The Terror (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

First Shot a Winner, Lads

Here it comes, Mr.
Des Voeux.
Hold for the calculation.
One thousand and fourteen feet per second, sir.
Mark atmospheric pressure at 30.
191 inches.
Is that the last one, sir? My foot's gone horny now.
Stamp it out.
We've got two more.
The Terrors are aboard, sir.
Good morning, Captain.
Are we to have a command meeting without our commander again? Captain Crozier sends his regrets.
But we were able to bring all the Terror stores you requested.
Hornby's overseeing the transfer below.
Is there something you're not telling me, Edward? Much to do on Terror is all, sir.
Well, then I will keep this short.
Dundy can brief you on how the combined men are faring, and I will get Mr.
Reid to brief you directly concerning the ice.
The girl.
You will take her back with you today when you go.
Sir, have you considered that on Terror are the very men who That is Francis's problem now.
I no longer accept to host that girl aboard my ship.
The men here are becoming upset by her.
Upset, sir? You'll see.
And finally, foot.
- Brava.
- Feet.
Captain Fitzjames orders them removed every morning.
He promises punishment for leaving them.
Well, I have orders to pack her up.
She's Terror's problem now.
Did I Did I hear correctly, Lieutenant? You're taking her? May I come, also? I'm working out a dictionary of Inuktitut and she's talking, finally, and at speed.
Has she spoken any more of the creature? Not as yet, that I can discern, but I feel we're close.
- You understand Terror's situation? - I do.
Get leave, then.
And pack well.
If weather deteriorates, you may be with us a while.
We go.
Terror? Captain Fitzjames says he's happy to be relieved of a man, given our numbers now.
You may as well write a Newfie dictionary.
Or capuchin.
Hold it.
Why are you asking me, Mr.
Goodsir? You've already spoken to the captain.
And packed, I see.
Doctor, I'm to tell you we're going up the ladder now.
Captain's leaving the decision to you, in case I'd be too missed.
I really wouldn't worry yourself there.
Go with the girl.
And don't forget to invite us all to the wedding.
Has anyone ever invited you to a wedding, Dr.
Stanley? Is he always that cheeky? No.
That's something new.
The two months are to be used, Mr.
Attend to that reading every week, without fail.
- Name? - William Wentzell, sir.
From Terror.
Well, your nails are a terror, Mr.
You are far from an excuse for this.
Mark down three days duty owing, and one for that collar.
Men! I will wager you've never had more time than this to keep yourselves neat! But I also understand, given our numbers, you have likely never had less time at the basin.
Even so, nine of you earned duty in the log today.
That must improve.
Next week, that number will be zero.
Is that understood? Aye, sir! - Good.
- Carry on, men! - Mr.
Collins? - Sir, it's about the Terror party.
What's happened? You told me to report anything like this if it happened, and it has.
Lieutenant Little came today with a requisition signed by Captain Crozier.
For the spirit room.
How many did he take? Sixteen bottles, sir.
Thank you, Mr.
Hornby! Mr.
Hornby? Fetch that up before it hardens, Mr.
As you can see, I'm shooting into the brown tonight.
Climb down.
We'll lower him behind you.
Hornby collapsed on the ice.
He's gone.
We've got Lady Silence with us.
Take her down to the slop storage.
Will she be safe She'll be fine with Lieutenant Hodgson.
You go.
Bring him down.
- What happened to Mr.
Hornby? - We don't know.
You shouldn't carry heavy things until your wounds mend, Mr.
You'll fight down worse than pain.
I'm sure Dr.
MacDonald told you.
Darlington and I were just discussing that.
Excuse me.
With the weight of the ship having shifted from the central axis, we're Ah, Edward.
How fares the Raft of the Medusa? Mr.
Hornby collapsed on the ice on the trek back.
MacDonald thinks his heart stopped.
Hornby's dead? He is.
They're preparing him now to take him down to the hold with the others.
He was a good mate.
Light on his feet.
I'm sorry to mix things, sir, but we've also brought back the Lady Silence with us.
I tried to remind Captain Fitzjames who's aboard, but he insisted.
Goodsir came along as well.
Apparently he's making some progress with what you asked.
Very good.
Once she's settled and has eaten, collect her and Mr.
I'll have them in for tea.
We have a round of catch-up to do.
Thomas, would you mind? Check the crossbeams and let me know if you find any weeping.
Ready the Francis, in this bloody cold, no one should be out there for more than half an hour.
You're right.
I'll hold a service for him tomorrow.
Ready the spare masts to be taken up.
See what the ice wants, then finalize a buttress plan in the morning.
No whiskey in Erebus's spirit room, sir.
Only gin.
Rum and gin.
Damn it! Jopson! My father drank gin.
I'm not sure Mr.
Collins will be as discreet as we'd hoped.
Right, here's what you do.
You go back, and this time you tell Mr.
Collins to get it from James's personal store.
He's had enough of mine over the years.
Put a bullet in my head before I drink gin.
Ah, Jopson.
Hornby's dead.
As Mr.
Helpman is on Erebus, would you be so kind as to collect Mr.
Hornby's personal things and put them in store for his family? Find out who his best mate was and give that man Mr.
