Okay, you're on your own.
The things I do for Ludo.
[ Laughs ] All happiness in the egg cookery department? Lee: We'll see in one second.
- Done? - Shellie: No.
Mine is undercooked.
Dana: That one is? - You can already tell? - Yeah.
Come on, cook.
Why don't you drink a beer, relax? [ Laughs ] We really are Team Alchy here.
Where are these beers coming from? Under here.
- Can I have one of those things? - Yeah.
You got enough? All right.
- You're doing the eggs with this? - Yeah.
You're doing eggs? - Yep.
- Poached? Seared? I'm gonna sear it off, and then cut it out so it's mostly just the yolk on top.
You doing biscuits over here? Oh, yeah.
Marcus: She's doing biscuits.
Are there truffles in your biscuits? [ Laughs ] I don't need all that fancy stuff in my biscuits.
Look at Mr.
Money! A guilty pleasure can be something that's really decadent.
It can be foie gras.
It can be truffles.
But it can also be the dirty water hot dog.
Lower the heat, madame.
- Lower.
- I did.
Is it still really high? - Yeah.
- Geez.
Audrey: My soup will blow everybody away.
It's one of my most popular recipes on my blog.
The way she cooked the potato soup today was like glue.
That is glue.
You see on the edges here? Okay.
Sarah: You know, this isn't about her fans right now.
This is about guilty pleasures.
Put your lid on, my lady, and cook lower.
Are you okay? You've got a lot going on.
Only because We'll have it.
Don't worry.
You understand what I'm saying? Oh, I do.
If I don't have a good spoon from Jacquelyn, I've got nothing.
That's for your caramel, isn't it? Which? - This.
- Yes.
Why is isn't that -- You're not putting that in the blast chiller? I am.
Well, okay, but, you know, the clock is ticking away.
Oh, be very careful.
This is -- I'm really worried about your fingers.
I'm gonna be very I don't want you to cut yourself.
I'm -- I'm gonna 'Cause you've got very sticky hands.
As long as I stay focused, I'll be great.
Nigella: I'm really a bit worried about the knife skills.
Some blood is going to get spilled, and maybe I'm just gonna plunge that knife into my own breast and it'll be mine.
[ Laughs ] You're so French.
Brioche? With the sauternes.
Foie and sauternes.
No, I mean, I love this sauternes.
Oh, after you lose, I'm coming by to eat.
There's no way we're losing today, guys.
No way.
- No way.
- Yes, chef.
So, I say -- where's your foie gras? You cook foie gras? No, it's still in It's done! You should take it out! - No, I haven't.
- It's gonna be too cooked.
I have been checking, and it wasn't -- it was still, like, lukewarm.
Okay, okay, check it, check it.
Check it out.
Check it out.
Foie gras is very difficult to cook it.
You need to have a lot, a lot experience.
It's not that easy.
Oh! Aah! Slowly with the poor duck.
[ Laughs ] Well, you cooked it a little more, a little too much, okay? Because all the fat will go away.
- Gross.
- And fat is your friend.
Fat is my friend.
Fat is your friend.
Say it again.
Fat is my friend! [ Laughs ] Lee: I keep hearing Cassandra from the other side of the room, and I'm sitting there, like, I can't get my circulator working, and, you know, her and Ludo, you know, they're having a blast, so I was a little frustrated for a second.
I got to go hard boiled.
Lee and I are like, "[Bleep] You know, what the [bleep].
" So I told -- I said, "Lee, go put your -- go put eggs on a stove, and I'm gonna do the same.
" Start 'em cold.
Start 'em cold, boil them up.
And then right into a -- right into Right into an ice bath.
Ice bath, yeah.
And then crack them.
- They peel easy that way.
- Exactly.
Nigella: You've got 15 minutes left.
All right.
Now, you're absolutely promising me that's gonna be set in time? Yeah.
It'll be fine.
I'm looking at you.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Can you get it done? - Okay, yes, yes.
- Yes.
Can we set a time? - Yes, it's gonna be done in time.
- Okay.
Don doesn't have that deliciousness in the dish.
Audrey's dish is good, but not great.
Taste over here.
I'm gonna want a little more dressing.
Yeah, they're starting to dry up when I, uh I baked my dish.
There's a lot of skills and professional experience with Shehu and Sarah.
I think don and Audrey can actually learn from that.
Sarah's meal's the best bite.
My only issue with Sarah's bite is that we're going up against egg land.
We've got four other egg dishes there, and they have more expensive ingredients than us.
Now, mind you, it's hard boiled, so you're not gonna get the same effect.
[ Sighing ] Anthony: Shellie was not able to put together a quail egg.
I was not pleased.
More truffle.
Oh, that's good.
Well, that's utterly delicious.
I don't know if you're gonna win with it, but we sure as [bleep] won't lose.
[ Laughs ] Brad: I feel my flavors are great flavors, and hopefully Tony will pick me to represent us.
This is gonna be a tough, tough call.
Sarah, we're going with your dish now.
Sarah, let's go.
We're going with your dish.
Let's go.
[ Applause ] Sarah: Marcus, ultimately, he picks my dish.
It's a great feeling.
It's nice to know that somebody of his caliber is behind something that I can create.
The sourness is good from that.
All right.
This is one of those huge spoons again.
You know, obviously, Jacquelyn's spoon is gonna go up.
I mean, unless they want this to be physical, really.
I think it's too salty.
Okay, we've got less than 3 minutes.
I'm gonna go with Jacquelyn's.
- Lee: Tony, you want to try this? - Yeah.
I made sure my cooks had some kick-ass ingredients.
I didn't put any caviar in it.
I'm just -- I think I'm just gonna go with the ham.
The cooks who chose to not use them failed out.
Ludo definitely came to my station 'cause he knows that, you know, I'm competition for him.
It was just some boring deviled eggs.
It was not that good.
I thought Tony was good, but he wasn't good.
I'm telling you right now.
It's not this one, and it's not yours.
Which of these two do we think has got the best shot? I like Dana.
Uh, I like Brad's.
Anthony: Got to make this a fast decision.
It's coming down to the wire, and it was basically down to Dana and myself.
Let's go with Dana's.
Let's go with Dana's.
Okay, Dana, it's you.
Dana: Getting chosen to represent the team is a double-edged sword.
That's such a big deal.
I'm so proud of it.
But at the same time, if your dish is not the one that's picked, you might be going home.
Narrator: As the hour draws to a close, Ludo is yet to decide which of his cooks will represent the team.
Ludo: Far better, Louise.
Good job.
- Your sauce is very good.
- Thank you.
Very good.
Très bien.
It's good.
I made it before.
[ Laughs ] I know it's risky doing street taco to a Latin aficionado, but I really think my dish is the strongest.
I'm not -- it's not an ego thing.
It's just based by flavor.
Jeff: Here you go, chef.
Another one? You want to kill me or what? - That's why -- - Holy [bleep] man.
- I think it's good enough to win.
- Yeah.
I need to decide.
I think -- but I'm afraid it's a little too sweet.
I'm afraid of that.
That, I'm afraid, is too big, so, yeah, I think Jeff's right.
It's for the team, guys.
It's for the team, guys.
Thank you, chef.
Thank you.
Jeff: So, my dish gets picked, and I'm super excited.
It's up for Aarón Sánchez.
I could tell Louise is not pleased that her dish wasn't picked again.
But I don't [bleep] care.
[ Laughs ] - Good job, seriously.
- Thank you.
- Don't be mad with me.
- I'm not mad at you.
Don't worry about it.
Don't, please.
It's to save the team.
Louise: I did think my dish was the best dish this week.
I was a little upset.
I have to be honest.
We're gonna win, we're gonna win, we're gonna win.
We're gonna win, we're gonna win, we're gonna win.
The only thing that worries me here is that it's not set, and that might be our undoing.
And if it is, I'm gonna have to put salt in my eyes.
- That's too much cream.
- You think? - I'll put it underneath.
- No, don't worry.
Just plate.
We'll deal with it later.
Anthony: There were two plates here.
Nigella: Put this spoon up front.
Right -- right there.
Leave it on.
Together: Five, four, three, two - A little bit on that plate.
- One.
Marcus: Let's go.
That was way too close.
I didn't want to say anything at the beginning.
I've never made tortillas before.
[ Both laugh ] Narrator: Guest mentor Aarón Sánchez will taste the dishes without knowing who made what.
The team with the best dish will win his help in a solo challenge.
The team with the worst dish will have to eliminate one of their own.
I'm just hoping that Jeff's dish is up to snuff for Aarón Sánchez because somebody's gonna go home.
Crystal: For us it would be especially big if we could win this challenge because we've had a pretty rough ride of it.
Aarón Sánchez is an amazing chef.
His mother, she was one of the first ambassadors of Mexican-American cuisine in this country.
And Aarón grew up in that kitchen.
That dish is beautiful.
Oh [bleep].
The first thing I notice when I see all four of our dishes waiting to be tasted by the guest mentor is that there's two dishes that have a sunny-side-up egg on top.
One is mine, and the other is Sarah's.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, chef.
To me, a guilty pleasure is something that is sinful, decadent, but most importantly, it should be memorable.
When I was a kid, I used to eat this chocolate pudding that my mom made that was insane.
Chocolaty goodness in the middle of the night.
Hand-in-the-bowl kind of stuff.
So that's, for me, what this is all about.
So, let's see what we have here.
I'm not really confident going into this.
Foie gras is very French, and Aarón Sánchez is classically known for all Latin dishes.
So, I'm a little nervous about how that's gonna work together.
There's something really luscious about that.
It's very creamy.
And whoever made that tortilla did a good job.
I think it's a wonderful size.
It's a beautiful foil and canvass for all those flavors.
It's very pleasurable and a dynamite bite.
Jeff is somebody really to watch.
I think he proved himself already.
He has two star.
Dana: Buttermilk biscuits are extremely guilty.
There's so much butter in them.
Truffles are crazy expensive.
You don't get those very often.
Quail eggs are extremely fatty and runny.
I'm very excited about it.
I think, for me, right off the bat, this has an incredible amount of decadence, and it really does capture that feeling of guilty pleasures.
This, for me, is really rich.
I really do enjoy the truffles.
I mean, come on.
What's not to like about it? Anthony: Dana stepped up.
I thought her dish was really good.
She's everything I look for in a cook today.
This looks to be something sweet.
Jacquelyn: My dish is chocolate pot de crème with toffee.
I realize that Nigella is counting on me to produce the dish that takes it home for our team.
We're down two people.
We can't afford to lose any more, and I would love time with Aarón Sánchez.
Now, that is pretty awesome.
Definitely decadent.
You know, it's so funny.
I was talking about that chocolate pudding.
I was thinking to myself, "wow.
It's bringing me back to that place.
" That was good.
Thank the heavens.
I am so relieved.
My guilty pleasure is getting up really early in the morning, going out for breakfast, and then coming back home and going back to bed for the rest of the day.
So, I made a fried egg with bacon jam, harissa béarnaise, and a cheddar bay biscuit.
Very interesting to have another taste that also has egg in it.
I really enjoy the crunch and the texture from the outside.
Very creamy, very rich, and very well seasoned.
What I'm worried about is if it's too similar to Dana's dish.
I got to go back and just get a little bit more here, 'cause, I mean, I have a lot to think about.
Well, I'm not going to win the challenge today.
Aarón is in love with the chocolate taste -- in love.
I mean, he went two time over there to eat some more.
Aarón: Good job, guys.
I'm crossing my fingers like this so fiercely behind my back because he's liked that spoonful of chocolate.
It really comes down to that idea of this perfect bite, something that's memorable, and I think the one that really superseded my expectations with this whole challenge is this one.
Ludo's kitchen.
[ Woman screaming ] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Jeff: I feel really great.
I'm not gonna get a big head about it, 'cause, I mean, clearly, I didn't think I was gonna win anyways.
It's extremely validating, especially for chef Aarón Sánchez to pick a street taco -- it makes me feel really good.
[Bleep] [Bleep] scared now.
I'm scared.
Lee: This is Jeff's second win on the team challenge.
I'm a little bit jealous that he's on top and I'm not.
I'm worried about Jeff.
This dude keeps winning.
Jeff: Oh, my God.
Anthony: Ludo wins again -- big deal.
He gets the mentor -- terrific.
Chef Ludo, your team did a fantastic job.
I have to say that your team excelled greatly in this guilty pleasure.
Thank you, chef.
Ludo: I win again today.
I think all the mentor are jealous of my success a little bit.
So, as I'm starting to think about the least favorite bite, I have to start thinking about who was right there with my first favorite.
That team is, um this one.
Nigella's kitchen.
[ Applause ] [ Bleep ] I am really, really pleased to come second and actually happy that we live to cook another day.
Now it comes to the bitter business of which was my least favorite bite here.
It could be anyone.
Anyone could have a bad day.
Aarón: It really came down to, I think, two different tastes that also has egg in it.
It's one of those things that if one's not done well, it casts a light onto the other.
That bite that was not spot-on when it came to the idea of a guilty pleasure was, um My heart's beating crazy fast.
I'm not ready to go home.
Aarón: The bite that was not spot-on when it came to the idea of a guilty pleasure was, um My heart's beating crazy fast.
I'm not ready to go home.
was this one.
Marcus' kitchen.
Whew, it wasn't us.
As a team, we're gonna stay strong, and we're gonna stride forward.
Sarah: I feel horrible.
I know that my dish is gonna be the reason why somebody's going home today.
Aarón: Great job, all of you guys.
I want you to know this was very difficult.
Thank you.
Marcus: I'm mad, man.
I'm pissed, you know? I really took pride in having a full team.
Anthony: Well, Marcus, I'm afraid you have a very difficult decision ahead of you.
Who's going home? Um, Sarah, I liked your dish.
You're a very strong chef, but sometimes you tense up and get a little bit nervous.
If I keep you, I'm really gonna need you to be in a comfort zone and get it quickly, because you're up against really tough competition.
Don, one of the biggest things for you is your cooking experience compared to the professional chefs here is not the same.
Shehu, I don't think today you executed as well as you could.
With your experience, you should really be picked almost every single time.
Audrey, I think you are improving fast.
I thought today you did a really good job of at least presenting a dish that was yours.
All right, Audrey, if you were me, who should I send home? Sarah, I think you're an amazing, amazing chef, truly, but if I'm forced to say somebody's name, it's Sarah's.
And it breaks my heart to say that.
Shehu, who do you think I should send home? That's tough.