Hornby's tobacco.
- Consider it done, sir.
- Thank you.
Would you recall how much whiskey is left in my stores? Two bottles, sir.
- Bring them up.
- Yes, sir.
That's your clock.
See it doesn't run out.
Yes, sir.
You should be about through with the salt now.
You're mending nicely.
Your kindness is unstoppable, Mr.
I mean that.
There's no more generous man on these ships.
Was Lady Silence brought on board to be questioned by the captain? Does that really work with anyone, Mr.
Hickey? Thank you for your help today.
You have a busier sick bay than I'd imagined, with so few men aboard.
It's the weather.
I'm going to suggest to the captain that he cancels all trips to and from Erebus until it breaks.
I don't want to see another of these boys lose a piece or a part.
I've heard teeth can explode in air this cold.
I don't have to.
In '39 with Captain Penny, our lead whaler's tooth did just that.
The root stays warm, but the surface freezes like a like a little bomb.
While I'm here Have you any men aboard suffering a line? On the gums.
- Like a line of ash in the tissue.
- No.
Are there any other symptoms? Headaches, numbness, joint pain.
Possibly dystrophy of the memory.
Something other than scurvy? I know you've started to see cases.
No, this is this is quite different.
What comes first to your mind? I thought immediately of bismuth.
I trained on cadavers, some of whom were syphilitic.
They had been treated with bismuth for months.
It had built up in their gums.
A different color, but it's the same presentation.
Is he indulgent with drink? He has not much access to it beyond his evening grog.
Why? I just remember, years ago, reading about a case in Devon where the cider presses were causing a similar vexation.
- The presses? - Yes.
They were made of lead.
Our water tanks are lead.
It doesn't affect neutral liquids, fortunately.
Handling the stuff can be harmful.
The French have proved it.
Charles Thackrah has written about gout in plumbers.
What's his job, your man? He's one of the mates.
He hasn't handled anything without gloves on deck for years, I imagine.
Well, I'll start making inquiries, Mr.
I've not seen this myself.
I wish you'd call me Harry.
Well, I might call you Doctor.
You're sounding very like one to me just now.
Just a word, Billy.
What? What do you want? To know what's preoccupying the officers' thoughts these days.
Who's unhappy How am I supposed to know any better than you? That magic line is how.
See, I can't get my ears over that line unless I'm caulking a privy.
You serve every meal of every day behind that line.
- Practically live behind that line.
- What do I get in return? News of the Marines? To the hold, Mr.
You've got duty.
Two minutes.
Right away, sir.
You can help put Mr.
Hornby in the Dead Room.
- Close your eyes.
Hold your hand out.
- No.
I'm not going to have congress with it.
Then will you let me alone? Close your eyes.
Where did you get it? Someone who didn't need it any more.
Your ears, Billy.
Unbutton them.
Magnus? What is it, Manson? I - I can't go down, sir.
- Well, you fit, don't you? I mean I don't like to go down there now, sir.
Well, down there is the hold of the ship the Navy pays you to work in.
Just with Strong and Evans already down there, I It's just that I've heard them, sir.
You've heard them? Are you a blasphemer? No.
No, a lot of the men have, sir.
Manson, just lower him down.
I can get him on my shoulder.
You look at me, Manson! What's left of Strong and Evans is frozen solid, sewn into hammocks with layers of canvas wrapped around it.
It's not them trying to get out you hear, but rats trying to get in.
Sir Sir, please.
I I'm going to order you down that ladder now.
If you refuse, I will not recommend you to be lashed again.
I will recommend you sit in there with your friends, the door locked, until you've learned that God grants us many things in this world, but he does not grant us ghosts! Sir, you wouldn't.
Would you like to see? What you need is more light, Mr.
You go and fetch a lantern.
Then you can keep Mr.
Hartnell and me safe on these rungs, yeah? Come on.
Just stack him on top.
It's all right, Manson.
He's stowed.
They see the cannon flash from the position camp, and then they mark how long after it the sound arrives.
The light will travel faster, but less so the colder it is.
Or something to that tune.
It's a reason to shoot off a six-pounder, anyway.
You must hear it down here.
Do you remember the old lad on the Prince Regent the doxies used to call "Six Pounder"? Where's he right now, do you think? I'm ready to go up, Private.
One more, as quick as you can, boys.
The men on the ice have half a mile to march back to Erebus after.
We will not get temperatures much lower this year, I'd wager.
What about the creature, sir? If you can hear the cannon fire so far haven't we been calling it right to us all day? Or scaring it off.
I'm more afeared of the cold, boys.
I play the clavier back home.
And for that you need every finger.
Ah, Dr.
Come in, please.
Lieutenant Little has gone to fetch our Lady now.
Thank you for being our proxy while she's been on Erebus.
You're getting quite expert, I hear.
I didn't understand how to record her dialect phonetically at first, but but I've created a system of notation for a dictionary I've begun On the creature? I've tried, but on that subject she doesn't offer to converse.
I sense these matters are quite private in her culture.
She's berthed with you a month now.
About what have you conversed? The land, the ice.
Her tools, her clothing.
Our tools, our clothing.