For the last few challenges, we definitely have come together as a team, but, you know, pretty much, you know, the weakest link, it has to be obviously Audrey.
I think that three of us are consistently cooking at a more elevated way, so I would send Audrey home.
I agree with Don and Shehu.
I think Audrey's a fabulous cook.
She's just not quite at the level that the rest of us are at.
Audrey's a home cook, and there's nothing wrong with that, but she's consistently making dishes that she would make for her family at home.
Unfortunately, that's not gonna cut it at this point.
Thank you for that information.
It's still my decision.
The cook that I'm deciding to send home is Audrey.
Thank you, chef.
I'm very proud of Audrey.
For her to get on The Taste was a big win for her.
This has been such an amazing experience.
She was a great teammate, but at some point, you know, this is now the big leagues.
You guys, do a good job.
I know you will.
I think I made a really big splash.
My fans know me.
They've been begging me to be on television.
This is not the end of it.
I believe that this is just a jumping point for a career in television.
I'm sad to go home, but I agree with Marcus' decision.
I was the weakest link, unfortunately.
Anthony: For the solo challenge, your mission is to give us your best guiltiest pleasure.
One dish, four tastes.
Be sure to make an impression, 'cause remember, the four of us will be judging these tastes blind.
We'll have no idea who's giving us what.
You'll have one hour to cook.
But before you start cooking, Ludo's winning team will have the benefit of a little private consultation with our guest mentor, our guest chef, Aarón Sánchez.
Good job, guys.
Jeff: Thank you, chef.
Everybody else, take a break.
We'll see you at the tasting.
[ Grunting ] Come here, Sarah.
Sarah: Ah, man.
Shehu: It's all good.
That was harsh, like, seeing -- Shehu: Don't beat yourself up, all right? Sarah: It's totally my fault, you know.
It was j-- it was devastating.
I stand behind my dish.
It was good.
I tasted it.
We agreed upon it.
- Chef liked it.
- Mm-hmm.
You know? - Yeah.
- It is what it is.
Flippin' Jeff.
Three times.
Best is Jeff again, Team Ludo.
Surprise, surprise.
You know, everybody gets their time on top, but there's no way he can stay there forever.
Hark, the Marcus.
- Nigella: Marcus.
- Oh, I'm sorry, buddy.
You know what? Congratulations.
Well done.
Thank you, darling.
Good job.
Ludo's gonna be insufferable with this one.
Two in a row now? Well Victory from - Victory as it were.
- Upon victory.
I'd like to see some bleeding on Ludo's team.
That would -- that would -- nothing personal, but No tea today.
We're gonna celebrate the French victory.
Let's do it.
So, to Frenchy again.
Smile, guys.
Guys, smile.
Smile, hey, whoo.
Smile, guys.
That dish was awesome, and I want to know who made that.
- It was my dish.
- Was it you? Clearly, Ludo was right, because Jeff won again.
But I'd like to think I would've won, too.
[ Laughs ] If were in your position and I had to sort of tackle this idea of a guilty pleasure, I would make something that would take something that's very traditional but also elevate it, very similar to what you just did.
And that idea is a lobster and crab enchiladas, okay.
- Mm.
- Jeff: Nice.
Now, all right, so basically starts -- Good corn tortillas, right? So, we're gonna sort of just dip this tortilla in there, and what we're trying to do here is make it pliable.
Then what I'm gonna do is a nice handful of the mixture of the crab, poached lobster, cheese, some chive.
Create this really sort of creamy, rich sauce.
Crema, the Mexican-style crème fraîche.
Get a nice little layer of that.
The idea is that you're reinforcing that flavor.
Place it like so.
I'm gonna top it with a little bit of cheese.
And then that goes in the oven, guys.
And what you have is what I have here.
Just be careful, guys.
[ Laughs ] All right.
Get in there, guys, and tell me your thoughts.
Oh, my God.
I'm so excited for this.
It's a little hot, so just be careful.
Really hot.
Gonna get the middle.
See? - Oh, my God, it's amazing.
- Yeah? You want another bite, don't you? - Yeah.
- Can I have another one? - This is like my heaven right now.
- Okay.
Someone that is vegan like Cassandra does not eat the meat, but she tries some foie gras, and she also loves seafood, so I guess she changed her mind about meat.
She's not gonna die.
You know, I had some weird [bleep] happen in my kitchen this morning, honestly.
[ Laughs ] What happened? My strongest cook, Lee -- I know you'll be happy to hear this -- totally just Ludo: He's in love.
- He's in love.
- Watch for the salt now.
He's in love, Tony.
He's with my girl.
So, it's making his -- clogging his mind.
I guess so.
I guess, Tony.
- Miss Cassandra.
- All right.
So, what are we thinking here? So, I have very similar taste in decadence.
[ Laughs ] So, I think you're gonna help me out with this because I was thinking, um, a lobster roll.
Yeah, and I think what you should do is be very careful here not to overdress the lobster.
Just a light coating.
Let the lobster be the star.
And then an herb salad would be great with this.
[ Whistling ] - All right? - Yay.
- Stick with it.
- Thank you.
Good luck, okay? Louise, what are you making? Well, I'm thinking a bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeño.
It's sort of a better version of a jalapeño popper - Yeah.
- You would have at a bar.
If you wanted to get really freaky, put a little bit of brown sugar on top, maybe candy it a little bit.
- I don't know.
- Freaky -- I like that.
That's also that one other element that's gonna be like, "wow, what was that?" All right, Louise, good luck.
Thank you.
Marina: I kind of, like, feel that -- that everybody will go to heavy and high-calorie.
I understand that, but I cannot relate to that.
I love, like, a spring-roll-type thing.
But I'm gonna kick it up another notch by stuffing with scallops.
- Okay.
- Okay? What's gonna make this so guilty that you're just gonna want to close your eyes when you eat it? It's guilty because we can eat a lot.
One thing that could -- could be nice here is a spicy mayo.
Aarón: I'm worried that Marina's dish might not register as a guilty pleasure.
- All right, don't let me down.
- Thank you.
All right.
Really, is that -- really? [ Laughs ] I'm counting on you over here to keep your head in this, not in that, all right? I was hungry, and it tasted good.
[ Laughs ] So, what's -- what's your story there? I was gonna make my own sausage with my own pasta and then just do a mushroom cream sauce.
I think you should go ravioli, to be honest.
Yeah, and then put those elements inside it, 'cause then that way, it's that one big bite.
Having someone else to bounce things off of really brings, you know, other things to life that you may not be thinking of, so we have a huge advantage over the rest of the teams.
Aarón: You guys have a big task in front of you, but I hope you guys take this idea of guilty pleasures and put your stamp on it.
Own it.
You know what I mean? 'Cause you have a real opportunity here.
Sarah: Let's knock out one of these guys off Ludo's team.
- Yeah.
- It's about time, don't you think? - I'm sick of this.
- Definitely.
That prayin' -- pain needs be evenly spread.
Yeah, exactly.
Shehu: Team Ludo, we just got to knock them out in these individual challenges and get these people out when they're by themselves.
Got to hurt their ego a little bit.
Time to go.
Time to get busy.
- Good luck, guys, all right? - Thank you.
Jeff: If people don't fear Team Ludo, they're stupid.
Simple as that.
Bitches are going down.
Anthony: The theme is guilty pleasures.
One dish, four mouthfuls for us to taste.
You have one hour.
Your time starts now.
At the end of this, one of us is going home.
It's a -- it's a tricky challenge.
One person's guilty pleasure is another person's really disgusting food.
So, for my personal guilty pleasure, I'm gonna make oysters Rockefeller.
My dad, I lost him about nine years ago.
I think about him every day, and he taught me how to shuck an oyster, so let's see if I remember.
[ Laughs ] Okay? I'm making a rub for my pork belly and braising it in Guinness, and then I'm gonna be doing a nice, light slaw that's gonna also have apples infused in it, so it'll be good.
Cassandra, one thing that you should think about is instead of water, why don't you use stock, seafood stock? We have Aarón Sánchez in our kitchen, and it is phenomenal because he is a great resource.
- Are you gonna go with the jalapeño popper? - No, no, no, no.
I'm doing a chowder.
- You're doing chowder? - I totally changed it all.
Well, during our mentoring session with Aarón, he gave me advice on a jalapeño popper.
And then I changed my mind.
What are you gonna put in there? I've got shrimp.
I've got bacon, oysters.
I'm gonna use those.
I'm just gonna do a cream-based, New England-style chowder.
The idea of a chowder being decadent to me? I don't know.
It's pretty rudimentary.
If she feels confident with, you know, me not guiding her and trying to give her some advice, well, hey, go for it.
So, I am going to make a lobster roll, and I'm going to infuse some chili into the butter that I'm gonna paint on the brioche and toast it.
And then I'm also gonna kick it up a notch with adding a little avocado into the mix.
- Nice.
- Right? I'm making a sausage tortellini with a mushroom cream sauce.
That's like a trifecta of guilty pleasures.
You can please a lot of people with that.
Just gonna make my pasta, get, you know -- let it rest a little bit, and then I'm gonna start working on my sausage.
I think it's very brave of you to go ahead and make your own sausage.
You know, but I'm gonna see if this time doesn't eat you up, man, all right? So, you're gonna make a spring roll, right? Or kind of a -- Of a fresh, not fried, just fresh spring roll.
- Oh, fresh, excuse me.
- Yes, uh-huh.
What's gonna be the element that's gonna be guilty pleasure? The scallops! The guilty part -- I'm also gonna brush a little bit of bacon fat on top of my wrap so it'll keep moist and shiny.
Huh? I learn from your tortillas today.
Aarón: I don't know if the mentors are gonna really sort of embrace this idea of guilty pleasure with a fresh spring roll.
In my team, there's no more excuses.
We've got -- we cut the fat.
They're the three best cooks on my team left.
Now they should go.
- How you doin', Don? - I'm good, I'm good.
My guilty pleasure's like when you're hanging out late at night, you come home from the club, you've got to get something to eat to soak up all that alcohol.
So, a nice, fat, greasy burger with blue cheese and with the onion jam, something that's simple, but it's done extremely good.
I'm doing an oyster gratin.
A little bit of spice.
I'm gonna do a little worcestershire in there.
It's really creamy.
Oysters are kind of sexy, you know? So Yeah, it's a sexy dish.
[ Laughs ] I making a Spanish rice dish.
It's a paella that's going to have some lovely seafood in it, some pork, and chicken.
And we're gonna build lots of layers of flavor.
When I hear guilty pleasure, that's a difficult thing for me because, quite frankly, when it comes to food, I'm never guilty with what I eat.
For me, I'm just hoping that they're gonna embrace the challenge.
And I'm hoping Shellie stays somewhere on planet earth.
I'm making a chicken-fried lobster.
I'm poaching lobster, and then I'm also batter-frying some chicken skin, and then I'm making a lobster gravy sauce for the bottom.
Uh, today I'm making my mac and cheese with fried chicken and barbecue ranch sauce, a little bit of crispy chicken skin.
I made my barbecue sauce, and I made my ranch.
The fried chicken is just strict Southern-style in the fryer.
Today I'm doing a vanilla poached lobster.
It's gonna be on a mascarpone mashed potato and a spaghetti vegetable.
Dana: I'm making a ravioli out of scallops.
I'm gonna serve it on a bed of parsnip puree with lots of butter and lots of cream -- oh, and a little truffle oil.
Anthony: I despise truffle oil.
If anybody uses, God help us, truffle oil -- I got, you know, cat and water for that.
It's just absolutely anathema to me.
Loathe it.
First of all, there are no truffles in truffle oil.
It is an abomination that has ruined the palates of generations of cooks.
Crystal: Come on, Dad, remind me how to shuck an oyster.
I can't get 'em open, not gonna be an oyster dish.
35 minutes left, guys.
They should be well on the way with no catastrophes.
It's not opening.
It's not gonna be oysters.
I'm easy.
They got to go.
They got to go.
If I had more time to sit there and, like, fight with them, it probably would've worked out fine, but, to me, better to just pivot, you know, go to something that you know is going to work.
So, I'm definitely going with the chocolate truffle.
There is no better guilty pleasure than a great piece of chocolate.
Shehu: Need a medic.
Yeah, I got cut on the ring mold.
I just want to get back to work and get this knocked out.
Time's still clicking.
Lee: My fryer didn't -- is not working.
My outlet is broken, and that's pretty much the focal point, and, like, I'm making fried chicken, so I need a fryer.
Dana, do you have room on your station? My out-- my -- like, it keeps breaking.
Yeah, bring it over.
This is tremendous pressure on me now because I strive for perfection.
I got to be the best, you know? I need to get gold stars.
I need to show Jeff over there that he's not the only one who can be on top.
How are you planning to grind that up? I'm going to put this in the blast chiller to get it kind of hard, and then I'm gonna put it in the food processor.
That's very bold.
It's a risky move, but I promise you, I know what I'm doing.
Jeff, I'm really interested to see this meat grind up - in this processor, all right? - Me too.
I've seen epic failures with this, okay, by the way.
I don't understand why he keeps questioning my ability to get this done.
Hey, sausage.
I stand corrected, capitán.
[ Laughs ] When I taste her chocolate, I'm concerned because Nigella has told us not to do kid flavors.
Like, the chocolate is going to be too sweet, too childlike.
Well, it may not be for my palate.
It's just far too sweet.
Maybe Jacquelyn has to give a negative comment in order to make herself feel better about her own dish.
I don't know.
Dana: Anybody have a second to taste something? Lee: If you bring it over here to me, I'll taste it.
So, it's like my poached one.
I'm trying to decide poached or It's a little hot.
It's perfectly cooked.
Lee: I mean, honestly, I don't know what Dana is thinking.
There will be no, and I mean no, chest-beating, ball-grabbing, towel-snapping, truffle oil, or high-fiving.
Lee: Anthony specifically told us, "no truffle oil.
Don't ever use it.
" I think it was really good, honestly.
Are you just saying that? I wouldn't sabotage you.
Not yet.
[ Chuckles ] Dana: I feel great heading into the solo challenge.
I highly doubt somebody on my team is going home.
I want to see Jacquelyn go home because she's a complete phony.
I don't believe that she's a good cook, and she wears way too much makeup in the kitchen.
False eyelashes and sweat don't work together.
They did not see me pissed off in the kitchen yet because they all do a good job.
We're looking forward to seeing that because we know and love that part of you, and it's a pity that they haven't had the pleasure of seeing it.