But I feel that we're close.
Just I think we're going to have to do this in her time.
We shall try together.
Please sit.
Tea? You want drink? Let's get to it, then.
What is hunting us? Tuunbaq.
- Tuunbaq.
- Tuunbaq.
Do you know the word, Mr.
Blanky? It's similar to a Yupik word I know from Russian America.
" A spirit.
- Spirit? - That may not be her meaning.
A spirit that dresses as an animal.
That doesn't leave this room.
Tuunbaq It put our captain in the same hole where your father went.
How it know that? Who told it do that? You? It did that? It's bound to no one now.
Do you speak with it? I haven't tried.
I want to go back now.
- No, no, no.
- Maybe Maybe if I try.
It's killed five men on this expedition, ripped them apart.
But she has been responding to a lighter touch.
How do we kill it? Go on.
I hope you live to sell your dictionary, Mr.
I hope I live to buy it.
How do we kill Tuunbaq? Tuunbaq.
Help us.
Do we all agree she's not co-operating? Sir, in the month that she's been here, she hasn't once mentioned leaving or made any attempt at escape.
You ever ask yourself why? She's frightened of it, also.
Maybe it's gone off somehow.
Lieutenant Little, Lady Silence is denied protection on either ship.
- Sir - Surely Thomas, escort her off Terror.
Let her back aboard only if she's screaming for help.
No, I will not, Francis.
Help us stop it or you leave! And who is going to stop you? You use the wind to carry you here.
You use the forest to hide inside.
You use all this and don't even want to be here.
You don't want to live.
Look at you.
Even if I could help, you don't want it.
Why do you want to die? She asked you, "Why do you want to die?" Oh, God.
Get off my ship! What in God's name is happening here? You know what you have to do and you don't do it.
- Francis - Don't ever call me Francis again.
You'll call me what I'm due to be called.
You stole 16 bottles of spirits from my ship.
I don't know what you're due.
I do know there hasn't been a single meal we've shared, a conversation when you weren't morbing on about what you're due.
Your luck has changed, Francis.
No one has you in harness any longer.
You are commanding this expedition entire.
So damn your eyes.
What else do you require? Respect? Well, earn it.
Or are you determined to be the worst kind of first as well? Francis! - Get off me! - Sit down! You be careful now! Or what happened to John Ross at Fury Beach will happen to you.
Everyone, out.
- Francis - Oh, go smoke a pipe, Thomas.
Or better yet, go stare at the ice.
I want a full report in an hour.
That's an order.
We both know what is happening with you.
Blanky, what's happening? He's ill with it now.
Fetch your coat and come up.
Blanky! Mr.
Blanky! Coming through! It took Darlington! He's dead! Jammed! - The forward hatch.
- It's been sealed, sir.
Just today.
Over the gunwale! Lend a hand here! We can't see it! It's at the stern! - Thomas! - We can't get down! It's at the stern.
It's coming up.
It's at the stern! We've got no arms! Go to the bow and over the side, onto the ice.
Go! Go on! Man the cannon! The bloody cannon! He's calling for the cannon.
We can carry it to the fife rail and turn it forward.
- I need your help, lads.
- All right.
Come on.
Put a bloody ball through it! Hodgson! I'm readying the cannon! The creature's run Mr.
Blanky up the foremast! We've lost him up there! Blanky! I can't see a bloody thing! There! - He's on fire.
- Tilt up! Tilt it up! Two inches! One more! First shot's a winner, lads.
Fire! Yes! Leave it with us! It's run off, sir! Dear God.
He's up there! He's frozen through.
Get me some Can we have some light, please? - Lieutenant Hodgson, are you fine? - I'm all right.
Will you find the key and get more rum? I'll give Mr.
Blanky coca to soothe him, but we have to get him good and plastered as well.
I'll go.
I'll go.
She ran off after it.
Laid me right out.
Go on, drink up.
No, Francis.
Everyone gets a shot.
I think I've made a connection tonight, me and it.
I feel like we got engaged and I want to celebrate.
To us! Me and it.
Excuse me.
Jopson, if you would? Go on, knock it back.
Go on, go on.
Are you ready, Mr.
Blanky? Jopson, I'd like you to join us.
Sit down.
Here, at the table.
I'm afraid I need to ask the four of you for a favor that will likely be a great imposition.
And There couldn't be worse timing, I understand.
But there also couldn't be a greater need.
I'm going to be unwell, gentlemen.
Quite unwell, I expect.
And I don't know for how long.
A week? No.
Perhaps Perhaps more.
And not only must you draw the tightest possible curtain around what is happening, but you must also care for me as well, as I will not be able to care for myself.
You needn't worry for a thing, sir.
I will be in no position to command.
That will be for Captain Fitzjames, for all things.
And you must be my proxy here, Edward.
- Francis - No.
I'm sorry, but we mustn't stop until it is finished.
I mustn't stop, and you mustn't let me.
I may I may beg you.
Take this out to the spot where the thing's blood is and pour it out there.
Take this.
Take it.
Don't give it back to me until you see me on deck again in full uniform.
I need your help, Jacko.
It's not your little painted bowl, I know, but we can make do until I find it.