No, and they're all just talking good about me.
"Chef Ludo is so nice.
" Listen, you got a vegan person to do foie gras.
Nigella: Ludo, that's brilliant.
I mean, that's Evil but brilliant.
Don't underestimate how long it's gonna take you to clean the lobster, all right? Cassandra: Yeah.
I've never killed a lobster.
I still don't want to kill a lobster.
There's no room in cooking for vegans.
Cassandra: You've got to be kidding me.
Freaking out.
[ Laughs ] All right, guys, we're at six minutes.
- Jeff? - Jeff: What? Your time to shine.
I asked Jeff to come over and kill a lobster.
[ Laughs ] So, today, Cassandra's taking a life.
And I know she's trying to put it on my shoulders by having me kill the lobster, but, um, bitch, it's on your conscience.
[ Laughs ] Thank you, Jeff.
I'm really getting nervous now, because if they haven't done a good job by now, that's it.
Lee: How you doing, Brad? You all right? Brad: Yeah, you want to come try this? Brad -- I do think he's a little over his head right now.
What does it need? I think the sauce needs a little bit of salt.
- Salt? - Yeah.
Lee: Lobster's sweet by nature.
You don't want to add something sweet to sweet.
I would never put vanilla with lobster.
It's not a good look.
All right, you got three minutes, okay? Give it a taste, and then you go for it, okay? Maybe I overcomplicated this, I over-thought it.
I think it's fine.
I think you're -- yeah.
I mean, it's good.
I think you need a little salt, though.
Louise: Somebody else is going home tonight, and I'm really hoping it's not me.
Five Four Three Two One.
Good job, guys.
[ Chuckles ] - Out we go.
- Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai.
Narrator: Here's how the tasting works.
The mentors taste every dish.
They have no idea who cooked it or what they're eating.
Each mentor must select their best dish I thought that tasted good.
I'm scraping out my bits.
and, more importantly, their worst dish.
- I think this spoon is a disaster.
- No balance.
Narrator: The best cooks receive gold stars.
Nicely done.
The worst receive red stars and face elimination.
I'm sorry.
No one wants to be sent home, especially by their own mentor.
Every challenge is crucial.
And everyone is nervous.
Anthony: Here we go.
Louise: I know that this is not the best chowder I've ever made, but I really don't think it's bad enough to send me home.
Good nose, no? I don't -- I don't love it.
I like the flavor of this dish, but it has to have more spice to it, you agree? - I agree.
- I could definitely use more spice.
I really could've used some more heat in there.
Do you think it addressed the challenge? Yes.
But why would you feel guilty? Because your bacon is fat and the potato.
I mean, yeah, feel guilty.
That's really stretching it out.
Oh, wow.
Brad: For my guilty pleasure, a vanilla butter-poached lobster and spaghetti vegetable.
- Is that vanilla? - It is vanilla.
I can't do vanilla.
It's a representation of a certain age.
- Yeah.
- And that's like Wow.
the mullet era.
I don't want vanilla in my fish.
Jeff: When I think of guilty pleasures, I think of pasta and, like, a heavy cream sauce and sausage.
That's like a trifecta.
I think you can please a lot of people with that.
Somebody's talking to Ludo.
That's it.
That was great.
I mean, the texture, the flavor -- but, you see, I don't share the same pleasure zones as you guys, so for me, I have acrid mayo.
Acrid mayo.
She thinks it's rotten mayonnaise.
That's harsh.
No, but seriously, guys, I mean, it's very fatty, heavy, good taste.
I really, really like it.
I don't know, but it's [bleep] good.
It's amazing.
Absolutely the taste of shame.
Nigella: For me, it's -- it's bad canteen food, and I couldn't do it.
- Love it.
- Really like that.
So this would never be my guilty pleasure.
What? Good luck, good luck, good luck.
Dana: I made a scallop into a ravioli with lots of butter, lots of cream, and I'm finishing it with truffle oil.
Scallops, truffles? Yeah, but we don't have fresh truffles in the pantry.
The truffle.
It's fake truffle.
Truffle oil, perhaps.
[ Groans ] The truffle oil -- my death.
Do you think it address the challenge? - I-I do think, actually.
- Not really.
Oh, come on.
I mean, if that address the challenge, it's froufrou.
Froufrou as opposed to poo-poo.
I'm like, this is it.
Going down.
I'm hoping other people are worse.
Nigella: That's exciting.
Shehu: All right, here you go.
I didn't just put burger and bread.
I toasted the bun in butter, blue cheese.
I want to make a really lasting impression with this.
It's ginormous.
This looks like a guilty pleasure to me.
The meat is very dry.
Mmm, I'm loving this.
Marcus: I agree with you -- the meat is dry, but it addresses the challenge, though.
Oh, you agree with me? Wow.
- I love this dish.
- Nigella: I do, too.
I think it encapsulates everything about this challenge.
I've got grease on my fingers.
That makes me feel both guilt and pleasurable.
I don't like blue cheese.
I love it.
Blue cheese is my own guilty pleasure.
Eat this while watching, like, porn -- perfect.
- For me, this is it.
This has hit the spot.
- Yeah.
We should name this after Ron Jeremy.
I think the execution is not that perfect.
That's okay.
I mean, we don't have to agree.
- Yeah.
- That's what the whole point is.
We're right.
He's wrong.
[ Nigella laughs ] I hope they all love it.
Yeah, they're gonna love it.
I'm feeling really confident that the mentors are gonna enjoy the lobster roll.
This takes me to a happy barefoot place.
Marcus: It has a little bit of heat, too, which I like.
That's [bleep] good.
That's [bleep] amazing.
One of the best thing I eat in this competition.
I will drive to eat that.
- Yes, me too.
- Definitely.
I'm gonna need a -- oh, my God.
Lee: I'm extremely happy for Cassandra.
The judges loved her dish, so I'm really, really happy for her.
Sarah: I'm really nervous, but I think my dish turned out really nice.
I hope they're gonna say that it's delicious.
Nice crunch, huh? Has kind of a Jersey Shore buzz off it without the -- you know, without the chlamydia.
[ Laughs ] [Bleep] Ludo: Well, that's good.
I mean, I will go eat at - I liked it a lot.
- Tony's salon.
I'd vacation on the Jersey Shore as a kid, so I'd put that between two greasy piece of bread roll.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Happy, happy.
Crystal: This dish is sweet.
It is rich.
It is decadent.
Nigella: Mm.
Jeff: Why would you put a truffle in a cup? They have to go digging in there like a baboon looking for ants.
Classically simple.
In terms of guilty pleasure, I quite like the fact that you have to get your fingers dirty to eat it.
- Marcus: Oh, definitely.
- That, too.
- That was good.
- Mmmm.
Jacquelyn: I'm shocked.
I thought that Crystal's dish was horrible.
Just far too sweet.
Ludo: Wake up in the middle of the night and want to eat that.
I want some more.
[ Laughs ] Oui ou non? That's good.
Jacquelyn: If there's anything I know, it's guilty pleasures.
What is more guilty than bacon on pork on chocolate? [ Laughs ] I mean, that's pretty guilty.
I'm confused.
- Nigella: I don't get it.
- No? It make me think about caprese salad, you know, we do in France, we prepare with bacon.
Crystal: She might perceive that as sexy.
It doesn't really read guilty pleasure to me.
It's too much salad.
- I'm feeling pretty healthy after that.
- Yeah.
The other dish before us just sang perfectly.
This becomes a little bit misfit.
Don: I made a paella with lots of wonderful, fatty things.
Diana, my late wife, would have really liked this dish.
So, I'm hoping the mentors find this dish to their liking.
For sure, not enough salt.
I like this, actually, because this is -- - you like that? - Yeah, no, I do like it.
- You like that? - I do like it.
I like it.
There we go.
It's not the perfect dish by -- by any means.
For me, it's in the middle, actually.
- That's where it is.
- Yeah.
For me, it's under-seasoning.
No, I don't -- no.
Don: It's disappointing.
I'm certain I'm not gonna get a gold star, but I really hope I don't go home.
I hope it's not somebody on my team because I would be mad.
Shellie: This dish is honestly sinful.
There's nothing healthy about it.
I mean, I think it addresses the challenge.
You know, something very creamy, fatty.
The taste is right.
Maybe not that good, but it's not that bad, too.
Yep, I-I agree.
Marina: I believe I made a really delicious spring roll.
Today is my guilty pleasure.
- I don't get guilty pleasure in this.
- Yeah.
The guilty pleasure on that, Nigella Is the bacon.
No, stuff something big in your mouth.
Okay, then.
Marcus: For me, this doesn't address the challenge.
Guilty pleasure don't need to be disgusting food.
I like sub-par, greasy, disgusting fried chicken from a disreputable talent.
So, you like disgusting food.
Maybe these -- these people don't like disgusting food.
Maybe they're more refined.
- I don't feel dirty.
- No.
Lee: My dish is fried chicken and bacon mac and cheese.
Like, it has decadent written all over it.
Tony, somebody's talking to you.
Oh, yeah.
Take me home and treat me bad.
That is literally my personal Mac and cheese.
Fried chicken.
guilty pleasure.
That sauce -- and a spicy white-trash sauce.
Lee: I know they called it white trash, but they all loved it, so I'm happy.
Whatever restaurant serves that, I want to O.
on their cold, tile floor.
Do you -- perfect American dish.
I love the crust of the chicken, whatever was fried.
- I like the mac and cheese, too.
- It was very good.
It nailed the challenge.
Delicious, want more.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Guys, for the most part, a very impressive showing, good work.
We have some thinking to do here, so why don't you guys go back to the break room while we decide our best and worst? The break room is always nerve-racking.
You know, you're all thinking, "okay, this could be my time.
Like, today could be the day.
" - Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's the Jeff and Lee show! The judges seemed like they love Lee and Jeff, of course.
I'm sorry, but, d-- Like, Lee just can't keep getting all the gold stars.
I'm-- you know.
I'm ready to take off a leg.
Like, I need -- We need to take this guy down.
Team Ludo, Team Anthony, we got to knock them down somehow.
You know, Lee and Jeff, they're not untouchable.
Anybody can get touched.
Did anyone else see Cassandra have an orgasm on stage? Yeah, we did.
[ Laughs ] I was so excited, I was so happy to have Ludo say it was [bleep] amazing.
And I feel like you've been needing the validation because everyone's been questioning you.
Yeah, I definitely -- calling you, like, the vegan who can't eat meat or whatever.
- You know what I mean? - Like, it's good.
None of these other chefs see me as a contender, so I really want to get a gold star.
I think it would just be great, and it would be really validating.
Cassandra is a lovely girl, but her number's gonna be up soon.
Louise: How do you feel? I feel like I'm probably fine because I don't think anybody disliked the dish.
What about Marina's spring roll? That's not a guilty pleasure, though, for me.
Jacquelyn: A spring roll with vegetables and, you know, a fatless scallop, it is just too healthy.
It is guilt-free.
I think the real issue is that it wasn't fried.
It was a fresh rice-paper wrapper.
Oh, see, it's got to be greasy.
It's got to be greasy.
What are you -- how do you feel, Dana? 'Cause I know -- I tasted your dish.
It was totally not what they wanted at all, so that sucks.
You don't think you're -- you don't think you're going home? No, I think there's -- I think there's definitely somebody that was worse.
- I think I'm more just pissed.
- You mean like Jacquelyn? Yeah, for sure.
Nigella's team is Team Hot Mess, and I know that I'm a much better cook than Jacquelyn.
Jeff: And Jacquelyn, hers was, um -- it was pork belly, which is decadent, but they said it was too much like a salad.
But you did the salad, right, that they were talking about? No, no, no, it wasn't a salad, but there was pork belly, bacon, chocolate, spice, and, you know, green apple.
Dana: I would never make that.
Even if there was bacon on my salad, I'd still feel good that I'm eating a salad.
I mean, I missed the mark.
She, like, totally didn't even come close.
I'm not nervous, but maybe I should be.
I don't know.
But I-I'm not.
If Jacquelyn doesn't go home, I don't understand what's going on in this competition.
I mean, to make a salad for a guilty pleasure is like the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Team Hot Mess is still here, and there's other people who deserve to be in this competition are -- you know, are gone.
Why are they still here? It doesn't -- it doesn't make sense to me.
You need to go.
Oh, God, this could be it.
This could be the moment.
Don: Waiting for judgment, I get more nervous and more nervous and more nervous.
One of us is going to actually go home.
I think I'm the only one who really embraced this challenge.
Jeff: I don't think I'm gonna get a gold star, but I'm not in the bottom -- I know that for sure.
I'm feeling really confident.
I think a lot of people didn't meet the challenge today.
At least I did.
So, tonight's theme was guilty pleasures.
We've chosen our best and worst.
Of course, we have no idea who we're talking about, who cooked what.
Let's find out.
First, our best.
My choice for best dish of the night was cooked by ah, Lee.
This pleases me no end, as you might well imagine.
[ Laughs ] Ahh.
My best dish was cooked by Oh.
- Lee.
- Thank you, chef.
Sarah: If Lee gets one more [bleep] star, I swear -- I don't know if I'm gonna be able to fit in the same room with his head.
Right, and my best dish was cooked by Yes, chef.
- Congratulations, Shehu.
- Thank you.
[ Laughter ] So, my best dish was cooked by Jeff.
What do you think of that? Wow.
[ Laughs ] - Interesting.
- Jeff: Excellent.
Narrator: With his first gold star of the competition, Shehu joins Jeff and Lee as tonight's best cooks.
Louise: Really? Again? They liked Lee's and they liked Jeff's.
It's like every single challenge they get the gold stars.
Congratulations, guys.
Let's take a closer look at your dishes.
So, Lee, tell us what you cooked here that made us so happy.
Well, I did my bacon mac and cheese with fried chicken and a little barbecue ranch spicy sauce.
- Ludo: Ranch.
- Oh, ranch.
Just that little additional touch of hillbilly overkill, man.
[ Laughs ] Look, I think you totally nailed, went right to the heart of this challenge.
It was delicious.
It was shame-inducing.
I can well imagine eating this under the most embarrassing circumstances.
So great, so great to eat here.
Just -- just perfect.
- Good work.
Very happy.
- Thank you.
- Very proud and very encouraged.
- Great.
You needed to really be a little trashy to nail this, and you, my friend, have just the right amount of trash.
Thank you, chef.
[ Laughter ] Wonderful, delicious, and trashy.
Why'd you pick this? I mean, what was guilt-inducing about this? This is my drunk, I have my fried chicken joint in Brooklyn that I go to.
I bring it back.
I sit in my underwear.
And I eat this fried chicken, and I look like, "okay, nobody's watching.
I can eat this.
" You know? I'm not sure we want to see that.
[ Laughter ] It's a nice image, though.
[ Shudders ] I mean, it was a great dish, definitely, you know? It was not my best, but it was a great dish.
- Very good job.
- Thank you, chef, thank you.
So, congratulations, Lee, and once again, you've been picked as best by two mentors, so good work.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
I feel great.
I mean, I got the stars again.
I'm on top again.
I feel awesome.
Shehu, tell me about your dish, which I loved.
I made a burger slider.
It's ground beef and pork belly and then topped with a blue cheese rarebit, and to off-balance the blue cheese, I made a balsamic onion jam.
You fried your bread.
Yes, I cooked it in whole butter.
Yeah, that's always good.
And why is that your guilty pleasure? So, when you think of guilty pleasure, I think you'd have to be -- you have to get dirty.
I know.
I have to say, it made a fantastic greasy stain in my notebook, so it kind of is exactly what you're talking about.
Shehu, I'm really proud of you, and you belong in this company with Lee and Jeff, so this is a great start.
You know, and hopefully you will be there again.
You complained.
You said it was too dry.
[ Laughs ] I think -- I think -- I think it was a -- for my taste, for the grease, I actually want even more grease, but I think it doesn't matter.
You're here.
It was wonderful.
- And I'm really proud of you.
- Thank you.
Again, you totally understood the challenge in an important way.
You executed perfectly.
You went over the top Just a little bit too much, which is exactly what we were looking for.
Great, great job.
Can't say enough nice things about you.
Thank you.
Told Marcus I was gonna step up, you know, start bringing some wins home, so I'm feeling pretty stoked.
So, Jeff.
[ Speaking French ] Jeff: Thank you.
You are on the top again.
Third time.
- It's nice.
- Good job.
I love your dish, bro.
- Thank you, thank you.
- I really love it.
For me, it was fat -- a lot of fat.
It was creamy.
It was almost like pico, spicy.
What it was? When I think of guilty pleasures, I think of pasta.
I love pasta, and I love a heavy, thick cream sauce and sausage, so, like, sausage, cream, and mushrooms and pasta -- that for me is like a complete, you know, guilty pleasure.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Jeff, I-I have to confess, I had no idea what the hell -- I only knew that I would've cheerfully licked it off a bicycle seat.
It was so good.
Good work.
Thank you, thank you.
Lee, Shehu, Jeff, congratulations.
But it's time.
Time to find out who cooked tonight's worst dishes.
So, it's time.
Time to find out who cooked tonight's worst dishes.
My worst dish was cooked by Dana.
All right, this is never fun, but we have to do it.
My worst dish tonight was cooked by Marina.
Nigella: Right.
Okay, I'm just gonna get this over with.
I'm not looking forward to this.
My worst dish was cooked by Don.
My worst dish was cooked by Don.
Dana, Marina, Don, you cooked our least favorite dishes tonight.
Let's take a look at them.
So, Dana, what happened here? I was trying to make a ravioli using scallop, and then I sautéed some mushrooms with some porcinis.
I made a parsnip puree with a lot of butter and a lot of cream, a little parsnip chip on top, and then I drizzled it with a porcini reduction.
It's a very restaurant-y dish by my way of thinking.
I was, frankly, a little pissed that it didn't seem to embrace the challenge at all.
Why should I feel guilty eating this? I think I just totally missed it.
I went the wrong direction.
When I think of a guilty pleasure, I tend to think of things that are really heavy and rich, like cream and butter and the porcinis and the truffle oil.
- Did you say truffle oil? - I did say truffle oil.
That's something to feel guilty about.
Let it be stated here unto forever and eternity -- truffle oil is not food.
It tasted good.
I just totally missed the mark with that [bleep] truffle oil.
You did not follow what is the challenge.
That's sad, because it's a good dish.
It was a well-cooked dish that I could find in maybe a nice, high-end bistro in the corner on Park Avenue, but not a guilty pleasure.
I cannot believe that I got picked on the bottom, considering some of the other dishes.
So, for that, I'm pissed.
All right, Marina, I love your food.
It's always been delicious.
What happened? Well, I grew up in a family that we don't drink, we don't get wasted.
[ Laughs ] So, to us, a guilty pleasure's when we can eat a lot of the same thing.
Marina, tell me what's in the summer rolls.
It's scallops, pickled radish, carrots, lime, a little bit of fish sauce, and jalapeño juice and sugar.
Why would you feel in any way -- "do you know what? I know I shouldn't, but I'm gonna eat some.
" Because that's how I interpret my guilty pleasure.
She admits that she's a healthy eater.
She doesn't drink, you know, she doesn't eat fats and that kind of stuff, she doesn't drink, but that's what this challenge is.
I love summer rolls, and a good summer roll could be a great guilty pleasure.
This is just not a good one.
So, for me, it just didn't work.
I mean, it's a good thing, you know, you follow -- you know, the reality of your life, you know, what is your -- Yeah, and -- and because it's low-calorie, you can eat, like, tons of it.
- I'll just say that -- I'll just say that.
- Oh, because it's low-calorie -- it's a premiere.
You have Nigella, Anthony without fat, you know? And maybe you -- can I finish, please? No, I just don't understand why you say -- You know what? I can never finish.
I mean, it's unbelievable, seriously.
Because it's low-calorie, that's really missing the point.
Something I don't agree with Marcus -- this spring roll tastes good.
Sorry, chef.
We don't have the same palate.
We know that, but No, but, I mean, I like good summer rolls.
- This was not a good summer roll.
- No, it was not that good, but it was okay.
And raw pine nuts on top? You're working at a serious disadvantage here in that you are apparently not a habitual drinker or prone to bad behavior.
You seem to have some kind of a stable life, and you eat healthy food.
Had this just -- you had some more fat in there and -- and -- and had it been greasy or possibly fried, I would've been all over this dish.
It's their perception and my perception, and today is my guilty pleasure.
Don, will you just tell me what you made and why -- why it fits into this challenge? I made a paella.
Paella is essentially a rice dish with a smorgasbord of items that can be put into it.
I think the Spanish might disagree with you on that.
Why for guilty pleasures? It's -- it's guilty pleasure because of the many different varieties of food all cooked in the -- in the same source.
I have pork, chicken, fish, and shrimp, also, of course, chorizo.
As a paella, my blood boiled.
In paella, normally, you put in the vegetable.
Everything is mixed with the rice.
They're cooked together.
Here it looks like you cooked the rice separately and put the protein on the top.
I tasted Don's, and it didn't make a whole lot of sense.
If it was a paella, there was not enough rice in my dish.
I really don't understand why you put truffle, and for me, it was missing a lot of salt and very dry.
Very, very dry.
Nigella: Tell me something, Don.
Are you like Marina -- you're very pure, you don't have any guilty pleasures? No.
There's not much food I would feel guilty about eating.
And I applaud you for that, sir.
I think you are a wonderful cook.
I think that you have embraced every challenge really, really well.
Here was just not your best work.
I know how to make paella, and I over-thought it.
Dana Marina Don One of you is going home.
Dana, why shouldn't it be you? Well, I think I'm a really good cook.
I think I just totally went the wrong direction with the challenge.
And I'm not ready.
I'm not ready to go home yet.
Today, the guilty pleasure's for myself, but I hope I have a chance to prove you wrong.
I bring a new regionality to the show, and I've made some very good dishes for you.
Well, obviously we have a very difficult decision to make.
Why don't you guys go wait in the break room while we figure things out? Thank you.
Nigella: I'm so relieved.
I am the only mentor without a cook in the bottom.
[ Sighs ] Oh, boy.
How you feeling? I'm feeling disappointed.
So, I have two red stars.
I'm obviously not in a good position.
I lost the battle.
I still have a war to win.
I can't believe this red star's making me cry.
Just give me a second.
So [Bleep].
Jeff: Congratulations.
- Good job, guys.
- You deserve it.
- Good job.
- You really deserve it.
Thank you.
So, Lee, is your apron getting heavy with all the stars over there? I can't say it doesn't feel good, 'cause it does.
Lee gets two more stars 'cause he has to be better than me.
Why you got to one-up me? [ Laughs ] It's nice to be above Jeff for this one, for sure.
I'm sick of you winning all the team challenges.
I don't get stars for team challenges.
[ Laughs ] It's a shame.
It's a damn shame.
The Jeff and Lee show -- it's really frustrating.
I'm tired of seeing these guys getting more stars.
I want to take them down.
It's really frustrating because it seems like the guys are getting all of the gold stars, and I'm not getting anything.
I'm getting a lot of [bleep] from people.
I think, for sure, Jeff is my biggest competition right now.
We're, like, really good friends, but at the same time, bring it on, bitch.
Let's start right here.
Dana's dish -- it was great.
It had nothing to do with the challenge.
Anthony: She totally missed the boat on the -- on the challenge, and it really irritated me, it's -- it's why I picked her.
This is like the worst, and I got it from my mentor.
It feels exactly how you would all expect it to feel.
I'm the first one of my team to be in the bottom like that, too, so I'm like, "oh [bleep] great.
" Truffle oil.
It's rich.
I know, but some people cook like this, Tony.
Now I know, if I stay, don't ever use truffle oil, ever.
I think -- I think you're gonna stay.
- Ever, ever.
- I really do.
- You don't know, though.
- I know.
Everybody's telling me I'm safe, but they don't really know.
You just never know what's going to happen.
I think it's a nice bistro dish.
To make that a-a guilty pleasure, it's a stretch.
Don -- you know, with Don, I mean, this paella, it was very badly executed.
I mean, seriously, this is not a paella.
You know what I'm guilty about? These things.
And, you know, I'm disappointed because I thought it was a really good dish.
I think this guy still thinks this is a good paella.
I already lost Audrey.
I can't really afford to lose Don, so it's a lot of pressure.
Your guys did a bad job, Marcus, and that's it.
You know, for me -- for me -- for me -- let me defend it, let me defend it.
I think it's a nice dish.
I mean, this paella, it was very badly executed.
Talk about poor execution -- this is a disgrace to Vietnam.
[ Laughs ] And also -- in the summer rolls -- Oh, you're so full of caca.
I see nasty pine nuts, bad frisée, and a summer roll that actually has nothing to do with summer rolls.
Look, we got to remember, we are taking into consideration past performance.
Dana -- Dana's been a strong -- a strong cook for me.
Don has been doing really good.
I enjoy mentoring Don because he really wants to learn.
I mean, I think she's a good cook.
But, yes, she has some -- she did not perform that well today, so She's a good cook, yes, but you need to be consistent.
That's part of the game.
I would very much like to, you know, see a big bite taken out of Ludo's team, obviously.
Do you think you're gonna go home? - I-I know I'm staying.
- Yeah.
- I'm staying, I know.
- Dana: You think you're gonna stay? I know I'm staying.
So, we've made a decision.
Reluctantly, but we have made a decision.
Let's get the cooks out here.
Don: In this competition, small mistakes can send someone home, and I cooked a dish that wasn't very good.
If I survive this, I'm gonna wake up a new person, and the only way I can go is to the top.
It's almost embarrassing if I were to go home this soon.
I want to cook more.
I mean, it was just one dish.
Welcome back.
This is the point in the competition where we -- well, we have the unenviable job of sending one of you home.
It's not a decision we take lightly, and it's not something we enjoy doing.
That's the way it is.
Dana, look, I didn't enjoy your dish.
I-I don't think you grasped the -- the -- the concept.
You gave us a restaurant dish, one that contained, frankly, one of my least favorite ingredients on earth.
Are you really gonna send me home right now? Like, there's so many other cooks that have done such a much worse job.
Your technique, as my colleagues have pointed out, was good.
You will not be going home.
Thank you.
Good luck, good luck.
Marina, I was very surprised to see you today.
I think your summer roll, it should be a little more exciting, more flavor.
It was missing something.
Very surprised.
I mean, you -- you -- you're a very smart cook.
You use seasoning very well.
Your food -- you know what's good.
You're a great cook.
You're a great cook.
What happened to you? Don, that was not a paella.
Paella is always coated with rice.
It's not just about your protein put together.
It's really a delicate, beautiful dish.
The fact that you're here in the bottom saddens me deeply because you -- you're a soulful man, you want to learn.
I would love to see you around for a couple more rounds.
Marina, Don, it's been a tough debate.
Only one of you guys can stay.
You both have made mistakes.
You also both have done some really good dishes.
We didn't just look at today.
We looked at the whole competition so far, what you guys have done.
And the person that we're sending home today is Marina We're gonna keep you.
Don, you have to go.
Marina: Thank you.
Thank you, chef.
I've learned a lot.
- I'm a better cook now.
- Thank you, Don.
- That was awesome.
- Nigella: Oh, thank you.
- I enjoyed your food.
- Thank you very much.
If you get to Texas, perhaps we'll have dinner and share a bottle of wine.
Sounds lovely.
Thank you very much for this good journey.
Thank you.
Woman: We love you, Don.
Green machine.
[ Laughs ] Bye, Don.
Marcus: Thank you, Don.
I really liked him.
I know we're not supposed to have favorites, but I really liked him.
Don: [ Voice breaking ] When Diana, my wife, passed away, I-I was unfocused, you know.
And this has focused me again.
And what a great achievement that is.
- Welcome to my kitchen.
- Thank you.
Yes! That's really, really good.
Don: I'm gonna re-energize, re-engage.
I'm gonna become a living person again.
[ Sniffles ] Well done, guys.
Still here.
Be happy.
Let there be joy and frolicking.
[ Applause ] Good job.
All right, look, get some rest.
We'll see you next time.
Thank you.
All right, guys.
Nobody here knew what I was suffering from.
I didn't tell anybody that I have a disease.
It's called complex regional pain syndrome.
It is the most painful disease known to man.
I live day in and day out with pain that's worse than natural childbirth.
And the disease has taken over my right arm, which is my cooking arm, and my left leg.
You don't have to say, "no, I can't do it.
" Just go try.
They didn't know I was suffering, and they will now, but these are happy tears, and these are sad tears, and these are frustration tears, but truly, I'm okay to go home right now, you know.
My body has told me, "that's enough.
" And I'm okay with that.